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Full text of "The Holy Bible : containing the Old and New Covenant, commonly called the Old and New Testament"

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Theological Seminary, 


Case, SU^ η -^^^ 

' ^^"^^ ■ Division 

■*'-'/,3:i^5 ^ "■-■- II 

''«ok, Ϋ, 3 

> ν 










Late Secretary to the Congress of the United States. 






Hi:**####4(: BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the twelfth day of September, 

% * i*^ the thirty third year of the Independence of the United States of 

I SEAL. ^ America, A. D. 1808. Charles Thomson and Ebenezer Hazard, of the 
#**###*# ^^l^ District, have deposited in this Office, the Title of a Book, the 
Right whereof they claim as Proprietors, in the words following, to wit: 

"The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Covenant, commonly called the 
"Old and New Testament: translated from the Greek, By Charles Thomson, late 
"Secretary to the Congress of the United States." 

In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States, Intituled, "An 
Act for the encouragement of Learning, by securing the Copies of Maps, Charts, and 
Books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such Copies, during the times therein men- 
tioned." And also to the Act, entitled "An Act, supplementary to an Act, entitled, 
" An Act for the encouragement of Learning, by securing the Copies of Maps, Charts, 
and Books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such Copies, during the times therein 
mentioned," and extending the benefits thereof to the Arts of designing, engraving, 
ami etching historical and other prints." 

D. CALDWELL, Clerk of the 

District of Pennsylvania. 








Late Secretary to the Congress of the United States» 

VOL. m. 





I. THE Proverbs of David^s son Solomon, who reigjted 

over Israel, to give a knowledge of wisdom and instruction — 
the perception of the words of prudence — the inteipretation 
of sentences — a discernment of true justice ; and to direct 
Judgment^ that he might give sagacity to the innocent ; and 
to the youth knowledge and discretion : for by attending to 
them a wise man will becojne wiser ; and a man of under- 
standing will possess a rule of government and will under- 
stand a proverb and dark speech and the sayings of the wise 
and parables. 

7 The fear pf the Lord is the beginninp^ of wisdom. And all 
who practise this have good understanding. And piety towards 
God is the beginning of discernment : but the wicked despise 
wisdom and instruction. 

8 My son, hear the instruction of thy father and reject not 

9 the maxims of thy mother : for thou wilt receive a graceful 
crown for thy head; and a chain of gold for thy neck. 

10 My son, let not wicked men lead thee astray. Consent not 

11 when they advise thee, saying, Come with us; partake of blood; 
and let us hide in the earth an innocent man without cause, 

12 and swallow him up alive, as the grave, and take away from 
earth the remembrance of him. Let us seize his precious sub- 
stance and fill our houses with spoils. Cast in thy lot among 
us, and let us all have a common purse. Let one scrip serve us. 

15 Go not thou in the way with them; but turn thy foot from their 
paths. For nets are not spread for birds unjustly. For they who 
are accomplices to murder, treasure up evils for themselves. 
And doleful is the destruction of wicked men. Such are the 
ways of all who commit iniquitous deeds. For by wickedness 
they destroy their own soul. 

20 Wisdom uttereth her song at the gates and in the streets 
speaketh boldly; and on the tops of walls she maketh procla- 
mation; and at the gates of mighty men taketh a seat and at the 
gates of a city with confidence saith, 

22 *' While the innocent adhere to justice they shall not be put 
to shame : but as for fools who delight in mischief, having 
become wicked they hated knowledge and are become liable 
to censures. Behold I will pour forth to you the dictate of my 
spirit: and teach you this word of mine — seeing I have called 



and you have not answered : and though I contniued my 
speech, you did not attend : but set at naught my counsels and 

26 disregarded my reproofs : therefore I will laugh at your calam- 

27 ity; and mock when your destruction cometh. Yes, when tu- 
mult shall suddenly come upon you; and destruction like a 
whirlwind shall be at hand — even when tribulation and siege 
approach you; or when destruction is advancing upon you. 

28 For when you call upon me I will not listen to you. The wick- 

29 ed may seek me, but they shall not find me. For they hated 

30 wisdom and did not chuse the word of the Lord : nor would 

31 they attend to my counsels, but contemned my reproofs : Let 
them eat, therefore, the fruits of their own way; and be filled 

32 with their own iniquity. For, because they wronged infants 
they shall be slain : and a rigorous inquest shall destroy the 

33 wicked. But he who hearkeneth to me shall dwell with hope; 
and rest secure from all evil." 

ΪΙ. My son, if thou wilt receive the dictate which I enjoin 

and hide it with thee, thine ear ΛνϋΙ hearken to wisdom; and 

thou wilt apply thy heart to understanding, and transmit it for 

3 instruction to thy son. For if thou wilt call upon wisdom : 

and utter thy voice for understanding — if thou wilt seek for it 

5 as silver; and search for it as for treasures ; then thou shalt 
understand the fear of the Lord; and find the knowledge of 

6 God. For the Lord giveth wisdom; and from his presence is 
knowledge and understanding : and he treasureth up salva- 

7 tion for the upright. He will protect their going, that they may 

8 keep the paths of rectitude. And he will guard the way of 

9 them who reverence him. Then thou shalt understand judg- 

10 ment and justice; and direct all thy wheels right. For when 
wisdorii entereth into thine understanding : and knowledge ap- 

1 1 peareth pleasant to thy soul : good counsel will keep thee, and 

12 holy prudence will guard thee : that she may deliver thee from 
an evil way and from a man who speaketh perversely. 

13 Alas for them who leave straight paths to walk in the Avays 

14 of darkness; who are delighted with evils and have joy in evil 

15 perversion; whose ways are crooked, and whose paths turn 

16 aside to lead thee far from the straight road and estrange thee 
from a just determination. 

1 7 My son, let not evil counsel^ who hath forsaken the disci- 


pline of youth and hath forgotten the divine covenant, take 

18 hold of thee. For she hath placed her house near death; and 
her wheels with the earth born near the mansion of the 

19 dead. None who walk by her direction can ever return; nor 

20 ever recover the right paths. For they are not taken hold of 
by years of life. If they indeed had Λvalked in good ways : 

21 they would have found the paths of justice smooth. Because 
the upright shall inhabit the land; and the holy shall be left in 

22 it ; the ways of the wicked shall be destroyed from the land; 
and the transgressors shall be driven out of it. 

Ill, My son, forget not my laws; but let thy heart keep my 
commandments. For they will add to thee length of days and 
years of life and peace. 
2 Let not acts of kindness and faithfulness forsake thee : but 
4 bind them about thy neck and thou shalt find favour. Be pro- 
vident in regard to things good in the sight of the Lord and 
•5 of men. Trust in God with thy whole heart; and be not elated 

6 for thine own wisdom. Shew it in all thy ways, that it may make 

7 thy paths straight. Be not wise in thine own conceit; but fear 

8 God and depart from all evil : then shall thy body have health 

9 and thy bones a cure. Honour the Lord with some of thy 
righteous labours : and set apait for him some of thy fruits of 

10 righteousness : that thy barns may be plenteously filled with 
corn; and that thy vats may overflow with wine. 

11 My son, slight not the correction of the Lord; nor faint 

12 \vhen reproved by him : for whom the Lord loveth he reprov- 
eth : and chastiseth every son whom he receiveth. 

13 Happy the man, who hath found wisdom : and the mortal 

14 Avho hath seen prudence : for it is better to traifick for her, 

15 than for treasures of gold and silver. She is more precious 
than costly stones : and nothing evil can be compared to her. 
She is easily known by all who approach her; but no price is 

16 equal to her in value. For length of days and years of life are 
in her right hand; and in her left, riches and glory. Out of her 
mouth proceedeth righteousness : and on her tongue she car-' 

17 rieth law and mercy. Her ways are ways of pleasantness and 

18 all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to all who take 
hold of her; and safe for them who rely on her, as on the Lord. 

19 By wisdom God founded the earth; and by understanding he 


20 furnished the heavens. By knowledge the deeps were broken 
up and the clouds distilled dew. 

21 My son, be not wanting in retention : but keep my counsel, 

22 namely, the sentiment : that thy soul may live and that grace 
may be around thy neck : and it will be health to thy flesh and 

23 a cure for thy bones'; that thou mayst proceed on in all thy 
ways in peace and security; and that thy foot may not stumble. 

24 For when thou liest down, thou shalt be free from fear : and 

25 when thou sleepest, thou shalt sleep sweetly; and shalt not fear 
the bursting in of terror; nor the sudden assaults of wicked 

26 men. For the Lord will be over all thy ways, and will support 
thy foot that thou mayst not be shaken. 

27 Delay not to do good to the needy, when it is in the power 

28 of thy hand to help. Do not say. Go away and come again : to- 
morrow 1 will give; when thou hast it in thy power to do 
good: for thou knowest not what to-morrow will bring forth. 

29 Devise not evils against thy friend; who sojourneth with 
thee and confideth in thee. 

30 Be not at enmity with a man without cause; lest he do thee 
some mischief. 

31 Acquire not the reproaches of bad men, nor be fond of 

32 their ways. For every transgressor is impure in the sight of 
the Lord : and among the righteous he taketh not a seat. 

33 The curse of God is in the houses of the wicked : but the 

34 folds of the righteous are blessed. The Lord resisteth the proud; 

35 but he granteth favour to the humble. The wise shall inherit 
glory; but the wicked have extolled dishonour. 

IV. Hear, Ο children, the instructions of a father; and attend 

2 to know the meaning : for I am giving you a good gift; forsake 

3 not my law : for I was a son obedient to a father; and beloved 

4 in the sight of a mother : and they said when they taught me, 

*' Let our words sink deep in thy heart. Keep our com- 

5 mandments; do not forget — overlook not the dictate of my 

6 mouth : forsake it not, and it will defend thee : love it and it 

8 will preserve thee : secure it and it will exalt thee : honour it 

9 that it may embrace thee : that it may be to thy head a crown 
of graces and cover thee with a crown of pleasure." 

10 Hear my son and receive my words; that, when the years 
of thy life shall be multiplied, thou mayst have many ways of 


11 a livelihood: for lam teaching thee ways of wisdom; and 

12 confirming thee in right paths. For when thou goest, thy steps 
will not be straitened : and Avhen thou runnest thou shalt not 

13 be tired. Take fast hold of mine instruction, let it not go : but 

14 keep it for thyself during thy life. Go not in the ways of wick- 

15 ed men; nor be fond of the ways of transgressors. In what 
place soever they encamp, go not thither : but turn away from 

16 them and keep at a distance : for they cannot sleep. Unless 
they do evil; their sleep is taken from them and they cannot 

17 lie down to rest. For they eat the bread of wickedness; and 
drink plentifully of the wine of violence. But the paths of the 
just shine like light; shining more and more until it is perfect 

19 day. But the ways of the wicked being dark; they know not 
at what they stumble. 

20 Attend, my son, to my speech, and incline thine ear to my 

21 words. That thy fountains may not fail thee, keep them in thj'• 

22 lieart ; for they are life to them who find them and health to all 

23 fiesh. Guard thy heart with all diligence ; for out of these are 

24 the issues of life. Put away from thee a froward mouth, and 

25 put perverse lips far from thee. Let thine eyes look straight 

26 forward and thine eyelids wink justly. Make straight paths 

27 with thy feet and order all thy ways right. Turn not to the 
right, nor the left ; but turn away thy foot from an evil way ; 
for God knoweth the ways on the right, but those on the left 
are crooked. But he will make thy paths straight and conduct 
thy steps in peace. 

V. My son, attend to my wisdom, and incline thine ear to my 

2 words, that thou mayst keep a good understanding. Now the 
sense of my lips giveth thee this injunction — listen not to an 

3 abandoned woman ; for honey droppeth from the lips of a har- 

4 lot, which for a while pleaseth thy palate ; but in the end thou 
wilt find it bitterer than gall, and sharper than a two edged 

5 sword. For the feet of folly lead them, who indulge themselves 

6 Avith her, down with death to the mansion of the dead. Her 
steps indeed are not established, for she walketh not in the 

7 Λvays of life. Her paths are slippery and not easily known. Now 

8 therefore, my son, hearken to me and slight not my words. Re- 
move thy way far from her, go not near the doors of her house; 

9 That thou mayst not give thy life to others, and thy substance 


10 to the cruel : that strangers may not be filled with thy wealth, 

11 and thy labours go into the houses of strangers, and thou at 
last be grieved. When the flesh of thy body is consumed, then 

12 thou wilt say, "How have I hated instruction, and my heart 

13 despised reproof ! I hearkened not to the voice of him λνΐιο in- 

14 structed me and taught me; nor have I inclined mine ear. 1 
have been almost in all evil, in the midst of the assembly and 

15 Drink water from thine own vessels, and from the Avells of 

16 thine own fountain. Let not the waters from thy fountain over- 

17 flow for thee; but let thy waters run in thine own streets. Let them 

18 be for thyself only, and let no stranger partake with thee. Let thy 
fountain of water be appropriate to thyself; and rejoice Avith 

19 the wife of thy youth. Let thy loving hind and graceful fawn 
converse with thee ; and let her be accounted peculiarly thine, 
and be with thee on all occasions. For ravished with her love 

20 thou wilt become a numerous family. Be not devoted to a 
strange woman, nor embraced in the arms of one not thine own. 

21 For the ways of a husband are before the eyes of God, and he 

22 examineth narrowly all his paths. Iniquities hunt a man ; but 

23 every one is caught by the cords of his own sins. Such a one 
dieth with the uninstructed, but from his plentiful means of liv- 
ing he was cast out, and perished by reason of folly. 

VI. My son, if thou become surety for thy friend, thou wilt 

2 deliver up thy hand to an enemy. For a man's own lips are a 
powerful snare, and he is caught by the words of his own mouth. 

3 Do, my son, what I enjoin thee, and save thyself; for thou art 
come into the hands of bad men on thy friend's account. Be 
not remiss, but importune thy friend for whom thou art surety. 

4 Give no sleep to thine eyes, nor slumber to thine eyelids, that 
thou mayst be saved like a roe from a toil, and like a bird from 
a snare. 

6 Goto the ant y thou sluggard; and having seen its ways 

7 follow the example and be wiser than it. For having no culti- 

8 vated field, no driver, nor master, it provideth its food in sum- 
mer, and layeth up a plentiful supply in harvest. Or go to the 
/>ee and learn what a worker she is : and how seriously she per- 
formeth her work, to the labours of which both kings and sub- 
jects apply themselves as far as health permits ; and to all it is 


agreeable and honourable. And though her strength be small, 

9 having honoured wisdom she is diligently employed. How long 

wilt thou sleep, Ο sluggard, and when wilt thou rouse from 

10 sleep ? Thou art sleeping a little — but resting a little — but tak- 
ing a short nap — but folding thy hands a little while on thy 

1 1 breast ! But is not poverty coming upon thee like an unwel- 
come traveller ? And want like a speedy courier ? Whereas if 
thou be diligent; thy harvest will come like a fountain, and want 
like a bad courier will run away. 

12 A man void of understanding, and a transgi'essor, walketh 

13 in ways which are not good. But he winketh with his eye and 
maketh a sign with his foot ; and teacheth, by pointing his 

14 fingers ; his depraved heart contriveth mischief. Such a one is 

15 continually raising tumults in a city. For this cause his de- 
struction cometh suddenly — wounds and incurable bruises. 

16 Because he delighteth in all those things which God hateth : 

17 therefore he is destroyed for the depravity of his soul. His eye 
is that of a scorner; his tongue is false; his hands are employ- 

18 ed in shedding innocent blood — his heart contriveth wicked 

19 purposes, and his feet are swift to do evil : as a false witness 
he spreadeth lies, and soweth discord among brethren. 

20 My son, keep the laws of thy father, and reject not the max- 

21 ims of thy mother. Bind them continually on thy mind : and 

22 tie them as a chain around thy neck. When thou walkest, take 
this along and let it be with thee : and when thou sleepest, let 
it guard thee ; that when thou awakest, it may talk with thee. 

23 For the command of a law is a lamp and light ; and reproof and 

24 instruction is the way of life, to keep thee from a married wo- 

25 man, and from the flattering tongue of a strange woman. Let 
not a lust for beauty overcome thee: be not captivated by thine 

26 eyes, nor ensnared by her eyelids. For the price of a harlot is 
scarce that of a single loaf; but an adulteress hunteth for the 

27 precious lives of men. Can any one put fire in his bosom and 

28 not burn his clothes? Or can one walk on coals of fire and not 

29 burn his feet ? So he who goeth in, to a married woman, can- 
not escape punishment — no, nor any one who toucheth her. 

30 It exciteth no wonder, if one be caught stealing ; for a hungry 

31 man stealeth to satisfy his soul ; but if he be caught, he is to 
pay seven fold ; and by giving all that he hath, he will deliver 


32 himself. But he, who through want of understandmg, commit- 

33 teth adulter}^ provideth destruction for his soul. He suffereth 
pangs and dishonour ; and his reproach can never be wiped 

34 away. For the rage of her husband being full of jealousy, will 

35 not spare in the day of vengeance ; nor will he abate his enmi- 
ty for any ransom ; nor be appeased by many gifts. 

VII. My son keep my words and lay up my commandments 
Avith thee. 

2 My son, honor the Lord and thou shall be strong; but be- 
sides him, fear no other. Keep my commandments, that thou 

3 may st live ; and my words as the apple of thine eye. Bind them 
about thy fingers, and write them on the table of diy heart. 

4 Implore Wisdom to be thy sister, and make Understanding 

5 thine acquaintance: that she may keep thee from a strange and 
wicked woman, in case she, with alluring words should attack 

6 thee. For through a lattice she looketh out of her house into 

7 the streets ; and if among the simple youths she chanceth to 

8 see a young man, void of understanding, walking near a corner 

9 in the passages to her house, and talking in the twilight, when 

10 the evening is still and duskish: — then this woman, who mak- 
eth the hearts of young men flutter, meeteth him, in the attire 

11 of a harlot. Indeed she is ever on the wing and insatiable, and 

12 her feet abide not at home. For sometimes she roveth abroad : 
and sometimes lieth in wait in the streets, at every corner. 

13 Ha! she hath caught him and kissed him, and with an unblush- 
ing countenance, said to him : 

14 " I have a peace offering ; to-day I am paying my vows : 

15 for this reason I came out to meet thee : earnestly longing to 

16 see thee. I have found thee. With cords I have stretched my 

17 bed, and decked it with tapestry from Egypt. I have perfum- 

18 ed my bed with saffron, and my house with cinnamon : come, 
and let us take our fill of love till the morning : — come and let 

19 us solace ourselves with love. For my husband is not at home, 

20 he is gone along journey ; he took in his hand a roll of silver, 
and will return to his house after many days." 

21 So with much fawning discourse she led him astray ; and 

22 with the flattery of her lips inveigled him. And he is gone 
after her, attracted by her ; as an ox is led to slaughter, or as 
a dog to be chained : or like a deer pierced through the liver 


23 with a dart. And he hasteth like a bird to a snare ; not know- 
ing that he is running the risk of his hfe. 

24 Now therefore my son hearken to me ; and attend to the 

25 words of my mouth. Let not thy heart turn aside to her ways : 

26 for she hath wounded and brought down many ; and innumera- 
28 ble are they whom she hatTi slain. Her house is the highway 
VIII. to Hades, leading down to the chambers of death. As for 

thee thou art to proclaim wisdom ; that understanding may 

2 attend thee. For she is on the lofty summits ; and hath taken 

3 her stand in the middle of highways. For at the gates of the 
mighty she hath taken a seat, and at the entrance thereof chant- 
eth her song. 

4 "To you, Ο men, I call, and utter my voice to the sons 

5 of men. Ye who are innocent learn discretion ; and ye who 

6 are uninstructed give attention. Hearken to me, for I will speak 
solemn things ; and with my lips disclose things which are 

7 right. For my mouth shall speak truth ; lying lips are indeed 

8 abominable in my sight. All the words of my mouth are with 
righteousness ; they have nothing crooked — nothing deceitful 

9 in them. They are all plain to men of understanding : and 

10 right to them who find knowledge. Receive instruction in 
preference to silver, and knowledge rather than fine gold. — 

11 For wisdom is better than precious stones : and no cosdy 

12 thing is equal to it in value. I wisdom have inhabited counsel 
and knowledge ; and I have made an appeal to understand- 

13 ing. The fear of the Lord hateth injustice and insolence and 
haughtiness and the ways of the wicked : and I have hated the 

14 crooked ways of bad men. To me belong counsel and safety. 

15 Prudence is mine — mine is fortitude. By me kings reign and 

16 princes decree justice. By me potentates are exalted ; and by 

17 me sovereigns rule the earth. Them who love me, I love : 

18 and they who seek me shall find me. With me are riches and 

19 glory ; even great possessions and righteousness. My fruit 
is better than gold and precious stones : and my productions 

20 are better than choice silver. I walk in the ways of righteous - 

21 ness ; and am conversant in the paths of judgment : that 1 
may distribute wealth to them who love me ; and fill their 
treasuries with good things. 



Having told you things which happen daily ; I will now 

22 remember to reckon up things of old. The Lord created me, 

23 the beginning of his ways for his works. Before this age he 

24 founded me ; in the beginning ; before he made the earth and 
before he made the deeps : before the fountains of water issued 

25 forth — before the mountains were established ; and before all 

26 the hills, he bringeth me forth. The Lord made fields and unin- 

27 habited wilds ; and the habitable heights of the earth. When he 
furnished the heaven, I was with him; and when he set apart his 

28 own throne on the winds : and when he strengthened the clouds 

29 above : and when he secured the fountains of the earth below — 

30 And when he made the foundations of the earth strong : I was 
harmonizing with him. I was the one in whom he delighted; 

31 and I was daily gladdened by his presence on all occasions — 
Avhenhe finished the world and was pleased therewith; and when 

32 he was pleased with the sons of men. Now therefore, my son 
hearken to nie : happy is the man who will hearken to me : 

34 and the man who ^^dll keep my ways ; watching daily at my 

35 gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For my ways are the 
37 ways of life ; and volition is obtained from the Lord. But they 

Avho sin against me act wickedly against their own souls ; and 
they who hate me love death." 
IX. Wisdom hath built herself a house, and fixed underneath 

2 it seven pillai's. She hath slain her victims. She hath mixed 

3 her wine for the cup and furnished her table. She hath sent 
out her servants, and with a loud proclamation hath given an 
invitation to her entertainment, saying, 

4 " Whosoever is simple, let him come tome." And to them 

5 who Avant understanding she saith, " Come, eat of my bread 

6 and drink the Avine which I have mixed for you. Forsake folly, 
that you may reign forever : and seek prudence and build up 

7 understanding with knowledge." He who instructeth the wick- 
ed shall receive for himself dishonour; and he who reproveth 

8 the ungodly will blemish himself. Rebuke not the wicked, 
lest they hate thee; rebuke a wise man and he will love thee. 

9 Give a wise man a hint and he will be wiser — an Intimation to 
1,0 a righteous man and he Λνίΐΐ proceed to take it. The fear of the 

Lord is the beginning of wisdom; and knowledge is the coun- 
11 scl of the holy. For to know the hnv is a characteristick of a 


good understanding ; for by this means thou shalt live long, and 
years of life will be added to thee. 

12 My son, if thou art wise for thyself, thou wilt be M^ise also 
for thy neighbours. But if thou become Λvicked, thou alone 
shalt draw up evils. He who leaneth upon lies, feedeth on the 
wind, and he shall pursue flying birds; for he hath left the walks 
of his own vineyard, and wandered out of the paths of his own 
field, and traverseth a desert without water, and a land destined 

13 to thirst; and with his hands gathereth sterility. A woman who 
is foolish and bold needeth a curb ; she hath no sense of shame. 

14 She sat at the doors of her house — on a seat open to view in 

15 the streets; calling to passengers who were going right on their 

16 ways, " Let him who is the simplest of you turn aside to me ; 

17 and them who want prudence I exhort saying, Taste sweetly 

1 8 bread in secret and water sweeter for being stolen. He indeed 
did not know that with her the earth born perish — that he is 
lighting upon the perch of death. But fly thou away speedily; 
tarry not in that place, nor fix thine eyes upon her; for in this 
manner thou shouldst pass by strange water. Abstain from 
strange water, and drink not of a strange fountain; that thou 
mayst live long, and that years of life may be added to thee. 

X. A wise son maketh a father glad ; but a foolish son is a 
grief to the mother. 

2 Treasures cannot profit the wicked ; but righteousness will 
deliver from death. 

3 The Lord will not kill with hunger a righteous soul; but 
he will overthrow the life of the wicked. 

4< Want humbleth a man ; but the hands of the diligent en- 

A well instructed son will be wise, and shall have the sim- 
ple for a servant. 

5 A prudent son is safe from heat ; but a transgressing son is 
blasted in harvest. 

6 The blessing of the Lord is on the head of the righteous ; 
but untimely giief shall stop the mouth of the wicked. 

7 The j ust are remembered with praises ; but the name of the 
wicked is extinguished. 

8 The wise in heart will receive commandments ; but a pre^ 
varicating babbler shall be subverted. 


9 He who walketh uprightly walketh securely ; but he who 
perverteth his ways shall be known. 

10 He who winketh deceitfully with his eyes, collecteth sor- 
rows for men ; but he who reproveth freely maketh peace. 

1 1 There is a fountain of life in the hand of the righteous ; but 
destruction will stop the mouth of the wicked. 

12 Hatred stirreth up contention ; but friendship covereth all 
them who are not contentious. 

13 He who from his lips uttereth wisdom, smiteth an impru- 
dent man with a rod. 

14 Wise men will lay up knowledge ; but the mouth of the 
rash is near destruction. 

15 The wealth of the rich is a strong city; but penury is the 
destruction of the wicked. 

16 The works of the righteous produce life; but the hands 
of the wicked produce sins. 

17 Instruction keepeth the just ways of life ; but unexamined 
instruction leadeth astray. 

18 Honest lips hide hatred; but they who utter reproaches 
are the greatest fools. 

19 In speaking much thou canst not avoid sin; but if thou art 
sparing of thy lips, thou wilt be wise. 

20 The tongue of the righteous is tried silver ; but the heart of 
the wicked will not stand the test. 

21 The lips of the righteous are skilled in things lofty; but 
those devoid of understanding die of want. 

22 The blessing of the Lord is on the head of the righteous ; it 
maketh rich, and to it no sorrow of heart shall be joined. 

23 A fool doth mischief in sport ; but for man wisdom bring- 
eth forth prudence. 

24 A wicked man is \vhirled about by destruction; but the 
desire of the righteous is acceptable. 

25 In a passing tempest a wicked man vanisheth ; but the righ- 
teous turn aside and are safe forever. 

26 As vinegar is hurtful to the teeth ; and smoke to the eyes; 
so is transgression to them who commit it. 

27 The fear of the Lord prolongeth days ; but the years of the 
wicked shall be shortened. 


28 Joy maketh a long abode with the righteous; but the hope of 
the wicked shall perish. 

29 The fear of the Lord is the holy man's bulwark ; but de- 
struction is for the workers of iniquity. 

30 The righteous shall never transfer; but the wicked shall 
not inhabit the land. 

31 The mouth of the righteous distilleth wisdom; but the 
tongue of the wicked shall be destroyed. 

32 The lips of righteous men distil graces ; but the mouth of 
the wicked is perverse. 

XL A deceitful balance is an abomination to the Lord ; but 

a just Aveight is his delight. 
2 Where pride entereth, there dishonour [entereth] also. 

But the mouth of the lowly speaketh wisdom. 
5 A righteous man dying left sorrow behind him : but the 
destruction of the wicked cometh suddenly and giveth joy. 

5 Righteousness maketh spotless ways straight : but wicked- 
ness falieth by iniquity. 

6 The righteousness of upright men delivereth them : but 
transgressors are caught by their destruction. 

7 When a righteous man dieth, hope is not lost : but the 
boast of the wicked perisheth. 

8 A righteous man escapeth a snare : and in his stead the 
wicked is delivered up. 

9 In the mouth of the wicked is a snare for citizens : but 
the knowledge of the righteous conduceth to prosperity. 

11 By the good acts of the just a city flourished : but by the 
mouth of the wicked it was overthrown. 

12 A man void of wisdom derideth fellow citizens : but a pru- 
dent man enjoyeth quiet. 

13 A double tongued man revealeth cabinet counsels : but 
one of a faithful spirit concealeth matters. 

14 They, who have no government, fall like leaves : but in 
much counsel there is safety. 

15 A wicked man doth hurt, when he associateth with the 
just : but he hateth the sound of safety. 

16 A virtuous woman raiseth honour for her husband : but a 
woman who hateth righteousness is a throne of disgrace. 

The slothful though rich, become indigent : but the dili- 
gent are supported with wealth. 


17 A merciful man doth good to his own soul : but the mer- 
ciless destroyeth his own body. 

18 A wicked man doth works of injustice : but the seed of the 
righteous is a reward of truth. 

19 A righteous son is born to live; but the pursuit of the 
wicked tendeth to death. 

20 Crooked ways are an abomination to the Lord : but all who 
are blameless in their ways are his delight. 

21 He who wickedly joineth hand to hand shall not go unpun- 
ished : but he who soweth righteousness shall receive a just 

22 As a jewel in the snout of a swine; so is beauty in a wo- 
man void of discretion. 

23 The desire of the righteous is altogether good; but tlie 
hope of the wicked shall perish. 

24 There are some who scattering their substance make it 
more ; and some who gather and make it less. 

25 A soul is blessed which is altogether sincere : but a pas- 
sionate man is not respected. 

26 May he who withholdeth com leave it to the nations ! But 
blessing be on the head of him who distributeth ! 

27 The contriver of good things seeketh favour : but him, 
who seeketh mischief, mischief shall overtake. 

28 He who trusteth in riches shall fall; but he who helpeth 
the righteous shall flourish. 

29 He who hath no cover for his own house shall inherit the 
wind : and a fool shall be a servant to the prudent. 

30 From the fruit of righteousness springeth up the tree of 
life : but the lives of transgressors are prematurely destroyed. 

31 If the righteous man scarcely escapeth : where shall the 
ungodly and sinner appear? 

XII. He who loveth instruction loveth knowledge : but he 

who hateth reproofs is a fool. 

2 He who hath found favour with the Lord groweth better ; 
but the transgressor shall be put to silence. 

3 A man cannot prosper by wickedness : but the roots of the 
righteous shall not be moved. 

4 A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband : but a mis- 
chievous woman, like a Avorm in wood, ruineth her husband. 


5 The thoughts of the righteous are judgments : but the 
wicked manage deceits. 

6 The words of the wicked are deceitful : but the mouth of 
the upright shall deliver them. 

7 When the \vicked is overthrown, he vanisheth : but the 
houses of the righteous shall remain. 

8 The mouth of the wise is praised by man : but the stupid 
hearted is despised. 

9 Better is the man, who unhonoured serveth himself : than 
he who honoureth himself and wanteth bread. 

10 A righteous man regardeth the lives of his beasts : but the 
mercies of the wicked are cruel. 

11 He who tilleth his own ground shall be satisfied with bread: 
but they who pursue vanities are void of understanding. 

He who taketh pleasure in taverns shall leave disgrace in 
his own fortresses. 

12 The desires of the wicked are evil : but the roots of the 
righteous are in secure places. 

13 By the transgression of his lips a sinner falleth into snares : 
but out of them a righteous man maketh his escape. 

He whose looks are mild will gain compassion : but he who 
contendeth in the gates will afflict souls. 

14 From the fruits of his mouth the soul of man shall be satis- 
fied with good things ; and the recompence of his lips shall be 
given him. 

15 The ways of fools are right in their own eyes : but a wise 
man hearkeneth to advice. 

16 A fool presently sheweth his wrath: but a prudent man 
concealeth his dishonour. 

17 A righteous man declareth the truth as it appeareth to him: 
but a false witness is deceitful. 

18 They \vho wound with their speeches are swords: but the 
tongues of the wise are healing. 

19 True lips establish testimony : but a hasty witness hath an 
unrighteous tongue. 

20 Deceit is in the heart of him, who contriveth evils : but 
the counsellors of peace shall have joy. 

21 Nothing unjust can please a righteous man : but the wick- 
ed can fill themsches A\ith mischief. 


22 Lying lips are an abomination to tlie Lord : but he who 
dealeth faithfully is acceptable to him. 

23 A prudent man is a throne of knowledge : but the heart of 
fools will encounter curses. 

24 The hand of the valiant can easily conquer : but the de- 
ceitful shall be for a prey. 

25 Awful news trouble the heart of a righteous man : but good 
news make him glad. 

26 A righteous judge will be a friend to himself; but evils 
shall pursue siimers : and the way of the wicked shall deceive 

27 A deceitful man shall not enjoy what he hath caught ; but 
as for a pure man, his acquisition is precious. 

28 In the ways of righteousness there is life ; but the ways of 
the revengeful lead to death. 

XIII. A wise son is obedient to his father ; but a disobedient 
son is in the way to destruction. 

2 A good man eateth of the fruits of righteousness : but the 
souls of transgressors shall perish untimely. 

3 He who guardeth his mouth preserveth his life; but he who 
is rash with his mouth, shall bring on himself terror. 

4 Every sluggard is employed in wishing : but the hands of 
the diligent, in procuring. 

5 A righteous man hateth a false word ; but the wicked is 
shamed and shall not have confidence. 

7 Some pretend to be rich, having nothing; and some feign 
themselves poor, in great wealth. 

8 The ransom of a man's life is his wealth ; but a poor man 
is not subject to threats. 

9 The righteous have light continually ; but the light of the 
wicked is extinguished. 

Deceitful souls are led astray by sins ; but the righteous 
exercise pity and compassion. 

10 A wicked man doth mischief with haughtiness ; but wise 
men are their own judges. 

11 Wealth acquired by injustice, diminisheth; but he who 
gathereth for himself with piety, shall be satisfied. A righteous 
man sheweth mercy and lendeth. 

\2 Better is he who heartily bcginneth to help, than he who 


promiseth and givetli expectation ; for good desire is a tree of 

13 He who despiseth business shall be despised by it ; but he 
who feareth a commandment is safe. 

To a deceitful son nothing can be good : but the actions of a 
wise servant are prosperous, and his way will be prospered. 

14 The law of the wise is a fountain of life ; but the fool shall 
die by a snare. 

15 A good understanding giveth favour ; and to know the 
law is a proof of good understanding ; but the ways of impos- 
tors end in destruction. 

16 Every prudent man acteth with knowledge; but the fool 
hath laid open his wickedness. 

17 A daring king will involve himself in evils; but a wise am- 
bassador will deliver him. 

18 Instruction removeth poverty and disgrace; and he who re- 
gardeth reproofs shall be honoured. 

19 The desires of the pious sweeten life : but the works of the 
wicked are far from knowledge. 

20 By walking with the wise thou wilt be wise; but he who 
walketh with fools will be known. 

21 Evils shall pursue sinners, but good will overtake the 

22 A good man shall leave an inheritance to his children; but 
the wealth of the wicked is treasured up for the righteous. 

23 The righteous shall spend many years in wealth; but the un- 
righteous shall perish in a short time. 

24 He who spareth the rod hateth his son ; but he who loveth 
him correcteth diligently. 

25 A righteous man eateth and satisfieth his soul; but the souls 
of the wicked are insatiate. 

XIV. Wise women have built houses; but the foolish hath 

pulled them down Λvith her hands. 

2 He who walketh uprightly, feareth the Lord ; but he who 
is perverse in his ways, shall be dishonoured. 

3 From the mouth of fools there is a rod of pride; but the lips 
of the wise preserve them. 

4 Where there are no cattle the stalls are clean ; but where 
there is much provender, the ox's strength is manifest. 

VOL. III. c 


5 A faithful witness doth not he; but a false witness kindleth 

6 Thou mayst seek wisdom among the wicked, but shalt not 
find it ; but knowledge is easily found among the prudent. 

7 All things are contrary to a foolish man : but wise lips are 
the arms of knowledge. 

8 The wisdom of the prudent will give them a knowledge of 
their ways ; but the folly of fools is in error. 

9 The houses of transgressors need purifying ; but the 
houses of the righteous are acceptable. 

10 The heart of a man who hath sensibility — the soul of him 
who hath a feeling for pain, when he is made glad, mingleth not 
Avith pride. 

1 1 The houses of the wicked shall vanish; but the tents of the 
upright shall stand. 

12 There is a way which seemeth right to man; but the end 
of it is at the bottom of Hades. 

13 Grief mixeth not with pleasures; but extreme joy tendeth 
to sorrow. 

14 A bold hearted man will be satisfied with his own ways ; 
but a good man, with his intentions. 

15 A man without guile, believeth every thing: but a prudent 
man cometh for a change of mind. 

16 A wise man, when terrified, declineth from evil : but the 
fool, confident in himself, mixeth with transgressors. 

17 A passionate man acteth without counsel; but a pru- 
dent' man beareth many things. 

18 Fools partake of wickedness; but the prudent will lay 
hold of knowledge. 

19 Let the bad fall before the good; and the wicked attend at 
the gates of the righteous ! 

20 Friends will hate poor friends ; but the friends of the rich 
are many. 

21 He who despiseth the poor, sinneth : but he who compas 
sionateth the poor is blessed. 

22 They who are led astray devise mischief; but the good de- 
vise mercy and truth. 

The contrivers of mischief know neither mercy nor truth; 
but acts of kindness and truth are with them, who contrive good. 


' t23 With all who are careful there is abundance ; but he who 
is delicate and taketh no trouble shall be in want. 

24 A prudent man is a crown to the wise; but the conversa- 
tion of fools is evil. 

25 A true witness will deliver a soul from evils; but a deceit- 
ful witness kindleth lies. 

26 In the fear of the Lord a man hath hope of strength ; 
and to his children he leaveth a support. 

27 The commandment of the Lord is a fountain of life ; and 
it causeth to decline from the snare of death. 

28 In the multitude of a nation is the glory of a king ; but in 
the failure of a people is the destruction of a prince. 

29 A man slow to Avrath, is of great understanding; but a pas- 
sionate man is egregiously foolish. 

30 A meek minded man is a physician of the heart; but a 
heart of sensibility is a coiToder of the bones. 

31 He who oppresseth the poor, provoketh his maker ; but he 
whohonourethhim, compassionateth the distressed. 

32 A wicked man shall be driven away by his wickedness ; 
but in his sanctity the righteous is secure. 

33 In the good heart of a man there is wisdom; but in the 
heart of fools it is not discernable. 

34 Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sins diminish tribes. 

35 A wise minister is acceptable to a king: but by his own 
good conduct he removeth disgrace. 

XV. Wrath destroyeth even the prudent; now a soft answer 
turneth away wrath; but a harsh word stirreth up anger. 

2 The tongue of the wise knoweth good things; but the mouth 
of fools poureth out evils. 

3 The eyes of the Lord ^re in every place, they behold bodi 
the evil and the good. 

4 A healing tongue is a tree of life; and he who keepeth it 
shall be filled with the spirit. 

5 A fool despiseth the instruction of a father : but he who 
keepeth commands is more prudent. 

Where righteousness aboundeth there is much power: but 
the wicked being utterly rooted out of the land, shall perish. 

6 In the houses of the righteous there is much power ; but 
the fruits of the wicked shall perish. 


7 The lips of the wise are devoted to knowledge; but the 
hearts of fools are not safe. 

8 The sacrifices of the wicked are an abomination to the 
Lord; but the prayers of the upright are acceptable to him. 

9 The ways of the wicked are an abomination to the Lord ; 
but he loveth them λυΙιο follow righteousness. 

10 The correction of the innocent is remarked by them who 
pass by; but they who hate reproofs die dishonourably. 

11 The mansion of the dead, and destruction, are open to the 
view of the Lord ; how much more then the hearts of men ! 

12 An uninstructed man will not love them who reprove him, 
nor will he associate with the wise. 

13 When the heart is glad the countenance is cheerful ; but 
when in sorrow, it is sad. 

14 An upright heart seeketh knowledge ; but the mouth of 
the uninstructed will taste evils. 

1 5 The eyes of the wicked are continually looking for evils; but 
the good are continually at rest. 

16 Better is a small portion with the fear of the Lord, than 
great treasures without that fear. 

17 Better is a dimier on herbs, Avith friendship and favour, than 
a feast on young bulls, with enmity. 

18 A wrathful man prepareth battles ; but he who is slow to 
anger appeaseth the rising quarrel. 

A man slow to anger will extinguish law suits; but the 
wicked rather promote them. 

19 The ways of the slothful are strewed with thorns; but those 
of the diligent are well beaten. 

20 A wise son maketh a glad father; but a foolish son mock- 
eth his mother. 

21 The paths of the foolish are destitute of understanding; but 
a prudent man walketh uprightly. 

22 They who do not honour councils, substitute thoughts: but 

23 by the understanding of counsellors, counsel will endure. A 
wicked man will not hearken to it, nor can he say any thing 
in season, or for the publick good. 

24 The determinations of the wise are ways of life, that he 
may turn from the mansion of the dead and be saved. 


25 The Lord destroy eth the houses of the haughty : but the 
border of the widow he hath estabHshed. 

26 An evil thought is an abomination to the Lord: but the 
speeches of the chaste are grave. 

27 He who receiveth bribes destroyeth himself: but he who 
hateth the receiving of bribes is safe. 

By acts of kindness and faithfuhiess sins are purged away: 
and by the fear of the Lord every one will decline from evil. 

28 The hearts of the righteous study faithfulness: but the 
mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things. 

The ways of the righteous are acceptable to the Lord : 
and by them enemies are made friends. 

29 God is far removed from the wicked: but he hearkeneth to 
the prayers of the righteous. 

Better is a small portion with righteousness; than much 
produce with injustice. 

Let the heart of man devise righteous things, that his 
steps may be directed by God. 

30 The eye which beholdeth good things rejoiceth the heart : 

3 1 And a good reputation maketh the bones fat. 

32 He who rejecteth instruction hateth himself : but he who 
regardeth reproofs loveth his soul. 

33 The fear of the Lord is instruction and wisdom: and the 
beginning of glory will be answerable thereto. 

XVL All the works of the humble are manifest in the sight 
of God; but the wicked shall perish in an evil day. 

4 Every lofty minded man is impure in the sight of God : 
and he who hath joined hand to hand unjustly shall not go 

The beginning of a good way is to do things just and ac- 
ceptable in the sight of God, rather than to offer sacrifices. 

He who seeketh the Lord shall find knowledge with right- 
eousness. x\nd they who seek him early shall find peace. 

5 All the works of the Lord are with righteousness : but the 
wicked is kept for an evil day. 

10 Divine sentence is in the mouth of a king : therefore his 
mouth should not err in judgment. 

11 Justice is that which turneth the scales with the Lord. And 
his works are of just weight. 


12 An evil doer is an abomination to a king: for the throne 
of government is established by righteousness. 

13 Righteous lips are acceptable to a king; and he loveth right 

14 The wrath of a king is a messenger of death: but a wise 
man can pacify it. 

15 The son of a king is in the light of life: and they who 
are acceptable to him are as an evening cloud. 

16 The productions of wisdom are better than gold: and the 
productions of prudence are better than silver. 

17 The paths of life turn aside from evils: and the ways of right- 
eousness are length of life. 

He who receiveth instruction shall enjoy good: and he who 
regardeth reproofs shall be wise. 

He who watcheth his own ways preserveth his soul : and 
he who loveth his life will be sparing of his mouth. 

18 Pride goeth before destruction : and a haughty spirit be- 
fore a fall. 

19 A man of a gentle spirit with humility is better than he who 
divideth spoils with scorners. 

20 A man intelligent in business is an inventer of good things : 
but most happy is he whose trust is in God. 

21 The wise and prudent are called crafty; and they who arc 
sweet in discourse will be more listened to. 

22 Understanding is a fountain of life to them who possess it : 
but the instruction of fools is evil. 

23 The heart of a wise man will consider the words of his 
mouth : and on his lips he will carry knowledge. 

24 Good words are a honey comb : and the sweetness thereof 
is health to the soul. 

25 There are ways which seem right to a man : but the latter 
ends of them look to the bottom of Hades. 

26 A man by labour laboureth for himself; and wardeth off 
his own destruction. 

27 He who is utterly perAcrse carrieth destruction in his mouth. 
A man void of understanding diggeth up evils for himself; 
and treasureth up fire with his lips. 

28 A froward man spreadeth mischief. He will light up a lamp 
of deceit for evils; and he separateth diem who were friends. 


29 The man who is a transgressor enticeth friends ; and lead- 

30 eth them in ways which are not good. But he who fixeth his 
eyes and deviseth froward things ; and with his mouth en- 
forceth all his evil purposes; is a very furnace of Λvickedness. 

31 Old age is a crown of glory, when found in the ways of 

32 A man who is slow to wrath is better than the mighty ; and 
he who subdueth anger is better than he who taketh a city. 

33 All things come upon the wicked into their bosoms : but 
from the Lord all things which are just. 

XVII. Better is a morsel with pleasure in peace ; than a house 
full of goods and ill gotten dainties, with contention. 

2 A wise servant will rule over foolish masters ; and di- 
vide portions among brothers. 

3 As silver and gold are tried in a furnace ; so are chosen 
hearts, by the Lord. 

4 A wicked man hearkeneth to the tongue of transgressors : 
but a righteous man payeth no attention to lying lips. 

5 He who derideth a man in distress provoketh his maker ; 
and he who rcjoiceth at another's ruin shall not go unpunish- 
ed : but he who sheweth compassion shall find mercy. 

6 Children's children are the crown of old men : and the 
boast of children, is their fathers. 

Every ornament of wealth belongeth to the faithful; but to 
the unfaithful, not a farthing. 

7 Faithful lips will not harmonize with a fool ; nor lying 
lips with a righteous man. 

8 Instruction is a precious reward to them who use it : and 
whithersoever it tumeth it will prosper. 

9 He who hideth transgressions seeketh friendship : but 
he who hateth to conceal, setteth friends and relations at va- 

10 A threat aifecteth the heart of the prudent : but a fool, 
though scourged, is not made sensible. 

11 ^ Every wicked man stirreth up contention : but the Lord 
will send him a cruel messenger. 

12 ^ Trouble may befal a prudent man : but the foolish will de- 
vise mischief. 

13 Whosoever returneth evil for good ; from his house evils 
shall not depart. 


14 A righteous government giveth force to words : but sedi- 
tion and quarrelling are the forerunners of want. 

15 He who acquitteth the wicked and condemneth the just, is 
unclean and abominable in the sight of God. 

16 Why should a fool have wealth ? For the stupid cannot pur- 
chase wisdom. 

He who buildeth his house high seeketh destruction : and 
he who is backward to learn shall fall into evils. * 

17 For every occasion have a friend ; but in distress let bro- 
thers be assistant : for they are born for this purpose. 

18 A man void of understanding clappeth his hands and ap- 
plaudeth himself on becoming surety for his friends. 

19 He who is fond of sinning delighteth in quarrels ; but he 

20 who is stubborn doth not meet Λvith good. 

A man of a changeable tongue will fall into evils : but tlie 
heart of a fool is sorrow to him who hath it. 

21 A father hath no joy in an unteachable son : but a prudent 
son is the joy of his mother. 

22 A cheerful heart promoteth health ; but the bones of a 
heart- wounded man are dried up. 

23 When one unrighteously receiveth gifts in his bosom ; his 
ways will not be straight. But a wicked man perverteth the 
ways of justice. 

24 The countenance of a wise man is intelligent; but the fool's 
eyes are on the ends of the earth. 

25 A foolish son is a vexation to a father ; and sorrow to her 
who bore him. 

26 To fine a righteous man is not good : nor is it consistent 
with piety to plot against righteous rulers. 

27 He who forbeareth to utter a harsh Avord is prudent : and 
he who is slow to anger is a man of understanding. 

28 Wisdom will be imputed to a fool, who inquireth after wis- 
dom : and he who imposeth silence on himself will be esteem- 
ed wise. 

XVIII. He who desireth to part with friends seeketh ex- 
cuses ; but he will always be liable to reproach. — 
2 He who is void of understanding hath no use for wisdom ; 
for he is rather led by folly. 


3 When a wicked man cometh to a depth of evils he shevveth 
contempt; but ignominy and reproach come upon him. 

4 A speech in a man's heart is deep water; but a stream is- 
sueth forth and a flowing spring. 

5 To respect the person of a wicked man is not good ; nor is 
it consistent with piety to pervert justice in judgment. 

6 The lips of a fool lead him into trouble; and his mouth 
when bold provoketh death. 

7 The mouth of a fool is his destruction, and his lips are a 

8 snare for his soul. 

Fear depresseth the slothful ; and the souls of the eifeminate 

shall suffer want. 

9 He who doth not use his endeavours to cure himself is bro- 
ther to him who destroyeth himself. 

10 The name of the Lord is of majestic power; and the righte- 
ous havhig recourse to it shall be exalted. 

11 A rich man's wealth is a strong city, and the glory of it 
casteth a great shadow. 

12 Before destruction a man's heart is haughty, and before 
honour it is humble. 

13 He who answereth a matter before he heareth it, exposeth 
his folly and incurreth contempt. 

14 ^ A wise servant appeaseth a man's anger; but a mean spi- 
rited man who can bear ? 

15 The heart of a prudent man getteth knowledge; and the 
ears of the wise seek understandina•. 


16 A man's gift maketh room for him, and procureth him a 
seat among the mighty. 

17 A just man is his own accuser in his first speech ; but when 
he is accused his adversary is refuted. 

1 8 The silent lot putteth an end to contention, and determineth 
among the mighty. 

19 A brother assisted by a brother is like a fortified and lofty 
city, and is strong as a well founded palace. 

20 With the fruits of his mouth a man filleth his belly, and 
with the fruits of his lips he shall be satisfied. 

2 1 Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they who 
have the command of it shall eat the fruits thereof. 

VOL. III. η 


22 He who hath found a good wife hath found favour, and 

hath received joy from God. 

He who putteth away a good wife, putteth away good things; 

but he who retaineth an adulteress is fooUsh and wicked. 
XIX. The folly of a man maketh his ways destructive; but in 

his heart he blameth God. 

4 Wealth maketh many friends; but a poor man is for- 
saken by the only friend he hath. 

5 A false witness shall not go unpunished; and he whoaccus- 
eth unjustly shall not escape. 

6 Many court the favour of kings; but every one who is 
wicked is a disgrace to a man in power. 

7 Every one who hateth β. brother in distress shall be far 
from friendship. 

A good understanding will approach them who know it, 
and a prudent man will find it. 

He who doth much evil perfecteth wickedness; and he who 
useth irritating words shall not be safe. 

8 He who procureth wisdom loveth himself; and he who 
keepeth it shall find good things. 

9 Let not a false witness go unpunished ; and let him who 
kindleth mischief perish by it. 

10. It is not seemly for a fool to enjoy delicacies; nor for a ser- 
vant to begin to domineer with haughtiness. 

11 A merciful man is slow to wrath ; and his boast is over 

12 The threat of a king is like the roaring of a lion; but his 
favour is like dew on the grass. 

13 A foolish son is a. shame to a father. 
Vows for the hire of a harlot are not pure. 

14 Fathers bequeath houses and wealth to children; but the 
Lord accommodateth a wife to a husband. 

15 Feai' restrained! the effeminate; but the soul of the sloth- 
ful shall suffer want. 

16 He who keepeth a command preserveth his soul; but he 
who despiseth his own ways shall perish. 

17 He who is kind to the poor lendeth to God; and accord- 
ing to his gift he will repay him. 


18 Chasten thy son, for thus he will be hopeful; but be not in 
thy soul transported to haughtiness. 

19 Let a malicious man be fined high ; but if he take away life, 
let him forfeit his own. 

20 Hear my son, the instruction of thy father that thou mayst 
be wise in thy latter days. 

21 There are many thoughts in a man's heart : but the coun- 
sel of th6 Lord shall endure forever. 

22 Beneficence is a crop for a man : and a poor just man is 
better than a rich liar. 

23 The fear of the Lord conduceth to a man's life : but he 
who is fearless will lodge in places where knowledge doth not 

24 He who hideth his hands in his bosom unjustly; should 
not bring them out for his mouth. 

25 When a criminal is scourged, a simpleton becometh more 
wary : but if thou rebukest a wise man, he will call to mind 

26 He who bringeth dishonour on a father and causeth his mo- 
ther to flee; shall be exposed to shame and shall be reproached. 

27 A son who ceaseth to keep the instruction of a father; will 
meditate on evil sayings. 

28 He who is surety for a foolish son, shall rail at the statute; 
but the mouth of the wicked shall swallow decisions. 

29 Rods are prepared for the profligate : and punishments in 
like manner for fools. 

XX. Wine is intemperate, and drunkenness scornful. And 
with these every fool is entangled. 

2 The threat of a king is like the rage of a lion ; and he who 
provoketh him sinneth against his own life. 

3 It is an honour to a man to abstain from railing : but with 
such things every fool is entangled. 

4 Though a sluggard is reproached he is not ashamed : and 
the same is the case with him who borroweth corn in harvest. 

5 Counsel in the heart of a man is deep water; but a man of 
understanding will draw it up. 

6 A man is a great thing : and a merciful man a precious 
thing : but it is hard to find a faithful man. 

7 He who conducteth himself spotless in justice shall leave 
behind him his children happy. 


8 When a righteous kmg sitteth on a throne, nothing that is 
evil can stand his eyes. 

9 Who can boast that he hath a clean heart? Or who can say 
with confidence that he is pure from sin? 

20 Whosoever curseth father or mother; let his lamp be ex- 
tinguished and his eye balls involved in darkness. 

21 A portion got at first with too much haste will not at the 
last be blessed. 

22 Do not say, I will take vengeance on an enemy ; but wait 
for the Lord that he may help thee. 

10 Diverse Aveights and diverse measures are impure in the 
sight of the Lord. Yes, both they and he who useth them. 

11 A youth when in company with the godly, will be restrain- 
ed in his devices and his way will be straight. 

12 The ear heareth and the eye seeth; and both are the work 
of the Lord. 

13 Love not contradiction that thou mayst not be destroyed : 
open thine eyes and be filled with bread. 

24 A diverse weight is an abomination to the Lord : and a de- 
ceitful balance is not good in his sight. 

The steps for a man are plainly set forth by the Lord : how 
then should a mortal consider his ways ! 

25 The hasty dedication of his property is a snare to a man : 
for after the vow a change of mind happeneth. 

26 A wise king is a winnower of the wicked; and he will 
bring a wheel over them. 

27 The spirit of man is a light of the Lord, who searcheth 
the inward recesses of the body. 

28 Beneficence and truth are a guard to a king : and they will 
encompass his throne with justice. 

29 Wisdom is an ornament to young men: and grey hairs are 
the glory of the old. 

30 Blood shot eyes and bruises light upon bad men : and there 
are wounds for the inner recesses of the body. 

XXL The heart of a king is in the hand of God; like a canal 
of water, he turneth it whithersoever he pleaseth. 
2 Every man appeareth righteous in his own eyes : but the 
Lord directeth hearts. 



3 To do justice and to adhere to truth are more acceptable to 
God than the blood of victims. 

4 A high minded man is contentious and stubborn : but sin is 
the lamp of the wicked. 

6 He who getteth treasures by a lyingtongue, pursueth vanity 
to the snares of death. 

7 Destruction shall lodge with the wicked; because they re- 
fuse to do justice. 

8 To the perverse God sendeth crooked ways: for his works 
are pure and right. 

9 It is better to dwell in a corner in the open air; than in 
apartments plaistered with injustice; and in a house which is not 

10 The soul of the wicked will not be pitied by any man. 

11 When a profligate is punished the innocent become more 
cautious; and the intelligent wise man will gain knowledge. 

12 A just man discerneth the hearts of the wicked; and des- 
piseth the wicked for their wickedness. 

13 He who stoppeth his ears that he may not hear the distress- 
ed shall himself cry, and there shall be none to answer. 

14 A gift given secretly pacifieth resentments; but he who is 
sparing of gifts exciteth strong wrath. 

1 5 It is the joy of the righteous to execute judgment : but in 
the view of the wicked a holy man is unclean.' 

16 A man who wandereth from the path of justice, shall go to 
rest among the congregation of giants. 

17 A needy man loveth pleasure. He wisheth to have wine and 
oil for his riches : and a transgressor wisheth to be acquitted as 
a righteous man. 

19 It is better to dwell in the wilderness than wiUi a quarrel- 
some, clamorous and passionate wife. 

20 A desirable treasure will rest in the mouth of the wise : but 
men who are foolish will swallow it. 

21 The way of justice and mercy will lead to life and glory. 

22 A wise man hath scaled strong cities and demolished forti- 
fications in which the wicked trusted. 

23 He who guardeth his mouth and tongue keepeth his soul 
from trouble. 


24 He who is bold, sclfwilled and boastful is called loimos [a 
pest;] and he who harboureth mischief is called a transgressor. 

25 Wishing killeth the slothful; for his hands do not chuse to 

26 All the day long a wicked man indulgeth wicked desires; 
but the righteous unsparingly exerciseth pity and compassion. 

27 The sacrifices of die wicked are an abomination to the 
Lord; because they oiTer them unrighteously. 

28 A false witness shall perish; but a man who is a witness 
will speak guardedly. 

29 A wicked man impudently hardeneth his face : but the up- 
right will himself consider his ways. 

30 There is no wisdom, there is no fortitude, no counsel in the 

31 A horse is provided for the day of battie : but help cometh 
from the Lord. 

XXII. A good name is to be chosen in preference to great 

wealth; and good favour, in preference to gold and silver. 

2 The rich and poor have met each other; and the Lord hath 
made them both. 

3 A prudent man seeing the wicked severely punished in- 
structeth himself: but the foolish passed heedlessly by and 
were punished. 

4 The offspring of wisdom are the fear of the Lord and 
riches and glory and life. 

5 Thorns and snares are in crooked paths : but he who 
watcheth his soul shall avoid them. 

7 The rich rule over the poor; though servants lend to their 
own masters. 

8 He who soweth iniquity shall reap evils; and compleat the 
punishment of his deeds. 

God blesseth a cheerful giver; and will supply the defi- 
ciency of his works. 

9 He who compassionateth the poor shall be fed; for he gave 
of his own bread to the poor. 

He who giveth gifts secureth victory and honour. He in- 
deed taketh away the soul of the receivers. 
10 Expel from council an overbearing man; and contention 


Λνίΐΐ go out with him : for if he sitteth iii council he dishonour- 
eth all. 
1 1 The Lord loveth holy hearts; and all the unspotted are ac- 
ceptable to him. 

A king feedeth with his lips; but the eyes of the Lord dili- 
gently watch the sentiment : and a transgressing word setteth 
it at naught. 

13 A slothful manmaketh excuse andsaith, There is a lion 
in the highw^ays and murderers in the streets. 

14 The mouth of a transgressor is a deep ditch; and he Λvho is 
hated of the Lord shall fall into it. 

There are bad ways before a man and he loveth not to avoid 
them : but he ought to avoid a crooked and bad way. 

15 Folly is bound up in the heart of a child : but a rod and in- 
struction will drive it from him. 

16 Some plunder the poor to increase their Λvealth and give to 
the rich to lessen it. 

17 Incline thine ear to the words of the wise; and hear my dis- 
course and apply thy heart; that thou mayst know that they are 

18 good. If thou indeed wilt lay them up in thy heart; they will 

19 give thee delight and be on thy lips. In order that thy hope may 
be upon the Lord; and that he may make known to thee thy 

20 way. Write thou them for thyself three times over; for counsel 

21 and knowledge, on the table of thy heart. For this purpose I 
teach thee sound doctrine and knowledge good to be listened 
to: that thou mayst answer them who propound to thee 
words of truth. 

22 Oppress not the needy because he is poor: nor treat ΛvitK 
disrespect at the gates one who is weak. 

23 For the Lord will judge his cause; and thou shouldst pre- 
serve thy hfe safe and secure. 

24 Have no fellowship with a man addicted to ^Vl'ath; nor lodge 
with a friend who is passionate : lest thou learn his ways and 
lay a snare for thine own life. 

25 Do not out of respect for a person become surety. For if 

26 thou hast not wherewithal to pay, thy bed will be taken from 
under thee. 

2.7 Remove not ancient boundaries w^hich thv fathers have set. 


28 A man clear in his perceptions and quick in the despatch 

of business should stand before kings and not wait on slothful 

XXIII. When thou sittest down to eat at the table of a ruler ; 

observe diligently what are set before thee : and put to thy 
[ 2 hand, knowing that thou must provide the like. But if thou 

hast an appetite not easily satisfied; desire not his dainties; for 

they give false life. 
.3 If thou art poor, enter not into competition with one who 

4 is rich: but be restrained by thine own prudence. If thou fix 
thy view toward him, he is out of sight : for he is provided 
with wings as of an eagle; and directeth his course to the 
house of one who is before him. 

5 Eat not with an envious man, nor desire his meats: for he 

6 eateth and drinketh as one swallowing a hair. Neither invite 
him to thy house, nor eat thy morsel with him: for it Avill 
cause him to vomit and he will blame thy kind invitations. 

7 Make no addresses to a man void of understanding: lest 

8 he peradventure mock thy judicious discourse. Remove not 
ancient land marks, nor encroach upon the possession of the 

9 fatherless. For the Lord who is their redeemer is strong; and 
will plead their cause with thee. 

10 Apply thy heart to instruction ; and prepare thine eai's for 
the words of knowledge. 

11 Refrain not from correcting a child: for if thou beat him 

12 with a rod, thou mayst prevent his death. For thou wilt beat 
him with a rod and deliver his soul from death. 

13 My son, if thy heart be wise, thou wilt gladden my heart. 

14 And thy lips, if they be right, Λνϋΐ hold long conversation with 

15 Let not thy heart envy sinners : but be thou in the tear of 
the Lord all the day long. 

18 If thou indeed keep these instructions: they will be a pro- 
geny to thee and thy hope shall not perish. 

19 Hear, my son and be wise and direct the thoughts of thy 
heart aright. 

20 Be not a wine bibber, nor devoted to clubs : and to the pur- 

21 chasing of flesh meat. For every one addicted to revelling and 


stews shall come to beggaiy : and every one given to sleep 
shall be clothed with rags and tatters. 
22 Hearken, my son, to the father who begot thee : and de- 
spise not thy mother because she is old. 

24 Λ righteous father nourisheth thee well ; and his soul re- 
joiceth in a wise son. 

25 Let thy father and thy mother have joy in thee : and let her 
who bare thee rejoice. 

26 My son, give me thy heart ; and let thine eyes observe 
my ways. 

27 For a strange house is a hogshead full of holes: and a strange 

28 well is narrow. For that will quickly perish ; and every trans- 
gressor shall be destroyed. 

29 Who hath woes? Who hath trouble ? Who hath law suits? 
Who hath vexations and squabbles ? Who hath wounds with- 

30 out cause ? Whose are the eyes suffused with blood ? Are 
they not theirs who tarry long at wine — who frequent the places 
Λvhere there are revels ? 

Be not drunk with wine; but converse with righteous men : 

31 and converse in the publick walks. For if thou givest thine 
eyes to cups and goblets ; thou wilt go about afterwards na- 

32 ked as a pestle : and be, at last, like one swoln by the bite of 

33 a serpent ; or as one stung by a basilisk. When thine eyes 
behold a strange woman; then will thy mouth speak perversely. 

34 And thou wilt lie as in the midst of the sea : and like a pilot 

35 in a mighty storm. And thou wilt say. They have beaten me 
and I felt no pain ; they insulted me and I was not sensible of it. 
When will it be day, that I may go and seek with whom I can 
have a meeting. 

XXIV. My son, envy not bad men, nor desire to be with 

2 them : for their hearts study falsehood ; and their lips utter 

3 By wisdom a house is built ; and by understanding it is 

4 By knowledge chambers are filled with all precious and 
pleasant riches. 

5 Better is a wise man than one who is strong : and the man 
who hath imderstanding, than he who hath a large cultivated 



6 By government war is conducted ! and help is the attend- 
ant of a heart instructed by counsel. 

7 . Wisdom and good understanding are in the gates of the 
wise : the wise turn not aAvay from the commandment of 
the Lord : but they consult in counsels. 

9 Death meeteth the uninstructed and a fool dieth by sins. 

10 In a man who is selfwilled, arrogant and boastful there is 
impurity : in an evil day and a day of adversity, he will be 
stained deeper and deeper, until he utterly faint. 

1 1 Deliver them who are to be led away to death; and inter- 

12 cede for them who are to be slain, make no delay. If thou 
should say, I do not know this man ; know that the Lord 
knoweth the hearts of all: and that he, ^vho gave breath to all, 
knoweth all things : and ^vill render to every one according to 
his works. 

13 My son^ cat honey (for a honey comb is good) that thy pa- 

14 late may be sweetened. In like manner let thy soul taste wis- 
dom ; for if thou find it, thy end will be good and hope will 
not forsake thee. 

15 Lead not the wicked to the pasture of the righteous; nor 

16 be led astray for a belly full. For a righteous man may fall 
seven times and rise again ; but in calamities the wicked shall 
be without strength. 

17 If thine enemy fall rejoice not over him; nor be elated at 
his stumbling: for the Lord will see and it will displease him, 
and he will turn away his wrath. 

18 Rejoice not over evil doers nor envy sinners. For the poste- 
rity of an evil one cannot continue; and the lamp of the wicked 
shall be extinguished. 

19 My son, fear God and the king and be not disobedient to 
either of them. For they can suddenly punish the wicked; and 
their punishments who can know? 

21 A son who keepeth the word shall be far from destruc- 
tion; for he hath received it to effect. 

22 Let no falsehood be uttered from the mouth of a king, and 
from his mouth let no falsehood proceed. 

23 The tongue of a king is a sword and not flesh ; whoever 
•j: 'is delivered up to it shall be destroyed. For if his wrath be 

sharpened, it consumcth men with thongs, and devoureth the 


bones of men; or like a flame, burneth them up, so that they 
cannot be devoured by young eagles. 
XXX. My son, be awed by these words of mine, receive them 
and reform. Thus saith the man to them who trust in God— - 
but I stop. For I am the most foolish of all men. And I have 

2 not the understanding of man in me. God hath taught me wis- 
dom: and I have gained a knowledge of holy things. 

3 Who hath ascended up to heaven and come down ? 
Who hath collected the winds in his bosom ? 
Who hath infolded the water in a mantle ? 

Who hath a dominion over all the ends of the earth ? 

What is his name? or what the name of his sons? 

Since all the words of God are tried, and he is a shield to 
them ^vho revere him ; add not to his Avords lest he reprove 
thee and thou be found a liar. 

Two things I beg of thee — deprive me not of favour before 
I die ; remove far from me vanity and lying. Give me neither 
riches nor poverty, but order for me things necessary and 
convenient ; that when I am filled I may not become false and 
say. Who seeth me? Or being in want, steal and swear by the 
name of God. 

Deliver not up a servant into the hands of a master ; lest 
he curse thee and thou be removed out of sidit. 

A wicked progeny curse their father and bless not their 

A wicked progeny judge themselves righteous, but have 
not purged their ways. 

A wicked progeny have lofty eyes and uplifted eyebrows. 

A wicked progeny have teeth like swords and gi'inders 
like cleavers, so as to consume and devour the poor from the 
earth, and the needy from among men. 
XXIV. 23 But this I say to you who are wise to know, it is not 
good to respect a person in judgment. 

24 He who saith of the wicked, " He is not guilty," shall be 

25 cursed by the tribes and hateful to the nations : but they who 
reprove shall appear better ; and upon them a blessing shall 

26 Lips will kiss the things which convey good words. 

27 Prepare thy Λvorks for the time of going out, and l^e in com- 


plete preparation for the field^and come after me ; then thou 
shalt build thyself a house. 

28 Be not a false witness against thy fellow citizen, nor give a 

29 loose to thy lips. Do not say, " I will use him as he hath used 
me ; and punish him for the injuries he hath done me." 

30 A fool is like a field, and a man void of understanding, like 
31a vineyard ; if thou lettest them alone, they will be overrun 

with weeds and grass, and become useless, and their stone 
fences will be thrown down. 

32 I have at length repented and looked about, with a view to 

33 chuse instruction. I am dozing a little — just taking a short 

34 nap — just infolding my breast with my hands. If such indeed 
be thy conduct ; poverty will come upon thee like a traveller 
and want like a swift courier. 

XXX. 15 The leech had three daughters greatly beloved, but 
these three did not satisfy her — nay even the fourth did not 
suffice for her to say, There is enough. 

16 The grave, and lust for women, and land unsatiated with 
water — nay water and fire will never say. There is enough. 

17 The eye which derideth a father and despiseth the old age 
of a mother, may the ravens of the valley pick it out, and the 
young eagles devour it. 

18 There are three things which I cannot perceive, and a fourth 
which I do not know — the tracks of an eagle in its flying — the 
footsteps of a serpent on a rock — the marks of a ship crossing 

20 the sea — and the ways of a man in youth. Such is the way of an 
adulterous woman, who having committed the act and washed 
herself, saith, that she hath done nothing improper. 

21 By three things a land is disturbed, and a fourth it cannot 

22 bear — a servant when he reigneth — a fool when filled with 

23 meat — a handmaid when she expelleth her mistress — and an 
odious woman when she hath a good husband. 

24 There are four things on the earth which are very small, yet 

25 they are wiser than the wise — the ants, which not having 

26 strength, provide their food in summer — the choirogryllus, 
which being a feeble nation have built their houses among 

27 rocks — ^the locusts, which having no king encamp regularly 

28 at the word of command — and the calabotes, which depending 
on its feelers and being easily caught maketh its abode in the 
fortresses of kings. 


29 There are three things which march well and a fourth 

30 which is stately in its gait — a young lion the strongest of beasts 
which tunieth not aside nor feareth any beast — and a cock 

31 strutting magnanimously among his females — and a he-goat 
marching at the head of a flock — and a king harranguing a 

32 If thou sufferest thyself to be elated with joy and engagest 
in battle thou wilt incur disgrace. 

33 Churn milk and there will be butter, and if thou wringest the 
nose, blood will issue forth ; so if thou usest provoking lan- 

' guage contentions and quarrels will ensue. 
XXXI. These words of mine have been dictated by God, 
they are the prophecy of a king whom his mother instructed. 

2 What wilt thou keep my son? What! keep the dictates of 
God. One right of primogeniture I tell thee, my son. What 
is it thou son of my womb ? What is it thou son of my vows? 

3 Give not thy wealth to women; nor thine understanding and 
thy life for that which will bring sorrow. 

4 Do all things with counsel. Drink wine with counsel, 

5 Princes are passionate, therefore let them not drink wine, lest 
by drinking they forget wisdom, and become incapable of ad- 

• ministering justice to the oppressed. 

6 Give strong drink to those in trouble, and wine to be drunk 
by them who are in sorrow; that they may forget their distress 
and no more remember their troubles. 

7 Open thy mouth with the word of God, and administer jus- 
tice to all with a sound understanding. 

8 Open thy mouth and judge righteously, and plead the cause 
of the weak and needy. 

XXV. These are the detached instnictions of Solomon "which 

the friends of Hezekias kmg ofJudea copied out, 

2 The glory of God obscureth a matter : but the glory of a 
king giveth a lustre to actions. 

3 Heaven is high and the earth is deep : and the heart of a 
king is unsearchable. 

4 Beat drossy silver and all that is pure ΛνΙΙΙ be purified. 

5 Slay the wicked from the presence of a king and his throne 
will be established in righteousness. 

6 Boast not in the presence of a king; nor range thyself in 


the places of princes: For it is better it should be said to theej 
"Come up hither ;" than that thou shouldstgive place at the 
presence of a prince. 

7 Tell wliat thine eyes have seen. 

8 Enter not hastily into a quarrel: lest thou repent at the last 
when thy friend shall upbraid thee. 

9 In yielding shew no contempt, lest thy friend upbraid thee : 
in which case thy quarrel and enmity will not cease, but last 
till death. 

10 Favour and friendship give freedom. Keep these for thyself 
that thou mayst not be exposed to reproach. But keep thy 
ways with a placable temper. 

11 It is an apple of gold in a sardine bracelet, thus to speak 
a ΛVord. 

12 A precious sardius is bound to an ear-ring of gold; and a 
word of wisdom to an obedient ear. 

13 As the coming out of snow in harvest is grateful accord- 
ing to the degree of heat: so is a faithful messenger to them 
who send him: for he refresheth the souls of them who em- 
ploy him. 

14 As winds and clouds and rain are conspicuous things; so is 
he who boasteth for a false gift. 

15 By patience kings have a prosperous journey : and a soft 
tongue breaketh bones. 

16 Having found honey eat just what is sufficient: lest being 
glutted thou vomit it up. 

17 Go seldom to the house of thy friend: lest he be cloyed 
with thee and hate thee. 

] 8 Sharp is a nail and a sword and an arrow: so is a man 
who beareth false witness against his friend. 

19 The way of a bad man and the foot of a transgressor shall 
be destroyed in an evil day. 

20 As vinegar is hurtful to a boil ; so bodily disease giveth 
pain to the heart. 

21 As a moth in a garment and a \vorm in wood : so a man's 
grief hurteth the heart. 

22 If thine enemy hunger feed him; if he be thirsty give him 
drink : for by doing this thou wilt use the means to melt him ; 
and the Lord will reward thee with good. 


23 The north wind raiseth clouds: and an impudent counte- 
nance irritateth the tongue. 

24 It is better to dwell in a comer of the house top, than with 
a scolding wife in a wide house. 

25 As cold water is grateful to a thirsty soul; so is good news 
from a distant country. 

26 As if one should stop up a fountain and destroy an outlet 
of water : so is it disorderly for a righteous man to fall before 
the wicked. 

27 It is not good to eat too much honey : but we ought to 
honour glorious words. 

28 A man who doth any thing without counsel ; is like a city 
which hath the foundations of walls laid and is without walls. . 

XXVI. As dew at the ingathering of fruit and as rain in har- 
vest; so is honour for a fool. 

2 As birds and ostriches fly away; so a vain curse will not 
light on any one. 

3 As a whip for a horse and a goad for an ass; so is a scourge 
for a sinful nation. 

4 Answer not a fool conformably to his folly ; lest thou be- 

5 come like him. But answer a fool according to his folly ; that 
he may not think himself λυΪ3^. 

6 He who sendeth a message by a foolish messenger; by his 
own ways procureth disgrace. 

7 As Well take walking from the legs; as transgression from 
the mouth of fools. 

8 He who bindeth a stone in a sling is like him who giveth 
honour to a fool. 

9 Thorns stick in the hands of a drunken man; and slavery in 
the hand of fools. 

10 All the flesh of fools is in a tempest: for their soundest sleep 
is broken. 

11 As a dog becometh odious when he returneth to his vo- 
mit ; so is a fool for his wickedness, when he returneth to 
his sin. 

12 There is a shame which leadeth to sin: and a shame which 
procureth glory and honour. 

13 I have seen a man who thought himself wise: but there 
was more hope of a fool than of him. 


14 A slothful man sent on a journey saith, There is a lion in 
the way and murderers in the streets. 

15 As a door turneth on its hinges so doth a slothful man on 
his bed. 

16 A slothful man having hid his hand in his bosom cannot 
bring it out to his mouth, 

17 A slothful man thinketh himself wiser than him who in 
plenty carrieth a message. 

He who meddleth with another^s strife, is like one who 
taketh a dog by the tail. 

18 As they who undertake to cure throw out words for men; 
and he who falleth in with the proposal will be first supplant- 

19 ed ; so all who ensnare their friends, when they are found out 
say, I did it in sport. 

20 By much fuel a fire is nourished : but where there is no 
stirrer up of quarrels, contention ceaseth. 

21 A hearth is for coals and fuel for fire : and a contentious 
man for the bustle of strife. 

22 The words of the crafty are soft : but they pierce the 
inmost recesses of the soul. 

23 Silver given with deceit, should be accounted as a potsherd. 
Smooth lips disguise a Avicked heart. 

24 A weeping enemy assenteth to every thing with his lips : 
but in his heart he contriveth deceit. 

25 Though an enemy intreat thee with a loud voice, believe 
him not : for in his heart there is seven fold wickedness. 

26 He who concealeth enmity practiseth deceit ; but being 
found out he discloseth his sins in publick assemblies. 

27 May he who diggeth a pit for his neighbour fall into it ; 
and he who rolleth a stone, roll it on himself. 

28 A lying tongue hateth truth ; and a flattering mouth work- 
eth ruin. 

XXV II. Boast not of things of to-morrow; for thou knowest not 
what the coming day will bring forth. 

2 Let a neighbour praise thee and not thine own mouth — a 
stranger and not thine own lips. 

3 A stone is heavy and sand is weighty ; but a fool's anger 
is heavier than both. 


4 Wrath is cruel and anger outrageous : but nothing can 
withstand envy. 

5 Open rebukes are better than concealed love. 

6 More faithful are the wounds of a friend ; than the feigned 
kisses of an enemy. 

7 A full soul loatheth a honey comb : but to a hungry soul 
even bitter things are sweet. 

8 As a bird when taken hooded from its nest ; so is a man 
reduced to slavery, when removed from his country. 

9 With myrrh and wine and perfumes the heart is cheered : 
but with misfortunes the spirit is broken. 

10 Thine own friend and thy father's friend forsake not ; but 
when unfortunate go not to the house of thy brother. 

Better is a friend near at hand, than a brother far off. 

11 Be wise, my son that thy heart may rejoice, and remove 
from thee reproachful speeches. 

12 When ills approach, a prudent man is hidden : but the 
simple pass on to their sorrow. 

13 Take away his mantle, for a scorner passed by who wast- 
eth the property of others. 

14 He who blesseth a friend with a loud voice, rising early, 
will appear not unlike one who curseth him. 

15 A continual dropping driveth a man out of his house in a 
rainy day : and so doth a contentious wife. 

16 Boreas is a harsh wind, though it be called by an honour- 
able name. 

17 Iron sharpeneth iron, but a man exasperateth the face of a 

18 He who planteth a fig tree shall eat of its fruit; and he 
who guardeth his master shall be honoured. 

19 As faces do not resemble faces : so neither do the thoughts 
of men. 

20 The grave and destruction are never satisfied : in like man- 
ner the eyes of men are insatiable. 

He who hath staring eyes, and fools who cannot govern 
their tongue ; are an abomination to the Lord. 

21 Fire is the trier of gold and silver : but a man is tried by 
the mouth of them who praise him. 

VOL. III. r 


The heart of a transgressor sceketh evils : but a righteous 
heart seeketh knowledge. — 

22 Though thou shouldst whip a fool publickly and disgrace 
him : thou canst not take aAvay his folly. 

23 Be careful to know the state of thy flock ; and pay close 

24 attention to thy herd : for wealth and power do not continue 
with a man forever ; nor can he transmit them from one gene- 
ration to another. 

25 Take care of the herbage in thy field : mow grass and 

26 collect provender from the hills : that thou mayst have sheep 
for clothing. 

27 Honour the field that thou mayst have lambs. 

My son, thou hast sayings from me powerfully conducive 
to thy life : and the life of thy servants. 
XXVIII. The wicked fleeth when none pursueth : but the 
righteous is bold as a lion. 

2 Contentions are raised by the sins of the wicked: but a pru- 
dent man extinguisheth them. 

3 A mighty man by wicked acts oppresseth the poor. 

As a sweeping rain is indeed unprofitable, so are they who 

4 forsake the law and applaud iniquity : but they who love the 
law encompass themselves with a wall. 

5 Bad men will not understand judgment: but they who 
seek the Lord will be wise in every thing. 

6 Better is a poor man who walketh in truth than a rich liar. 

7 A wise son keepeth the law ; but he who feedeth prodi- 
gality dishonoureth his father. 

8 He who increaseth his wealth by usury and unjust gain ; 
gathereth it for him who will pity the poor. 

9 As for him who turneth away his ear from hearkening to 
the law ; even his prayer is an abomination. 

10 He who causeth the righteous to wander in an evil way 
shall himself fall into destruction. 

The upright shall have good things in possession: but 

1 1 the unrighteous shall pass by good things and shall not enter 
into them. 

A rich man is wise in his own conceit. But a poor man 
who hath understanding will find him out. 


12 For helping the righteous there is great glory: but in the 
places of the wicked; men are entrapped. 

13 He who covereth his wickedness shall not prosper; but he 
who confesseth and forsaketh will be beloved. 

14 Happy the man who piously feareth all things: but he who 
is of an intractable temper will fall into evils. 

15 He who ruleth over a poor nation, himself being poor, is a 
hungry lion and a ravening wolf. 

16 A king straitened in his revenue is a great oppressor: but he 
who hateth injustice shall live long. 

17 He who is bail for a man in a case of murder, shall be a fit. 
gitive, but not in safety. 

Correct a son and he will love thee and be an ornament to 
thy life. He will not hearken to an unrighteous nation. 

18 He who walketh righteously will be helped: but he who 
walketh in crooked Avays will be entangled. 

19 He who tilleth his own ground shall have plenty of bread; 
but he who followeth idleness, shall have plenty of poverty. 

20 A faithful man will be much praised; but the wicked shall 
not escape punishment. 

21 He who regardeth not the persons of the righteous, is not 
good: such a one Λνϋΐ dehver up a man for a morsel of bread. 

22 An envious man hasteth to be rich, and knowedi not that 
the bountiful shall have mastery over him. 

23 He who reproveth a man's ways shall have more thanks 
than he who hath a flattering tongue. 

24 He who casteth off a father or mother and thinketh that 
he doth not sin; is indeed the partner of an impious man. 

25 A faithless man judgeth rashly: but he who trusteth in the 
Lord will be careful. 

26 He who putteth confidence in the boldness of his heart is 
a fool: but he who walketh wisely shall be saved. 

27 He who giveth to the poor shall not be in want: but he 
who tumeth away his eyes shall be indigent. 

28 In the places of the wicked, the righteous groan: but by 
their destruction, the righteous will be multiplied. 

XXIX. Better is a man of experience, than a man who is 
stiff'-necked: for when the latter is suddenly burned, there is 
no healing him. 


2 When the righteous are applauded the people will rejoice: 
but when the wicked bear rule, men will mourn. 

3 When a man loveth wisdom his father is gladdened: but 
he who feedeth harlots spendeth his substance. 

4 A righteous king raiseth a countiy; but a transgressor 
overthroweth it. 

5 He who shall provide a net to catch his friend; spreadeth 
it for his Own feet. 

6 For a mighty transgressor there is a great snare; but the 
just shall have joy and gladness. 

7 A righteous man is skilled in administering justice to the 
poor: but the wicked doth not take due cognisance: nor hath 
he a feeling heart for the poor. 

8 Men regardless of law, set a city in a flame: but wise men 
avert wrath. 

9 A wise man shall judge nations: but a fool when angry is 
derided and terrifieth not. 

10 Men stained with blood hate one who is holy: but the up- 
right will make strict inquest for his life. 

11 A fool sheweth all his wriith; but a wise man dispenseth 
it gradually. 

12 When a king hearkeneth to falsehood, aU under him are 

13 When creditor and debtor meet each other; the Lord hath 
a watch over both. 

14 When a king judgeth the poor faithfully; his throne will 
be established for a memorial. 

15 The rod and reproofs give wisdom: but a child led astray 
shameth his parents.. 

16 When the wicked abound, transgressions are multiplied:• 
but when they fall, the righteous are awed. 

17 Correct thy son and he will give thee rest; and add honour 
to thy life. 

18 With a sinful nation an instructor can not continue: but he 
who keepeth the law is most happy. 

19 A stubborn servant will not be instructed by words : for 
though he may understand he will not obey. 

20 If thou seest a man hasty in his words: be assured there is 
more hope of a fool than of him. 


21 He who feedeth delicately from his youth, shall be a ser- 
vant and at last afflicted with sorrow. 

22 A passionate man stirreth up strife: but a furious man is 
a digger up of sin. 

23 A man's pride will bring him low: but the Lord will glo- 
riously support the humble. 

24 He who is partner with a thief hateth his own soul: and so 
do they, who hear an oath admmistered, if they do not make 

25 They who fear and reverence men have been supplanted : 
but he whose trust is in the Lord shall be gladdened. 

Impiety causeth a man to fall: but he who trusteth in the 
Lord shall be safe. 

26 Many court the favour of princes: but justice cometh to a 
man from the Lord. 

27 A righteous man is an abomination to an unjust man : and 
a straight course is an abomination to a transgressor. 

XXXI. 10 Who can find a virtuous woman? Such a one is 
indeed more valuable than precious stones. 

11 The heart of her husband trusteth in her : such a one hath 

12 no need of spoils: for she laboureth for her husband's good 
all her life long. 

13 Having spun wool and flax she made a useful work with her 

14 hands. She was like a merchant vessel which bringeth riches 

15 from afar : She arose by night and gave food to her house- 

1 6 hold and work to her maids. Having viewed a field she bought 

17 it, and with the fruits of her hands planted the purchase. Hav- 
ing girded herself tight about the waist, she strengthened her 

18 arms for work. And finding that it was good to work, her 

19 lamp is not extinguished the whole night. Her elbows she ex- 
tendeth over the spindle; and her hands she keepeth at the 

20 distaiF. But she opened her hand to the needy; and stretched 

21 out her handful to the distressed. Her husband when long 
abroad is not concerned for those at home : for all with her 

22 are well clothed. She made for her husband double garments; 

23 and for herself robes of cotton and purple. And her husband is dis- 
tinguished in the gates; whenhesittethin council with the elders 

24 of the land. She made sindons and sold girdles to the Chananites. 
She opened her mouth sparingly and with propriety; and had 


25 her tongue in due subjection. She clothed herself with majes- 

26 ty and excellence, and enjoyed delights in her latter days. The 
gates of her house were kept close shut; andsheeatethnot 

27 the bread of idleness. She openeth her mouth with wisdom, 

28 and maxims of prudence. Her bounty caused her children to 
honour her; for they were rich, and her husband praised her. 

29 Many daughters have possessed wealth, many have acted 
virtuously: but thou hast surpassed — thou hast excelled all. 

30 False are allurements, and vain the beauty of a wife. For a 
woman of understanding is blessed. Let her therefore praise the 

3 1 fear of the Lord. Give her of the fruits of her hands; and let 
her husband be praised in the gates. 


I. The words of the preacher the son of David, kmg of Israel 

in Jerusalem. 

2 VANITY of vanities, said the preacher. Vanity of vanities. 
All is vanity. 

3 What lasting advantage hath a man by all the labour with 

4 Avhich he toileth under the sun? One generation passeth away 
and another cometh. But the earth hath continually kept its 

5 The sun riseth and the sun setteth and cometh round to 

6 his place. Rising there he marcheth southward, then wheeleth 

7 about to the north. The wind wheeleth in circuits, and in its 
circuits it returneth. All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea 
is not filled. To the place whence the rivers come, thither they 

8 return to continue their course. All these considerations are 
wearisome. Man cannot recount them : nor can the eye be sa- 
tisfied with seeing; nor the ear filled with hearing. 

9 What is that which hath been? The very same which shall 
be. And what is that which hath been done? The very same 
which shall be done : for there is nothing entirely new under 

10 the sun. Who can speak and say. Behold this is entirely new. 
It hath been already in the ages past which were before us. 

1 1 There is no remembrance of former things : and of those 
things which shall happen hereafter, there will be no remem- 
brance among them who shall be born at a remote period. 


12 I the preacher was king over Israel in Jerusalem; and i 

13 applied my heart to seek and make diligent search by wisdom 
concerning all the things which are done on the earth. Be- 
cause God hath assigned to the sons of men painful employ- 

14 ment, that they may be kept employed, I took a view of all 
the diiferent sorts of works which are done under the sun. 

15 And behold they are all vanity and vexation of spirit. That 
Avhich is crooked cannot be made straight, nor can wants be 

16 I communed with my heart, saying, Behold I am become 
great and have made advances in wisdom above all who were 
before me in Jerusalem. And I have applied my mind to know 

17 wisdom and knowledge. And my mind hath taken a view of 
many things — of wisdom and knowledge — of parables and 

18 science. I have found by experience that this also is indeed 
vexation of spirit. 

11. Because by much wisdom there is much knowledge; and 

1 he who addeth to his knowledge will add to his sorrow; I said 
in my heart, Come now let me try thee with pleasure. Take a 
view of that considered as a good. But behold this also is va- 

2 nity. To laughter I said, It is madness; and to mirth, What is 
this thou art doing? 

3 Now I had examined whether my mind could lead my 
flesh to wine; and my mind had led it with wisdom, retaining 

. a command over pleasure, until I should see of what sort that 
good is, which the sons of men are to pursue under the sun, 

4 all the days of their life. I enlarged my plan of operations. I 

5 built me houses. I planted me vineyards. I made me gardens 

6 and orchards and planted therein all sorts of fruit trees. I made 
me pools of water, to water from them my blooming nursc- 

7 ries. I purchased men servants and maid servants; and had 
servants born in my family. And my stock of herds and flocks 

8 was great above all who were before me in Jerusalem. I col- 
lected also for myself silver and gold and the choicest treasures 
of kings and countries. I got me men singers and women 
singers, and the delights of the sons of men — a butler and the 

9 requisites to entertainments. And I was great and surpassed 
all w^ho had been before me in Jerusalem; and still my wisdom 

10 continued with me. And Avhatever mine eves desired I with- 


held not from them, nor did I restrain my heart from all my 

Because my heart had been gladdened with all my labour, 

11 (now this was my portion from all my labour) therefore I look- 
ed back on all the works which my hands had done, and on 
the labour with which I had toiled to execute them; and be- 
hold all was vanity and vexation of spirit and there is no last- 
ing advantage under the sun. 

12 Then I looked back to take a view of wisdom and mad- 
ness and folly. In all the particulars which formed this delibe- 

13 ration (for who is the man equal to a compleat investigation) 
I saw indeed that there is an advantage in wisdom above fol- 

14 ly, like the advantage of light above darkness. The wise man's 
eyes are in his head; but the fool walketh in darkness. Never- 

15 theless I knewthat one event will happen to them all. Therefore I 
said in my heart, As the same event will happen to me as hap- 

, peneth to the fool, why have I studied wisdom? Why com- 
muned abundantly with my heart? Because even this is vanity — 

16 (since out of an abundance the fool speaketh) — because there 
is no remembrance forever of the wise man more than of the 
fool (seeing the days are now coming when all shall be for- 

17 gotten and the wise must die as well as the fool) therefore I 
hated the whole of this life; because the work which was done 
under the sun was toilsome to me — because all are vanity and 

18 vexation of spirit : and I hated all this labour of mine for 
which I am toiling under the sun; because I must leave it to a 
man who is coming after me; and who knoweth whether he 

19 shall be a wise man or a fool? Now if he hath power over all 
my labour for which I have toiled and in which I have dis- 
played wisdom under the sun; surely this is vanity. 

20 Then I turned about that my heart might state distinctly 
in every labour of mine in which I had toiled under the sun — 

21 that here is a man whose labour hath been with wisdom and 
with knowledge, and with ability; and there is a man to whom, 
though he did not labour for him', he shall give his portion. 

22 Surely this is vanity and a great vexation — That such is the 
case with another man by all his labours and the vexation of 

23 his heart with which he toileth under the sun, that all his days 
are days of sorrow and his employment grief, and even at nignt 
his heart hath no rest. Surely this is vanity. 


24 (a) Hath not a man something good which he can eat anddrink^ 
and which he can point out to his soul as a good by his labour? 

25 (b) With respect to that I saw indeed that even this is from 
the hand of God ; for who can eat or who can drink without 

26 him ? For to the man who is good in his sight he hath given 
Avisdom and knowledge and joy ; and to the sinner he hath 
given the trouble of gathering and heaping up to give to him 
who is good in the sight of God. So that this also is vanity and 
vexation of spirit. 

III. Time is for all things : but there is a particular portion of 

2 time for every particular affair under heaven — a time to be born 

3 and a time to die — a time to plant and a time to root up what 
was planted — a time to kill and a time to heal — a time to pull 
down and a time to build up — a time to weep and a time to 

4 laugh — a time to mourn and a time to dance — a time to cast 

5 away stones and a time to gather stones together — a time to 

6 embrace and a time to refrain from embracing — a time to seek 

7 and a time to lose — a time to keep and a time to throw away — 
a time to rend and a time to sew — a time to be silent and a 

8 time to speak — a time to love and a time to hate — a time of 

9 war and a time of peace. What is the lasting advantage of the 

10 agent from the things in which he laboureth? I have taken a 
collective view of all the business which God hath assigned to 

11 the sons of men to be exercised therewith. All the things 
which he made, considered as a whole, are good in his time. 
But with regard to all things considered as o?ie whole, to them 
he hath assigned the whole age ; so that no man can find out 

12 the work which God hath done from beginning to end. I have 

13 found that there is no good in them (I mean in regard to every 
man who eateth and drinketh, and can see good in all his la- 
bour) if there is not a gift of God that he may be made glad 

14 and do good in his life. I have found that all the things which 
God hath made shall continue their age; there is no adding to it 
nortaking from it; and that God hath acted that they may be aw- 

15 ed at his presence. What hath been is now : and what are to be 
have already been ; and God will find out him who is persecut- 

16 ed : and yet I saw under the sun a place of judgment ; was the 

(a) an objection, (b) the answer. 
VOL. III. a 


Λνίοΐίεά there ? and a place for the just; was the pious there ? 

17 Then I «aid in ray heart God will judge the whole class of the 
righteous, and the whole class of the wicked. For there is a 
time for every thing ; and he is there over all the work. 

18 I communed with my heart concerning a saying of the sons 
of men, ^' That God distinguisheth themy Now in order to 

19 shew that they themselves are beasts, that at least which be- 
falleth man, befalleth them ; and that which befalleth the beast 
befalleth man. The same event happenedi to both. As the one 
dieth, so doth the other. And they have all one breath. What 
advantage then hath man over the beast ? None : for all are va- 

20 nity. They are all for one place. They were all from dust : 

21 and to dust they shall all return. And who hath seen the breath 
of the sons of men Λvhether it ascendeth upwards; and the 
breath of the beast, whether it descendeth downwards into the 

22 earth ? So I saw that there is nothing good in the Avorks of 
man, but that by which he can be made glad; for that is his 
portion, for who will bring him to see what will be after him ? 

IV. Then I turned and took a view of all the different sorts of 
oppression under the sun ; and behold the tear of the oppress- 
ed and they have no comforter. Though from the hand of op- 

2 pressors some have relief; yet others have no comforter. There- 
fore I praised the Avhole body of the dead — those who were 

3 already dead, above the living — those who are still alive : but 
better than both is he who liath never been — who hath not seen 
all the evil work which is done under the sun. 

4 In the review of labour in general, I took a view in paiti- 
cular of manly exertion in executing. Because this causeth a 
man to be envied by his neighbour, this therefore is vanity and 

5 vexation of spirit. The fool folded his hands and devouring 

6 his flesh said, Better is one handful of rest than two handfuls 
of labour and vexation of spirit. 

7 Then I turned and took a view of a vanity under the sun — 

8 Here is a single individual who hath no second ; at least he hath 
neither son nor brother, yet there is no end to all his labour. 
His eye is not satisfied with riches, yet doth he say, For whom 
do I labour and deprive my soul of good ? Surely this is vanity 

9 and a sore vexation. Two are better than one. They have a l^et- 
10 ter reward for their labour. For if they chance to f^dl the one 


can raise up his felloAv. Bat alas for him who is alone, when 

11 he falleth and hath not another to raise him up. Again if two 
he together they have warmth : but how can one be warm who 

12 is alone? Again though one should be strong the two may 
withstand him, and a three fold cord cannot easily be broken. 

13 Better is a poor and wise subject than an old and foolish 

14 king Avho hath not yet learned how to conduct himself; for 

15 out of prison he may come to reign. Because even in his own 
kingdom he was needy, I took a view of the Avhole body of 
the living who were walking under the sun with the youth 

16 second in rank Avho is to succeed him. There is no end of all 
the people — of all who resorted to them. Yet they who come 
last Avill have no joy in him. Surely this also is vanity and 
vexation of spirit. 

V. Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and 

let thy sacrifice be a readiness to hear rather than the oblation 
of fools. Because they ai'e not sensible that they do amiss, be 

2 thou not rash with thy mouth ; nor let thy heart be hasty to 
utter a word in the presence of God. Because God is in the 
heaven above, and thou art on the earth, let thy words there- 

3 fore be few. Because a dream cometh by much temptation, 

4 and a fool's voice with many words ; when thou vowest a vow 
to God delay not the performance of it. For in fools there is no 

5 fixed will. Pay thou therefore what thou vowest. It is better 
not to vow, than to vow and not perform. Suffer not thy 

6 mouth to cause thy flesh to sin, nor say in the presence of 
God, It was an inadvertence, that God may not be provoked 

7 to \vrath by thy voice, and destroy the works of thy hands, 
because it was Avith a multitude of dreams and vanities, and 
many Avords that thou fearest God. 

8 If thou seest a frivolous accusation of a poor man, and a 
rigorous exaction of judgment and justice in a country, mar- 
vel not at the matter. Because there is a high one over a high 
one to watch, and high ones are for these things, and the profit 

9 of land is for every one, a king is appendant to the cultivated 

10 field. A lover of silver cannot be satisfied with silver; but did 
any one ever love Avhat the abundance of this produceth ? 

11 Surely this is vanity. By an abundance of wealth they who 
consume it arc multiplied. And what is the mighty advantage 
of the owner from it ? That he hath the first sight of it with 


12 his eyes ? The sleep of the slave is sweet whether he eateth 
little or much. But the fulness of the rich suifereth him not 
to sleep. 

13 There is a Aveakness which I have seen under the sun — 

14 riches kept by one for his descendant to his own hurt. Yet 
these riches acquired with grievous vexation shall perish, and 

15 he hath begotten a son, and there is nothing in his hand. As 
he came naked out of his mother's womb, he shall turn about 
and go as he came. He shall take nothing by his labour to go 

16 with him in his hand. Surely this is a grievous weakness; 
for as he came, so he must depart. What then is his lasting 

17 advantage, for which he laboureth in vain ; and for which all 
his days are in darkness and mourning, and much grief and 
weakness and repining ? 

18 Behold I have seen a good which is comely, namely to 
eat and drink, and to have a good enjoyment in all the labour 
with which one toileth under the sun, the number of the days 
of his life which God hath given him ; for this is his portion. 

19 And every man indeed to whom God hath given riches and 
wealth, and granted him power to eat thereof, and to take his 
portion, hath by means of his being made glad in his labour, 

20 this further gift of God, that he will not much remember the 
days of his life, because God occupieth him with the joy of 
his heart. 

VI. There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it 

2 is common among men — a man to whom God giveth riches 
and wealth and glory, so that he wanteth nothing for his soul 
of all that he can desire ; but God granteth him not a power 

3 to eat thereof. In as much as a stranger is to devour it, this is 
vanity and grievous infirmity. Though a man should beget a 
hundred children and live many years, if during that multi- 
tude of years which his days shall continue, his soul shall not 
be satisfied with an enjoyment of good, and he hath got no 
burying place, I conclude that an abortive is better than he. 

4 Grant that it came in vanity and goeth away in darkness ; with 

5 darkness also his name shall be covered ! It indeed never saw 

6 the light ; and he never knew rest : it hath an advantage over 
him though he had lived the revolutions of a thousand years, 
if he never enjoyed good. Do not all go to one place ? 


7 All the labour of a man is for the mouth ; yet the appetite 

8 will not be satisfied : here then a wise man hath the advantage 
over a fool ; since the poor man knoweth that to pass through 

9 life, what he sees with the eyes is better for him than to be 
Λvandering after appetite, which is indeed vanity and vexation 
of spirit. 

10 Whatever hath been is now called by its name, and it is 
known what man is who cannot contend with one who is 
stronger than he. 

11 Since there are many arguments to prove the abundance 
of vanity; is there any one thing better than another for man? 

12 Doth any one know what is good for man in this life? All the 
days of his life of vanity he hath indeed done these things un- 
der a shade; is there any who can tell him Avhat Avill be after 
him under the sun? 

VII. A good name is better than precious oil; and the day of 

2 death, than a birth day. It is better to go to a house of mourn- 
ing than to a house of feasting. As that is the end of every 
man therefore the living will improve his understanding. 

3 Grief is better than laughter ; for by a sadness of countenance 

4 a heart may be made better. The heart of the wise is in a house 

5 of mourning; but the heart of fools, in a house of mirth. It 
is better for a man to hear the rebuke of the wise, than to lis- 

6 ten to the song of fools. Like the crackling of thorns under a 

7 pot, so is the laughter of fools. Surely this also is vanity. Be- 
cause oppression distracteth a wise man and destroyeth his 
good disposition, the final sentence is better than such a go- 

8 vemment. Better is a patient man than one of a haughty spirit. 

9 Be not apt to be grieved in spirit; for grief will rest in the 

10 bosom of fools. Say not, ΗοΛν happened it that the former days 

11 were better than these? For thou hast not inquired wisely 
concerning this. Wisdom is good with an inheritance; and it 
is an advantage to them who see the sun, that they are in the 

12 shade of it. Wisdom is like the shade of money; but the ad- 
vantage of the knowledge of wisdom is — it will give life to 

13 him who is a follower of it. Contemplate the works of God; for 
who can make him straight whom God hath made crooked. 

14 In the days of prosperity enjoy good; but consider in the day 
of adversity — consider that God hath made the one in due 


proportion to the other, forming a whole, as hath been said, 
that man cannot find out any of his ways. 

15 In the days of my vanity I took a view of all classes. Here 
is a righteous man perishing for his righteous act : there a 

16 wicked man continuing in his wickedness. Be not over right- 
eous; nor dive too far into wisdom, lest peradventure thou be 

17 struck with astonishment. Run not into an excess of wicked- 
ness nor become hardened, that thou mayst not die untimely. 

18 It is good to restrain thyself in the one case; and surely for the 

19 other consideration thou shouldst not pollute thy hand. Be- 
cause to them who fear God all things may happen, wisdom 
will help the wise man more than ten mighty men who are in 

20 the city. Because there is not a righteous man on earth who will 

2 1 do good and not commit sin, therefore thou shouldst not pay too 
close attention to all the words which the wicked shall utter, 

22 that thou mayst not hear thy servant cursing thee. For many 
a time he may revile thee and in many Avays vex %liy heart, be- 
cause thou perhaps in like manner didst curse others. 

23 Having proved all these things by wisdom, I said. Let me 

24 investigate the cause. But that was far removed from me; far- 
ther than it was. It is indeed a deep depth, who can find it out? 

25 I took a circuit with my heart to know and examine care- 
fully and to seek wisdom and a mode of calculating, and to 
gain a knowledge of a particular folly and disquietude and 

26 madness of one destitute of the fear of God; and I find and 
can declare, That bitterer than death is that whole class of wo- 
men who are prostitutes. Though their heart is nets and their 
hands chains, he who is good in the sight of God shall be de- 

27 livered from them; but a sinner shall be taken by them. Be- 
hold this I found (said the preacher) examining them one by 

28 one to find a class which my soul earnestly sought, but I did 
not find : though I found one man of a thousand, yet a woman 

29 among all these I did not find : but behold this I found, that 
God made mankind upright ; but they have found out mam' 

WW. Doth any one know wise men? Doth any one know the 
solution of a matter? Wisdom will make his countenance 
shine; but one of an unblushing countenance will be hated. 
2 Watch the mouth of a king, and in regard to the oath of 


3 God be not impatient. From his presence thou mayst with- 
draw. Stay not when he giveth wicked orders; for he will do 

4 what he pleaseth, as a king is absolute; and who can say to 

5 him, What dost thou? He who keepeth a command will not 
acknowledge it to be — a wicked order; but a wise man's heart 
knoweth the time of judgment, that — there is a time and a 

6 judgment for every thing. Because the man's determination 

7 may be much against him — because none knoweth what may 

8 happen, who can tell him what may come to pass? No man is 
absolute commander over wind to stop the current of it, and 
over the day of death he hath no authority; nor is there a dis- 
charge in the day of battle; nor can wickedness save him who 
is under its sway. 

9 Having taken a view of this as a whole, I applied my heart 
to eveiy work which is done under the sun — to all those things 

10 in which man exerciseth authority over man to his hurt. And 
I then saw wicked men carried to their graves, even out of this 
holy place; and when they were gone, they were praised in 
the city, because they had done as they did. Surely this is va- 
il nity. Because those who do evil are not speedily called to an 
account, therefore the heart of the children of men is fully set 

12 in them to do evil. He who sinned continued thenceforward 
to do evil, even because of the forbearance shewn to them. 
Now as I know that it is good for them who fear God, that 

13 they should be awed by his presence; and that it cannot be 
Avell Λvith the wicked; and that he who is not awed by the pre- 
sence of God cannot prolong his days at ease; this which is 
practised on earth is vanity. 

14 Because there are righteous men on whom cometh as it 
were the work of the wicked; and because there are wicked 
men on whom cometh, as it \vere, the work of the righteous, 

15 I said that this is also surely vanity; and I praised pleasurable 
enjoyment, because there is nothing good for men under the 
sun — nothing save eating and drinking and being made glad; 
and this one may have conjoined with his labour all the days of 
his life which God giveth him under the sun. 

16 In all those things to which I applied my heart to know 
wisdom and to take a view of the business which is done on 

17 the eai'th; because day and night this is never at rest, therefore 


I took a view of all the works of God in classes; for man h in- 
capable of finding out the whole system of things under the 
sun. Let a man labour ever so much in the search he cannot 
IX. find it out; and let a wise man say ever so much of knowing he 
cannot find it; for this cause I laid this whole system before my 
heart, and my heart took a view of it. As the righteous and 
the wise and their works are in the hand of God, man indeed 
knoweth not what to love or what to hate : with regard to all 

2 things before him there is vanity in them all. The same event 
happeneth to the righteous and to the wicked; to the good, 
and to the bad; to the clean and to the unclean; to him Avho 
sacrificeth and to him who sacrificeth not: as is the good, so is 
the sinner; as is he who sweareth, so is he who feareth the 

3 oath. There is this evil in every thing done under the sun, 
that one event happeneth to them all, so that the heart of the 
children of men being filled with evil there is an instability in 
their heart during their life, and it followeth them to the dead. 

4 Because whoever is in society with all the livmg hath hope — 
because the dog which is alive is better than the lion which is 

5" dead — because they who are alive must know that they shall 
die; but the dead are not sensible of any thing and there is no 

6 more a portion for them — because the remembrance of these is 
forgotten, and their love and their hatred and their envy are al- 
ready perished and they have no more forever a portion in 

7 any thing done under the sun; come eat thy bread with cheer- 
fulness, and drink thy wine with a good heart : because God 

8 hath approved of thy works, let thy garments be always white; 

9 and let not oil be wanting on thy head : enjoy life also with 
the wife whom thou lovest all the days of thy life of vanity, 
which are given thee under the sun; for this is thy portion in 
this life of thine, and this thy labour with which thou toilest 

10 under the sun. Whatever thy hand findcth to do, do it with all 
thy might; since there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, 
nor wisdom in the mansion of the dead to which thou must go. 

11 Having turned about, I saw under the sun that the race is 
not to the swift, nor the battle to the mighty; nay not even 
bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding; nor fa- 
vour to men of knowledge — that time and chance will happen 
to them all as forming one whole. That man indeed no more 


knoweth his time than the fishes which are enclosed in an evil 
dredge, or than birds which are caught in a net. Like them the 
sons of men are drawn into an evil time when it cometh upon 
them suddenly. 

13 This also I saw under the sun in regard to wisdom which 

14 with me is in high estimation. There was a small city and few 
men in it. And there came against it a mighty king who besieged 
it and built- great ramparts against it; but he happened to find 

15 in it a poor wise beggar, and this man by his wisdom saved 
the city; yet no man remembered the class of this poor beg- 

16 gar. Now I have said. Wisdom is better than power, yet the 
wisdom of this poor man is despised and his words are not re- 

17 garded. The words of wise men in a time of rest are more 
minded than the shout of men exercising authority in the bus- 

18 tics of folly. Wisdom is better than implements of war. One 
X. sinner indeed will destroy much good. Dead flies will 

2 spoil the best prepared perfumes: but the smallest portion of 

3 wisdom is of more value than the greatest glory of folly. The 
heart of a wise man is on his right: but the heart of a fool is at 
his left. In every way at least when a fool is on his march his 
heart will fail him so that all which he shall devise is folly. 

4 If the spirit of a ruler rise up against thee, resign not thy 
place: for a reconciliation will mollify great ofiences. 

5 There is an evil which I have seen under the sun as if some- 
thing involuntary came forth from the presence of a person in 

6 authority. The fool is set in high stations while the rich shall 

7 sit in a low place. I have seen slaves on horseback and princes 
walking like slaves on the ground. 

8 He who diggeth a pit may fall into it; and him, who is clear- 

9 in g away a hedge, a serpent may bite. He who raiseth stones high 
may be overpowered by them; and he who cleareth wood will 

10 thereby incur danger. If the axe shall fall, or one blunteth its 
edge and redoubled force is to be applied; the advantage will 

11 be in favour of the man who hath skill. If a seipent biteth at 

12 an interval of charming, there is then no advantage in him who 
charmeth. The words of a wise man's mouth are a charm; but 

13 the lips of a fool will swallow up himself. The beginning of the 
Avords of his mouth is folly and the end of his talk is malicious 

14 madness. Though the fool multiplieth word,s, a man doth not. 



know what the matter is; and what that shall be which will fol- 

15 low who can tell him. The labour of the foolish will tire them 
like that of one who knoweth not the way to a city. 

16 Alas for thee, Ο city, whose king is a novice and whose 

17 chiefs eat in the morning. Happy thou, Ο land, whose king- 
is a son of freemen and whose chiefs eat in due season for 

18 strength: and that they may not be put to shame. By slothful- 
ness the roof will fall, and by idleness of hands a house will 

19 become leaky, so as to excite a derision of them who are pro- 
viding bread and wine and oil that they may be regaled while 

20 hving. But to the subjection of money all things will be obe- 
dient. Therefore curse not a king in thy mind, and in the 
inmost recesses of thy bed-chamber curse not a rich man: for 
a bird of the air will carry thy voice, and that which hath 
wings will tell thy saying. 

XI. Send away thy bread on the face of the water ; for after 

2 many days thou shalt find it. Give a portion to seven and 
even to eight; for thou knowest not what evil may be on the 

3 earth. When the clouds are filled with rain they empty them- 
selves on the earth: and if a tree falleth, whether it be to the 
south or north, in the place where it shall fall there it shall be. 

4 He who observeth the wind will not sow; and he Λνΐιο looketh 
at the clouds will not reap. In these cases there is no knowing 

5 which way the wind will blow. As thou knowest not how 
bones are formed in tlie womb of her who is with child; so 
thou canst not know the works of God — all that he shall do 

6 forming one system. In the morning sow thy seed; and in the 
evening let not thy hand forbear; for thou knowest not Avhich 
Λνϋΐ succeed, whether this or that; and should both prosper 
alike, they are good. 

7 Light is indeed sweet, and it is grateful to the eyes to view 
the solar system; yet because, though a man may live many 
years and be delighted in them all, he will still remember that the 

9 days of darkness are many; that all that is coming is vanity; 
rejoice then, Ο young man, in thy youth, and 'let thy heart 
cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thy 
heart spotless and not by the sight of thine eyes, and know that 
10 for all these things God will bring thee to judgment. There- 
fore remove wrath from thy heart and put away evil from thy 


XII. Because youth and thoughtfulness is vanity, therefore 
remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth; before the evil 

2 days come and the years draw nigh in which thou shalt say, I 
have no pleasure in them. So long as the sun and the light 
and the moon and the stars are not involved in darkness, the 

3 clouds will return after rain. When once the guards of the 
house are shaken, and the men of valour put to flight, and the 

4 grinding maids are idle, because reduced to a few, then shall 
the maids who look out at the windows be darkened, and 
the doors of the market place will be shut at the feebleness of 
the voice of the grinding maid, which will be raised to the 

5 plaintive tone of the young ostrich; and all the daughters of 
the song will be brought low; and they Avill look up to the 
height and there are terrors in the way. Though the almond 
ti'ee shall have bloomed and the locust hath been fattened and 
the caper bush is shed, because the man is gone to bis long 
home, therefore the mourners have made a circuit in the mar- 

6 ket place. Until the silver cord can be wound up no more, 
and the golden bowl be broken, and the bucket broken at the 
Avell, and the wheel on the well shall run down Avith it, and 

7 dust return to dust as it was, and the spirit return to God who 

8 gave it, vanity of vanities, said the preacher; all things are 

9 And moreover, because the preacher was wise, because he 
taught mankind wisdom; that the ear might find what is comely 

10 from parables, the preacher made diligent search to find pleas- 

1 1 ing words and a writing of rectitude — words of truth. The 
words of the wise are like goads and nails ready made, which 

12 have been laid up in repositories from one shepherd to ano- 
ther. What remaineth of them, my son, keep thou. There is 
no end of making many books. And much study is a weari- 
ness to the flesh. 

_3 As a conclusion of the discourse, hear thou the whole sum 
and substance. — Fear God and keep his commandments: for 

, this conclusion every man should draw. That God will bring 
the whole work into judgment in every case not taken notice 
of, whether it be good or whether it be evil. 


A Song of Songs which is Solomon'' s. 

2 LET him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. 

3 Because thy breasts are better than wine; and the fragrance 
of thine odours is above all perfumes — Thy name out-poured 
oil, therefore the virgins have loved thee. Thou art drawn: after 
thee we will run to the fragrance of thy perfumes. 

The king brought me into his inner apartment. 

Let us rejoice and be gladdened by thee. We will love thy 
breasts better than wine: rectitude hath loved thee. 
5 I am brown but comely, Ο daughters of Jerusalem; like 
the tents of Kedar — like the curtains of Solomon. Look not on 
me, because I am of a dark complexion — Because the sun hath 
looked upon me. My mother's children quarrelled with me — 
They made me a keeper ii\ the vineyards. Mine own vineyard 
I did not watch. 

1 Tell me thou whom my soul loveth, where thou tendest 
thy flock — Where thou causest it to rest at noon, perhaps I 
may be like a wanderer among the tents of thy companions. 

8 If thou wouldst not make thyself known, Ο fairest of wo- 
men; go out by thyself in the track of the ftock; and feed thy 
kids by the shepherds tents. 

9 To that steed of mine in Pharao's chariot I have compared 

10 thee, my love! What! thy cheeks are beautiful as a turtle 

1 1 dove's: and thy neck as strings of pearls. We will make for 
thee suitable figures of gold with spangles of silver. 

12 While the king was at his banquet, my spikenard sent 

13 forth its odour. My dear brother is to me a nosegay of stacte: 

14 it shall be lodged in my bosom. My dear brother is to me a 
cluster of the cypress, in the vineyards of Engaddi. 

15 Behold thou art fair, my love; behold thou art fair. Thine 
eyes are doves. 

16 Behold thou art comely, my dear brother — beautiful in- 
deed! Near our bed thou wast shaded. 

17 The beams of our houses are cedar. Cypress our vaulted 

11. I am a flower of the field, -and a lilly of the vallies. 

2 As a lilly among thorns, so is my consort among the daugh- 

3 As the citron tree among the trees of tlie forests; so is my dear 


brother among the youths. In its shade I took great delight and 

4 sat, and its fruit was sweet to my taste. Ο conduct me to the 

5 house of wine, and order for me what I love. Strengthen with 
perfumes — strew around me citrons, for I am wounded with 

6 love. Let his left hand be under my head, and his right em- 
brace me! 

7 I have adjured you, Ο daughters of Jerusalem, by the 
powers and virtues of the field, that you stir not up nor awake 
my love till she please. 

8 Π. IT is the voice of my dear brother! lo he cometh, bounding 
over the mountains — skipping over the hills. My dear brother 

9 is like a roe; or a young hart on the mountains of Baithor. LoJ 
he is behind our wall, looking in at the windows, taking a 

10 near view through the lattice. My dear brother addressing me 
saith, " Arise my love, my fair one, my dove! For lo! the win- 

11 ter is past — the rain is over: is gone. The flow^ers appear on 

12 the earth — the pruning season is come. The voice of the tur- 

13 tie is heard in our land. The fig tree hath put forth its green 
figs: the vines are in bloom — they have shed a fragrance. 

14 Arise, come my beloved, my fair one, my dove. Yes, come 
thou dove of mine: in the shelter of the rock near the wall. 
Shew me thy face and let me hear thy voice: for thy voice is 
sweet and thy countenance comely." 

15 Catch for us the little foxes, that spoil vines: for our vines 

16 are in blossom. My dear brother is mine and I am his: he is 

17 feeding among the lillies. Till the day blow fresh and the 
shades be removed. Return — Be, Ο my dear brother, like a 
roe, or a young hurt on the caverned mountains. 

III. By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loved. 

I sought him but did not find him. I called him but he made 

2 me no answer. I will rise now and take a circuit in the cit}^ — 
in the places of publick resort and in the streets; and seek him 
whom my soul loveth. I sought him but did not find him. 

3 The watchmen who take their rounds in the city, met me. 

4 Saw ye him whom my soul loveth? It w^as but a little while 
after I parted from them, till I found him whom my soul lov- 
eth. I took hold of him and did not let him go till I brought him 
to my mother's house and into tlie chambers of her who con- 


5 ceived me. I charged you, Ο daughters of Jerusalem by the 
powers and viitues of the field, not to stir up nor awake my 
love till he please. 

III. WHAT is this coming up from the wilderness ; like a 
column of smoke, fuming with myrrh and incense made of all 
the perfumer's powders <* 

7 It is the palanquin of Solomon, three score chiefs of the 

8 chiefs of Israel are around it. All swordsmen expert in Avar. 
Every man with his sword on his thigh, for fear of danger by 

9 night. King Solomon had made himself a palanquin of the 
\0 wood of Libanus. Its columns he made of silver, and his sofa 

was of gold. Its canopy Avas purple, and its inside carpeted 

with love, for the daughters of Jerusalem. 
11 Ο daughter of Sion go forth and view king Solomon ; in 

the crown with which his mother crowned him ; on the day 

of his espousals — 
IV. Even on the day of the gladness of his heart. Behold, 

thou ait fair, my love ! Behold thou art fair ! Thine eyes are 

doves, now thy veil is removed ! thy hair is like the flocks of 

2 goats which are seen from mount Galaad : thy teeth like the 
flocks of shorn sheep ; which have just come up from the wash- 
ing pool : they are all twins and there is not one defective 

3 among them. Thy lips are like a braid of scarlet and thy speech 
is graceful : as the skin of a pomegranate, so are thy cheeks, 

4 now thy veil is removed. Thy neck is like the tower of Da- 
vid, which was built for an armoury : on it are hung a thou- 

5 sand shields ; all the javelins of the worthies. Thy two breasts 
are like two twin fawns of a roe ; which are browzing among 

6 lillies. Till the day breeze spring up and the shades are re- 
moved, I will go by myself to the mountain of myrrh, and to 

7 the hill of frankincense. Thou art altogether fair, my love; 
and there is no blemish in thee. 

IV. COME from Libanus, my spouse ; come from Liba- 
nus. Thou canst come, yes come safely from the top of Pis- 
tis — from the summit of Sanir and Hermon — from lions dens, 
9 from the leopards mountains. Thou hiist ravished my heart, 
my sister spouse : thou hast ravished my heart with a glance 


10 of thine eyes — with an endearing turn of thy neck. How beau- 
tiful are thy breasts, my sister spouse ! how much more pleas- 
ing than wine are thy breasts ! and the smell of thy garments, 

1 1 than all spices ! thy lips, my spouse, drop as a honey comb : 
honey and milk flow from thy tongue : and the fragrance of 

12 thy garments is like the smell of Lebanon. Thou art an en- 
closed garden, my sister spouse: a close shut garden; a sealed 

13 fountain. Thy productions are a paradise of pomegranates 
with delicious fruits ; aromatic plants with the varieties of bal- 

14 sams — spikenard and saffron, sweet cane and cinnamon; with 
all kinds of trees of incense — myrrh, aloth with all the prin- 

15 cipal spices. A garden fountain and a well of living water, 
flowing with gentle murmurs from Libanus. 

16 Awake Ο north wind, come also, Ο south wind and blow 
gently through my garden, and let my aromatic spices flow." 
Let my dear brother come down to his garden ; and taste the 
delicious fruits thereof. 

V. I have come to my garden, my sister spouse : I have ga- 
thered my myrrh with my spices : I have eaten my bread with 
my honey ; I have drunk my wine with my milk. Eat, Ο 
friends ; drink — yes drink plentifully Ο brethren. 

V. I SLEEP ; but my heart is awake. The voice of my 
dear brother ! he knocketh at the door ! " Open to me, my 
sister, my dove, my consecrated one ! for my head is filled 

3 with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night." I have 
put off my garment ; how can I put it on ? I have washed 

4 my feet ; how can I defile them ? My dear brother withdrew 
his hand from the hole in the door. Whereupon my bow- 

5 els yearned for him. I rose to open for my dear brother ; my 
hands dropped myrrh ; and my fingers myrrh plenteously 

d on the handles of the bar. I opened for my dear brother. 
He was gone ! my soul melted for the speech of him. I sought 
him but did not find him : I called him but he made me no 

7 answer. They who go the rounds in the city met me. They 
smote me — they wounded me. The keepers of the walls took 

8 my veil from me. I adjured you, Ο daughters of Jerusalem 
by the powers and virtues of the field. If you found my dear 
brother — PFhat should you tell him ? Tell him that I am sick 
of love. 


9 " What is thy dear brother more than another brother, Ο 
fairest of women ? What is thy dear brother more than ano- 
ther brother, that tliou hast thus adjured us ?" 

11 My dear brother is white and ruddy, he is the chiefest 
among tens of thousands. His head is gold of Kephas ; his 

12 flowing locks black as a raven. His eyes are like doves by 

1 3 streams of water — milk white doves sitting by streams. His 
cheeks are like beds of spices emitting perfumes ; his lips are 

14 lillies distilling myrrh plenteously. His hands are of gold, finely 
turned, beset with chrysolites : his body, an ivory cabinet on 

15 a sapphire stone : his legs, pillars of marble fixed on pedestals 
of gold: his countenance like Libanus, majestic as the cedars: 

16 his mouth is sweetness itself. He is altogether lovely. Such is 
my dear brother, and such my love, Ο daughters of Jerusalem. 

VI. "Where did thy dear brother go, Ο fairest of women? 
Whither did thy dear brother bend his course; that we may 
seek him with thee?" 

2 My dear brother went down to his garden to the beds of 

3 spices; to feed in the garden and to gather lillies. I am my dear 
brother's and he is mine; he is feeding among the lillies! 

4 Thou my consort, art beautiful as Terzah; comely as Jeru- 

5 salem; dazzling as embattled hosts! Turn thine eyes aside 
from me for they have transported me. Thy hair is like a flock 

6 of goats which are seen on mount Galaad: thy teeth like 
flocks of shorn sheep, just come up from washing: all twins 
and there is not one defective among them: thy lips are like a 

7 braid of scarlet, and thy speech is graceful. Thy cheek is like 
the downy skin of a pomegranate now thy veil is removed. 

8 There are sixty queens and eighty concubines, an^ virgins 

9 without number: one is my dove, my consecrated one. One is 
her mother's only child — the darling of her who bore her. 
Daughters viewed her — nay queens and even concubines will 

10 hail her happy and thus extoU her. " Who is she that is look- 
ing out like the morning; fair as the moon, distinguishable as 
the sun, and dazzling as embattled hosts." 

VI. 11 I WENT down to the garden of nuts to look at the 
productions of the valley: to seek whether the vine had bnd- 


12 (led or the pomegranate blossomed: I am there to grant thee 
my breasts. My soul did not recollect this. It made me like 
the chariots of Aminadab. 

13 Return, return, Ο Sunamite! return, return that we may 
see theel 

What would you see in the Sunamite, who is coming like 
the moving bands of an army? 
VII. How beautiful were thy steps in thy sandals, Ο daugh- 
ter of Nadab? The infoldings of thy loins are like jewellery, tlic 

2 work of an artist: thy clasp is a well turned goblet, not desti- 
tute of mingled wine: thy body is like a heap of wheat encom- 

3 passed about with lillies: thy two breasts are like two twin 

4 fawns of a roe; thy neck is like a tower of ivor3\ Thine eyes 
like the pools at Esebon by the gates of the daughter of many: 
thy nose is like the tower of Lebanon which looketh towards 

5 Damascus: thy head is like Carmel and the tresses of thy head 
like Purpura. 

The king is detained in the antichamber! 

6 How beautiful thou art! and how sweet! Ο my love! hovv^ 

7 delightful! In respect to thy stateliness, thou hast been com- 
pared to the palm tree, and thy breasts to its clusters. I said, 

8 I will climb the palm tree — I will clasp its topmost boughs; 
and thy breasts shall be now like the clusters of the vine; and 
the smell of thy nose like citrons; and the roof of thy moutl) 
like choice wine — 

9 Which is poured out rightl}• for my dear brother properlv 

10 adapted with my lips and my teeth. I am my dear brother's; 

11 and towards me is his desire. Come, my dear brother, let us 

12 go out to the fields. Let us lodge in the villages: let us get up 
early to the vineyards: let us see whether the vine is budded: 
whether the young grape has made its appearance: whether the 
3Domegranates arc in blossom. There I will grant thee m.y 

13 breasts. The mandrakes have shed a fragrance: and in our 
hoards are all manner of delicious fruits, newly gathered as 
well as old. For thee, my dear brother I have kept them. Ο 

VIII. that thou, my dear brother, hadst sucked the breasts of 

my mother; meeting thee abroad I could kiss thee and not be• 

2 despised; I could take thee and conduct thee to my mother's 

house; and to the himost apartment of her who conceived mo. 



I could cause thee to drink spiced wine of the juice of my po- 

3 megranates; his left hand might be under my head and his 
right embrace me. 

4 I have charged you, Ο daughters of Jerusalem, by the pow- 
ers and virtues of the field; that you stir not up nor awake my 
love till she please. 

VII. 5 WHO is this coming up cloathed in white leaning on 
her beloved? 

Under a citron tree I awaked thee. It was there thy mother 
bare thee. There she who brought thee forth suffered the pangs 
of childbirth. 

6 Ο set me as a seal on thy heart — as a seal on thine arm: for 
love is strong as death; jealousy inflexible as Hades: its wings 
are wings of fire — its flames — 

7 Much water cannot quench love; nor can floods drown it. 
Though a man give all his substance for love, he may be tho- 
roughly despised. 

8 Our sister is little and hath no breasts. What can we do 
for our sister on the day when she shall be demanded in mar- 

9 riage. If she be a wall we will build on her silver turrets, and if 
she be a door we will line her with boards of cedar. 

10 I am a wall and my breasts are turrets. I ■was in their view 

1 1 as one who had found favour. Solomon had a vineyard at Bee- 
lamon, he let this vineyard of his to tenants, a man is to give 

12 him a thousand pieces of silver for its fruit. My vineyard which 
is before me shall continue to be mine. Solomon shall have the 
thousand pieces of silver, and they ΛνΙιο take care of its fruits, 
two hundred. 

13 Thou who art sitting in the gardens, companions are wait- 

14 ing thy voice. Let me hear it — 

15 Away, my dear brother, and be like a roe; or a young hart 
on the mountains of spices. 


I. I. A vision which Esaias son of Amos sow, Cwhich he saw 
respecting Judea and Jerusalem) in the reign qfOzias, andJoa- 
tham and Achaz and Hezekias, who reigned over Judea. 

2 HEARKEN, Ο heaven! and hear Ο earth! what the Lord 
hath spoken. 

"I have begotten children and brought them up; and 

3 they have rebelled against me. The ox kno\veth his owner, 
and the ass his master's crib; but Israel did not know me. 
And this people have not regarded me." 

4 Ah! sinful nation — people full of sins! vile race! iniquitous 
children! you have utterly forsaken the Lord; and provoked to 

5 wrath the Holy One of Israel. What! must you persisting in ini- 

6 quity be smitten still more? The whole head is sick, and the 
whole heart faint: from the feet to the head, there is no soundness 
therein. Is it not, here a wound, there a bruise, there a putrefying 

7 sore? there is no applying poultice, nor oil, nor bandages. Your 
land is a desert: your cities are burnt with fire. As for yourcoun- 
tr}^, before your eyes strangers are devouring it; and it is laid 

8 waste, being subdued by foreign tribes. Must the daughter 
of Sion be left as a shed in a vineyard: and as a lodge in a gar- 

9 den of cucumbers — as a city taken by siege? Had not the Lord 
of Hosts left us a seed, we should have been as Sodom and 

10 made like Gomorra. Hear a word of the Lord, Ο chiefs of 
Sodom! Attend to the law of God, ye people of Gomoira! 
"What is the m-ultitude of your sacrifices to me? saith the 

.1 1 Lord: I am cloyed with whole burnt ofterings of rams: in the 
fat of lambs and the blood of bulls and goats I have no delight; 

12 nor should you come to appear before me: for who hath re- 
quired these at your hands? You shall no more be admitted to 

13 tread my court. Though you bring fine flour; it is a vain in- 
cense — it is an abomination to me. Your new moons and 
sabbaths and great day I cannot endure: your fasting and cessa- 
tion from labour; and your new moons and your festivals my 

14 soul hateth. You are become loathsome to me; I will no longer 

15 remit your sins. When you stretch forth your hands, I will 
turn mine eyes from you: and though you multiply prayer, 
I Avill not hearken to you: for your hands are full of blood. 

16 Wash and become clean: remove iniquities from your souls; 
in my presence, cease from your evil deeds; learn to do good; 


17 seek judgment; deliver him who is injured; administer jus- 
tice to the orphan, and plead the cause of the widow: then 

18 come — (let our controversy be brought to issue, saith the Lord) 
and though your sins be as a purple stain; I will make you 
white as snow — though they be as a stain of scarlet; I \ν'ύ\ make 

19 you Avhite as λνοοί. If you indeed be willing and will hearken 

20 to me, you shall eat the good things of the land: but if you re- 
fuse and hearken not to me, the sword shall devour you; for , 
the mouth of the Lord hath spoken these words." 

21 How is the faithful city become a harlot? Sion that was full 
of justice! In it righteousness made its abode; but now murder- 

22 ers. Your silver is not pure: thy vintners mix the wine with 

23 water. The chiefs are rebellious; associates of thieves: they 
love gifts; they seek rewards: to orphans they do notadminister 

24 justice; and to the cause of widows they do not attend. There- 
fore thus saith the sovereign Lord of hosts. 

'' Alas for the rulers of Israel! for my wrath against these 
adversaries shall not abate. On these enemies of mine I Avill 

25 execute judgment: and I will bring my hand over thee, and 
purify thee with fire. Them who are disobedient I will destroy: 

26 ahd I will take away from thee all transgressors, and establish 
thy judges as at the first: and thy counsellors as at the begin- 
ning: and after these things thou shalt be called The city of 

27 Righteousness^ The faithful metropolis^ Sion. For in the exer- 

28 cise of judgment her captivity shall be saved: and in the exer- 
cise of mercy, the lawless and sinful shall be crushed together; 
and they who have forsaken the Lord shall be utterly destroyed: 

29 for they shall be exposed to shame for the idols on which they 
doted; as they have been for the gardens which they desired. 

30 For they shall belikean ilex, which hath shed its leaves; and like 
31a garden which hath no water: and their strength shall be like 

tow; and their works like sparks of fire: and the lawless and sin- 
ful shall be burned up together; and there shall be no extin- 

II. 11. The word which came to Esaias, son of Amos concern- 
ing Jiidea and concerning Jerusalem. 
2 BECAUSE in the last days, the mount of the Lord will 
be conspicuous ; and the house of God will be on the top 


of mountains ; and exalted above the hills : therefore all the 

3 nations will come to it. Many nations indeed, will go saying, 

" Come, let us go up to the mount of the Lord ; and to 
the house of the God of Jacob. And he will teach us his way, 
and we will walk therein." 

For from Sion shall go forth a law ; and the word of the 

4 Lord from Jerusalem. And he will judge among the nations; 
and work conviction in many a people : and they shall beat 
their swords into plough shares ; and their spears into prun- 
ing hooks : and nation shall not lift up a sword against nation ; 
nor shall they learn war any more. 

5 Now therefore, Ο house of Jacob ; come, let us walk in 

6 the light of the Lord. For he hath forgiven his people, the 
house of Israel. 

(J) " Because their land was filled as at first with divina- 
tions ; like that of the Philistines and many strange children 

7 Avere born to them — for their country was filled with silver 
and gold, and there was no counting their treasures; and their 
land was filled with horses, and there was no end to their cha- 

8 riots ; and the land was filled with abominations, the \\ ork- 
manship of their own hands ; and they worshipped the things 

.9 which their fingers had made, and the commoner bowed down 
and the noble humbled himself; therefore I will not forgive 
them." — 

10 "Now therefore go into the rocks and hide yourselves in 
the earth, from the tremendous presence of the Lord ; and from 
the glory of his majesty, when he shall arise, to crush the land." 

11 *' For the eyes of the Lord are lofty; but man is low; and 
the loftiness of these men shall be humbled ; and the Lord 

12 alone shall be exalted in that day. For the day of the Lord of 
hosts is against every scorner and haughty man ; and against 

13 every one high and lofty, and they shall be humbled : even 
against every of those high towering cedars of Lebanon ; and 

14 against every oak of Basan; and against every lofty mountain; 

15 and against every hill that is high ; and against every stately 

16 tower; and against every high raised wall ; and against every 
ship of the sea ; and against every ensign of beauteous ships : 

(J) Jehovah. 


17 and e\'ery man shall be humbled ; and the haughtiness of 
these men shall fall ; and the Lord alone shall be exalted in 

18 that day. Then will they hide all these handiworks, carr}ang 

19 them into caverns and clefts of the rocks, and into the caves 
of the earth, from the tremendous presence of the Lord, and 
from the glory of his majesty, when he shall arise to crush 

20 the lands. For on that day men will cast to the bats their abo- 
minations both of silver and gold, which they made to worship 

21 vanities ; that they may go into holes of the flinty rock — nay 
^ into the very clefts of the rock, from the tremendous pre- 
sence of the Lord, and from the glory of his majesty, when 
he shall arise to crush the land. 

III. Behold now the Sovereign Lord of hosts will remove, 
from Jerusalem and from Judea, all stay and support of every 

2 kind — the stay of bread and the stay of water ; the giant and 
mighty man and warrior ; judge and proj)het ; instructor and 

3 elder ; the captain of fifty, and honourable counsellor ; the 

4 skilful architect and intelligent scholar : and I Λνϋΐ make boys 

5 their princes ; and scorners shall rule over them. And upon 
one another the people will fall foul, and justle every man 
against his neighbour — the boy against the elder and the base 
against the honourable. 

6 Because a man will take hold of his brother, or the head 
of the house of his father, saying, Thou hast clothing be thou 
our leader, and let me be supplied with food under thee." 

7 " Therefore on that day he will answer and say, I will not be 
thy leader, for in my house there is neither bread nor raiment, 
I will not be the leader of this people." 

8 Because Jerusalem is forsaken and Judea is fallen there- 
fore their tongues concur with their transgression. They dis- 
believe the things relating to the Lord. Because their glory is 

9 now humbled; and the shame of their countenance is risen up 
against them : their sin therefore, like the Sodomites, they 
proclaimed and openly avowed. Alas for their souls ! because 
they have counselled an evil counsel against themselves, say- 

10 ing, " Let us bind the just one, for he is disagreeable to us;" 

11 let them therefore eat the fruits of their deeds. Alas for the 
Avicked ! according to the ^vorks of his hands evils shall befal 


12 him. Ο my people ! your task masters glean you; and exact ors 
tyrannize over you. Ο my people! They who call you happy lead 

1 3 you astray; and disturb the path of your feet.But the Lord will now 

14 arise to plead his cause; and he will arraign his people. The Lord 
will himself come to a trial with the elders of the people and 
with their chiefs : "Why have you burned up my vineyard? 

15 And why is the plunder of the poor in your houses? Why do 
you injure my people; and cover with shame the face of the 

16 Thus saith the Lord, Because the daughters of Sion are 
haughty and have walked with outstretched neck and wanton 
eyes, trailing with them in their gait flowing robes, and mov- 

17 ing in set pace with their feet; therefore God will humble the 
princely daughters of Sion and the Lord will expose their form 

18 to view. On that day the Lord will take away the finery of their 

19 attire, the cauls and the curls and the crescents, the solitaire 
and the ornament of the brow, and the gorgeous wreathed tiar, 
and the necklaces and the bracelets, and the zone and the 
rings for the fingers, and the ornaments for the right arms, 
and the ear-rings and the robes with purple borders, and those 
the middle of which is purple, and the dresses worn at home, 
and the Laconian gauzes and cotton robes, and those of purple 
and scarlet and cotton, embroidered with gold and purple; and 

24 the summer sophas : and instead of perfumes there shall be 
ashes ; and instead of a girdle thou shalt be girded with rushes; 
and instead of a golden head-dress thou shalt have baldness, 
on the account of thy doings; and instead of the purple robe 

25 thou shalt gird on sackcloth. And thy son the most beautiful 
whom thou lovest shall fall by the sword; and yoiu' mighty 

26 men shall fall by the sword and be laid low; and your ward- 
robes shall moum; and thou shalt be left solitary and shalt sit 

Ιλ'^. on the ground; and seven women shall lay hold on one 
man, saying, "We will eat our own bread and wear our own 
raiment, let us only be called by thy name : take thou away 
our reproach." 

2 " But in that day God will with glorious counsel shine on 

3 the land, to exalt and dignify the remnant of Israel. And it 
shall come to pass that what is left in Sion, and what is left in 
Jerusalem shall be called Holv. Namelv all who arc enrolled 


4 for life in Jerusalem. Because the Lord will wash away the 
filth of the sons and the daughters of Sion, and cleanse the 
blood entirely from among them; by a spirit of judgment and 

5 a spirit of burning; therefore when he shall come, every part 
of Sion and all around it shall be overshadowed by day with 
a cloud as of smoke, and by night with that of the light of 

6 blazing fire; and with all this glory it shall be covered; and 
this will be a shade from heat, and it shall be in a shelter and 
covert from storm and rain." 

V. III. Let me sing for the Beloved^ a song of my Beloved to his 

THE beloved had a vineyard on a mountain in a rich soil, 

2 " and I hedged it around and trenched it; and planted it with 
the vine of Sorek ; and in the midst of it built a tower, and 
hewed out therein a wine lake ; and waited for its producing 
grapes, and it produced poisonous berries. 

3 " Now therefore, Ο inhabitants of Jerusalem and men of 

4 Juda, judge between me and my vineyard. What more could 
I do for my vineyard that I have not done for it? Because I 
expected that it would produce grapes, and it hath produced 

5 poisonous berries; now therefore I will tell you, what I pur- 
pose to do with my vineyard ; I will take away the hedge there- 
of, and it shall be exposed to plunder ; and I will demolish its 

6 wall^ and it shall be for a common walk ; and I will abandon 
my vineyard that it may neither be pruned nor digged; and 
brambles shall overrun it as a Λvaste ; and I will give a charge 

7 to the clouds not to shed rain upon it. For the vineyard of the 
Lord of Hosts is the house of Israel ; and the men of Juda his 
beloved plant. I waited for their executing justice, but they 
committed injustice, and promoted not righteousness, but an 

8 Woe unto them who join house to house, and who arc 
bringing field nearer to field, that they may take something 

9 from their neighbour. Are you alone to dwell in the land ? For 
these things have come to the eai's of the Lord of Hosts. For 
though there be many houses they shall be for desolation — 
though great and fair, there shall be no inhabitants therein. 

10 For the ground worked by ten yoke of oxen will not yield a 
bath of wine ; and he who sowcth six measures shall not raise 


11 ΛΥοο to them, who rise early to follow strong drink, and 
continue at it till late at night; for the wine will inflame them. 

12 For with kithara and psaltery, tabors and pipes, they drink 
wine; but they regard not the works of the Lord, nor consider 

13 the operations of his hands. Therefore my people are become 
captives, because they did not know the Lord ; and multitudes 

14 have died of famine and thirst; and Hades hath enlarged its 
appetite, and opened its mouth, that there may be no want of 
room ; and down shall go the honourable and the great, and 

15 the rich and the pestilent men of the land. The commoner shall 
be humbled; and the noble dishonoured; and the lofty eyes 

16 shall be brought down ; and the Lord of Hosts shall be exalted 
in judgment; and God, the Holy One, shall be glorified by righ- 

17 teousness ; and tliey who have been plundered shall be fed like 
bulls, and lambs shall graze the waste places of them who have 
been removed. 

18 Woe unto them who draw out sins as for a long cable ; and 

19 iniquities as for an ox chain: who say, *' Let what he is to do 
approach speedily that we may see ; and let the counsel of the 
Holy One of Israel come that we may know it." 

20 Woe to them who call evil good ; and good evil — who put 
darkness for light, and light for darkness ; who put bitter for 
sweet ; and sweet for bitter. 

21 Woe to them who are wise in their own conceit, and in 
their own eyes prudent. 

22 Woe to your mighty men who drink wine; and to your prin- 

23 ces who mingle strong drink: who justify the wicked for re- 

24 wards; and deprive tlie just of his right. For this cause, as 
stubble will be set on fire by a coal, and consumed by a ne- 
glected flame; their root shall be like touchwood, and their 
blossom shall ascend like dust: for they desired not the law of 
the Lord of Hosts: but provoked to wrath the manifestation of 

■25 the Holy One of Israel. Wherefore the Lord of Hosts was in- 
censed against his people, and he stretched out his hand against 
them and smote them: and the mountains were convulsed, and 
their carcasses were as dung in the high, way: and for all this 
his anger was not turned away; but still his hand is high. 

26 Therefore he will erect a standard among the nations far ofi; 
and summon them from the extremitv of the earth: and be' 



27 hold! with speed they are coming swiftly. They will not hun- 
ger, nor will they be weary: they will not slumber, nor lie 
down to sleep; nor shall their girdles be loosed from their 

28 loins, nor the latchets of their sandals broken. Their arrows 
are sharp; and their bows ai'e bent: the hoofs'' oF their horses 
have been accounted as flint, and the wheels of their chariots 

29 are like a whirlwind. They growl like lions, and are at hand 
like young lions. He will seize and roar like a wild beast and 
drive out the people, and there shall be none to deliver them. 

30 On that day he will roar against them like the roaring of the 
billowy sea; and they will look upwards to the heaven and down 
on the earth; and lo! distressful darkness in their tribulation. 

A solemn Vision, 
VI. IV^. IN the year in which Ozias the king died I saw the 
Lord seated on a high and lofty throne; and the house was filled 

2 with his glory. And seraphs stood around him, each having six 
wings; and with two they covered the face, and with two they 

3 covered the feet, and two they used in flying. And they cried 
one to another and said, 

" Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is 
filled with his glory." 

4 And the lintel of the door was shaken with the sound of their 

5 cry, and the house was filled with smoke. Whereupon I said, 
Ah! woe is me! (for I was confounded) for being a man, and 
-having unclean lips; and dwelling among a people of unclean 

6 lips, I have seen with mine eyes the king the Lord of Hosts. 
Then one of the seraphs was sent to me and he had in his hand 

7 a live coal which he had taken from the altar with the tongs. 
And having touchied my lips he said, Behold this hath touch- 

8 ed thy lips, and it will take away thine iniquities and purge away 
thy sins. Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying. Whom 

9 shall I send? And who will go to this people? And I said, Be- 
hold, here am I: send me. And he said. 

Go and say to this people; hearing you shall hear, though 

you may not understand: and seeing you shall see, though you 

•10 may not perceive: for the heart of this people is stupefied; and 

their ears are dull of hearing; and they have shut their eyes, 

that ibr a while they may not see with their eyes; and hear vyith 


their ears; and understand with their hearts; and return that I 
may heal them. 

11 Whereupon I said, For how long? Ο Lord! And he said, 
Until cities be wasted so as not to be habitable; and houses, 

so that there be no men; and the land be left utterly desolate: 

12 And after this God will remove the men far away. 

They indeed who are left in the land shall be multiplied; 

13 for still about the tenth is in it; and shall again be for a prey, 
and be like the ilex and like the oak when it hath fallen from its 

VII. V. IN the days of Achaz the son of Joatham, the son of 
Ozias king of Judah, Rasin king of Aram and Phakee son of 
Romelias king of Israel came up against Jerusalem to war 

2 against it, but could not lay close siege to it. When the house 
■ of David was informed that Aram had confederated with 

Ephraim, the heart of the king and the heart of his people was 

3 moved, as a tree in the forest is shaken by the wind. Whereup- 
on the Lord said to Esaias, Go out and meet Achaz, thou and 

4 Forsaken-jasuh thy son, at the pool on the upper road to the 
fuller's field, and thou shalt say to him. 

Take heed and be quiet; be not terrified, nor let thy soul 
be dismayed on the account of these two smoak in g firebrands-^: 
for when my fierce wrath is come I Vv ill again heal. 

5 And as for the son of Aram and the son of Romelias; be- 

6 cause they have taken evil counsel, saying, Let us go up to 
Judea and confer with the people and bring them into our 

7 measures; and let us make the son of Tabeel king over it, thus 
saith the Lord of hosts. This counsel shall not stand; nor shall 

3 it take effect. But the head of Aram shall be Damascus, and the 
head of Damascus, Rasin — but further, in three score and five 
years, the kingdom of Ephraim shall cease from being a people, 

9 though Somoron is the head of Ephraim, and the son of Rome- 
lias, the head of Somoron, yes though you may not believe 
nor understand. 

10 Moreover the Lord proceeded to speak to Achaz saying, 

11 "Ask thee a sign from the Lord thy God in• the depth or in 

12 the height." And Achaz said, 'Ί will not ask, nor will I try 

13 the Lord." Thereupon he said. Hear now, Ο house of David, 


Is it a small matter for you to contend with men? How is it 
then that you contend with the Lord? Therefore the Lord him- 
self will give you a sign. 

14 Behold the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and he 
shall be called Emmanuel. 

15 Doth this child,*- before it hath known to chuse good in prc- 

16 ference to evil, eat butter and honey, because previous to its 
knowing good or evil it disobeyeth evil to make choice of 
good? The land indeed which thou feareston account of these 

17 two kings shall be relinquished; but God will bring upon thee 
and upon thy people and upon the house of thy father days 
which have not yet come. From the day he hath taken Ephra- 

18 im from Juda [he will bring] the king of the Assyrians. It 
shall come to pass that at that time the Lord will utter a call 
to the flies — to that part of them which rule over the river of 
Egypt; and to the bee which is in the country of the Assyri- 

19 ans; and they shall all come into the vallies of this country; and 
into the holes of the rocks; and into the caves and into every 

20 cleft. On that day the Lord will shave with that razor — with 
that which was hired on the bank of the river — with that of the 
king of the Assyrians, the head and the hair of the feet: and 

21 take oiFthe beard. And it shall come to pass in that day, that a 

22 man will keep a young coav and two sheep; and by reason of 
the abundance he will drink milk — butter and honey will be 

23 eaten by every one left in the land. And it shall come to pass 
in that day every where, though there may be a thousand vine- 
yards, each valued at a thousand shekels income: they shall be 

24 for briars and thorns. With bows and arrows men will resort 
thither. Because the whole country shall be a waste of briars 

25 and thorns, therefore every mountain which hath been plough- 
ed will be ploughed, wherever terror could not come ; for by 
reason of the country's being a waste of briars and thorns, it 
shall be a pasture for sheep and a range for the ox. 

\ ill. AgainUiQ Lord said to me. Take thee a strip of a large 
new roll and write thereon with a man's pen '■'•Speed quickly to 

2 the plunder of the spoil^^'' for it is at hand. And let faithful men, 
Ourias and Zacharias son of Barachias be witnesses for me. 

3 Now I had approached to the prophetess and she had con- 

* Pointing to his son Jasub, 


ceived and when she brought forth a son, the Lord said to me, 

4 Call his name ^^ Speed to the spoil — haste to the preif^ for be- 
fore diis chiild shall know to pronounce father or mother, the 
van of the king of Assyria will take the army of Damascus and 
the spoils of Samaria. 

5 Again the Lord spoke yet further to me saying, Because 

6 this people reject the water of Siloam which fioweth gently and 
chuse to have Rasin and the son of Romelias to rule over them; 

7 therefore behold the Lord will bring upon you the water of the 
river which is strong and abundant — even the king of Assyria 
and his glory; and he will rise over all your channels, and over- 

8 flow all your banks; and sweep away from Judea every man 
who can raise his head, or is capable of executing any thing. 
And the circuit of his camp shall be such as to fill the breadth 

9 of thy country, Ο Emmanuel. Know this, Ο nations, and be 
struck with consternation. Hearken ye who are in the remot- 
est parts of the earth; be struck with consternation ye who have 
made yourselves strong; for though you should again become 

10 strong; with consternation you shall again be stricken, and what 
counsel soever you may take, the Lord will defeat it; and what 
word soever you may speak shall not take effect among you; 

11 because God is Λvith us: 

Thus saith the Lord with the strong hand, to them who 
refuse to walk in the way of this people saying. Perhaps they 

12 may order what is hard — (for whatever this people order is 

Be not ye terrified with the fear of them, nor dismayed; hal- 

13 low the Lord himself, and let him be thy fear: for if thou hast put 

14 trust in him he will be to thee a sanctuary, and you shall not run 
against a stumbling stone, nor as under a falling rock. But as 
for the houses of Jacob, they are in a trap, and the inhabitants 

15 of Jerusalem are in a pit: for this cause many among them shall 
be Aveak and fall and be trodden down and men will safely ap- 

16 proach and take them. Then shall they be manifest who seal. 

17 up the law that it may not be learned. Then w^ill one say, " ί 
will wait for God, who hath turned away his face from the 
house of Jacob; and I will trust in him. Here am I and the 
children whom God hath given me." 

18 Now when there shall be signs and wonders in the house 
of Israel from the LiOrd of hosts, Λvho dwelleth on Moun' 


19 Sion; if they should suy to you, "Apply to the belly speakers, 
and to them who cause a voice to proceed from the ground." 
Those vain babblers Λνΐιο speak from the belly : should not 
a nation apply to their God ? Why consult they the dead con- 

20 ceming the living ? For he hath given a law for assistance ; 
that they may not speak like such an oracle as this, which is 

21 not worth the giving of gifts for it. Upon you indeed there 
shall come a grievous famine ; and it shall come to pass that 
when you are hungry, you will fret and curse the ruler and 

22 the customs of your country. And they will look up to the 
heaven above, then down on the earth beneath, and lo distress 
and darkness ! tribulation and anguish and a gloom so as not 

IX. to see ! But he who is in distress for a season shall not 
be abandoned to despair. Drink this first ; do it quickly. With 
regard to the region of Zabulon, the land of Nephthaleim and 
the rest who inhabit the sea shore, and the banks of the Jor- 

2 dan, Galilee of the nations ; ye people who walk in darkness, 
behold ! a great light ! and ye who dwell in a region, the 
shade of death, on you a light shall shine. 

3 With reg-ard to the bulk of the people, whom thou hast 
brought back in thy joy, they shall rejoice in thy presence, 
like them who rejoice in harvest, and like them who are di- 

4 viding spoils ; because the yoke which lay upon them, is taken 

5 away, and the rod which was over their neck. For he hath 
broken the rod of the exactor, as in the day of Madiam : for, 
with a renewal of friendship, they shall make compensation 
for every robe collected by deceit, and for every garment ; 
and shall be willing to do so, if they Avere burned whh fire : 

6 because for us a child is bom, and to us a son is given, whose 
government is on his own shoulder ; and his name is called, 
" The Messenger of Great Counsel:' For I will bring peace 

7 on the rulers and health for him. His government shall be 
great and to his peace there is no boundary, on the throne 
of David and over his kingdom, to re-establish it, and support 
it with judgment and justice, henceforth and forever. The zeal 
of the Lord of hosts will do this. 

VI. 8 THE LORD hath sent death against Jacob; and it hath 

9 come upon Israel. And all the people of Ephraim shall know 

it, and all the inhabitants of Samaria, who with haughtiness 

Ch. Χ. ' ESAIAS. 

10 and a lofty heail say, " The bricks are fallen ; but come, let 
us hew stones and let us cut down sycamines and cedars and 
build for ourselves a tower." 

11 Though God will dash down them, who rise up against 

12 him on mount Sion ; and disperse his enemies — Syria in the 
east, and the Greeks in the west, who are devouring Israel 
with open mouth ; for all this his anger is not turned away, but 
still his hand is lifted high. 

13 The people did not turn till they were smitten ; as they 

14 indeed did not seek the Lord; therefore the Lord cut off from 

15 Israel, head and tail, great and little in one day — the aged and 
the honourable, this was the head ; and the prophet who teach- 

16 eth falsehood, he is the tail. Still there will be deceivers, who 
will call this people happy, and lead them astray, that they may 

17 devour them ; therefore the Lord will have no pleasure in 
their young men ; and on their orphans and their widows he 
will have no compassion ; because they are all wicked and 
regardless of law, and every mouth speaketh perversely. For 
all this his wrath is not turned away but still his hand is lift- 
ed high. — 

18 Still iniquity will bum like a fire, and like dry stubble it 
shall be consumed by fire. It shall burn in the thickets of the 

19 forest, and consume all on the hills around. By reason of the 
fierce anger of the Lord the whole country is in a flame ; and 
the people shall be as fuel for the fire. A man will have no 

20 pity for his brother, but will turn to the right because he is 
hungry, and devour on the left, but shall not be satisfied. Man 
is devouring the flesh of his brother's arm ; for Manasses is 
devouring Ephraim, and Ephraim, Manasses ; for they will 
both together besiege Juda. 

For all this his anger is not turned away; but still his hand 
is lifted high. 
X. Wo to them who write wickedness ! For writers are 

2 writing wickedness; turning aside the cause of the distressed; 
robbing the poor of my people, of their right; that the widow 

3 may be their prey and the orphan, their spoil: what then shall 
they do in the day of visitation? For tribulation shall come 
upon you froni afar; and to whom can you flee for succour? 


4 And where will you leave your glory, that you may not fall into 
the captive band? 

For all this his anger is not turned aAvay, but still his hand 
is lifted high. 

5 Ho ! Assyrians ! 

6 The rod of my wrath, even mine anger is in their hands, I 
will send this anger of mine to a lawless nation; and I will order 
this people of mine to gather spoil and take the prey, and to 

7 trample down cities and lay them in the dust. But he did not 
harbour such thoughts; nor did he reason thus in his mind; 
but his mind will prompt him to destroy nations not a few. 

8 Even though they should say to him, Thou alone art chief. 

9 He indeed will say, 

" Have I not taken the whole country above Babylon and 
Chalene, where the tower had been builded? Nay have I not 

10 taken Arabia and Damascus and Samaria? In the same man- 
ner as I have taken these; so will I take all the governments. 

1 1 Howl ye graven images in Jerusalem and in Samaria; for as I 
have done to Samaria and her images, so will I do to Jerusa- 
lem and her idols." 

12 But it shall come to pass, when the Lord hath accom- 
plished his whole work on mount Sion and Jerusalem; that I 
will cast a look on the stout heart — on the chief ruler of the 
Assyrians, and on the loftiness of the glory of his eyes. 

13 For he said, *' With this power I will perform exploits; 
and by the wisdom of mine understanding I will remove the 

14 boundaries of nations, and make a prey of their strength, and 
shake inhabited cities, and seize with my hand the whole 
world as anest; and carry oif the inhabitants like deserted eggs. 
There is none Λvho can escape me or chirp against me." 

15 Shall an axe boast without him who cutteth with it ; or a 
saw lift itself up, without him who draweth it ; as one could 
lift up a staff or a piece of wood ? No; this shall not be per- 

16 mitted : indeed the Lord of hosts will send disgrace on thy 

17 honour, and on thy glory a burning fire shall be kindled: and 
the light of Israel shall be for a fire, and shall hallow him with 
a burning fire, and consume his substance like dry grass.--- 

.18 On that day there shall be an extinction of the mountains, 
and the hills, and the forests ; and it shall consume from the 


soul even to the flesh : and he who fleeth shall be like one fiee- 

19 mg from blazing fire. And those of them who are left shall be 

20 few in number, so that a child may write them down. And it 
shall come to pass in that day that the remnant of Israel shall 
no more join, nor shall those of Jacob who have escaped, any 
more lean on them who have injured them ; but they will place 

21 their confidence in God the Holy One of Israel, in truth. This 

22 remnant of ^acob shall indeed be for the Mighty God. Yes : 
though the people of Israel be as the sand of the sea, this rem- 
nant of them shall be saved. He is closing an account and mak- 

23 ing a deduction with saving goodness. Because with the whole 
land the Lord will make a reckoning from which a deduction 

24 hath been made, therefore thus saith the Lord of Hosts, 

" Ο my people who dwell in Sion, be not daunted at the 
Assyrian, because he Λνϋΐ smite thee with a rod; for I am 
bringing this stroke upon thee that thou mayst see the way of 

25 Egypt. For yet a little while and mine indignation shall cease ; 

26 and my wrath will be against their counsel ; and God will raise 
against them a scourge similar to that of Madiam at the place 
of aifliction. 

When his wrath shall be in the western road — in the high 

27 way leading to Egypt ; it shall come to pass in that day, that 
his yoke shall be taken from thy shoulder, and the terror of him 
from thee — his yoke shall be utterly destroyed from off" thy 

28 shoulders. For he will come to the city Aggai, and pass on to 

29 Mageddo ; and at Machmas he will deposit his baggage : then 
he will pass the valley and come to Aggai. Terror will seize 

30 Rama the city of Saul ; the daughter of Galleim will flee : he 
λγ'ύΐ be heard of at Laisa — he will be heard of at Anathoth. 

31 When Madebena hath fainted; then, Ο inhabitants of Gibbeir, 

32 comfort with the news of his halting a day on his march — 
S3 vv'ith the hand comfort the mount, the daughter of Sion. And 

as for you, Ο hills, which are in Jerusalem, behold the sove- 
reign Lord of hosts, with majesty confoundeth the glorious. 
Tliey who are elated with arrogance shall be crushed ; and the 
lofty shall be brought low; yes, the lofty shall Μ by the sword^ 
and Libanus shall fall with the lofty. 
^I. And there shall spring up a shoot from the root of Jessai — 
.2 even from that root shall spring up a blooming shoot ; and the 
VOL. ι.ιτ. I, 


spirit of God will rest upon him — a spirit of wisdom and un- 
derstanding; a spirit of counsel and majesty ; a spirit of know- 

3 ledge and piety — by this spirit he will be filled with the fear 
of God. He will not judge according to opinion, nor Λνϋΐ he 

4 reprove according to report; but he will administer justice to 
the lowly, and work conviction in the meek of the earth. And 
he will smite the earth with the word of his mouth, and with 

5 a breath from his lips destroy the wicked. His loins will be 
girded with saving goodness, and his reins clothed with truth. 

6 And a ".volf shall pasture with a lamb ; and a leopard shall lie 
down with a kid ; and the calf, and bull and lion shall pasture 

7 together, and a little child shall tend them. The cow and bear 
shall feed together ; and together their young shall herd ; and 

8 the lion shall eat chaif like an ox. And the sucking child shall 
lay its hand on the holes of asps and on the bed of young asps. 

9 And they shiill not hurt nor have power to destroy any one on 
the mountain which is my sanctuary. Because the whole earth 
is filled with the knowledge of the Lord as abundant water 

10 covereth depths of seas ; therefore there shall be in that day, 
the root of Jesse, even he who riseth up to rule nations: in him 
nations will put their trust, and his resting place shall be glo- 

11 rious. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord will 
proceed to shew his hand to provoke to jealousy the remnant 
of his people — that residue which is left from the Assyrians, 
and from Egypt and from Babylonia, and from Ethiopia and 

12 the Elamites, and from the risings of the sun and Arabia. And 
he will erect a standard for the nations, and gather together the 
outcasts of Israel, and assemble the dispersed of Juda from the 

13 four quarters of the earth. And the envy of Ephraim shall be 
taken away; and the enemies of Juda shall be destroyed: 
Ephraim shall not envy Juda; nor shall Juda vex Ephraim : 

14 And Ibey shall be wafted in the ships of foreign tribes; and 
they shall spoil both the sea and them of the east and Idumea: 
and upon Moab they shall first lay their hands ; but the sons of 

15 Ammon shall first obey. And the Lord will dry up the sea of 
Egypt, and lay his hand on the river with a vehement wind: 
and smite the seven channels, so that they may be crossed dry- 

1 6 shod. And there shall be a passage for my people left in Egypt. 
It shall be for Israel as on the day when they came up out of 
the land of Egypt, 


XII. And on that day thou wilt say, I bless thee, Ο Lord ; 
because, though thou wast angry with me, thou hast turned 

2 away thy wrath and pitied me. Behold! my God is my Saviour 
I Avill trust in him and not be afraid. Because the Lord is my 
glory and my praise ; and hath become unto me salvation ; 
therefore draw ye water with gladness from the wells of thanks- 

3 Thou shalt say also on that day, Ο praise the Lord : invoke 

4 his name aloud ! proclaim among the nations his glorious acts: 
call them up to your remembrance. Because his name is ex- 

5 alted ; praise ye the name of the Lord. Because he hath done 
stupendous acts ; proclaim them throughout the whole earth. 

6 Shout for joy and be glad, Ο inhabitants of Sion, for in the 
midst of it is exalted the Holy One of Israel. 

XIII. VII. A vision which Esaias son of Amos saw respecting 


2 (J) ON a mount in the plain, erect a standard; raise the voice 

3 to them ; beckon with the hand. Open Ο princes ! it is I who 
command. It is I, who am leading these on. Giants are coming 
to execute my Λvrath, rejoicing and -at the same time arrogant. 

4 (p) A sound of many nations on the mountains ! A tu- 
multuous sound of many nations ! A sound of kings and na- 
tions gathered together ! the Lord of hosts hath issued or- 

5 ders to a nation trained for battle. They are come from a far 
distant country — from the extreme butment of heaven — the 
Lord and his trained warriors, to destroy all that inhabited 

6 Raise the mournful cry ! for the day of the Lord is at hand, 

7 and destruction from God will come : therefore every hand 
shall be enfeebled ; and every man's heart shall be dismayed. 

8 The men in power shall be confounded ; and pangs shall seize 
them, like those of a woman in travail. And they shall be- 
Λvail their calamities, one to another, and be amazed ; and their 

9 countenances will quiver like a flame. For behold the remedi- 
less day of the Lord is coming-— a day of wrath and indigna- 

(J) lehovah, (p) the prophet. 


tion, to make the empire a desolation ; and to destroy the sin- 

10 ners out of it. For the stars of heaven — even Orion and the 
whole host of heaven, shall not give light ; even that of the 
rising sun shall be darkened ; and the moon shall not give 
her light. 

11 (J) I will indeed order evils for the whole empire, and on 
the wicked their transgressions ; and destroy the arrogance of 

12 the wicked ; and humble the haughtiness of the proud ; so 
that those left shall be more precious than tried gold and a man 

13 more precious than the ore of Souphir. For the heaven shall be 
filled with wrath; and the earth shaken from its foundations; at 

14 the fierce anger of the Lord of Hosts, on the day when his wrath 
shall come: and those left shall be like a chased roe and wander- 
ing sheep ; and there shall be none to collect them together ; so 
that they may return every man to his place, when every one 

15 shall be seeking his own country. For whoever is overtaken 
shall be thrust through and those collected in a body shall fall by 

16 the sword. And their infants shall be dashed to pieces before 
their eyes ; and their houses shall be plundered and their wives 

17 ravished. Behold I am raising up against you the Medes, who 

18 disregard silver and have no need of gold. They shall break the 
bows of the young men, and on your infants they will have no 

19 compassion; nor will their eyes spare thee for thy children. And 
Babylon, which is §tiled Glorious, by the king of the Chal- 
deans, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorra. 

20 It shall not be inhabited for a great length of time, nor shall it 
be entered for many generations. The Arabians shall not pass 

21 through it ; nor shall shepherds make their folds therein. But 
wild beasts shall there go to rest ; and the houses shall be fill- 
ed with howling. There jackals shall make their abode ; and 

22 there demons shall hold their revels. And onocentaurs shall 
inhabit there ; and porcupines shall breed in the houses. 

XIV. (p) He is coming quickly and will not tarry, but the 
Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will still make choice of 
Israel ; and they shall rest in their own land ; and the stranger 
shall be joined to them, and shall be added to the house of Ja- 
2 cob. The nations shall take them and bring them to their place; 
and the house of Jacob shall possess them ; when they shall be 
multiplied m their land, for men servants and for maid servants: 


and they who captivated them shall be captives ; and they who 

3 domineered over them shall be brought into subjection. And 
it shall come to pass in that day when the Lord shall give thee 
rest from thy sorrow and thy grief — from that hard servitude 

4 of thine, with which thou hast served them, that thou wilt take 
up this funeral song over the king of Babylon : 

(c) " How the extortioner is laid to rest! and a stop put to 

5 his demands ! The Lord hath broken the yoke of the sinners — 

6 the yoke of the rulers. He smote a nation in wrath with an in- 
curable wound ; he smote a nation with a vengeful wound 

7 which did not spare. The confidant is gone to rest ; the whole 

8 earth shouteth for joy ; and the trees of Lebanon rejoice over 
thee — and the cedars of Lebanon say, 

" Since thou hast gone to rest, no feller is come up against 

9 us." Hades from beneath was in uproar to meet thee : for thee 
were roused all the giants who had ruled the earth. Having 
roused from their thrones all the kings of nations, they will all 
accost thee saying, 

10 " And art thou caught as we have been? And among us 
art thou enrolled? Is thy pomp come down to Hades — all thy 

11 great festivity?" Beneath thee they will strew corruption for a 

12 bed ; and worms shall be thy covering. How is Lucifer fallen 
from heaven! He Avho was harbinger of the morning — he who 
sent messages to all the nations, is trampled down into the earth. 

13 Thou indeed didst say in thy heart, I will ascend up into hea- 
ven ; above the stars of heaven I will place my throne ; I will 
seat myself on a lofty mountain — on the lofty mountains which 

14 face the north. I will ascend above the clouds ; I will be like 

15 the Most High. But thou must now go down to the mansion 

16 of the dead — even down to the foundations of the earth. They 
who see thee will express their amazement at thee and say, Is 

17 this the man who troubled the earth? who shook kings? who 
made the world a desert? Avho, when he destroyed cities, nc^cΓ 

18 dismissed his captives ? All the kings of the nations have been 
composed to rest with honour, every man in his own house. 

19 But thou shalt be cast out on the mountains, like an abomi- 

(c) the chorus.- 


nable corse, with dying crouds, pierced with the sword, de- 
scending down to the mansion of the dead. 

20 As a mantle stained with blood cannot be clean; for 
the same cause neither canst thou be clean. Because thou hast 
destroyed this land of mine, and hast slain this my people; thou 

21 shalt not be of long continuance. Wicked seed, prepare thy 
sons for slaughter, for the sins of their fathers; that they may 

22 not rise and possess the land, and fill the world with wars. I 
will indeed rise up against them, saidi the Lord of hosts, and 

23 destroy their name and remnant and seed. Thus saith the Lord, 
I will lay Babylonia waste: that porcupines may inhabit it; and 
it shall be a desolation. And I will plunge it in the miry gulf 

24 of destruction. Thus saith the Lord of hosts, as I have spoken 
so it shall be; and as I have determined, so it shall stand. I 

25 will destroy the Assyrians on this land of mine: and on these 
mountains of mine they shall be trodden down; and their yoke 
shall be removed from my people; and their reproach shall be 
taken from their shoulders. 

26 (p)This is the counsel which the Lord hath taken against 
the whole empire, and this is the hand which is lifted high 

27 against all the nations. For who can disannul what the holy God 
hath decreed? and liis hand which is lifted high, who can turn 

Vin, Iji the year in which king Achaz died, this Oracle was de- 

29 REJOICE not, foreign tribes, with one consent, because the 
yoke of him who smote you is broken; for from the seed of a 
serpent Avill come forth young asps, and their offspring will be 

50 flying serpents. For the needy will be fed by him; and in peace 
the needy will repose. But with famine he will destroy thy 

31 seed-^even the remnant of thy seed he will destroy. Raise the 
mournful cry ye gates of cities; Ο foreign tribes! let harassed 
cities scream with one consent: for a smoke is coming from the 
north, which cannot be endured; what then will the kings of 
nations say in reply? 

52 " That the Lord hath founded Sion, and by him the poor 
of his people shall be saved." 


XV. IX. The Oracle against Moah. 

IN the night Moab is destroyed; for by night is destroyed 

2 the bulwark of Moab. Be in bitterness for yourselves; for Debon 
also is destroyed. Where your altar is, thither you will go up 
to weep for Nabau of Moab. Raise the mournful cry. On every 
head be baldness; let all your arms be gashed with wounds. 

3 In the streets thereof, gird on sackcloth, and on its house tops 
make lamentation; and in the streets thereof and in its lanes, 

4 raise ye all the mournful cry with weeping: because Esebon 
and Eleale have screamed — even to Jassa their voice hath been 
heard; therefore the lungs of Moab utter lowings; her soul will 

5 be afflicted. The heart of Moab within her uttereth lowings, 
which reach Segor: for she is a three headed heifer. At the as- 
cent of Louith weepers will come up to thee; by the way of 

6 Aroniim destruction and dismay are roaring. The water of 
Nemereim will be dried up: and its grass will fail; there will be 

7 no green grass. But even thus it shall not be saved; for I will 

8 bring the Arabs against that valley; and they shall take it. For 
the cry of war touched the border of Moab at Agaleim, and 

9 the scream thereof reacheth even to the well of Aileim. As for 
the Avater of Deimon, it shall be full of blood; for I will bring 
the Arabians against Deimon, and carry off the seed of Moab 

XVI. and Ariel; and the remnant of Adama I will send avv^ay 
as reptiles on the earth. Is Petra a desert? There is the moun- 

2 tain of the daughter of Sion [to fly to] for thou shaltbe — (like 
the young of a flown bird carried away) Thou, Moab, shalt be 
a vassal; and after that there will be a greater tribute of lambs. 

3 Take counsel [O Sion] and make for her every Avhcre a 
shelter from grief. In midnight darkness they will flee. They 

4 are confounded. Be not thou incensed. Let the fugitives of Mo- 
ab sojourn with thee. They will be a shelter to you from the 
face of a pursuer. Because thy share in the war is taken away; 
and the chief who trampled down is destroyed from this land; 

5 therefore a throne shall be established with mercy, and on it 
one shall be seated with truth; in the tabernacle of David, exe- 
cuting justice, and searching out judgment and promoting 


6 (s)" We have heard of the haughtiness of Moab — ^he is very 

(J)This haughtiness I have totally removed. 

7 "Is not this, is not this the oracle concerning thee? Moab 
shall raise the mournful cry, for in the country of Moab they 
shall all utter the cry of woe, but to them who dwell in the 
habitations of Seth thou shalt extend care and shalt not be 

8 ashamed." The plains of Esebon shall mourn — the vineyard 
of Sebama. Ye who drink up the nations, trample down her 
vineyards to Jazer. You need not march in close array: roam 
through the wilderness. They who were dispatched were wholly 
given up, for they passed through quite to the sea. 

9 (p)Let me therefore weep, as with the weeping of Jazer, for the 
vineyards of Sebama. He hath cut down thy trees, Ο Esebon 
and Eleale. 

(J)Because in harvest and at thy vintage I will trample down 

10 and all shall be laid prostrate; therefore gladness and the shout 
of joy shall be taken from the vineyards. And in thy vineyards 
they shall not rejoice, nor tread out wine in thy cisterns, for a 
stop is put to the shout of joy. 

11 (p) For Moab therefore will my bowels sound like a kithara, 

12 and my entrails, as when thou didst consecrate a wall; but it 
will be for the purpose of making thee ashamed. Because Mo- 
ab had tired himself at the altars, therefore he will go in to the 
works of his hands; that they may intercede; but they shall 
not be able to deliver him. 

13 This is the decree which the Lord pronounced against 

14 Moab, when he spoke. And now I say, within three years of 
tlie years of an hireling the glory of Moab shall be debased 
Λvith all his abundant wealth; and he shall be left few in num- 
ber and of no estimation. 

XVII. X. The Oracle against Damascus. 

BEHOLD Damascus shall be removed from among cities, 

2 and shall be for desolation — left for ever for the folding of 

flocks, and for a resting place where none will scare them. 

3' And it shall no more be a fortress for Ephraim to flee to; nor 

(s) Sion. 



shall there be again a regal government in Damascus— ever 
hereafter, of the Syrians. For thou art not better than the chii- 
dren of Israel— than that which was their glory. Thus saith the 

4 Lord of hosts, there shall be in that day a diminution'of the 
glory of Jacob; and the fatness of his gloiy shall be shaken• 

5 and it shall be as when one gathereth the standing harvest 
and reapeth the ears of stalks; nay, it shall be as when one ga- 
thereth stalks in a sterile vale, still a stalk may be left in it: 

6 or like the unripe berries of an olive tree, two or three may be 
left on the topmost bough, or four or five among the iDranches. 

7 Thus saith the Lord the God of Israel, in that day let man 
trust in his maker, and his eyes look to the Holy One of Israel: 

8 and let him no more put confidence in altars, nor in the works 
of their hands which their fingers have made, nor look to the 
groves nor to their abominations. 

9 In that day thy cities shall be forsaken, as the Amorites 
and Evites forsook theirs because of the sons of Israel: and 
they shall become a desolation. 

10 Because thou hast forsaken God thy Saviour, and hast 
not been mindful of the Lord thy helper, therefore thou shalt 

11 plant a faithless plant and a faithless seed. On the day thou 
plantest thou shalt be deceived. Though thou sovvest in the 
morning, shall it bloom for harvest? or on the day when thou 
shalt take possession, shalt thou as the father of man take pos- 
session for thy sons ? 

12 Alas! the multitude of many nations! Like the billowy sea 
so shall you be tossed, and the back of many nations shall 

13 sound like water. The multitude of nations being like a 
great flood, their flight shall be like that of a mighty torment roll- 
ing on impetuously. For he will repulse them with sconi, and 
pursue them to a great distance, like chaff" before the wind 
when men winnow, or as a tempest driveth the dust of a wheel. 

14 Toward evening there will be grief; before morning they shall 
be no more. This is the portion of them who have plundered 
you; and this the inheritance of them, who have taken posses- 
sion of you. 

XVIII. Ah ! wings of the land of ships I Thou who surpass- 
2 est the Ethiopian streanis, thou who art sending pledges by 
sea, and paper messages on the water; for s^Aift messene-ers 

\τητ τ τ t __ "^ 



will go to a lofty nation, and to a strange and fierce people. 
There is one far transcending it. With regard to the nation 
without hope and trodden down, at this time, Ο all ye streams 

3 of that land, like an inhabited country, their country shall be 
inhabited. As if a signal were displayed from a mountain, as 

4 with the sound of a trumpet, let the news be spread. For thus 
hath the Lord said to me, " There shall be safety in this city 
of mine; like the light of noontide heatj and it shall be like a 
dewy cloud in a harvest day." 

5 Before the vintage, when the blossom is perfect, and the 
young gi-ape is swelling in the blossom; the diminutive bunch- 
es are to be cut off with pruning hooks, and the small shoots, 

6 to be nip'd off and cut away, and left together for the birds of 
the air, and for the wild beasts of the earth. And against them 
will be gathered all the birds of the air; and all the wild beasts 

7 of the earth will come upon it. At that time gifts will be brought 
to the Lord of Hosts from a people afflicted and peeled — even 
on account of a people great from this time and forever. A 
nation having hope, though trodden down, which is in a part of 
the river of its country, Avill send them to the place of him, 
whose name is the Lord of Hosts, even to mount Sion. 

XIX. XI. A vision concerning Egypt. 

1 BEHOLD the Lord is seated on a swift cloud; and he will 
come into Egypt; and the idols of Egypt shall be moved at 
his presence; and the heart of the people shall melt within them. 

2 And they shall be stirred up, Egyptians against Egyptians, 
and shall fight; brother against brother and neighbour against 

3 neighbour, city against city, and nome against nome. And the 
spirit of tlie Egyptians shall be troubled within them : and I 
will dissipate their counsel; and tliey will consult their gods 
and their idols; and them who cause a voice to proceed from 

4 the ground, namely the belly speakers. And I will deliver 
Egypt into the hands of men — cruel lords; and fierce kings 
shall have dominion over them. 

5 Thus saiih the Lord of Hosts, The iLgj-ptians drink water even 

6 that near the sea, but the river shall fail and be dried up — both 
the streams and the canals of the river shall fail; and every col- 
lection of water shall be dried up, even every fen, where reeds 


7 and papyrus grow. And all the quick springing herbage which 
is around the river, and every thing which is sown by the river 

8 shall be dried up and withered by the wind. And the fisher- 
men shall mourn — all who cast drags in the river shall mourn; 
and they who spread nets and they who are anglers shall grieve: 

9 and shame shall seize them who work the split flax, and them 

10 who work up the cotton. They w-ho are employed in sue! ι 
works shall be in sorrow; and they who brew beer shall mourn 
and be grieved in soul. 

11 The princes of Tanis shall be fools, those wise counsellors 
of the king, their counsel shall be turned into folly. How can 
you say to the king. We are sons of wise men, sons of ancient 

12 kings? Where now are these wise men of thine? Let them tell 
thee publickly and declare what the Lord of hosts hath deter- 
mined against Egypt. 

1 3 The princes of Tanis have failed; and the princes of Mem- 
phis are exalted, and they Avill lead Egypt astray, tribe by 

14 tribe. For the Lord hath mingled for them a spirit of error, and 
they with all their works have made Egypt reel, as a drunk- 

15 ard doth, when he is vomiting. So that there shall be no work 
among the Egyptians, of which one can make head or tail, be> 

16 ginning or end. And in that day the Egyptians shall be like 
women in fear and trembling because of the hand of the Lord 
of Hosts which he will lay upon them. 

17 And the country of the Jews will be a terror to the Egyp- 
tians : wlien any one shall mention it to them, thev will be in 
teiTor, because of the counsel which the Lord of Hosts hath 

18 determined against it. In that day there shall be five cities in 
Egypt which shall speak the language of Chanaan. And swear 
by the name of the Lord of Hosts: and one of them shall be 

19 called the city of Asedek. And in that day there shall be an al- 
tar for the Lord in the country of the Egyptians, and at its 

20 boundaiy a pillar for the Lord, and it shall be an everlasting 
sign for the Lord, in tlie country of Egypt. Because they will 
cry to the Lord on account of their oppressors, therefore he 
will send them a man who will save them: he will vindicate their 

21 cause and deliver them. And the Lord will be made known to 
the Egyptians, and the Egyptians will acknowledge the Lord 

Ch. XX. XXI. i:SAIAS. 

in that day, and offer sacrifices and make vows to the Lord 

22 and perform them. Thus ΛνίΙΙ the Lord smite the Egyptians 
and heal them, and they shall be turned to the Lord, and he 
will hearken to them and heal them. 

23 In that day this will be the highway from Egypt to Assyria; 
and Assyrians will come to Egypt and Egyptians to Assy- 

24 ria ; and the Egyptians shall serve the Assyrians. In that day 
Israel shall be a third, among the Egyptians and among the 
Assyrians, blessed in the land which the Lord of Hosts hath 
blessed saying, 

" Blessed is my people which is in Egypt, and which is 
in Assyria and Israel which is mine inheritance." 

XX. XII. IN the year that Tanathan having been sent by 
Arna king of Assyria went to Azotus and fought against it 
and took it, at that time the Lord spoke to Esaias son of Amos 
saying, " Go and take the sackcloth from thy loins and loose 
thy sandals from thy feet; and having done so walk stripp'd and 

3 bare foot." And the Lord said. As my servant Esaias hath 
walked stripp'd and bare foot, three years ; three years he shall 

4 be for signs and wonders to the Egyptians, and Ethiopians, 
that in this manner the king of Assyria will lead away the 
captives of Egypt and Ethiopia, young and old, naked and 

5 barefoot, exposing to view the shame of Egypt. And they 
being subdued shall be ashamed of the Ethiopians in whom 
the Egyptians had placed confidence ; for they were their 

6 glory. And in that day the inhabitants of this country will say, 

Behold we trusted to flee for help to them, Avho were un- 
able to deliver themselves from the king of Assyria: how then 
shall we escape ? 

XXI. XIII. The vision of the Desert. 

AS, when a whirlwind having passed through a desert, is 
rushing out of a desert, the sight from the land is terrible ; 
this vision being also dreadful, was revealed to me. The trea- 
cherous dealeth treacherously ; the transgressor transgresseth ; 
the Elamites are upon me ; and the elders of the Persians are 
coming against me. Am I now to groan and comfort myself? 


3 For this cause my loins are filled with fainting; pangs have seiz- 
ed me like a Avoman in travail. I did wrong not to hear ; I shud- 

4 dered so that I could not see. My heart is bewildered, transgres- 
sion overwhelmeth me. My soul is on the brink of despair. Pre- 

5 pare the table. Eat, drink ye chiefs. Having arisen prepare 

6 shields. Because thus the Lord said to me, " Go set a watch- 

7 man for thyself and proclaim Avhat thou seest." Thereupon I 
beheld a chariot with two riders, and a rider on an ass and a 
rider on a camel. 

" Listen with the utmost attention, said the Lord, and call 

8 "A fair breeze to the watch tower" I have kept my station all 
the day long, and by the camp I have stood the whole night; and 

9 behold here cometh a man riding in a chariot, and addressing 
me he said, "It is fallen ! Babylon is fallen ! and all her images, 
and all the works of her hands are dashed on the ground." 

10 Hear this ye who have been forsaken ! and ye, who have 
been sorely grieved, hear what I have heard from the Lord of 
Hosts — what the God of Israel hath announced to us. 

XIV. The vision concernhig Idumea. 

η TO me one calleth from Seir, " Guard ye the fortifica- 

12 tions," I keep watch morning and night. If thou wouldst in- 

13 quire; inquire and dwell near me. Thou mayst go to rest in 
the western forest, or in the way to Dedan. 

14 Ο inhabitants of the country of Thaiman, bring out water 
to meet the thirsty ; meet with bread them who are fleeini^, 

15 because of the multitude of the slain ; and because of the mul- 
titude of dispersed; and because of the multitude of swords; 
and because of the multitude of bended bows ; and because 

16 of the multitude of them who have fallen in battle. For thus 
hath the Lord said to me, " Within a year, according to the 
year of an hireling, the glory of the children of Kedar shall 
fail ; and the remnant of the mighty bowmen of Kedar shall 
be small. For the Lord God of Israel hath spoken." 

XXIL XV. The Oracle concerning the valley of Sion. 

WHAT aileth thee, that you are all now gone up to the 

- house tops? This vain city is full of people shouting. Thy 

slam are not slain with the sword; nor have thy dead'died in 


3 battle. All thy chiefs have fled and they who are taken are cru- 
elly bound. Even the mighty men in thee have fled far away. 

4 Therefore I said, Let me alone ; let me weep bitterly : la- 
bour not to comfort me, for this distress of the daughter of my 

5 people. For it is a day of trouble and destruction and tread- 
ing down. There is indeed some wandering from the Lord of 
Hosts ; in the valley of Sion they are wandering about ; from 
the least to the greatest they are wandering on the mountains. 

6 But the Elamites have taken up their quivers; and the horse- 
men have mounted their horses; and the army is arrayed in 

7 order for battle ; and on they will come. Thy choicest valleys 
shall be filled with chariots; and the horsemen will block up 

8 thy gates, and burst open the gates of Juda; and look, on that 
day, into the choicest houses of the city ; and lay open the 

9 stores of the houses of David's citadel. They indeed know that 
they are many, and that the water of the old pool is turned into 

10 the city, and that the houses of Jerusalem have been pulled 
down, to fortify the wall in the cit}^ 

11 You have indeed provided water for yourselves, between 
the two walls nearer than the old pool, and have not looked to 
him who formed it of old, nor regarded him who created it. 

12 Though the Lord of hosts, on that day, called for mourn- 
ing, and lamentation, and for shaving of hair and girding with 

13 sackcloth, yet they indulged themselves in joy and gladness, 
slaying oxen and sacrificing sheep, that they might eat flesh 
and drink wine, saying, " Let us eat and drink, for to-moiTow 

14 we die." Yes, these were their undisguised expressions, in the 
hearing of the Lord of hosts, therefore this sin will not be for- 

15 given you till you die; Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, Go to 

16 the treasury — to Somnas the steward, and say to him. Why 
art thou here? and what hast thou here? that thou hast hewn 
out for thyself a monument, and hast made for thyself a se- 
pulchre on high, and graved for thyself a tabernacle in a rock? 

17 Behold the Lord of hosts is now driving out and will utterly 
destroy men of rank, and he will take away thy robe and this 

18 gorgeous crown of thine, and whirl thee into a large immea- 
surable countr}^, and there thou shalt die. And he will bring 
to disgrace thy splendid chariot, and make the house of thy 

1 9 chief a publick walk. And when thou shalt be removed from 


20 thine office and station: it shall come to pass in that day, that 

211 will call my servant Eliakim son of Chelkias, and clothe him 

with thy robe. And this crown of thine 1 will confirm to him 

and I will commit to his hands this office of thine : and he shall 

be as a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to them who 

22 dwell in Juda. And I will give him the glory of David, and 
he shall rule and there shall be no antagonist; and on his should- 
er I will lay the key of the house of David; and he will open 
and none shall shut ; and he will shut and none shall open : 

23 and I will make him a ruler in a sure place, and he shall be a 

24 throne of glory for the house of his fether. And on him will 
rely with confidence, every honourable man in his father's 
house, from the least even to the greatest. On him they shall 
be dependant in that day. 

25 Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, The man who is now fixed 
in a sure place shall be removed and taken away and shall fall; 
and the glory which is on him shall be utterly destroyed for 
the Ltord hath spoken it. 

XXIII. XVI. The Oracle co}icermng Tyre, 

RAISE the mournful cry, Ο ships of Carthage, for Tyre 
is destroyed and there are no arrivals from the land of the Ki- 
tians. She is carried away captive. 

2 Who could be compared with the dwellers in this island— 

3 these merchants of Phoenicia, who traversed the ocean— this 
offspring of merchants on many a water, who made a traffick 
of nations as of an ingathered harvest? 

4 Be ashamed, Ο Sidon, said the sea— even the strength of 
the sea said, 

"I did not travail nor did I bring her forth; nor did I 

5 nourish her youths, nor educate her virgins; yet when the 
news shall reach Egypt, sorrow for Tyre will take hold on 

6 Away to Carthage ! Raise the mournful crv, ye who inha- 

7 bit that isle ! Was not she your boast of old, before she \\ as 
delivered up? 

8 " TFho hath taken this counsel against the Tynans? Is she 
inferior? Or hath she not power? Her merchants are glorious 
chiefs of the earth.''' 


9 The Lord of Hosts hath determined to destroy all the 
haughtiness of the glorious; and to bring to contempt every 
thing glorious on the earth. 

10 Work thy land : for ships no more arrive from Carthage, 
nor is thy hand which vexed kings, any more powerful by 

11 sea. The Lord of Hosts hath given a command, concerning 

12 Chanaan, to destroy its power : and shall it be said. You must 
not proceed to insult and distress the daughter of Sidon? Nay 
though thou shouldst go to the Kitians; yet even there thou 

13 shalt not have rest. Away to the land of the Chaldeans, though 
it hath been wasted by the Assyrians; because its walls had 

14 Raise the mournful cry, Ο ships of Carthage, because 
your strong hold is destroyed. 

15 And it shall come to pass in that day, that Tyre shall be 
forsaken seventy years, according to the days of a king, ac- 
cording to the time of a man. And it shall come to pass after 
seventy years, that Tyre shall be as the song of a harlot. 

16 Take a kithara, stroll about, Ο city, Ο harlot long forgot- 
ten ! Play skilfully; sing many songs, that thou mayst be re- 

17 membered. And it shall come to pass after seventy years, that 
God will take account of Tyre, and she shall be restored to 
her former state, and be a mart for all the kingdoms of the 

] 8 world; which are on the face of the earth. And her traffick and 
g-ain shall be holy to the Lord. All her gain shall not be trea- 
sured up for themselves, but for them who dwell before the 
Lord, that they may eat and drink and be filled, and for con- 
tributions to be kept in remembrance before the Lord. 

XXIV. XVII. Sect. 1. BEHOLD the Lord is about to de- 
stroy this inhabited land ! He will lay it waste and uncover the 

2 face thereof and scatter abroad them who dwell therein. x'Vnd 
it shall be as with the people so with the priest; as Λvith the 
servant, so with the master; as with the maid, so with the mis- 
tress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, 
so with the borrower; as with the debtor, so with the credit- 

3 or. With destruction the land will be destroyed, and with 
spoiling this land will be ransacked : for the mouth of the Lord 

4 hath spoken this. The land mourned and this empire is dc- 


5 stroyed — the lofty people of the land mourned. As for the 
land, it transgressed by means of its inhabitants. Because they 
transgressed the law, and changed the institutions — the ever- 

6 lasting covenant, therefore a curse devoureth the land. Be- 
cause they who dwell therein have sinned, therefore the inha- 
bitants of the land shall be distressed, and few are the men 

7 who shall be left. The wine will mourn, the vineyard will 

8 mourn, and all that were merry-hearted will sigh. The mirth 
of the tabrets hath ceased, the sound of the kithara is no more. 

9 They are confounded : they have drunk no wine. The palm 

10 wine was bitter to them who drank it. Every city is desolat- 
ed — the houses will be shut up that none may enter. 

11 Raise the mournful cry every where for the wine. A stop 
is put to all the joy of the land — all the joy of the land is gone. 

12 The cities will be left desolate, and the houses being forsaken 

13 will be destroyed. All this shall come to pass in this land, in 
the midst of the nations. As when one shall shake an olive tree, 
so shall they be shaken: and when the vintage is over a shout 
will be raised. 

14 But they who are left in the land shall be gladdened with 

15 the glory of the Lord. The water of the sea will be troubled: for 
this cause the glory of the Lord will be in the isles of die sea. 
In the isles of the sea the name of the Lord will be glorious. 

16 (c)" Ο Lord the God of Israel! from the outskirts of the 
earth we have heard of thy wonders: there is hope for the 

(p)Let them say also, "Woe to the rebels who reject the law! 

17 Terror and a pit and a snare are for you who dwell in the land: 

18 and it shall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the terror, 
shall fall into the pit; and he who getteth out of the pit, shall 
be caught by the snare. Because the flood gates of heaven are 
opened, therefore the foundations of the land shall be shaken. 

19 With confusion the land will be confounded; with perplexity 

20 this land will be perplexed. It reeled to and fro like a drunkard 
when intoxicated: like a lodge in a vineyard the land shall be 
shaken. For iniquity hath prevailed over it; and it shall fall and 

21 shall not be able to rise. When God shall bring his hand on the 

22 hosts of heaven, even upon the kings of this land; and the con- 
gregation thereof shall have been assembled for imprisonment, 

VOL. III. w 


and shut up as chaff for many generations; of them there shall 
be a visitation. 
23 (c)When the bricks shall have mouldered away, and the wall 
shall have fallen; because the Lord will commence his reien 


from Sion and from Jerusalem, and be glorified in the presence 
XXV. of the elders; Ο Lord God, thee I will glorify: in songs 
of praise I Avill extol thy name. For thou hast executed won- 
derful things; a counsel of old immutably true. 
2 Because thou hast reduced cities to a heap of ruins — cities 
made strong, that their foundations might not fall; (a city of 
wicked men cannot be built to last forever) therefore the dis- 

4 tressed people will bless thee and the cities of injured men 
Avill give thee thanks; for thou hast been the support of every 
humble city and the defence of them who ^vere dispiritedj 
by reason of their weakness. From wicked men thou wilt de- 
liver them. Thou art the support of the thirsty and the breath 
of men in distress. 

5 (p)When dispirited men shall be thirsting in Sion on ac- 
count of wicked men to whom thou hast delivered us up; 

6 then will the Lord of Hosts make provision for all the nations. 

7 On this mount they shall drink gladness: they shall drink 
^\'ine and be anointed with myrrh on this mount. Hand down 
all these things to the nations for this counsel is for all the na- 
tions. V 

8 . Mighty death had swallowed up; but the Lord God hath 
again wiped every tear from every face; and removed from the 
whole earth the reproach of this people. For the mouth of the 
Lord hath spoken. 

9 And in that day they will say, "Behold our God in whom 
we trusted, will indeed save us. He is the Lord, for him we 
waited and exulted; let us therefore rejoice in our salvation. 
God will give rest on this mountain." 

1 Sect. 2. WHEN the country of Moab shall be trodden down, 

11 as a threshing floor is trampled widi cars and he shall cause his 
hands to relax, as he indeed humbled him to be slain, and 
shall humble his pride — those things on which he hath laid 

12 his hands, and shall lower the height of his wall of refuge; and 
it shall be laid low in the dust: in that day shall this song be 
sung in the land of Judea. 


XXVI. (c.) ''Behold we have a strong city I he will make 
salvation its wall and outworks. Open the gates; let the people 

2 enter, who keep righteousness and A\ho keep truth; who sup- 

3 port truth and keep peace; because their confidence is placed 

4 in thee, Ο Lord! Avho art to everlasting, the Mighty, the 

5 Eternal God, Avho hast humbled and brought down them who 

6 dwell in lofty places. Fortified cities thou canst demolish and 
level them vv itli the dust, that the feet of the meek and lowly 

7 may trample them. The way of the pious \vas straight; the 
way of the pious was well prepared; for the way of the 

9 Lord is justice. We have trusted in thy name and in that 
remembrance which is the desire of our soul by ni^ht. 
To thee, Ο God, my spirit awaketh early, because thy statutes 
are a light on the eardi. Learn righteousness }e dwellers 

10 on earth, for the wicked one is no more. V/hoever Λνϋΐ not 
learn justice on earth, cannot act agreeably to truth. Let 
the wicked be removed that he may not see the glor}- of 

11 the Lord. Thy hand, Ο Lord, was lifted high; but they did 
not know it; but when they know they will be ashamed. Zeal 
Avill seize an uninstructed people; even now a fire devoureth 
the adversaries. 

12 ■ Ο Lord, our God, grant us peace, for thou hast given us 

13 all things. Ο Lord, our God, take possession of us! besides 
thee, Ο Lord, we know none other. We celebrate thy name. As 

14 for those who are dead they would not see life, nor could physi- 
cians raise them up; therefore thou hast remo\ed and destroy- 
ed and taken away all their males. Heap, Ο Lord, evils upon 
them — Heap evils on the vainglorious of the earth. 

16 Ο Lord, in affliction I remembered thee. Thine instruction 

17 to us was with a small affliction; and .as a woman in labour, 
when near delivery, crieth in her pangs, so have we been to thy 

18 beloved. On account of the fear of thee, Ο Lord, we conceiv^- 
ed and suffl^red the pangs of child birth, and brought forth the 
spirit of thy salvation; for what we did in that land v/e arc not 
to fail; but all the dwellers in that land are to fall. 

19 (p)Thc dead shall be raised up again, even thev in the 
tombs shall be raised up: and they in this land shallbe filled 
with joy: for the dew from thee is healing for them; but the 

20 land of tlie ungodly shall fall. Go my people, enter into thv 


chambers; shut thy door: hide thyself for a little while ; until 
21 the anger of the Lord is passed. For behold the Lord from 
his sanctuary is about to bring wrath on the inhabitants of this 
land; and the land will disclose the blood on it, and will no 
longer cover the slain. 
XXVII. In that day God will bring his holy sword, even his 
great and powerful sword, upon the dragon, the flying serpent 
— Upon the dragon, the crooked serpent; he will slay the dra- 

2 In that day the fair vineyard — I have a mind to lead a re- 
sponsive song against this. 

3 (c) I am a strong city, a city besieged. 

(v) In vain shall I supply her with drink: for by night she 

4 will be taken, and by day she will fall. There is no wall, or 
it hath not availed her. Will any one set me to watch a stalk 
in a field ? On account of this warfare I have rejected her. 

5 (c) For this cause therefore the Lord hath executed all that 
he determined. I am about to be burned up. 

(v) Let the inhabitants therein cry aloud, " Let us make 
peace with him. Let us make peace." 

6 (p) They who are coming are children of Jacob. Israel shall 

7 bloom and blossom; and the world shall be filled with his fruit. 
He shall not, as he smote, be so smitten: nor, as he slew, shall he 

8 be so slain. Having fought and disgraced them he will let them 
go. Thou hast not been visiting with this severe wind, to de- 
stroy them utterly with a blast of anger. 

9 (J) By means of this the iniquity of Jacob will be removed: 
and this will be to him a subject of thanksgiving, when I take 
away his sin — when they grind to powder all the hewn stones 
of their altars, and their groves no longer remain, and their 

10 idols hack'd to pieces like a forest are far away. The folded 
flock shall be disconsolate, like a flock which hath been forsa- 
ken; and for a long time the country shall be for a pasture, and 

1 1 flocks shall there take their rest. And after a time there will 
be no verdure in it, by reason of its being parched up. 

(p) Ο ye women who are coming from a goddess attend ! 
For this is not a people, who have understanding; therefore he 

(c) the city. (v) the vineyard. 


who made them will not have pity on them; nor will he who 

12 formed them shew them any favour. 

(J ) But it shall come to pass in that day,that God will hedge 
them about from the channel of the river even to Rinocorouron. 

13 Therefore gather ye the sons of Israel together one by one. 
And it shall come to pass in that day, that the great trumpet 
shall be sounded and those shall come who are perishing in the 
land of Assyria, anci they who are perishing in Egypt; and 
shall bow themselves down before the Lord, on this holy 
mountain in Jerusalem. 

XXVIII. Sect. 3. (p) AH! the crown of haughtiness ! The 
mercenaries of Ephraim ! That flower which hath fallen from 
the glory on the top of the fertile mountain ! Ye who are 

2 drunk without wine ! Behold the xvrath of the Lord is a harsh 
and terrible thing. Like a tempest of hail furiously driven when 
there is no shelter, like a mighty deluge sweeping a country. 

3 In this land it will put a stop to the labour of hands; and with 
the feet shall be trampled down the crown of your pride, Ο 

4 mercenaries of Ephraim. And the flower which hath dropped 
from the hope of the Glory, on the top of the lofty mountain, 
shall be like the early fruit of a fig tree, which he who seeth it 
Avill wish to devour, before he can get it into his hand. 

5 In that day the Lord of Hosts will be the crown of hope 

6 the diadem of glory to the remnant of the people. They shall 
be left for the spirit of Justice— to administer justice and de- 

7 stroy the power of opposers. For by wine these were made 
transgressors; they were led astray by strong drink. Priest and 
prophet were stupefied with strong drink ; they were gorged 
with wine— they were agitated by drunkenness; they reeled to 

8 and fro. This is oracling ! A curse shall devour their counsel; 
for their counsel is for the sake of train. 

9 (f) " To whom, \_say they'] have we announced evils? 
And to whom have we announced a message— we rvho have 
been weaned from mUk, we who have been withdrawn from the 
breasts? Expect affliction on affiiction; hope on hope, yet a little 
while — yet a little while. 

10 ^ On account of the mockery of their lips— because they 
will speak to this people with a strange tongue, saying to them", 
(f) The sententious speeches of the false prophets. 

Ch. ΧΧνίίΙ. ESAIAS. 

" This is the rest for him who is hungry; and this is tJie dc- 
12 striiction, but they would not hcar^ Therefore the oracle of 
God Λνίΐΐ be to them " Affliction on-offliction; hope on hope, tjet 
a little while, yet a little while'''* that they may proceed on 
and fall backwards; and they shall be broken and snared and 

14 caught. Therefore hear the word of the Lord, ye afflicted 

15 men, and ye rulers of this people in Jerusalem ! Because you 
said, " We have made a covenant with death; and with the grave 
we Jiave made a treaty : though the furious tempest may pass 
through, it will by no means reach us. We have made falsehood 
our refuge and by this falsehood we shall be saved.''' 

16 Therefore thus saith the Sovereign Lord; behold I lay for 
the foundation ofSion a stone of inestimable worth — a chosen y 
precious corner-stone for the foundations of it, and he who be- 

17 licvcth shall not be ashamed. And I will establish judgment 
for hope, and my mercy shall be for scales. But as for you 
who have vainly trusted in falsehood, that the tempest would 

18 not reach you; and that it Vvould not break your treaty \\\U\ 
death; the hope v/hich you ha^•e with respect to the grave shall 
not last : Avhen the furious tempest cometli, by it you shall be 

19 beaten down. When it cometh it Vt^ill overtake you. Earh-, very 
carl}' in the morning it v/ill come, and at night your hope wiii 

20 be wretched. Learn to hear, " We are straitened for room, we 

21 cannot fight. We are weakened by your pressing upon us.'''' Like 
a mountain of wicked men the Lord will rise up; and he will 
be in the valley of Gabaon. With ^vrath he will execute his 
work — a work of bitterness; and his wrath will attack in a 

22 strange manner ; ancl its severity Λνϋΐ be unusual. As for 
you therefore, be not filled with joy, yet let not your bonds 
gather strength. For the things are complete and decisive 
which I have heard from the Lord of Hosts — which he will ex- 
ecute on all this land. 

23 Listen and hear my A^oice ; attend and hearken to these 

24 words of mine. Will the ploughman plough the whole day ? 

25 Or prepare seed before he hath tilled the ground ? Doth he 
not, when he hath levelled the face of the soil, then sow the 
small dill or cummin? and again sow Avheat and barley and 

26 millet and rye in all thy borders ? So thou shalt be. corrected 

27 by the judgment of God ; and be made glad. For the dill is 


not cleaned with a corn drag ; nor is the v^'hecl of a wain to 

turn round on the cummin ; but λα ith a rod are beaten out 

the dill — and cummin. 
28 (J) Yet with bread they will be eaten. Fori, The I am 

will not be angry with you forever, nor shall the voice of my 

severity destroy you. These wonders have indeed proceeded 

from the Lord of Hosts. 
XXIX. Hold consultation; exalt vain comfort. Ah city Ariel, 

against which David fought! collect provisions year after year; 

2 eat ; for you shall eat \\\U\ Moab ; for I will bring distress 
upon Ariel, and her strength and her riches shall be for mc. 

3 I will indeed encompass thee as David did ; and surround 

4 thee with a rampire; and erect towers around thee. But when 
thy words shall be brought down to the ground ; and shall be as 
if they sounded out of the earth ; and thy voice on the ground 

5 shall be feeble ; then shall the riches of the wicked be as the 
dust of aAvheel, and the multitude of thine oppressors as chaii' 

6 blown away : and this shall be as in a moment, suddenly. For 
from the Lord of Hosts there will be a visitation — a hurricane 
and a devouring flame of fire, with thunder and an earthquake 

7 and a mighty noise ; and the wealth of all the nations which 
encamped against Ariel, and all they who are warring against 
Jerusalem, and all who have been assembled against her, and 
those distressing her, shall be like one dreaming dreams by 

8 night : and like men who in sleep are eating and drinking, but 
when they awake the dream is vain : even as a thirsty man 
dreameth that he drinketh, and when he wakcth he is still 
athirst, his soul ha^ ing trusted in a shadow : so shall be tlie 
wealth of all the nations, who have warred against mount 
Sion. — 

9 (p) Be sunk hi dejection and stand astonished ; be drunk 

10 and reel, not with wine nor strong drink ; for the Lord hath 
drenched you Vv'ith a spirit of stupefaction, and will close up 

11 the eyes of them and of their prophets and their rulers. As for 
your seers of hidden things, all these prophesies will be to you 
like the words of a book Avhich is sealed : which Avhen thev 

, give to a man skilled in letters, saying, Read this : He will sav, 

12 I cannot read it, for it is sealed. And should the l^ook be pwt ' 


in the hands of an illiterate man, and they say to him, Read 
that, he will say, I do not know letters. 

13 The Lord hath indeed said, (J) " This people draw near 
to me with their mouth ; and with their lips they honour me ; 
but their heart is far from me : and in vain do they worship 

14 me, teaching the commands and doctrines of men : therefore, 
behold, I will proceed to the removal of this people and I will 
remove them ; and destroy the wisdom of the wise, and dark- 

15 en the understanding of the prudent." Alas! for them, who 
deeply form a design, but not by the Lord. Alas 1 for them, 
v/ho form designs in secret, that their works may be in dark- 
ness ; and who will say, " Who hath seen us, and who can 

16 find out us, or what we do?" Are not you to be considered 
as the potter's clay ? Shall the thing formed say to the former 
of it, thou hast not made me. Or shall the work say to the 

17 workman thou hast not made mewisel}^? Is it not a little 
while, ere Libanus shall be changed to a likeness of mount Car- 

18 mel? And Carmel be accounted a forest ? And in that day 
the deaf shall hear the words of a book, and they in darkness, 
even they in thick darkness — the eyes even of the blind 

19 shall see ; and the distressed shall exult with joy because of 
the Lord ; and the disconsolate among men shall be filled 

20 with joy. The lawless one hath failed, and the haughty one is 
destroyed, and these are utterly cut off who maliciously com- 

2 1 mit iniquity, and who by reasoning cause men to err. But as for 
all them who reprove in the gates they will indeed lay a stum- 
bling block, because of their having turned aside the righteous 

22 one forthe unrighteous, therefore, thus saiththe Lord respecting 
the house of Jacob, whom he set apart from Abraham ; "Jacob 
will not be ashamed now, nor will he now change his countc- 

23 nance ; but when his children shall see my works, because of 
me they will hallow my name. They will hallow the Holy 

24 One of Jacob, and tremble before the God of Israel. And they 
who have erred in spirit will gain knowledge, and the mur- 
miirers shall be taught obedience, and the trifling tongues will 
learn to speak peace." 

-XXX. Sect. 4. " AH rebellious children ! saith the Lord, 
you ha^c formed a design, but not by me : and thou hast 


made covenants, but not by my spirit, that you may add sins 
to sins. 

2 " They are setting out to go down to Egypt, without hav- 
ing consulted mc — to be assisted by Pharao and protected by 

3 the Egyptians. For the protection of Pharao will be your 
shame, and a disgrace to them who have trusted in Egypt. 

4 Because generals are unwelcome messengers at Tanis, they 

5 shall labour in vain with a people who will be of no service 
for assistance; but for a shame and disgrace. 

6 This is the vision of the four footed beasts in the desert 

A lion and a lion's whelp were in distress and difficulty; and 
from them went the asps and the brood of flying serpents, 
who carried their wealth on asses and camels to a nation which 
could not profit them. 

7 In vain and to no purpose will the Eg3φtians help you. 
Announce to them, That this application of yours is vain. 

8 Nov/ therefore sit down and write these things in a tablet 
and make a book that they may be for the appointed time— 

9 even for the time to come. Because this is a rebellious peo- 

10 pie— lying children, who would not hear the law of God, who 
say to the prophets, " Preach not to us," and to them who see 
visions, " Speak not to us, nay, speak to us and tell us another 

11 error, and turn us from this way, and take from us this path, 
and take from us the oracle of Israel." 

12 Therefore thus saith the Holy One of Israel, because you 
have disbelieved these words and placed your hopes on a lie : 
and because thou hast murmured, and been confident in this 

13 matter; therefore this sin shall be to you like the tottering wall 
of a fortified city, which hath been taken by surprise; the fall 

14 of which is instantaneous. And its fall shall be like the breaking 
of an earthen vessel, the fragments of which are so small that 
there cannot be found among them a sherd on which thou 
canst carry fire or with which thou canst scoop up a little 

1 5 Thus saith the Lord, Lord. The Holy One of Israel, when tliou 
Shalt return sighing, then thou shalt be saved, and thou shalt 
know m what a situation thou wast, wlicn thou dicfst trust in 
these vanities. 

'^^OL. III. η 

Ch. XXX. ^ ESiVIAS. 

16 Your strength was vain, yet you would not hearken, but 
said, " We will flee on horses." Therefore flee you shall. And, 
" We will mount swift coursers," therefore swift shall be your 

17 A thousand shall flee at the voice of one; and at the voice 
of five, many thousands shall flee : until you be left like a bea- 
con on a mountain, and like a flag staff" upon a hill. 

18 (p) But again the Lord will wait to be gracious to you, 
and will therefore be exalted for compassionating you. Be- 
cause the Lord your God is judge, happy are they who wait 

19 for him. Because a holy people will dwell in Sion, and Jerusa- 
lem with weeping cried, " Have mercy upon me." There- 
fore he will have mercy upon thee. When he heard the sound 

20 of thy cry, he hearkened to thee. When the Lord shall have 
given you bread of affliction and stinted water, they who lead 
thee astray shall no more come near thee. Because thine 

21 eyes will see them who are leading thee astray and thine ears 
will hear the words of the deceivers behind thee who say. This 

22 is the way let us walk in it, whether to the right or left; there- 
fore thou wilt defile thine idols plated with silver, and cut to 
pieces those overlaid with gold, and scatter them like pollut- 

23 ed water and cast them out as dirt. Then shall there be rain 
for the seed of thy land, and the bread of the increase of thy 
land shall be both abundant and nuti'itive : and thy cattle shall 

24 feed in rich and large pastures. Your bulls and your cattle 
which till the ground shall eat provender mixed with winnow- 

25 ed barley. And there shall be on every lofty mountain, and on 
every high hill streams of water in that day, when many shall 

26 be perishing and when towers may be falling. And the light of 
the moon shall be as the light of the sun; and the light of the 
sun shall on that day be seven fold; when the Lord will heal 
the bruises of his people, and when he will cure thy painful 

27 Behold the name of the Lord cometh for a time, a burn- 
ing wrath. The oracle of his lips with glory is an oracle full of 

28 indignation, and the fury of the wrath devoureth like fire; and 
his breath is like a sweeping flood in a valley, which will reach 
up to the neck and swell to confound nations for their vain 


29 When error shall pursue them and overtake them, before 
then-face ought not you to rejoice continually and continually go 
to my solemnities like them who are celebrating a festival? 
Like them who are gladdened you should go with instrument- 

30 al music to the mount of the Lord, to the God of Israel. When 
the Lord shall cause the glory of his voice to be heard— when, 
to display the fury of his arm with wrath and indignation and 
consuming fire, he shall utter tremendous thunder, accompa- 

31 nied with a furious tempest of rain and hail. For by the voice 
of the Lord the Assyrians shall be beaten down by the stroke 
with which he will smite them. 

52 This indeed he shall have from all around him— from 
every place whence they hadahope of that assistance on which 
he relied, they will with timbrels and the kithara fight against 

33 him, after his rout. Of thee he will previously demand" (and 
hast thou not provided for his reign) a deep valley and wood 
laid up in piles; the wrath of the Lord will be fire and wood 
in abundance like a valley burning with brimstone. 
XXXI. Sect. 5. ALAS ! They went down to Egypt for help! 
They trusted in horses and chariots; for they have many and 
their cavalry is very numerous; and did not rely on theHoly 

2 One of Israel, nor did they ask counsel of the Lord. There- 
fore he in his wisdom brought evils on them : and that his 
word may not be slighted, he will rise up against the houses 

3 of wicked men and against this hope of theirs which is vain^ 
against an Egyptian— a man, not a god— against the flesh of 
horses in which there is no help. When the Lord shall lay his 

4 hand upon them, then shall these helpers fail and be all de- 
troyed together. Because the Lord hath thus said to me, 

" As the lion or the young lion will roar over the prey 
which he hath taken; and will repeat his roaring over it, until 
the mountains are filled with his voice, and the multitude are sub- 
duedand terrified at his wrath: so will the Lord of Hosts descend 
to encamp on this mountain— on this Sion— on the summits 

5 thereof: as birds hover over their young, so will the Lord of 
Hosts protect Jerusalem; he will hover over it and sprint for- 
ward, and will protect and save it." ^ 

6 Therefore turn to him, Ο children of Israel, who are tak- 
mg deep and wicked counsel. 


7 Because men will in that day reject the works of their 
hands — their idols of silver and gold which their hands have 
made; therefore Assur shall fall — not by the sword of a man 
of valour, nor shall the sword of a mortal devour him; and he 
shall flee — (not from the face of the sword) and the young 

9 men shall be for destruction. For with a rock they shall be en- 
closed as Avith a rampart, and shall be subdued; and he who 
fleeth shall be taken. 

Thus sailh the Lord, 

"Happy he who hath a seed in Sion and a family in Jeru- 
XXXII. salem! For behold a righteous king shall reign 

2 and chiefs shall rule with justice. And this man will be one 
who hideth his words, and he will be hid as from a rolling 
flood. And he will be seen on Sion like a glorious stream in a 

3 thirsty land. And they shall no more put confidence in men; 

4 but shall apply their ears to hear. And the heart of the weak 
will listen attentively; and trifling tongues will soon learn to 

5 speak peace. And they will no more order the fool to govern, 

6 nor shall thy servants any more command silence. For the fool 
will speak foolishly, and his heart will devise vain things; that 
he may commit iniquity, and utter error before the Lord in or- 

7 der to scatter hungry souls: and the thirsty souls he will send 
avv^ay empty. For the counsel of the wicked will devise un- 
lawful devices to destroy the poor with unjust pleas; and to 

8 baflile the pleas of the poor in judgment. But the pious have 
counselled with understanding; and their counsel shall be es- 

9 Sect. 6 (p) ARISE ye rich women and hear my voice, 

10 hearken to my words ye daughters of hope! make mention of 
a day of a year in sorrow, with hope. The vintage is destroyed; 
it hath failed! must it never come again any more? 

11 Be confounded; be grieved, ye confident women! strip; 

12 make yourselves bare; gird your loins and beat your breasts, 

13 for the lovely field — for the fruitful vine. In this land of my 
people shall spring up the thorn and the briar, and joy shall be 
taken from every dwelling. 

14 Ο rich city! Ο houses wholly forsaken! They shall abandon 
city, riches, lovely houses; and until the age the villages shall 
be dens — the joy of wild asses, the pastures of flocks, till a 

15 spirit come on you from on high. Then will a desert become a 


16 Charmel and Charmel will be accounted a forest; and judo'. 
ment will make a lasting abode in the desert, and righteous- 

17 ness will dwell in Charmel. And the works of righteousness 
shall be peace; and righteousness shall enjoy rest. As for them 
who have kept up their confidence till that age — his people 

18 shall then inhabit a city of peace and dwell secure, and they 

19 shall enjoy rest with riches. Though the hail descend, it shall 
not reach you: and they who dwell in the forest shall be secure 
as they in the plain. 

(c) Happy they who sow on every water where the ox and 
the ass treadeth! 
XXXIII. (p) Woe to them who miserably afflict you; but 
none can make you miserable. Even the deceiver doth not 
deceive you. The deceivers shall be taken and delivered up 
and like a moth on a garment they shall be crushed. 

2 (c) Ο Lord, have mercy upon us! for in thee we have 
placed our trust. The seed of the rebellious were for destruc- 

3 tion: but thou wast our safety in th& time of trouble. At the 
terror of thy voice peoples were confounded; for fear of thee 
the nations were dispersed. 

4 (p) Now your spoils are to be gathered; the spoils both 
of small and great. As if one were gathering locusts, so will 
they insult you. 

5 (c) Holy is the God who dwelleth on high, 
(p) Was Sion filled with judgment and justice? 

6 (c) By law they were to be delivered up; in treasures is 
our safety. 

(p) Let there be there wisdom and knowledge and piety 
towards the Lord, (These are the treasures of righteousness;) 

7 then behold with the dread of you they shall be terrified— 
they, of whom you have been afraid, will for fear of you raise 
a grievous cry. Messengers will be sent weeping bitterly, 

8 suing for peace. For their highways shall be deserted, the 
dread of the nations is at an end and the treaty with them 
broken. And you will account them common men. 

9 The land mourned; Lebanon was ashamed; Saron was be- 
come fens; Galilee and Charmel were bare. 

10 "ΝοΛν will larise, saith the Lord, now shall I be glorified; 

11 now shall I be exalted; now you shall see: now vou shall feel. 


The strength of your spirit shall be vain; a fire shall utterly 

12 devour you; and nations shall be burned up, as thorns in a 

13 field are rejected and burned. The far distant nations shall 
hear what I have done, they who are near shall know my pow- 

14 er. The transgressors in Sion are fled; terror will seize the un- 
godly. Who will tell you that a fire is kindled? who will pro- 

15 claim to you the place which is everlasting? He Avho is walk- 
ing in righteousness, speaking of a straight Avay; who hateth 
iniquity and injustice; who shaketh his hands fi-om bribes; 
who stoppeth his ears that he may not hear a bloody sentence; 

16 who shutteth his eyes against the appearance of injustice: he 
shall dwell in a lofty cavern of a strong rock: bread shall be 
given him and his water shall not fail. 

17 (p) You shall see a king ^vith glor}*; your eyes shall see a 

18 far distant land; your soul will meditate on terror. Where are 
the scribes? Where the counsellors? Where is he Λvho num- 

1 9 bereth them who are fed — the people small and great? Alas! 
they gave no counsel; nor did they understand him whose 
Λ -oice was so low that a despised people could not hear, and he 
who heareth hath not knowledge. 

20 (c) Behold the cit}-Sion is our salvation. Thine eyes will 
look upon Jerusalem. It is a rich city composed of tents which 
should not be shaken; nor should the pins of her tabernacle 
ever be moved, nor its cords broken. 

21 (p) Because the name of the Lord is great to you, it shall 
be to you a place of streams and canals broad and spacious. 

(c) Thou shalt not pass this way; nor shall a galley with oars 

22 cross; for my God is great andAviil not pass me by. The Lord 
our judge — the Lord our chief — the Lord our king — the 
Lord will himself save us. 

23 (p) Thy tackling broke, for they had no strength, thy 
mast gave Avay. It will not support the sails, nor rear a stand- 
ard until it be delivered up for a spoil; therefore many who 
are lame will seize the prev: but let not the people who dwell 
among these say, "I am wearied out" for their sin is forgiven 

XXXIV. Sect. 7 ATTEND Ο nations, and hearken ye chiefs. 
Let the earth hear and the inhabitants thereof — The world and 


2 the people who are tlierein. Because the wrath of the Lord is 
against all the nations, and his anger against this number of 

3 them to destroy them and deliver them up to slaughter; there- 
fore their Avounded and dead shall be cast out, and the stench 
of them shall ascend; and the mountains shall be drenched 

4 with their blood; and all the powers of the heavens shall waste 
away; and the heaven shall be rolled up like a scroll and all the 
stars shall fall like leaves from a vine and as leaves fell from a 
fig tree. 

5 (J) My sword hath drunk deep in the heaven; behold it 
shall come down on Idumea and on the people justly doomed 
to destruction. 

6 (p) The sword of the Lord hath been glutted with blood; 
It IS pampered with suet— with the blood of he-goats and 
lambs, and with the suet of goats and rams. Because there is 
a sacrifice for the Lord in Bosor, and a great slaughter in Idu - 

7 mea; therefore the fatlings shall fall with them, namely tlie 
rams and the bulls. And the land shall be drenched with blood 

8 and glutted with their suet. For it is the day of the Lord's 
vengeance, and the year for a judicial retrilDution to Sion• 

9 and Its torrents shall be turned mto pitch, and its land into 

10 sulphur. And its land shall be like pitch burning day and 
night, and which shall not be extinguished: for a long time 
the smoke of it shall ascend. During its generation it shall be 

11 desolate. And for a long period fowls and porcupines, ibises 
and crows shall d^vell therein. And over it shall be stretched a 
Ime of devastation; and in it the onocentaurs shall dwell The 

12 chiefs of it shall be no more; for its kings and its nobles shall 

13 be for destruction. And in their cities shall spring up brakes• 
and brambles shall be its fortresses: and they shall be cots 

14 lor Sirens, and for the ostrich's court. And demons shall 
meet onocentaurs; and bellow one to the other. Onocen 

^ taurs shall there enjoy repose having found for themselves a 

1:. place of rest. There the porcupine hath made its nest; and the 

and hath safely kept its young. There the deer have asscm- 

16 bled and seen each other's face. I counted them and there is 
not one of them lost. They have not had occasion to seek each 
other: for the Lord hath issued orders to them; and his spirit 

17 hath brought them together. And he will himself cast the lots 


for them, his hand hath meted the place for tliem to feed. — 
For a long time you shall inherit it. 

(c) For generations of generations let them rest therein. 
XXXV. Rejoice, Ο desert ; shout for joy, Ο thirsty desert, 

2 and blossom like a lilly. Let the deserts of Jordan also bloom 
and rejoice ; to it hath been given the glory of Lebanon and 
the honour of Charmel. And my people shall see the glory 
of the Lord, and the majesty of our God. 

3 Be strong ye hands which are feeble, and ye knees which 

4 are without strength. Take comfort ye who are faint hearted; 
take courage, be not terrified ; behold our God retributeth 
judgment; he will indeed make retribution — he himself will 

5 come and save us. Then shall be opened the eyes of the 

6 blind ; and the ears of the deaf will hear. Then will the lame 
bound like a hart; and the stammering tongue will speak plain. 

Because water is burst forth in the desert, and torrents in 

7 a thirsty land ; therefore the glowing sand shall become pools, 
and for the thirsty soil there will be fountains of water. The 

,8 reedy beds and the pools there will be the joy of birds. There 
will be there a pure highway, which shall be called The Holy 
way. And the unclean shall not come there ; nor shall there be 
there an uncleiin way. But as for the dispersed, they shall 

9 travel it, and shall not be led astray. No lion shall be there; nor 
shall any ravenous beast come up thither, nor ever be found 
there ; but in it the redeemed will walk, and they who have 
been collected for the Lord. They indeed shall return and 
come to Sion with joy, and everlasting joy shall crown their 
head : for on their heads will be praise and rapture ; and glad- 
ness shall have full possession of them. Pain and sorrow and 
sighing are fled. 

XXX VL IN the fourteenth year of the reign of Ezekias, Sen- 
nacherim king of the Assyrians came up against the fortified 

2 cities of Judea, and took them. And the king of the Assyrians 
sent Rabsakes from Lakes to Jerusalem, to king Ezekias, 
with a great army. And he halted at the canal of the upper 

3 pool in the high way to the fuller's field. And to him went out 
Eliakim the son of Chelkias the steward, and Somnas the 

4 scribe, and Joach son of Asaph the recorder. And Rabsakes 


said to them, Tell Ezekias, Thus saith the great king, the king 

5 of the Assyrians, On what hast thou placed confidence? Not- 
Avithstanding negociation and fair speeches, are not preparati- 
ons making for war? Now therefore on whom hast thou relied, 

6 that thou rebellest against me ? Behold thy reliance is on that 
staff — that staff of reed — that broken reed, Egypt ; on which 
if a man lean, it will pierce his hand and go through it. Such 

7 is Pharao king of Egypt to all who rely on him. But if you 

8 say, "Our confidence is in the Lord our God ; " were you 
now in close connexion with miy master the king of the As- 
syrians ; and were I to give you two thousand horses ; could 

9 you put riders on them ? How then can you revolt and affect 
to be petty princes. Those are reduced to slavery who have 

10 trusted in the Egyptians for charioteers and cavalry. Besides, 
are we now come up without the Lord against this land to war 
against it? The Lord hath said to me, Go up against this land 
and destroy it. 

11 Then Eliakim and Somnas and Joach said to him, Speak 
to thy servants in Syriac, for we understand it. Therefore 
speak not to us in the Jewish language. Why speakest thou 
to the ears of the men on the walls ? 

12 Thereupon Rabsakes said to them. Hath my lord sent me 
to your lord or to you to speak these words ? Was it not to 
those men — to them who are stationed on that wall, that they 
may eat dung and drink urine, both they and you together ? 

13 Then Rabsakes stood and cried with a loud voice in the Jew- 
ish language and said. Hear the words of the great king, the 

14 king of the Assyrians, Thus saith the king. Let not Ezekias 

15 deceive you with speeches. He cannot deliver you. And let 
not Ezekias say to you, God will dehver you ; and this city 
shall not be delivered into the hand of the king of the Assy- 

16 rians. Hearken not to Ezekias. Thus saith the king of the As- 
syrians, If you wish to be happy, come out to me ; and eat, 
every one, of his own vine and his own fig trees, and drink water 

17 from your own cisterns, until I come and take you to a land 
like your own— a land of corn and wine, and of bread and 

18 vineyards. Let not Ezekias deceive you saying, God will de- 
liver you. Have the gods of the nations, delivered every one 
his own country out of the hand of the king of the Ass\Tians ? 



19 Where is the God of Emath and Arphath ? And where is the 
God of the city Eppharuim ? Were they able to deliver Sa- 

20 maria out of my hand ? Who is there of all the gods of the 
nations who hath delivered his country out of my hand, that 

21 God should deliver Jerusalem out of my hand? But they were 
silent and none answered him a word, because the king had 
given a charge that none should answer. 

22 Then Eliakim the son of Chelkias the steward, and Som- 
nas the secretary at war and Joach the son of Asaph the re- 
corder went to Ezekias with their clothes rent and told him 

XXXVII. the words of Rabsakes. And when Ezekias heard 
them he rent his clothes and put on sackcloth and went up to 

2 the house of the Lord. And he sent Eliakim the steward and 
Somnas the scribe and the elders of the priests clothed with 
sackcloth to Esaias son of Amos the prophet with this message 

3 to him, Thus saith Ezekias, " This day is a day of trouble and 
of reproach and of rebuke and of wrath; for pangs are come on 
a woman in travail and she hath not strength to bring forth. 

4 That the Lord thy God may attend to the message of Rab- 
sakes which the king of the Assyrians hath sent to reproach 
the Living God; and refute the words which the Lord thy 
God hath heard, thou shouldst pray to the Lord for these poor 

5 remains." So when the servants of king Ezekias came to 

6 Esaias he said to them, " Thus shall you say to your lord,Thus 
saith the Lord, Be not terrified at the words which thou hast 
heard; Avith which the messengers of the king of the Assy- 

7 rians have reproached me. Behold I am about to put such a 
spirit in him, that he having heard news will return to his 
own country: and he shall fall by the sword in his own land." 

8 So Rabsakes returned and found the king of the Assy- 
rians besieging Lobna, for he heard that he had removed from 
Lachis; and Thoraka king of the Ethiopians came out to give 

9 him battle. Upon hearing this, he retreated, and sent messen- 

10 gers to Ezekias, saying. Thus shall you say to Ezekias king 
of Judea, Let not thy God, on whom thou reliest, deceive 
thee, saying, Jerusalem shall not be delivered into the hand of 

11 tlie king of the Assyrians. Hast thou not heard what the kings 

12 of the Assyrians have done? How they have destroyed all the 
land? And shalt thou be delivered? Have the gods of the na- 


tions delivered them whom my ancestors destroyed? Either 

Goza or Charran or Raphath which are in the country of 
13 Theemath? Where are the kings of Ε math? And where those 

of Arphath? And where those of the city Eppharuim, of Ana- 

34 When Ezekias received the letter from the messengers 

and had read it, he went up to the house of the Lord; and 

15 having spread it before the Lord, Ezekias prayed to the 

16 Lord, saying, "O Lord of Hosts the God of Israel, who art 
enthroned on the cherubim ! Thou alone art the God of every 

17 kingdom of the world. Thou hast made the heaven and the 
earth. Incline, Ο Lord, thine ear ! Ο Lord, hearken ! Open, Ο 
Lord, thine eyes ! Ο Lord, look down and behold the words 
of Sennacherim which he hath sent to reproach the Living 

18 God. In truth, Ο Lord, the kings of the Assyrians have laid 
waste this whole inhabited land and the country of those [here 

19 mentioned] and have cast their idols into the fire; for they 
were not gods; but works of mens' hands, stocks and stones; 

20 therefore they destroyed them. But now, Ο Lord, our God, 
save us out of their hands that every kingdom of the earth 

21 may know, that thou alone art God." Thereupon Esaias son 
of Amos was sent to Ezekias and said to him. Thus saith the 
Lord the God of Israel, " I have heard the prayer which thou hast 
made to me concerning Sennacherim king of the Assyrians. 
This is the word which the Lord hath spoken concerning 

22 " The virgin daughter of Sion hath despised thee and 
mocked thee; at thee the daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken 

23 her head; whom hast thou reproached and provoked? or 
against whom hast thou exalted thy voice, (without lifting up 

24 thine eye to the Holy One of Israel?) That by thy messengers 
thou hast reproached the Lord? For thou hast said. By the 
multitude of my chariots, I have ascended the height of moun- 
tains, and to the utmost limits of Libanus, and cut down the 
lofty cedar and beautiful cypress, and entered the stately part 

25 of the forest. I have laid bridges and dried up waters and 

26 every collection of water." " Hast thou not heard those things 
of old which I have done? From ancient times I gave com- 
mand and have now pointed out to lay waste nations in strong 


27 places and them who dwell in fortified cities. I weakened their 
hands and they were dried up, and became like dry grass on 

28 house tops, and like a blasted ear of corn. And now I know 

29 thy resting place and thy going out and thy coming in. As the 
rage with which thou hast been inflamed, and thy bitterness 

30 are come up to me; I will therefore put a hook in thy nose and 
a bridle in thy jaws; and turn thee back by the way in which 
thou came St." 

31 Now this shall be a sign to thee. Eat this year what thou 
hast sown, and in the second year what is left; but in the third 
year sow ye and reap; plant vineyards and eat the fruit thereof; 

32 for they who are left shall continue in Judea. They shall strike 
root downwards and bear fruit upwards. For they of Jerusa- 
lem shall be left and they of mount Sion shall be saved. The 

33 zeal of the Lord of Hosts will do this. Therefore thus saith 
the Lord, With regard to the king of the Assyrians, he shall 
not enter this city; nor shoot an arrow against it; nor present 

34 against it a shield; nor enclose it with a rampire. But by the 
way which he came, by the same he shall return; and into this 

35 city he shall not come. Thus saith the Lord, I will cover this 
city with my shield to save it for mine own sake and the sake 
of my servant David. 

36 So an angel of the Lord went forth and slew of the camp 
of the Assyrians a hundred and eighty five thousand. And 
when they arose in the morning they found all these dead bo- 

37 dies. Thereupon Sennacherim king of the Assyrians retreated 

38 and went and dwelt in Ninive. And as he was worshipping, in his 
house, Nasarach his ancestor; Adramelech and Sarousai* his 
sons smote him with their swords; and, they having made their 
escape to Armenia, Asardan his son reigned in his stead. 

XXXV in. At that time Ezekias was seized with a mortal 
sickness; and Esaias son of Amos, the prophet, came to him 
and said to him. Thus saith the Lord, Give orders respecting 
thy household, for thou art at the point of death and shall not 

2 live. Thereupon Ezekias turned his face to the wall and pray- 

3 ed to the Lord, saying, " Ο Lord, remember how I have 
walked before thee with truth and with an upright heart, and 
have done the things which are pleasing in thy sight." And 

4 Ezekias wept bitterly. And a word of the Lord came to Esaias 

5 saying, Go and say to Ezekias, Thus saith the Lord, the 


God of thy father David, I have heard thy prayer and seen 

6 thy tears, Behold I will add to thy term fifteen'years. And I 
will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the king of 

7 the Assyrians and cover this city with my shield. And this 
shall be a sign to thee from the Lord, that God will perform 

8 this decree. Behold I will bring back the shadow of the steps 
the ten steps of the house of thy father, which the sun hath gone 
dowTi. I will bring back the sun those ten steps. So the sun re- 
ascended the ten steps which the shadow had gone down. 

9 The prayer of Ezekias, king ofJudea, when he had been sick, 

and was recovered from his sickness. 

10 I said in the height of my days I shall go down to the gates 

11 of Hades, I shall leave the years which remain. I said, I shall 
no more see the salvation of God in the land of the livino•; I 
shall no more see the salvation of Israel on the earth; I shall 

12 behold man no more. I am cut off from my generation, I haAC 
left the remainder of my life. He is gone and departed from 
me, like one striking a tent, having just pitched it. My soul 
within me was like a web which the weaver was in act to se- 
ver from the loom. 

15 In that day I was delivered up until morning as to a lion. 
So did he break to pieces all my bones. For from day to 

14 night I was delivered up. Like a swallow so let me twitter; 
and like a turtle dove so let me moan; for mine eyes were too 
weak to look up to the vault of heaven — to the Lord who hath 

16 rescued me and taken from me the sonOWof my soul. Of this 
^ indeed thou, Ο Lord, wast told, and thou hast restored my 

17 breath and I am comforted and live. For thou hast rescued 
my soul that it should not perish; and hast cast behind thee 

18 all my sins. For those in the mansion of the dead cannot praise 
thee; nor can the dead return thee thanks, nor they in Hades 

19 hope for thy kindness. The living will praise thee even as I do; 

20 for from this day I shall raise up children, who will proclaim 
this lovingkindness of thine, Ο God of my salvation; and I will 
never cease praising thee with a psaltery, all the days of my 
life over against the house of God. 

21 Now Esaias had said to Ezekias, Take a cake of figs and 

22 bruise and apply it as a poultice and thou shalt recover. Where- 
upon Ezekias said. Let this be a sign to Ezekias, that I shall 
go up to the house of God. 


XXXIX. AT the time when Marodach Baladan the son of 
Baladan the king of Babylon sent letters and ambassadors and 

2 presents to Ezekias (for he heard that he had been sick unto 
death and had recovered:) and Ezekias was rejoiced at their ar- 
rival and shewed them the house of Nechotha and that of the sil- 
ver and of the gold; and that for stacte, and for perfumes and for 
myn'h; and all the treasure houses and all that he had in his trea- 

3 suries; there being nothing in his house nor in all his dominion 
which Ezekias did not shew them; Esaiasthe prophet thenwent 
to king Ezekias and said to him, What say those men? And, 
whence are they come to thee? And Ezekias said, They are 

4 come to me from a far distant land, from Babylon. And Esai- 
as said, What have they seen in thy house? To which Ezeki- 
as replied, They have seen all that are in my house. There is 
nothing in my house which they have not seen: nay, they have 

5 seen also what are in my treasuries. Thereupon Esaias said to 

6 him, Hear the word of the Lord of hosts! Behold days are 
coming, when they shall seize all that are in thy house. And 
all that thy fathers have collected even to this day shall go to 

7 Babylon; and nothing shall be left behind. Moreover God hath 
said, That of thy children whom thou shalt beget, they will 
take some and make them eunuchs in the house of the king of 

8 the Babylonians. And Ezekias said to Esaias, Good is the 
ΛVord of the Lord wihch he spake: let there be, I pray, peace 
and righteousness in my days. 

XL. Sec. 1 COMFORT ye, comfort ye my people, saith 

2 God: Ο priests, speak to the understanding of Jerusalem; com- 
fort her; for her humiliation is accomplished; her iniquity is 
pardoned: for she hath received from the hand of the Lord 
f blessings] double to the punishment of her sins. 

3 A voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare the way 

4 of the Lord; make straight the roads for our God. Let ever}- 
valley be filled up, and every mountain and hill be levelled: and 
let all the crooked be made a straight road, and the rough way, 

5 smootti plains: and the glory of the Lord will appear: And all 
flesh shall see the salvation of God. For the Lord hath spoken. 

6 "A voice of one saying, Proclaim." Wherefore I said, 
What shall I proclaim? "All flesh is grass; and all the glory of 


8 man as a flower of grass. The grass is withered and the flower 
fallen; but the word of our God will endure forever." 

9 Ascend a lofty mountain, thou who proclaimest good news 
to Sion: exalt thy voice with strength, thou who bringest p-lad 
tidings to Jerusalem: raise it up; be not afraid; say to the cities 

10 of Juda, Behold, your God! behold the Lord! The Lord is 
coming with majesty; and his arm with dominion. Behold his 

11 reward is with him; and his work, before him. Like a shep- 
' herd he will tend his flock; and with his arm he will gather the 

lambs, and comfort the ewes that are with young. 

12 Who hath measured the water with his hand, and the hea- 
ven with a span and the \Wiole earth with a hand breadth? Who 
hath weighed the mountains in scales and the dales with a ba- 

13 lance? Who hath known the mind of the Lord? and who hath 

14 been of his counsel to teach him? or whom hath he consulted that 
he might instruct him? or who hath pointed out judgment to 

15 him? or who hath shewn him the Avay of knowledge? If all the 
nations are as a drop from a cask; and are accounted as the 

16 turning of a balance— may be reckoned as spittle; if Lebanon is 
not sufficient for a fire, nor all the beasts sufficient for an ho- 

17 mage offbring: and all the nations are as nothing and reckoned 

18 as nothing: to whom have you likened the Lord? and to what 

19 likeness have you compared him? Hath a carpenter when he 
hath made an image, or the goldsmith when he hath melted 

20 gold and gilded it, prepared this as a likeness of him? for the 
carpenter chuseth a sound piece of timber and will inquire 
wisely, how he may place his image that it may not be moved. 

21 Will you not know? will you not hear? hath it not been told 
you from the beginning? have you not known the foundations 

22 of the earth? He it is, who occupieth the circuit of the earth; 
and the inhabitants thereon areas grasshoppers. He it is, whoes. 
tablished the heaven as an arch, and spread it out as a tent to 

23 be dwelt in; who giveth chiefs as a nothingness to govern: 

24 and hath made the earth as a mere nothing. For they could not 
plant nor could they sow, nor could their root strike into the 
ground; he blew upon them and they withered, and a whirlwind 
will sweep them away like stubble. 

25 Now therefore to whom have you likened me; that I mav 

26 be exalted? said the Holy One. Raise vour eves upwards and 


take a view: who hath displayed all those? He who bringeth out 
his host by number can call them all by name. On the account 
of abundant glory, by reason of the mightiness of his power 

27 he hath in no wise escaped thy notice; wherefore, thou, Jacob, 
shouldst not say, yet what hast thou, Ο Israel, spoken? "My 
way is hidden from God" and, "My God hath put off my cause 

28 and is gone." Hast thou then not known? hast thou not heard? 
The everlasting God, the God who fitted up the ends of the 
earth, cannot hunger, nor can he be weary; nor can his under- 

29 standing be searched out. He it is Λvho giveth strength to the 

30 hungry and grief to them who have not had sorrow. For 
youths will hunger and young men be weary, and chosen war- 

31 riors will become strengthless; but they who wait upon God 
shall have new strength; they shall put forth fresh feathers 
like eagles; they shall run and not be wearied; they shall march 
on and shall not faint. 

XLI. (J) Dedicate yourselves to me, Ο Islands, for the 
Archons will gather new strength. Let them draw near and 
confer together, then let them announce judgment. 

2 Who raised up righteousness from the East — called upon 
it to attend his steps? when he marcheth on, he will exhibit it 
before nations and confound kings and dash their swords to 
the ground, and their bows shall be driven away like stubble^ 

3 When he pursueth them, the road for his feet shall pass 

4 through to peace. Who hath performed and done these things? 
He who called that righteousness — who from the generations 
of the beginning is calling it — I God the First, and to the suc- 
ceeding ages, THE I AM. 

5 The nations saw and were affrighted; the ends of the earth 

6 drew near and came together. Every one is determining to 
help his neighbour and his brother, and one will say. The 

7 carpenter had strength, so had the smith who beateth with a 
hammer and plateth it. Sometimes indeed one will say, "It is 
a beautiful composition?" These things they made strong with 
nails; they will fix them up that they may not be moved: but 

8 thou Israel my servant; thou Jacob, whom I have chosen; 

9 thou seed of Abraham whom I loved! have I not taken thee 
from the ends of the earth, and from the speculations thereof 
called thee, and said to thee, Thou art my servant I have cho- 


10 sen thee and have not forsaken thee. Fear not, for I am with 
thee; be not led astray, for I am thy God. I have strengthened 
thee and helped thee, and secured thee with my just right 

11 hand. Behold all thine adversaries shall be ashamed and con- 
founded; for they shall be as nothing and all thine opponents 

12 shall be destroyed. Thou mayst seek but thou shalt not find 
the men, who through drunkenness will dare to insult thee. 
For they shall be as mere nothing: and they who war against 

13 thee shall be no more. For I am thy God, who have hold 

14 of thy right hand, and who say to thee, Fear not, Ο Jacob, 
Ο diminutive Israel ! I have helped thee, saith thy God, 

15 who redeemeth thee, Ο Israel. Behold I have made thee 
like the wheels of a wain bruising to pieces a brood of pige- 

16 ons: thou indeed shalt grind mountains and reduce hills to 
small pieces, and make them like dust: and thou shalt win- 
now them ; and a wind shall take them up, and a whirl- 
wind shall sweep them away; but thou shalt be gladdened 

17 in the sanctuaries of Israel; and the poor and the needy 
shall exult with joy : for when they shall seek water and 
there shall be none, and their tongue is parched with thirst; I 
the Lord their God, I the God of Israel will hear and will not 

18 forsake them; but will open rivers on the mountains, and foun- 
tains in the midst of plains: I will turn the wilderness into wa- 

19 tery fens, and with streams refresh the thirsty ground. And I 
will plant in the dry wilderness the cedar and box, the myrtle 

20 and cypress and elm: that they may see and know, and consi- 
der and understand at once that the hand of the Lord hath 
done these things; even what the Holy One of Israel hath 
pointed out. 

21 The trial of you is near, saith the Lord God; your coun- 

22 cils are nigh at hand, saith the king of Jacob ; let them draw 
near and tell you what will happen, or such things as these be- 
fore they come to pass. Tell us that we may apply our under- 
standing, and that we may know the final issue, and the train 

23 of events leading to it. Tell us, announce to us the things in 
successive train to the issue ; and we will acknowledge that 
you are gods. Confer favours and inflict punishments, and we 

24 will pay respect and see at once, that wherever you are thence 
is your operation. 

VOL. Ill, f^ 


They have chosen you an abomination from the earth ; 

25 but I have raised up that one from the north, and that other 
from the risings of the sun ; they shall be called by my name : 
let the Archons come, and as the clay of a potter — even as a 

26 potter treadeth clay so shall you be trampled down. Who now 
can tell these things from the beginning, that we may know, 
e\'en these things before hand : that we may say. The predic- 
tion is true. There is none who predictcth, nor doth any one 

27 hear your words. I will first give notice to Sion and I will 

28 comfort Jerusalem on the way. For of the nations behold 
there is none, and of the idols none giveth warning. And 
should I ask them. Whence are you ? They could not make 

29 me any answer. For are these they who made you ? They 
are indeed those who vainly lead you astray. 

XLII. Sect. 2. (J) JACOB is my servant, I will uphold him, 
Israel is my chosen one, my soul hath embraced him ; I have 
put my spirit upon him ; he will publish judgment to the na- 

2 tions. He will not scream, nor urge with vehemence : nor 

3 will his voice be heard abroad in the streets. A bruised reed 
he will not break, nor extinguish a dimly burning taper ; but 

4 will publish judgment to establish truth. He will shine out, 
and shall not be broken until he hath established judgment on 
the earth. In his name therefore let the nations trust. 

5 Thus saith the Lord, the God who made the heaven and fix- 
ed it; who established the earth and the things therein and who 
giveth vital air to the people on it, and breath to them who tread 

6 thereon; I the Lord God have called thee for saving mercy, and 
I will take hold of thy hand and strengthen thee ; for I have 
given thee for the covenant of a race — for the light of nations : 

7 to open the eyes of the blind; to lead out from chains them who 
are bound, and out of prison, them who are sitting in darkness. 

8 I am the Lord God ; this is my name : this glory of mine 
I will not give to another, nor these powers of mine to the 

9 graven idols. With regard to the former predictions, behold 
they are come to pass ; and these are new tilings which I 
now declare ; and before their promulgation, they are revealed 
to vou. 


10 ^ (p) Sing to the Lord a new song, ye, his government! praise 
his name, ye from the utmost border of the earth, ye who go 
down on the sea and navigate it, ye islands, and ye who dwell 

11 therein. Let the desert be glad and the villages thereof; the 
folds for flocks and them who inhabit Kedar : let the inhabi- 
tants of Petra rejoice ; let them shout from the top of the 

12 mountains : to this God let them ascribe glory ; let them pro- 

13 claim his powers among the isles. The Lord God of Hosts 
will come forth and tread down battle ; he will rouse up his 
zeal, and shout against his enemies with majesty. 

14 (J) I have been silent; but shall! always keep silence 
and forbear? Like a woman in travail I have endured suffer- 

15 ing ; I will strike with astonishment and wither at once. I will 
lay waste mountains and hills, and dry up all the herbage on 

16 them. I will make rivers islands and drv up pools, and lead 
the blmd in a way which they know not,' and cause them to 
walk m paths which they have not known. For them I will 
make the darkness light, and the crooked wavs a straight road. 

17 These things I will do, and Twill not forsake them : but as 
for them they have turned backwards ! be whelmed in shame, 
ye who trust in graven images— who say to the molten imae-es! 
ye are our gods. 

18 (p) Heai•, Ο ye deaf; and ye blind, look up that you may 
see. — "^ 

19 (J) Who indeed is blind but my servants ? And deaf but 
those who rule over them ? Even the servants of God are be- 

20 come bhnd. You have seen again and again but have not re- 
garded : your ears have been opened, but you did not hear. 

oo 1 • .; f ""^ ^^^ "^^^^ ^"^ ^ determination, that he mi^ht 

22 be justified and might magnify praise. Whereupon I beheld 

and the people were plundered and dispersed: for the snare 

was every where in the private chambers, and in the houses 

also where they had hidden themselves. They Avere for a prev 

and there was no rescuer_for a spoil; and there was none 

ο who saKl, Restore. Who is there among you who will give 

24 ear to these thmgs ? Attend to those leading causes, for whLh 

he hath given Jacob for a spoil, andlsrael to them who plun- 

(J) Jehovah, (p) the prophet. 


dered him. Hath not God, against whom they sinned, and in 
whose wa3's they would not walk, and whose law they would 

25 not obey — hath not he brought upon them his fierce anger? 
(J) Though war prevailed over them, and they who were 
burning them up were all around, yet they did not, any of them, 

XLIII. know, nor lay it to heart. Still ho^vever thus saith the 
Lord, the God Avho made thee Ο Jacob, and who formed thee, 
Ο Israeli fear not. Because I have redeemed thee — have call- 

2 ed thee by thy name — thou art mine ; therefore when thou 
passest through water, I am with thee, and the streams shall 
not overwhelm thee : and when thou passest through fire, 
thou shalt not be burned up — the flame shall not quite con- 
sume thee. 

3 Because I the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel am 
thy Saviour, I have given Egypt for thy ransom and Ethiopia 

4 and Soena in thy stead. Because thou hast been precious in 
my sight — hast been honoured and I loved thee ; therefore 

5 I will give men for thee and chiefs for thy life. Fear not. Be- 
cause I am with thee, from the east I will bring thy seed, and 

6 gather thee together from the west : I will say to the north, 
*' Give up" and to the south, " Keep thou not back ; bring 
my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the 

7 earth — all that are called by my name." For I have prepared 

8 him for my glory, I have fashioned him and made him, and 
have brought out a blind people : for their eyes are as if they 
were blind ; and they are deaf, though they have ears. 

9 (p) All the nations were assembled together ; now let all 
the archons be assembled : can any among them announce 
these things ? Or can any tell you these things before hand ? 
Let them produce their witnesses and be justified, and let them 
hear and tell things true. 

10 (J) Be you witnesses for me : and as for me I myself am 
a witness saith the Lord God ; and this servant of mine whom, 
I have chosen ; that you may know and believe and under- 
stand that with respect to me. The I am, There is no other 

1 1 God before me ; and after me none will exist. I am God and 

12 there is no Saviour besides me. I have announced and saved; 
I reproached when there was no strange god among you. You 

33 are witnesses for me ; and I the Lord am still the same God. 


from the beginning ; and there is none who can rescue out of 

14 my hands. I will act ; and who can prevent it — Thus saith 
the Lord, the God who redeemed you, the Holy One of Is- 
rael; For your sakes I will send to Babylon, and rouse up all 
who are fleeing ; and the Chaldeans shall be bound in ships. 

15 I am the Lord God, your Holy One, who pointed out Israel 
your king. 

16 Thus saith the Lord who made a highway in a sea, and a path 

17 in the mighty water; who brought out chariots and horses and a 
mighty host, but they lay down to sleep and shall rise no more : 

i8 they were extinguished like an extinguished taper. Mention 
not these former things, nor reason from the things of old. Be- 

19 hold I am in act to do new things, which shall now spring up 
and you shall know them — I will make a way in the wilderness, 

20 and streams of water in the desert. The wild beasts of the field 
ΛνίΙΙ bless me — the Seirens and the daughters of the ostrich ; 
because I have given water in the wilderness, and flowing 
streams in the desert, to give drink to this race of mine which 

211 have chosen — my people Avhom I have preserved to recount 
my praises. 

22 I had not now called upon thee, Jacob, nor caused thee, 

23 Israel, to weary thyself : thou hadst not brought me thy sheep 
of thy whole burnt oflTering ; nor honoured me with thine in- 
cense offerings : I had not burdened thee with sacrifices of 

24 flour ; nor wearied thee with demands of frankincense : nor 
hadst thou purchased with silver perfumes for me ; nor had I 
desired the suet of thy sacrifices : but thou stoodest before 

25 me in thy sins and in thine iniquities. I even I, THE I AM, 
am he who blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake; 

26 and of thy sins I will no more make mention : but do thou 
mention them and let us be judged ; do thou first state thy 
transgressions, that thou mayst be acquitted. 

27 Your fathers first, then your chiefs transgressed against 

28 me. When the chiefs polluted my sanctuary, then I gave up 
XLIV. Jacob to be destroyed, and Israel to reproach. But now, 

hear, Ο Jacob my servant, and thou Israel, whom I have cho- 

2 sen; Thus saith the Lord, the God who made thee, and who 

formed thee from the womb, still thou shalt be helped. Fear 

not, thou my servant Jacob, and thou, beloved Israel, whom 


3 I have chosen: for I will give water in their thirst to them who 
are travelling in a desert. I will put my spirit on thy seed, and 

4 my blessings on thy children; and they shall spring up like 
grass among water, and like a willow by the side of a flowing 

5 stream. One will say, " I belong to God;" and another will 
call himself by the name of Jacob; and another will write on 
his hand, " I belong to God," and will surname himself by 
the name of Israel. 

6 Sect. 3. THUS saith God, the King of Israel, and his Re- 
deemer, the God of Hosts, I am the first and I am the last : be- 

7 sides me there is no God. Who is like me? Let him stand up 
and call and announce, and make ready for me : In as much as 
I have made a man for this age, let them now tell you the 

8 train of events before they come to pass. Hide not yourselves 
nor be led astray. Have you not heard from the beginning? 
And have I not told you? You are witnesses whether there be 
any God besides me. And have not then the fashioners and 

9 engravers heard? They are all fools making things to please 

10 their fancies — things which cannot profit them : but shame 
shall cover these god makers, and all the engravers of these 

1 1 useless things. When all by whom they were made are dried 
up; then let all the stupid among men be collected and stand 
together, and let them be confounded and ashamed together : 

12 for the carpenter sharpened an axe, with a hatchet he model- 
led it; then he put it into a lathe and with his strong arm fash- 
ioned it. Though he be hungry and faint, he must not drink 

13 The carpenters having chosen apiece of wood framed it 
by rule and glued the parts together, and made it in the form 
of a man and with the comeliness of a man, to set it in a house. 

14 He cut wood from the forest which the Lord planted — a pine 

15 tree, which the rain had nourished, that it might be fuel for the 
use of man : and having taken some of it he warmed himself; 
and with other pieces they made a fire and baked cakes, and 

16 of the residue they made gods and worshipped them. Did he 
not burn half of it in the fire, and, with the coals of that half, 
bake cakes; and having roasted meat Avith it did he not eat and 
was satisfied; and when warmed say, " Aha ! I am warmed, I 


17 have enjoyed the fire?" Yet of the residue he made a carved 
god, and worshippeth it, and prayeth to it, saying, " Dehver 
me, for thou art my God." 

18 They had not sense to think; for they were so involved in 
darkness that they could not see with their eyes, nor under- 

19 stand with their hearts: nor did any reason in his mind, nor by 
his understanding recollect, that he had burned half of it in the 
fire, and on the coals thereof baked cakes, and had roasted 
flesh and eaten, and of the residue had made an abomination; 

20 so they bow themselves down to it. Know thou that their 
heart is ashes, and they are led astray and none can deliver his 
soul. Take a view of it, will you not say, " There is indeed 
a lie in my right hand?" 

21 Remember these things, Ο Jacob, even thou Israel, for 
thou art my servant. I have made thee my servant; therefore 

22 Ο Israel do not thou forget me. For, lo ! I have made thy 
transgressions vanish like a cloud— and thy sins like the mur- 
ky vapour. Return to me and I will redeem thee. 

23 (c) Rejoice, Ο heavens ! because God hath compassionat- 
ed Israel. Utter sounds of joy, ye foundations of the earth ! 
Burst forth into songs, ye mountains and hiUs, and all ye trees 
which are thereon! Because God hath redeemed Jacob and 
Israel shall be glorified. 

24 Sect. 4. (J) THUS saith the Lord, Avho redeemed thee— 
even He who formed thee from the womb; I am the Lord the 
Maker of all things; I alone stretched out the heavens and 

25 firmly established the earth. Who else can dispel from the 
heart die signs of belly speakers and divinations? I am he who 

26 turneth sages backwards and maketh their counsel fooKsh; but 
establisheth the word of his servant, and verifieth the counsel 
of his messengers— who saith to Jerusalem, " Thou shalt be 
mhabited;" and to the cities of Idumea, "Ye shall be re- 

27 builded, and in its deserts vegetation shall spring up:" Who 
saith to the deep. Thou shalt be wasted, and I will dry up the 

28 rivers : who saith, to Cyrus [I will give] wisdom, and he shall 
execute all my pleasure. Who saith to Jerusalem, " Thou 

(c) the chorus. 


shalt be rebuilded and the house dedicated to me I will found. 
XLV. Thus saith the Lord God, For mine anointed, for Cyrus, 
(whose right hand I have taken hold of that nations may lis- 
ten before him) I will break the power of kings; I will open 

2 gates before him, and cities shall not be shut up. I will go be- 
fore thee and level mountains; I will break in pieces the gates 

3 of brass, and burst asunder the bars of iron; and give thee trea- 
sures of darkness — deep, hidden, unseen treasures I will dis- 
close to thee, that thou mayst know, that I, the Lord thy God, 
who calleth thee by thy name, am the God of Israel. 

4 For the sake of my servant Jacob, and of Israel my cho- 
sen one, I will call thee by thy name and receive thee kindly. 

5 As for thee, thou didst not know me. Because I am the Lord 
God and there is no God else besides me; I strengthened thee 

6 when thou didst not know me; that they from the risings of 
the sun and they from its goings down may know, that there is 
no God besides me. I the Lord am God and there is none else. 

7 It was I who provided light and made darkness; who make 
peace and create evils : I the Lord God am he who doth all 
these things. 

8 (c) Let the heaven above be glad; and the clouds shower 
down righteousness. Let the earth spring and bloom with 
mercy and let it cause righteousness to spring up with it. 

9 (J) I the Lord am he who created thee. Is any thing en- 
dowed with excellence? I fashioned it like the clay of a pot- 
ter. Will the ploughman plough the ground all the day long? 
Will the clay say to the potter, '' What art thou making? Or 
the work to the \vorkman, " Thou hast not hands." Will the 

10 thing formed reply against him who formed it? Will one say 
to his father, What wilt thou beget? Or to his mother, What 

11 art thou bringing forth? Wherefore thus saith the Lord God, 
the Holy One of Israel, even he who made the train of events; 
Do you question me concerning my children; and concerning 

12 the works of my hands give me directions ! It was I who made 
the earth and man on it : it was I who with my hand establish- 

13 ed the heaven : it was I who gave direction to all the stars. It 
is I who have raised him up with righteousness to be king; 
and all his ways shall be straight. He shall rebuild this city of 
mine, and send back the captives of this my people, not for 
ransom nor reward, said the Lord of Hosts. 


14 Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, That for which Egypt la- 
boured and the traffick of the Ethiopians, and the Sabeans men 
of tall stature shall come over to thee ; and they shall be thy 
vassals and shall follow thee bound with chains. Thev will 
come over to thee and pay thee homage and pray to thee be- 
cause God is in thee. 

15 (c) There is indeed no God besides thee. For thou art 

16 God and we knew it. The God of Israel is a Saviour: let all 
that oppose him be shamed and confounded and in shame let 
them march along. 

17 (J) Dedicate yourselves to me, ye islands! The Lord 
hath saved Israel with an everlasting salvation. They shall not 

18 be put to shame nor confounded any more forever. Thus saith 
the Lord who made the heaven, the same God who displayed 
the earth to view, and who, having made it, parcelled it out : he 
did not make it to be Λvaste, but formed it to be inhabited : I 

19 am the Lord and there is none else. I have not spoken in se. 
cret nor in an obscure part of the earth. I have not said to the 
seed of Jacob, Seek ye a vain thing. I am THE I AM, the 

20 Lord, who speak righteousness and proclaim truth. Assemble 
yourselves together and come; consult together ye who escape 
from among the nations. They are devoid of knowledge, Avho 
carry the wood — their carved image; and who pray to gods 

21 which cannot save them. If they will proclaim, let them draw 
near and know at once, who hath published these things from 
the beginning : then let them be announced to you. I am God 
and there is no other besides me ; a just God and a saviour be- 

22 sides me there is none. Turn to me and ye shall be saved, ye 
from the farthest part of the earth, I am God and there is none 

23 else. By myself I swear (righteousness shall proceed from my 
mouth; my words shall not be reversed) that to me every knee 
shall bow and every tongue shall swear, with respect to God, 

24 saying, Righteousness and glory shall come to him, and all that 

25 make distinctions among them shall be ashamed. On account 
of the Lord they shall be acquitted; and in God all the seed of 
Israel will glory. 

XL VI. Sect. 5. BEL is fallen; Nabo is broken to pieces. 
Their graven images were a load for wild beasts and cattle. 

VOL. III. « 


You are carrying them bound like a burden on the weary, 

2 fainty, and hungry, who are all without strength and unable to 
escape from battle; and as for them, they are carried away 
captives ! 

3 Hearken to me Ο house of Jacob and all ye remnant of 
Israel, who have been carried from the womb, and instructed 

4 from childhood to old age; I am the self existent, even till you 
groAv old, I am, I sustain you : I made you and I will bear with 

5 you; I will lift you up and I will save you. To what have you 

6 likened me? Look ! Contrive, ye wanderers ! Collecting gold 
from a bag, and silver by Λveight they will put it in a balance; 
and having hired a goldsmith they made handiworks and 

7 boAving themselves down they will worship them. They carry 
it on the shoulder and move on ; but if they set it in its place, 
there it reraaineth. It cannot move itself. And if any one cry 
to it, it cannot hear, nor can it save him from evils. 

8 Remember these things and groan; reform, ye who have 

9 been led astray: return with the heart and remember the things 

10 of old, that I am God and there is none besides me, who can 
declare events before they happen, as if they were already ac- 
complished. When I have spoken, all my counsel shall stand; 

11 and all that I have determined, I will effect. Calling from the 
east a winged fowl, even from a far distant land, for purposes 
which I have resolved on, I have spoken and brought, I• have 
created and made, I have brought it and made its way pros- 

12 Hear me, ye who have lost understanding — who are far 

13 from righteousness! I have brought my saving mercy near; and 
the salvation which is from me I will not delay. I have placed 
in Sion salvation for Israel, for a subject of glory. 

XL VII. Come down, sit on the ground, Ο virgin daughter of 
Babylon! Sit on the ground, Ο daughter of the Chaldeans! for 

2 thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate! Take a mill- 
stone and grind corn. Doff thy veil; uncover thy grey locks. 

3 Make bare thy leg: wade through rivers. Thy shame shall be 
exposed; thy nakedness shall be seen. 

4< This vengeance I will take on thy account and no more de- 
liver thee up to men. Thy deliverer is the Lord of Hosts, his 
name is the Holy One of Israel. 


5 Sit in compunction: enter into darkness, Ο daughter of 
the Chaldeans! thou shalt no more be called the strength of a 

6 kingdom. I was angry with my people: thou didst pollute my 
heritage, I delivered them into thy hand: and thou didst shew 
them no mercy. The yoke of the aged thou madest very hea- 

7 vy, and saidst, I shall be empress forever. These things did 
not enter thy heart; nor didst thou call to mind what might at 

8 last befal thee. Now, therefore, hear these things, thou vo- 
luptuary ! thou who art seated at ease, who thinkest thyself 
secure; who sayest in thy heart; "I am and there is none else. 
I shall not sit a widow, nor shall I know the loss of children." 

9 But now upon tliee shall come these two things, suddenly, in one 
day. The loss of children and widowhood shall come suddenly 
on thee, in the midst of thy sorcery, in the full strength of thy 

10 mighty inchantments. Confiding in thy wickedness thou indeed 
saidst; "I am and there is none else." Know thou, the consci- 
ousness of these things and thy whoredom shall be thy shame. 

1 1 Thou indeed saidst in thy heart, "I am and there is none else; " but 

upon thee shall come destruction, and thou shalt not know 

a pit; and into it thou shalt fall. Yes, upon thee shall come mi- 
sery, of which thou shalt not be able to rid thyself: and destruc- 
tion shall come upon thee suddenly of which thou wilt have no 

12 apprehension. Persist now in thine incantations and in thy 
manifold sorcery, which thou hast learned from thy youth: if 

13 thou canst be benefited by them. Thou hast wearied thyself 
with thy counsels: let the astrologers now stand up and save 
thee — let them who gaze on the stars tell thee what is instant- 

14 ly coming upon thee. Behold like brambles on a fire they shall 
all be burned up; and shall not deliver their ΟΛνη life from the 
flame. Seeing thou hast coals of fire, sit upon them; Avill they 

1 5 give thee relief? Thou hast wearied thyself with this traffic from 
thy youth. The men have wandered away, every one to his 
own home; but for thee there shall be no safety. 

XL VIII. Hear these things, ye house of Jacob, ye who are 
called by the name of Israel! ye who are descendants of Juda! 
ye who swear by the name of the Lord God of Israel, making 
2 mention of it, but not with truth, nor with righteousness; and who 
stay themselves on the name of this holy city, and rely for sup- 
port on the God of Israel, whose name is the Lord of Hosts. 


3 I have already told you former things: when they proceed- 
ed from my mouth and were published, I did them speedily 

4 and they came to pass. I know that thou art of an untractable 
temper, that thy neck is a sinew of iron and thy brow, brass; 

5 therefore I told thee beforehand what would come upon thee; 
I published them that thou mightest not say, "The idols have 
done this to me," nor say, "The graven or molten images have 

6 ordered it for me," you have heard all these things, and did 
not yourselves know them. But now I have made thee hear 

7 new things, which shall hereafter come to pass. Yet hast thou 
not said, "Things done now and not formerly!" Yes, never in 
former days didst thou hear these things. Thou shouldst not 

8 say, "Indeed I know them." Thou didst neither knownor didst 
thou believe, nor did I from the beginning open thine eai*: for 
I knew that, being in rebellion, thou wilt continue to rebel and 
wilt still be called a transgressor from the womb. 

9 For mine own name's sake I will shew thee my wrath, and 
bring upon thee my marvellous things; that I may not cut thee 

10 off utterly. Behold I sold thee; but not for money; and I have 

1 1 rescued thee out of the furnace of affliction. For mine own sake 
I will deal with thee; because my name hath been profaned, 
and my glory I will not give to another. 

12 Hearken to me, Ο Jacob! and thou Israel whom I call. I 

13 am the first and am forever. My hand hath founded the earth, 
and my right hand hath established the heaven. Let me sum- 

14 mon them and let them stand together. Let them all be assem- 
bled and listen. Who hath told them these things? I who love 
thee have executed thy will on Babylon, to take away the seed 

15 of the Chaldeans. I have spoken, I have called, I have brought 

16 him, and have made his way prosperous. Draw near to me 
and hear these things: from the beginning I have not spoken in 
secret. When it was doing I was there. And now the Lord, 
Lord hath sent me and his spirit. 

17 Thus saith the Lord who hath redeemed thee, the Holy One 
of Israel, I am thy God. I pointed out to thee, how to find the 

18 way in which thou shouldst walk. And hadst thou hearkened to 
my commandments thy peace would have been like a river 

19 and thy righteousness like a wave of the sea; and thy seed 
would have been as the sand, and the issue of thv bowels as 


the dust of the ground. Still however thou shalt not be utterly 

20 cut off; nor shall thy name perish from before me. Haste out 
of Babylon! flee from the Chaldeans: proclaim the joyful news: 
and let this be published. Proclaim even to the end of the 
earth — Say " The Lord hath delivered his servant Jacob; and 
if they shall thirst (for he will lead them through a desert) a 
rock shall be cleft and water shall gush forth, that my people 

21 may drink." There is no peace, saith the Lord, for the wicked. 

XLIX. Sect, 6. (M) HEARKEN to me, Ο isles; and ye 
nations attend! (After a long time one will stand up saith the 

From my mother's womb he mentioned my name and 

2 made my mouth like a sharp sword and hid me under the co- 
ver of his hand. He made me like a chosen shaft, and in his 

3 quiver kept me concealed, and said to me, "Thou Israel art 

4 my servant, and by thee I shall be glorified." Whereupon I 
said, I have laboured in vain; for vanity and for nought I have 
spent my strength; therefore my cause is with the Lord; and 

5 my labour is before my God. And nov/ thus saith the Lord 
who formed me from the womb. To be his servant to gather 
Jacob to him, and Israel. I shall be gathered and glorified be- 

6 fore the Lord. And my God will be my strength. Moreover 
he said to me. Is it a great thing for thee to be called my ser- 
vant to re-establish the tribes of Jacob and bring back the dis- 
persion of Israel? Behold I have given thee for the covenant of 
a race — for the light of nations; that thou mayst be for salvation 
to the farthest part of the earth. 

7 Thus saith the Lord who delivered thee — the God of Isra- 
el, "Hallow him who despised his life, him who was abhorred 
by the nations, the slaves of the Archons. Kings shall see him 
and chiefs shall rise up and they shall worship him for the sake 
of the Lord; because the Holy One of Israel is faithful, there- 
fore I have chosen thee. 

8 Thus saith the Lord, "In an acceptable time I have heark- 
ened to thee, and in a day of salvation helped thee; and have 
formed thee and given thee for the covenant of nations that 
thou mayst reduce the earth to order and possess desolate he- 

(M) The Messiah. 


9 ritages, saying to them who are m bonds, Go forth; and to 
them who are in darkness, *'Come into light." In all the high- 
ways they shall be fed, and there shall be pasture for them in 

10 all the paths. They shall not hunger nor shall they thirst, nor 
shall the burning wind nor the sun smite them; but he who 
hath compassion on them will comfort them and lead them to 

11 bursting springs of water. And I will make every mountain a 

12 highway, and every path a pasture for them. Behold they from 
afar shall come, some from the north and the west and others 
from the land of the Persians." 

13 (c) Rejoice Ο heavens; and let the earth be glad, let the 
mountains resound with bursts of joy; for God hath compas- 
sionated his people, and comforted those. of his people who 
were afflicted. 

14 (M) Hath Sion then said, "The Lord hath quite forsaken 

15 me," and, " Why hath the Lord forgotten me?" can a wo- 
man forget her child? or not have compassion on the offspring 
of her womb? Grant that a Avoman may forget even these, but 

16 ί will not forget thee, said the Lord. Behold I have engraven 
thy walls on my hands; and thou art continually before me. 

17 And thou shalt be speedily rebuilt by them who destroyed thee; 

18 and they who laid thee waste shall become thine offspring. Look 
up with thine eyes all around and view them all; behold they 
are gathered together and coming to thee. As I live saith the 
Lord, Thou shalt clothe thyself with them all, as with rai- 

19 ment, and wrap them about thee as a bride doth her dress. Be- 
cause thy waste and desolate and ruinated places will now be 
too narrow for the inhabitants, and they who devoured thee 

20 shall be removed far from thee; therefore thy sons whom thou 
hast lost will say in thine ears. This place is too strait for me: 

21 make room forme, where I may dwell. Whereupon thou wilt 
say in thy heart, Who hath begotten these for me? I indeed 
was childless. and a widow, Who then hath brought up these 
for me? I was abandoned and alone; whence then have I these? 

22 Thus saith the Lord, Lord, Behold I will lift up my hand 
to the nations, and I will erect my standard for the isles. And 
they shall bring thy sons in their bosoms and carry thy daugh- 

23 ters on their shoulders: and kings shall be thy foster fiithers; 
and their queens thy niirsmg mothers. And on the face of the 


ground they shall pay thee homage, and lick the dust of thy 
feet. And thou shalt know that I am the Lord, and that they 
who wait for me shall not be ashamed. 

24 (a) Can any one take spoils from a giant ? 

(b) And if any one captivate unjustly shall he be safe. 

25 For thus saith the Lord, When one captivateth a giant he shall 
take spoils. 

(a) But can one take from a mighty man and be safe ? 

(b) But it is I who vindicateth thy cause, and I will de- 

26 liver thy children. And they who afflicted thee shall eat their 
own flesh, and drink like new wine their own blood and be 
made drunk ; and all flesh shall know that it is I the Lord who 
delivered thee. And who uphold the strength of Israel. 

L. Thus saith the Lord, Of what sort was the bill of your 

mother's divorce with which I divorced her ? Or to what ere- 
ditor have I sold you ? Behold you were sold for your trans- 
gressions ; and for your iniquities I divorced your mother. 

2 Why, when I came, was there no man ? And why, when I 
called, did none answer? Is my hand unable to save ? Or have 
I no power to rescue ? Behold with my rebuke I can dry up 
the sea, and make the rivers a desert, so that the fishes thereof 

3 shall shrivel for want of water, and die for thirst. I can clothe 
the heaven with darkness, and make its covering like sack- 

4 The Lord Lord giveth me an instructed tongue, to know 
when it is proper to speak a word. He gave it me in the mom- 

5 ing ; he gave me in addition an ear to hear. And the instruc- 
tion of the Lord, Lord openeth mine ears and I am not rebel- 

6 lious, nor do I gainsay. My back I have given to scourges, and 
my cheeks to be slapped with an open hand, and I turned not 

7 my face from the shame of spittles. Indeed the Lord Lord was 
my helper ; therefore I was not ashamed, but kept my coun- 
tenance firm as a rock. I knew indeed that I should not be 
confounded, because he who justified me is near at hand.— 

8 Who is he that contendeth with me? Let him stand up with me 
face to face. Yes, let my accuser, \vhoever he be, come near 

9 me. Behold the Lord, Lord will be my advocate ; who can do 

(a) An objection stated, (b) The answer. 


me any evil? Behold you shall all wax old like a mantle, and the 
moth shall consume you. 

10 Who is there among you who feareth the Lord, let him 
hearken to the voice of his servant. Ye who walk in darkness 
and have no light, trust in the name of the Lord and stay your- 

11 selves on God. Behold you are all kindling a fire and increas- 
ing the flame; walk in the light of your fire and by the flame 
which you have kindled. On my account these things have be- 
fallen you. You shall lie down in sorrow. 

LI. Hearken to me ye who are in pursuit of righteousness 

and who are seeking the Lord. Look at that hard rock which you 
have been hewing, and into that deep pit which you have dig- 

2 ged. Look to Abraham your father, and to Sarah who brought 
you forth. For he was an individual when I called him; and I 

3 blessed him and loved him and multiplied him. And now Ο 
Sion, I will comfort thee. I have indeed comforted all her de- 
solations, and I will make her waste places like a garden; and 
those west of her like the garden of the Lord. In her shall be 
found joy and gladness, thanksgiving and the sound of praise. 

4 Hear me; hear me, Ο my people, and ye kings; listen to me; 
for from me shall proceed a law; and my judgment shall be for 

5 the light of nations. My deliverance is approaching speedily, and 
my salvation shall go forth as light; and on mine arm nations will 

6 rely. The islands will expect me and on mine arm they will rely. 
Turn up your eyes to heaven; then look down on the earth 
below ! for the heaven is like smoke condensed, and the 
earth shall grow old like a garment, and like those things the 
inhabitants shall perish: but my salvation shall endure forever, 
and my saving mercy shall never fail. 

7 Hearken to me, ye who know judgment; ye people, in 
whose heart is my law. Fear not the reproach of men, nor be 

8 overcome by their contempt. For they are like a garment 
which shall be worn out by time, and like woollens which shall 
be devoured by a moth; but my saving mercy shall endure 
forever, and my salvation to generations of generations. 

9 Awake, awake, Ο Jerusalem ! and clothe thyself with the 
strength of thine arm. Awake as at the beginning of day. 

10 Art thou not as the generation of old, which dried up the sea 
— the swelling water of the deep? Which made the depths of 

11 the sea α road for the delivered and redeemed to pass? For 


under the guidance of the Lord they shall be brought back, 
and shall come to Sion with joy and everlasting gladness; for 
praise shall crown their head and joy shall overtake them. 
Grief and sorrow and sighing are fled. 

12 I THE I AM am he who comforteth thee. Recollect what 
thou wast when terrified at a mortal man, and at a son of man 

13 who are withered like grass; and forgottest the God who made 
thee — him who made the heaven and founded the earth; and 
wast every day in continual dread of the furious countenance 
of thine oppressor. For how did he consult to carry thee away ! 

14 But where now is the fury of thine oppressor? For when thou 

15 art saved he shall not stand; nor long continue. Because I thy 
God am he Avho tempesteth the sea and causeth the billows 

16 thereof to roar; the Lord of Hosts is my name; I will put my 
words in thy mouth, and cover thee under the shelter of my 
hand with which I made the heaven and founded the earth; and 
say to Sion, Thou art my people. 

17 Awake, awake, stand up, Ο Jerusalem who hast drunk 
from the hand of the Lord the cup of his indignation. For thou 
hast drunk the cup of horror— the great cup of his wrath; and 

18 drained it. And of all thy children which thou didst bring 
forth there was not one who comforted thee, nor was there one 
who took hold of thy hand: no, not of all the sons whom thou 

19 didst raise. Because these things have befallen thee, w^ho will 
condole Avith thee? Desolation and destruction, famine and the 

20 sword; who will comfort thee? Thy sons? Some are astounded; 
some asleep at the head of every way, like a parboiled beet ; 
Some are full of the indignation of the Lord, enervated by the 

21 Lord God. Therefore hear, thou, who hast been humbled, and 

22 who art drunk, but not with wine. Thus saith the Lord, the 
God who judgeth his people, Behold I have taken out of thy 
hand the cup of horror— the great cup of mine indignation; and 

23 thou Shalt no more drink it again. And I will put it into the 
hands of them, who have injured thee and oppressed thee— 
who have said to thy soul. Crouch down that we may walk 
over thee, when thou hadst bent thy body down level with the 
earth in the street, to them passing along. 

LII. Sect. 7. AWAKE, awake, Ο Sion ! clothe thyself, Ο 
Sion, with thy strength. Put on thy glory, Ο Jerusalem, thon 



holy city ! No more shall the uncircumcised and the unclean 

2 pass throusjh thee. Shake off the dust, and stand up ; assume 
thy seat, Ο Jerusalem ! Loose the chain from thy neck, Ο cap- 

3 tive daughter of Sion ! For thus saith the Lord, You \vere sold 
for nought; and you shall be ransomed, not with money. 

4 Thus saith the Lord, My people went down to Egypt at 
first to sojourn there; and to the Assyrians they were carried 

5 by force. Now therefore \vhy are you here? Thus saith the 
Lord, Because my people were taken away for nought, (ex- 
press your amaze; and raise the mournful cry !) 

Thus saith the Lord, On your account my name is conti- 

6 nually reviled among the nations. Therefore in that day my 
people shall know my name. Because I THE I AM, the same 

7 Avho am speaking, am at hand, like beauty on the mountains — 
like the feet of one proclaiming peace, like one proclaim- 
ing glad tidings. Because I will cause thy salvation to be pro- 
claimed, Saving, Ο Sion, thy God will reign; because the voice 

8 of thy watchmen is lifted up; with thevoice therefore let all at 
the same time express joy. 

(c) Because eyes will look to eyes when the Lord compas- 

9 sionateth Sion; let the ruins of Jerusalem break out together 
with bursts of joy. Because the Lord hath compassionated her 

10 and delivered Jerusalem; let the Lord therefore make bare his 
holy arm in the sight of all the nations ! and let all the ends of 
the earth see the salvation come from our God. 

11 (J) Depart, depart; come out thence, and touch no pollut- 
ed thing. Come out from the midst of her; be clean, ye who 

12 carrv the vessels of the Lord. For you shall not come out in 
haste, nor by flight march along; for the Lord will march be- 
fore you in front; and the God of Israel will bring up your 

13 Behold my servant will mind and be exalted and highly 

14 glorified. In the same manner as many will be astonished at 
thee; (so devoid of glory for men will be thine appearance and 

15 thy glory for the sons of men) so many nations will ex- 
. press admiration at him; and kings will shut their mouths, be- 
cause they, to whom no publication was made concerning him, 
shall see; and they, who had not heard, will understand. 


LIII. (c) Ο Lord, who hath believed this report of ours, and 

2 to whom hath the arm of the Lord been made manifest? We 
have made proclamation as a child before him : as a root in a 
thirsty soil, he hath no appearance nor glory. We have seen 

3 him; and he hath neither appearance nor beauty : but his ap- 
pearance is mean and defective beyond the sons of men. Be- 
ing a man in affliction and acquainted with grief, because his 
countenance was dejected, he was despised and disesteemcd. 

4 This man beareth away our sins; and for us he is in sorrow : 
And we considered him as being in trouble and under a stroke 

5 and in affliction. But he was wounded for our sins, and afflict- 
ed for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon 

6 him; by his bruises we are healed. We all like sheep had 
strayed; every man wandered in his Avay : and the Lord de- 

7 liyered him up for our sins : and he, on the account of his af- 
fliction, openeth not his mouth. He was led as a sheep to be 
slaughtered. And as a lamb before its shearer is dumb, so he 

8 openeth not his mouth. In this humiliation his legal trial was 
taken away. Who will declare his manner of life. 

(J) Because his life is taken from the earth — for the trans- 

9 gressions of my people he is led to death; therefore for his fu- 
neral I will give up the wicked, and the rich for his death. Be- 
cause he committed no iniquity, nor practised guile with his 

10 mouth, and the Lord determineth to purify him from this 
stroke : when his soul shall be given up for a sin offering; of 
you he shall see a seed which shall prolong their days. More- 

1 1 over it is the determination of the Lord to remove him from the 
trouble of his soul— to shew him light and fashion him for 
knowledge— to justify the Righteous One who is serving ma- 

12 ny well, when he shall bear away their sins; therefore he shall 
inherit many and divide the spoils of the strong. 

(p) Because his soul was delivered up to death and he was 
numbered among transgressors and bore away the sins of ma- 
ny and on the account of their iniquities was delivered up; 
LIV. rejoice thou barren, who bearest not — break forth with 
shouts of joy, thou who sufferestnot the pangs of child birrh; 
for many more are the children of the desolate than of her wlio 
2 hath a husband. For the Lord said. Enlarge the place of thy 
tent and thy curtains; ϋχ up; spare not; lengthen thy cords 


3 and make thy stakes strong. Extend still farther to the right 
and left. And thy seed shall inherit nations and thou shalt in- 

4 habit wasted cities. Be not terrified because thou hast been ex- 
posed to shame; nor blush because thou hast been reproach- 
ed. For thou shalt forget the shame of ancient times, and the 
reproach of thy widowhood thou shalt remember no more. 

5 For the Lord who is thy maker, whose name is the Lord of 
Hosts — even he who delivered thee, shall be called the God of 
Israel, in the whole earth. 

6 The Lord hath not called thee as a wife forsaken and dis- 
consolate; nor as a wife that hath been hated from her youth. 

7 Thy God hath said, '' I left thee for a little while; but with 

8 great mercy I will compassionate thee : in a short wrath I 
turned away my face from thee; but with everlasting kindness 
I will have mercy on thee." The Lord who delivered diee 

9 hath said, "From the flood which was in Noah's time this is 
my purpose — as I solemnly promised him at that time that I 

.10 would no more be angry with the earth on thine account, nor 
in rebuking thee overturn the mountains; and that thy hills 
should no more be moved; so my kindness for thee shall not 
fail, nor shall the covenant of thy peace ever be changed : for 
he said for thee. Be appeased, Ο Lord." 

11 (Jj Ο thou afflicted and storm beaten ! art thou not com- 
forted? Behold I am preparing for thee carbuncles for thy 

12 building stones, and the sapphire for thy foundations; and for 
thy battlements I will lay jasper; and crystal, for thy gates; 

13 and for thy circumambient walls, precious stones : even thy 
sons, all instructed of God; and thy children in great pros- 

14 perity. And with righteousness thou shalt be rebuilded. Ab- 
stain from injustice and thou shalt not be affrighted; and as for 

15 terror, it shall not approach thee. Behold proselytes shall come 
to thee for my sake; and they shall sojourn with thee and fly to 

16 thee. Behold I have created thee, not like a coppersmith blow- 
hig coals and using a tool for the work. But I have created 

17 thee, not for destruction. Perish every weapon formed against 
thee ! I will not prosper it. Though every voice should rise up 
against thee for judgment, thou shalt overcome them all and in 
the trial they shall be condemned. There is an inheritance for 
them Avho serve the Lord, therefore you are to be just for me, 
iiaith the Lord. 


L V. Sect. 8. HO ! ye who are thirsting, come to water ! and 
ye who have no money, come buy and eat, without money 

2 and without price, wine and the choicest bread. Why are 
you expending money and labour for that which will not sa- 
tisfy ? Hearken to me and you shall eat good things; and your 

3 soul will be regaled with delicacies. Incline your ears and 
follow in my paths ; hearken to me and your soul shall live 
on good things ; and I will make with }ou an everlasting co- 
venant — the gracious promises to David which are faithful. 

4 Behold for a testimony to nations I gave him, a chief and a 

5 lawgiver to nations. Nations which kne\v thee not will fly to 
thee, for the sake of the Lord thy God, the Holy One of 
Israel, because he hath glorified thee. 

6 Seek ye the Lord ; and when you find him call upon him. 

7 And Avhen he drawcth near to you ; let the Avicked man for- 
sake his ways, and the unrighteous man his counsels, and turn 
to the Lord and he shall find mercy ; for he will abundantly 

8 pardon your sins. For my counsels are not as your counsels; 

9 nor are my ways as your ways, saith the Lord. But distant 
as the heaven is from the earth, so is my way distant from 

10 your ways ; and your thoughts from my understanding. For 
as the rain when it descendeth, or snow, from the heavens, 
doth not return thither, till it hath watered the earth, and caused 
it to generate and bloom and yield seed for the sower and 

1 1 bread for food ; so shall it be with my word : when it hath 
proceeded from my mouth, it shall not be reversed, till all 
are accomplished which I willed ; and till I prosper thy ways 

12 and my commandments. For with gladness you shall go forth; 
and with joyfulness you shall be taught : for the mountains 
and hills shall leap for joy, expecting you ; and all the trees 

13 of the field will clap with their branches. And instead of the 
briar, shall spring up the cypress ; and instead of the thistle, 
shall come up the myrtle. And the Lord shall be for a name, 
and for an everlasting sign which shall not fail. 

LVI. Thus saith the Lord^ Keep judgment and practise right- 
eousness ; for my salvation is near, just ready to come, and 
2 my saving kindness to be revealed. Happy the man who doth 
these things and the mortal who adhereth to them ; and who 


is careful not to profane my sabbaths, and who restraineth his 
hands from doing evil. 

3 Let not the stranger who cleave th to the Lord say, " The 
Lord will separate me from his people." Nor let the eunuch 

4 say, "I am a dry tree." For thus saith the Lord to the eunuchs, 
Whoever of them shall keep my sabbaths, and chuse the things 

5 in Avhich I delight and adhere to my covenant ;. I will give 
them, in my house and within my walls, an honourable place 
better than sons and daughters — I will give them an ever- 

6 lasting name which shall not fail. And with regard to the 
strangers who cleave to the Lord to serve him, and love the 
name of the Lord — to be his man servants and maid servants, 
even all who are careful not to profane my sabbaths and who 

7 adhere to my covenant ; them I will bring to my holy moun- 
tain and make them joyful in my house of prayer : their burnt 
oiferings, and their sacrifices shall be acceptable on mine altar ; 
for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all the 
nations. — 

8 Sect. 9. THE LORD who gathereth the dispersed of Israel 

9 said. Because I will gather a congregation for him, Ο ail ye 

10 beasts of the field come ! Ο all ye beasts of the forests, devour! 
you see that they are all blind ; that they have not knowledge. 
They are dumb dogs, they cannot bark : they are asleep in 

11 bed, they love to slumber : yet these dogs are of untamed 
appetite ; they can never have enough. They are indeed mis- 
chievous, they have no consideration. They all followed their 
own courses, every one according to his ov/n purpose. You 

LVII. see how a ri&hteous one was destroved, and no one 

iayeth it to heart. And righteous men are taken away, and no 

one observeth, that on account of iniquity the righteous one 

2 was taken away. His sepulture shall be in peace. He is taken 

from among you, 
S But as for you, draw near hither, ye lawless sons! ye seed 
4 of adulterers and of fornicationl in what have you indulged 
yourselves? and at whom haΛ■e you opened your mouth, and at 
whom lolled your tongue? are you not children of destruction 
) — a lawless race? invoking idols under shady trees, slaying 
β -^our children in the vallevs anions: the rocks? This shall be 


thy portion-this thy lot-as thou hast poured out libations to 
them and to them offered up sacrifices, shall I not for these 

7 things be incensed? On a high and lofty mountain thou hast 

8 made thy bed, and caused thy sacrifice to ascend thither• and 
behind the posts of thy door thou hast set up thy memorial 
Didst thou think, that, if thou departedst from me, thou 
shouldst have something more? Thou hast loved them who lay 

9 with thee and multiplied thy fornication with them, and hast 
done It with many who are far from thee; and hast sent ambas- 
sadors beyond thy borders; and humbled thyself even to Hades; 

10 With thy long journies thou hast wearied thyself and hast not 
said, I will take some rest. Because in thv full strength thou 
hast done this; therefore thou shouldst not supplicate me. 

11 Of whom hast thou been so anxiously afraid that thou hast 
dealt falsely with me, and hast not remembered nor taken me 
into thy thoughts, nor into thy heart? When I saw and ne- 

12 glected thee thou didst not fear me. Now I will declare my 
righteousness and thine evil deeds which shall not avail thee 

13 When thou criest; let them deliver thee in thine affliction. A 
wind indeed shall overtake them all; and a whirlwind shall 
sweep them away. But they who adhere to me shall possess 

14 the land, and inherit my holy mountain. And they will say 
Clear the ways before him, remove obstructions out of the road 
of my people. 

15 rA... saith the Most High, who on high inhabiteth eterni- 
ty, who is Holy among holies; whose name is THE MOST 

1 A !, ,?' '''^? ^^ '^^^ "' ^^^ ^^°'^"' g^^^* P^ti^"^^ to the humble, 

16 and hfe to them who are of a contrite heart; I will not contend 
with you forever, nor will I be continually angry with you, for 
^'^^ n;e spirit is to proceed and I have made every breathini^ 

17 soul. Because of sin I grieved him a little while and smote 
hmi and turned away my face from him; and he was grieved 

18 and went his ways sorrowing; I have seen his ways and healed 

19 him, andxomforted him„and given him true consolation; peace 
upon peace to them near and to them far off. So the Lord said, 

20 I will heal them. But the wicked shall be tossed like waves 

21 mid shall not be able to rest. There is no peace, said God, to 
the wicked. 


LVIII. Sect. 10. (J) CRY aloud and spare not: raise thy 
voice like a trumpet: proclaim to my people their sins, and to 

2 the house of Jacob their iniquities. Day after day they seek 
me, and desire to know my ways; like a people who have prac- 
tised righteousness, and who have not forsaken the ordinance 
of God. They now ask of me a just decision and desire to draw 

5 near to God. Saying, "Why have we fasted and thou hast not 
seen? We have humbled our souls and thou hast not known." 
In the very days of your fasts you enjoy your own pleasures 

4 and goad all them who are under your controul. You fast for 
strife and debate; and smite the poor with your fists. Why fast 
ye for me as to-day that by a cry your voice may be heard? 

5 This is not such a fast as I have chosen, that a man should af- 
flict his soul for a day. No: though thou shouldst bend thy 
neck like a hook and lay sackcloth and ashes under thee: even 
in that case you are not to call it an acceptable fast. 

6 It is not such a fast as this that I have chosen, saith the 
Lord. But loose every bond of iniquity; dissolve the obliga- 
tions of onerous contracts; set at liberty them ΛνΙιο are oppress. 

7 ed, and tear in pieces every unj ust stipulation in writing: deal 
out thy bread to the hungry, and take into thy house the poor 
who have no shelter; if thou scest one naked, clothe him, and 

8 look not scornfully on dependants of thy race; then shall thy 
light break forth like the morning, and thy remedies shall 
spring up speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee, 

9 and the glory of the Lord will surround thee. Then thou shalt 
cry and God will answer thee; and whilst thou art speaking he 
will say, Lo I am here. 

If thou remove from thee the bond, and the \Ote and de- 

10 cree which occasion murmuring, and from thy soul give bread 
to the hungry and satisfy an aiflicted soul; then shall thy light 
spring up in darkness; and thy diu^kness shall be as tlie noon 

11 day: and thy God will be with thee continually; and thou shalt 
be satisfied as thy soul desireth; and thy bones shall be made 
fiU and be like a watered garden, and like a spring whose water 

12 never failed. And thine old waste places shall be rebuilded; 
and thy foundations shall last for generations of generations: 
and thou shalt be called the repairer of breaches, and shalt en- 
joy rest in the midst of thy paths. 


13 If on account of the sabbaths thou restrain thy foot from 
doing thy pleasure on that holy day; and call the sabbaths de- 
lightful, dedicated to God; and wilt not lift up thy foot for any 

14 work; nor utter a word in anger from thy mouth; and trust 
continually in the Lord; he will then mount thee on the good 
places of the land and feed thee on the inheritance of thy fa- 
ther Jacob: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken these 

LIX. It is not that the hand of the Lord is unable to save; nor 

2 that his ear is grown dull to hear; but your sins make a sepa- 
ration between you and your God; and on account of your 
sins he hath turned away his face from you that he may not ex- 

3 ercise compassion. For your hands are polluted with blood, 
aiid your fingers with sins; your lips have spoken iniquity, 

4 and your tongue contriveth injustice. None speaketh just 
things, nor is there any just judgment. They trusted in vani- 
ties and they speak lies. Because they hatch mischief, therefore 

5- they bring forth iniquity. They hatched the eggs of asps, and 
are weaving a spider's web; and he who was about to eat some 
of their eggs, upon breaking one that was hatched found there- 

6 in a viper. Their web will not serve for a mantle, nor can 
they clothe themselves with their works; for their works arc 

7 works of iniquity. Their feet are running to evil; they are 
swift to shed blood. And their reasonings are reasonings for 

8 murders. Destruction and misery are in their ways, and the 
path of peace they do not know, nor is there any judgment in 
their ways; for the paths which they travel are crooked and 

9 peace they do not know. Therefore judgment is far from them, 
and saving mercy shall not overtake them. When they were 
waiting for light, darkness came upon them, expecting a 

10 blaze of light they walked in obscurity. They shall grope like 
blind men for a wall and feel about like men Λvho have no eyes, 

1 1 and fall at mid-day as at midnight. When dying they will 
groan like a bear and mourn like a dove; and at their departing 
say, "We waited for judgment and there is none: and as for 

12 safety, it is far from us. For our manifold iniquity is before 
thee; and our sins are risen up against us: for our iniquities 

13 are in us, and we know our transgressions. We have sinned; 
we have lied, and turned back from following our God; we 

VOL. Ill, Τ 


14 have spoken things unjust, and have been disobedient; we 
have conceived and meditated from our heart lying words, 
we have indeed turned judgment backward, therefore saving 
mercy standeth aloof." 

(p) Because truth was destroyed in their ways and they 

15 could not walk in straight paths; and truth Avas removed and 
they substituted opinion in place of knowledge, therefore the 
Lord took a view, and it displeased him that there was no judg- 

16 ment. When he took a view and there was no man; and made 
close observation, and there was no helper; then with his own 

17 arm he defended them and with mercy supported them. And 
he put on righteousness as a breast plate, and placed on his 
head the helmet of salvation, and tlirew around him the mantle 

18 of vengeance; and his cloak, as about to retribute retribution — 
reproach to his adversaries: and they from the west shall re- 

19 vere the name of the Lord; and they from the risings of the 
sun, his glorious name. For he will come like an impetuous 

20 stream — for the wrath of the Lord will come with fury. For 
the sake of Sion the Deliverer will come, and turn away un- 

21 godliness from Jacob. And this shall be my covenant with 
them, said the Lord, this spirit of mine which is upon thee, and 
these words which I have put in thy mouth shall not fail from 
thy mouth, nor from the mouth of thy seed, (for the Lord hath 
spoken) from this time forth forever. 

LX. Sect. 11. BE ENLIGHTENED: be enhghtened, Ο 
Jerusalem! for thy light is come; and the glory of the Lord is 
risen upon thee. Behold darkness will cover the earth and 
thick darkness the nations: but upon thee the Lord will shine 
and his glory over thee will be conspicuous. And kings will 
walk by thy light: and nations by thy splendour. 

4 Raise thine eyes around and behold thy children gathered 
together; all thy sons are come from afar, and thy daughters 

5 shall be carried on shoulders. Then thou wilt look and be fill- 
ed with awe and astonished at heart; because the riches of the 

6 sea and of nations and peoples will pour in upon thee. And for 
thee will come herds of camels and those of Madiam and 
Gaipha will cover thee, and those of Saba will come bringing 
gold and will also bring frankincense, and with joy proclaim 

7 the salvation of the Lord. And all the flocks of Kedar shall be 

Ch. LX. « ESAIAS. 

gathered together; and the rams of Nabaioth will come; and 
acceptable offerings will be made on mine altar, and my house 
of prayer will be glorified. 

8 (c) Who are those? They are flying like clouds, and like 
doves with their young towards me! 

9 (J) For me the islands waited, and among the first the 
ships of Tarsis to bring thy children from afar and their silver 
and their gold with them. And because of the holy name of 
the Lord, and because the Holy One of Israel is glorious; 

10 therefore strangers shall rebuild thy walls and their kings shall 
wait upon thee. For on account of my wrath I smote thee, but 

11 for mercy's sake I have loved thee; and thy gates shall be open 
continually (by day or by night they shall not be shut) to in- 
troduce to thee the Λvealth of nations and their kings pompous- 

12 ly attended. For the nations and kings w4iich \^'ill not serve 
thee shall perish — such nations indeed shall be utterly laid 

13 The glory of Lebanon also shall come to thee, \vith the 
cypress and the pine and the cedar, to adorn the place which 

14 is dedicated to me. And to thee shall come trembling the sons 
of them v/ho afflicted and humbled thee, and thou shalt be 
called, City Sion of the Holy 07W of Israel. 

15 Because of thy having been forsaken and hated when there 
was no helper, I will make thee an everlasting boast — a joy for 

16 perpetual generations. And thou shalt suck the milk of na- 
tions, and feed on the wealth of kings, and shalt know that Γ 
the Lord am thy Saviour, and that thy Redeemer is the God 

17 of Israel. And instead of brass I will bring thee gold; and in- 
stead of iron I will bring thee silver; and instead of wood I will 
bring thee brass and instead of stones iron. And I will make 

18 thy chiefs peaceful and thine overseers righteous; and violence 
shall no more be heard in thy land, nor destruction nor misery 
in thy borders; but thy walls shall be called Salvation and thy 

19 gates, sculpture. And thou shalt no more have the sun for a 
light by day nor shall the rising of the moon enlighten thy 
night; but the Lord will be to thee an everlasting light; and thy 

20 God will be thy glory. For thy sun shall not go down nor shall thy 
mooneverwane: Forthe Lord will be to thee an everlasting light; 

21 and the days of thy mouming shall be end^d. And thy peo- 


pie shall be all righteous, they shall inherit the land forever, 
22 preserving the plant, the works of their hands, for glory. The 
fewest in number shall become thousands, and he who is 
smallest, a great nation. I the Lord in due time will gather 

LXI., Sect. 12. (M) THE SPIRIT of the Lord is upon me, 
for the business for which he anointed me. He hath sent me to 
publish glad tidings to the poor, to heal them who are broken 
hearted; to proclaim a deliverance to captives, and a recovery 

2 of sight to the blind : to proclaim an acceptable year of the 
Lord and a day of retribution. To comfort all who are mourn- 

3 ing; that to the mourners in Sion may be given, glory instead 
of ashes, oil of joy to the mourners, robes of praise for the 
spirit of heaviness; that they may be called generations of 

4 righteousness, a plant of the Lord for glory. And the Avastes 
of old times shall be rebuilded; and former desolations shall 
be repaired, and wasted cities renewed which had lain in ru- 

5 ins for ages. And strangers shall come and feed thy flocks and 

6 foreigners shall be thy ploughmen and vine dressers. But you 
shall be called priests of the Lord, ministers of God. You 
shall eat the wealth of nations and for their riches be admired. 

7 Thus shall they again inherit the land; and everlasting joy shall 

8 be on their head. For I am the Lord who love righteousness 
and hate the spoils of injustice; and I will give the righteous 
the fruit of their toil and make an everlasting covenant with 

9 them and their seed shall be distinguished among the nations, 
and their offspring in the midst of peoples. Every one who 
seeth them will know them, that they are a seed whom God 

10 hath blessed. And they shall rejoice in the Lord with joy. 

(c) Rejoice in the Lord, Ο my soul, for he hath clothed 
me with the mantle of Salvation, and with an under garment 
of gladness, he hath crowned me as a bridegroom with a crown 

11 and adorned me as a bride, with jewels, and like tlie earth 
blooming with flowers. And as a garden causeth its seeds to 
vegetate, so will the Lord cause righteousness to spring up 
and joy in the presence of all the nations. 

LXII. (M) For Sion's sake I will not be silent, and for the 
sake of Jerusalem I will not rest; until the righteousness thereof 


2 break forth as light, and my salvation blaze like a torch; and na- 
tions see thy righteousness, and kings this glory of thine. 
When he shall call thee by a ηελν name which the Lord him- 

3 self u'ill give thee; then thou shalt be a crown of beauty in the 
hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God. 

4 And thou shalt no more be called. Forsaken; nor shall thy 
land any more be called. The desert; but thy name shall be 
called, My Delight; and that of thy country, The inhabited 
land. Because the Lord is well pleased with thee therefore thy 

5 land shall be thickly inhabited : and as a youth cohabiting 
with a virgin bride, so shall thy sons inhabit it : and as a 
bridegroom will rejoice in his bride, so will the Lord rejoice 
over thee. 

6 Now upon thy walls, Ο Jerusalem, I have set watchmen 
all the day; and all the night, they will not cease continually 

7 to mention the Lord; for there is none like you. When he 
shall have re-established and made Jerusalem a boast on the 

8 earth — the Lord hath sworn by his glory and by the power of 
his arm, I will no more give thy corn and thy food to thine ene- 
mies; nor shall the sons of strangers any more drink thy wine, 

9 for which thou hast laboured. But they who reap the harvest 
shall eat and praise the Lord; and they who gather the vintage 

10 shall drink wine in my holy courts. Go through my gates and 
prepare the way for my people and throw the stones out of the 

11 way. Erect a standard for the nations. For lo ! the Lord hath 
published this to the end of the earth. Say to the daughter of 
Sion, Behold the Saviour is come for thee, having his ownre- 

12 ward and his work before him. And he will call this a holy 
people, redeemed by the Lord; and thou shalt be called the 
city sought and not forsaken. 

LXIII. (c) Who is this who is coming from Edom? What 
redness of mantles from Bosor ! He so magnificent in apparel? 
He marcheth with majesty! 

2 (M) I proclaim righteousness and the judgment of sal- 

(c) Why are thy garments red and thy clothing, as from 
a trodden wine-vat? 

3 (M) I am full of a country trodden down; and of the na- 
tions there is not a man wath me. I have trodden them down 


in my ΛλταΛ, and crumbled diem like dust and shed their 

4 blood on the earth. For the day of retribution came upon them 

5 and the year of redemption is at hand. When I looked and 
there was no helper and observed that none upheld; then mine 
own arm delivered them. Mine indignation indeed was rous- 

6 ed, and I trampled them down in mine anger and shed their 
blood on the earth. 

7 (c) I recollected the loving kindness of the Lord — the 
mercies of the Lord in all those things which he retributeth 
for us. The Lord is a good judge to the house of Israel. He 

8 dealeth with us according to his tender mercy and according 
to the abundance of his saving goodness, and said, " Is not 

9 this my people? Children should not rebel." And he became 
their Saviour from all their distress. 

It was not an ambassador nor a messenger; but he himself 
saved them. Through his love and his indulgence to them, he 
himself redeemed them and took them up, and exalted them 

10 all the days of old. But they rebelled and provoked his holy 
spirit; so he became their enemy. He fought against them; 
though he remembered the days of old. 

11 Ο ! where is he who caused the shepherd of his flock to 
come up out of the sea ? Where is he, who put his holy spi- 

12 rit in them ? That glorious arm of his which led Moses by 
the right hand ? He forced back the water from before him, 

13 to make himself an everlasting name. He led them through 
the deep, like a horse through a desert ; and they were not 

14 fatigued : and like cattle through a plain. A spirit from the 
Lord descended and conducted them. Thus thou didst lead 

15 this people of thine, to make thyself a glorious name. Return 
from heaven and take a view from the house of thy sanctuary 
and thy glory. Where is thy zeal and thy majesty ? Where 
the abundance of thy loving kindness and tender affections, 
that thou hast withdrawn thyself from us ? For thou art our 

16 father. Because Abraham knoweth us not, and Israel hath not 
acknowledged us ; do thou, Ο Lord, our father, do thou de- 

17 liver us. From the beginning thy name is upon us ; Λvhy, Ο 
Lord hast thou suffered us to wander from thy way, and our 
hearts to be hardened so as not to fear thee ? Return for the 
sake of thy servants — for the sake of the tribes of thy heritage, 


18 that we may inherit a little of thy holy mountain. We are be- 

19 come as at the beginning, when thou didst not rule over us, 
and when we were not called by thy name. 

LXIV. If thou wilt open the heaven, at thy presence terror 

2 will seize the mountains, and they will melt as wax melteth 
before fire ; and a fire will bum up the adversaries, and thy 
name will be manifest to the adversaries — At thy presence 

3 the nations will be troubled. When thou executest thy glo- 
rious works, because of thee terror will seize the mountains. 

4 Never have we heard, nor have our eyes seen a God be- 
sides thee ; nor works such as thine, which thou wilt do for 

5 them who wait for mercy. For it will meet them who prac- 
tise righteousness, and they will remember their ways. Behold 

6 thou wast angry when we sinned ; because of this we wan- 
dered and became all of us as unclean, and all our righteous- 
ness was like a polluted rag ; and for our iniquities we have 

7 fallen like leaves ; so that the wind will sweep us away. There 
is indeed none who invoketh thy name, or Avho remembered 
to lay hold on thee ; because thou hast turned away thy face 
from us, and delivered us up for our sins. 

8 But now, Ο Lord, thou art our father. Though we are clay, 

9 we are all the works of thy hands: be not angry with us to the ut- 
termost ; nor remember forever our sins : but, O, look down 

10 now upon us ; for we are all thy people. The city of thy sanc- 
tuary is become a desert : Sion is become like a desert ; Je- 

11 rusalem, for a curse. The house, our sanctuary — even that 
glory which our fathers blessed, is utterly burnt up with fire, 

12 and all our glorious things are in ruins; yet for all these things, 
thou, Ο Lord, hast refrained, and been silent. Thou hast 
humbled us exceedingly. 

LXV. (M) I became manifest to them who inquired not for 
me ; I was found by them who sought me not. I said, " Be- 
hold here I am" to the nation which did not invoke my name. 

2 I stretched out my hands all the day long to a disobedient and 
gainsaying people, who were walking not in a good way, but 

3 following their own sins. This people are pro^Όking me con- 
tinually to my face. They will sacrifice in the gardens and 
burn incense on the tiles, to demons which have not an ex- 

4 istence. They sleep in tombs and in caverns for the purpose 


of dreaming : they cat swine's flesli, and the broth of sacri- 

5 fices ; all their vessels are polluted ; yet they say, " Keep at a 
distance from me ; come not near me, for I am clean." This is 
a smoke which causeth my wrath ; a fire is kindled by it every 

6 day. Behold it is written before me : I will not keep silence, 
until I have retributed into their bosom their sins ; and the 

7 sins of their fathers, saith the Lord. They have burned incense 
on the mounts, and treated me with scorn on the hills, I will 
retribute their works into their bosom. 

8 Thus saith the Lord, As when a good grape is found in 
the cluster, they will say, " Destroy it not ; for there is a bless- 
ing in it," so will I do for the sake of him who serveth me ; 

9 for his sake I will not destroy them all. I will indeed bring: 
forth the seed from Jacob namely, from Juda, and he shall 
inherit my holy mountain : and my chosen ones and my ser- 

10 vants shall inherit and dwell there ; and there shall be in the 
forest folds for flocks ; and the valley of Achor shall be a rest- 

11 ing place of herds, for my people who ha^e sought me. But 
as for you, who forsake me and forget my holy mountain, 
and who prepare a table for the Demon, and fill up a mixed 

12 potion ϊον Fortune, you I will deliver up to the sword; you shall 
all bow down to slaughter. Because I called and you answered 
not : I spake and you would not listen ; but did what is evil 

13 in my sight; and chose the things in which I did not delight; 
therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold my servants shall eat ; 
but you shall be hungry : behold my servants shall drink ; but 
you shall be thirsty : behold my servants shall rejoice ; but you 

14 shall be ashamed: behold my servants shall triumph with joy: 
But you shall scream for sorrow of heart, and howl for anguish 

15 of spirit. For you, shall leave your name for a loathing to my 
chosen. As for you, the Lord \y\\\ destroy you ; but to my 

16 servants, a new name shall be given which shall be blessed 
on the earth : for they will bless the true God : and they who 
swear on the earth, will swear by the true God. For they will 
forget their former affliction and it shall not recur to their 

17 mind : for there shall be a new heaven and the earth shall be 
new : and they shall no more remember former things, nor 

18 shall they ever come again into their mind. But in this they 
shall find joy and gladness : for behold I am about to make 


Jerusalem a subject of joy, and this people of mine a subject of 

19 rejoicing. And I will exult in Jerusalem and rejoice in my 
people ; and there shall no more be heard therein, the voice of 

20 wailing nor the sound of a mournful cry. Nor shall there any 
more be there an untimely birth, nor an old man, who shall 
not complete his term. For he who is a hundred years old 
shall be young ; and the sinner, who dieth at a hundred years, 

21 shall be deemed accursed. And they shall build houses and 
dwell therein : and they shall plant vineyards and eat the fruits 

22 thereof. They shall not build, and others inhabit : nor shall 
they plant and others eat : for according to the days of the 
tree of that life, shall be the days of this my people : for they 

23 shall out wear the works of their toils. My chosen ones shall 
not labour in vain, nor shall they bring forth children for a 
curse. Because they are a seed blessed of God, both they and 

24 their oifspring : therefore it shall come to pass, that before 
they call I will answer them : and while they are yet speaking 

25 I will say, What is the matter. Then shall the wolves and 
the lambs feed together : and the lion shall eat straw like the 

LXVI. ox. But the serpent shall eat dust as bread. They shall 
not hurt, nor shall they destroy on my holy mountain, saith 
the Lord. 

1 Thus saith the Lord, The heaven is my throne, and the 
earth, my footstool : what sort of an house will you build for 

2 me ? And of what sort shall be the place of my rest ? For all 
these things my hand hath made : and all these things are 
mine saith the Lord. Upon whom therefore will I look down, 

'but upon him only who is humble and quiet, and who trem- 
5 bleth at my words ? As for the wicked man, who sacrificeth 
to me a young bull : he is one who slayeth a dog : and though 
he ofFereth me fine flour : it w^ill be as the blood of swine. — 
Though he oiFereth incense for a memorial, he is as a blasphe- 
mer. As they have chosen their own ways : and their soul 

4 hath delighted in their abominations : I also will chuse their 
delusions, and pay them back their sins. Because I called 
them and they did not answer — I spake, but they^did not listen: 
but did that which is evil in my sight, and chose the things 

5 in which I did not delight ; hear the decisions of the Lord — 
ye who tremble at his word, say, " Ο our brethren — fto them 

VOL. III. υ 


who hate you and are abominable, that the name of the Lord 
may be glorified and appear to their joy, when they shall be 

6 ashamed) a sound of screaming from the city ! a sound from 
the temple ! the voice of the Lord rendering a recompense to 
his adversaries ! 

7 That a Avoman hath brought forth before she travailed ; 
that before her pangs came on, they are over and a male child 

8 born ; who hath heard such a thing, or who hath seen the 
like ? Did ever the earth bring forth in a day, or was ever a 
nation born at once ? That Sion should travail and bring forth 

9 her children, I myself gave this expectation ; yet thou didst 
not remember me, saith the Lord. Behold did I not make her 
who beareth ; and her who is barren ? Said thy God. 

10 Rejoice Ο Jerusalem! and sing praises therein, all ye who love 
her ! Be exceedingly joyful with her, all ye Avho mourn for her! 

1 1 That you may suck and be satisfied from the breast of her 
consolation — that you may suck and be fed deliciously, at 

12 the commencement of her glory. For thus saith the Lord, Be- 
hold I will glide to them like a peaceful stream, and like a 
torrent deluging the glory of nations. Their children shall be 

13 carried on shoulders, and shall be dandled on knees. As one 
whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you, and in 

14 Jerusalem you shall find consolation. And you shall see it, and 
your heart shall rejoice; and your bones shall flourish like a 
green herb. And the hand of the Lord will be made known to 
them who fear him. And it will terrify them who are disobe- 

15 dient. For behold! the Lord will come as a fire, and his cha- 
riots as a whirlwind, to execute his vengeance with wfath 

16 and his rebuke with flaming fire. For with the fire of the Lord 
all this land shall be tried, and all flesh with his sword. Many 

17 shall be the slain of the Lord! They who consecrate and puri- 
fy themselves for the gardens, and they who, in the outer 
courts, eat swine's flesh, and the abominations and the mouse, 
shall for this be consumed together, said the Lord. 

18 As I know their works and their reasoning I am coming 
to gather together all the nations and the tongues, and 

19 they shall come and see my glory. And I will leave among 
them a sign, and those of them Λvho escape Γ will send to the 
nations — to Tharsis and Phud and Lud and Mosach and to 


Thobel and Greece and to the far distant isles. They who 
have not heard my name nor seen my glory — even they shall 

20 proclaim my glory among the nations; and they shall bring 
your brethren from all the nations, as a gift for the Lord with 
horses and chariots, in litters borne by mules with umbrellas 
over them, to the holy city Jerusalem, said the Lord; as the 
children of Israel brought up their sacrifices for me with songs 

21 of praise to the house of the Lord. And of them I will take 

22 priests and Levites, said the Lord. For as the new heaven and 
the new earth, which I make, shall remain in my presence, 
saith the Lord; so shall your seed and your name be establish- 

23 ed. And it shall be, that month after month and sabbath after 
sabbath, all flesh shall come to worship before me, in Jerusa- 

24 lem, said the Lord. And they shall go forth, and see the car- 
casses of those men, who have transgressed against me. For 
their womi shall not die and their fire shall not be quenched, 
and they shall be a spectacle to all flesh. 


I. I. The word of God which came to Jeremias the son ofChel- 
kias, one of the priests wlio dwelt at Anathoth in the land 
of Benjamin; as the word of God came to him in the 
days ofJosias son of Amos king ofJuda^ in the thirteenth 
year of his reign and came to him in the days of Joakim 
son of Josias king of Jiida even to the eleventh year of 
Zedekias son of Josias ki?ig of Juda, even to the cap- 
ture of Jerusalem, in the fifth month. 

4 When this word of the Lord came to him, "Before I for- 

5 med thee in the womb, I knew thee, and before thou wast born 
I hallowed thee. I have appointed thee a prophet for nations." 

6 Thereupon I said, Ο self-existent sovereign. Lord! behold I 

7 know not how to speak, for I am a child. And the Lord said 
to me, say not "For I am a child." For thou shalt go to all, 
to whomsoever I send thee; and according to all that I com- 

8 mand thee thou shalt speak. Be not afraid of them; for I am 
with thee to deliver thee saith the Lord. 


9 Then the Lord stretched forth his hand towards me and 
touched my mouth; and the Lord said to me, Behold I have 

10 put my words in thy mouth. Behold I have this day set thee 
over nations and over kingdoms to root out and demolish and 
destroy; and to rebuild and plant. 

11 Then a Avord of the Lord came to me saying, "What dost 
thou see." Whereupon I said, "I see a rod of an almond-tree." 

12 And the Lord said to me. Thou hast seen well: for I have 
watched over my words to perform them. 

13 Again a word of the Lord came to me a second time say- 
ing: "What dost thou see?" And I said, "A kettle; its bottom 

14 glowing hot; and its mouth from the north. Then the Lord 
said to me, "From the north shall blaze out the evils against 

15 all the inhabitants of this land." For behold I am calling toge- 
ther all the kingdoms of the earth from the north, saith the 
Lord; and they shall come and set, every one his throne against 
the vestibules of the gates of Jerusalem and against all the 

16 walls thereof round about, and against all the cities of Juda; 
and I will speak to them with a judicial process touching all 
their wickedness. 

17 As they have forsaken me and sacrificed to strange Gods, 
and worshipped the works of their hands, therefore gird thou 
up thy loins and stand up and speak all that I command thee. 
Be not afraid of them, nor terrified at their presence; for I am 

18 with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord. Behold I have made 
thee this day, like a fortified city and like a wall of brass, too 
strong for all the kings of Juda and the chiefs thereof and the 

19 people of the land. Though they fight against thee they cannot 
prevail over thee; for I am with tliee to deliver thee saith the 

IL Then he said, Thus saith the Lord, I remembered mercy 

2 in thy youth; and love, in thy mature age, that thou mightest 

3 follow the Holy Israel, saith the Lord. The Holy Israel is to 
the Lord the chief of his productions, all that devour him shall 
be guilty of trespass: evils shall come upon them, saith the 

4 Hear a word of the Lord, Ο house of Jacob and every fa- 

5 mily of the house of Israel. Thus saith the Lord, 


What fault did your fathers find in me, that they have 
withdrawn from me; and have gone after vanities and become 

6 vain: and did not say, Where is the Lord, who brought us up 
out of the land of Egypt; who led us through the wilderness — 
through a boundless and untrodden land — through a land with- 
out water and without fruit — through a land which no man 
traversed, and where no man had a fixed abode. 

7 When I brought you to Channel that you might eat its 
fruits and the good things thereof; you entered in and polluted 

8 my land; and made my heritage an abomination. The priests 
did not say, "Where is the Lord?" and they who studied the 
law did not know me; the pastors also transgressed against 
me; and the prophets prophesied for Baal and went after an un- 

9 profitable thing. For this also I will emplead you; and your 

10 childrens' children I will emplead. For go to the isles of Chet- 
tim and see; and send to Kedar and make strict inquiry; and 

11 see if such things have ever happened: have nations changed 
their Gods, though they are no Gods? but my people have 

12 changed their glory for that which will not profit them. At 
this the heaven was astonished and shocked exceedingly, saith * 

13 the Lord. Because my people did two things which are both 
evil: they forsook me, the fountain of living water; and hewed 
out for themselves broken cisterns which cannot hold water. 

14 Is Israel a slave or a home born servant ? Why was he 

15 for a prey ? Against him lions roared and uttered their voice : 
they have made his land a desert and his cities are demolished 

16 so as to be uninhabitable. Even the sons of Memphis and Taph- 

17 nas have known and derided thee. Hath not thy forsaking me, 
saith the Lord thy God, brought these things upon thee ? 

18 Now therefore what hast thou to do with the way to Egypt ? 
Is it to drink the water of Geon ? Or what hast thou to do in 
the way to the Assyrians ? Is it to drink the water of rivers ? 

19 Let this apostacy of thine correct thee. And thy wickedness 
work conviction in thee. x\nd know and see how bitter a 
thing it is to forsake me, saith the Lord thy God. 

•20 Further, I have no pleasure in thee, saith the Lord thy 
God, because of old thou hast broken thy yoke, and burst 
thy bands, and said, I will not serve thee ; but I will go up 


every high mount : and under every shady tree, I will there 
indulge my wantonness. 

21 I indeed planted thee an entirely good and fruitful vine : 

22 how art thou, Ο degenerate vine, turned to bitterness? Though 
thou wash thyself with nitre and use much soap : thou art 

23 stained by thine iniquities in my sight, saith the Lord. How 
canst thou say, I am not polluted, nor have I gone after Baal ? 
View thy ways in the grave-yard, and recollect what thou hast 

24 done. In the evening her voice raised the mournful cry. She 
enlarged her ways to the Avaters of a desert : by the desires of 
her soul she was transported into raptures. She is delivered 
up : who will bring her back ? None who seek her will weary 
themselves. In her humiliation they shall find her. 

25 Turn thy foot from a rugged way, and thy throat from 
thirst. But she said, I will act like one come to maturity. Be- 
cause she loved strangers, therefore after them she did go. — 

26 As a thief when taken, is ashamed ; so shall the children of 
Israel be put to shame. 

They and their kings and their chiefs and their priests and 

27 their prophets, said to a stock, Thou art my father ; and to a 
stone, Thou hast begotten me. And turned their backs to me 
and not their faces : yet in the time of their troubles they will 

28 say. Arise and save us. Where now are thy gods which thou 
hast made for thyself? Will they arise and save in the time 
of thy trouble ? 

Since according to the number of thy cities were thy gods 
Ο Juda — and according to the number of the streets of Jeru- 

29 salem they burned incense to Baal ; why do you address me? 
You are all guilty of impiety : and you have all transgressed 

30 against me, saith the Lord. In vain have I smitten your chil- 
dren, you did not receive instruction : a sword devoured your 
prophets, like a ravening lion ; and you were not temfied. — 

31 Hear a word of the Lord ! Thus saith the Lord, Was I a de- 
sert to Israel or a desolate land ? Why did my people say, 
" We will not be lorded over, nor come to thee any more." 

32 Will a bride forget her attire ; or a virgin, the ornaments that 
deck her bosom ? Yet my people have forgotten me, days 

33 without number. Wilt thou yet study any decency in thy 
wavs in search of love ^ Far from that, thou hast abandoned 


34 thyself to wickedness to pollute thy ways. And on thy hands 
hath been found the blood of innocent souls. These I did not 

35 find in breaches into houses, but in every grove of oaks. Yet 
thou sayest, " I am innocent; let his wrath be turned from 
me :" behold I will emplead thee for saying, I have not sin- 

36 ned. Because thou hast made very light of repeating thy jour- 
nies, therefore thou shalt be made ashamed of Egypt, as thou 

37 hast been, of Assyria : for thou shalt come up thence with thy 
hands on thy head, for the Lord hath rejected thy confidence 

III. and thou shah not prosper in it. If a man divorce his wife 
and she depart from him and marry another, can she return 
again to him ? Would not such a wife be altogether polluted ? 

2 Yet thou hast played the harlot with many shepherds and hast 
returned to me saith the Lord. Raise thine eyes, look forward 
and take a view ! where is there a place in which thou hast 
not prostituted thyself? In the highways thou hast sat for 
them like a deserted daw, and polluted the land with thy 

3 whoredoms and with thy wicked acts, and retained many shep- 
herds for a stumbling block to thyself : yet with the face of 

4 a harlot and behaving indecently before them all, hast thou 
not returned home and called me father and the guide of thy 

5 youth? Will anger continue forever? Shall it be kept up to 
the last? Behold thou hast spoken and done these evil things: 
yet thou hast prevailed. 

6 II. AGAIN the Lord said to me in the days of Josias the 
king, Hast thou seen what the house of Israel have done to 
me? They have gone up upon every high mountain and under 

7 every shady tree and have there committed Avhoredom— and 
after she had committed all these acts of whoredom I said, 

8 Return to me; but she returned not. And the treacherous Juda 
saw this treachery; and I saw that when for all the whoredoms 
which Israel had committed and in which she had been 
caught, I had put her away and given her a bill of divorce in 
her hands, the treacherous Juda was not terrified, but went 

9 and committed the like herself. Indeed the other's fornication 

10 was as nothing; she committed adultery with stocks and 
stones, and for all this the treacherous Juda turned not to me 

11 with her whole heart but only feignedly. Then the Lord said 

12 to me, Israel hath justified herself more than the treacherous 


Juda; go and proclaim these words to the north and thou shalt 
say, Return to me, Ο house of Israel, saith the Lord, and I 
\\ill not set my face against you. For I am merciful, saith the 

13 Lord and will not be angry with you forever. Nevertheless ac- 
knowledge thine iniquity — that thou hast transgressed against 
the Lord thy God, and opened thy ways for strangers under 
every shady tree; and hast not hearkened to my voice, saith 

14 the Lord. Return, Ο apostate children, saith the Lord : for I 
will exercise dominion over you, and take one of a city and 

15 two of a family and bring you to Sion : and I will give you 
pastors according to mine own heart, and they shall tend and 

16 feed you with knowledge. And when you are multiplied and 
increased in the land, saith the Lord, in those days they shall 
no more say, " The ark of the covenant of the Holy Israel." 
It shall no more come to mind nor be named; nor shall it be 

17 covered nor made any more. In those days and at that time 
Jerusalem shall be called The Throne of the Lord^ and all the 
nations shall be gathered to it. And they shall no more follow 

1 8 the desires of their own wicked heart. In those days the house 
of Juda shall unite with the house of Israel, and they shall 
come together from the land of the north and from all those coun- 
tries, to the land which I put in possession of their fathers. 

19 (p) (Whereupon I said, so be it, Ο Lord.) 

(J) Because I am to rank thee among children and give thee 
a choice land — the heritage of God the Supreme Ruler oi 
nations; therefore I said, " Call me Father," and, " From me 

20 you shall not turn a\vay." But as a M'ife dealeth treacherously 
with her husband, so the house of Israel dealt treacherously 

21 with me, saith the Lord. A sound from the lips Λvas heard, of 
the wailing and supplication of the children of Israel; because 
they had transgressed in their ways — had forgotten God their 

22 Holy One. Return, return, Ο children, and I will heal your 

23 (c) Behold we will be thy servants for thou art the Lord our 
God. False indeed have been the hills and the strength of the 
mountains, but from the Lord our God is the salvation of Is- 

24 rack This shame consumed the labours of our fathers from 
our youth — Their flocks and their herds, their sons and their 

25 daughters. We lay down in our shame and our dishonour co- 


vered us; because we sinned against our God — both we and 
our fathers from our youth to this day; and hearkened not to 
the voice of the Lord our God. 
IV. (J) If Israel will return, saith the Lord; let him return to 
me. And if he will remove his abominations from his mouth, 

2 and on account of me be filled with holy awe; and swear " As 
the Lord liveth" with truth in judgment and justice : then 

3 shall the nations bless by him, and by him praise God in Jeru- 
salem. For thus saith the Lord to the men of Juda and inha- 
bitants of Jerusalem, Break up for yourselves fallow grounds 

4 and sow not among thorns : be circumcised for your God and 
circumcise the stubbornness of your hearts, Ο men of Juda and 
ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; lest my wrath break out like a fire 
and burn; and there be none to quench it, because of the wick- 
edness of your devices. 

5 11. (J) MAKE proclamation in Juda and let it be heard in 
Jerusalem. Say, Sound the trumpet in the land; raise the 
screaming cry ! Say, Assemble together and let us go into the 

6 walled cities ! Break up and flee to Sion; make all haste; tarry 
not: for I am bringing evils from the north and a great de- 

7 struction. A lion has gone up from his den : a destroyer of na- 
tions hath begun his march and is come from his place to make 
this land a desolation; and the cities shall be demolished so as 

8 to be uninhabitable. For these things gird on sackcloth; wail 
and utter lamentation. Because the wrath of the Lord is not 

9 turned away from you, therefore it shall come to pass in that 
day, saith the Lord; that the understanding of the king shall 
be destroyed; and the understanding of the chiefs; and the 
priests shall be confounded and the prophets amazed. 

10 (p) Upon this I said, Ο Sovereign Lord! hast thou in- 
deed deceived this people and Jerusalem, saying, " There 
shall be peace," when lo ! the sword hath reached their very 

11 (J) At that time let it be said to this people and to Jeru- 
salem, there is a spirit of wandering in the wilderness. The 
way of the daughter of my people is not to purity nor to ho- 

J2 liness. A spirit of execution shall come for me and I am now 
13 denouncing my judgments on them. Behold he shall come up 



like a cloud, and his chai-'iots like a whirlwind. His horses are 
swifter than eagles. 

14 (p) Alas for us I we are undone ! Ο Jerusalem ! wash thy 
heart from wickedness that thou mayst be saved. How long 
do ill grounded reasonings for thy troubles remain in thee? 

15 (J) Because the voice of a messenger will come from Dan 

16 and distress will be heard from mount Ephraim; Call to mind 
the nations : behold they are come. Proclaim in Jerusalem, 
" Predatory bands are coming from afar, and have uttered 

17 their voice against the cities of Juda." Like men watching a 
field they are all around her. Because thou wast not mindful 

18 of me saith the Lord, thy ways and thy devices have done 
these things to thee. It is owing to thy wickedness that they 
are bitter — that they have reached thy very heart. 

19 (p) My bowels ! my boAvels are pained ! and every sensa- 
tion of my heart. My soul throbbeth ! my heart is torn. I can- 
not keep silence; for my soul hath heard the trumpet's sound; 

20 the din of war and of distress. It calleth for contrition; for the 
whole land is in deep distress. My tent is suddenly whelmed 

21 in ruin; my curtains are rent to pieces. How long shall I see 
men fleeing ! How long hear the sound of trumpets ! 

22 (J) Because the rulers of my people did not know me, 
they are foolish children and devoid of understanding. They 
are wise to do evil; but to do good they have no knowledge. 

23 (p) I beheld the earth and lo ! a void ! Then the heaven; 

24 and its lights were gone. I beheld the mountains; and they 

25 were trembling, and all the hills were in perturbation. I look- 
ed ; and lo ! there was not a man; and all the birds of the air 

26 were flown. I beheld; and lo! Karmel was a desert; and all the 
cities were burned with fire. At the presence of the Lord ; and 
because of his fierce anger, they are utterly destroyed. 

27 (J) Thus saith the Lord, The whole land shall be a desert; 

28 but I will not make a complete end. For these things let the 
land mourn ; and the heaven above be covered with darkness; 
for I have spoken and I will not change my mind, I have 
made an assault and will not withdraw from it. 

29 (p) At the sound of the cavalry and bended bow all the 
country had fled. They had skulked into caves; and hidden 


themselves in forests ; and upon rocks they had climbed up. 
Every city was deserted; in them not a man dwelt. 

30 And as for thee what wilt thou do? Though thou clothe 
thyself with scarlet and deck thyself with ornaments of gold — 
though thou paint thine eyes with stibium, thy decoration will 
avail nothing; thy lovers have cast thee oif. They will seek 

31 thy life. For I have heard a sound as of one in labour — of 
thy groan, as of one who beareth her first child. 

(J) The voice of the daughter of Sion shall be weak : and 
she shall let her hands hang down. 

(p) Wo is me ! for my soul fainteth on account of the slain. 

V. (J) Run to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem ; and 

look, and inquire, and search in her broad ways. If you can 

find — if there be a man, Avho executeth judgment and seeketh 

2 truth, I will be merciful to them saith the Lord. They say, 
"As the Lord liveth." Do they not on this very account swear 
to falsehoods? 

3 (p) Ο Lord, thine eyes look for faithfulness. Thou hast 
chastised them : but they have not grieved. Thou hast con- 
sumed them and they would not receive instruction. They 
have made their faces harder than a rock and refused to return. 

4 Then I said, perhaps they are poor, therefore they could 
not. Because they have not known the way of the Lord and the 

5 judgment of God, I will go to the nobles and speak to them. 

(J) Because these knew the way of the Lord and the judg- 
ment of God, and lo! with one consent, have broken the yoke 

6 and burst the bands; therefore a lion from the forest hath smit- 
ten them and a wolf hath destroyed them even in their 
houses, and a leopard hath lain in wait against their cities. Let 
all who go out from them be hunted down. Because they have 
multiplied their iniquities — have strengthened themselves in 

7 their apostacies ; for which of these canT be merciful to thee? 
Thy children have forsaken me, and sworn by things which 
are no Gods. When I fed them plentifully, they committed 

8 adultery, and revelled in the houses of harlots. They became 
furious wanton steeds; they neighed every one for his neigh- 

9 bour's wife. Shall I not visit for these things, saith the Lord, 
10 and on such a nation as his shall not my soul be avenged? Go 


up against her battlements and demolish them: but you must 
not make a complete destruction; leave her buttresses, for they 

11 are the Lord's. Because the house of Israel have broken faith 
with me^ sai\h the Lord, and the house of Juda have given the 

12 lie to their Lord and said, "These things are not so. Evils will 

13 not come upon us; we shall see neither sword nor famine. Our 
prophets are but wind and the word of the Lord was not in 

14 Therefore thus saith the Lord Almighty, because you 
have spoken this word; behold I have made these words of 
mine for thy mouth, afire; and this people fuel; and it shall 

15 devour them. Behold I am about to bring against you, Ο 
house of Israel, saith the Lord, a nation from afar — a nation 

16 the sound of 'vvhose tongue thou wilt not understand. They 
are all mighty men; and they shall devour your harvest and 

17 your bread; and they shall devour your sons and your daugh- 
ters; and they shall devour your flocks and your herds; and 
they shall devour your vineyards and fig trees and olive orch- 
ards, and smite with the sword your fortified cities, in which 

18 you trusted. But it shall come to pass in those days, saith the 
Lord thy God, That I will not make an entire end of you. 

19 Now when you say, "Why hath the Lord our God done all 
this to us?" then thou shalt say to them, Because you served 
strange Gods in your land, therefore you shall serve strange 

20 Gods in a land which is not yours. Proclaim these things to 
the house of Jacob and let them be published to the house of 

21 (p) Hear these things I beseech you, Ο foolish and stu- 
pid people! 

(J) They have eyes, but they dp not see; ears they have, 

22 but they do not hear. Will you not fear me, saith the Lord, 
nor be struck with awe at the presence of me who have by an 
everlasting decree, made sand a boundary to the ocean, so that 
it shall not pass it. Though it be tossed with a tempest, it 
shall not prevail — though the waves thereof roar, they shall not 

23 overpass it. But this people have a revolting and disobedient 
heart. They have turned aside and are gone: and did not say 

24 in their heart, let us now fear the Lord our God, who giveth 


us the former and the latter rain, according to the time of com- 
pleting the appointed harvest. 

25 (p) Though he had reserved these for iis, your iniqui- 
ties have turned them out of their course: and your sins have 
removed good things from you. 

26 (J) Since there have been found among my people wicked 
men, who have set snares to destroy men and have caught 

27 them — As a trap which hath been set is full of birds, so their 
houses are full of deceit, therefore they became great and rich 

28 and overleaped judgment: they did not administer justice to 
the orphan, nor decide righteously the cause of the widow; 

29 shall I not visit for these things, saith the Lord, and on such a. 
nation as this shall not my soul be avenged? 

30 Astonishing and horrible things have been done in this 

31 land. The prophets prophesy falsehoods, and the priests clap- 
ped with their hands, and my people loved to have it so. Now 
what will you do in regard to the consequences'? 

VI. Assume courage ye sons of Benjamin who are from the 
midst of Jerusalem, and give a signal with the trumpet at Thc- 
koe; and on Bethacharma erect a standard. Because evils from 

2 the north are apparent, and a great destruction is begun, there- 
fore thy loftiness shall be destroyed. With regard to the daugh- 

3 ter of Sion; to her shepherds shall come with their flocks, and 
pitch their tents around against her and feed. [They will say] 

4 every one to his band "Prepare yourselves for battle against 
her, arise and let us go up against her at noon." "Alas for us 
the day is declined," "Because the shadows of the day fail, 

5 arise and let us go up against her by night, and let us destroy 

6 her foundations." For thus saith the Lord, Cut down her 
trees: discharge engines against Jerusalem: Ο lying city! in 

7 it all is oppression. As a reservoir sendeth forth water, so her 
wickedness gusheth out. Open wickedness and misery may 

8 be heard in her continually. With anguish and scourging be 
instructed, Ο Jerusalem! lest my soul be alienated from thee — 
lest I make thee an untrodden land, which shall not be inha- 

9 bited. For thus saith the Lord, Glean, glean as a vineyard the 
remains of Israel. Return again and again like a grape gather- 
er to liis basket. 


10 (ρ) To Avhom shall I speak and give warning that he 
may hearken? behold their ears are uncircumcised and they 
cannot hear. — 

(J) Behold the word of the Lord was to them an object 

1 1 of reproach and they Avould not. Therefore my wrath, which 
I filled up and restrained that I might not destroy them, I now 
pour out on infants in the streets, and on the congregation of 
youths at the same time. Because husband and wife shall be 

12 comprehended — the elder with him who is full of days; there- 
fore their houses shall be transferred to others — their fields 
and their wives together. Because I will stretch forth my 

13 hand against the inhabitants of this land, saith the Lord — be- 
cause from the least of them to the greatest, they have all com- 
mitted unrighteous deeds; from the priest to the false pro- 

14 phet, they have all practised falsehood, and healed the hurt 
of my people by underrating it and saying Peace^ Peace; but 

1 5 Avhere is there peace? Were they ashamed because they failed? 
even in that case they were not ashamed; nor were they sensi- 
ble of their infamy; therefore they shall fall in the common 
ruin; and in the time of visitation they shall perish, saith the 

16 Lord. Thus saith the Lord, Stand in the highways and take a 
view and inquire for the ancient paths of the Lord, and see 
which is the good way and walk in it, and you shall find a pu- 
rification for your souls: but they said, "We will not go." 

17 I have set watchmen over you; hearken to the sound of the 

18 trumpet. But they said, "We will not listen." Therefore the 
nations heard; even they who were tending their flocks. 

19 Hear Ο earth, behold upon this people I am bringing evils — 
the fruit of their apostacy , because they attended not to my words 

20 and rejected my law. Why do you bring me incense from Saba, 
and cinnamon from a far distant country? Your whole burrit of- 
ferings are not acceptable; nor were your incense offerings sweet 

21 to me. Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold I send weakness 
on this people, and weak shall be fathers and sons with them; and 

22 neighbour with neighbour shall perish. Thus saith die Lord, 
Behold a people is coming from the north; and nations shall 

23 be roused from the extremity of the earth: they will grasp the 
bow and the spear: they are haughty and will show no mercy: 


their voice is like the roaring sea: on horses and in chariots 
they will draw up in array Hke fire, for battle against thee, Ο 
daughter of Sion. 

24 (c) We have heard the fame of them. Our hands are en- 
feebled. Anguish hath taken hold of us — pangs, as of a wo- 
man in travail. 

25 (p) Go not out to the fields and in the highways walk not, 
because the sword of the enemy dwelleth all around. Ο daugh- 

26 ter of my people gird thee with sackcloth; strew thyself with 
ashes : utter for thyself piteous lamentation like the mourning 
for a beloved. For misery will suddenly come upon thee. 

27 (J) I have made thee an assay er for trying peoples : and 

28 thou shalt know me when I try their ways. They are all dis- 
obedient and walk perversely. Being brass and iron they are 

29 all utterly consumed. The bellows could not stand the fire : 
the lead is consumed. In vain doth the silversmith try to ex- 
tract silver. Their wickedness was not to be melted. You 
shall call them rejected silver, for the Lord hath rejected 
them. — 

VII. 2 III. HEAR a word of the Lord, all ye of Judea! thus 

3 saith the Lord the God of Israel : amend your ways and your 

4 pursuits : and I will cause you to dwell in this place. Trust 
not in yourselves — in lying words : for you will derive no be- 
nefit from them who say, " The temple of the Lord ! it is the 

5 temple of the Lord !" For if you thoroughly amend your ways 
and your pursuits, and actually execute judgment between 

6 man and man : and do not oppress the stranger and orphan and 
widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place, nor go after 

7 strange gods to your hurt : then will I cause you to dwell in 
this place — (in the land which I gave to your fathers) from age 
to age. 

8 But if you continue to trust in lying words from which you 

9 can derive no benefit ; and commit murder, and adultery and 
steal and swear to a falsehood, and burn incense to Baal ; and 
\vhen you have gone after strange gods which you did not know; 

10 you, because of your calamities, have then come and stood be- 
fore me, in the house which is called by my name, and said, 
"We have been restrained from committing these abominati- 

11 ons;" is not this house of mine, which is called bv mv name, be- 


come in your eyes a den of robbers ? Now behold I have seen 

12 this, saith the Lord. Go then to my place which was at Selo^ 
where I caused my name to dwell at first; and see what I have 

13 done to it, for the Avickedness of my people Israel. Now there- 
fore because you have done all these things : and I have spoken 
to you and you have not hearkened to me ; and I have called 

14 yftuand you have not answered; I therefore will do to this house 
which is called by my name, and in which you have placed your 
confidence ; and to this place which I gave to you and your 

15 fathers ; as I did to Selo. And I will drive you from my pre- 
sence, as I have driven out your brethren, the whole seed 

16 of Ephraim. And as for thee, pray not thou for this people ; 
nor supplicate for compassion to be shewn them : neither pray 

17 nor intercede with me for them ; for I wall not listen. Dost 
thou not see what they are doing in the cities of Juda and in 

18 the streets of Jerusalem ? Their sons are collecting wood ; 
and their fathers are kindling a fire : and their wives are knead- 
ing dough to make cakes for the host of heaven : and they 

19 have poured out libations to strange gods, to vex me. Do 
they vex me ? Saith the Lord : do they not vex themselves ; 

20 that their faces may be covered with shame ? Therefore thus 
saith the Lord, Behold my anger and my fury is poured upon 
this place and on these men ; and on the cattle and on every 
tree of their field and on all the products of the ground, and it 

21 shall burn and shall not be quenched. Thus saith the Lord, 
Collect your whole burnt oiierings with your sacrifices and 

22 eat flesh. Because I did not speak to your fathers nor give 
them a charge, on the day when I brought them up out of the 
land of Egypt, concerning v/hole burnt ofterings and sacri- 

23 fices; but only gave them this charge saying, "Hearken to 
my voice and I will be your God and you shall be my people; 
and walk in all my -ways which I command you that it may 

24 be well with you." But they hearkened not to me nor inclined 
their ear; but walked in the devices of their own wicked heart, 
and went backward and not forward from the day their fathers 

25 came out of the land of Egypt to this day : though I sent to 
you all my servants the prophets — daily and early though I 

27 sent them, yet they hearkened not to me nor inclined their 
ears — nay they hardened their necks more than their fathers ; 


28 therefore thou shalt deliver to them this message. "This is 
the nation which hearkened not to the voice of the Lord, nor 
received instruction : faithfulness is gone from their mouth : 

29 shave thy head and throw away the hair, and take up with thy 
lips a song of lamentation, for the Lord hath rejected and cast 

30 off the generation which hath done these things." Because the 
children of Juda have done evil in my sight, saith the Lord, 
have set up their abominations in the house called by my name, 

31 to pollute it; and have built up the altar of Tophet which is in 
the valley of the son of Ennom, to bum their sons and their 
daughters with fire; a thing which I never commanded them 

32 and which never entered my mind ; therefore, behold days are 
coming saith the Lord, when they shall no more say. The al- 
tar of Tophet, and the valley of the son of Ennom," but, 
" The valley of them who were slain." For they shall bury in 

33 Tophet for want of room. And the carcasses of this people shall 
be for food for the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the 

34 earth; and there shall be none to scare them away. Andl will 
cause to cease from the cities of Juda and from the streets of 
Jerusalem, the voice of joy and the voice of gladness; the 
voice of the bridegioom and the voice of the bride; for the 
whole land shall be a desolation." 

VIIL At that time saith the Lord, they shall carry out the 
bones of the kings of Juda, and the bones of his chiefs, and the 
bones of the priests, and the bones of the prophets, and the 

2 bones of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, out of their graves; and 
expose them to the sun and moon and to all the stars, and to 
all the host of heaven which they loved and served, and after 
which they went and to which they were attached, and to 
which they bowed down. They shall not be lamented nor bu- 

3 ried; but shall be for a spectacle, on the face of the earth (be- 
cause they chose death rather than life) even to all the residue 
left of that generation, in every place whither I shall drive 

4 Thus saith the Lord, Doth not he who falleth rise again? 

5 Or doth not he who turneth aside, return back? Why then 
hath this my people shamefully turned aside, and persisted in 

6 their eiTor and refused to return? Hearken now and hear I 
Will they not speak thus, " There is not a man who repents 

VOL. Ill, γ 


eth of his wickedness, saying, "What have I done?" ite who 
was running stop'd in his course Uke a horse tired with whinny- 

7 ing." The stork in the heaven knoweth her season; so doth the. 
dove and the swallow of the field : the ostriches observed the 
time of their coming; but my people do not know the judg- 

8 ments of the Lord. How can you say, " We are wise and the 
law of the Lord is with us." In vain was it made; the scribes 

9 had a lying pen. Are the wise ashamed? They are indeed dis- 
mayed and taken. Because they rejected the law of the Lord; 

10 therefore be their wisdom what it may, I will give their wives 
to others and their fields to them who will take possession, 
that they may gather the products thereof, saith the Lord. 

13 (c) There is not a cluster on the vine nor is there a fig on 

14 the fig trees, even the leaves are fallen. Why sit we still? As- 
semble and let us go into the fortified cities; andlet us be cast off 
there; since God hath cast us off. He hath indeed given us wa- 

15 ter of gall to drink because we have sinned against him. We 
assembled for peace; but there is no good; for a time of heal- 

16 ing and behold trouble. From Dan we can hear the sound of 
the snorting of his horses; with the neighing of his cavalry the 
\vhole earth is shaken. 

(J) And on he will come and devour the land and the ful- 

17 ness thereof, the cities and them who dwell therein. For be- 
hold I am sending against you deadly serpents, which cannot 
be charmed, and they will bite you with incurable wounds, 

18 which shall pain your throbbing heart. 

19 Hark ! a sound of the cry of the daughter of my people 
from a distant land I "Is not the Lord in Sion? Is he not 
king there?" Because they provoked me to anger with their 
graven images and with strange vanities. 

20 (p) " f'h^ summer is past; the harvest is over and we are 
not saved," at the destruction of the daughter of my people I 
was whelmed in darkness: in distress I was seized with pangs 

21 like those of a woman in travail. Is there no balm in Gilead? 
Is there no physician there? Why is not healing come for the 
daughter of my people. 

(c) The chorus, the inliabitants of the country. (J) Jehovah, (p) 
The prophet. 


IX. θ! that my head were water ! and mine eyes a fountain 
of tears ! That I might weep day and night for this people of 

2 mine — for the slain of the daughter of my people ! O! that I 
had a remote lodging in the wilderness, that I might leave 
my people and go away from them ! 

(J) Because they are all adulterers, an assembly of treach- 

3 erous men, and have bent their tongue like a bow — lying and 
infidelity prevailed in the land — because they have proceeded 

4 from evils to evils, and have not known me, saith the Lord; be 
upon your guard every man against his neighbour, and in 
your ΟΛνη brothers place no confidence; for every brother will 

5 supplant, and every friend walk deceitfully; every one will treat 
his friend with contempt. They cannot speak truth; their 
tongue hath learned to speak lies. They have done injustice, 

6 and have not stopped to rectify it. There is usury upon usury, 
deceit upon deceit; they refused to know me, saith the Lqrd: 

7 therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold I will melt them and 
try them. What else can I do on account of the wickedness 

8 of the daughter of my people? Their tongue is a wounding 
dart : the words of their mouth are deceitful. To his neigh- 
bour one speaketh peace; when inwardly he harboureth enmi- 

9 ty. Shall I not visit for these things, saith the Lord; and on 
10 such a nation shall not my soul be avenged? Take ye up a 

lamentation for the mountains, and for the paths of the wilder- 
ness, a song of woe; for such is the desolation that there are no 
men, nor is there a sound of existence heard from birds of 
the air, nor from cattle. They Avere confounded. They are fled. 
Ill will indeed deliver up Jerusalem to captivity and make it a 
den for jackals; and the cities of Juda an uninhabitable desola- 

12 (p) Whoever is a Avise man, let him understand this; and 
let him, who hath a word from the mouth of the Lord, declare 
to you, for what cause the land is destroyed — burned up like a 
desert, so as not to be travelled. 

1 3 IV. AGAIN the Lord said to me, 

(J) Because they have forsaken my law which I set before 

14 them and have not hearkened to my voice : but have gone af- 
ter the pleasures of their own wicked heart, and after the idols 


15 which their fathers taught them; therefore thus saith the 
Lord the God of Israel, behold I will feed them with worm- 

16 wood, and give them water of gall to drink. And I will scat- 
ter them among the nations, which neither they nor their fa- 
thers have known, and send a sword after them till they are 

17 consumed by it. Thus saith the Lord, Call the mourning 
women and let them come ; send for the well instructed and 

18 let them utter a plaintive sound and take up a mournful la- 
mentation for you : and let your eyes collect tears, and your 
eye lids gush out water. 

19 (p) Because a sound of wailing is heard in Sion ; " Oh 
how wretched we are ! how greatly confounded because we 

20 have left our land, and abandoned our habitations :" hear I 
beseech you, Ο women ! a word of God : and let your ears 
receive the wOrds of his mouth : and teach your daughters a 
song of woe ; and every woman, her neighbour the mournful 

21 dirge. For death is gone up through your windows : it is come 
into your land, to destroy infants at home and young men in 

22 the streets : and the carcasses of the men shall be for a spec- 
tacle on the open field throughout your land, like grass after 
a mower and there will be none to gather. 

23 (J) Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man boast of 
hi': wisdom : nor the mighty man boast of his strength ; nei- 

24 ther let the rich man boast of his riches : but let him who 
boasteth, boast of this only, that he understandeth and know- 
eth, that I am the Lord, who exercise mercy and judgment 
and justice on the earth : that in these things is my delight, 

25 saith the Lord. Behold days are coming, saith the Lord, when I 
will visit upon all the uncircumcised, their uncircumcisions — 

26 Upon Egypt, and upon Idumea, and upon Edom, and upon 
the Ammonites, and upon the Moabitcs, and upon all that 
have their foreheads shaven — namely them who dwell in the 

Because all the nations are uncircumcised in flesh, and all 
X. the house of Israel are uncircumcised in their hearts; hear 
the word of the Lord which he hath spoken for you Ο house 
of Israel. Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the ways of the na- 
tions, and at the signs of heaven be not dismayed, because 
3 they are terrified at these appearances, because the ordinances 


of the nations are vain. Timber is cut from the forest : a car- 
penter's work and a molten image are adorned with silver and 

4 s:old. Having fastened them with mallets and nails they will 

5 place them and they are not to be moved. They are silver 
which can be turned in a lathe ; they cannot walk. They 

9 are silver which can be formed into plates. From Tharsis 
will come the gold of Mophaz, and the hand of men skilled 
in casting gold. They are all the workmanship of artists. 

5 With blue and purple raiment they are to be clothed : They 
must be taken up and carried ; for they cannot Avalk. Fear 
them not for they can do you no harm, and there is no good 

11 in them. Thus shall you say to them, Let the gods, which 
have not made heaven and earth, perish from the earth and 

12 from under heaven. It is the Lord who made the earth by his 
power, who established the world by his wisdom : and by his 

13 understanding spread out the heaven, and the multitude of 
waters in heaven : when he brought up clouds from the ex- 
tremity of the earth ; he made the lightning for rain, and 

14 brought light forth from his treasuries. Every man on account 
of knowledge became foolish. Every melter of gold was put 
to shame for his graven images, because he cast falsities and 

15 there is no breath in them. These ridiculous works are vain; 

16 in the time of their visitation they shall perish. Unlike to these 
is the portion of Jacob : for he who formed all things is his 

17 inheritance. His name is. The Lord. He hath collected from 

18 abroad the substance of thee, dwelling in chosen places. For 
thus saith the Lord, Behold I am about to subvert with afflic- 
tion the inhabitants of this land, that the stroke may reach thee. 

19 Alas for thine affliction ! the stroke given thee is painful. 

(p) Upon this I said. This is a wounding thee indeed ! 

20 it hath sunk deep in thee ! thy tent is in a miserable state. It 
is ruined. And all thy curtains are torn to pieces. 

(c) My children and my flocks are no more. There is not 
a trace of my tent left — no remains of my curtains. 

21 (J) Because the shepherds were foolish and sought not 
the Lord, therefore the whole flock was thoughdess and they 

22 are scattered. A noisy sound ! Hark ! it is coming. And a 
great commotion from the land of the north, to make the cities 
of Juda a desolation and a haunt of ostriches. 


23 (ρ) I know, Ο Lord, that the way of man is not in him- 
self, nor can a man who travelleth ensure to himself a prosper- 

24 ous journey. Correct us, Ο Lord, but with judgment and not 
with wrath, that thou mayst not make us few in number. — 

25 Pour out thy wrath on the nations that know thee not, and on 
the families which have not invoked thy name. Because they 
have devoured Jacob and consumed him, and have made his 
pasture a desolation. 

XL V. THE word which came to Jeremias from the Lord, 

2 saying, Hear ye the words of this covenant : and thou shalt 
speak to the men of Juda, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem 

3 and say to them. Thus saith the Lord the God of Israel, Cur- 

4 sed is the man who will not hearken to the words of that 
covenant which I enjoined on your fathers, at the time when 
I brought them out of the land of Egypt ; out of the iron fur- 
nace saying. Hearken to my voice, and do all that I command 
you : and you shall be my people, and I will be your God ; 

5 that I may perform the oath which I sware to your fathers 
to give them a land flowing with milk and honey, as at this 
day. Thereupon I answered and said. So be it, Ο Lord. 

6 Then the Lord said to me. Read these words in the cities 
of Juda and in the streets of Jerusalem, and say. Hear the 

8 words of this covenant and do them. And when they did not: 

9 the Lord said to me, A conspiracy is found among the men of 
10 Juda and among the inhabitants of ' Jerusalem. They have 

turned back to the iniquities of their fathers, who refused to 
hearken to my words. And lo they are going after strange 
gods to serve them. Both the house of Israel and the house of 
Juda have broken my covenant which I made with their fa- 
ll thers ; therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold I am bringing 
upon this people evils, from which they shall not be able to 
escape. And when they cry to me I v/ill not hearken to them. 

12 Let the cities of Juda and the inhabitants of Jerusalem go and 
cry to the gods, to which they burn incense ; but which can- 

13 not save them in the time of their adversity. Since according 
to the number of thy cities were thy gods, Ο Juda — and ac- 
cording to the number of the streets of Jerusalem, you erected 


14 altars to burn incense to Baal ; therefore pray not thou for 
this people, nor intercede for them with supplication and pray- 
er ; for I will not hearken when they call on me in the time 
of their distress. 

15 What! my beloved hath committed abomination in my 
very house! will prayers and holy meats remove from thee thy 

16 wickedness? or by means of these shalt thou escape? The 
Lord called thy name The beautiful shady olive. At the sound 
of lopping it a fire was kindled against it. Great is the afflic- 

17 tion coming upon thee. Its branches are destroyed. The Lord 
who planted thee hath denounced evils against thee, for the 
wickedness of the house of Israel and the house of Juda, for 
they have brought this upon themselves by burning incense 
to Baal to provoke me. 

18 (p) Inform me, Ο Lord, and let me know! 

19 Then I saw their devices. As for me I like a lamb led to 
slaughter did not know. Against me they had formed a wick- 
ed design, saying, "Come, let us put poison in his bread, and 
cut him off from the land of the living; and let his name be 
mentioned no more." 

20 Ο Lord, who judgest righteously, trying reins and hearts! 
let me see thy vengeance on them, for to thee I have laid open 
my cause. 

21 On this account, thus saith the Lord to the men of Ana- 
thoth, who seek my life, Avho say thou shalt not prophesy in 
the name of the Lord — if thou dost; thou shalt die by our 

22 hand, "Behold I will punish them. Their 340ung men shall die 
by the sword. And their sons and their daughters shall die by 

23 famine. And there shall not be a remnant of them left; for I 
will bring evils on the inhabitants of Anathoth in the year of 
their visitation." 

XII. (p) Righteous as thou art, Ο Lord, can I defend a 
cause against thee? but let me speak to thee in respect to judg- 
ments. Why is the way of wicked men prosperous? why are 

2 they ha])py who have been all guilty of perfidy? Thou hast 
planted them and they have taken root, they have generated 
and produced fruit. Thou art near in their mouth, but far from 

3 their reins. But thou, Ο Lord, knowest me. Thou hast tried 


my heart before thee. Prepare them for the day of their slaugh- 

4 ter. How long shall the land mourn, and all the grass of the 
field be withered, for the wickedness of them who dwell there- 
in? The cattle and fowls are vanished; because they said, God 
will not regard our ways. 

5 (J) Thy feet run and fail thee: what preparation canst 
thou make, for horses? In thy land of peace hast thou been se- 

6 cure? how wilt thou act at the swelling of Jordan? since even 
thy brethren and the house of thy father have dealt perfidious- 
ly with thee; when they have raised the cry of war — have as- 
sembled in pursuit of thee, wilt thou trust them, because they 

7 speak thee fair? I have forsaken my house, I have abandoned 
my heritage, I have given the beloved of my soul into the 

8 hands of her enemies. My heritage became to me like a lion 

9 in a forest; against me it roared; therefore I hated it. Is not 
this heritage of mine the den of a hyena? to me indeed it is the 
den around her. Go, collect all the beasts of the field and let 

10 them come and devour it. Many shepherds have destroyed my 
vineyard, they have defiled my portion, they have made my 

11 beloved portion a trackless desert: it is given up to total de- 
struction. On my account the whole land is utterly desolated: 
because there is not a man who layeth this to heart, a- 

12 gainst every outlet by the wilderness destroyers are come: be- 
cause the sword of the Lord devoureth from one end of the 

13 land to the other; there is no peace for any flesh. Sow wheat 
and reap brambles. Their portions shall not profit them. Be 

14 ashamed of your boasting, ofreproaches against the Lord. For 
thus saith the Lord, respecting all those malignant neighbours, 
who touch my inheritance which I parcelled out to my peo- 
pie Israel; behold I am about to pluck them out of their land, 

15 and I will drive out Juda from among them, but after I have 
driven them out, I will return and have compassion on them, 

16 and settle them every one in his inheritance even every one in 
his own land. And it shall come to pass, if they will diligently 
learn the way of my people to swear by my name, "As the 
Lord liveth" as they taught my people to swear by Baal; they 

17 shall be established among my people: but if they will not re- 
turn; I will assuredly root out that nation with ruin and de- 


XIII. VI. Thus saith the Lord, Go and get thee a linen gir- 
dle and gird it about thy loins; but it must not be washed with 

2 water. And when 1 had procured the girdle according to the 

3 word of the Lord and had girded it about my loins, a word of 

4 the Lord came to me saying, Take the girdle which is about 
thy loins, and arise and go to the Euphrates and hide it there 

5 in the hole of the rock. So I went and hid it by the Euphrates 

6 as the Lord commanded me. And after many days the Lord 
said to me, "Arise and go to the Euphrates and take thence 

7 the girdle, which I commanded thee to hide there." So I went 
to the river Euphrates and digged and took the girdle out of 
the place where I had buried it; and behold it was rotten and 

8 good for nothing. Then a word of the Lord came to me say- 

9 ing, Thus saith the Lord, So will I mar the haughtiness of Ju- 

10 da, and the haughtiness of Jerusalem, that great haughtiness— 
them who refuse to hearken to my words, and have gone af- 
ter strange gods to serve them and worship them: and they 

11 shall be like this girdle which is good for nothing. For as the 
girdle is tightly bound around the loins of its OAvner; so did I 
iDind to myself the house of Israel, and the whole house 
of Juda; that they might be for me a renowned people, 
and for a boast and for a glory. But they have not hearkened 

12 to me. Therefore thou shalt say to this people, "Every lea- 
thern bottle is to be filled with wine." And if they say to thee, 
Do we not know very well that every leathern bottle is to be 

13 filled with wine? Then thou shalt say to them, Thus saith the 
Lord, Behold I will fill the inhabitants of this land, both their 
kings who are seated as sons of David on their thrones, and 
the priests and the prophets, even Juda and all the inhabitants of 

14 Jerusalem, with drunkenness. And I will scatter them, their 
heads of families and their brethren, both fathers and their sons 
at the same time. I will not have compassion saith the Lord, nor 
will I spare, nor pity them for their destruction. 

15 (p) Hearken and give ear and be not elated; for the Lord 

16 hath spoken. Give glory to the Lord your God, before the 
darkness cometh, and before your feet stumble on the dark 
mountains; Avhen you will wait for light; and the shadow of 

17 death will be there; and they shall be placed in darkness. But 
' if you will not hearken, your soul sl>aU weep in secret for ynnr 

VOL. iir. ^ 


haug:htiness; and tears shall gush from your eyes; because the 
flock of the Lord is destroyed. 

18 (J) Say to the king and the rulers, Humble yourselves 
and sit on the ground; for from your head is taken your crown 

19 of glory. The cities of the south shall be shut up and there shall 
be none to open. Juda is removed; they have made a complete 

20 removal. Raise thine eyes, Ο Jerusalem, and see them who are 
coming from the north! Where is the flock that was given thee 

21 — the flock of thy glory? What wilt thou say, when these visit 
thee? seeing thou thyself hast taught them against thyself les- 
sons for government. Will not pangs seize thee as a woman in 

22 travail? Now shouldst thou say in thy heart, "Why have such 
things befallen me?" For the greatness of thine iniquity, thy 
back is uncovered that thy heels may be exposed to view! 

23 Will an Ethiopian change his skin and a leopard her spots? 
As for you then, will you who have learned these evils be able 

24 to do good? Therefore I have scattered them like stubble 

25 whirled by wind to a desert; this then shall be thy lot and por- 
tion for your disobeying me, saith the Lord. As thou hast for- 

26 gotten me and trusted in lies; I therefore will expose thee na- 

27 ked to view that thy shame may be seen — namely thy adulte- 
ry and thy neighing and the lewdness of thy whoredom. On 
the mounts and in the fields I have seen thine abominations. 
Alas for thee, Jerusalem, because thou hast not purified thy- 
self to follow me. How much longer will it be before thou 

XIV. VII. THERE came also to Jeremias a word of the 

2 Lord concerning the drought. Judea mourned and her gates 
were deserted : and darkness overspread the land and the cry 

3 of Jerusalem ascended. When her nobles sent their underlings 
for water ; they went to the wells and found no water and re- 

4 turned with their vessels empty. A stop was put to the works 
of the field, because there was no rain. The husbandmen 

5 were confounded ; they covered their heads. The hinds calv- 
ed in the field and left their young, because there was not a 

6 plant. The wild asses stood in the forests and snuffed up the 
wind : their eyes failed because there was no grass. 

7 Our sins have risen up against us. Ο Lord, deal with u^ 


for thine own sake : for our sins are many In thy sight — for 

8 we have sinned against thee. Thou, Ο Lord, art the hope of 
Israel, and savest in time of troubles. Why art thou become 
as a stranger in the land — as a traveller turning aside for a 

9 lodging? Wilt thou be like a man asleep or like a head of a 
family v^ho cannot save? as thou, Ο Lord, art among us and 

10 we are called by thy name, O! do not forget us. Thus saith 
the Lord to this people, 

(J) They have loved to wander and did not refrain, there- 
fore God hath not prospered their ways, he will now remem- 

11 ber their iniquity. (p)Then the Lord said to me, pray not for the 

12 prosperity of this people; for though they fast I will not hear 
their prayer; and though they oflPer whole burnt offerings and 

13 sacrifices, I will not accept them. For with sword, and with fa- 
mine, and with pestilence, Iwill utterly consume them. There- 
upon I said, Ο self-existent Lord! behold their prophets pro- 
phesy and say, "You shall not see the sword; nor shall there be 
famine among you. For I will give truth and peace in this land 
and in this very place." 

14 Then the Lord said to me, These prophets prophesy false- 
hood in my name; I did not send them, nor command them, 
nor did I speak to them. Because they prophesy to you lying 
visions and divinations, and auguries, and the devices of their 

15 own hearts; therefore thus saith the Lord concerning those 
prophets, who prophesy falsehoods in my name, and who say 
(though I did not send them) "There shall be no sword nor fa- 
mine in this land," they shall die a direful death and by fa- 

16 mine these prophets shall be consumed. And the people to 
whom they prophesy, with their wives and their sons and their 
daughters, shall, by reason of the sword and the famine, be 
cast out in the streets of Jerusalem, and there shall be none to 

17 bury them, when I pour out these evils on them. Therefore 
thou shalt deliver to them this word, "Collect tears for your 
eyes day and night and let them not fail; for with a bruise the 
daughter of my people is bruised, and the wound is exceed- 
ingly painful." 

18 (p) If I go out into the field, behold the slain of the sword! 
and if I go into the city; behold the distress of famine! see- 
ing priest and prophet are gone to a land which they knew not: 


19 hast thou utterly rejected Juda and is thy soul alienated from 
Sion? Why hast thou smitten us, and there is no cure for us? 
We waited for peace, and there was no good; for a time of 

20 healing, and behold trouble! We acknowledge, Ο Lord, our 
sins and the iniquities of our fathers — that we have sinned 

21 against thee. Ο be appeased for thy name's sake. Destroy not 
the throne of thy glory; remember, Ο dissolve not thy cove- 
nant with us. Is there any among the idols of the nations who 
can give rain? and if the heaven shed its abundance, art thou 
not he who causeth it. Therefore we will wait on thee, Ο 
Lord, for thou hast done all these things. 

XV, Then the Lord said to me. Though Moses and Samuel 
stood before me, my soul is not towards them. Send away this 

2 people and let them go. And if they say to thee, * 'Whither 
shall we go?" then thou shalt say to them, Thus saith the 
Lord, such as are for pestilence, to pestilence, and such as are 
for the sword, to the sAVord; and such as are for famine, to fa- 

3 mine; and such as are for captivity, to captivity. For I will 
send against them four kinds of avengers, saith the Lord, the 
sword to slay; and the dogs to tear; and the wild beasts of the 

4 earth, and the birds of the air to devour and destroy. And I 
will deliver them up to distress in all the kingdoms of the 
earth, on account of Manasses son of Ezekias king of Juda — 

5 for all that he did in Jerusalem. Who will pity thee, Jerusa- 
lem? or who Λνϋΐ bemoan thee? or who will turn aside to in- 

6 quire after thy welfare? Thou hast turned thy back on me, saith 
the Lord: backwards thou shalt go. And I will stretch forth 

7 my hand and destroy thee. I will iio longer bear with them; but 
utterly disperse them. In the gates of my people they are be- 
reaved of children; my people are destroyed because of their 

8 wickedness. Their widows are multiplied above the sand of 
the sea. Against a mother I have brought soldiers — misery 
at noon-day. Upon her I have cast suddenly terror and conster- 

9 nation. She who was the mother of seven is childless; her soul 
is afflicted, the sun set upon her while it is yet mid-day; she is 
ashamed and confounded: the rest of them I will deliver up to 
the sword before their enemies. 

10 (p) Wo is me, Ο my mother, what sort of a person hast 
thou bore me ! a man of strife and contending with all this 


land ! I have neither lent on usury : nor hath any one lent to > 
me ; yet my strength is spent among them who curse me. — 

11 Be it so, Ο Lord, while they enjoy prosperity. 

(J) Did I not stand by thee, in the time of their calamities 
and in the time of their affliction, for good with the enemy ? 

12 Shall the sword be felt and thy strength be a coat of mail ? 

13 Thy treasures indeed I will give for a spoil in all thy borders, 

14 as a ransom for all thy sins ; and I will make thee a slave to 
thine enemies around in the land which thou hast not known. 
For a fire is kindled from my Avrath and against you it shall 

15 (p) Ο Lord, remember me and visit me and save me from 
them, who are persecuting me past forbearance. Consider 
how I have for thy sake borne reproach from them who de- 

16 spise thy words. Bring them to an end. But let thy word be 

17 to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart. Because I am called 
by thy name, Ο Lord Almighty, I did not sit in the council 
of those scorners ; but was struck with awe because of thy 

18 hand. I sat alone because I was full of bitterness. Why do 
they who grieve me prevail over me ? My wound is deep, 
how can I be healed ? It is indeed become to me like deceit- 
ful water Λvhich cannot be trusted. 

19 (J) Therefore thus saith the Lord, If thou wilt return I 
will reinstate thee ; and in my presence thou shalt stand. And 
if thou wilt lead out the precious from the vile, thou shalt be 
as my mouth ; and they shall turn to thee and thou shalt not 

20 turn to them. And I will make thee to this people like a strong 
wall of brass: though they fight against thee, they shall not pre- 

21 vail over thee; for I am with thee to save thee and rescue thee 
out of the hand of the wicked. And I Avill redeem thee out of 

XVI. the hand of pestilent men. But thou must not take a 
wife, saith the Lord God of Israel : nor shall a son or a daugh- 

3 ter be born to thee in this place. For thus saith the Lord con- 
cerning the sons, and concerning the daughters born in this 
place, and concerning the mothers who bare them, and concern- 

4 ing their fathers who begot them in this land ; by a direful 
death they shall die ; they shall not be lamented, nor shall they 
be buried; they shall be for a spectacle on the face of the earth ; 
they shall be for tjie v/ild beasts of the earth, and the birds of 


the air. By the sword they shall fall, and by famine they shall 

5 be consumed. Thus saith the Lord, Join not in their funeral 
entertainments ; go not to make lamentation nor bewail them. 

6 Since I have taken away my peace from this people, no la- 
mentation shall be made for them ; nor shall any cut them- 

7 selves nor be shaved. There shall neither be bread broken in 
their mourning, to comfort them for the dead ; nor shall a cup 
of consolation be given to any one for his father or mother. 

8 Into a house of feasting thou shalt not enter, to sit with them 

9 to eat and to drink : for thus saith the Lord the God of Israel, 
behold I am about to remove out of this place, before your 
eyes and in these your days, the sound of joy and tlie sound 
of mirth, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the 

ΙΌ Now when thou hast proclaimed to this people all these 
words and they say to thee, " Why hath the Lord denounced 
against us all these evils ? What is our iniquity ? And what 
is our sin which we have committed against the Lord our 

11 God? Then thou shalt say to them, Because your fathers have 
forsaken me, saith the Lord, and have run after . strange gods 
and served them and worshipped them, and have forsaken 

12 me and have not kept my law ; and you have done evil worse 
than your fathers ; and lo 1 you walk every one after the de- 
sires of your wicked heart, that you may not hearken to me : 

13 therefore I will hurl you out of this land, into a land Avhich 
neither you nor your fathers knew ; and you shall there serve 

14 strange gods which will shew you no mercy : therefore be- 
hold the days are coming, saith the Lord, when they shall 
no more say, "As the Lord livethwho brought up the Israel- 
is ites out of the land of Egypt : but, as the Lord liveth, who 

brought up the house of Israel from the north, and from all 
the countries to which they Avere driven ;" for I will bring 

16 them again to their land which I gave to their fathers. Behold 
I will send many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish 
them : and after that I will send many hunters and they shall 
hunt them, on every mountain and every hill, and out of the 

17 holes of the rocks. Because mine eyes are on all their ways, 

18 and their iniquities are not hid from mine eyes ; therefore I 
will doubly requite them for their wickedness and their sins 


— for their having defiled my land with the carcasses of their 
abominations, and for their acts of iniquity with which they 
have caused my heritage to transgress. 

19 (p) Ο Lord, thou art my strength and my help, and my 
refuge in days of affliction. To thee nations will come from 
the extremity of the earth and say. What lying idols did our 

20 fathers possess! there is no advantage in them. If a man make 
gods for himself, they are indeed no gods. 

21 (J) For this purpose behold! I will at that time mani- 
fest my hand to them and make known to them my power, 

XVII. 5 and they shall know that my name is The Lord. Cur- 
sed is the man whose hope is on man — who shall fix the flesh 
of his arm on him, and whose heart hath departed from the 

6 Lord. He shall be like the wild myrtle in the desert. He shall 
not see when good cometh; but shall dwell in parched places 

7 and in a desert — in a salt land which is uninhabited. But bless- 
ed is the man who hath trusted in the Lord; and whose hope 

8 is the Lord. He will be like a thriving tree near waters which 
shall shoot out its roots in a moist soil. It will not be afraid 
when heat cometh, though its stock be loaded with branches. 
In a year of drouglit it will not be afraid, nor will it fail to 
bear fruit. 

9 (p) The heart is deep beyojid all things; so also is a man, 
who then can know him? 

10 (J) I the Lord search hearts and try reins, to give to every 
one according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his 

11 devices. A partridge whistled and collected young which it 
did not bring forth, increasing its wealth but not with judg- 
ment; in the midst of its days they will leave it, and at its end 
it will be a fool. 

12 (p)Our sanctuary is an exalted throne of glory. Thou, Ο 

13 Lord art the hope of Israel. Let all who forsake thee be asham- 
ed ; let them who have apostatised be enrolled in the dust, 

14 because they have forsaken the Lord the fountain of life. 
Heal me, Ο Lord, and 1 shall be healed. Save me, and I 
shall be saved. Because thou art my boast, behold they say to 

15 me, " Where is the v/ord of the Lord? Let it come. As for 

16 me, I was not weary of following thee, nor did I desire the 
day of a man : thou knowest. The words which pass my lips 

17 are before thee•, be not estranged from me. Spare me in an. 


18 evil day. Let my persecutors be ashamed; but let me not be 
shamed. Let them be dismayed : but let not me be dismayed. 
Bring upon them an evil day. Crush them with a double 

19 VIII. (J) THUS saith the Lord, Go and stand in the gates 
of the children of thy people at which the kings of Juda come 

20 in and at which they go out, even at all the gates of Jerusalem,, 
and thou shalt say to them, Hear the word of the Lord, Ο 
kings of Juda and all Juda and all Jerusalem, who enter in by 

21 these gates! Thus saith the Lord, Take heed to yourselves 

22 and carry no burdens on the sabbath day ; nor go out of the 
gates of Jerusalem. Neither carry burdens out of your houses 
on the sabbath day nor do any work. Hallow the sabbath day 

23 as I commanded your fathers. Though they did not hearken, 
though they did not incline their ear, but stiifened their necks 

24 more than their fathers, that they might not hearken to me nor 
receive instruction; yet if you Λνίΐΐ hearken to me, saith the 
Lord, and not carry burdens through the gates of this city on 

25 the sabbath day,but hallow the sabbath day by doing no work 
thereon; there shall enter in at the gates of this city, kings and 
chiefs seated on the throne of David and riding in chariots and 
on horses, they and their chiefs, the men of Juda and the inha- 
bitants of Jerusalem ; and this city shall be inhabited for the 

26 age. And there shall come from the cities of Juda and from 
around Jerusalem and from the land of Benjamin and from 
the plain and from the mountain and from the country to the 
south, people bringing whole burnt oflferings and sacrifices 
and incense and fine flour and frankincense — bringing offer- 

27 ings of thanksgivings to the house of the Lord. But if you 
will not hearken to me to hallow the sabbath day, so as not to 
carry burdens nor come in at the gates of Jerusalem on the 
sabbath day, I will kindle a fire in the gates thereof and it 
shall consume the streets of Jerusalem and shall not be 

XVIII. IX. THE word which came to Jeremias from the Lord, 

saying, " Arise and go down to the house of the potter and 

3 there tlion shalt henrmv words." So I went down to the house 


of the potter; and behold he was making a piece of work on 

4 stones; and the vessel, which he was fashioning with his hands, 
fell, whereupon he again made it a vessel of another sort as it 

5 seemed good to him to make it. Then a word of the Lord 

6 came to me saying, Cannot I do with you, Ο house of Israel, 
as this potter? Behold you are in my hands like the clay of 

7 the potter. When I speak to a nation or kingdom, that I will 

8 remove and destroy them; if that nation turn from all their 
evils, I will relent in respect to the evils which I was resolv- 

9 ing to bring on them. And when I speak to a nation and king. 

10 dom that I will build up and replant : If they do evil in my 
sight so as not to hearken to my voice, I indeed will alter my 
mind in respect to the good things which I spoke of doing for 

11 Now I have said to the men of Juda and to the inhabitants 
of Jerusalem, Behold I am preparing evils against you and 
forming against you a determination; turn therefore every one 
from his evil way and make better things the objects of your 

12 pursuit : but they said, We will act like men. We will fol- 
low our own courses; and what every one iindeth agreeable to 

13 his own wicked heart that we will do. Therefore thus saith 
the Lord, Inquire among the nations. Who hath heard of such 
horrible things as the virgin of Israel hath sedulously done? 

14 Will crags forsake a rock or snow quit Libanus? Or water 

15 turn aside when furiously driven by wind? Because my peo- 
ple have forgotten me — have burned incense to vanity; they 
will therefore break down the everlasting barriers in their 

16 Λvays that they may walk in paths having no road for travel- 
ling — that they may make the land a desolation — an everlast- 
ing object of pity. AH that pass through it shall be astonished 

17 and shake.their head. Like a burning wind I will scatter them 
before their enemies. I will shew them the day of their de- 

18 Upon this they said, Come let us settle an account with Je- 
remi^s. Because law shall not perish from the priest, nor coun- 
sel i .1 the wise, nor a word from the prophet, Come and 
that we may smite him witli the tongue, let us hear all his 

19 Hear me, Ο Lord, and hearken to my justification. Shall 

VOL. III. Λ a i 


20 evils be returned for good offices? Because they contrived de- 
signs against my life and concealed the punishment they in- 
tended for me. Remember how I stood before thee to intercede 

21 for them — to turn away thy wrath from them. For this cause 
deliver up their sons to famine and give them up in multitudes 
to the sword. Let their wives become childless and widows; 
and the husbands be cut off by pestilence and their young men 

22 fall by the sword in battle. Let a scream be heard in their 
houses. Thou wilt bring robbers suddenly on them because 
they contrived a speech to entrap me and concealed the snares 

23 they had set for me. Thou indeed, Ο Lord, knewest all their 
designs against me to put me to death. Absolve them not 
from their wickedness, nor blot out their sins from before thee. 
Let their weakness be before thee. Deal with them in the 
time of thy wrath. 

XIX. Then the Lord said to me, Go and get a pitcher of 
earthen ware and thou shalt take out some of the elders of the 

2 people and of the priests and go out to the common grave 
yard which is at the entrance of the gate Charseith and read 
there all these ΛVords which I shall speak to thee and thou 
shalt say to them, 

3 Hear the word of the Lord, ye kings of Juda and ye men 
of Juda and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and ye who enter in 
at these gates. Thus saith the Lord, the God of Israel, Behold 
I am bringing evils upon this place, so that the ears of every 

4 one who heareth them shall tingle. Because they have forsaken 
me and profaned this place; and have burned incense in it to 
strange gods, which neither they nor their fathers knew ; and 
the kings of Juda have filled this place with the blood of 

5 innocents; and have built high places to Baal to burn their sons 
Avith fire, things which I never commanded, and which never 

6 came into my mind; therefore behold the days are coming, 
saith the Lord, When this place shall no more be called, "The 
end of hope," and "The grave yard of the sons of Ennom;'* 

7 but "The grave yard of slaughter." For I will slaughter the 
council of Juda and the council of Jerusalem in this place ; 
And cause them to fall by the sword before their enemies, and 
by the hands of them who seek their lives. And I will give their - 

■ carcasses to be meat for the birds of the air and the wild beasts 


8 of the earth, and make this city a desolation and an object of 
pity. Every one who passeth by it shall be sad and express 

9 the sound of pity for the stroke \A'hich it hath received. They 
shall indeed eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their 
daughters; and they shall eat, every one, the flesh of his 
neighbour, in the blockade and siege with which their ene- 
mies shall besiege them. 

10 Then thou shalt break the pitcher before the eyes of the 

1 1 men who went out with thee and say. Thus saith the Lord, So 
will I break this people and this city : as this earthen pitcher 

12 is broken and cannot be mended, so will I do, saith the Lord, 
to this place and to the inhabitants thereof, that this city may 

13 be dashed down like that hopeless vessel. And the houses of 
the kings of Juda shall be like this hopeless place, because of 
their impurities in all the houses on the tops of which they 
burned incense to all the host of heaven and poured out liba- 
tions to strange gods. 

14 Now when Jeremias returned from the grave yard whither 
the Lord had sent him to prophesy, he stood up in the court 

15 of the house of the Lord and said to all the people. Thus saith 
the Lord, Behold I am bringing upon this city and upon all the 
cities belonging to it and upon all the villages thereof all the 
evils which I have denounced against it, because they have 
hardened their necks so as not to heai'ken to my command- 

XX. ments. Whereupon Paschor son of Emmer, the priest 

2 who was appointed ruler of the house of the Lord, when he heard 
Jeremias prophesying these words, smote him and committed 
him to the prison which was in the upper story of the gate to 

3 the house of the Lord. And when Paschor took Jeremias out 
of prison, Jeremias said to him. He hath not called thy name 

4 Paschor^ but Exile. For thus saith the Lord, Behold I will 
send thee with all thy friends into exile; and they shall fall by 
the sword of their enemies and thine eyes shalt see it. I will 
deliver thee and all Juda into the hands of the king of Baby- 

5 Ion ; and they shall be exiled and slain with swords. And I 
will deliver all the strength of this city and all the labours 
thereof and all the treasures of the king of Juda into the 
hands of his enemies and they shall carry them to Babylon. 

6 And thou and all that dwell in thy house shall go into cap- 


tivity and thou shalt die in Babylon and be buried there, thou 
and all thy friends to whom thou hast prophesied falsehoods. 

7 {\))IIast thou, Ο Lord deceived me? and have I been deceiv- 
ed? Thou hast taken hold and hast prevailed. I am become a 
subject of laughter: all the day long I endure reproach. Be- 
cause for my bitter word I am to be derided, shall I appeal to 

8 a breach of covenant and misery? because the word of the 
Lord became a reproach to me — a subject of mockery all the 

9 day long; therefore I said, I will not name the name of the 
Lord — I will not speak any more in his name. But there was 

10 kindled as it were a burning fire in my bones and I became 
dejected and cannot bear it. Because I heard the whisper of 
many collected from all around saying, "Join in conspiracy 
and let us all conspire against him; ye men who are his friends 
watch his thoughts; if he can be deceived, we shall then pre- 

11 vail over him and take our revenge on him." But the Lord 
was with me as a mighty warrior, therefore they persecuted 
and could not contrive. They were put to great confusion. 

Because they had not a due sense of their infamous practi-. 

12 ces, which are never to be forgotten; Ο Lord, who provest 
righteous things, who knowest reins and hearts I might have 
seen thy vengeance on them. For to thee I laid open my cause. 

13 Sing to the Lord; sing praises to him, because he hath rescu- 

14 ed the soul of the needy out of the hand of evil doers. "Let the 
day be cursed in which I was born — the day in which my mo- 
ther bore me; Let it not be mentioned with expressions of 

15 joy. Let the man be cursed who brought tidings to my fa- 
ther saying, A male child is borne to thee making him glad. 

16 Let that man ΐ)6 like the cities which the Lord overthrew in 
\vrath and relented not, Let him hear a scream in the morn- 

17 ing and the cry of woe at noon-day, because he did not kill me 
in the womb, and my mother was not made my grave, and her 

18 womb always with child." To what purpose this? I came forth 
from the Avomb to see labours and sorrows, and my days have 
been spent in shame. 

XXII. X. Thus saith the Lord, Go down to the house of 
the king of Juda and thou shalt speak there this word and say, 
Hear a v/ord of the Lord, Ο king of Juda, who art seated on the 


throne of David, thou and thy household and thy people and 

3 they who enter in at these gates! Thus saith the Lord, Execute 
judgment and justice and deliver the spoiled out of the hand 
of him who wrongeth him; and over the stranger and the or- 

4 phan and the widow tyrannise not; nor be guilty of impiety; nor 
shed innocent blood in this place. For if you faithfully exe- 
cute this charge, there shall enter in at the gates of this house, 
kings seated on the throne of David and riding in chariots and 

5 on horses, they and their servants and their people. But if you 
will not perform these things, by myself I have sworn, saith 

6 the Lord, This house shall be a desolation. For thus saith the 
Lord against the house of the king of Juda, though thou wert 
to me as Galaad, as the top of Libanus, I will make thee a 

7 desolation, cities uninhabitable. I will indeed bring against 
thee a destroyer, a man with his axe; and they shall cut down 

8 thy choice cedars and throw them into the fire. And when na- 
tions shall pass by this city, they will say, every one to his 
neighbour, "Why hath the Lord dealt thus with this great 

9 city?" To which it will be said in reply, "Because they forsook 
the Lord their God and worshipped strange gods and served 

10 Weep not for him who is dead, nor utter lamentations for 
him, weep bitterly for him who is going away; for he shall ne• 

11 ver return, nor see any more his native country. For thus saith 
the Lord respecting Sellem son of Josias, who reigned in the 

12 room of his father and who is gone from this place; he shall not 
return hither any more: but in the place to which I have trans- 
ported him, there he shall die and this land he shall see no more. 

13 With regard to him who is building himself a house, but not 
with righteousness, and lofty stories, but not with justice: he 
useth the service of his neighbour for nothing, and will not 

14 pay him his wages. Thou hast built thyself a well proportion- 
ed house, lofty chambers well fitted with windows, and cieled 

15 with cedar and painted with vermillion. Is it thy desire to be 
made king? because thou art instigated by thy father Achaz, 
are there not feasts? are there not entertainments? better Avere 

16 it for thee to execute judgment and justice. They did not 
take cognisance, they did not administer justice to the lowly, 
nor decide rig'hteously the cause of the need}', is not this ow- 


17 in,^ to thy not knowing me? saith the Lord. Behold thine eyes 
are not good, neither is thy heart; but they are bent upon 
thine inordinate desires and on the shedding of innocent blood, 
and on injustice, and on murder; that thou mayst perpetrate 
these things. 

18 Therefore thus saith the Lord respecting Joakim son of 
Josias, king of Juda, even concerning this man, they shall not 
utter for him the lamentation '■^Alas Brother,'*'' nor shall they 

19 bewail him saying, ^''Alas lord.''^ He shall be buried with the bu- 
rial of an ass — being blotted out he shall be cast forth without 

20 the gates of Jerusalem. Ascend Libanus and scream: ascend 
Basan, and shout. Shout till thy voice reach the sea coast; for 

21 all thy lovers arc destroyed. I spake to thee respecting thy 
fall; but thou saidst, 'Ί will not listen." This hath been thy 

22 way from thy youth, thou hast not hearkened to my voice. All 
thy shepherds shall be fed with wind; and all thy lovers shall 
go into captivity; that thou mayst then be ashamed and con- 

23 founded on the account of them who love thee. Ο inhabitant 
of Lebanon, who hast thy nest in the cedars, thou shalt groan 
bitterly when pangs come upon thee like those of a woman in 

24 travail: as I live saith the Lord ^though Jechonias may be 
made a son of Joakim, a king of Juda, a signet on my right 

25 hand I will drag thee out thence and deliver thee into the 
hands of them who seek thy life — of them whose countenance 

26 thou dreadest — into the hands of the Chaldeans. And I Avill 
cast out thee and the mother who brought thee forth, into a 

27 land where thou wast not born, and there thou shalt die. Into 

28 the land which their souls long for they shall not return. Jecho- 
luas is dishonoured like a vessel which is useless, because he 

29 is hurled away and cast into a land which he knew not. Ο 

30 earth, earth, hear a word of the Lord! record the chieftain him- 
self as a man of low rank, exiled by the voice of a herald; for 
no increase from his seed shall sit on the throne of David, nor 
any more be chief in Juda. 

XXIII. XI. HA! the shepherds are destroying and scatter- 
ing the sheep of their pasture. Therefore thus saith the Lord 

2 to the shepherds of my people. You have scattered my flock 
and driven them away and have not watched them; behold I 

3 will punish you according to your malignant doings. And I 


will gather the remains of my people in every land whither I 
have driven them and bring; them back to their own pasture 

4 and they shall increase and multiply. And I will raise up shep- 
herds for them who will feed them. And they shall no more be 
terrified nor affrighted, saith the Lord. 

5 Behold the days are coming, saith the Lord, when I will 
raise up for David a righteous shoot, who shall reign king and 

6 understandandexecute judgmentand justice ontheearth. Inhis 
days Juda shall be saved and Israel shall dwell securely. And 
the name which the Lord will give him by the prophets shall 
be Josedek [Lord of righteousness.] 

9 (p) My heart within me was broken. All my bones qui- 
vered. I was like a man sore bruised and like a man staggering 
Avith wine, at the presence of the Lord, and at the comeli- 

10 ness of his glory; because on account of them the land mourn- 
ed and the pastures of the wilderness were parched up — be- 
cause their course was bad and suitably thereto their strength. 

11 (J) Because priest and prophet are polluted, and in my 

12 house I have seen their wickedness; let their way therefore be 
slippery and dark, that they may stumble and fall therein. For 
I will bring evils upon them in the year of their visitation. 

13 Among the prophets of Samaria I saw indeed unlawful do- 
ings — they prophesied in the name of Baal and led my people 

14 Israel astray: but among the prophets of Jerusalem I saw hor- 
rible things — some committing adultery, and some walking in 
lies, and some strengthening the hands of the multitude, that 
none might turn from his evil way. To me they are all be- 
come like Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof like Gomorra: 

15 therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold I will feed them with 
wormwood, and give them the water of gall to drink. Because 
from the prophets of Jerusalem pollution has gone forth 

t6 through all the land, thus saith the Lord Almighty, Hearken 
not to the words of these prophets; for they contrive for them- 
selves a foolish vision: they speiik from their own hearts and 

17 not from the mouth of the Lord. They say to them who re- 
ject the word of the Lord, "You shall have peace." Even to 
all who are walking by their own desires, and to every one 
walking in the error of his own heart they say, "Evils shall not 

IS come upon thee. For which of them hath stood in the council 


of the Lord and seen? who hath hearkened and heard his 

19 voice?" Behold a tempest from the Lord and wrath Uke a hur- 
ricane is issuing forth: it will come like a whirlwind upon the 

20 wicked; and from the purpose of his heart the wrath of the 
Lord will not turn away; until it hath executed it; and until he 
hath established it. In the last of these days they shall perceive 

21 this. I did not send these prophets, but they ran of themselves; 

22 I did not speak to them, yet they prophesied. Now had they 
stood in the firm belief of me and heard my word, they might 

23 have turned my people from their wicked pursuits. I am God 

24 when near, saith the Lord; and am I not God when far off? 
Can any one hide himself in secret places; and I not see him? 

25 Do I not fill the heaven and the earth? saith the Lord. I have 
heard what these prophets speak — what they prophesy in my 

26 name, saying falsely, "I have dreamed a dream." How long 
shall it be in the heart of these prophets, who prophesy lies, 

27 that by prophesying the desires of their own hearts — they may 
count upon causing my name to be forgotten, by their dreams 
which they tell, every one to his neighbour; as their fathers 

28 forgot my name by using Baal? Let the prophet, who hath a 
dream, tell his dream: and let him, to whom my word cometh, 
declare it with truth. Why is the chaff added to the wheat? Is 

29 not this the case with my words? saith the Lord. Behold are 
not my words like fire? saith the Lord; and like a sledge which 

30 breaketh a rock? Therefore behold I am against those pro- 
phets, saith the Lord, who steal my words every one from his 

31 neighbour. Behold I am against those prophets, who belch 
forth prophesies of the tongue and drowse their dozy drows- 

32 ings: therefore behold I am against those prophets who prophe- 
sy false dreams. Have they not told them and led my people 
astray by their lies and their errors? As for me, I neither sent 
them nor commanded them; therefore they cannot in any wise 

33 benefit this people. Now if this people or a priest or a prophet 
should ask, "What is the burden of the Lord?" Thou shalt 
say to them, "You are that burden and I will cast you off, saith 

34 the Lord." As for the prophet and the priests and the people 
who say, "The burden of the Lord;" I will punish that man 

35 and his house. Thus you shall say every one to his neighbour 
and every one to his brother, "What hath the Lord answered," 


36 and, "What hath the Lord spoken." So mention no more the 
burden of the Lord: since every man's word shall be his bur- 

37 den. "But why hath the Lord our God spoken?" For this 

38 cause, saith the Lord our God, because you have used this ex- 
pression, "The Burden of the Lord," though I sent to you say- 

39 ing. You shall not say, "The Burden of the Lord." There- 
fore behold I will take and dash down you and this city which 

40 I gave to you and your fathers ; and I will bring upon you 
everlasting reproach, and everlasting dishonour which shall 
not be forgotten. 

XXVL XIL In the beginning of the reign of Joakim son 
of Josias, this word came from the Lord. . 

2 Thus saith the Lord, Stand in the court of the house of 
the Lord and thou shalt solemnly pronounce to all the Jews 
and to all who come to worship in the house of the Lord all 
the words which I have commanded thee to prophesy to them; 

3 keep not back a \vord. Perhaps they may hearken and turn 
every one from his evil way, that I may refrain from all the 
evils which I am resolving to do to them, because of their 

4 wicked pursuits. And thou shalt say, Thus saith the Lord, 
Unless you hearken to me so as to walk by the ordinances 

5 which I have set before you ; and hearken to the words of my 
servants the prophets, whom I send to you, whom I, rising- 
early, have sent to you, though you have not hearkened to them; 

6 I will make this house like Selo ; and this city I will make a 
curse for all the nations of the whole earth. 

7 So the priests and the false prophets and all the people 
heard Jeremias pronouncing these words in the house of the 

8 Lord. And when Jeremias had done speaking all that tlie 
Lord had commanded him to deliver to all the people ; the 
priests and the false prophets and all the people seized him, 

9 saying, Thou shalt be put to death, because thou hast prophe- 
sied in the name of the Lord saying, " This house shall be 
like Selo, and this city shall be desolate, without inhabitants." 
And all the people were assembled against Jeremias in the 

10 house of the Lord. When the chiefs of Juda heard the affair, 
they went up from the king's house to the house of the Lord 

11 and sat doAvn in the vestibule of the new gate. And the priests 
and the false prophets addressed the chiefs, and said to all the 

V0L. III. Β b 


people, Let sentence of death pass on this man, because he 
hath prophesied against this city as you have heard with your 

12 ears. Whereupon Jeremias addressing the chiefs, spoke to 
all the people saying, The Lord hath sent me to prophesy 
against this house and against this city, all the words which 

13 you have heard. Now therefore amend your ways and your 
doings, and hearken to the voice of the Lord ; and the Lord 
will refrain from all the evils which he hath denounced against 

14 you. As for me, behold I am in your hands. Do with me as 

15 seemeth good and best to you. But be assured that if you 
put me to death, you bring innocent blood on yourselves and 
upon this city and upon the inhabitants thereof. For in truth, 
the Lord hath sent me to you to speak all these words in your 

16 Then the chiefs and all the people said to the priests and 
the false prophets. This man is not liable to death, for he hath 

17 spoken to us in the name of the Lord. And there stood up 
some principal men of the elders of the land, and said to all 

18 the assembly of the people, Michaias the Morasthite lived in 
the days of Ezekias king of Juda, and he said to all the peo- 
ple of Juda, " Thus said the Lord, Sion shall be ploughed 
like a field; and Jerusalem shall be a desolation; and the moun- 

19 tain of this house, a grove of a forest :" but did Ezekias and 
all Juda put him to death? No. Because they feared the Lord; 
and because they intreated the favour of the Lord : therefore 
the Lord refrained from the evils which he had denounced 
against them. Now as for us, we have committed great evils 
against our souls. 

20 Now there was a man who prophesied in the name of the 
Lord, namely Ourias son of Samaias of Kariathiarim ; and he 
prophesied against this land according to all the words of 

21 Jeremias. And \vhen king Joakim and all the chiefs heard 
all his words, and sought to kill him and Ourias heard it, he 

22 fled to Egypt. And the king sent men to Egypt, who fetched 

23 him out thence and brought him to the king ; and he slew 
him with the sword and threw him into the common gi'ave 

24 yard. But the hand of Achikam son of Saphan was with Je- 
remias that they should not deliver him up into the hands of 
the people, nor kill him. 


XXV. XIII. THE word which came to Jeremias concern- 
ing all the people of Juda in the fourth year of Joakim son of 

2 Josias king of Juda, which he spoke to all the people of Juda 
and to all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying, 

3 (J) From the thirteenth year of Josias son of Amos king 
of Juda even to this day, for three and twenty years I have 
spoken to you rising early and speaking : and I have sent to 
you my servants the prophets ; rising early and sending them, 

5 though you have not hearkened nor inclined your ears ; say- 
ing, Turn ye every one from his evil way, and from your 
wicked pursuits and you shall dwell in this land, which I gave 

6 to you and your fathers from age to age. Go not after strange 
gods to serve them, and worship them, that you may not provoke 

7 me by the works of your hands to bring evils upon you. Butyou 

8 hearkened not to me. Therefore thus saith the Lord, Since you 
have not believed my words, behold I am sending, and I will 
take a family from the north and bring them against this land and 
against the inhabitants thereof and against all the nations 

9 around it. And I will lay them waste and make them a deso- 

10 lation and an object of pity and an everlasting reproach. And I 
ΛνΙΙΙ destroy from among them the sound of joy and the sound 
of gladness ; the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of 

11 the bride ; the odour of myrrh and the light of the lamp. And 
the whole country shall be a desolation. And they shall be 

12 slaves among the nations seventy years. And when the se- 
venty years are compleated I will execute vengeance on that 

13 nation, and make them an everlasting desolation. I will indeed 
bring against that land all these words of mine which I have 
spoken against it — all the things which are written in this 
book which Jeremias prophesied against the nations, in the 

14 manner the Lord, the God of Israel said, " Take this cup of 
wine — this strong wine from my hand, and thou shalt make 

16 all the nations, to which I send thee, drink it. And they shall 
drink and vomit and rave, because of the sword which I send 

17 among them. So I took the cup out of the hand of the Lord 
and made all the nations drink to which the Lord sent me, 
namely Jerusalem, and the cities of Juda, and the kings of Ju- 
da, and his chiefs, to make them a desolation and a waste and 

1 9 an object of pity ; also Pharao kmg of Egypt and his servants 


and his nobles and all his people ; and all the mixed people ; 

20 and all the kings of the Phihstines, (namely Ascalon and Gaza 

21 and Akkaron and the remnant of Azotus ;) and Idumea and 

22 Moab and the children of Ammon ; and the kings of Tyre 
and the kings of Sidon ; and the kings on the border of the 

23 sea ; and Daidan and Thaiman and Ros, and all that had their 

24 foreheads shaven ; and all the mixed people who dwell in the 

25 desert ; and all the kings of Ailam and all the kings of the 

26 Persians and all the kings north of the sun, far and near, every 
one adjoining his brother, even all the kingdoms on the face 

27 of the earth. And thou shalt say to them, Thus said the 
Lord Almighty, Drink and be drunk, and you shall vomit, 
and fall and rise no more because of the sword which I send 
among you. 

28 And if they refuse to take the cup out of thy hand to drink, 
then thou shalt say. Thus saith the Lord, You shall drink it : 

29 for in the city which is called by my name I am beginning to 
inflict calamity and with purification you shall not be purified; 
for I am calling for a sword against all the inhabitants of the 

30 earth. Therefore thou shalt prophesy against them all these words 
and say; The Lord from on high will solemnly pronounce sen- 
tence from his sanctuary; he will utter his voice — in his place 
he will utter a triumphant shout and some like the treaders of 
grapes will answer. When destruction hath come on the inha- 

31 bitants of this land — upon a part of the earth; because the 
Lord hath a controversy with the nations, he will come to 
judgment with all flesh; and the wicked shall be given up to the 

32 sword, saith the Lord. Thus saith the Lord, Behold evils are 
coming from nation to nation. A mighty tempest is issuing 

33 forth from the extremity of the earth, and the slain of the 
Lord shall be in the day of the Lord from one end of the 
earth to the other. They shall not be buried. They shall be 

34 for dung on the face of the earth. Raise the mournful cry, ye 
shepherds; utter loud moans and lamentations, ye rams of the 
flock; for the days for your slaughter are accomplished, and 

35 ye shall fall like choice rams; and the shepherds shall have no 

36 way to flee, nor the rams of the flock to escape. Hark ! a sound 
of the shepherds' screaming ! and a doleful bleating of the 
sheep and the rams ! For the Lord hath utterly destroyed their 


37 pastures and because of his fierce anger he will put an end to 

38 the remains of peace. Like a lion he hath quitted his covert; 
therefore their land is become a trackless desert by reason of 
the mighty sword. 

XXXVI. XIV. IN the fourth year of Joakim son of Josias 
king of Juda, a word of the Lord came to me, saying, Take 
thee a roll of a book and write therein all the words which I 

2 have spoken to thee against Jerusalem and against Juda and 
against all the nations from the day I first spoke to thee — from 

3 the days of Josias king of Juda even to this day. Perhaps the 
house of Juda will hear all the evils which I purpose to do to 
them, that they may turn from their evil way and that I may 

4 be merciful to their iniquities and their sins. Thereupon Jere- 
mias sent for Baruch, son of Nerias, and he wrote in a book, 
from the mouth of Jeremias, all the words which the Lord had 

5 spoken to him. Then Jeremias gave a charge to Baruch, say- 
ing, I am watched so that I cannot go to the house of the Lord; 

6 therefore thou shalt read from this roll in the hearing of the 
people in the house of the Lord on the fast day, even in the 
hearing of all Juda who come from their cities thou shalt read 

7 to them. Perhaps they may find favour in the sight of the Lord 
and turn from their evil way, for great is the wrath and the 
anger of the Lord which he hath denounced against this peo- 

8 So Baruch did according to all that Jeremias commanded 
him, that he might read from the book the words of the Lord 

9 in the house of the Lord. And it came to pass that in the eighth 
year of the reign of Joakim, in the ninth month, all the people 
in Jerusalem and the house of Juda kept a solemn fast before 

10 the Lord. And Baruch read from the book the words of Jere- 
mias in the house of the Lord in the house of Gamarias son of 
Saphan the scribe, in the upper court at the vestibule of the 
new gate of the house of the Lord and in the hearing of all the 

1 1 people. And when Michaias son of Gamarias son of Saphan 
heard all the words of the Lord from the book, he went down 

12 to the king's house, to the house of the secretary; and lo ! all 
the chiefs were there in council, namel}^, Elisamathe secretar}-, 
and Dallas son of Selcmias, and Jonathan son of Achobar and 


Gamarias son of Saphan and Sedekias son of Ananias and all 
13 the chiefs. And when Michaiastold them all the words which 

he had heard, which Baruch read in the hearing of the people, 

all the chiefs sent Jiidin son of Nathanias son of Selemias, son 
14- of Chusi to Baruch, saying, Take in thy hand the roll thou art 

reading to the people and come. Accordingly Baruch took the 

15 roll and went down to them. And they said to him, Read it 

16 again to us. So Baruch read it. And when they had heard all 
the words, they consulted, and said one to another, We must 

17 certainly inform the king of all these words. Then they ques- 
tioned Baruch and said, Where didst thou write all these words? 

18 And Baruch said. From his mouth. Jeremias dictated to me all 

19 these words and I ^Mote them in a book. Then they said to 
Baruch, Go and hide, both thou and Jeremias and let no man 

20 know where you are. Then they went to court to the king, but 
left the roll in safe keeping in the house of Elisamas and diey 

21 told the king all the words. And the king sent Judm lor the 
book. And Judin having brought it from the house of Elisa- 
mas read it in the hearing of the king and in the hearing of all 
the chiefs Avho were standing round the king. 

22 Now the king was sitting in the winter house and there 

23 was a grate with fire in it before him. So as Judin read three 
or four folds, he cut them oflP with the secretary's knife and 

24 threw them into the fire in the grate, till the whole roll was 
consumed in the fire. But neither the king nor his ser\'ants, 
who heard all these words, made any inquiry nor rent their 

25 clotlies. Nay Elnathan and Godolias suggested to the king to 

26 bum the roll. Then the king commanded Jeremeel the king's 
son and Saraias son of Esriel to apprehend Baruch and Jere- 
mias. But they had hid themselves. 

27 And after the king had burned the roll — all the words 
which Baruch had \\Titten from the mouth of Jeremias, a word 

2^ of the Lord came to Jeremias, saying, Take thee another roll 
and write all the words which were in that roll which king 
Joakim hath burned, and thou shalt say, Thus saith the Lord, 

29 Thou hast burned that roll, saying, " Why hast thou written 
therein and said the king of Babylon shall surely come and lay 
waste this land, so that neither man nor beast shall be left there- 

30 in;" therefore thus said the Lord respecting Joakim king of 


Juda, He shall not have one to sit on the throne of David; and 
his carcass shall be exposed to the heat of the day and to the 

31 frost of the night: and I will keep a watch upon him and upon 
his family and upon his servants and bring upon him and 
upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem and upon the land of Juda 
all the evils which I have denounced against them and to 
which they have not heai'kened. 

32 So Baruch took another roll and wrote thereon from the 
mouth of Jeremias all the words of the book which Joakim 
had burned and to it were added more words similar to them. 

XXXV. XV. The word which came to Jeremias from the 

2 Lord in the days of Joakim king of Juda, saying, Go to the fa- 
mily of Archabin and thou shalt bring them to the house of the 

3 Lord, into one of the courts, and give them wine to drink. Ac- 
cordingly I brought Jechonias son of Jeremin son of Chaba- 
sinwith his brethren and his sons, even all the family of Archa- 

4 bin, and took them into the house of the Lord, to the chamber 
of the sons of Jonan son of Ananias son of Godolias, a man of 
God, which is near the house of the chiefs Λνΐιο are above the 

5 house of Maasias son of Selom, the keeper of the court. And 
having set before them a pot of wine and drinking cups, I said, 

6 drink wine. Thereupon they said, We must not drink wine. 
For Jonadab son of Rechab our father gave us a charge, say- 
ing. You shall not drink wine; neither you nor your sons for- 

7 ever; neither shall you build houses, nor sow seed, nor have a 
vineyard; for you shall dwell in tents all your days, that you 

8 may live many days in the land where you sojourn. Accord- 
ingly we have hearkened to the voice of Jonadab our father 
so as not to drink wine all our days, neither we nor our 

9 wives, nor our sons nor our daughters; and we have not 

10 built houses here to live in, nor have we vineyard, or field or 
seed; but have dwelt in tents and have hearkened and done ac^ 

1 1 cording to all that our father Jonadab commanded us. So when 
Nabuchodonosar came up against the land, we determined 
upon coming and came to Jerusalem out of the way of the ar- 
my of the Chaldeans and out of the way of the army of the 
Assyrians, and here we have made our abode. 


12 Upon this a word of the Lord came to me, saying, Thus 

13 saith the Lord, Go and say to the men of Juda and to the inha- 
bitants of Jerusalem, Will vou never receive instruction to 

14 hearken to my words? The children of Jonadab son of Rechab 
have stedfastly observed the command which he gave them 
not to drink wine : and they have not drunk any. But I have 
spoken to you, rising early; and you have not hearkened. 

15 Though I have sent to you my servants the prophets; saying, 
Turn ye, every one from his evil way, and amend your doings, 
and go not after strange gods to serve them, and you shall 

16 dwell in the land which I gave to you and your fathers ; yet 
you have not inclined your ears nor hearkened. The sons of 
Jonadab son of Rechab have stedfastly observed the command 
of their father ; but this people have not hearkened to me. 

17 Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold I Avill bring upon Ju- 
da and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem all the evils which I 

18 have denounced against them. Therefore thus saith the Lord, 
Seeing the sons of Jonadab son of Rechab have obeyed the 

19 command of their father and have done as he ordered them; 
there shall never be wanting a man of the sons of Jonadab son 
of Rechab to stand before me all the days of this land. 

XXIII. 40 XVI. BECAUSE of this prophesy (ch. 16, v. 14, 15) 
" Behold the days are coming, saith the Lord, When they shall 
no more say, "As the Lord liveth who brought up the house 
of Israel, out of the land of Egypt," but, " As the Lord liveth 
who gathered all the seed of Israel from the land of the north 
and from all the countries whither he had driven them and re- 

XXIV. established them in their own land" the Lord shewed 
me two baskets of figs set before the temple of the Lord, after 
Nabuchodonosar the king of Babylon had carried away Je- 
chonias son of Joakim king of Juda and the chiefs and the ar- 
tisans and the prisoners of war and the rich men from Jerusa- 

2 lem and brought them to Babylon. The one was a basket of 
very fine figs, such as are first ripe; and the other was a bas- 

3 ket of very bad figs, so bad that they could not be eaten. And- 
the Lord said to me. What seest thou, Jeremias? And 1 said, 
Figs. The good figs, very good : and the bad figs, very bad — 

5 so bad, that they cannot be eaten. Then a word of the Lord 


came to me saying, Thus saith the Lord the God of Israel, 
Like these good figs so will I acknowledge for good those ba- 
nished Jews whom I have sent from this place to the land of 

6 the Chaldeans. And I will fix mine eyes upon them for good 
and re-establish them in this land for good. And I will build 

7 them up and not pull them down : and I will plant them and 
not root them up : and I will give them a heart to know me, 
that I am the Lord : and they shall be my people, and I will 
be their God; for they will turn to mc with their whole heart. 

8 But like those bad figs which for their badness cannot be 
eaten, thus saith the Lord, So will I deliver up Zedekias king 
of Juda and his nobles and the remnant of Jerusalem — them 

9 who are left in this land and them who dwell in Egypt. Them 
indeed I will devote to dispersion in all the kingdoms of the 
earth; and they shall be for a reproach and for a by- word and 
for a taunt and a curse in every place whither I shall drive 

10 them. And I will send against them famine and pestilence and 
the sword, until they are utterly consumed from this land 
which I gave them. 

XXX. XVIL THE word which came from the Lord to Jere^ 
mias, to wit. 

2 Thus spake the Lord the God of Israel, saying. Write all 

3 the words which I have delivered to thee in a book : for be- 
hold the days are coming saith the Lord when I will bring 
back the captivity of my people Israel and Juda, said the Lord; 
and I will bring them to this land, which I gave to their fa- 
thers and they shall rule over it. 

4 Now these are the words which the Lord spake concem- 

5 ing Israel and Juda. Thus said the Lord, You shall hear the 

6 sound of terror. It is terror and not peace. Inquire and see ! 
Hath a male ever brought forth? Now with respect to the ter- 
ror, in which they will hold their loins, it is indeed for a de- 

(p) Why then have I seen every man with his hands on 
his loins? Their faces are turned to paleness. 

7 (J) It is because that great day is come which is unparal- 
leled. It is indeed a distressful time to Jacob, but by this he 

8 shall be saved. In that day, saith the Lord, I will break the 

VOL, III, c c 


yoke from their neck, and burst tlieir bonds asunder; and they 

9 shall no more work for strangers. But they must work for the 

Lord their God and I will raise up for them David their king. 

12 Thus said the Lord, I raised up affliction ; thy wound was 

13 grievous ; there is none to plead thy cause ; the attempts to 

14 cure thee increased thy pain ; there is no relief for thee ; all 
thy friends forgot thee ; they would make no inquiry for thee; 
because I inflicted on thee the wound of an enemy, a severe 
chastisement for all thine iniquity ; thy sins had multiplied : 

16 therefore all that devour thee shall be devoured, and all thine 
enemies shall eat their own flesh. For the multitude of thine 
iniquities (thy sins indeed were multiplied) they have done all 
these things to thee; but they who plunder thee shall be for 
plunder; and all who have preyed upon thee, I Avill give for a 

17 prey. Because I will bring up the cure for thee I will cure 
thee, saith the Lord, of thy painful wound; because thou wast 
called the Outcast, the hunt is up after thee ; because there is 

18 none whoseeketh this outcast, thus saith the Lord, Behold I 
myself will bring back the outcast of Jacob, and his captivity 
I will compassionate. And the city shall be rebuilt on its height; 

19 and the people shall sit for the administration of justice. And 
from them shall come forth suigers — the sound of the sportive; 

20 and I will multiply them and they shall not be diminished. And 
their sons shall come in as in former times; and their judicato- 
ries shall be established in my presence. And I will punish them 

21 who afflict them. His own mighties shall preside over them; 
and from him his own chief shall come forth; and he will ga- 
ther them that they may return to me — that he who hath given 
his heart, whoever he is, may return to me, saith the Lord. Be- 

23 cause the anger of the Lord hath gone forth — hath gone forth 
a furious anger, it will come whirling on the wicked — the fiei-ce 

XXXI. anger of the Lord will not turn back, till he hath done — till 
he hath executed the purpose of his heart. In the latter days you 
will know these things. 

1 At that time, said the Lord, I will be the God of the ilimi- 
ly of Israel and they shall be my people. 

2 Thus said the Lord, I found him warm in the wilderness 
among them who had perished by the sword. Go : you shall 

3 not destroy Israel. The Lord from afar hath appeared for him: 


with everlasting love I have loved thee; therefore I have drawn 
4 thee into compassion. For I will rebuild thee, and thou shalt 
be rebuilt. Ο virgin of Israel, again thou shalt take thy tim- 
brel, and go forth with a congregation of rejoicers. As you have 

6 planted vineyards on the mountains of Samaria, plant and 
sing praises; for there shall be a day of invitation to them 
who make apologies on the mountains of Ephraim, " Arise 

7 ajul go up to S'lon to the Lord your GocV For thus said 
the Lord to Jacob, Rejoice and shout at the head of na- 
tions ; issue proclamations and sing praises; say, " The Lord 

8 hath saved his people, the remnant of Israel." Behold I Avill 
bring them from the north and gather them from the extremi- 
ty of the earth. At the festival of Phasek he shall have a multi- 

9 tude of children Avho shall return hither. They set out with 
weeping; but I will bring them up with consolation, causing 
them to rest at fountains of water in a straight road; and in it 
they shall not be led astray, for I am become a father to Israel, 

10 and Ephraim is my first born. Hear the words of the Lord, ye 
nations! and proclaim them to the far distant isles. Say, He, 
who scattered Israel, Avill gather them, and guard them as a 

11 shepherd doth his flock. Because the Lord hath redeemed Ja- 
cob — hath rescued him out of the hand of them who were 

12 stronger than he ; therefore they shall come and rejoice on 
mount Sion. They shall indeed come to the good things of the 
Lord — to a land of corn and wine, and of fruits and herds and 
flocks; and their soul shall be like a fruitful tree; and they shall 

13 no more be hungry. Then shall virgins rejoice in the assembly 
of youths; the elders also shall be filled with joy; for I will turn 

14 their mourning into joy and make them glad. I will enlarge 
and satisfy the soul of the priests the sons of Levi. And mv 
people shall be regaled with my good things. 

1 5 Thus said the Lord, There was heard at Rama a sound of 
lamentation and weeping and wailing — Rachel, weeping for her 
children, refused to be comforted, because they are no more. 

16 Thus saith the Lord, Let thy voice refrain from lamenta- 
tion and thine eyes from tears. For there is a reward for thy 

17 works and they shall return from the enemies' land. It is firm- 

18 ly established for thy children. I have heard the voice of 
Ephraim moaning, " Thou hast chastised me and I have been 


chastised. I like a bullock was uninstructed, bring me back 

19 that I may return; for thou art the Lord my God. For after my 
captivity I reformed and after I gained knowledge I groaned 
for my days of shame and shewed thee that I was ashamed of 

20 my youth." Ephraim is a beloved son — my darling child ; 
since my words are in him I will surely remember him. For 
this cause I have been anxious for him, I will surely have 
mercy upon him, saith the Lord. Establish thyself, Ο Sion; 
take revenge — rouse up thy courage. By the way thou went- 
est return, Ο virgin of Israel — return to thy cities, Ο mourn- 

22 er. How long shall it be, ere thou wilt return, Ο despised 
daughter ! Since the Lord hath created safety for a new plan- 
tation, with safety men may walk about. For thus saith the 

23 Lord, Again they shall use this form of words in the land of 
Juda and in liis cities when I have brought back his captivity, 

24 "Blessed be the Lord on his righteous, his holy mountain." It 
shall be used by them who dwell in the cities of Juda and in all 
his land, and shall be repeated by the husbandman and among 

25 the flocks. For I have satisfied with drink every thirsty soul; 
and every soul that was hungry I have filled. 

26 (p) Upon this I awoke and beheld and my sleep was sweet 
to me. 

27 Therefore behold the days are coming, saith the Lord, 
when I will sow Israel and Juda Avith the seed of man and the 

28 seed of beast. And it shall be, that as I watched over them to 
pull down and waste, so I will watch over them to build up 

29 and plant, saith the Lord. In those days they shall no more say, 
"Our fathers ate a sour grape and the childrens' teeth are set on 

30 edge." But every one shall die for his own sin. And whoever 

3 1 eateth the sour grape, his teeth shall be set on edge. Behold the 
days are coming, saith the Lord, when I will make a new co- 

32 venant with the house of Israel and the house of Juda. Not ac- 
cording to the covenant which I made with their fathers on the 
day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the 
land of Egypt. Because they did not abide by this covenant of 

33 mine, therefore I took no care of them. For this, saith the 
Lord, is my covenant which I will make with the house of 
Israel; after those days, saith the Lord, I will adapt my laws, 
to their understanding and write them on their hearts, and I 


34 will be their God and thc}^ shall be my people. And they shall 
no more teach every man his neighbour, and every man his 
brother, saying, Know the Lord; for all will know me from the 
greatest to the least of them: for I will be merciful to their 
iniquities and no more remember their sins. 

37 Though the heaven is exalted very high, saith the Lord, 
and the surface of the earth is depressed far below, yet I will 
not reject the race of Israel, saith the Lord, for all that they 

35 have done. Thus said the Lord who hath given the sun to en- 
lighten the day and the moon and stars to enlighten the night, 
and hath caused the sea to roar and its billows to resound, the 

36 Lord Almighty is his name; If these laws cease to operate 
in my presence, saith the Lord, then may the race of Israel 
cease from being a nation before me forever. 

38 Behold days are coming, saith the Lord, when a city shall 
be built to the Lord from the tower of Anamecl to the gate of 

39 the comer; and the diameter thereof shall extend forward as 
far as the hills of Gareb: and it shall be enclosed around with 

40 choice stones; and all the Asaremoth as far as Nachal Kedron, 
even to the corner of the horse gate eastward shall be dedicated 
to the Lord, and it shall no more fail nor shall it be demolish- 
ed until the age. 

XXVII. XVIII. 2 THUS said the Lord, Make thee 
chains and yokes and put them about thy neck; and thou shall 
send them to the king of Idumea and to the king of Moab and 
to the king of the Ammonites and to the king of Tyre and to 
the king of Sidon by the hands of their ambassadors, who are 

4 coming to meet those sent to Jerusalem to Sedekias king of 
Juda: and thou shalt charge them to say to their masters. 

Thus said the Lord, the God of Israel, Thus shall you say 

5 to your masters, As I have made the earth by my great power 
and by my outstretched arm, I can give it to whom it seem- 

6 eth good in mine eyes. I have given this land to Nabuchodo- 
nosar king of Babylon to serve him, and the beasts of the field 

8 to work for him. And the nation and the kingdom — all who 
will not submit their neck to the yoke of the king of Babylon, 
them I will visit with sword and famine, said the Lord, until 

9 they are consumed by his hand. Therefore hearken not to your 


false prophets, nor to them who divine or dream for you, noi- 

10 to your augurers, nor your sorcerers Λvho say, You shall not 
serve the king of Babylon; for they prophesy lies to you to re- 

1 1 move you far from your land. But the nation which shall sub- 
mit its neck to the yoke of the king of Babylon and work for 
him, that nation I will leave in its own land. It laboureth for 
him and it shall dwell therein. 

12 So I spoke to Sedekias king of Juda according to all these 
words, saying, Submit your neck to work for the king of Ba- 

15 by Ion. For these men prophesy falsehoods to you; for I have 
not sent them, saith the Lord. They indeed prophesy in my 
name for falsehood to destroy you; therefore you shall be de- 
stroyed, both you and your prophets who prophesy to you for 

16 unjust falsehood. To you and to all this people and to the 
priests I have spoken, saying. Thus said the Lord, Hearken 
not to the words of those prophets who prophesy to you say- 
ing, "Behold the vessels of the house of the Lord shall be 

17 brought back from Babylon." For they prophesy falsities to 

18 you. I have not sent them. If they are prophets; if the word of 
the Lord is in them, let them meet me. For thus saith the 
Lord, Even the residue of the vessels which the king of Baby- 
lon did not take when he carried away Jechonias from Jerusa- 
lem, shall go to Babylon, saith the Lord. 

XXVIII. Again it came to pass in the fourth year of Sedeki- 
as king of Juda, in the fifth month, that Ananias son of Azor, 
the false prophet from Gabaon spoke to me in the house of the 

2 Lord, in the presence of the priests and of all the people, 
saying, Thus said the Lord, I have broken the yoke of the 

3 king of Babylon — yet two years of days and I will bring back 
to this place the vessels of the house of the Lord, and Jecho- 

4 nias and the captives of Juda; for I have broken the yoke of 

5 the king of Babylon. Thereupon Jeremias said to Ananias in 
the presence of all the people and in the presence of the priests 

6 who were standing in the house of the Lord, "May the Lord 
indeed do so, said Jeremias; may he establish the word which 
thou hast spoken, by bringing back the vessels of the house of 

7 the Lord and all the captives from Babylon to this place. Ne- 
vertheless hear ye the word of the Lord, which I speak in your . 

8 hearing and in the hearing of all the people. There have been 


prophets of old before me, and before you, who have prophesied 
9 of war against many a land and against great kingdoms. As for 
the prophet who hath prophesied peace; when his word Com- 
eth to pass let the people acknowledge him as a prophet whom 

10 the Lord hath indeed sent to them." Then in the presence of 
all the people, Ananias took tlie yokes from the neck of Jere- 

1 1 mias and broke them. And Ananias spoke before all the peo- 
ple, saying, "Thus said the Lord, So will I break the yoke of 
the king of Babylon from the necks of all the nations." So Je- 
remias went his way. 

12 And there came a Word of the Lord to Jeremias, after Ana- 
nias had broken the yokes from his neck, saying, "Go and 

13 speak to Ananias and say, Thus said the Lord, Thou hast bro- 
ken wooden yokes; but instead of them I will make yokes of 

14 iron. For thus said the Lord, I have put an iron yoke on the 
neck of all tlie nations, that they may work for the king of Ba- 

15 by Ion." Then Jeremias said to Ananias, the Lord hath not sent 

16 thee; and thou hast made this people trust in a lie. For this 
cause thus saith the Lord, "Behold I send thee from the face 

17 of the earth. This very year thou shaltdie." So he died in the 
seventh month. , 

XXIX. Now these are the words of the letter which Jeremias 
sent from Jerusalem to the elders of the captivity and to the 
priests and to the false prophets. — After the departure of king 
Jechonias and of the queen and the chamberlains and of every 

2 nobleman and prisoner of war and artificer from Jerusalem [I 
sent] to Babylon by the hand of Eleasan son of Saphan and of 

3 Gamarias son of Chelkias whom Sedekias king of Juda sent 
to the king of Babylon at Babylon, a letter for the captives ad- 

5 dressed to all the people saying, Thus said the Lord the God of 
Israel to the captivity whom I have exiled from Jerusalem, 
"Build houses and dwell therein; and plant orchards and eat the 

6 fruits thereof; and take wives and beget sons and daughters; 
take wives also for your sons and give your daughters in mar- 
riage; and multiply and be not diminished; and study the peace 
of the country to which I have exiled you; and pray to the 

8 Lord for the people; for in their peace you will have peace. 
For thus said the Lord, Let not the false prophets among 
you deceive you; nor let your diviners deceive you; nor 


10 hearken to your dreams which you dream. For they pro- 
phesy falsehood to you in my name, and I have not sent them. 
For thus said the Lord, When seventy years shall be accom- 
plished at Babylon, I will visit you and establish my words for 

11 you by bringing back your people to this place. When I plan 

12 a purpose of peace and not evils against you, to grant you this, 

13 then pray to me and I will hearken to you: then seek me dili- 

14 gently and you shall find me. Because you will seek me with 
your whole heart, therefore I will manifest myself to you." 

15 Because you said. The Lord hath raised up prophets for 

21 us in Babylon, thus said the Lord against Achiaband against 
• Sedekias, behold I deliver them into the hands of the king of 

22 Babylon and he will smite them before your eyes. And among 
all the captives of Juda at Babylon ; they shall from them use 
an execration saying, " The Lord deal with thee as he did 
with Sedekias, and as he did with Achiab whom the king of Ba- 

23 bylon roasted with fire," because they have committed iniquity 
in Israel and have committed adultery with the wives of their 
fellow citizens, and have delivered as prophets a word in my 
name, which I did not give them in charge. I myself am witness 

24 saith the Lord. And to Samaias the Ailamite thou shalt say, I 

25 did not send thee : yet in my name he said to Sophonias son of 

26 Maasias, the priest, " The Lord hath made thee priest in the 
room of Jodae the priest, to be a ruler in the house of the 
Lord, over every man who prophesieth, and over every man 
who divineth, that thou mayst commit him to prison, and 

27 confine him in a dungeon." Now why have you reviled Je- 

28 remias of Anathoth who prophesied to you ? Was it not for 
this purpose that information was given that within this month 
he had sent to you to Babylon, saying. Your return is far off; 
build houses and dwell therein ; plant orchards and eat the 

29 fruits thereof. When Sophonias read this letter in the hearing of 

30 Jeremias, a word of the Lord came to Jeremias saying. Send 

31 to the captives, and say. Thus said the Lord, against Sama- 
ias the Ailamite, Because Samaias hath prophesied to you, 
and I did not send him, and he hath made you trust in false- 
hoods, therefore thus said the Lord, Behold 1 will punish 
Samaias and his family, and there shall not be a man of them 


among you to see the good things which I will do for you. 
They shall not see them. 

XXI. XIX. THE word which came from the Lord to Je- 
remias when king Sedekias sent to him Paschor son of Mel- 

2 chias, and Sophonias son of Basaias the priest saying, Inquire 
of the Lord concerning us for the king of Babylon is come 
against us. Will the Lord do according to all his wonderous 

3 works that he may depart from us. Thereupon Jeremias said 
to them, Thus shall you say to Sedekias king of Juda, Thus 

4 saith the Lord, Behold I turn back the weapons of war with 
which you fight against the Chaldeans who have besieged you 

5 without the wall. And I will bring them into this city. I 
myself indeed will fight against you with an outstretched hand 

6 and a strong arm, with wrath and with great indignation. And 
I will smite all the inhabitants of this city, both men and beasts 

7 with a great pestilence, and they shall die. And after that, saith 
the Lord, I will deliver Sedekias king of Juda and his servants 
and the people left in this city from the pestilence and from the 
famine and from the sword, into the hands of their enemies 
who seek their lives, and they shall smite them with the edge 
of the sword. I will not spare them, nor will I have compas- 

8 sion on them.. And to this people thou shalt say. Thus saith the 
Lord, Behold I have set before you the way of life and the way 

9 of deatli. He who abideth in this city, shall die by the sword 
and famine, but he who goeth out to the Chaldeans who have 
besieged you, he shall live. His life shall be given him for a 

10 spoil and he shall live. For I have set my face against this 
city for evils and not for good. It shall be delivered into the 

1 1 hands of the king of Babylon and he will burn it with fire. 

12 With respect to the house of the king of Juda, hear a word 
of the Lord, Ο house of David. Thus saith the Lord, Admi- 
nister judgment in the morning and relieve and deliver the spoil- 
ed out of the hand of him who wrongeth him, that my wrath 
may not be kindled like a fire and blaze so that none can 
quench it. 

XXXIV. XX. THE Λvord which came to Jeremias from 
the Lord, when Nabuchodonosar king of Babylon, with all his 

VOL. III. J) d 


army and every country under his dominion were warring 
against Jerusalem, and against all the cities of Juda, saying, 

2 Thus said the Lord, Go to Sedekias king of Juda and say 
to him, Thus said the Lord, This city shall assuredly be de- 
livered into the hands of the king of Babylon ; and he shall 

3 take it, and burn it Avith fire. And thou shalt not escape out 
of his hand. Thou shalt indeed be taken and delivered into 
his hands ; and thine eyes shall see his eyes ; and to Babylon 
thou shalt go. 

4 Nevertheless hear the word of the Lord, Ο Sedekias king 

5 of Juda, Thus said the Lord, Thou shalt die in peace ; and 
as they bewailed thy fathers who reigned before thee so will 
they bewail thee with "Alas Lord" and utter a lamentation 
for thee at thy burial ; for I have spoken the word said the 

G So Jeremias delivered to king Sedekias all these words 

7 at Jerusalem when the army of the king of Babylon was war- 
ring against Jerusalem and against the cities of Juda namely 
against Lachis and against Azeka ; for they were the onl\' 
fortified cities which were left of the cities of Juda. 

8 XXL The ivord which came to Jeremias from the Lord. 
After king Sedekias had made a covenant with the people 

9 to proclaim a release, that every man should set free his man 
servant and his maid servant of Hebrew extraction so that no 

10 person of Juda should continue in slavery; when all the nobles 
and all the people who had entered into covenant, to set free 

11 every one his man servant, and his maid servant, altered 

12 their minds and compelled them to become their servants ; 

13 thereupon a word of the Lord came to Jeremias saying. Thus 
said the Lord, I made a covenant with your fathers, at the 
time I brought them out of the land of Egypt, out of the 

14 house of bondage, saying, When six years are accomplished 
thou shalt set at liberty thy brother, a Hebrew, who shall be 
sold to thee. When he hath worked for thee six years, thou 
shalt let him go free. But they have not hearkened to me, 

15 nor inclined their ear. And now when they turned to do what 
is right in my sight, by proclaiming a general release, every 
one to his neighbour ; and had made a covenant in my pre. 


16 sence in the house which is called by my name; you have 
turned back and profaned my name, by causing every one his 
man servant, and every one his maid servant whom you had 
sent away free at their own disposal, to return and become your 

17 servants: therefore thus said the Lord, You have not hearkened 
to me to proclaim a general release, every one to his neighbour ; 
behold, I proclaim a dismission of you to the sword, and to pes- 
tilence and to famine; and I will deliver you up to dispersion in 

18 all the kingdoms of the earth. I will indeed give up the men 
who have transgressed my covenant — them, who liave not 
stood to this covenant of mine which they entered into in my 

19 presence — as the labouring bullock which they sacrificed I will 
deliver up the chiefs of Juda and the rulers, and the priests, 

20 and the people themselves to their enemies : and their car,- 
casses shall be meat for the birds of the air and the beasts of 

21 the earth: and I will deliver Sedekias king of Judea, and 
their chiefs, into the hands of their enemies. And as for the 
army of the king of Babylon, even to them who are retreating, 

22 behold I am about to issue orders, saith the Lord, and I will 
cause them to return to this city. And they shall fight against 
it, and take it and burn it with fire. And I will make the cities 
of Juda a desolation, without inhabitants. 

XXXVII. XXII. When Sedekias son of Josias, whom Nabu- 
chodonosar had made king over Juda, reigned in the room of 

2 Joakim, and neither he nor his servants nor the people of the 
land hearkened to the words which the Lord spoke by the mi- 

3 nistry of Jeremias and king Sedekias : sent Joachel son of Sele- 
mias and Sophonias son of Maasias the priest to Jeremias say- 

4 ing. Pray now to the Lord for us. (Now Jeremias went out and 
came in through the midst of the city and they had not com- 
mitted him to prison, and the army of Phai'ao had come out of 

5 Egypt, and the Chaldeans had heard the news of them when 
they came up against Jerusalem.) Then a word of the Lord 

6 came to Jeremias, saying. Thus said the Lord, Thus shalt 

7 thou say to the king of Juda who hath sent to thee to inquire 
of me. Behold the army of Pharao v/hich is coming to your 
assistance shall turn back to the land of Egypt, and the Chalde- 


ans shall return and fight against this city and take it and bum 

9 it with fire. For thus said the Lord, Flatter not yourselves, 

saying, "The Chaldeans are retreating; they will depart from 

10 us." For they shall not depart. Nay, though you should smite 
all the army of the Chaldeans who are warring against you 
and only some Λvounded men should be left, every one in his 
place; these shall rise up and burn this city with fire. 

11 Now when the army of the Chaldeans left Jerusalem, on 

12 account of the army of Pharao, Jeremias was going out of Je- 
rusalem among the people with a design to go to the land of 

13 Benjamin, to make thence some purchase; but when he was at 
the gate of Benjamin, a man there at whose house he stopped 
namely Sarouia son of Selemias, son of Ananias, took hold of 

14 Jeremias, saying, Thou art fleeing to the Chaldeans. To which 
he replied, It is false. I am not fleeing to the Chaldeans. But 
Sarouia hearkened not to him, but took hold of Jeremias and 

15 brought him to the chiefs. And the chiefs were enraged at Jere- 
mias and smote him and committed him to the house of Jona- 

16 than the scribe; for they had made that a prison. And when 
Jeremias had gone into the lowest apartment, even into the 
Chereth, and had been there many days, Sedekias sent for 

17 him. And the king asked him privately to tell him whether 
there was a message from the Lord. And Jeremias said. There 
is. Thou shalt be delivered into the hands of the king of Ba- 

18 bylon. Then Jeremias said to the king. Wherein have I offend- 
ed thee and thy servants and this people, that thou hast com- 

19 mitted me to prison? Where now are your prophets who pro- 
phesied to you saying, "The king of Babylon shall not come 

20 against this land?" Now therefore, my Lord the king, let me 
find favour in thy sight. Why art thou sending me back to the 

21 house of Jonathan the scribe? Must I not die there? Thereupon 
the king gave orders and they committed him to the guard 
house and gave him a loaf of bread a day from the bake house 
until all the bread in the city was spent. So Jeremias remained 
in the court of the prison. 

XXXII. XXIII. THE word which came from the Lord to Jere- 
mias in the tenth year of king Sedekias; this was the eighteenth 
year of the reign of Nabuchodonosar king of Babylon. When 


the army of the king of Babylon was besieging Jerusalem, and 
Jeremias was confined in the court of the prison which is in 

3 the king's house, to which king Sedekias had confined him, 
saying, "Why dost thou prophesy and say, thus said the 
Lord, Behold I deliver this city into the hands of the king of 

4 Babylon and he shall take it; and Sedekias shall not escape out 
of the hands of the Chaldeans, for he shall assuredly be deliver- 
ed into the hands of the king of Babylon who shall speak to 
him mouth to mouth and his eyes shall see his eyes: and Sede- 

6 kias shall go to Babylon." Now when he was there, the word of 

7 the Lord came to Jeremias, saying. Behold Anameel son of Sa- 
lom thy father's brother is coming to thee and will say, Buy 
thee my field which is at Anathoth, for the right of purchase is 
in thee. 

8 Accordingly Anameel son of Salom my father's brother 
came to me in the court of the prison and said, Buy thee my 
field which is in the land of Benjamin, that at Anathoth, for 
the right of purchase is in thee as thou art the eldest. Upon 

9 this I knew that it was a word of the Lord, so I bought the 
field of Anameel, my father's brother's son and paid him se- 

10 venteen shekels of silver. And when I had signed the writing 
and sealed it and had it witnessed and had paid the money by 

1 1 weight, I took the deed of possession which was sealed and 
gave it to Baruch, son of Nerias son of Maasias in the presence 

12 of Anameel my father's brother's son, and in the presence of 
the byestanders who had signed the deed of purchase, and in 
the presence of the Jews who were in the court of the prison; 

13 and m their presence I gave a charge to Baruch, saying. Thus 

14 said the Lord Almighty, Take this deed of possession, even 
this deed which hath been read, and put it in an earthen vessel 

15 that it may remain there many days. For thus said the Lord, 
Fields and houses and vineyards shall again be possessed in 

16 this land. And after I had given the deed of purchase to Baruch 
son of Nerias, I prayed to the Lord, saying, 

17 Ο self-existent Lord, Thou hast made the heaven and the 
earth by thy great power and by thy high and exalted arm. 

18 From thee nothing can be hid. Thou shewest mercy to thou- 
sands and retributest the sins of fathers into the bosoms of their 

19 children after them. Thou art the God, the Great, the Mighty 


One, the Lord of great counsel, and mighty in works, the 
Mighty Omnipotent God, and the Lord of great renown. Thine 
eyes are on the ways of the children of men to give to every 

20 one according to his way. Thou hast done signs and wonders 
in the land of Egypt which continue even to this day; and in 
Israel and among the inhabitants of the earth; and hast made 

21 thyself a name as at this day. Thou didst bring thy people Is- 
rael out of the land of Egypt with signs and wonders and with 
a strong hand and an outstretched arm and with stupendous 

22 visions, and gavest them this land which with an oath thou 
hadst promised to their fathers, a land flowing with milk and 

23 honey. But when they entered in and had taken possession 
of it, they hearkened not to thy voice nor walked in thy sta- 
tutes. They did not do all that thou commandedst them, so they 

24 have brought upon themselves all these evils. Behold a mul- 
titude is come up against this city to take it; and this city is 
about to be delivered into the hands of the Chaldeans who are 
fighting against it, by reason of the sword and famine. As thou 

25 hast spoken, so it hath come to pass. Now thou sayest to me, 
Buy thee afield for money. Accordingly I have signed the deed 
of purchase and sealed it and had it witnessed; though the 
city is about to be delivered into the hands of the Chaldeans. 

26 Then a word of the Lord came to me saying, I the Lord 

27 am the God of all flesh. From me nothing can be hid. Therc- 

28 fore thus said the Lord the God of Israel, This city will assur- 
edly be given up into the hands of the king of Babylon, and 

29 he will take it. And the Chaldeans who are fighting against 
this city will come and burn this city with fire; and they will 
burn those houses on the tops of which they have ofiered in- 
cense to Baal and poured out libations to strange gods, to pro- 

30 voke me. Because the children of Israel and the children of 
Juda have done nothing but evil before mine eyes from their 

31 youth — because this very city hath been an object of my wrath 
and of my resentment from the day it was built to this day; let 

32 him remove it from my presence on account of all the iniqui- 
tiesof the children of Israel and Juda, which theyand their kings 
and their chiefs and their priests and their prophets, the men of 
Juda and the inhabitants of Jerusalem have done to provoke 

33 me. For they have turned to me their back and not their face. 


Though I taught them betimes, they would no more receive 

34 instruction, but have set up their abominations in the house 
which is called by my name, and polluted it with their impuri- 

35 ties; and have built up the altars to Baal which were in the val- 
ley of the son of Ennom to offer up their sons and their daugh- 
ters to king Moloch — a thing which I never commanded them, 
nor did it ever come into my mind that they should commit 
such an abomination to cause Juda to transgress heinously. 

36 But now thus said the Lord the God of Israel respecting 
this city, which as thou sayest shall be delivered into the hands 

37 of the king of Babylon by sword and by famine and by pesti- 
lence; behold I will gather them from every land through 
which I have in my wrath and in my great indignation dispers- 
ed them: and I will bring them back to this place and cause 

38 them to live securely. And they shall be my people and I will 

39 be their God. And I will give them another way and another 
heart that I may be always feared and may be for good to 

40 them and their children after them. And I will make an ever- 
lasting covenant with them, which I will not turn away from 
them; and I will put my fear in their heart, that they may not 

41 apostatise from me; and I will watch over them to do them 
good, and plant them in this land with faithfulness even with 

42 my whole heart and soul. For thus said the Lord, as I have 
brought upon this people all these great evils, so I will bring 

43 upon them all these good things, which I have spoken concern- 
ing them. And fields shall again be purchased in this land 
which as thou sayest shall be untrodden by men and beasts 

44 when they are delivered into the hands of the Chaldeans. And 
they shall purchase fields for money. And thou shalt subscribe 
deeds and seal them and cause them to be witnessed in the 
land of Benjamin and around Jerusalem and in the cities of 
Juda and in the cities of the mountain and in the cities of Se- 
phela and in the cities of Nageb; for I will bring back the;r 

XXXIII. XXIV. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to Je- 
remias a second time while he was still a prisoner in the court 

2 of the prison, saying. Thus saith the Lord, the maker of the 

3 earth, who formed it that he might regulate it. His name is 


the Lord; Cry to me and I will answer thee and shew thee 

4 great and marvellous things which thou hast not known. For 
thus said the Lord concerning the houses of this city; and 
concerning the houses of the king of Juda which have been 

5 pulled down to make mounts and ramparts to fight against the 
Chaldeans and to fill the city with the carcasses of men whom 
I have slain in mine indignation and in my wrath; and from 
whom I have turned away my face for all their wicked deeds; 

6 behold I am raising up for it a cure for wounds and a restora- 
tive, which I will shew them, and I will heal it and give it peace 

7 and fidelity. And I will bring back the captivity of Juda and 
the captivity of Israel; and I will build them up as in former 

8 times. And I will cleanse them from all their iniquities which 
they have committed against me, and no more remember the 
sins which they sinned against me, when they apostatised 

9 from me. And it shall be for a joy and praise and for a sub- 
ject of exultation to all the people of the earth who shall hear 
all the good things which I will do. And they will be struck 
with awe and remorse for all the good and for all the peace 
which I will procure for them. 

10 Thus said the Lord, In the place which you say is a desert 
without men and beasts — in the cities of Juda and in the streets 
of Jerusalem which have been desolate so as to have neither 
man nor beast, there shall be heard again the sound of joy 
and the sound of mirth; the voice of the bridegroom and the 
voice of the bride; the voice of people, saying, " Praise 
the Lord Almighty; for the Lord is gracious; for his mercy 

11 endureth forever." And they shall bring gifts to the house of 
the Lord. For I will bring back all the captivity of this land, 
as in former times, saith the Lord. 

12 Thus saith the Lord of hosts. There shall be again in this 
very place which shall be desolate, without man or beast, in 

13 all the cities belonging to it lodging places for shepherds fold- 
ing flocks. In the cities of the hilly country and in the cities of 
Sephela, and in the cities of Nageb and in the land of Benja- 
min and in those around Jerusalem and in the cities of Juda, 
flocks shall again pass under the hand of him that counteth 
them, said the Lord. 


XXXVIII. XXV. WHEN Saphanias son of Nathan and Go- 
dolias son of Paschor and Joachal son of Semelias, heard the 
words which Jeremias spoke concerning the people saying, 

2 " Thus said the Lord, He who abideth in this city shall die by 
the sword and the famine; but he who goeth out to the Chal- 

3 deans shall live. He shall have his life for a spoil. He shall live. 
For thus said the Lord, This city shall certainly be delivered 

4 into the hands of the army of the king of Babylon and he shall 
take it," they said to the king, Let this man, we pray thee, be 
put out of the way; for he weakeneth the hands of the warriors 
who are left in the city and the hands of all the people by 
making such speeches to them. For this man prophesieth not 

5 peace to the people, but only evils. And the king said. Be- 
hold he is in your hands. For the king could not Λvithstand 

6 them. So they threw him into the dungeon of Melchias the 
king's son which was in the court of the prison. And when 
they had lowered him down into the dungeon, there was 
no water in the dungeon, but there was mire; and he 

7 was in the mire. But Avhen Abdemelech, the Ethiopian, 
who was in the king's family, heard that they had put Jere- 

8 mias in the dungeon, as the king was at the gate of Benja- 

9 min, he went out to him and spoke to the king, and said, Thou 
hast done wrong in ordering this man to be put to death out 

10 of the way of the famine, for there is no bread in the city. 
Thereupon the king gave orders to Abdemelech, saying, 
Take hence with thee thirty men and draw him up out of the 

11 dungeon, that he may not die. So Abdemelech took the men 
and went to the king's house, into the cellar, and took thence 
old rags and old ropes and threw them down to Jeremias into 

12 the dungeon, and said, Put those under the ropes. And when 
Jeremias had done so, they drew him up with the ropes out of 

13 the dungeon. And Jeremias abode in the court of the prison. 

14 And the king sent and ordered him to come to him to the house 
Aseleisel which is in the house of the Lord. And the king said 
to him, I will ask thee a word and thou must not conceal any thing 

15 from me. And Jeremias said to the king. If I tell thee, wilt thou 
not put me to death? And if I give thee counsel, perhaps thou wilt 

16 not hearken to me. Then the king swore to him, saying. As 
the Lord liveth who made us this soul, I will not nut thee to 



17 death, nor will I deliver thee into the hands of those men. And 
Jeremias said, Thus said the Lord, If thou wilt go out to the 
generals of the king of Babylon, thy soul shall live and this 
city will not be burned with fire. Both thou and thy family 

18 shall live. But if thou wilt not go out, this city will be deliver- 
ed into the hands of the Chaldeans and they will burn it with 

19 fire; and thou shalt not escape. And the king said to Jeremias, 
I am afraid of the Jews who have fled to the Chaldeans, lest 
upon being delivered int© their hand they make me a mock- 

20 ing stock. And Jeremias replied. Thou wilt not be delivered 
up to them, Hear the word of the Lord which I speak to thee 

21 and it will be better for thee and thy soul shall live. But if thou 
wilt not go out, this is the word which the Lord hath revealed 
to me, 

22 " And behold all the women \vho were left in the house of 
the king of Juda were brought out to the chiefs of the king of 
Babylon. And they said. Thy men of peace deceived thee, 
and will prevail over thee. And with a fall they will weaken 

23 thy foot. They are gone from thee. And thy wives and thy 
children shall be brought out to the Chaldeans. And thou shalt 
not escape. For by the hand of the king of Babylon thou shalt 
be taken and this city shall be burned." 

24 Then the king said to him. Let no man know any of these 

25 words, and thou shalt not be put to death. iVnd if the chiefs 
hear that I have spoken to thee and come to thee and say. Tell 

26 us, What did the king say to thee? Hide it not from us and 
we will not put thee to death. What did the king say to thee? 
Then thou shalt say to them, I presented my supplication be- 
fore the king that he would not send me back to the house 

27 of Jonathan to die there. So when all the chiefs came to 
Jeremias and questioned him, he answered them according 
to all the words which the king commanded and they were si- 

28 lent; for the word of the Lord was not heard. So Jeremias re- 
mained in the court of the prison until Jerusalem was taken. 

XXXIX. Now it came to pass that in the ninth year and ninth 
month of Sedekias king of Juda, Nabuchodonosar king of Ba- 

2 bylon with all his army came against Jerusalem and besieged 
it. And in the eleventh year of Sedekias in the fourth month on 

S the ninth dav of the month, a breach was made into the city ; 


and all the generals of the king of Bab)'lon entered and sat in 
the middle gate, namely, Marganasar, and Samagoth and Na- 
busachar and Nabusaris, Nagargas, Naserrabamath, and the 

14 rest of the generals of the king of Babylon; and they sent and 
took Jeremias out of the court of the prison and committed 
him to Godolias son of Achikam son of Saphan. And when 
they brought him out he sat down among the people. 

15 Now there had come to Jeremias in the court of the prison 

16 a word of the Lord, saying, Go and say to Abdemelech the 
Ethiopian, Thus said the Lord the God of Israel, Behold I 

17 will bring my words on this city for evils and not for good. But 
I will save thee on that day and not deliver thee into the hands 

18 of those men of whom thou art afraid. For I will save thee and 
thou shalt not fall by the sword. And thou shalt have thy life 
for a spoil, because thou hast trusted in me, said the Lord. 

XL. XX VL The word which came from the Lord to Jeremias 
after Nahumrdan the chief coojc^ he who was of Rama, had 
dismissed him. 
WHEN the chief cook found him in chains in tlie midst 

2 of the captives of Juda who were to be carried to Babylon, he 

3 took him and said to him. The Lord thy God hath denounced 
all these evils against this place, and the Lord hath done them, 

4 because you sinned against him and did not hearken to his 
voice. Behold I have loosed thee from the chains which were 
on thy hands. If it seemeth good to thee to go with me to Ba- 

5 bylon, I will have an eye over thee. But if not, Go thy way. 
Return to Godolias son of Achikam son of Saphan whom the 
king of Babylon hath set over the land of Juda and dwell with 

6 him among the people in tlie land of Juda. Go whithersoever it 
seemeth best in thine eyes to go. So the chief cook gave him 
gifts and dismissed him; and he went to Godolias to Massepha 

7 and dwelt among his people who Avere left in the land. Now 
when all the generals of the army in the country, l^oth they and 
their men heard that the king of Babylon had set Godolias over 
the land, and had committed to him the men and their Λvives 

8 whom he had not removed to Babylon, there came to Godolias, 
at Massepha, Ismael son of Nathanias and Joanan son of Karae 
and Saraius son of Thanaemeth and the sons of Jophe the Ne- 


9 tophathite and Ezonias son of Mochathi, they and their men; 
and Godolias swore to them and their men, saying, Be not 
afraid of the Chaldeans : dwell in the land and serve the king 

10 of Babylon, and it will be better for you. As for me, behold 
I reside before you, at Massepha to meet the Chaldeans who 
may come against you. But as for you, collect wine and sum- 
mer fruits and oil and lay them up in your vessels and dwell in 

11 the cities which you have taken possession of. All the Jews 
also who were in Moab and among the Ammonites and those 
in Idumea and in all that country, when they heard that the 
king of Babylon had left a remnant for Juda and had set Go- 

12 dolias son of Achikam over them, came to Godolias into the 
land of Juda to Massepha, and collected wine and summer 

13 fruits in great abundance, and oil. And Joanan son of Karae 
and all the generals of the army who were in the country came 

14 to Godolias to Massepha and said to him. Dost thou know that 
Beleissa king of the Ammonites hath sent Ismael to thee, to 

15 take thy life. But Godolias did not believe them. And when 
Joanan said privately to Godolias at Massepha, " Let me, I 
pray thee, go and smite Ismael and let none know it; lest he 
kill thee; and all Juda who are gathered to thee, be dispersed 

16 and the remnant of Juda perish." Godolias said to Joanan, 
Thou must not do this : for what thou sayest of Ismael is 

XLI. Now it came to pass that in the seventh month Ismael son of 
Nathanias son of Eleasa of the royal family and ten chief men with 
him came to Godolias at Massepha and they there ate bread toge- 

2 ther. And Ismael arose and the ten chiefs who were with him, 

3 and smote Godolias whom the king of Babylon had set over 
the land, and all the Jews who were with him at Massepha 

4 and all the Chaldeans who were found there. And it happened 
that on the second day after he had slain Godolias and it was 

5 not generally known, there came eighty men from Sychem 
and from Salem and from Samaria, with their beards shaven 
and their clothes rent and in deep mourning, with manna and 
frankincense in their hands, to make an offering for the house 

6 of the Lord. And Ismael went out to meet them as they were 
proceeding on in their journey weeping, and said to them. Come 

7 to Godolias. And when they were come into the midst of the 


8 city he slew them at the pit. But there were ten men among 
them who said to Ismael, Do not kill us; for we have treasures 
in a field, wheat and barley, honey and oil. So he forbore and 

9 did not kill them among their brethren. Now the pit, into 
which Ismael threw all that he had slain, wiis that great pit 

10 which king Asa had made for fear of Baasa king of Israel. This 
Ismael filled with the slain. And Ismael carried aAvay all the 
people who were left at Massepha and the king's daughters 
whom the chief cook had committed to the care of Godolias 
son of Achikam; and fled towards the borders of the Ammon- 

1 1 ites. But when Joanan son of Karae and all the generals of 
the army who were with him heard all the evils which Ismael 

12 had done, they drew out their whole army and marched with 
speed to fight him and came up with him at the great waters 
at Gabaon. And when all the people who were with Ismael 

13 saw Joanan and the generals of the army who were with him, 

15 they turned back to Joanan ; but Ismael escaped with eight 

16 men and fled to the children of Ammon. Then Joanan and all 
the generals of the army who were with him took all the rem- 

] 7 nant of the people whom they had rescued from Ismael — the 
men fit for war and the women and children and the eunuchs 
whom they brought back from Gabaon and marching with 
speed they encamped at Gaberochama which is near Bethle- 
hem with an intent to go to Egypt for fear of the Chaldeans. 
18 For they were afraid of them because Ismael had slain Godo- 
XLII. lias whom the king of Babylon had set over the land. And 
all the generals of the army with Joanan and Az arias son of 
Maasias and all the people small and great came to Jeremias 

2 the prophet and said to him. Have compassion on us, we be- 
seech thee and pray to the Lord thy God for this remnant, 

3 for we are left only few of many as thine eyes see. Now let 
the Lord thy God point out to us the way which wc should 

4 go and what we are to do. Whereupon Jeremias said to them, 
I have heard. Behold, I will pray for you to the Lord our God 
according to your words and whatever answer the Lord our 
God shall give that I will declare to you. I will not hide any 

5 thing from you. And they said to Jeremias, The Lord be a 
true and faithful witness between us, that we will act conform- 
ably to the word, whatever it be, which the Lord shall send 


6 to us. Whether it be agi-eeable or disagreeable we will hearken 
to the voice of the Lord our God in respect to that for which 
we send thee to him, that it may be the better for us. We will 
obey the voice of the Lord our God. 

7 So after ten days a word of the Lord came to Jeremias, where- 

8 upon he sent for Joanan and the generals of the army, and all 

9 the people small and great, and said to them, Thus said the 
Lord, " If you will abide in this land I will build you up, and 

10 not pull you doAvn ; and I will plant you, and not root you up; 

11 for I am appeased by the evils which I have done to you. Be 
not afraid of the king of Babylon of whom you are in dread. 
Be not afraid of him, saith the Lord, for I am with you to de- 

12 liver you, and to save you out of his hands. And I will shew 
you mei'cy, and have compassion on you, and bring you back 

13 to your own land. But if in direct disobedience to the voice 

14 of the Lord you say, "We will not abide in this land ; for we 
w^ill go to the land of Egypt, that we may not see war nor 
hear the trumpet's sound, nor pine for want of bread; and we 

15 will dwell there." Then hear the word of the Lord, Thus said 
the Lord, If you set your face for Egypt, and go there to make 

16 your abode ; the sword of which you are afraid shall find you 
in the land of Egypt ; and the famine which you wish to avoid 
shall follow and overtake you in Egypt, and there yoli shall 

17 die. For all the men even all the strangers who have set their 
faces towards the land of Egypt to dwell there, shall perish 
by the sword and by famine, and not one of them shall escape 

18 from those evils which I bring upon them. For thus said the 
Lord, As my wrath was poured out on the inhabitants of Je- 
rusalem, so shall my wrath be poured out upon you, if you go 
to Egypt ; and you shall be wasted and made slaves, and be 
for an execration and reproach ; and shall never see this land 
again. — 

1 9 These are the things which the Lord hath spoken respecting 
you, the remnant of Juda ; that you may not go to Egypt. — 

20 For now you must be sensible that you did evil in your hearts 
when you sent me saying. Pray for us to the Lord, and we 
Avill act conformably to all that the Lord shall say to thee. — 

21 For you have not hearkened to the voice of the Lord, which 
U2 he hath sent by me to you. Now therefore you shall perish 


by the sword and by famine, in that place to which you arc 
determined to go there to make your abode. 
XLIII. And when Jeremias had made an end of speaking all 
these words of the Lord to the people, even all the words 

2 which the Lord had sent him to speak to them, Azarias son 
of Maasias and Joanan son of Karae, and all the men who had 
spoken to Jeremias, said in reply, It is false. The Lord hath 
not sent thee to us, saying. You shall not go to Egypt to dwell 

3 there. But Baruch son of Nerias setteth thee on against us, 
that thou mayst deliver us into the hands of the Chaldeans to 

4 be put to death, or banished to Babylon. So Joanan and all the 
generals of the army and all the people hearkened not to the 

5 voice of the Lord to dwell in the land of Juda. And Joanan 
and all the generals of the army took all the remnant of Juda, 

β who had returned to dwell in the land, the men fit for war, 
and the women and the children which were left and the king's 
daughters, even all the souls which Nabusardan had left with 
Godolias son of Achikam, including Jeremias the prophet, and 

7 Baruch son of Nerias, and went to Egypt. Because they heark- 

8 ened not to the voice of the Lord, therefore when they came to 
Taphnas, a word of the Lord came to Jeremias at Taphnas, 

9 saying. Take thee large stones and bury them at the entrance 
of the gate of Pharao's house at Taphnas, in the presence of 

10 the men of Juda and thou shah say, Thus said the Lord, Be- 
hold I send and I will bring Nabuchodonosar king of Baby- 
lon and he shall place his throne over these stones which thou 

11 hast hidden, and pile his arms over them. And when he is 
come he will smite the land of Egypt, sentencing to death 
them who are for death ; and to banishment such as are for 

12 banishment ; and to the sword such as are for the sword. And 
he will kindle afire in the houses of their gods, and burn the 
houses and carrj^ away the gods captives : and he will search 
the land of Egypt, as a shepherd doth his garment, and sliall 

13 go thence in peace. And he will break in pieces the pillars 
of Heliopolis, even those of On, and bum their houses with 
fire. — 


XLIV. XXVII. The word -which came to Jeremias for all 
the Jews who dwelt in the land of Egypt — for them settled 
at MagdoluSy and at Taphnas^ and in the land of Pathoura-, 

2 THUS said the Lord the God of Israel, You have seen all 
the evils which I brought upon Jerusalem, and upon the cities 

3 of Juda ; and behold they are desolate, without inhabitants 
because of their wickedness which they committed to provoke 
me, by going to burn incense to strange gods, which you 

4 knew not. Though I sent to you my servants the prophets, 
rising early and sending them, saying, Do not commit this 

5 abominable thing which I hate ; yet they hearkened not to 
me, nor inclined their ear to turn from their wickedness so as 

6 not to burn incense to strange gods. Therefore my wrath 
and mine indignation was poured out and kindled to a flame 
in the cities of Juda, and in the streets of Jerusalem, and they 

7 became a desolation and a waste, as at this day. Now then, 
thus said the Lord Almighty, Why do ye commit great evils 
against your souls, to cut off" every man and woman of you, 
with the infant and suckling out of Juda, so that none of you 

8 may be left — to provoke me with the works of your hands — 
by burning incense to strange gods in the land of Egypt, 
where you are come to dwell — that you may be cut oflf and 
become an execration and a reproach, among all the nations 

,9 of the earth ? Have you forgotten the evils of your fathers, 

> and the evils of the kings of Juda, and the evils of your chiefs, 

and the evils of your wives, Λvhich they committed in the 

10 land of Juda, and in the streets of Jerusalem ? They have not 
indeed even to this day desisted, nor have they adhered to the 

11 ordinances which I set before their fathers; therefore thus 

12 said the Lord, Behold I am setting my face to destroy all 
the remnant in Egypt ; and they shall fall by the sword and 
by famine and die, both small and great : and they shall be 

13 for reproach and for destruction and for a curse. For I will 
visit those settled in Egypt as I visited Jerusalem with sword 

14 and with famine, so that none of this remnant of Juda who 
dwell in Egypt, shall be saved to return to the land of Juda, 
to which they earnestly hope to return, save those only who 
have made their escape thither. 


1 5 Then all the men who knew that their wives burned in- 
cense, and all the women, a great congregation, and all the peo- 
ple who were settled in the land of Egypt at Pathoura answered 

16 Jeremias, saying. In regard to this word which thou hast 

17 spoken to us in the name of the Lord, we will not hearken to 
thee; for we will continue to perform every word which shall 
proceed from our mouth to burn incense to the queen of heaven 
and pour out libations to her ; as we and our fathers and our 
kings and our chiefs did in the cities of Juda and in the streets 
of Jerusalem; for we had then plenty of bread and were in hap- 
py circumstances and saw no evils : but soon as we left off 

18 burning incense to the queen of heaven, we all became fewer 

19 in number, and were wasted by sword and famine. Now grant 
that we have burned incense to the queen of heaven, and pour- 
ed out libations to her, ha^'e we without our husbands, made 
cakes for her or poured out to her libations ? 

20 In reply to this Jeremias said to all the people, to the me^i 
in authority, and to the women and all the people who made 
him this answer ; 

21 Thjs incense which you offered in the cities of Juda and 
in the streets of Jerusalem, you and yoiu* fathers, and your 
kings and your chiefs, and the people of the land, did not the 

22 Lord remember ? Di,d it not come into his mind so that the 
Lord could no longer forbear on the account of your evil 
doings and on the account of your abominations which you 

So your land was made a desolation and a waste, and for 

23 a curse as at this day because of the incense, which you of- 
fered, and the sins which you committed against the Lord. 
As you hearkened not to the voice of the Lord, nor walkecl 
iji his statutes and in his law and in his testimonies ; there- 
fore these evils have come upon you. 

24 Then Jeremias said to the people, particularly to the wo- 

25 men, Hear a word of the Lord ; Thus saith the Lord the God 
of Israel, Ye women have spoken with your mouths and with 
your hands confirmed it, saying. We will continue to perform 
the vows which we made to burn incense to the queen of hea- 
ven, and pour out libations to her. You have obstinately ad^ 
hered to your vows, and have actually performed them.— * 

VOt, JIT\ J f 


26 Therefore hear a word of the Lord, all ye of Juda, who are 
settled in the land of Egypt ; behold by my great name I have 
sworn said the Lord, my name shall no more be mentioned 
by the mouth of any Jew in all the land of Egypt, saying, Js 

27 the Lord liveth. Because I have watched over them, to afflict 
them, and not to do them good, therefore all the Jews who 
are dwelling in the land of Egypt, shall perish by sword and 

28 by famine, until there be an end of them. They indeed who 
have escaped from the sword being few in number, shall re- 
turn to the land of Juda ; but the remnant of Juda, who have 
staid in the land of Egypt to settle there, shall know whose 

29 word shall stand. Now this shall be a sign to you, that I will 

30 visit you for evil : thus said the Lord, Behold I deliver up 
Onaphre king of Egypt, into the hands of his enemy, and into 
the handsof him who seeketh his life, as I delivered Sedekias 
king of Juda into the hands of Nabuchodonosar king of Ba- 
bylon, his enemy, and who sought his life, 

XLV. XXVin. The word which Jeremias the prophet spoke 
to Baruch son of JVerias, when he was writing the words in 
the book, from the mouth of Jeremias^ in the fourth year of 
Joakim son of Josias king of Juda. 

2 THUS said the Lord concerning thee Baruch, because 

3 thou saidst, "Ah woe is me ! for the Lord hath added grief to 
my sorrow: I laid me down with sighing ; no rest did I find." 

4 Say to him. Thus said the Lord, Behold ! them whom I built 
up, I am pulling down ; them whom I planted, I am rooting 

5 up ; and wilt thou seek great things for thyself? Seek them 
not. For behold I am about to bring evils on all flesh, saith 
the Lord; but I will give thee thy life, for a spoil in every place 
whither thou shalt go. 

XLVL XXIX. TO EGYPT, respecting the army ofPharao 
Nechao, king of Egypt, who was by the river Euphrates, 
at Charmis, whom Nabuchodonosar king of Babylon defeated 
in the fourth year of Joakim kijig of Juda. 

3 ARM . with buckler and shields, and advance to battle. 

4 Harness the horses. Horsemen mount ! and stand firm in your 
• helmets. Having put on your breast plates, charge with your 


5 lances. Why are they daunted, and falling back ? Because 
their mighty men will be cut down, they fled amain ; they 

6 rallied not, being hemmed in on all sides, saith the Lord. Let 
not the swift flee, nor the mighty escape to the north. The 

7 forces at the river Euphrates are weak and have fallen. Who 
is this that will rush forth like the river, and whose stream 

8 will billow like a flood ? The waters of Egypt will rush forth 
like a river : for he said, " I will issue forth and overwhelm 

9 tlie earth, and destroy the inhabitants thereof. Mount your 
horses, prepare your chariots: march forth ye warriors of Ethi- 
opia ! and ye Libyans well clad in armour ! go up also ye 
Lydians who bend the bow." 

10 (p) This is indeed a day for the Lord our God : a day 
of vengeance, to execute vengeance on his enemies. And the 
sword of the Lord shall devour and be filled ; it shall indeed 
be glutted with their blood; for there is a sacrifice for the Lord 

1 1 in the land of the north at the river Euphrates. Go up, Ga- 
laad, and take balm for the virgin daughter of Egypt. In vain 
hast thou multiplied thy medicines; there is no cure for thee. 

12 The nations heard thy voice and with thy screams the land 
was filled: because warrior added to warrior were weak, they 
both fell together. 

13 XXX. The words -which the Lord spoke by the mijiistry of 
Jeremias, that the king of Babylon would come and smite the 
land of Egypt. 

14 DESPATCH messengers to Magdolus; send also to Mem- 
phis. Say, to arms! and be ready! for a sword hath laid waste 

15 thy grove. Why did Apis flee from thee? Thy chosen bull, why 
did he not stand? because the Lord made him weak and thy 

16 multitude was weak and fell. Therefore every one said to his 
fellow. Let us arise and return to our people, to our native land, 

17 from the face of the Grecian sword. Call the name of Pharao 
Nechao king of Egypt, '''■ Saon-Eshie-Moed,^'' 

18 As I live, saith the Lord God, like Itaburion among the 
mountains, and like Charmel which is by the sea he shall come. 

19 Get ready utensils for thy removal, Ο well housed daughter 
of Egypt! for Memphis shall be a waste and shall be called, 

20 "./ί/βί," because in it tliere are no inhabitants. Egypt was a 


beautiful heifer; a detachment from the north came against 

21 her. And the mercenaries, which she had with her, were Hke 
fatted bulls which she had fed. For they turned and fled with 
one consent: they made no stand, because the day of destruc- 
tion came upon them and the time of their visitation. Their 

22 sound is that of a hissing serpent; for they march in dust. With 

23 axes they will come against her; like fellers of timber they will 
cut down her groves, saith the Lord. Because she would not 

24 be assimilated. — Because she increaseth more than locusts 
which are innumerable; the daughter of Egypt is put to 
shame: she is delivered into the hands of a people from the 

25 north. Behold I will punish her son Ammon in the per- 
son of Pharao, and in the persons of them who trusted in him. 

27 But thou Jacob my servant be not afraid; and thou Israel 
be not dismayed. For behold I will save thee from afar and 
thy seed from their captivity. And Jacob shall return and en- 
joy rest and sleep; and there shall be none to discompose him. 

28- Fear not, my servant Jacob, saith the Lord, since I am with 
thee. This fearless and luxurious one is delivered up, for I 
will make an end of every nation to which I have driven thee; 
But of thee I will not make an entire end. But I will correct 
thee for judgment and not suffer thee to go unpunished. 

XLVII. XXXI. Concerning the Philistines^ 

2 THUS saith the Lord, Behold waters arc coming from the 
north, and they shall become an overwhelming flood, and shall 
overwhelm the land and the fulness thereof — the cities and them 
who dwell therein: and the men shall utter the scream of distress, 

3 and all the inhabitants of the land, a doleful cry. At the sound 
of his impetuous onset; at the armour of his infantry; at the 
rushing of his chariots; the rumbling of his wheels; fathers 
looked not back on their children, by reason of the feeble- 
ness of their hands. 

4 In the day which is coming to destroy all the Philistines I 
will destroy also Tyre and Sidon and all the residue of their help. 

XXI. 13 Behold I am against thee who inhabitest the vale of 
Sor — that plain — them who say, who can terrify us? or who 

14 can come into our habitation? And I will kindle a fire in its 
forests and it shall devour all things around it. 


XL VII. 4 (p) Because the Lord will utterly destroy the 

5 remnants in the isles, baldness is come upon Gaza: Ascalon 
is overthrown and the remnant of Enakim. 

6 (c) How long wilt thou bew down, Ο sword of the Lord? 
How long will it be ere thou wilt rest? Return into thy scab- 
bard, rest and be removed. 

7 (p) How can it rest when the Lord hath given it a charge 
against Ascalon and the cities on the sea coast and to be lifted 
up against them whom remain? 

XLVIII. XXXII. Respecting Moab, 

THUS said the Lord, Alas! for Nabo; for it is destroyed, 

2 Kariathaim is taken. Amath and Agath are put to shame. There 
is no more a cure for Moab; a boasting in Esebon. He hath de- 
vised evils against her. We have cut her off from being a nation 
and she shall go to rest. Behind thee the sword shall stalk on. 

3 Because there is a sound of screaming from Oronaim — destruc- 

4 tion and great tribulation, Moab is trodden down. Despatch 
news to Zogora that Aloth is filled with lamentation; she will go 

5 up weeping by the way of Oronaim. You have heard the scream 

6 of distress; flee and save your lives; and you shall be like a wild 

7 ass in the desert. Seeing thou hast trusted in thy fortifications; 
therefore thou shalt be taken; and Chamos shall go into banish- 

8 ment, and his priests and his chiefs with him; and destruction 
shall come on every city, none shall escape. The vale also shall 

9 be destroyed and the plain wasted as the Lord hath said. Set up 
marks for Moab; for with destruction she shall be destroyed; 

10 and all her cities shall be for desolation. Whence can she have 
an inhabitant? He is cursed who doth the work of the Lord 
negligently, withholding his sword from blood. 

1 1 Moab enjoyed rest from his youth and trusted in his glor)^; 
he hath not been decanted from vessel to vessel; and into ba- 
nishment he hath never gone. Therefore his taste remaineth in 

12 him and his flavour is not lost: Therefore behold the days are 
coming saith the Lord, when I will send decanters and they 
shall decant him; and they shall break his vessels and cut to 

13 pieces his drinking horns; and Moab shall be put to shame for 
Chamos, as the house of Israel were for Baithel their confi- 

14 dence. How can ye who have put confidence in them, say. 


15 "We are strong, and a man mighty for feats of war." Moab 
is destroyed with liis cities; and his chosen men are gone down 

16 to slaughter. The day of Moab is near at hand, and with speed 

17 his calamity is approaching. Shake your heads for him, all ye 
around him; pronounce his name, all of you, say, Ηοτυ the 

18 beautiful sceptre is broken! the sceptre of majesty! Come 
down from glory and sit low in mire. Diabon shall be trampled 
down because Moab is destroyed. The demolisher of thy 

19 strong hold is come up against thee. Stand by the way side 
and take a view, Ο inhabitant of Aroer! ask him who is fleeing 

20 and making escape, and say, What is the news? Moab is put 
to shame; for- he is utterly discomfited. Raise the mournful 
cry and scream; proclaim in Arnon, that Moab is destroyed. 

21 Judgment is indeed coming on the land of Misor, upon Cha- 
lon, and Rephas, and Mophas, and on Daibon, and on Nabo, 

22 and on the house of Daithlathaim, and on Kariathaim, and on 

23 the house of Gaimol, and on the house of Maon, and on Kari- 

24 oth, and on Bosor, and on all the cities of Moab far and near. 

25 The horn of Moab is hacked to pieces, and his prowess is 

26 broken. Make him drunk. Because he magnified himself against 
the Lord, he will therefore clap with his hand at Moab that 

27 he may be an object of derision; for was not Israel an object of 
mirth to thee and found among thy stolen goods, because thou 

28 didst fight against him? The inhabitants of Moab have left 
their cities and made their abode among rocks. They were 
like pigeons nestling in rocks at the mouth of a cave. 

29 (p) I have heard indeed of the pride of Moab: he was 
very proud- — and of his haughtiness; his heart was elated. 

30 (J) But as for me I know his works: is not this his de- 

3 1 sert? Hath he not acted thus? Therefore raise on all sides the 
mournful cry for Moab; scream for the men of Keiradas-auch- 

32 (p) With the wailing of Jazer I will wail for thee, Ο vine 
of Ascrema. Thy branches extended to the sea; they reached 
to the cities of Jazer. When thy fruit was ripe; destruction 

33 came upon thy grape gatherers. Joy and gladness were snatch- 
ed from Moab, when the vine was in thy lakes. In the morn- 
ing there was no treading, and in the evening no shouts of 

34 joy. At the scream of Esebon which reached to Aitam, their 


cities from Zogar to Oronaim uttered their voice, and spread 
the news with an alarm. 

(J) Because the water of Nebrin also shall be dried up; 

35 therefore I will destroy Moab, saith the Lord, when he is go- 
ing up to the altar and burning incense to his gods. 

36 (p) For this let the heart of Moab groan like drone 
pipes. Let my heart sound like a drone for the men of Kei- 

(J) Because all that every man had procured is utterly 

37 destroyed; let them every where shave the whole head; and 
let the whole beard be shaven and all hands gashed; and let 

38 there be sackcloth on every loin, and oh all the house tops of 
Moab and in every street: for I have broken him, saith the 

39 Lord, like a vessel that is useless. How did he deprecate! 
How did Moab turn his back! Moab was ashamed and be- 

40 came a subject of laughter and derision to all around. For 
thus said the Lord, Karioth is taken and the stror^g holds are 

41 surprised; and Moab shall be destroyed from being a multi- 

42 tude. Because he magnified himself against the Lord, a trap, 

43 a scare-net and a pit are prepared for thee, Ο inhabitant of 

44 Moab! He who fleeth from the scare-net shall fall into the pit; 
and he who getteth up out of the pit shall be caught in the 
trap. For I will bring these things on Moab in the year of their 

XLIX. ΧΧΧΠΙ. Respecting the children of Ammon. 

THUS said the Lord, Hath Israel no sons? or have they 
no heir? Why then hath Melchol taken possession of Galaad? 
Shall his people dwell in their cities? For this cause behold the 

2 days are coming, saith the Lord, when I will cause the tumult 
of battles against Rabbath to be heard; and they shall be for 
desolation and destruction; and her altars shall be consumed 
with fire; and Israel shall assume his government. 

3 Raise the mournful cry, Ο Esebon, for Gai is destroyed. 
Scream, ye daughters of Rabbath; gird on sackcloth and 
mourn; for Melchol shall go into banishment and his priests 

4 and his chiefs with him. What! are you exulting with joy in 
the vales of Enakim? O! daughter of wantonness who trustcst 
in thy treasures — who sayest. Who shall come against me? 


5 Behold I am bringing terror against thee, said the Lord, from 
every neighbour around thee: and you shall be scattered every 
one before it ; and there shall be none to collect you. 

XXXIV. Respecting Idumea. 

7 THUS said the Lord, There is no more any wisdom in 
Thaiman. Counsel is perished from the prudent. Wisdom is 
fled from them. Their place hath been led into error. 

(p) Ο inhabitants of Daidan ! retire to a deep settlement 
for he hath brought on calamities. 

(J) I brought them on him at the time when I visited him* 
9 Because grape gatherers are come, who will not leave thee a 

10 gleaning. Like thieves by night they will lay to their hands. Be- 
cause I plundered Esau and discovered their hidden stores; 
They could not be concealed, they were destroyed. 

11 (p) By means of the hand of his brother my neighbour, 
there is- indeed no place for thine orphan to be left that it may 

(J) But I will cause it to live. In me the widows have 

12 trusted. Because they (said the Lord) who had a law not to 
drink the cup, drank it; thou therefore shalt not escape un- 

13 punished. For by myself I have sworn 6aith the Lord, thou 
shalt be a desolation and a reproach and a curse in this coun- 
try and all its cities shi^l be perpetual wastes. 

14 (p) I have heard a report from the Lord. He hath sent 
messengers to the nations, [saying] assemble and come against 
her; arise for battle. 

15 (J) I have made thee little among the nations, very con- 
XQ temptible among men. Thine insolency hath entrapped thee; 

the wantonness of thy heart destroyed the holes of rocks. It 
took possession of a strong, lofty mountain. Because like an 
eagle thou hast built thy nest high ; thence I will pull thee 

17 down : and Idumea shall be a desolation. Every passenger 

18 shall express for it the sound of pity. As in the overthrow of 
Sodom and Gomorra and the neighbouring cities, said the 
Lord Almighty, no man shall abide there, nor shall a son of 

19 man dwell there. Behold they shall be lilce the lion which 
must go up from the swelling of Jotdan to Aitham. Fori wiH 


speedily drive them from that place. Therefore set ye chosen 
warriors against it. 

20 . Because Avho is hke me? Or who can withstand me? And 
who is the shepherd who can stand before me? Therefore hear 
the counsel of the Lord Avhich he hath taken against Idumea, 
and the determination he hath come to against the inhabitants 
of Thaiman: Let all but the tenderest of the flock be destroyed; 
let all but a resting place for them be made a desolation. 

21 (p) At the sound of their fall the earth trembled, so that 

22 the roaring of the sea was not heard. Behold he will take a 
view like an eagle, and expand his wings against her fortifica- 
tions; and the heart of the valiant men of Idumea shall be on 
that day like the heart of a woman in travail. 

XXXV. Respecting Damascus. 

EM ΑΤΗ and Arphath are overwhelmed in shame. Be- 
cause they heard bad news they wtre confounded; they boiled 

24 with rage; they cannot take rest. Damascus is enervated. She 

25 turned to flee : terror seized her. How can it be otherwise? 

26 She forsook my city. Did they regard a single village? There- 
fore thy young men shall fall in thy streets; and all thy valiant 

27 warriors shall fall, saith the Lord, And I will kindle a fire in 
the wall of Damascus and it shall consume the palaces of Son 
of Ader. 

XXXVL Respecting Kedar the queen of the court, which 
Nabuchodonosar king of Babylon smote. 
THUS said the Lord ; arise and go up against Kedar ; and 

29 glut the sons of Kedem. Let them seize their tents and their 
flocks : let them take for themselves their clothing, all their 
utensils and their camels : and call ye for destruction against 

30 all them around. Flee, retire very deep to a settlement, Ο in- 
habitants at the court. For against you the king of Babylon 
hath taken counsel, and hath come to a determination, saying, 

31 " Arise and go up against a wealthy nation dwelling at ease 
who have neither gates nor bars nor bolts — who dwell alone. 

32 Let their camels be for a prey and the multitude of their 
cattle for slaughter." For I will winnow with every wind 
them who have their foreheads shaven and from all sides I 

VOL•. II. T. G g 


33 will bring destruction on them, saith the Lord. And the court 
shall be a lodging place for ostriches and a waste forever. No 
man shall abide there, nor shall a son of man there make his 

XXXVII. /;/ the beginning of the reign of ki?ig Sedekias 
came this word concerning Ailam. 
THUS saith the Lord, The bow of Ailam is broken, the 

36 instrument of his dominion. And I will bring upon Ailam four 
winds from the four quarters of heaven and I will scatter them 
with these \vinds ; so thi^t there shall not be a nation to which 

37 the outcasts of Ailam shall not come. And I will terrify them 
before their enemies who seek their lives; and bring against 
them according to the fury of my wrath, and send against 

38 them my sword, until it utterly consume them. And I will set 
my throne in Ailam and drive thence kings and nobles. But it 
shall come to pass at the last of these days I Avill bring back 
the captivity of Ailam, saith the Lord. 

L. XXXVIII. A xvord of the Lord which he spake against 

PROCLAIM among the nations, publish and conceal 
not — say, Babylon is taken ; Bel is confounded ; the fear- 

3 less, the luxurious Mairodach is delivered up. For a nation is 
gone up against her from the north, which will make her land 
a desolation, so that none shall dwell therein, neither man nor 

4 beast. In those days, even at that time, shall come up the chil- 
dren of Israel, they and the children of Juda together : walk- 
ing slow and weeping they will march on seeking the Lord 

5 their God. They will ask the way to Zion; for thitherward 
they will set their face; and they will come and flee to the Lord 
their God; for the everlasting covenant shall not be forgotten. 

6 My people have been lost sheep. Their shepherds caused 
them to stray. On the mountains they caused them to wander. 

7 From mountain to hill they roamed. They forgot their place 
of rest. All that found them devoured them. Their enemies 
said, *'Let us not spare them because they sinned against the 

8 Lord." He who gathered their fathers hath a pasture of right- 
eousness: remove out of Babylon and from the country of thc 

9 Chaldeans, and go out and be like dragons before sheep. For 


lo ! I am raising up against Babylon assemblies of nations 
from the north; and they shall be drawn up in array against 
her. Thence one shall be taken like the dart of a skilful \var- 

10 rior which shall not rebound in vain. So Chaldea shall be for 

11 a prey. All that plunder it shall be satisfied. Because you re- 
joiced and triumphed when you were plundering my heritage 
— because you frisked about like calves in a pasture, and 

12 brandished your horns like bulls; your mother shall be great- 
ly ashamed : she \^'^ho brought you forth for prosperity shall 
be confounded. Being the hindmost of nations, a desert be- 
cause of the wrath of the Lord, she shall not be inhabited; but 

13 shall be entirely a desolation. SorroAV will cover the coun- 
tenance of all who travel through Babylon; and at all their ca- 

14 lamity they will express pity. Set yourselves in array all 
around against Babylon. All ye who bend the bow shoot at 

15 her: spare not your arrows, you must needs subdue her. Her 
hands are weakened; her bulwarks have fallen, and her w^all is 
undermined. Because it is a vengeance from the Lord ; exe- 

16 cute vengeance on her. As she hath done, do ye to her. De- 
stroy utterly the seed of Babylon, him who handleth the sickle 
hi harvest. Let them return from the face of the Grecian 
sword, every one to his own people; and let every one flee to 
his own land. 

17 Israel was a wandering sheep. Lions scared him away. The: 
first who devoured him was the king of Assur, and this last, the 

18 king of Babylon gnawed his bones. Therefore thus saith the 
Lord, Behold I will execute vengeance on the king of Babylon 

1 9 and his land as I executed vengeance on the king of Assy ria. And I 
will bring back Israel to his pasture, and he shall feed on Carmel, 
and on mount Ephraim, and on Galaad; and his soul shall be 

20 satisfied. In those days and at that time, search shall be made 
for the iniquity of Israel; but none shall remain : and for the 
sins of Juda; but none shall be found. For I will be merciful 
to them who are left. 

21 With respect to this land, saith the Lord» Go up with bit- 
temess against it and against them who dwell in it; take ven- 
geance, Ο sword, and destroy utterly; saith the Lord, and do 
according to all that I command thee. 

22 A sound of battle and great distress in the land of the 

23 Chaldeans ! How the hammer of the whole earth is broken 


and dashed to pieces 1 How Babylon is become a desolation 

24 among the nations ! They will come upon thee and thou shalt 
not know — like Babylon itself and thou shalt be taken. Thou 
art found out and taken, because thou didst set thyself against 
the Lord. 

25 The Lord hath opened his arsenal and brought out the in- 
struments of his wrath; because the Lord God hath a work 
to perform in the land of the Chaldeans. 

26 Because her time is come^open ye her treasuries, search 
her like a cave; and destroy her utterly. Let not a remnant 

27 of her be left. Lay waste all her fruits and let them go down 
to destruction. 

(p) Alas for them; for their day is come and the time of 

28 their visitation ! Hark ! a sound of men fleeing and escaping 
out of the land of Babylon to inform Sion of the vengeance of 
the Lord our God. 

29 (J) Issue these orders to many against Babylon — to every 
one bending a bow — "Encamp against her round about ; let 
none escape out of her." Render to her according to her works 
— according to all that she hath done, do ye to her. Because she 

30 set herself against the Lord, the holy God of Israel, therefore 
her young men shall fall in her streets and all her mighty war- 
riors shall be laid Ιολν, saith the Lord. 

31 Behold I am against thee, thou essence of haughtiness, 
saith the Lord. Because thy day is come and the time of thy 

32 punishment; therefore thy haughtiness shall be abated and fall, 
and none shall continue to support it. For I will kindle a fire 
in her forest, which shall devour all around her. 

33 Thus saith the Lord, The children of Israel and the chil- 
dren of Juda have both been oppressed; all who captivated 
them tyrannised over them. 

34 Because they refused to let them go ; therefore their Re- 
deemer — the Mighty One, whose name is The Lord x\lmighty 
will plead their cause with their adversaries. In order that he 
may remove this land out of the way he will sharpen for the 

35 inliabitants of Babylon a sword against the Chaldeans and 
against the inhabitants of Babylon; and against her grandees 

36 and against her counsellors — a sword against her warriors and 
they shall be destroyed; a sword against their horses and 

37 against their chariots — a sword against their warriors and 


the mixed multitude in the midst of her and they shall be like 
Avomen — a sword against her treasures ; and they shall be 

38 rifled; against them who are on her waters and they shall be 
exposed to shame. 

Because it is a land of the giaven images and it was in 

39 these islands where they boasted therefore imageries shall 
dwell in those islands and in her shall dwell the daugh- 

40 ters of Sirens and she shall never more be inhabited. As God 
overthrew Sodom and Gomorra and the neighbouring cities, 
said the Lord, no man shall dwell there, nor shall a son of man 

41 make his abode there. Behold a people is coming from the 
north, even a mighty nation, and many kings shall be roused up 
from the extremity of the earth handling the bow and sword. 

42 They are haughty and will shew no mercy: their voice will roar 
like the sea. On horses they will come prancing, in array like 

43 fire, for battle against thee, Ο daughter of Babylon. The king 
of Babylon heard the report of them and his hands were en- 
feebled; anguish seized him like the pangs of a woman in tra- 

44 vail. Behold he will be like the lion which must go up from the 
swelling of Jordan to Gaitham, for I will speedily drive men 
from her, and set every youth against her : for who is like me 
and who can withstand me? And who is the shepherd who can 

45 stand before me? Therefore hear the counsel which the Lord 
hath taken against Babylon; and the determination he is come 
to against the Chaldean inhabitants, let all but the lambs of 
the flock be destroyed; let all but a pasture for them be made 

46 a desolation. For at the sound of the capture of Babylon the 
earth shall be shaken, and a scream shall be heard among the 

LL Thus said the Lord. Behold against Babylon and against 
the Chaldean inhabitants I am raising up a hot destroying wind. 

2 And against Babylon I will send scorners who will treat her 
with scorn and waste her land. Woe shall surround Babylon on 

3 all sides on the day of her afiliction. Let him, who bendeth the 
bow, bend it; and him, who hath armour put it on; shew no 

4 compassion to her youths, and destroy utterly all her host. And 
let the wounded fall in the land of the Chaldeans, and those 
who are pierced through, fall in her streets. 

5 (p) Since Israel and Juda are not quite forsaken by tlK'ir 


God, the Lord Almighty, on account of their land being filled 

6 Avith iniquity by reason of the sanctuaries of Israel; flee out of 
Babylon and save every one his life and be not involved in her 
iniquity. For the time of her punishment is come from the 

7 Lord, and he is rendering to her a recompence. Babylon was 
a golden cup in the hand of the Lord, furnishing a plentiful 
draught to all the nations. Of her wine the nations drank, 

8 therefore they reeled. But Babylon is suddenly fallen and bro- 
ken. Utter a lamentation for her. Get balm for her deadly 
wound; perhaps she may be cured. 

9 (c) We have administered medicines to Babylon, but 
she is not healed. Let us leave her and depart every one to 
his own land: for her judgment hath reached to heaven and 

10 mounted up to the stars. The Lord hath published his decree. 
Come let us proclaim in Sion the works of the Lord our God. 

11 (p) Prepare the arrows. Fill the quivers. The Lord hath 
stirred up the spirit of the king of the Medes. For his wrath 
is against Babylon to destroy her utterly. For it is the ven- 

12 geance of the Lord — the avengement of his people. On the 
walls of Babylon erect a standard; set the watch; have arms 
ready. Because the Lord hath undertaken; therefore he will 
accomplish what he hath spoken against tjie inhabitants of Ba- 

13 by Ion — against them Avho dwell on many Avaters, and against 
the multitude of her treasures. Thine end is come, it is come 

14 indeed into thy bowels: for the Lord hath sworn by his arm, 
"I will fill thee with men as with locusts; and they who go 
down shall utter a sound against thee." 

15 (c) The Lord is he who made the earth by his power, 
who fitted up the world by his wisdom. By his understanding 

16 he stretched out the heaven. At his voice there was in heaven 
a sound of water, and he brought up clouds from the extremi- 

17 ty of the earth. He made the lightning for rain and brought 
out light from his treasuries. Every man by knowledge be- 
came stupefied, every melter of gold was put to shame for his 
graven images; for their molten images were falsehoods, there 

18 is no breath in them. They are works of vanity and objects of 

19 derision. In the time of their visitation they shall perish. The 
portion of Jacob is not such as these, for he who formed all 
things is his inheritance: his name is the Lord. 


20 (J) Thou art dispersing for me implements of war, but 
in thee I will disperse nations and remove kings out of thee; 

2 1 and in thee I will disperse the horse and his rider; and in thee 

22 I w ill disperse chariots and charioteers; and in thee I will dis- 
perse the youth and the virgin; and in thee I will disperse the 

23 husband and the wife; and in thee I will disperse the shepherd 
and the flock; and in thee I will disperse the husbandman and 
his husbandry; and in thee I will disperse the generals and 

24 leaders of armies, and retribute to Babylon and all the Chal- 
dean inhabitants all the evils which they have done to Sion in 

25 your sight, saith the Lord. Behold I am against thee, Ο cor- 
rupted mountain which corruptest the whole earth, and I will 
stretch out my hand against thee and roll thee down on rocks; 
and I ΛνϋΙ make thee like a mountain which hath been burned 
to ashes, so that they shall not take of thee a stone for a corner 
nor a stone for a foundation. For thou shalt be a desolation for 

27 ever, saith the Lord. Erect a standard in the land. Sound a 
trumpet among the nations. Prepare the nations against her. 
Issue orders against her. Carry them, Ο kings, from me even 
to the Achanazeans. Erect towers against her. Bring up against 

28 her, cavalry like a multitude of locusts. Bring up against her 
nations, the king of the Medes and of the whole earth — his 
generals and all the leaders of his army. 

29 (p) The earth was in commotion and oppressed with 
toil, because the determination of the Lord against Baby- 
lon had roused it, to make the land of Babylon a desolation 

30 and uninhabitable. The warriors of Babylon declined to 
fight. They will sit still there during a siege. Their migh- 

31 ty power is broken. They are become like women. Her 
habitations are burned with fire. Her bars are broken. Cou- 
rier will run to meet courier and messenger to meet mcs^ 

32 senger to tell the king of Babylon that his city is taken — that 
the passages one after another are forced — that the barriers 
are burned with fire and his warriors are fleeing. For tlius said 

33 the Lord, the houses of the king of Babylon shall be threshed 
like a floor full of ripe grain. Yet a little while and her harvest 
will come. 

34 (c) She devoured me; she chewed me to pieces: thick 
darkness overv/heimed me. Nabuchodonosar king of Babylon 


swallowed me down; like a dragon he filled his belly widi my 

dainties. They have cast me up. 
35 (p) Let the inhabitants of Sion say, My troubles and my 

miseries be upon Babylon! and let Jerusalem say, My blood 

be upon the Chaldean inhabitants! 
S6 (J) For this cause, thus saith the Lord, Behold I will 

judge thine adversary and avenge thy cause; and I will drain 

37 off her sea and make her fountain dry, and Babylon shall be a 

38 desolation and shall not be inhabited. Because they roused to- 

39 gether like lions and like lions' whelps ; in their heat I will 
give them a draught and make them drunk; that they may be 
stupefied and sleep a perpetual sleep and never awake, saith 
the Lord. 

40 (p) Down, down with them, like lambs to slaughter and 

41 like rams and he goats. How the boast of the whole earth 
is hunted and taken! how Babylon has become a desolation 

42 among the nations! The sea came up against Babylon with its 

43 roaring waves, and she is overwhelmed. Her cities are become 
like a land without water, an untrodden desert. Not an indivi- 
dual can dwell there: nor can a son of man lodge in her. 

44 (J) I will indeed punish Babylon and bring forth out of 
her mouth what she hath swallowed. And the nations shall no 
more be gathered together to her; nor shall the victims of the 

50 whole earth fall by Babylon. Away from her country, ye who 
have escaped; and tarry not; ye who are far off, remember the 
Lord; and let Jerusalem recur to your mind. 

51 (c) We are ashamed; because we have heard our re- 
proach, disgrace hath covered our face; strangers have enter- 
ed our sanctuaries — into the house of the Lord. 

52 (J) Therefore behold the days are coming, saith the 
Lord, when I will execute vengeance on her graven images, 

53 and among all them her wounded shall fall in that land. For 
though Babylon should mount up to heaven — though she forti- 
f}' her walls with all her might, from me shall come forth those 
who shall destroy her, saith the Lord. 

54 (p) A soimd of screaming in Babylon! and great destruc- 

55 tion in the land of the Chaldeans! For the Lord hath utterly 
destroyed Babylon, and put an end to her din, which was like 
the sound of greut waters. Her din he hath given up to destruc- 


56 tion. For misery is come upon Babylon. Her warriors are tU- 
ken. Their bow is confounded; for God rendereth them re- 

(J) The Lord rendereth them retribution; and he will 
make utterly drunk her leaders and her wise men and her 
generals, saith the king whose name is The Lord Almighty, 

58 Thus saith the Lord, The wall of Babylon was made broad; 
It shall be totally demolished and her lofty gates shall be burn- 
ed with fire; and the peoples shall not labour in vain, though 
the nations may at first fail. 

59 THE word which the Lord commanded Jeremias the pro- 
phet to deliver to Saraias son of Nerias son of Maasias when 
he was going from Sedekias king of Juda to Babylon in the 
fourth year of his reign. Now Saraias had the charge of the ho- 
mage gifts. 

60 When Jeremias had written in a book all the evils which 

61 were to come upon Babylon, even all the words above written 
against Babylon, Jeremias said to Saraias; When thou art come 

62 to Babylon and shalt have seen and read all these words, 
then thou shalt say, "O Lord, Lord, thou hast spoken against 
this place, that thou wilt destroy it utterly, so that none shall 
dwell therein, neither man nor beast; for it shall be a desola- 

63 tion forever." And when thou hast finished reading the book, 
then thou shalt tye a stone to it and throw it into the midst of 
the Euphrates, and say, "So shall Babylon sink and rise no 
more by reason of the evils which I bring upon it. 

LH. XXXIX. SEDEKIAS was twenty one years old when he 
began to reign, and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem and 
4 his mother's name was Ameital. She was a daughter of Jere- 
mias of Lobena. And it came to pass in the ninth year of his 
reign in the fifth month, on the tenth of the month, Nabucho- 
donosar king of Babylon, came with his whole army against 
Jerusalem, and they besieged it and built a wall around it of 
square stones, and the city was besieged until the eleventh 

6 year of king Sedekias. On the ninth day of the — month there 
was a grievous famine in the city and there was no bread for 

7 the people of the land. When a breach was made into the city, 

VOL. Ill, Η h 


all the men who were warriors went out by night by the way 
of the gate between the outer and the inner wall, which was 
along the king's garden, (though the Chaldeans were all around 

8 the city;) and took the road to Araba. And the army of the 
Chaldeans pursued the king and overtook him on the borders 
of Jericho. And all his servants being dispersed from him, they 

9 took the king and carried him to the king of Babylon at Deb- 

10 latha, who passed sentence on him. And the king of Babylon 
slew the sons of Sedekias before his eyes. He slew also all the 

11 chiefs of Juda at Deblatha. Then he put out the eyes of Sede- 
kias and bound him with chains. And the king of Babylon led 
him to Babylon and committed him to the slave prison where 
he continued till the day of his death. 

12 And on the fifth month on the tenth of the month Nabou- 
zardan the chief cook, who stood in the presence of the king 
of Babylon, came to Jerusalem and burned the house of the 
Lord and the king's house. He burned also with fire all the 

14 public buildings of the city and every stately house. And the 
army of the Chaldeans which was with the chief cook demo- 

16 lished all the wall of Jerusalem round about. But the chief cook 
left the remains of the people for vine dressers and husband- 

17 The Chaldeans also broke to pieces the pillars of brass 
which were in the house of the Lord and the bases and the 
sea of brass which was in the house of the Lord, and took the 

18 brass and carried it to Babylon with the crown, and the cups 
and the flesh forks and all the utensils of brass with which they 

19 sacrificed; and the Apphoths and the Masmaroths and the oil 
vessels and the candlesticks and the censers and the cups: 
those which were of gold, or gilded, and those which were of 

20 silver, or plated, the chief cook took. As for the two pillars and 
the sea and the twelve oxen of brass under the sea, which 
king Solomon had made for the house of the Lord, there was 

21 no weighing the brass thereof. The height of each of the pil- 
lars was thirty five cubits and a fillet of twelve cubits encir- 

22 cled it, the thickness of which was four fingers all around. 
And there was a chapiter of brass on each of them of the height 
of five cubits with a ball on the top of each and a piece of net 
work and pomegranates around on each chapiter; all of brass; 


23 eight pomegranates to a cubit for the twelve cubits. So that 
there were ninety six pomegranates on the sides and all the po- 
megranates on the net work round about were one hundred. 

24 And the chief cook took the chief priest, and the priest 

25 who was second to him, and the three who guarded the way; 
and a eunuch who was over the men of war, and seven men 
of renown who attended in the king's presence, who \vere 
found in the city, and the scribe of the armies, who mustered 
the people of the land ; and sixty chief men, of the people of 

26 the country, who were found in the city. These Nabuzardan 
the chief cook, took and brought to the king of Babylon at 

27 Deblatha. And the king of Babylon slew them at Deblatha 
in the land of Aimatli. 

31 And it came to pass in the thirty seventh year of the cap- 
tivity of Jechonias king of Juda, in the twelfth month, on the 
twenty fourth of the month, Oulaimadachar king of Babylon, 
m the first year of his reign, took and raised up the head of 
Jechonias king of Juda, and caused him to be shaven and re- 
leased him from the prison, in which he was confined, and 

32 spoke kindly to him and set his seat above the kings, who 
23 were with him in Babylon. And changed his prison dress, and 

caused him to eat in his presence, all the days of his life, 
34 And he had a portion continually given to him, day by 
day, from the king of Babylon, to the day of his death. 


I. jifter Israel was carried into captivity^ and Jerusaleju was 

laid waste ; Jeremias sat down and wept, and sung this song 
of woe over Jerusalem^ and said, 

1 HOW solitary sitteth the city which was full of people ! 
she who was abundant among nations is become like a wi- 
dow ! the empress of provinces is become tributary ! 

2 She wept sore by night and her tears are on her cheeks : 
and of all her lovers there is none to comfort her. All her 
friends dealt treacherously with her. They became her ene- 
mies. — 

3 Judea is forced to emigrate. On account of her humilia- 
tion and because of her great servitude, she sat down among 


the nations; she found no rest. All her persecutors found her 
among them who were afflicting her. 

4 The highways of Sion mourn ; because none attend her 
festivals. All her gates are desolate. Her priests groan bitterly. 
Her virgins are carried away ; and she is by herself in bit- 
terness. — 

5 They who afflict her are become her head ; and her enc- 
mies prosper. Because the Lord hath humbled her for the 
multitude of her transgressions ; her children are gone into 
captivity before the oppressor. 

6 From the daughter of Sion all her comeliness is taken 
away. Her chiefs were like rams which could find no pasture; 
and they came without strength in view of the pursuer. 

7 In the days of her humilation and rejection, Jerusalem re- 
membered all the good things which she had in days of old. 
When her people fell into the hands of the oppressor, and 
there was none to help her ; her enemies seeing this, laughed 
at her festivals held in commemoration of her settlement. 

8 Jerusalem sinned grievously, therefore she became unstable 
as a wave. By all that honoured her she hath been humbled, 
for they saw her nakedness, while she sighing turned away 
her face. 

9 Her uncleanness was before her feet. She was insensible 
to her extreme distress. He hath indeed lowered her haugh- 
tiness ; there is none who comforteth her. Ο Lord, behold my 
affliction because the enemy is magnified. 

10 On all the objects of her desire the oppressor hath laid 
his hand ; for into her sanctuary, she saw nations entering, 
concerning whom thou hast commanded that they should not 
come into thy congregation. 

11 All her people were sighing deeply, seeking bread. They 
gave up the objects of her desire, for meat to preserve life. 
Look down, Ο Lord, and see how she is dishonoured. 

12 (s) Ho ! all ye who travel the way turn and see ! is there 
any sorrow like this of mine, which he hath denounced against 
me. The Lord hath humbled me in the day of his fierce in- 

(s) Sion, or the city of Jerusalem. 


13 From his loftiness he hath sent a fire ; he brought it ii| 
among my bones. He hath spread a net for my feet and turn- 
ed me backwards. He hath made me desolate and full of sor. 
row, all the live long day. 

14 He hath kept a watch on my transgressions. They arc 
VTeathed round my hands. They have reached up to my neck. 
My strength is enfeebled. For into my hands the Lord hath 
sent pains. I camiot stand. 

15 From amidst me the Lord hath removed all my mighty 
men. He hath brought upon me the time for crushing my 
chosen bands. The Lord trod out a vat for the virgin daugh- 

16 ter of Juda. For these things I mourn. Mine eye hath flowed 
with water, because my comforter, he who is the supporter 
of my life, is far removed from me. My children are vanished 
because the enemy hath prevailed. 

17 (p) Sion stretched forth her hand ; there is none to com- 
fort her. The Lord gave a command respecting Jacob ; around 
him are they who afflict him. Jerusalem became among them, 
like one set apart as unclean. 

18 (s) The Lord is righteous ; for against his express com- 
mandment I rebelled. Hear I beseech you all ye peoples and 
behold my sorrow ! my virgins and my young men are gone 
into captivity. 

19 I called on my lovers; but they with false excuses deceiv- 
ed me. My priests and my elders expired in the city, because 
they sought food to support their lives, but found none. 

20 Look, Ο Lord ! because of my distress my bowels are 
, troubled ; and my heart within me is distracted, because I 

have grievously rebelled. Abroad the sword, and at home 
death have bereaved me of children. 

21 Hear, I beseech thee ! because I groan ; there is none to 
comfort me. All mine enemies heard of my calamities, and 
rejoiced at what thou hast done. Thou hast brought on a day : 

22 thou hast proclaimed a time. They were like me, let all their 
wickedness come before thee. Make search for them as they 
have made search for all my transgressions. For my groans 
are many, and my heart is afflicted with grief. 

II. OH ! how the Lord hath in his wrath covered with dark- 


ness the daughter of Sion ! he hath cast down, from heaven, 
upon the earth, the glory of Israel ; and hath not remember- 
ed his own footstool. 

2 In the day of his indignation the Lord overwhelmed and 
did not spare ; in his wrath he destroyed all the comeliness of 
Jacob : he levelled to the ground the strong holds of the daugh- 
ter of Juda. He brought contempt on her king, and her chiefs. 

3 In his fierce anger he broke the whole horn of Israel : he 
turned back his right hand from before his enemy : he kind- 
led in Jacob a flaming fire, which devoured all around. 

4 He bent his bow like an opposing enemy — like an adversa- 
ry he strengthened his right hand and slew all the desires of 
mine eyes. In the tent of the daughter of Sion he poured out 
his wrath like fire. 

5 The Lord became like an enemy. He overwhelmed Israel. 
He sunk her palaces. He destroyed his own munitions, and 
multiplied on the daughter of Juda humiliation on humiliation. 

6 He laid open like a vineyard his own dwelling; he marred 
his own festivals. The Lord forgot the festivals and sabbaths 
which he had established in Sion, and by the rebuke of his an- 
ger vexed king and priest and chief. 

7 The Lord hath cast off his altar; he hath shaken off his 
sanctuary. With the hand of an enemy he hath demolished 
the wall of her palaces. They uttered a shout in the house of 
the Lord as on the day of a festival. 

8 He turned back to destroy the wall of the daughter of Si'- 
bn; he stretched out a measuring line : he withdrew not his 
hand from destruction; so the outer wall mourned and the in- 
ner wall languished with it. 

9 Her gates were dashed to the ground : he destroyed and 
broke to pieces her bars, her king and her chiefs among the 
nations. Law is no more; and her prophets saw not a vision 
from the Lord. 

10 The elders of the daughter of Sion sat on the ground. 
They were silent. They heaped dust on their heads; they gird- 
ed themselves with sackcloth. He humbled to the ground the 
virgin princesses in Jerusalem. 

1 1 Mine eyes failed with tears; my heart was astounded. My 
glory was poured on the ground for the distress of the daugh- 


ter of my people when the infant and suckling expired in the 
streets of the city. 

12 To their mothers they said, " Where is corn and wine,'* 
when they were fainting like wounded men in the streets of 
the city — when they were pouring out their souls in their mo- 
thers' bosom. 

13 What shall I take to witness for thee? Or to what shall I 
liken thee, Ο daughter of Jerusalem? Who can save and com- 
fort thee, Ο virgin daughter of Sion? Because thy cup of ruin 
hath been large, who can heal thee? 

14 Thy prophets saw vanities and follies for thee; they made 
no revelations against thine iniquity to turn away thy captivity, 
but saw for thee false burdens and expellings. 

15 All that passed by clapped their hands for thee, they ex- 
pressed the sound of pity and shaked their heads for the daugh- 
ter of Jerusalem. Is this, say they, the city, the crown of joy of 
the whole earth ! 

16 Against thee all thine enemies opened their mouth; they 
hissed and gnashed their teeth and said, We have swallowed 
her up; but this is the day we looked for; we have found it ; 
we have seen it. 

17 The Lord hath done what he purposed. He hath executed 
his decree, what he enjoined in days of old. He hath destroy- 
ed and hath not spared. He hath caused an enemy to rejoice 

18 over thee. He hath exalted the horn of thine oppressor. Their 
heart cried to the Lord. O! walls of Sion cause tears to flow 
down like a torrent day and night. Give thyself no rest; let not 

19 the daughter of thine eyes be silent. Arise, chant praise in the 
night at setting thy watch. Pour out thy heart like water before 
the Lord; lift up thy hands to him for the life of thine infants, 
who are perishing with hunger at the head of every street. 

20 Look, Ο Lord, and see. For whom hast thou caused such 
a search to be made? Shall women eat the fruit of their womb! 
The cook hath made search ! Shall infants at the breast be 
butchered? Wilt thou slay in the sanctuary of the Lord, priest 
and prophet? 

21 On the high way lie the youth and the elder. My virgins 
and my young men are gone into captivity ; with sword and 
with famine thou hast slain; in the day of thine anger thou 
hast slaughtered and hast not spared. 


22 He called my sojourners from all around to a solemn festi- 
val, so that in the day of the indignation of the Lord none 
escaped or were left. As I excelled in power so have I multi- 
plied all mine enemies. 

III. I AM a man who have seen affliction by the rod of his 

2 wrath against me. He hath seized me and dragged me into 

3 darkness and there is no light. But still he turned his hand 
against me all the day long. 

4 He hath made my flesh and my skin old; he hath broken 

5 my bones. He built up against me and encompassed my head 

6 and afflicted it with pain : in dark mansions he placed me like 
the dead of old. 

7 He built up against me so that I cannot get out. He made 

8 my chain heavy. Though I scream and cry, he shut out my 

9 prayer. He walled up my ways; he blocked up my paths; he 
terrified me. 

10 He was as a bear lying in wait; to me he was like a lion in 

11 secret coverts. He pursued me when I fled and stopped me. 

12 He removed me quite out of sight. He bent his bow and set 

13 me up as a mark for his arrow. He poured into my reins the 
darts of his quiver. 

14 I became a subject of laughter to all my people-— their 

15 song all the day long. He glutted me with wormwood; he 
gave me a large draught of gall, and broke my teeth with 

16 gravel. He drenched me with ashes. He removed my soul far 

17 from peace. I forgot prosperity; so my strength was destroy. 

18 ed and the hope which 1 had from the Lord. I recollected be- 

19 cause of mine affliction. When by reason of persecution, my 

20 bitterness and gall shall be remembered; then on myself will 

21 my soul meditate. I will lay this up in my heart. On this ac- 

22 count I will wait for the mercies of the Lord, because he hath 
not quite forsaken me— because his compassion is not ex- 
hausted. In the ensuing months, Ο Lord, exercise compas- 
slon, since we are not quite consumed — since thy mercies are 

23 not exhausted. New every morning is thine abundant faithful- 

24 ness. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul, therefore I will 

25 wait for him. The Lord is gracious to them who wait for him; 

26 for the soul, that will seek him, there is good; let it therefore 

27 wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. It is good for a man 


28 when he hath home a yoke in his youth. He will sit solitary and 

30 be silent, because he hath taken it upon him. He will give his 

31 cheek to him who smiteth it; he will feed on reproaches; be- 

32 cause the Lord will not cast off forever — because he who hath 

33 humbled will have compassion, even according to themulti- 

34 tude of his mercies. He did not answer from his heart and 

35 humble the children of men with an intent to crush under his 

36 feet all the prisoners of the earth; to turn aside the cause of 
man from before the Most High. To condemn a man when he 
is on his trial, the Lord hath not enjoined. 

37 (a) Who ever enjoined thus; when it hath happened, hath 
not the Lord ordered it? 

38 (b) From the mouth of the Most High shall not ills pro- 

39 ceed as well as good? Why should a living man murmur — a 

40 man for his sin offering? Our way hath been searched and tried; 

41 let us then return to the Lord. Let us offer up our hearts on 

42 our hands to Him who is High in heaven. We have sinned; we 
have been guilty of impiety; and thou hast not been appeased. 

43 Thou hast covered with wrath and discarded us; thou hast 

44 slain and hast not spared; thou hast covered thyself with a 
cloud because of prayer, that I may shut mine eyes and be 

45 cast off. Thou hast placed us in the midst of the peoples; all 

46 our enemies have opened their mouths against us. On us are 

47 come terror and wrath, desolation and destruction. Let 

48 streams of water be collected by mine eye, for the destruction 

49 of the daughter of my people. Mine eye is bathed in tears and 

50 I cannot keep silence that it may dry, until the Lord look 

51 down from heaven and behold. Let mine eye be more Λvatch- 

52 ful for my life, than all the daughters of a city. With eagerness 

53 all mine enemies have hunted me like an ostiich; without 

54 cause they have condemned me to die in a dungeon, and placed 
a stone over me. Water was poured above upon my head. I 

55 said, I am cast off. I called on thy name, Ο Lord, out of the 

56 deepest dungeon. Thou hast heard my voice; stop not thine 

57 ear against my supplication. To my assistance thou didst draw 
near. On the day I called on thee, thou saidst to me. Fear not. 

(a) An olsjection. (b) The answer» 
VOL. Ill- I i 


58 Thou, Ο Lord, hast pleaded the causes of my soul; thou hast 

59 redeemed my life. Thou, Ο Lord, hast seen my wrongs; thou 

60 hast decided my cause. Thou hast seen all their vengeance — 

61 into all their devices against me. Thou hast heard their re- 

62 proach — all their charges against me — the speeches of them 

63 who accused me; their studied harangues against me all the day 

64 long. At their sitting down and their rising up, look down on 

65 their eyes. Thou, Ο Lord, wilt render them a recompence ac- 

66 cording to tlie works of their hands. Thou wilt give them for 
a shield the sorrow of my heart. Thou wilt pursue them Λvith 
indignation, and destroy them utterly from under heaven. 

IV. HOW gold can be tarnished! How pure silver can be 

changed! Holy stones were shot down at the head of all the 

2 The sons of Sion who were precious, more precious than 
gold; how they have been accounted as earthen vessels, the 
works of a potter's hands. 

3 Surely jackals drew out the breasts; their whelps suckled 
the daughters of my people, to make them unnatural as the 
ostrich in the desert. 

4 The tongue of a sucking babe cleaved to the roof of its 
mouth for thirst: infants asked for bread, there is none who 
breaketh it for them. 

5 They who had fed upon dainties perished in the highways; 
they who had been nursed in scarlet were covered with dung. 

6 The transgression of the daughter of my people was greater 
than that of Sodom which was overthrown suddenly, without 
tiring hands with it. 

7 Her Nazarites were purer than snow; they were whiter than 
milk. They were more ruddy than a sapphire. Behold their 

8 Their visage became blacker than soot. They are not 
distinguished in the streets. Their skin is shrivelled to their 
bones. They are withered. They are become like a stick. 

9 The victims of the sword are more beautiful than those 
slain by famine. These stalked about pierced through for want 
of the fruits of the field. 

10 The hands of tender-hearted women boiled their own chil- 
dren; these were food for them in the extreme distress of the 
daughter of my people. 


11 The Lord hath executed his wrath — he hath poured out 
his fierce anger. He hath kindled a fire in Sion, which hath 
devoured her very foundations. 

12 The kings of the earth; all the inhabitants of the world did 
not believe that an enemy and a destroyer could have entered 
the gates of Jerusalem. 

13 Because of the sins of her prophets; the iniquities of her 
priests; of them who were shedding innocent blood, in the 
midst of her, (her watchmen shuddered in the streets, they were 
polluted with blood, as they could not but have touched their 

15 clothes. "Stand off from the unclean." Call to them "Stand off ! 
Stand oif! touch not" because they had been touched they shud- 
dered.) Say among the nations, Let them no longer sojourn there. 

16 The presence of the Lord was their portion; he will no 
more look upon them: they paid no respect to the presence of 
priests; on prophets they had no compassion. 

17 While we yet existed our eyes failed looking in vain for 
our help. When we looked out, we looked to a nation that 
could not save. 

18 We have hunted for our little ones that they might not 
walk in our streets. Our time is come. Our days are fulfilled. 
Our time is at hand. 

19 They who pursue us are swifter than eagles in the air; they 
overtook us on the mountains. They lay in wait for us in the 

20 In their slaughters is comprehended the breath of our nos- 
trils, our anointed Lord, of whom we said. Under his shadow 
we shall live among the nations. 

21 Rejoice and be glad, Ο daughter of Idumeawho dwellest 
in the land. To thee however the cup of the Lord will come 
and thou shalt drink and vomit. 

22 Ο daughter of Sion, thine iniquity is done away. He will 
no more banish thee. He hath visited thine iniquities, Ο daugh- 
ter of Edom. He hath exposed thee for thy sins, 

V. REMEMBER, Ο Lord, what hath befallen us: look down 

2 and behold our reproach. Our inheritance is transferred to stran- 

3 gers ; our houses to foreigners. We are become orphans. Our 


4 father is no more. Our mothers are like widows. Our water 
we have drunk for money. Our wood came by barter on our 

5 shoulders. We have been persecuted. We have laboured and 

6 have had no rest. Egypt laid to a hand ; Assyria, till they 

7 were satisfied. Our fathers sinned ; they are no more. We 

8 have borne their transgressions. Slaves have got dominion 

9 over us ; there is none to deliver us out of their hand. At the 
peril of our lives we must gather in our corn, because of the 

10 sword of the desert. Our skin is black as an oven. They are 

11 shrivelled up by storms of famine. Our wives are humbled 

12 in Sion ; our virgins in the cities of Juda. Our chiefs were 
hanged up by their hands ; our elders were held in no esteem. 

13 Our warriors took up a lamentation ; and our youths fainted 

14 under a club. Our elders have ceased to attend at the gates, 

15 and our chosen men have ceased from their songs. The joy 
of our heart is at an end ; our dance is turned into mouming. 

16 Our crown is fallen from our head ; alas for us ! for we have 

17 sinned. Because of this, grief is come upon us — our heart is 

18 full of sorrow : because of this, our eyes are dim. On mount 

19 Sion, because it is desolate, foxes have walked about. But 
thou, Ο Lord, wilt inhabit it forever : thy throne is for all ge- 

20 nerations. Why wilt thou utterly forget us ? Wilt thou leave 

2 1 us for length of days? Turn us to thee, Ο Lord, and we shall be. 

22 turned and renew our days as heretofore. Because thou wast 
cast off, thou hast cast us off; thou hast been provoked against 
us to a high degree. 


I, In the thirtieth year, and fourth month, on the fifth day 

2 of the month, when I was among the captives by the river 
Chobar, the heavens were opened and I saw the visions of 
God. On the fifth of that month (this was the fifth year of the 

3 captivity of king Jechonias) the word of the Lord came to 
Ezekiel son of Buzi the priest, in the land of the Chaldeans, 
by the river Chobar. And the hand of the Lord was upon me, 
and I looked, and lo ! a whirlwind came from the north, and 
with it a great cloud surrounded with a splendor of flashing 
fire ; and in the midst thereof, an appearance like that of am- 


5 ber in the middle of the fire, and a splendor in it. And in the 
middle, a resemblance like that of four living beings. And this 

6 was the appearance of them. They had a resemblance of a man 

7 in them. And each had four faces, and each had four wings ; 
and their legs \vere straight and their feet winged and spark- 
ing like sparkling brass. And their wings had a quick mo- 

8 tion. And underneath their wings on their four sides was a 

9 man's hand. And the faces of the four turned not when they 
went. They marched forward each having a face on every 

10 side. And with regard to the similitude of their faces, the four 
had the face of a man with the face of a lion, on the right ; 
and on the left the four had the face of a bullock, and the four 

11 had a face of an eagle. And the wings of the four were ex- 
panded upwards, each having a pair expanded adjoining each 

12 other and a pair folded on their body. And they moved on, 

13 each straight forward, which way soever the wind was mov- 
ing, they moved on, and turned not. And in the midst of the 
four living beings, was an appearance like that of glowing 
coals of fire, resembling lamps whirling round between the 
living beings with a splendor of fire, and from the fire light- 

15 nings flashed. And I beheld and lo ! on the ground, close to 
the four living beings a wheel ! one to every of the four. — 

16 And the appearance of the wheels was like the appearance 
of a beryl. And the four had one and the same likeness. 
And their \vorkmanship was as if there was a wheel within 

17 a wheel. They ran on their four sections and shifted not 

18 their position when they ran, nor did their felloes when they 
were elevated. And I beheld, and their felloes Λvere full of 

19 eyes, all around the four. And when the living beings moved 
on, the wheels moved on close by them. And when the 
living beings mounted up from the earth, the wheels mount- 

20 ed up. Wherever the cloud was, there was the wind for 
their movement ; the wheels moved on and were carried 
aloft with them. Because there was a breath of life in the 

21 wheels, when the living beings moved on, the wheels moved 
on : when those stood still, these stood still : and when those 
mounted up from the earth, these mounted up with them, be- 

22 cause there was a breath of life in the wheels. And over the 
head of the living beings, there was a likeness resembling a 


firmament, like the appearance of chrystal over their wings, 

23 which were expanded above them. And their wings which 
were expanded below the firmament, flapped one against ano- 
ther, while every one had a pair that covered their bodies. — 

24 And when they moved on I heard the sound of their wings 
like the sound of much M^ater : but when they stopped, their 

25 wings Avere still. And lo! a voice from above the firmament! 

26 this being over their heads, there Λvas an appearance like that 
of a sapphire stone and a resemblance of a throne upon it. And 
upon the resemblance of the throne a resemblance like the ap- 

27 pearanceof amanabove. And I saw a resemblance of amber from 
the appearance of the loins and upwards; and from the appear- 
ance of the loins and downwards, I saw an appearance of fire: 
and the splendor thereof round about was like the bow which 
is in the clouds in a showery day. Such was the state of the 
splendor round about. 

II. THIS was the vision of the likeness of the glory of the 
Lord. And when I saw it, I fell on my face and I heard a voice 
of one speaking and he said to me. Son of man, stand on thy 

2 feet and I will speak to thee. Whereupon a blast of wind came 
upon me and took me and lifted me up and set me on my 
feet and I heard him speaking to me and he said to me, 

3 Son of man, I am about to send thee to the house of Israel, 
to them who are provoking me; who have provoked me, both 

4 they and their fathers even to this day. And thou shalt say un- 

5 to them, "Thus saith the Lord," whether they hear or be af- 

6 frighted; (for they are a provoking house) and let them know 
that thou art a prophet among them. And thou son of man, be 
not afraid of them nor daunted at their presence. Because they 
will sting thee and rise up against thee on all sides and thou 
dwellest in the midst of scorpions, be not afraid of their words 

7 nor terrified at their looks — because they are a provoking 
house, therefore thou shalt deliver my words to them whether 
they hear or be affrighted. 

8 Because they are a provoking house, thou therefore, son of 
man, hear him who is speaking to thee and be not thou rebel- 
lious like this rebellious house. Open thy mouth and eat what 
I give thee. 

9 Then I looked, and lo! a hand stretched out towards me 


and in it a roll of a book and he unfolded it before me and 
there were writings on it on both sides. And the writings were 
funeral odes and songs of woe. 
III. And he said to me, Son of man eat this roll and go and 

2 speak to the children of Israel. And when he had opened my 

3 mouth and put the roll into it, he said to me, Son of man, Let 
thy mouth eat and thy belly be filled with this roll which is 
given thee. So I ate it, and it was in my mouth sweet as ho- 

4 ney. Then he said to me, Son of man, go and get thee to the 

5 house of Israel and speak to them these words of mine, seeing 
thou art sent to the house of Israel — not to a people of strange 

6 language, nor to many tribes of strange and foreign tongues, 
nor to them whose pronunciation is harsh and whose words 
thou canst not understand; though had I sent thee to such they 

7 might have hearkened to thee. But the house of Israel will not 
hearken to thee, since they are not willing to hearken to me. 
Because all the house of Israel are contentious and stubborn, 

8 therefore behold I have made thy face strong against their 
faces, and I will invigorate thy struggle against their strug- 

9 gling and it shall be on all occasions firmer than a rock. Be not 
afraid of them nor daunted at their countenance, because they 

10 are a provoking house. Then he said to me, Son of man, lay 
up in thy heart all the words which I have spoken to thee; and 

1 1 having heard with thine ears go get thee to the captivity, to 
the children of thy people, and thou shalt speak to them and 
say to them, "Thus saith the Lord," whether they hear or for- 

12 Then a blast of wind took me up and I heard behind me 
a sound of a great earthquake, *■'' Blessed he the glory of the Lord 

from this place of his:'' ^ whereupon I looked towards the sound 
and saw that this sound of an earthquake was that of the wings 

14 flapping one against another and that of the wheels near them. 
Then the blast lifted me up and bore me aloft and I went by 
the impulse of my own spirit, and the hand of the Lord upon 

15 me was strong, and being borne aloft I came to the captivity 
and went round among them who dwelt by the river Chobar — 
among them who were there. And I abode there seven days 
conversing with them. , . 

16 And after these seven davs a word of the Lord came to mt 


17 saying, Son of man; I have made thee a watchman to the house 
of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear a word from my mouth 

18 and warn them from me. When I say to the unrighteous, Thou 
shalt surely die, and thou hast not warned the unrighteous to 
turn from his ways that he may live; that unrighteous man 
shall die for his iniquity; but his blood I will require at thy 

19 hand. But if thou hast warned the unrighteous and he will not 
turn from his iniquity and from his way; that unrighteous man 
shall die for his iniquity, and thou shalt deliver thy soul. So 
when a righteous man tumeth from his righteous acts and 
shall commit transgression though I lay the punishment before 
him; he shall die. Because thou hast not warned him, though 
he indeed shall die for his sins (for his righteous acts will not 

21 be remembered;) yet his blood I will require at thy hand. But 
if thou hast warned the righteous man not to sin and he sin- 
neth not; the righteous man shall live; and because thou hast 
warned him, thou shalt deliver thy soul. 

22 Then the hand of the Lord was upon me; and he said to 

23 me. Arise and go out to the plain and I will there speak to thee. 
So I arose and went out to the plain; and behold the glory of 
the Lord stood there like the vision and like the glory of the 
Lord which I saw by the river Chobar. Whereupon I fell on 

24 my face. And a blast of Avind came upon me and set me on 
my feet, and he spoke to me and said to me. Go and shut thy- 

25 self up in thy house. Now son of man, behold chains are pre. 
pared for thee; and thou shalt be bound with them and shalt 

26 not get out of them. And I will bind up thy tongue, that thou 
mayst be dumb and not be to them a reprover, because they 

27 are a rebellious house. And when I speak to thee, I will open 
thy mouth and thou shalt say to them, Thus saith the Lord, 
whoso heareth let him hear; and let him who is disobedient, be 

IV. disobedient, since they are a rebellious house. And thou 
son of man, take thee a tile and set it before thee and pourtray 

2 thereon the city Jerusalem; and thou shalt lay siege to it and 
build mounts against it and throw up a circumvallation around 
it and pitch camps against it and arrange the towers for engines 

3 round about. Then take thee an iron pan and place it as an 
iron wall between thee and the city and set thy face agauist it 

4 and it shall be besieged and thou shalt besiege it. This is a 

Ch. V. ' EZEKIEL. 

sign for the children of Israel. And thou shalt lie on thy left 
side and lay on it the iniquities of the house of Israel. Accord- 
ino• to the number of the hundred and fifty days which thou 

5 shalt lie upon it thou shalt bear their iniquities. Now I have 
given thee their iniquities to the number of a hundred and 

6 ninety days. So when thou hast taken the iniquities of the 
house of Israel and finished them, thou shalt lie on thy right 

7 side and bear the iniquities of the house of Juda forty days. I 
have given thee a day for a year. Therefore thou shalt prepare 
thy face for the siege of Jerusalem and strengthen thine arm and 

8 prophesy against it. And behold I have given chains for thee 
that thou mayst not turn from one of thy sides to the other until 

9 the days of thy siege are accomplished. Provide therefore for 
thyself wheat and barley and beans and lentiles and millet and 
rye and put them into an earthen vessel and make them into 
loaves for thyself according to the number of the days which 
thou liest on thy side, to be eaten in the course of a hundred and 

10 ninety days. And thou shalt eat thy bread by weight, twenty 

11 shekels a day. From time to time thou shalt eat it: and thou 
shalt drink water by measure, namely the sixth of an hin to be 

12 drunk at stated times. And thou shalt eat the loaves baked like 
barley cakes on the hearth, and thou shalt bake them in their 

13 sight with a fire made of human ordure and shalt say, Thus 
saith the Lord the God of Israel, So shall the children of Israel 

14 eat impure meats among the nations. Upon this I said. Not 
so: Ο Lord God of Israel, seeing my soul hath not been pollut- 
ed with impurity. Even from my birth to this day I have not 
eaten what died of itself, or was torn by wild beasts, nor hath any 

15 tainted flesh ever entered my mouth. Thereupon he said to 
me, Behold I have given thee the dung of cattle instead of hu- 

16 man ordure that thou mayst bake thy loaves with it. Moreover 
he said to me, son of man, Behold I break the staff of bread in 
Jerusalem and they shall eat bread by weight and with scanti- 
ness; and they shall drink water by measure and with faintness; 

17 that they may be in want of bread and water and perish, one 
and all, and be wasted away for their iniquities. 

V. And thou son of man, take thee a knife sharper than a bar- 
ber's razor and having procured sucli a one ihou shalt pass it 
over thy head and thy beard. Then thou shalt take a pair of 
VOL. iir. κ k 


2 scales; and having weighed the hair thou shalt bum the fourth 
part of it with fire, in the space before the city; during the 
completion of the days of the siege. And thou shalt take 
another fourth part and burn it in the midst of the city; and thou 
shalt hack with the sword another fourth part, around the city; 
and the other fourth part thou shalt scatter to the wind and I will 

3 draw out a sword after them. But of this parcel thou shalttake a 

4 few in number and tie them up in thy mantle. Yet even of these 
thou shalt take some and cast them into the midst of the fire and 
burn them with fire which shall come out of the city and thou shalt 
say to all the house of Israel thus saith the Lord, This is Jcrusa- 

5 lem. I placed her in the midst of nations and the countries around 

6 her, that thou shouldst tell my rules of rectitude to such of the 
nations as are without law; and that mine ordinances might be 
the ordinances of the countries around her. Because they re- 
jected my rules of rectitude and did not walk by mine ordi- 

7 nances; therefore thus saith the Lord, Because you have taken 
your bent from the nations around you, and have not walked 
in my statutes, nor practised my rules of rectitude, nor acted 
even conformably to the moral precepts of the nations around 

8 you; therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold I am against thee; 
and in the midst of thee I will execute judgment in the sight 

9 of the nations, and do to thee according to all thine abomina- 
tions, what I have not done, and the like of which I will not 

10 do any more. For this cause fathers shall eat children in the 
midst of thee; and children shall eat fathers. And I will exe- 
cute judgment upon thee, and scatter all the remnant of thee 

1 1 to every wind. For this cause, as I live saith the Lord, Be- 
cause thou hast polluted my holy things with all thine abomi- 
nations; therefore I will cast thee off; mine eye shall not spare 

1:2 nor will I have compassion. The fourth part of thee shall be 
consumed with pestilence; and the fourth part of thee shall 
perish by famine in the midst of thee; and the fourth part of 
thee shall fall by the sword around thee; and I will make bare 

13 a sword to pursue them. And my wrath shall be spent, and 
mine indignation, on them ; and thou shalt know why I the 
Lord have spoken in my zeal, when I have executed mine in- 

14 dignation on them. And I will make thee and thy daughters 


around thee, a desolation, in the sight of every one who pass- 

15 eth by. And thou shalt be an object of lamentation and hor- 
ror to the nations around thee, when I have executed judg- 
ment on thee with mine avenging wrath : I the Lord have 

16 spoken. For when I have sent against them my shafts of fa- 

17 mine and they shall be for destruction, I will break thy staff 
of bread and send against thee famine and wild beasts; and 
pimish thee; and death and blood shall pass through upon thee: 
and I will bring a sword against thee from all around; I the 
Lord have spoken. 

VL Π. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me, saying. 
Son of man set thy face against the mountains of Israel and 
prophesy against them and thou shalt say, 

3 Ο mountains of Israel, hear a word of the Lord; Thus saith 
the Lord to the mountains and hills, and to the vales and the 
forests, Behold I am bringing a sword against you; and your 

4 high places shall be destroyed; and your altars and your tem- 
ples shall be trodden down; and I will cast down your slain be- 

5 fore your idols; and scatter your bones around your altars 

6 and in all your dwelling places. The cities shall be laid waste 
and the high places desolated, that your altars may be utterly 
destroyed: and your idols shall be trampled down, when your 

7 fanes are removed; and your wounded shall fall in the midst 

8 of you; and you sliall know that I am the Lord. When some 
of you, who have escaped from the sword, are among the na- 

9 tions and in your dispersions through the countries; then shall 
those of you, who have escaped, remember me among the 
nations whither they have been carried captives. With their 
heart which is going a whoring from me, and with their eyes, 
which are going a whoring after their own devices(I have sworn) 

10 they shall bewail themselves for all their abominations and ac- 
knowledge that I the Lord have spoken. 

11 Thus saith the Lord, Clap with thy hand, and stamp with 
thy foot, and say. Ha ! ha ! to all the abominations of the 
house of Israel. By sword and by pestilence, and by famine 

12 they shall fall. He who is near shall fall by the sword ; and 
he who is far off, shall die by pestilence ; and he who is besieged 
shall be consumed by famine. And I will accomplish my fury 


13 on them. And you shall know that I am the Lord, when your 
slain are in the midst of your idols, around your altars, on 
every lofty mount, and under every shady tree, where they 

14 offered a sweet smelling savour to all their idols. For I will 
stretch forth my hand against them ; and make the land a de- 
solation and a scene of destruction, from the wilderness of 
Deblatha through all their habitations ; and you shall know 
that I am the Lord. 

VII. III. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me saying, 

2 And thou son of man say, Thus saith the Lord, To the land 
of Israel an end is coming. The end is come upon the four 

6 wings of die land. The end is coming on thee who inhabitest 

7 the land. The time is come. The day hath approached, not 

8 with commotions nor with pangs. Now near at hand I pour 
out mine indignation on thee ; and upon thee I will spend my 
wrath ; and judge thee for thy ways, and retribute to thee all 

9 thine abominations. Mine eye shall not spare, nor will I have 
compassion. Because I will retribute to thee thy ways, when 
thine abominations shall be in the midst of thee ; therefore 

3 thou shalt know that it is I the Lord who smite thee. Now 
the end is upon thee. I will send it against thee, and punish 
thee for thy ways and retribute to thee all thine abominations. 

4 Mine eye shall not spare, nor will I have compassion. Because 
I will recompense upon thee thy ways, when thine abomina- 
tions shall be in the midst of thee ; therefore thou shalt ac- 

5 knowledge that I am the Lord. For thus saith the Lord, Lo ! 

1 1 the end is coming. Behold it is the day of the Lord. If indeed 
the rod hath budded, pride hath come to a full growth. — 
Therefore he will break the stay of the unrighteous ; but not 

12 with commotion nor with perturbation. The end is come. 
Behold the day ! let not him who purchaseth rejoice, nor 

13 him who selleth, mourn ; since he who purchaseth shall no 
more return to him λυΙίο selleth. Nor will any man hold with 

14 an eye to life. Sound the trumpet and pass sentence on all 

15 together. Abroad let there be battle with the sword, and at 
home flimine and pestilence. Let him who is in the field die 
by the sword ; and them in the city let famine and pestilence 

16 destroy. Now shall they escape who escape from among 


them ? When they shall be on the mountains, I will hideed 
slay all, every one for his iniquities. 

17 All hands shall be enfeebled and all thighs stained with filth. 

18 And they shall gird on sackcloth; and amazement shall cover 
them. And shame shall be on all their faces : and on every 

19 head, baldness. Their silver shall be thrown in the streets ; 
and their gold shall be disregarded. Their souls shall not be 
satisfied ; nor shall their bellies be filled : because the punish- 

20 ment of their iniquities is come. With their choice apparel 
which was laid by for ostentation — even with this they adorn- 
ed the images of their abominations ; therefore I have given 

21 it to them for defilement — even into the hand of strangers I 
will deliver it for plunder, and to be a spoil for the ravagers 

22 of the earth ; and they shall defile it. And I will turn away 
my face from them ; and they shall pollute the places under 
my peculiar inspection, and come into them unobserved, and 

23 profane them and make them an abomination. Because the 

24 land is full of peoples, and the city is full of iniquity ; there, 
fore I will turn back their tumultuous power, and their holy 

25 things shall be polluted. Though an atonement shall come 

26 and seek peace, it shall be no more. Woe shall succeed woe; 
and news be followed by news ; and a vision shall be sought 
from a prophet : and law shall perish from the priest, and 

27 counsel from the elders — the chief shall be clothed with dark- 
ness ; and the hands of the people of the land shall be weak- 
ened. According to their ways I will deal with them ; and 
for their crimes I will punish them ; and they shall knoΛV 
that I am the Lord. 

VIII. IV. AGAIN in the sixth year in the fifth month, on 
the fifth of the month as I was sitting at home, and the elders 
of Juda, were sitting before me, the hand of the Lord came 

2 upon me. And I looked and lo ! a likeness of a man ! From 
his loins downward was fire, and from his loins upward 

3 was an appearance like tliat of amber. And he stretched 
forth the similitude of a hand and took hold of me by the 
crown of the head and a blast of wind lifted me up bet\\'een 
heaven and earth, and in a vision of God, brought me to Je- 
rusalem, to the A'cstibulc of the gate facing the north, where 


4 was the pillar of the possessor. And behold the glory of the 
Lord God of Israel was there, such in appearance as I saw 

5 in the plain. And he said to me, Son of man, look up \vith 
thine eyes towards the north. So I looked up Λvith mine eyes 
towards the north, and behold from the north to the gate 

6 facing the east, ^*^ And he said to me, Son of man hast thou 
seen what they are doing, They are committing great iniqui- 
ties here that they may abstain from my holy things : but 

7 thou shalt see still greater iniquities. Then he led me into 
the vestibule of the court, and said to me, Son of man, dig. 

8 So I digged and lo ! a door. And he said to me, Go in and 

9 see the transgressions which they are committing here. So I 

10 went in and beheld, and lo ! vain abominations and all the idols 

1 1 of the house of Israel portrayed upon them round about and se- 
venty men of the elders of the house of Israel ; and Jechonias 
the son of Saphan in the midst stood foremost, and every one 
had a censer in his hand, and the smoke of the incense ascend- 

12 ed. And he said to me, Hast thou seen, son of man, what the 
elders of the house of Israel are doing, every one of them in this 

13 hidden apartment of theirs? For they said, The Lord doth not 
see. The Lord hath forsaken this land. Then he said to me, 
thou shalt see still greater transgressions which they are com- 

14 mitting. Then he led me to the vestibule of the gate of the 
house of the Lord facing the north, and behold here were wo- 

15 men seated, singing mournful ditties to Thammuz. And he 
said to me, Son of man, hast thou seen? Thou shalt see still 

16 worse devices than these. Then he led me into the inner court 
of the house of the Lord ; and at the vestibule of the temple of 
the Lord, between the ailams and the altar, were about twenty 
men ; their backs to the temple of the Lord, and their faces 
the direct contrary- way; and tliey were worshipping the sun. 

17 And he said to me. Hast thou seen ? Son of man. Is it a light 
thing for the house of Juda to commit the transgressions, which 
they have committed here ? Because they have filled the land 
with iniquity, and lo 1 they are as it were insulting me to my 

i^*^ Here something seems to be wanting. I apprehend, it was 
the people sacrificing to idols on the house tops. 

Ch. IX. χ. EZEKIEL. 

18 face ; therefore I will deal with them with wrath. Mine eye 

shall not spare, nor will I have compassion. 
IX. Then in my hearing he cried with a loud voice and said, 

The punishment of this city is at hand, and every one hath in 

2 his hand the instruments of the destruction. Thereupon behold 
there came from the way of the high gate, which faceth the 
north, six men, every one with his battle axe in his hand; and 
in the midst of them a man clothed in a long robe and a girdle 

3 of sapphire about his loins. And when they came close to the 
brazen altar, the glory of the God of Israel which was upon 
the cherubims ascended from them and came to the open part 
of the house and called the man who was clothed with the long 
robe and who had a girdle about his loins, and said to him. Go 
through the midst of Jerusalem and put a mark on the forehead 
of those men who are sighing and sorrowing for all the trans- 
gressions which are committed among them; and to the others 
he said in my hearing. Go ye after him into the city and smite 

6 and spare not with your eyes nor shew compassion. Destroy 
utterly old men and young, virgins and infants and married 
women; but go not near any of those who have the mark on 
them. Begin at my sanctuary. So they began with the men 

7 the elders who were in the house. And he said to them, Defile 
this house and fill the ways with dead as you are going out 

8 and continue the slaughter. And while they were slaying them 
I fell on my face and cried aloud and said, Ah! Lord! art thou 
utterly destroying the remnant of Israel by pouring out thy 

9 wrath on Jerusalem? Whereupon he said to me, The iniquity 
of the house of Israel and Juda is exceeding great. Because 
the land is filled with many peoples and the city is filled with 
iniquity and impurity — and because they said, the Lord hath 

10 forsaken this land; the Lord doth not see; therefore mine eye 
shall not spare nor will I have compassion. I have requited 

11 their ways upon their heads. Then, lo! the man who was cloth- 
ed with the long robe and girded about the loins with the girdle 
came and made report, saying, I have done as thou orderedst 

X. me. Thereupon I looked, and behold above the firmament 
which was over the head of the cherubims, there was a resem- 


2 blance of a throne above them like a sapphire stone.*- And 
he said to the man who was clothed with the long robe, Go in 
between the wheels which are under the cherubims and fill 
thy hands with coals of fire from the midst of the cherubims 
and scatter them over the city. So in my sight he went in, 

3 Now the cherubims stood on the right side of the house as a 

4 man goeth in, and the cloud filled the inner court. And the 
glory of the Lord had removed from the cherubims to the open 
part of the house and the cloud filled the house and the court 

5' was filled Avith the splendour of the glory of the Lord: and the 
sound of the wings of the cherubims was heard to the outer 

6 court like the voice of God Saddai speaking. And when he 
had given orders to the man clothed with the holy robe, say- 
ing, Take fire from the midst of the wheels from between the 

7 cherubims and he had gone in and stood near the wheels, one 
stretched out his hand into the midst of the fire, which was be- 
tween the cherubims and took and put it into the hands of 
him who was clothed with the holy robe and he took it and 

8 went out. Now I saw that the cherubims had the likeness of 

9 men's hands under their wings. I looked also and lo! four 
wheels stood close to the cherubims, one wheel close to each 
cherub; and the appearance of the wheels was like the appear- 

10 ance of a carbuncle stone. And as for their appearance, the 
four had one and the same likeness, as if there was a wheel 

11 within a wheel. When they ran, they ran on their four sections. 

12 They altered not their position when they ran, for which way 
soever the foremost looked, they ran and altered not their 

13 position when they ran. Now their backs and their hands 
and their Λvings and the wheels were full of eyes all around 

15 the four wheels. And in my hearing these wheels were call- 
ed Gelgel. And the cherubims were the same living being 

16 which 1 saw by the river Chobar. And when the cheru- 
bims marched on, the wheels ran and kept close to them; 
and when the cherubims lifted up their wings and were borne 
aloft from the earth, their wheels altered not their position. 

17 When those stood these stood; and when those mounted up 

* Here also some words seem to be wanting, which pointed out 
him Avho sat on thg throne. 


these mounted up with them, for there was a breath of life in 

18 them. Then the glory of the Lord went out from the house 

19 and mounted up upon the cherubims; and the cherubims rais- 
ed their wings and mounted up from the eaith in my sight. 
When they went out the wheels were close by them. And 
they stopped at the vestibule of the gate of the house of the 
Lord which was over against the house and the glory of the 

20 God of Israel was above over them. This was the living being 
which I saAV under the God of Israel at the river Chobar, and 

21 I knew that it was the cherubims. Every one had four faces, 
and every one had eight wings, and the likeness of mens* 

22 hands under their wings. And as for the likeness of their faces, 
these were, the same faces which I saw under the glory of the 
God of Israel at the river Chobar and they marched every one 

XI. straight forward. Then a blast of wind took me up 
and brought me to the gate of the house of the Lord which 
was directly in front and which faced the east. And behold at 
the vestibule of the gate about five and twenty men! And I saw 
in the midst of them Jechonias the son of Ezer and Phaltias the 

2 son of Banaias, the leaders of the people. And the Lord said 
to me, son of man, these are the men who devise vanities and 
who give bad advice in the city. Who say. Are not the houses 

3 lately rebuilt? This is the cauldron, but we are the flesh. 

4 Therefore prophesy against them. Prophesy, Son of man. 

5 Thereupon the spirit of the Lord fell upon me, and said to me, 
Say, Thus saith the Lord, Thus have you spoken, Ο house of 
Israel, for I know the counsels of your mind: you have mul- 

6 tiplied your dead in this city, and filled the highways with the 

7 slain: therefore thus saith the Lord, your dead men whom you 
have slain in the midst of it, they are the flesh and it is the 
cauldron. As for you I will drag you out of the midst of it. 
You are afraid of the sword, therefore I will bring a sword 

9 against you, saith the Lord, and drag you out of the midst of 
it and deliver you into the hands of strangers and execute judg- 

10 ment upon you. By the sword you shall fall. On the mountain 
of Israel I will judge you; and you shall know that I am the 

13 And it came to pass while I was prophesying that Phal- 
tias the son of Banaias died, Avhereupon I fell on my face and 

VOL. III. L 1 


cried with a loud voice and said, Alas ! Alas ! Ο Lord, art thou 

14 making an utter end of the remnant of Israel? Upon which a 

15 word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of man, an end was 
put to thy brethren and to the men of thy captivity and to all 
the house of Israel, to whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem said, 

16 Away with you far from the Lord : to us this land is given for 
an inheritance. Therefore say. Thus saith the Lord, I will 
drive these away to the nations and scatter them to every land. 
But I will be to those a little sanctuary in all the countries to 

17 which they have come. Therefore say. Thus saith the Lord, 
I will take those in from among the nations and collect them 

le from the countries in which I have dispersed them and 
give them the land of Israel and they shall come hither and re- 
move all its abominations and all its iniquities out of it; and I 

19 will give them another heart and put a new spirit in them; and 
I will take a\vay the stony heart out of their flesh and give 
them a heart of flesh that they may walk in my statutes and 

20 keep my judgments and execute them. And they shall be my 

21 people and I will be their God. But as the heart of these was 
entirely devoted to their abominations and their iniquities, I 
have requited their ways upon their heads, saith the Lord. 

22 Then the cherubims raised their wings and the wheels were 
close by them and the glory of the God of Israel was above 

23 over them. And the glory of the Lord ascended up out of the 
midst of the city and halted on the mountain which was over 

24 against the city. And a blast of wind took me up and brought 
me to^ the land of the Chaldeans, to the captivity, in a vision, by 
the spirit of God. And I went up on account of the vision 
Λvhich I saw and spoke to all the captivity all the things which 
the Lord had shewn me. 

XII. V. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me, saying, 

2 Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of these unrighteous 
men, who have eyes to see but do not see; and have ears to 

3 hear, but do not hear. Because they are a rebellious house, do 
thou therefore, son of man, provide thyself utensils for a day 
of captivity, in their sight. And thou shalt be carried captive 
from this place of thine to another place, in their sight, that they 


4 may see. Because they are a rebellious house, therefore thou 
shalt cany out thy utensils, the utensils for a day of captivity, 
before their eyes. And thou shalt go out in the evening in their 

5 sight, as a captive goeth out. Make for thyself a breach in the 

6 wall and thou shalt go out through that, in their sight. Thou 
shalt be taken up upon shoulders and shalt go out in a secret 
manner. Thou shalt cover thy face and not see the ground, 
for I have made thee a sign for the house of Israel. 

7 So Λvhen I had done according to all that he had com- 
manded me ; and had carried out utensils for a day of cap- 
tivity, and made in the evening a breach for myself in the 
wall, and had gone out in a concealed manner, being taken 

8 up upon shoulders in their sight ; a word of the Lord came 

9 to me in the morning, saying, Son of man, Did not the house 
of Israel, that rebellious house, say to thee, What art thou 

10 doing ? Say respecting them, Thus saith the Lord, Lord — 
ΛVith respect to him who is the chief, and the ruler in Jeru- 
salem, even to all the house of Israel, who are among them 

11 say, I am acting signs. As I have done, so shall it be with 

12 them. They shall go into banishment and captivity. And the 
chief in the midst of them shall be carried upon shoulders. 
He will go out in a secret manner through the wall ; and a 
breach will be made for him to go out through it. *He will 
cover his face that he may not be seen and he himself shall 

13 not see the ground. But I \\'ύ\ spread my net over him and 
he shall be caught in my enclosure. And I will bring him to 
Babylon, to the land of the Chaldeans ; but he shall not see 

14 it and he shall die there. And all his helpers about him, and 
all them who assist bim, I will scatter to every wmd and make 

15 bare a sword to pursue them : and they shall know that I am 
the Lord, when I have dispersed them among the nations. 

16 For I will disperse them through the countries and leave a 
few of them from the sword, and from famine, and from pes- 
tilence, that they may declare all their iniquities among the 
nations whither they go. And they shall know that I am the 
Lord. — 

17 Again a word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of man, 

18 thou shalt eat thy bread with sorrow and drink water Avhh 

19 tribulation and aiRiction, and thou shalt say respecting the 


people of that land, Thus saith the Lord to the inhabitants of 
Jerusalem in the land of Israel, They shall eat their loaves 
with scantiness, and drink water with astonishment, that the 
land may be wasted with the fulness thereof ; for all its inhabi- 

20 tants are in a course of impiety ; and their cities which are 
inhabited shall be laid waste and the land shall be a desolation 
and ye shall know that I am the Lord. 

21 Again a word of the Lord came to me saying, Son of man, 

22 what proverb is this which you have concerning Israel, say- 

23 ing, The days are far oiF. Vision is lost. Therefore say to 
them, Thus saith the Lord, I will change this parable ; and 
the house of Israel shall no more use it ; for thou shalt say to 

24 them, The days are at hand and the word of every vision. For 
there shall no more be a false vision of any sort, or a flattering 

25 diviner among the children of Israel ; for I the Lord will 
speak my words — I will speak and perform, and no more put 
off to a distant time ; for in these your days, Ο rebellious 
house, I will speak a word and perform it, saith the Lord. 

26 Again a word of the Lord came to me, saying. Son of 

27 man, behold the house of Israel, that rebellious house, speak 
saying, The vision which this man seeth is for many days ; 

28 and for times far distant he prophesieth ; therefore say unto 
them, Thus saith the Lord, None of my words which I speak 
shall any more be prolonged. I will speak and I will perform 
saith the Lord. 

XIII. VI. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me saying, 

2 Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel and thou 

3 shalt prophesy and say to them. Hear a word of the Lord, 
Thus saith the Lord, Woe to the prophets who prophesy from 

4 their own hearts and see nothing. Like foxes among ruins 

5 thy prophets, Ο Israel, stood not for strength. When flocks 
were collected against the house of Israel, they who say, " In 

6 the day of the Lord," stood not up. They are seers of lies 
they are prophesiers of vanities — they say. The Lord saith, 
Though the Lord did not send them : and in order to confirm 

7 a word they began with, " Have you not seen a false vision 

8 and spoken false prophesies," now therefore say. Thus saith 
the Lord, Because your words are false and your prophe- 


sies vain ; therefore behold I am against you, saith the Lord; 
9 And I will stretch forth my hand against these prophets, who 
see falsehoods and prophesy vanities: they shall not be in the 
school of my people nor enrolled in the enrollment of the house 
of Israel; nor shall they enter into the land of Israel and they 

10 shall know that I am the Lord. Because they have led my peo- 
ple astray, saying "Peace" when there was no peace. And 

11 when one buildeth a wall they anoint it; it shall fall. Say to 
these anointers, It shall fall. For there shall be an overwhelm- 
ing rain, and I will send hail stones against-their buttresses; 
and they shall fall; and a tempestuous wind; and it shall be bro- 

12 ken down. Now when the wall is fallen, will they not say to 
you, "Where is the anointing with which you anointed it?'* 

13 Therefore thus saith the Lord, I will cause a furious tempest 
to break it down; and there shall be an overwhelming rain in 
mine anger; And I will bring the hail stones against it with fury 

14 for destruction; and demolish the wall which you anointed; 
and it shall fall: and lay it flat on the ground and its foundations 
shall be discovered; and when it shall fall, you shall be consum- 
ed with rebukes; and you shall know that I am the Lord. 

15 When I accomplish my wrath on the Avail, and on them who 
anoint it; it shall fall. I have indeed said to you, the wall is no 

16 more, nor do they exist who anointed it, namely, the prophets 
of Israel who prophesy concerning Jerusalem and who see 
peace for her when there is no peace, saith the Lord. 

17 Now as for thee son of man siet thy face also against the 
daughters of thy people who prophesy from their own heart; 
and prophesy against them and say, 

18 Thus saith the Lord, Woe to those women who sew pil- 
lows under every elbow; and make coverings for every head of 
every age, to lead souls astray. The souls of my people have 

19 been turned out of the way. They have indeed inveigled souls 
and profaned me to my people, for a handful of barley and 
for pieces of bread, to kill souls which should not die; and to 
preserve souls alive which ought not to live, by your oracling 

20 to the people who hearken to vain oracles. Therefore thus saith 
the Lord, Lord, Behold I am against your pillows on which 
you whirl souls about; and I will tear them from your arms and 
dismiss the souls — ^those souls Avhich you are whirling about 


21 for dispersion: and I will tear in pieces your coverings and de- 
liver my people out of your hand, and they shall no more be 
in your hands to be whirled about. And ye shall know that I 

22 am the Lord. Because you turned aside the heart of the righte- 
ous, whom I turned not aside, in order that you might strength- 
en the hands of a transgressor that he should by no means 

23 turn from his evil way and live; therefore you shall no more 
see falsities, nor shall you any more utter divinations; for I will 
deliver my people out of your hand and you shall know that I 
am the Lord. 

XIV. VII. WHEN some of the elders, principal men of the 
people of Israel, had come to me and were sitting before me a 
word of the Lord came to me, saying, 

3 Son of man, these men have given their imaginations the 
rule over their hearts, though they placed before their eyes the 
punishment of their transgressions. Shall I, being consulted, 

4 return them an answer? Therefore speak to them, and thou 
shalt say to them, Thus saith the Lord, Be the man who he 
may of the house of Israel, who giveth his imagination the 
rule over his understanding, when he hath set before his eyes the 
punishment of his iniquity, and cometh to a prophet: I the Lord 
will answer him by the things with which his mind is entangled, 

5 that he may lead the house of Israel astray, according to their 
hearts which are alienated from me by their desires. Say there- 

6 fore to the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord, Lord, reform 
and turn from your evil devices, and from all your acts of im- 

7 piety; and turn your faces about. For be the man who he may 
of the house of Israel, or of the proselytes who have sojourned 
with Israel, who shall separate himself from me, and give his 
desires the rule over his understanding when he hath set be- 
fore his eyes the punishment of his iniquity and shall come to the 
prophet that he may inquire of me; I the Lord will answer him 

8 by that with \vhich he is entangled; and I will set my face 
against that man, and give him up to desolation and de- 
struction; and remove him from among my people; and ye 

9 shall know that I am the Lord. And with respect to that pro- 
phet when he shall have wandered and spoken; I the Lord 
have caused that prophet to wander, and I will stretch out my 


hand against him and destroy him from among my people Is- 

10 rael. And they shall bear their iniquity; the incjuirer according 
to his guilt, and in like manner the prophet according to his 

11 guilt, that the house of Israel may no more be led astray from 
me, and that they may no more be polluted with their trans- 
gressions: so they shall be my people and I will be their God, 
saith tlie Lord. 

12 Again a word of the Lord came to me saying, Son of man, 

13 when a country transgresseth against me, so as to incur ruin; 
and I stretch out my hand against it; and break the staff of 
bread, and send against it famine, and destroy out of it both 

14 man and beast; should there be in it three such men as these 
Noe, Daniel and Job: They for their righteousness shall be 

15 saved, saith the Lord. Or if I send wild beasts against that 
land and punish it, and it become a desolation not to be travel- 

16 led by reason of the wild beasts; and there be in it three such 
as those; As I live, saith the Lord neither sons nor daughters 
shall be saved; none but they only shall escape, and the land 

17 shall be for destruction. Or if I bring a sword against that 
land, and say, sword, pass thou through this land, that I may 

18 cut off from it man and beast; should there be in it three such 
men as those; As I live saith the Lord, they shall not deliver 

19 sons nor daughters; they and they only shall be saved. Or if I 
send a pestilence against that land, and pour out my wrath up- 
on it with slaughter, with intent to destroy out of it man and 

20 beast, and Noe, Daniel and Job be therein; As I live, saith the 
Lord, neither sons nor daughters shall be left: they for their 

21 righteousness shall deliver only their own souls. Yet thus 
saith the Lord, Though I send these my four severe judgments 
sword and famine and wild beasts and pestilence, against Jeru- 

22 salem to destroy out of it man and beast, still, behold some are 
left in it, the saved of it, who are leading out of it sons and daugh- 
ters; behold they are coming out to you and you shall see their 
ways and their desires, and be sorry for the evils which they 
have brought on Jerusalem — for all the evils which they have 

23 brought upon it. And they will comfort you, for you will see 
their ways and their desires; and you will know that I have not 
without cause done all those things which I have done to it, 
saith the Lord. 


XV. VIII. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me, &ay- 

2 ing, Son of man, Why should the wood of the grape vine be 
distinguished from the wood of all the branchy trees which are 

3 among the trees of the forest? Can men use the wood of it for 
any kind of workmanship? Can they make a pin of it to hang 

4 thereon any utensil? Is it not in a peculiar manner doomed to 
be consumed by fire? Every year the fire consumeth what is 
lopped from it. And if a bit of it is left, is it fit for any kind of 

5 workmanship ? Even when entire it will be unfit for any 
work : how then, when fire hath burned it to a brand, can it 

6 serve for any work? Say therefore. Thus saith the Lord, 
Like the wood of the vine among the trees of the forest, 
which I have doomed to be destroyed by fire, so have I 

7 doomed the inhabitants of Jerusalem. And I will set my face 
against them. When they escape out of one fire another shall 
devour them. And they shall know that I am the Lord, when 

8 I set my face against them. And I will make the land a deso- 
lation for their apostacy, saith the Lord. 

XVI. Then a word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of man 
J 3 testify against Jerusalem her iniquities, and thou shalt say, 

Thus saith the Lord to Jerusalem, Thy root and thy pedigree 
is from the land of Chanaan. Thy father was an Amorite and 

4 thy mother a Chettite, and this is the history of thy birth — on 
the day tliou wast born thy navel was not tied nor wert thou 
washed with water nor sprinkled with salt; nor wert thou 

5 wrapped up in swaddling bands. But mine eye which was 
over thee did not spare to do for thee all these things — to 
compassionate thee. When thou wast cast out into the open 

6 field for thine ill shape, on the day thou wast born; I passed 
by thee and saw thee polluted with thy blood and said to thee, 

7 From thy blood there is life. Be multiplied like the grass of 
the field; I have betrothed thee. So thou didst increase and 
grow great and enter the class of chief cities. Thy breasts 
were fashioned and thy locks flowing. But thou wast naked 

8 and exposed to shame. Then I passed by thee and beheld 
thee and lo ! thou wast of a marriageable age. So I spread my 
skirt over thee and covered thy nakedness; and sware to thee 

9 and entered into covenant with thee, saith the Lord. And 
when thou becamest mine I washed thee with water, and 


cleansed away thy blood from thee and anointed thee with oil; 

10 And I clothed thee with embroidery and shod thee with pur- 
ple sandals and girded thee with a cotton zone and threw 

1 1 around thee a mantle of tissue. And I decked thee with orna- 
ments, and put bracelets round thy Λvrists and a chain round 

12 thy neck, and gave thee a jewel for thy nose and ear-rings for 

13 thine ears, and a crown of exquisite beauty for thy head. So 
thou wast adorned with gold and silver, and thy raiment was 
of cotton, tissue and embroidery; and thy food was fine flour, 

14 oil and honey. And thou becamest exceeding beautiful, and thy 
fame spread among the nations for thy beauty. Because it was 
perfect by reason of the comeliness and the elegance with 

15 which I adorned thee, saith the Lord; thou wast vain of thy 
beauty and became a harlot because of thy renown: and didst 

16 pour out thy fornications upon every passenger. Nay thou 
didst take some of thy garments and make for thyself idols of 
needle work; and didst commit gross fornication on them. 
Though thou shouldst not have gone in; nor should such a 

17 thing be done, thou didst take the vessels, which were thy 
boast, made of my gold and of my silver, some of those which 
I gave thee; and didst make for thyself male images and com- 

18 mit fornication with them. Thou didst take also thine em- 
broidered raiment and clothe them and didst set mine oil and 

19 mine incense before them. My bread also which I gave thee 
— the fine flour, oil and honey with which I fed thee, these 

20 thou didst set before them for a sweet smelling savour. Nay, it 
came to pass, saith the Lord, That thou didst take thy sons 
and thy daughters whom thou hadst born and didst sacrifice 

21 these to them to be devoured. As if it had been a small matter 
to commit fornication, thou didst slay thy children and offer 
them up, making them expiatory sacrifices to those images, 

22 (this exceeded all thy fornication) and didst not remember thy 
youtli when thou wast naked and bare, when though polluted 

23 with thy blood thou didst live. Nay after all these acts of ini- 

24 quity, saith the Lord, thou didst moreover build for thyself a 
brothel; and erect for thyself a place of prostitution in every 

25 street; at the head of every street thou didst build thy brothels, 
and sacrifice thy beauty and prostitute thyself to every comer, 

26 and multiply thine acts of whoredom. Wlien thou hadst com- 

voL. III. Μ m 


•mitted fornication with the Egyptians thy neighbours and lust- 
ful paramours; and hadst done this frequently to provoke me 

27 to wrath, though I stretched forth my hand against thee, and 
deprived thee of thy dues and delivered thee up to them who 
hate thee — to the daughters of the Philistines, who turned thee 

28 out of that way in which thou wast committing iniquity; yet 
thou wentest a whoring among the daughters of Assur; and 
even thus wast not satisfied. So having committed whoredom 

29 and not being satiated thou didst multiply thy covenants with 
the land of the Chaldees and even with these thou wast not 

30 satisfied. How can I dispose of thy daughter? saith the Lord 
seeing thou hast committed all these acts of an abandoned wo- 
man? And hast trebled thy fornication by thy daughters? 

31 Having built a brothel at the head of every way, and erected 
a place of prostitution in every street, wast thou like a harlot 

32 collecting hire? Was there ever an adulterous woman like thee 
receiving gifts from her husband and giving rewards to her 

33 gallants? For thou hast given rewards to all thy lovers, and 

34 loaded them with gifts to come to thee from all around. So 
there was in thee a depravity beyond other women, both in 
thy whoredom and with regard to them who committed lewd- 
ness with thee. Thy giving gifts and no rewards being given 

35 thee are evidences of thy depravity. Therefore, hear Ο harlot, 

36 a word of the Lord, thus saith the Lord, Because thou hast 
squandered thy money, therefore thy scandalous fornication 
shall be exposed before thy lovers; but for all thy wicked de- 

37 sires and for the blood of thy children whom thou hast sacri- 
ficed to them — for this behold I will assemble all thy lovers 
Λvith whom thou hast had connexion, both all whom thou hast 
loved and all whom thou hatedst, and I will gather against thee 
them from all around; and lay open thy wickedness before 

38 them, that they may see all thy shame. And I will punish thee 
with the punishment of an adulteress, and involve thee in the 

39 blood of wrath and jealousy; and deliver thee up into their 
hands. And they shall demolish thy brothel, and pull down 
thy place of prostitution, and strip thee of thy clothing and 
seize thy fair jewels ; and when they shall have left thee naked 

40 and exposed to shame, then crowds shall be brought against 
thee, who shall stone thee with stones and hack thee with their 


41 swords; and they shall burn thy houses with fire, and execute 
vengeance on thee in the sight of many women. So will I 

42 turn thee from whoredom and no more give thee gifts. Then 
I will cause my wrath against thee to abate, and my jealousy 
shall be removed from thee, and I will be quiet and no more 

43 care for thee. Because thou hast not remembered thy youth 
and hast grieved me with all these things; therefore behold I 
have requited thy ways on thy head, saith the Lord. Thou 

44 indeed hast so added impiety to all thy transgressions that all 
these things have occasioned the parable which people use 
against thee, saying, " As was the fnother so is the daughter.''' 

45 Thou art indeed a very daughter of thy mother who aban- 
doned her husband and her children: and the sisters of thy 
brothers are they who abandoned their husbands and their 
children. Your mother was a Chettite and your father an 

46 Amorite, your eldest sister is Samaria — she and her daughters 
who live on thy left; and your youngest sister who liveth on 

47 thy right is Sodom with her daughters. But thou hast not 
Avalked even in their ways, nor done according to their trans- 
gressions in a small degree. Thou hast surpassed them in all 

48 thy Avays. As I live, saith the Lord, Sodom herself and her 
daughters did not do as thou and thy daughters have done. 

49 But this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom — Pride. 
Through fulness of bread and prosperity she and her daugh- 
ters grew wanton. There was this also in her and her daugh- 

50 ters that they did not assist the distressed and the needy; but 
were haughty and committed iniquities in my sight; therefore 

51 I destroyed them. In my view Samaria also did not commit 
half thy crimes. Thou indeed hast multiplied thine iniquities 
more than they, and justified thy sisters by all thine iniqui- 

52 ties which thou hast committed. Thou therefore shalt bear thy 
punishment. Inasmuch as thou hast corrupted thy sisters by 
thy sins, which thou hast committed in a more aggravated de- 
gree than they, and made them righteous in comparison of 
thee; be thou therefore confounded and bear thy dishonour, 

53 for having justified thy sisters. When I turnback their apos- 
tacies — the apostacy of Sodom and her daughters, and turn 
back the apostacy of Samaria and her daughters, I will turn 

54 back also thine apostacy in the midst of them; that thou maysl 


bear thy punishment and be dishonoured for all that thou hast 

55 done to provoke me to anger. And when thy sister Sodom 
and her daughters shall be restored to their former state then 
thou and thy daughters shall be restored to your former state. 

56 Now was not thy sister Sodom a by word in thy mouth in the 

57 days of thy pride, before thy wickedness was discovered ; in 
the same manner as thou art now the scoff of the daughters of 
Syria and of all around her and of all the daughters of the 

58 foreign tribes around thee? Thou hast borne thy wickedness 

59 and thy transgressions, saith the Lord. Thus saith the Lord, 
I will deal with thee as thou hast done. As thou hast slighted 

60 these things that thou mightest transgress my covenant, when 
I remember my covenant made with thee in the days of thy 

61 youth and re-establish for thee an everlasting covenant; then 
thou wilt recollect thy way and be ashamed, when thou hast 
again received thy sisters — the elder and the younger. For I 
will give them to thee to be part of thy family, but not by thy 

62 covenant. And I Avill establish my covenant with thee ; and 

63 thou shalt know that I am the Lord, that thou mayst remem- 
ber and be ashamed, and never more be able to open thy 
mouth, because of thy confusion when I make a complete atone- 
ment for thee according to all that thou hast done, saith the 

XVII. IX. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me, saying. 
Son of man, relate a fable and speak a parable to the house 

3 of Israel and thou shalt say. Thus saith the Lord, There was 
a great eagle with large wings, rapid in its motion and com- 
pletely furnished with talons : and it winged its way to Liba- 

4 nus, and took hold of its choicest cedar; and cropped the 
tops of the tender branch and brought them to the land of 

5 Chanaan, and in a walled city they were deposited. Then he 
took a seedling of the land, and planted it in a field by much 

6 water, and ordered it to be taken care of. And it sprang up 
and became a vine weak and small, so that its branches could 
be seen only by them near it. But it had roots underneath it, 
so it grew to be a vine, and put forth shoots and extended 
its tendrils. 

7 And there was another eagle with large wings and many 


talons : and lo ! this vine warped towards him, and its roots 
were towards him and it shot out its branches for him, that 
he might water it together with the shoot of its own planting, 

8 which being in a good soil by much water grew luxuriantly, 
so as to blossom and bear fruit, and become a great vine. — 

9 Therefore say. Thus saith the Lord, Shall it prosper? Shall 
not the roots of this tender shoot and its fruit be blasted ? 
Yes; all its former shoots shall wither ; so that it will not re- 
quire a strong arm nor much people to pull it up by its roots. 
Though behold it is luxuriant, shall it prosper — shall it not 
wither at the first touch of a blasting wind ? Both it and its 
sprouting shoot shall be withered. 

11 Moreover a word of the Lord came to me, saying. Son of 
man say now to this rebellious house, Do you not know the 

12 meaning of this ? Say, When the king of Babylon hath come 
to Jerusalem, and shall take the king thereof and the chiefs 
thereof, and hath caused them to be brought to him to Baby- 

13 Ion; and shall take one of the royal seed and make a covenant 
with him, and shall lay him under an oath and comprehend 

14 the generals of the land, that it shall be a weak kingdom and 
never be independent — that he will keep this covenant with 

15 him and that it shall stand. Now should he revolt from him 
so as to send his ambassadors to Egypt, that it may furnish 
him with horses and a great army, shall he prosper ? Shall 
he who is perfidious escape ? And shall he who breaketh a 

16 covenant be delivered ? As I live saith the Lord, in the place 
where the king liveth, who made him king ; even with him 
in Babylon shall he die who hath dishonoured my oath and 

17 broken my covenant : and neither with a great army nor \vith 
much people, shall Pharao support him in the war, when ram- 
parts are a raising, and towers a building to destroy lives. — 

18 As he hath dishonoured an oath, by breaking a covenant, 
(\vhen lo ! he had given his hand) and hath done all these 

19 things to him, he shall not escape. Therefore say, As I live 
saith the Lord, The oath which he hath dishonoured, and 
the covenant which he hath broken, even this I will requite 

20 upon his head. And I will spread my net for him and he shall 

21 be taken in my enclosure. In every engagem.ent his men shall 
fall by the sword ; and them who are left I will scatter to 


every wind; and you shall know that I the Lord have spoken. 

22 For thus saith the Lord, 

I will myself take one of the choicest cedars from a sum- 
mit ; (their hearts I will nip) and I will plant it on a lofty 

23 mountain ; I will cause it to be suspended on a lofty moun- 
tain of Israel ; and I will plant it, and it shall blossom and bear 
fruit, and become a great cedar ; and under it shall rest every 
bird, even all the winged tribe shall repose in its shade : its 

24 branches shall be renewed : and all the trees of the plain shall 
know that I am the Lord who bringeth down the lofty tree, 
and exalteth the tree which is low, and who causeth the green 
tree to wither, and the withered tree to flourish. I the Lord 
have spoken and I will perform. 

XVIIL X. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me, say- 
ing, Son of man why have you this proverb among the chil- 
dren of Israel, saying, " The fathers have eaten a sour grape 

3 and the childrens' teeth are set on edge." As I live saith 
the Lord, This parable shall no more be used by Israel, for 

4 all souls are mine. As the soul of the father so also the soul 

5 of the son is mine. The soul that sinneth it shall die. But 
the man who shall be just, who executeth judgment and jus- 

6 tice, who eateth not upon the mountains, nor lifteth up his 
eyes to the desires of the house of Israel, and defileth not his 
neighbour's wife, nor approacheth a woman in a state of sepa- 

7 ration ; who shall oppress no man ; shall restore the pledge 
of a debtor and not be guilty of rapine ; who shall deal out 

8 his bread to the hungry, and clothe the naked, and not lend 
his money on interest, nor take usury, and shall turn away 
his hand from injustice, and execute righteous judgment be- 

9 tween man and man, and hath walked in my statutes, and 
kept my judgments to do them. Such a one is righteous. — 
He shall live, saith the Lord. 

10 But if he beget a profligate son, a shedder of blood and 

1 1 one who committeth sins, who hath not walked in the way of 
his righteous father but hath eaten on the mountains and de- 

12 filed his neighbour's wife; hath oppressed the poor and needy, 
and been guilty of rapine; hath not restored a pledge and hath 

13 lifted up his eyes to the idols; hath done injustice, lent on in- 


terest and taken usury. He shall not live. He hath committed 
all these iniquities. He shall surely die. His blood shall be 

14 lipon him. But if he beget a son who hath seen all the sms 
which his father committed and hath been struck with awe 

15 and not done the like — hath not eaten upon the mountains, 
nor fixed his eyes on the desires of the house of Israel; nor de- 
filed his neighbour's wife, nor oppressed any man, nor taken a 
pledge; nor been guilty of rapine — hath dealt out his bread to 

17 the hungry and clothed the naked, and turned away his hand 
from injustice; hath neither lent on interest nor taken usury; 

18 hath practised justice and walked in my statutes; he shall 
not die for the iniquities of his father. He shall live. But as 
for his father, if he be guilty of rapine and oppression, he 
hath done wrong in the midst of my people, and for his iniqui- 

19 ties he shall die. Now should you say. Why hath not the son 
borne the iniquity of his father? Because the son hath practis- 
ed justice and mercy; hath kept all my statutes and done them, 

20 he shall live. But the soul which sinneth shall die. The son 
shall not bear the iniquity of his father; nor shall the father 
bear the iniquity of the son. The righteousness of the righte- 
ous shall be upon himself, and upon the iniquitous shall be his 

21 iniquity. But if the unrighteous man will turn from all the un- 
righteous acts which he hath done, and will keep all my com- 
mandments, and practise righteousness and mercy; he shall 

22 surely live and not die. None of the transgressions which he 
committed shall be remembered; for the righteousness which 

23 he hath exercised, he shall live. Can I (saith the Lord) so 
much desire the death of the unrighteous, as I do that he 

24 should turn from his evil way and live? But when a righteous 
man turneth away from his righteousness, and committeth ini- 
quity according to all the iniquities Avhich the wicked hatl^ 
done, none of the righteous acts which he hath done shall be 
remembered. For the sins which he hath committed, even for 

25 these he shall die. Yet you have said. The way of the Lord is 
not straight. Hear now, all ye house of Israel, Is not my ivav 

26 straight? Is it not your way which is not straight? Wlien the 
for the crime he committeth he should die — for it lie shall 

27 die. And when a wicked man turneth from his wickedness 
which he committed, and shall praetise justice and righteous- 


28 ness; he hath saved his soul. He hath turned away from all his 
wicked acts which he committed; he shall surely live; he shall 

29 not die. Yet the house of Israel say, The way of the Lord is 
not straight. Is not my way straight, Ο house of Israel? Is it 

30 not your way which is not straight? I will judge you, saiththe 
Lord, Ο house of Israel, every one according to his way. Be 
converted and turn from all your acts of wickedness, and they 

31 shall not bring upon you the punishment of iniquity. Cast away 
from you all your impious acts; which you have impiously com- 
mitted against me; and make yourselves a new heart and a 
new spirit: now why do you die, Ο house of Israel, since I de- 
sire not the death of him who dieth? saith the Lord. 

XIX. Now take thou up a lamentation for the prince of Israel 

2 and thou shalt say, What was thy mother? She was a lioness 
among lions. In the midst of lions she multiplied her young. 

3 And one of her young lions sallied forth; he became a lion and 

4 learned to prowl. He devoured men and the nations heard of 
him; in their trap he was taken and carried in a cage to the land 

5 of Egypt. When she saw that her main support was removed 
from her, was lost; she took another of her young lions and 

6 made him lion. And he roamed about among lions. He be- 

7 came a lion and learned to seize prey. He devoured men and 
prowled with fierceness, and made their cities a desolation and 
laid waste the land, and the fulness thereof by the sound of his 

8 roaring. Then the nations set upon him from the countries 
around: they spread their nets for him; in their trap he was ta- 

9 ken. So they chained him and in a cage he came to the king 
of Babylon, who put him in prison that his voice should not 

10 be heard on the mountains of Israel. Thy mother was like a 
vine or a flowery pomegranate planted by water. It was fruit- 

11 ful and full of buds by being plentifully watered. And it be- 
came a sceptre for them who bear rule overtribes, and became 
distinguished for its greatness among other stocks, and was 

12 conscious of its greatness by the multitude of its branches. But 
it is broken in wrath and thrown on the ground; and a burn- 
ing wind hath blasted its choice branches. Vengeance hath 
been taken on them: and the rod of its strength is withered; a 

13 fire hath consumed it. And now when they had planted it in a 

14 desert, in a land without water, a fire hath issued forth from a 
rod of her choice shoots, and consumed her and she hath no 


more in her a sceptre of power. The tribe is become a parable 
in the song of Λνοε and shall be for a subject of lamentation. 

??XX. X. AND it came to pass in the seventh year, on the fifth 
month and tenth day of the month, that some of the elders of 
Israel came to inquire of the Lord, and while they were sitting 
ο before me a word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of man 
speak to the elders of the house of Israel and thou shalt say to 
them, Thus saith the Lord, Are you come to inquire of me? As 

4 I live, saith the Lord, I will not answer you; I will not, son of 
man, with avengement avenge them. Testify against them the 

5 iniquities of their fathers and thou shalt say to them. Thus 
saith the Lord, from the day I chose the house of Israel; and 
Avas made known to the seed of the house of Jacob; and acknow- 
ledged by them in the land of Egypt; when I took hold of 

6 them with my hand, saying, I the Lord am your God, — on the 
very day Λvhen I took hold of them with my hand to bring them 
out of the land of Egypt into the land which I had prepared for 
them — a land flowing with milk and honey — it is the honey- 

7 comb of the whole earth; though I said to them let every one 
put away the abominations of his eyes and with the devices of 
Egypt be not polluted, I the Lord am your God; yet they 

8 apostatized from me and would not hearken to me. They did 
not cast away the abominations of their eyes, nor did they ut- 
terly forsake the devices of Egypt; therefore I spoke of pour- 
ing out my wrath on them — of spending mine indignation on 

9 them in the midst of Egypt: but that my name might not be 
altogether profaned in the sight of the nations among whom 
they were, I did in their sight [those miracles] by which I 
was made known to them, in order to bring them out of the 
land of Egypt. 

10 So I led them into the wilderness; and gave them my sta- 

11 tutes and made known to them my rules of rectitude, which if 

12 a man practise he shall live thereby; 1 gave them also my sab- 
baths, to be a sign between me and them; that they might 

13 know that I the Lord am their sanctifier. And I said to the 
house of Israel in the wilderness, "Walk in my statutes," but 
they walked not. They rejected my rules of rectitude, which 
if a man practise he shall live by them; and they profaned my 

VOL. III. .V η 


sabbaths exceedingly: whereupon I spoke of pouring out my 
wrath on them in the wilderness, to destroy them utterly: 

14 But I acted so that my name should not be altogether profaned in 
the sight of the nations, before whose eyes I had brought them 

15 out: and I lifted up my hand against them in the wilderness thus 
far — that I would not bring them into the land which I had 
given them, (a land flowing with milk and honey: it is the ho- 

16 ney comb of the whole earth) because they had rejected my 
rules of rectitude, and had not walked in my statutes ; but 
profaned my sabbaths, and had gone after the desires of their 

17 own heart. But mine eye had compassion on them so as not to 
blot them out entirely; so I did not bring them to utter destruc- 
tion in the wilderness. 

1 8 Then I said to their children in the wildemess, walk not yc 
in the customs of your fathers, nor observe their rules of con- 
duct; have no communication with their devices and be not 

19 polluted. I the Lord am your God; walk in my statutes, and 

20 .keep my rules of rectitude and practise them; and hallow my 

sabbaths and let them be a sign between me and you, that you 

21 acknowledge that I the Lord am your God. But even these 
their children rebelled against me. In my statutes they did not 
walk, nor did they keep my rules of rectitude to practise them, 
which if a man do he shall live by them; and they profaned 
my sabbaths; therefore I spoke of pouring out my wrath upon 
them in the wilderness — of accomplishing mine indignation 

22 upon them. But I acted so that my name should not be utterly 
profaned in the sight of the nations. As I had brought them out 

23 before their eyes, I lifted up my hand against them in the wil- 
derness that I would scatter them among the nations and dis- 

24 perse them through the countries. Because they did not prac- 
tise my rules of rectitude, but rejected my statutes ajid profan- 
ed my sabbaths, and their eyes were after the desires of their 

25 fathers; therefore I gave them statutes not morally good, and 
rules of conduct in which they could not entitle themselves to 

26 life by them, that I might by their own doctrinal notions pol- 
lute them, when I passed through all their first born males in 

27 order to remove them out of sight. Therefore, speak to the 
house of Israel, s^on of man, and thou shalt say unto them. 
Thus saith the Lord, thus far your fathers provoked me to 


wrath, by their transgressions which they committed against 

28 me. And when I brought them into the land, which I Ufted 
up my hand to give them; they beheld every high hill and eve- 
ry shady grove, and there they sacrificed to their gods; and 
there set in order the sweet smelling savour; and there pour- 

29 ed out their libations. And when I said to them, What is this 
Abama, that you go thither, they called its name Abama, which 

30 it retaineth to tliis day. Therefore say to the house of Israel, 
Thus saith the Lord if you are polluted with the iniquities of 
your fathers and you go a whoring after their abominations 

3 1 even with the first fruits of your gifts — with those dedications, 
with which you are polluted by all your desires even to this 
day, shall I return you an answer, Ο house of Israel? As I 

32 live, saith the Lord, I will not.answer you. And tliough this 
should come into your mind it shall not be as you say, "We 
will be like the nations and like the tribes of the earth in wor- 

33 shipping stocks and stones." For as I live, saith the Lord, 
With a strong hand and an uplifted arm, and with an out pour- 

34 ed wrath I will reign over you. And I will bring you out 
from among the peoples and gather you from the countries 
where you have been scattered with a strong hand and an up- 

35 lifted arm and with out poured wrath. And I will bring you 
into tlie wilderness of the tribes and there plead with you face 

36 to face. As I pleaded with your fathers in the wilderness of 
the land of Egypt, so will I plead with you, saith the Lord. 

37 And I will make you pass under my rod and bring you in by 

38 number, and select from among you the wicked and the apos- 
tates; (for out of their captivity I will bring even these, but in- 
to the land of Israel they shall not come) and you shall know 
that I am the Lord, Lord. 

39 Now as for you, Ο house of Israel; Thus saith the Lord, 
put away every one his devices, and after that if you will hear- 
ken to me, and no more profane my holy name with your gifts 

40 and your devices, (for on .my holy mountain, on my lofty 
mountain, saith the Lord, there all the house of Israel shall 
serve me at last; and there I will expect and there I will accept 
your oiferings — even the offerings of your dedications at all 

41 your solemnities) with the odour of sweet smelling incense I 
will accept you, when I have brought you out from among the 


peoples, and received you from the countries in which you 
have been dispersed, and I will be hallowed among you before 

42 the eyes of the peoples, and you shall know that I am the Lord, 
when I have brought you to the land of Israel, to the land for 

43 which I lifted up my hand to give it to your fathers; and you 
will there remember your ways and your devices with which 
you have been polluted, and express contrition for all your 

44 acts of wickedness: and acknowledge that I am the Lord, 
when I deal thus Λvith you (that my name may not be profan- 
ed) according to your evil ways and according to your corrupt 
devices, saith the Lord. 

45 Then a word of the Lord came to me, saying, son of man, 

46 set thy face against Thaiman and look towards Daram and pro- 
phesy against the forest at the head of Nageb, and thou shalt 
say to the forest of Nageb, hear a word of the Lord, Thus 
saith the Lord, Lord, behold I am kindling a fire in thee, and 
it shall devour in thee every green tree and every dry tree; and 
the flame which is kindled shall not be extinguished; and by 
it the whole surface from south to north shall be burned up. 

48 And all flesh shall know that I the Lord have kindled it. It 
shall not be extinguished. 

XXI. And when I said, "O Lord, Lord, forbid" they said to 
me. Is not this a parable Avhich is spoken? Whereupon a wqrd 
of the Lord came to me saying, Therefore prophesy, son of 

2 man, set thy face against Jerusalem, and look towards their 
holy things, and thou shalt prophesy against the land of Israel 

3 and thou shalt say to the land of Israel, Thus saith the Lord, be- 
hold I am against thee and I will draw my sword out of its 

4 sheath, and root out of thee the lawless and unjust. Because I 
will root out of thee the lawless and unjust; therefore my sword 
shall come forth out of its sheath against all flesh from south 

5 to north. And all flesh shall know, that I the Lord have drawn 

6 my sword out of its sheath. It shall not return any more. There- 
fore, son of man, heave thou convulsive groans, and sigh sor- 

7 rowfully before their eyes. And if they say to thee, Why art 
thou groaning? Then thou shalt say. Because of the news: for 
it is coming: and every heart shall be broken, and all hands en- 
feebled, and all flesh and every spirit shall faint; and all thighs 
shall be polluted with filth. Behold it is coming! saith the 


8 Then a word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of 

9 man, prophesy and thou shalt say. Thus saith the Lord, Say, 

10 Ο sword, sword be sharp, and full of fury that thou mayst 
slaughter; be sharpened that thou mayst glisten; being pre- 

11 pared for destruction slay ; set at naught; fell every tree. He 
hath now made it ready for his hand to grasp it. The sword is 
sharpened. It is ready to be put into the hand of the slayer. 

12 Scream, son of man, and raise the mournful cry; for it is come 
among my people; it is among all the leaders of Israel. They 
shall dwell near the sword. It is among my people. Therefore 
give it a clap of applause with thy hand. 

13 (p) Because its cause is just, what then? Must the tribe 
be cast off"? 

14 (J) That shall not be the case saith the Lord, Lord. But, 
thou son of man, prophesy and clap thy hands and redouble 
the sword. It is the third sword of the slain, the great sword 
of slaughter. Therefore thou shalt strike them with terror. 

15 See that thy heart be not broken, though the fainty be multi- 
plied at every gate. They are delivered up to the slaughter of 
the sword. It is well made for slaughter. It is well made to 

16 glitter. Therefore pass through. Be sharp on the right and on 

17 the left; which way soever thy face may be raised up. And as 
for me I will clap my hands and give a loose to my wrath. I 
the Lord have spoken. 

18 Then a word of the Lord came to me, saying. And thou 
son of man. Sketch out for thyself two ways, for the sword of 

19 the king of Babylon to enter. From one and the same coun- 
try let them both come; and let there be a hand at the head of 
the way to the city. At the head of that way thou shalt set it 

20 up, for the sword to enter against Rabbath of the Ammonites, 
and against Judea and against Jerusalem in the midst of it. 

21 For the king of Babylon will halt on the old road — at the head 
of the two roads to consult an oracle, to divine with an arrow and 

22 inquire by graven images and inspect a liver. The oracle 
against Jerusalem is favourable, to throw up a rampart, to 
open his mouth with a war cry; to raise his voice with shout- 

(p) The prophet. (J) Jehovah. 


ing, to cast up a rampart against her gates to raise a mount 

23 and build towers for his engines. Now while this man is to 
them as one consulting an oracle, that other is causing his 
usurpation to be remembered. 

24 Therefore thus saith the Lord, Because you have brought 
your iniquities into remembrance by disclosing your impie- 
ties; that your sins may be seen, by all your acts of impiety and 
by your devices — because you have brought them into remem- 

25 brance, for them you shall be taken. And as for thee, thou profane 
wicked ruler of Israel, whose day is coming at the appointed 

26 season, there is an end to thy usurpation. Thus saith the Lord, 
Thou hast pulled off the coronet, and put on the imperial dia- 
dem. It shall not be such. Thou haSt debased Avhat was high 

27 and exalted what was low. To usurpation, usurpation, usur- 
pation I will expose it; alas for it ! Such it shall be till He 
come, to whom it of right belongeth; and I will give it to him. 

28 Now as for thee, son of man, prophesy and thou shalt say, 
Thus saith the Lord, with regard to the Ammonites and their 
reproach even thus thou shalt say, Ο sword, sword, drawn for 
slaughter, and drawn for destruction, be lifted up that thou 

29 mayst glisten. By the vain vision and false prophesying con- 
cerning thee, the day came at the appointed season, for turn- 

30 ing thee on the necks of wounded transgressors. There is an 
end of usurpation; turn back; tarry not. In the place where 

31 thou wast born, in thine own land I will judge thee. And I will 
pour out my wrath upon thee; and witli the fire of mine indig- 
nation blow upon thee, and deliver thee into the haiids of bar- 

32 barous men skilled in destruction. Thou shalt be fuel for fire 
and thy blood shall be in the midst of thy land. There shall no 
more be any remembrance of thee. I the Lord have spoken. 

XXII. Then a word of the Lord came to me, saying. Now, 

2 son of man, if thou will judge this bloody city, then point out 
to it all its iniquities and thou shalt say. Thus saith the Lord, 

3 Lord, Ο city, which sheddest blood in the midst of thee, to 
cause thy time to come; and which makest idols against thy- 

4 self to pollute thyself. In the blood which thou hast shed, thou 
art fallen : and with thine idols, which thou hast made, thou 
art defiled: and thou hast caused thy days to draw near, and 
hast brought on tlie term of thy years; therefore I have made 


tliee a scoff to the nations, and a mocking stock to all tlie coun- 

5 tries — to those near and to those far from thee; and tliey shall 

6 insult thee, thou impure, infamous and abandoned city. Be- 
hold in thee the princes of the house of Israel banded them- 
selves, every one with his relations, that they might shed blood. 

7 In thee they reviled father and mother; and in thee practised 

8 injustice against the stranger. They oppressed the widow and 
the orphan; and in thee they despised my holy things and pro- 

9 faned my sabbaths. In tliee men became robbers, that in thee 
they might shed blood. And they ate upon the mountains 
near thee; and in the midst of thee committed abominable 

10 things. In thee they uncovered the nakedness of a father; and 

11 in thee humbled a woman in a state of separation. In thee one 
debauched his neighbour's, wife; another wantonly defiled his 
daughter in law; and another humbled his sister, his father's 

12 daughter. In thee they received bribes to shed blood. In thee 
they took interest and usury, and thou hast completed thy 
Λvickedness by oppression. And me thou hast forgotten, saith 

13 the Lord. Now when I lay my hand on thee to destroy thee, 
for what thou hast done and for the blood which hath been 

14 shed in thee; will thy heart endure? Will thy hands be strong 
in the day I deal with thee? I the Lord have spoken and I 

15 will perform. I will scatter thee among the nations and dis- 
perse thee through the countries, and when thine impurity shall 

16 be consumed out of thee, I will take possession of thee in the 
sight of all the nations; and you shall know that I am the 

17 Lord. Again a word of the Lord came to me, saying, son of 

18 man. Behold to me the house of Israel are all become mix- 
ed with brass and iron and tin and lead Avith a mixture of 

19 silver. Therefore say. Thus saith the Lord, Lord, Because 
you are become one mass, I will therefore gather you into the 

20 midst of Jerusalem : as silver and brass and iron and tin and 
lead are put in a furnace, that the fire may be blown on it and 
that it may be melted ; So will I take you in my wrath and 

21 gather you and melt you. And I will blow upon you with 
the fire of my wrath and you shall be melted in the midst of 

22 it. As silver is melted in the midst of a furnace; so shall you 
be melted in the midst of it; and you shall know that I the 
Lord have poured out my wrath on you- 


23 Again a word of the Lord came to me, saying; Son of 

24 man say to this land, Thou art a land which was not watered 
with showers; nor did rain fall upon thee in the day of indigiia- 

25 tion. Its princes in the midst of it were like roaring lions, ra- 
vening prey, devouring souls by oppression, yet receiving ho- 
nours; and thy widows were multiplied in the midst of thee. 

26 Its priests also despised my law and profaned my holy things; 
between what was holy and what was profane they made no 
difference, nor did they distinguish between the unclean and 
the clean. And from my sabbaths they hid their eyes and I was 

27 profaned in the midst of them. Its chiefs in the midst of it were 
like wolves,ravening prey, to the shedding of innocent blood,that 

28 they may glut their greediness. They shall fall together with its 
prophets who anointed them, seeing vanities, prophesying lies, 
saying. Thus saith the Lord, Though the Lord did not 

29 speak, crushing by usurped authority the people of the land, 
and ravening prey, oppressing the poor and needy, and pay- 
ing no regard to strangers to the administration of jus- 

30 tice. Though I sought among them for a man of integrity 
and for one who stood uprightly before me in the time of in- 
dignation that I might utterly destroy it, yet I found none : 

31 therefore I poured out my wrath upon it, to destroy it utterly 
with the fire of mine indignation. Their ways I have requited 
on their heads, saith the Lord, Lord. 

XXIII. Again a word of the Lord came to me, saying, 

2 Son of man, there were two women, daughters of the same 

3 mother, who in their youth had committed whoredom in 

4 Egypt. There they were first deflowered. And these were their 
names — the eldest was called Oola and her sister, Ooliba. And 
when they became mine and had borne me sons and daughters. 
These were their names — Oola was called Samaria, and Ooli- 

5 ba, Jerusalem. And Oola wantonly left me and attached her- 

6 self to her lovers — to the Assyrians her neighbours, whose 
generals and leaders were clothed in blue. And the chosen 

7 youth were all horsemen, mounted on horses. But though 
she indulged her wantonness with them, who were all the prin- 
cipal men of the Assyrians, and with all them to whom she at- 

8 tached herself; and defiled herself with all their idols; yet she 
did not forsake her fornication with Egypt because they had 


9 lain with her in her youth and first deflowered her. Where- 
fore I delivered her into the hands of her lovers, into the hands 

10 of the Assyrians to whom she had attached herself. These ex- 
posed her shame. They took her sons and her daughters, and 
slew her with the sword, and she became a common talk for 
women, and by her they gave warning to their daughters. 

11 Though her sister Ooliba saw this, yet she became abandoned 

12 and more inordinate in her fornication than her sister. To the 
sons of the Assyrians she attached herself — to the rulers and 
generals near her who were arrayed in sumptuous apparel, who 
were horsemen mounted on horses. They were all chosen 

13 youths. When I saw that they were polluted; and that both 
took the same course ; and that this one was adding to her 

14 fornication ; for upon seeing men ppurtrayed on the wall, the 

15 pictures of the Chaldeans drawn to the life with a pencil, hav- 
ing their loins girded with embroidered girdles, and deep dyed 
turbans on their heads; the majestic countenance of all resem- 

16 bling that of the Chaldees of the land of her nativity ; she be- 
came attached to them by the sight of her eyes, and sent mes- 

17 sengers to them to the land of Chaldea. And the sons of Ba- 
bylon came to her, lay with her, and polluted her in whore- 
dom. x\nd when she was polluted by them, though her mind 

18 was alienated from them, still she discovered her whoredom 
and exposed her shame. So my mind became alienated from 

19 her as it had been from her sister. As thou hast multiplied 
thy whoredom, to call into remembrance the days of thy youth, 

20 in which thou didst play the harlot in Egypt, and though con- 

21 nected with the Chaldeans, men of beastly lust, hast looked 
back to the transgressions of thy youth — to what thou didst 

22 in the stew of Egypt where thou wast first deflowered. There- 
fore Ο Ooliba, thus saith the Lord, Behold I will raise up 
against thee thy lovers from whom thy mind is alienated ; 

23 and I will bring them against thee on every side — the chil- 
dren of Babylon, even all the Chaldeans, Phakuk and Soue 
and Uchoue and all the Assyrians with them, chosen youths, 
leaders and generals, all men of high rank and renown, mounted 

24 on horses. And they shall come against thee from the north 
with chariots and wheeled carriages, and a multitude of peoples 
with bucklers and shields. And when a guard is set on thee 

VOL, HI- ο 


roundabout, I will give judgment before them and they shall 

25 punish thee by their judgments. And I will give a loose to 
my jealousy ; and they shall deal \s ith thee with furious wTath, 
they shall cut off thy nose and thine ears ; and the remains of 
thee thev shall hack with a sword. Thev shall take thv sons 
and thy daughters ; and a fire shall devour the residue of thee. 

26 And they shall strip thee of thy raiment, and take those jewels 

27 which are thy boast. And I will remove thine impieties which 
spring from thyself, and thy fornication which sprang from 
the land of Eg\'pt ; and thou shalt never lift up thine eyes to 

28 them, nor shalt thou any more remember Eg}pt. For thus 
saith the Lord, Lord, Behold I deliver thee into the hands of 
them ^vhom thou hatest, and from Avhom thy mind is with- 

29 drawn ; and they shall deal spitefully with thee, and take all 
those things for ^vhich thou hast laboured and toiled : and 
thou shalt be naked and in disgrace and tlie shame of thy 
whoredom shall be made public. Thine impiety and thy 

30 whoredom have brought these things on thee. By thy going 
a Avhoring after the nations, thou hast polluted thyself with 

3 1 their inordinate lusts. Thou hast walked in the way of thy sis- 
ter ; therefore I ^vill put her cup into thy hands. 

32 Thus saith the Lord, Thou shalt drink the cup of thy sis- 
ter, which is deep, and which is large, and which is foaming 

33 over, to cause complete intoxication, that thou mayst be filled 
with fainting — even that cup of astonishment, the cup of thy 

34 sister Samaria. Let her take this : and I will turn away her 
festivals and her Ώt^^• moons ; for I the Lord have spoken, 
saith the Lord. 

35 Therefore thus saith the Lord, Because thou hast forgotten 
and cast me behind thee, take thou the effects of thine impiet}• 
and of thy whoredom. 

36 Again the Lord said to me, Son of man, wilt thou not 
arraign Oola and Ooliba, and announce to them their iniqui- 
ties? That they have committed adultery and there is blood 

37 on their hands'? They have committed adulter}• with their idols; 
and caused their children whom they bore to me to pass 

58 through fire for them. And ^vhen they had done this to me, 
39 they polluted my holy things and profaned my sabbaths; for 


Avhen they had slaughtered their children to their idols, they 
Avent into my sanctuary' to profane it. 

40 Now because they have acted thus in my house; and be- 
cause, for the men who came from afar, to whom messengers 
had been despatched, thou didst immediately on their coming, 
anoint thyself with oil and paint thine eyes with stibium, and 

41 adorn thyself with sumptuous attire, and sit on a covered so- 
pha with a table set before it; and they were regaled Λvith mine 

42 incense and mine oil, and joined in the harmonious song, even 
with men of the common herd who had come from the wil- 
derness; (though they had put bracelets on their hands and a 

43 crown of exquisite beauty on their heads; I said, surely they 
do not commit adultery with these! But she acted the harlot 

44 and they went in unto her : in the same manner as they go in 
to a common woman, so did they go in unto Oola and to Ooli- 

45 bato commit iniquity) therefore these are righteous men and 
they will punish them with the punishment of an adulteress 
and with the punishment for blood. Because they are adulter- 

46 esses and there is blood on their hands, thus saith the Lord, 
Lord, Bring up a multitude against them and expose them to 

47 tumult and rapine ; and stone them \vith the stones of tu- 
multuous crowds; and stab them with their swords. Let their 
sons and their daughters be slain and their houses burned with 

48 fire, that I may remove impiety out of the land and that all 
women may take warning, and not commit the impieties which 

49 these have done. Thus shall your impiety be recompensed on 
you; and for your sins )Ou shall receive retribution; and you 
shall know that I am the Lord. 

XXIV. XII. AGAIN in the ninth year, in the tenth month, 

on the tenth day of the month, a word of the Lord came to 

me, saying, 

3 Son of man write down for thyself for a day, from this day 

on which the king of Babylon hath determinately set himself 

3 against Jerusalem; even from this very day; and speak a para- 
ble against that provoking family, and thou shalt say to them, 

4 Thus saith the Lord, Set on the cauldron and pour water 
into it; and throw into it the pieces of meat, every choice piece, 
the flesh of the thigh and the shoulder separated from the 


5 bones, and these of the choicest cattle; and burn the bones 
under them. It hath boiled and the bones have been sodden 
in it. Therefore thus saith the Lord, Ah ! bloody city ! a 
kettle, in which there is verdigrease in its very substance, and 
that verdigrease is not gone out of it. She hath brought it out 
on every member of her: no lot fell upon her. Because her 
blood is in the midst of her; I have ordered it to be poured 
out on a smooth stone : I have not poured it on the ground for 

.8 the earth to cover it. That w^rath may be kindled and ven- 
geance executed, I have ordered the blood to be poured out 
on a smooth stone, that it may not be concealed. 

9 Therefore thus saith the Lord, I will enlarge the pile, and 

10 heap on wood and cause the fire to bum, that the flesh may be 

11 consumed and the broth evaporated : and it shall stand on the 
coals that the brass may be heated red hot and melted in the 

12 midst of its impurity and its verdigrease quifte destroyed; so 

13 that this its abundant verdigrease may not proceed from it. Its 
verdigrease shall be exposed to shame. Because thou wast 
polluted what else could be done, since thou wouldst not be 

14 cleansed till I filled up my wrath? I the Lord have spoken. 
He shall come : and I will act. I will not defer; nor will I 
shew compassion. According to thy ways and according to 
thy lusts I Avill judge thee, saith the Lord, therefore I will 
judge thee according to thy blood guiltiness; aud I will judge 
thee according to thine inordinate lusts, Ο corrupt, infamous 
and very provoking city. 

15 Then a word of the Lord came to me, saying. Son of 

16 man. Behold I take from thee the desires of thine eyes with 

17 a stroke. Thou must not mourn, nor utter lamentation. Let 
sighing for blood and grief of loins be suppressed. Thy hair 
shall be platted on thy head and thy sandals shall be on thy 
feet. Thou must not receive comfort from their lips, nor eat 
funeral bread. 

18 So I spoke to the people in the morning as he had order- 
ed me in the evening. And when I did in the morning as I 

19 was commanded, the people said to me. Why dost thou not 

20 tell UB what these things mean which thou art doing? There- 
upon I said to them, A word of the Lord came to me, say-, 

21 ing. Say to the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord, Behold 


I will profane my sanctuary, the boast of your strength, the 
desire of your eyes, and for which your souls are moved with 
compassion; and your sons and 3Our daughters whom you 

22 left shall fall by the sword : and you shall do as I have done. 
You shall not receive comfort from their mouth nor eat fune- 

23 ral bread; your locks of hair shall be on your head, and your 
sandals on your feet; you shall neither utter lamentations nor 
shed tears; but shall pine away for your iniquities and exhort 

24 one another. And Ezekiel shall be for a sign to you, (accord- 
ing to all that he hath done you shall do when these things 

25 happen) and you shall know that I am the Lord. And with 
regard to thee son of man, will not this be the case? On the 
day when I take from them their strength — that which was 
their exultation and boast and the desire of their eyes and the 

26 pride of their soul — their sons and their daugliters; on that 

27 day one who escapeth shall come to thee to tell thee the news; 
on that day thy mouth shall be opened to him who escapeth. 
Thou shalt speak and no more be dumb and thou shalt be a 
sign to them; and they shall know that I am the Lord. 

XXV. Again a word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of 

2 man, set thy face against the children of Ammon and prophe- 
sy against them and thou shalt say to the children of Ammony 

3 Hear a word of the Lord, Thus saith the Lord, Because you 
exulted over my sanctuary ; because it was profaned and over 
the land of Israel because it was laid waste, and over the house 

4 of Juda, because they went into captivity; therefore behold I 
deliver you to the children of Kedem for a possession; and in 
their excursions they shall inhabit thee and pitch their tents in 

5 thee. They shall eat thy fruits and drink thy liquors. And I 
will make the city of Ammon feeding places for camels; and 
the land of the Ammonites a pasture for sheep; and you shall 

6 know that I am the Lord. For thus saith the Lord, Because 
thou didst clap thy hands and stamp with thy feet, and exult 

7 in thy soul over the land of Israel; therefore I will stretch 
forth my hand against thee, and deliver thee up for a spoil to 
the nations : and I will utterly destroy thee from among the 
peoples, and cause thee to perish out of the countries, and you 
shall know that I am the Lord. 


8 Thus saith the Lord, Because Moah said, Behold 1 shall 
not the house of Israel and Juda be like all the nations? 

9 Therefore behold I will loosen the shoulder of Moab from 
his frontier cities, that beautiful country the house of Betha- 
simoth, at the head of the fountain of the city on the sea 

10 shore. I have set the children of Kedem over the Ammonites, 
I have given them to him for an inheritance, that there may be 

11 no remembrance of the Ammonites, and upon Moab I will 
execute vengeance; and they shall know that I am the Lord. 

12 Thus saith the Lord, Because Idumea in executing ven- 
geance on the house of Juda gratified private resentment and 

13 executed the sentence with rigour. Therefore thus saith the 
Lord, I will also stretch forth my hand against Idumea, and de- 
stroy out of it man and beast and make it a desolation. And 
they who are driven out of Thaiman shall fall by the sword. 

14 And I λνΐΐΐ execute vengeance on Idumea by the hand of my 
people Israel who shall deal with Idumea according to mine 
indignation, and according to my wrath; and they shall know 
my vengeance saith the Lord. 

15 For the same cause, thus saith the Lord, Because the 
Philistines acted λλ ith revenge and with joy of heart heighten- 

16 ed the punishment to destroy utterly; therefore thus saith the 
Lord, Behold I Mill stretch forth my hand against the Philis- 
tines, and utterly exterminate the Cretans, and destroy the 

17 remnants which inhabit the sea coast, and inflict on them great 
punishments; and they shall know that I am the Lord, when I 
execute my vengeance on them. 

XXVI. XIII. AGAIN it came to pass in the eleventh year 
on the first of the month, a word of the Lord came to me, 

2 Son of man, Because Sor hath said against Jerusalem, 
Aha! She is trodden down; the nations have destroyed her; 
she is turned over to me; she that was full is laid waste, 

3 therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold I am against thee, Sor, 
and I will bring up many nations against thee, as the sea 

4 Cometh up with its waves. And they shall demolish the walls 
of Sor and break down thy towers; and I will brush away the 

5 loose earth from it and make it a bare rock. It shall be a place 
to dry nets in the midst of tlie sea. As I have spoken, saith 


6 the Lord, It shall indeed be a prey for the nations ; and its 
daughters on the continent shall be slain with the sword : and 

7 they shall know that I am the Lord. For thus saith the Lord, 
Behold against thee, *SOr, I will bring from the North, Nabu- 
chodonosar king of Babylon, a king of kings, with horses and 
chariots and horsemen, and a great assembly of many nations. 

8 Thy daughters on the main land he will slay with the sword; 
and he will lay siege to thee and surround thee with works, 
and make a rampart against thee round about, with places fof 

9 engines; and arrange his lances over against thee, and with his 

10 battle axes demolish thy walls and thy towers. By reason of 
the multitude of his horses their dust shall cover thee ; and 
with the neighing of his horses and the rumbling of his cha- 
riot wheels thy walls shall shake when he entereth thy gates 

11 like one entering a city from the plain. With the hoofs of his 
horses all thy streets shall be trampled. He will slay thy peo- 
ple with the sword; and level to the ground the confidence of 

12 thy strength; and make a prey of thine army, and a spoil of 
thy wealth; and break down thy walls and demolish thy lovely 
houses; and thy stones and thy timbers and thy rubbish he 

13 will throw into the midst of the sea. And he will put an end 
to the multitude of thy musicians; and the sound of thy 

14 psalteries shall no more be heard. I will indeed make thee a 
bare rock. Thou shalt be a place for drying nets, thou shalt 
never be rebuilded any more; for I the Lord have spoken, 
saith the Lord. 

15 For thus saith the Lord, Lord, to *SOr .• At the sound of thy 
fall; at the groans of thy wounded, when the sword is drawn in 

16 the midst of thee, shall not the islands quake? Yes, from their 
thrones will come down all the chiefs of the maritime nations, 
and they will take their crowns from their heads, and strip olf 
their embroidered robes. They will be struck with consterna- 
tion and sit on the ground, and be in dread of their own de- 

17 struction and groan for thee. And they will take up a lamen- 
tation for thee and say to thee, *Ήονν art thou destro}ed from 
the sea, Ο renowned city! which didst impress the terror of 

18 thee on all who inhabit its shores! The isles also will be terri- 

19 fied at the day of thy fall. For thus saith the Lord, Lord, When 
Ϊ make ihee a desolate citv, like cities never to be rebuilded. 


when I bring up the abyss against thee; much water shall co- 

20 ver thee. And I will press thee down to them who go down to 
the pit, to the people of old; and make thee dwell in the depths 
of the earth — in an everlasting desert, with them who go down 
to the pit; that thou mayst never be rebuilt nor rise again in 

21 the land of life. I will make thee a desolation; and thou shalt 
never come into existence again, saith the Lord, Lord. 

XXVII. Then a word of the Lord came to me saying, There- 

2 fore, son of man, take up a lamentation for Sor and thou shalt 
say to Sor, which is situate at the entrance of the sea, the mart 

3 of nations from many isles, thus saith the Lord to Sor, thou 

4 saidst, "I have clothed myself with beauty." In the heart of 

5 the sea thy sons clothed thee with beauty for Beelim. The ce- 
dars from Senir cut into planks have been built into ships for 
thee; they took cypresses from Lebanon to make for thee taper- 

6 ing masts: from the groves of Bashan they made thy oars. 
Thy temples they built of ivory and thy roomy houses from 
the isles of the Chetians: cotton with embroidery from Egypt was 
the covering of thy bed. To add to thy glory, and that thou 
mightest clothe thyself with blue and purple, thy clothing came 

8 from the isles of Elisa. The inhabitants of Sidon were thy 
captains; and the Aradians were thy mariners; thine own wise 

9 men, Sor, who were in thee, were thy pilots. The elders of 
Biblii, even their wise men who were in thee, invigorated thy 
counsel. And all the ships of the sea and all the mariners of 

10 the western world were in thy service. Persians and Lydians 
and Libyans were in thine army. Thy warriors hung up in thee 

11 shields and helmets. They increased thy glory. The Aradi- 
ans, the army on thy walls, were guards in thy towers; they 
hung up their quivers on thy shoulders round about. They 

12 made thy beauty perfect. The Karchadians purchased of thee 
for exportation, from thy vast stock of all kinds of merchan- 
dize; and paid thee for their purchases silver and gold and iron 

13 and tin and lead. Hellas, even that whole country and those 
stretching beyond it, traded with thee in the souls of men and 

14 supplied thy market with vessels of brass. From the house of 
Thcgarm ι thy market was supplied with horses and horsemen. 

15 The sons of the Rhodians were thy merchants: from the isles 
they pkntifully supplied thy market with ivory; and in exchange 


16 thou didst supply them with thy merchandise, with slaves a 
part of thy exports from thy vast stock of wares, with stacte 

17 and embroideries from Tharsis and Ramoth and Chorchor. Ju- 
da also and the children of Israel traded with thee in the sale 
of wheat and myrrh and cassia; and for thy merchandises sup- 

18 plied thee chiefly with honey and oil and frankincense. Damas- 
cus Λvas thy customer for thine abundant wares of all kinds, 
they had wine from Chelbon, so they paid for their purchases 

19 with wool from Miletus and with wine. From Asel thou wast 
supplied with manufactured iron, which was a part of thy mer- 

20 chandise by a circuitous trade. Daidan was a dealer with thee 

21 and supplied thee with choice cattle for cai'riages. Arabia and 
all the chiefs of Kedar dealt with thee, and paid thee camels 

22 and lambs and rams for what they purchased of thee. The mer- 
chants of Saba and Ramma traded with thee with the choicest 
spiceries and precious stones; they gave gold also for thy mer- 

23 chandise. Charra and Ghana also were thy customers and so 

24 were Assur and Charman: they supplied thy market with blue 

25 cloth and choice merchandise bound up in bales. Fleets of 
cypress ships were employed in thy trade. So Λvith this multi- 
tude and with thy merchandise thou wast filled and deeply la- 

26 den in the heart of the sea. Into deep water thy mariners 
steered thee. In the midst of the sea the south wind hath 

27 wrecked thee. Thine armies, and the gains of thee and of thy 
factors, with thy mariners, and thy pilots, and thy coun- 
sellors, and thy factors and all thy warriors were on board of 
thee: and all this assemblage of thine which are in thee shall 

28 sink in the heart of the sea on the day of thy ruin. At the scream 

29 of thy voice thy pilots will be astounded. They who handle 
the oar and they on board ships will quit their vessels; and 

30 they who frequent the sea will stand on the land, and with 
their voice raise a mournful cry for thee, and scream bitterly 
and put earth on their heads and strew themselves with ashes, 

32 and their children will take up a lamentation for thee a peculiar 

3 3 song of woe for Sor — "what immense wealth didst thou acquire 

from the sea! with thine abundance thou didst fill nations; and 

34 with thy traffic enrich all the kings of the earth. Now thou art 
overwhelmed in the sea; in deep water, thy merchandise, with 

35 all thy crew in thee. All thy mariners are fallen. For thee all 

Λ^ΟΙ,, III. ρ ρ 


the inhabitants of the isles are in distress, and their kings are 
36 struck with amaze, and tears bedew their countenance. For 
thee the merchants of the nations express pity; thou art utter- 
ly destroyed and never to be any more." 
XXVIII. Again a ivord of the Lord came to me, saying, and 

2 thou son of man say to the prince of Tyre, Thus saith the 
Lord, Because thy heart is elated, and thou hast said, "I am a 
God." "I inhabit the dwelling of a god in the heart of the sea." 
Now as for thee thou art a man and not a God; though thou hast 

3 set thy heart as the heart of a God. Art thou wiser than Daniel? 
Have not wise men taught thee with their knowledge? Didst 
thou by thy knowledge, or thine own understanding, procure 

5 for thyself power and gold and silver in thy treasuries? By thy 
great skill and thy traffic thou hast increased thy wealth; and 

6 with thy wealth thy heart is elated; therefore, Thus saith the 

7 Lord, Since thou hast set thy heart as the heart of a God; for 
this, behold I will bring against thee strange ravagers from the 
nations, and they shall unsheath their swords against thee and 
against the beauty of thy wisdom; and they shall bring down 

8 thy beauty to destruction and trample thee down; and thou 
shalt die the death of wounded men in the heart of the sea. 

9 Wilt thou say, "I am a God," in the presence of them who 
are slaying thee? Thou indeed art but a man and not a God. 

10 Among a multitude of uncircumciscd thou shalt die by the 
hand of strangers, for I have spoken, saith the Lord. 

11 Then a word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of man, 
take up a lamentation for the prince of Tyre and say to him, 

12 Thus saith the Lord, Lord, thou wast an impression of resem- 

13 blance and a crown of beauty. In the delightful paradise of 
God thou wast born. Thou hast been adorned with every pre- 
cious stone, the sardis and topaz and emerald and carbun- 
cle and sapphire and jasper, and with silver and gold and the 
ligure and agate, and amethyst and chrysolite and beryl and 
onyx; and hast filled thy treasuries and thy stores with gold. 

14 From the day thou wast created thou wast with the cherub. On 
the holy mountain of God I placed thee, thou wast born in the 

15 midst of sparkling stones. Thou in thy days wast spotless 
from the day thou wast created, until iniquities were found 

IG in thee. By reason of thine abundant traffic thou didst fill thy 


stores with iniquity and commit sins; therefore thou art cast 
out slain from the mountain of God; and from amidst the 

17 sparkling stones the cherub hath dragged thee. Thy heart was 
elated because of thy beauty; with thy beauty thine understand- 

•• ing was perverted. For the multitude of thy sins I have dash- 
ed thee on the ground; in the presence of kings I have made 

18 thee a public example. For the multitude of thy sins and the 
iniquities of thy traffic I have defiled thy sanctuaries; and from 
the midst of thee I will bring out a fire which shall devour 
thee. And I will make thee like ashes on the ground, in the 

19 sight of all them who behold thee. And all that knew thee 
among the nations shall lament over thee. Thou art utterly de- 
stroyed and never to be any more. 

20 Then a word of the Lord came to me, saying. Son of man, 
set thy face against Sidon, and prophesy against it and say, 
Thus saith the Loixl, Behold I am against thee, Sidon, and I 
shall be glorified by thee; and thou shalt know that I am the 
Lord. When I execute judgments on thee, then shall I be hal- 

23 lowed by thee. There shall be blood and death in thy streets,, 
and the victims of the sword shall fall in and around thee: 

24 and they shall know that I am the Lord. And there shall no 
more be in the house of Israel a pricking briar nor a grieving 
thorn, by reason of those around them, who despised them: and 

25 they shall know that I am the Lord. Thus saith the Lord, Lord, 
When I gather Israel from among the nations where they were 
scattered, 1 shall be hallowed by them even in the sight of the 
peoples and nations and they shall dwell in their land which I 

26 gave to my servant Jacob. And they shall dwell there secure- 
ly and shall build houses and plant vineyards: they shall in-, 
deed dwell securely when I have executed judgment on all 
who despised them — on all their neighbours around them; 
and they shall know that I the Lord am their God and the 
God of their fathers. 

XXIX. XIV. IN the tenth year, in the tenth month, on the 
first day of the month, a word of the Lord came to me, saying, 

2 Son of man, set thy face against Pharao king of Egypt, and 
prophesy against him and against all Egypt; and say. Thus 

3 saith the Lord, Behold I am against Pharao — tliat great dragon 


which walloweth in the midst of his rivers, and saith, "These* 

4 rivers are mine and I made them." And I \vill put grapples in 
thy jaws, and cause the fishes of thy river to stick close to thy 

5 fins; and I will drag thee out of the river, and give thee and 
all the fishes of thy river a sudden cast. On the face of the plain 
thou shalt fall and shalt not be gathered nor composed. To the 

6 beasts of the earth and the birds of the air I have given thee for 
food. And all the inhabitants of Egypt shall know that I am 
the Lord. 

Because thou hast been a staff of reed to the house of Israel; 

7 when they took hold of thee with their hand thou didst break: 
€ven when every hand was clapping against them, and when 
they leaned on thee thou didst break and disjoint all their loin; 

8 therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold I will bring a sword 
against thee and destroy out of thee man and beast. And the 

9 land of Egypt shall be a destruction and a desolation; and they 
shall know that I am the Lord. 

10 Because thou saidst, " These rivers are mine ; I made 
them ;" therefore behold I am against thee and against all thy 
rivers ; and I will deliver up the land of Egypt to desolation 
and sword and destruction. From Magdolus and Syene even 

1 1 to the borders of Ethiopia, no foot of man shall pass across it, 
nor shall a foot of beast traverse it ; and for forty years it shall 

12 not be inhabited. I will indeed make its land a desolation in 
the midst of a desolated land, and its cities, in the midst of de- 
solated cities, forty years. And I will scatter Egypt among 
the nations, and disperse them through the countries. 

13 Thus saith the Lord, After forty years, I will gather the 

14 Egyptians from the nations where they were scattered ; and I 
will bring back the Egyptian captives, and settle them in the 
land of Pathora — in the land from which they were taken. — 

15 And it shall be the basest of all governments; it shall no more 
be exalted against the nations. For I will make them few and 
of little account, that they may not be great among the nations. 

16 And they shall no more be the confidence of the house of Is- 
rael, bringing iniquity into remembrance by their going after 
them ; and they shall know that I am the Lord. 

17 Again it came to pass in the seven and twentieth year on 
the first day of the first month,that a word of the Lord came to 


me, saying, Son of man, Nabuchodonosar king of Babylon 

18 hath caused his army to undergo hard service at Tyre. Every 
head is bald and every shoulder peeled ; and he and his army 
employed against Tyre, have received no wages ; though they 

19 have undergone hard service against it. Thus saith the Lord, 
Behold I will give to Nabuchodonosar king of Babylon the 
land of Egypt. And he shall make a prey of its prey, and a spoil 

20 of its spoil. And it shall be Avages for his army. For his service 
which he hath performed against Tyre, I have given him the 

21 land of Egypt. Thus saith the Lord, Lord ; In that day there 
shall spring up a horn for the whole house of Israel, and I will 
give thee an open mouth in the midst of them, and they shall 
know that I am the Lord. 

XXX. Again a word of the Lord came to me saying, Son of 

3 man prophesy and say. Thus saith the Lord, Alas ! alas ! the 
day ; for the day of the Lord is near. A cloudy day ! it shall 

4 be the end of nations. A sword shall come upon the Egyp- 
tians; and there shall be consternation in the land of Ethiopia; 
and the wounded shall fall in Egypt, and its foundations shall 

5 be shaken. Persians and Cretans and Lydians and Libyans 
and all the mixed people, and some of the children of my co- 

6 venant shall fall in it by the sword. The fortresses of Egypt 
shall fall, and down shall come the pride of her strength, from 
Magdolus even to Syene — by the sword they shall fall in it, saith 

7 the Lord. And it shall be desolate in the midst of desolated 
countries ; and their cities shall be in the midst of desolated 

8 cities. And they shall know that I am the Lord ; when I send 
a fire against Egypt, and all her helpers are trodden down. — 

9 In that day swift messengers will go forth to cause Ethiopia 
to vanish : and there shall be consternation among them in 
the day of Egypt. For behold it is come. 

10 Thus saith the Lord, Lord, I will indeed destroy the 
multitude of the Egyptians by the hand of Nabuchodonosar 

1 1 king of Babylon — of him and his people. They are ravagers 
sent from nations to destroy a land ; and they shall all un- 
sheath their swords against Egypt ; and the land shall be fill- 

1 2 ed with the slain. And I will dry up their rivers and destroy 
the land, and the fulness thereof by the hands of strangers, 1 

13 the Lord have spoken. For thus saith the Lord, Lord, When 


I have destroyed the nobles from Memphis, and the chiefs of 
Memphis out of the land of Egypt, and they shall be no more ; 

14 then I will destroy the land of Pathora, and send a fire against 

15 Tanis and execute vengeance on Diospolis. And I will pour 
out my wrath on Sais, the strength of Egypt, and utterly de- 

16 stroy the multitude of Memphis : and I will send a fire against 
Egyjjt, and Syene shall be confounded ; and at Diospolis there 

17 shall be a breach; and water shall gush out. The young men of 
Heliopolis and Boubaste shall fall by the sword, and the women 

18 shall go into captivity. And at Taphnis the day will be darken- 
ed, when I there break the sceptres of Egypt, for the pride of 
her strength shall be destroyed there : and a cloud shall cover 

19 her; and her daughters shall be carried away captives. Thus 
will I execute judgment on Egypt, and they shall know that 
I am the Lord. 

20 And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the first month, 
on the seventh of the month, a worj of the Lord came to me, 

21 saying. Son of man, I bruised the arms of Pharao king of 
Egypt ; and behold he hath made no supplication for a cure 

22 to be given, for a poultice to be applied ; for strength to be 
given to handle a sword, Therefore thus saith the Lord, Lord, 
Behold I am against Pharao king of Egypt ; and I will break 
his strong and extended arms, and cause the sword to drop 

23 from his hand. And I will scatter Egypt among the nations, and 

24 disperse them through the countries. And I will strengthen 
the arms of the king of Babylon, and put my sword into his 
liand, and he shall wield it against Egypt, and make a prey 

25 of his prey, and a spoil of his spoil. I will indeed strengthen 
the arms of the king of Babylon ; and the arms of Pharao shall 
be enfeebled ; and they shall know that I am the Lord. When 
I put my sword into the hand of the king of Babylon, he shall 

26 wield it against the land of Egypt. And I will scatter Egypt 
among the nations, and disperse them through the countries, 
and they shall all know that I am the Lord. 

XXXI. Again in the eleventh year, in the third month, on the 
first day of the month, a word of the Lord came to me, saying, 

2 Son of man say to Pharao king of Egypt, and to his multitude, 

3 to whom hast thou likened thyself for thy loftiness ? Lo to 
Assur ! he was a cypress on Libanus. Beautiful with branches 


4 and lofty in stature. His top was among the clouds. Water 
nourished him. The deep made him lofty. It brought its 
streams about his roots, and sent forth its rills to all the trees 

5 of the plain. By reason of this he was exalted in greatness 
above all the trees of the plain, and by the plentiful supply of 

6 water his branches spread. Among his boughs all the birds 
of the air built their nests ; and under his branches all the 
beasts of the field brought forth their young; and all the mul- 

7 titude of nations dwelt in its shade. He was beautiful ^n his 
height by the multitude of his branches, because his roots 

8 shot out into abundance of water. Even the cypresses such 
as were in the paradise of God and the pines were not to be 
compared with his shoots, nor were the fir trees comparable 
to his branches. Not a tree in the garden of God was equal 

9 to him in beauty, on the account of the multitude of his 
branches ; therefore, the trees of God's delicious paradise en- 

10 vied him on that account. But thus saith the Lord, Because 
thou wast of great magnitude, therefore thou hast shot up thy 
top among the clouds. Now when I saw that he was lifted up, 

11 I delivered him into the hands of the chief of nations, who 

12 accomplished his destruction. Strangers, merciless ravagers 
from nations destroyed him. They felled him on the moun- 
tains and his branches fell in all the vallies, and his shoots 
were trampled down in every field of the earth ; and all the 
tribes of the nations came down from their shade, and levelled 

13 him to the ground. Upon his ruins all the birds of the air rest- 
ed themselves ; and all the wild beasts of the earth came 
against his shoots ; that none of the trees by the water might 

14 be exalted by their greatness : though they had shot up their 
top among the clouds, yet none of these water drinkers stood 
in their height before them ; they were all delivered up to 
death, to the depth of the earth, among the children of men, to 

15 them who go down to the pit. Thus saith the Lord, On the day 
he went dov/n to Hades, the abyss mourned for him. I stayed 
its streams and restrained the abundance of Λvater. For him 
Libanus covered itself with darkness; all the trees of the field 

16 were grieved for him. At the sound of his fall the nations were 
shaken. When he v/as pressed down to the mansion of the 
dead, with them who go down into the pit; all the trees of thv^ 


garden comforted him in the earth — even the choice trees of 

17 Libanus, all that drink water; for they also went down with 
him to the mansion of the dead, among them who were vic- 
tims of the sword ; and his seed — they who dwelt under his 

18 shade Λvere in the middle of their life destroyed. To whom- 
soever thou hast been likened, down with thee, and be pressed 
low with the trees of pleasure into the depth of the earth. In 
the midst of the uncircumcised thou shalt lie, with them who 
are the victims of the swords. Thus shall it be with Pharao 
and the multitude of his strength, saith the Lord, Lord. 

XXXII. Now it came to pass in the tenth year, in the tenth 
month, on the first day of the month, that a word of the Lord 

2 came to me, saying. Son of man, take up a funeral song for 
Pharao king of Egypt, and thou shalt say to him, To the lion 
of nations thou hast been likened, but thou art like a dragon 
which is in the sea. Thou hast harried thy rivers and troubled 

3 the water with thy feet, and trampled thy rivers. Therefore 
thus saith the Lord, I will spread for thee the nets of many 

4 peoples, and drag thee up with my grapple. And I will lay 
thee extended on the land. The plains shall be filled. And I 
will cause all the birds of the air to settle on thee and glut all 

5 the beasts of the earth. I will cast thy flesh on the mountains 

6 and fill them with thy blood: and the earth shall be drenched 
with the torrents from thee. By reason of the abundance of 
thee on the mountains, I will fill the vallies with parcels of thee. 

7 And in the act of extinguishing thee I will cover heaven and 
darken the stars thereof: I will veil the sun with a cloud and the 

8 moon shall not give her light: all that give light in the heaven 
shall be dark over thee; and I will overspread the earth with 
darkness, saith the Lord, Lord, and vex the heart of many 

9 When I bring thy captivity to the nations — to a land which 

10 thou hast not known; then shall many nations groan for thee: 
and their kings will be struck with horror, when my sword is 
brandished before their faces, expecting their own ruin from the 

11 day of thy downfall. For thus saith the Lord, the sword of the 

12 king of Babylon shall come upon thee. With the swords of gi- 
ants I will overthrow thy strength. They are all ravagers from 
the nations; and they shall destroy the haughtiness of Egypt, 


J 3 and all her strength shall be trampled down. And I will de- 
stroy all her cattle from her great water; and the foot of man 
shall no more trouble it, nor shall a hoof of cattle trample it. 

14 Thus shall their waters then be at rest, and their streams shall 

15 glide like oil, saith the Lord. When I have devoted Eg) pt to 
destruction, and the land is wasted with the fulness thereof — 
When I have scattered all its inhabitants, then they shall know 

16 that I am the Lord. It is a song of WOe and thou shalt sing it 
mournfully, and the daughters of the nations shall bewail 
Egypt, and over all her strength pour forth this plaint, saith the 
Lord, Lord. 

17 Again in the twelfth year, on the fifteenth day of the first 
month a word of the Lord came to me, saying. Son of man, 
sing a song of woe over the strength of Egypt, when the nations 

18 shall thrust down her daughters — shall thrust them down dead 
to the depth of the earth — to them who are going down into 

21 the pit; in the midst of the sword's victims they shall fall with 

When all his power shall be laid to rest; then will the giants 

19 say to thee, "Down witl\thee into the lowest pit! excel whon^ 

20 thou may St, down with thee, and be laid with the uncircumcis- 

22 ed, in the midst of the victims of the sword." There lieth Assur 
and all his assembly; all the victims of the sword are laid there; 

23 and their sepulture is in the deep pit; and around his tomb 
is his assembly — all the slain who fell by the sword, who made 
themselves dreaded in the land of life. 

24 There lieth Ailam with all his host around his tomb — all 
the slain who fell by the sword, and went down uncircumcised 
to the depth of the earth: having made themselves dreaded in 

25 the land of life, they have received their punishment with them 
who go down to the pit amidst the slain. 

26 There are deposited Mosoch and Thobel, each with all 
his host around his tomb — all his slain, all' uncircumcised, 
slain with the sword. Having made themselves dreaded in the 

27 land of life they are laid with the giants who fell of old; who 
went down in their armour to the mansion of the dead, and 
had their swords placed under their heads; but their iniquities 
were on their bones; because they were the terror of all during 

28 their lives. Thou indeed shalt be in the midst of the uncir- 

voL. III. (^ q 


cumcised, with them who are the victims of the sword. 

29 There have been laid the princes of Assur : they, Avho gave 
its strength to the wounding sword, are themselves laid to rest 

30 with the slain — with them who go down into the pit. There 
lie the chiefs of the north, all the generals of Assur, who de- 
scending wounded, are with their terror and their strength, laid 
to rest, uncircumcised with the slain of the sword; and have 
borne their punishment with them who go down to the pit. 

31 These king Pharao shall see and be comforted for all his host, 

32 saith the Lord, Lord. Because I have spread the terror of him 
oxer the land of life; therefore he shall be in the midst of the 
uncircumcised, ^vith the slain of the sword — even Pharao and 
all his multitude Avith him, saith the Lord, Lord. 

XXXIII. XV. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me, say- 
ing, Son of man speak to the children of thy people and thou 

2 shalt say to them, With regard to a land on which I am about 

3 to bring a sword, when the people of that land take a man, one 
of themselves, and make him their watchman; if he upon see- 

■ ing the sword coming against the land, sound the trumpet and 

4 warn the people; and he who heareth the trumpet doth not take 
warning; and the sword cometh and cutteth him off; his blood 

5 shall be on his own head. Because upon hearing the sound of 
the trumpet he did not take warning; his blood shall be upon 

6 himself; for had he taken warning he might have saved his 
life. But if the watchman, upon seeing the sword coming, 
doth not sound the trumpet, and the people are not warned, 
and the sword cometh and taketh the life of any of them; that 
person is taken off because of his iniquity; but his blood I will 
require at the watchman's hands. 

7 Now, as for ihee son of man, I have made thee a watch- 
man to the house of Israel, therefore thou shalt hear a word 

8 from my mouth. When I say to the sinner, Thou shalt die : 
if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his w^ay; that 
unrighteous man shall die for his iniquity ; but his blood I 

9 will require at thy hand. But if thou forewarn the wicked of 
his way to turn him from it; and he turn not from it, he shall 
die for his wickedness and thou hast delivered thy soul. 


10 Now son of man, say to the house of Israel, Thus have 
you spoken, saying, Our errors and our iniquities are upon 

1 1 us; and in them we are pining away; how then can we live? 
Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord, I desire not the death 
of the wicked, but that the wicked should turn from his way 
and live. Turn ye, turn ye from your way. Why do you die, 
Ο house of Israel. 

12 Say to the children of thy people. The righteousness of a 
righteous man will not save him on the day when he goeth 
astray. Nor shall the iniquity of a wicked man bring ruin on 
him, on the day when he turneth away from his iniquity. 

(a) What ! cannot a righteous man be saved. 

13 (b) When I have spoken to the righteous, if he, trusting 
to his righteousness, shall commit iniquity, none of his righte- 
ous acts shall be remembered; for the iniquity which he hath 

14 done, even for it he shall die. And when I say to the wicked, 

15 Thou shalt die: if he turn from his sin and execute judg- 
ment and justice and restore a pledge and make compensation 
for acts of rapine and walk in the statutes of life without 

16 committing injustice, he shall live and not die. None of his 
sins which he committed shall be remembered. Because he 
hath executed judgment and justice, for this he shall live. 

17 Now will the children of thy people say. The way of the 

18 Lord is not straight? It is their own way which is not straight. 
When a righteous man turneth away from his righteousness 

19 and shall commit iniquities, for them he shall die. And when 
the sinner turneth away from his iniquity and shall execute 

20 judgment and justice, for them he shall live. Yet this is what 
gave occasion to your saying. The way of the Lord is not 
straight. I will judge you, Ο house of Israel, every one ac- 
cording to his ways. 

21 XVI. NOW it came to pass in the twelfth year of our cap- 
tivity, in the twelfth month, on the fifth of the month, that one 
Λvho had escaped from Jerusalem came to me and said, The 

22 city is taken. Now the hand of the Lord had been upon me 

(a) An objection, (b) Thear!s',ver. 


the evening before he arrived, and had opened my mouth. So 
wh6n he came to me in the morning my mouth was opened 

23 and no more shut. And a word of the Lord came to me, say- 

24 ing, Son of man, they who dwell in the waste places in the 
land of Israel, say, Abraham was a single person, yet he had 
thi^ land, now we are many; to us this land is given for a pos- 

25 session. Therefore say to them. Thus saith the Lord, Lord, 
As I live, they who dwell in the wastes shall fall by the sword; 
and they in the open country shall be delivered to the wild 
beasts of the field for food : and those in walled towns and 

28 those in caves I will destroy with pestilence and I will make 
the land a desert. And the pride of its strength shall be de- 
stroyed, and the mountains of Israel shall be desolate by rea- 
son of none passing through it. And they shall know that I 

29 am the Lord. For I will make their land a desert and it shall 
be wasted, because of all their abominations which they have 

30 Now son of man, with regard to these children of thy peo- 
ple who speak of thee by the walls and in the porches of their 
houses, they indeed speak to one another, saying, "Let us as- 

31 semble and hear what come from the Lord." They come to 
thee as people assemble; and they sit before thee and hear 
thy words, but will not do them, because there is a lie in their 

32 mouth, and their heart goeth after their pollutions; therefore 
thou art to them like the sound of a tuneful psaltery : they 

33 will hear thy M^rds, l)ut will not do them : but when they 
come to pass they will say, "Lo ! they are come !" And they 
will know that there was a prophet among them. 

XXXIV. XVII. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me, 
saying. Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel : 
prophesy and say to the shepherds, Thus saith the Lord, Lord, 
Ο Shepherds of Israel ! Do shepherds feed themselves? Do not 

3 the shepherds feed their flocks? Behold you devour the milk 
and clothe yourselves with the fleeces, and that which is fat 

4 you slaughter; but my flock you do not feed. You have not 
strengthened the v,^eak, nor cured the diseased. That which was 
bruised you have not bound up, nor brought back that which 
was going astray; nor have you searched for that which was 


5 lost : but you have wearied out the strong with toil, so that my 
flock is dispersed for want of shepherds, and is become a prey 

6 to all the wild beasts of the field. On every mountain and on 
every high hill my sheep are scattered, and dispersed over the 
face of the earth; and there is none who seeketh or bringeth 

7 them back. Therefore, Ο shepherds, hear a word of the Lord! 

8 As I live, saith the Lord, Because my flock is become a prey, 
and my sheep are become meat for all the wild beasts of the 
field, beyond what they would be were there no shepherds; 
and the shepherds have not looked out for my sheep, and the 
shepherds have fed themselves and have not tended my sheep; 

9 Therefore, Ο shepherds, thus saith the Lord, Lord, behold I 

10 am against the shepherds; and I will exact my sheep out of 
their hands, and discharge them from feeding my sheep: and 
these shepherds shall no longer feed them. I will rescue my 
sheep out of their mouth, that they may be no longer food for 

11 them. For thus saith the Lord, Lord, Lo! I myself ΛνϋΙ seek 

12 my sheep and watch over them. As a shepherd searcheth for 
his flock when mist and murky air overspread his scattered 
sheep: so will I diligently seek my sheep, and bring them from 
every place, where they have been dispersed in the day of mist 

13 and murky darkness. And I will lead them out from among 
the nations, and gather them from the countries, and bring 
them into their own land, and feed them on the mountains of 
Israel, and in the vales and in all the habitable part of the land, 

14 I will feed them in good pasture. On the lofty mountain of 
Israel shall be their folds; there they shall lie down and rest there 
in luxurious ease, and be fed in a rich pasture on the moun- 

15 tains of Israel. I myself will feed my sheep and I myself will 
give them repose, and they shall know that I am the Lord. 

16 Thus saith the Lord, Lord, I will seek the lost, and bring 
back the stray; and bind up the bruised and strengthen the 
weak: and I will watch the strong, and feed them with judg- 

17 ment. And as for you sheep, thus saith the Lord, Lord, 
Behold I will judge between sheep and sheep; rams and he 

18 goats. Was it not enough for you, that you fed in a rich pas- 
ture, but you must tread down the leavings of your pasture 
with your feet? Or that you have drunk of the standing water, 

19 but you must trouble the residue Avith your ject'? So that my 


sheep fed on the tramphngs of your feet, and drank the water 

20 which your feet had muddied. Therefore thus saith the Lord, 
Lord, Behold I will judge between the strong sheep and the 

21 weak. You have pushed with your sides and your shoulders, 

22 and have butted with your horns and bruised all the weak: but 
I will save my sheep and they shall no more be for a prey; 

23 and I will judge between ram and ram. And I will set up over 
them one shepherd who shall feed them, even my servant Da- 

24 vid, who shall be their shepherd: and I the Lord will be their 
God; and David shall be chief among them. I the Lord have 

25 spoken; and with this David I will make a covenant of peace, 
and remove the wild beasts entirely out of the land; so that 

26 they may dwell in the desert and sleep in the woods. And I 
will place them around my mountain, and give them the rain — 

27 the rain of blessing: and the trees of the plain shall yield their 
fruit; and the earth shall yield its increase; and they shall dwell 
in their land securely; And know that I am the Lord, when I 
have broken their yoke: and I will rescue them out of the hand 

28 of them who enslaved them, and they shall no more be a prey 
to the nations, nor shall the wild beasts of the earth any more 
devour them, so they shall dwell secure and none shall make 

29 them afraid. I will indeed raise up for them a plant of peace, 
and they shall no more be consumed with famine in the land; 

30 nor shall they any more bear the revile of nations; and they shall 
know that I am the Lord their God, and that they are my peo- 
ple. Ο house of Israel, saith the Lord, Lord, you are my 
sheep, even the sheep of my flock, and I, the Lord, am your 
God, saith the Lord, Lord. 

XXXV. XVIIL AGAIN a word of the Lord came to me, 
saying. Son of man, set thy face against the mountain of Seir, 

3 and prophesy against it and say to it. Thus saith the Lord, 
Lord, Behold I am against thee, mountain of Seir; and I will 
stretch forth my hand against thee, and make thee a desert and 

4 thou shalt be desolate. And I will make a devastation among 
thy cities, and thou shalt be a desert and shalt know that I am 

5 the Lord. Because thou hast been a perpetual enemy and didst 
deceitfully lie in wait for the house of Israel — hast been a sword 
In the hand of enemies, in the time of revolt, in their last ex- 


6 tremities; therefore as I live, saith the Lord, Lord, as thou 

7 hast sinned unto blood, blood shall pursue thee. And I will 
make the mountain of Seir an entire desert; and I Λvill destroy 

8 from it men and cattle, and fill with the WOunded thy hills and 
thy vallies: and in all thy plains, the victims of the sword shall fall 

9 in thee. I will make thee a perpetual desolation, and thy cities 
shall no more be inhabited, and thou shalt know that 1 am the 

10 Lord. Because thou saidst, "The two nations and the two 
countries shall be mine, and I will possess them, though the 

11 Lord is there." Therefore, as I live saith the Lord, I will deal 
with thee according to thine enmity, and be made known to 
thee, when I judge thee; and thou shalt know that I am the 

12 Lord. I have heard the sound of thy revilings; because thou 
saidst, "The waste mountains of Israel are given us to be de- 

13 voured," and didst utter swelling words against me with thy 

14 mouth: I heard them: therefore thus saith the Lord, to the joy 

15 of the whole land I will make thee a desert. Thou mountain 
of Seir shalt be a desert; and all Idumea shall be destroyed; 
and thou shalt know that I the Lord am their God. 

XXXVI. And thou son of man, prophesy concerning the 
mountains of Israel, and say to the mountains of Israel, Hear 

2 a word of the Lord; Thus saith the Lord, Lord; For as much 
as against you the enemy said, "Aha! these everlasting deserts 

3 are become our possession;" therefore prophesy and say. Thus 
saith the Lord, Lord, For as much as you have been despised 
and hated by them around you, by reason of your being a 
possession for the relics of nations; and you are become a by- 

4 word and scoiF to the nations: therefore, Ο mountains of Isra- 
el, hear a word of the Lord, Thus saith the Lord, to the moun- 
tains and the hills, and to the brooks and vallies, even to the 
waste and desolate places, and to the cities which have been ut- 
terly forsaken; as they are become a prey and a haunt for the 

5 remnants of nations around; Therefore thus saith the Lord, 
Lord, In the fire of my wrath I have spoken against these rem- 
nants of nations and against all Idumea: Because they have with 
joy distributed this land of mine among themselves for a pos- 
session, undervaluing lives that you might be a waste for prey; 

6 therefore prophesy concerning the land of Israel and say to the 
mountains and hills aiid to the vales and forests, Thus saith tlie 


7 Lord, Behold in my zeal and my wrath I have spoken; for as 
much as you have borne the reproach of the nations; therefore 
I Avill lift up my hand against the nations aiOund you; they 

8 shall bear their own dishonour : but your grapes and your 
fruits, Ο mountains of Israel, shall be eaten by my people. Be- 

9 cause they have confident hopes of coming — because, lo! I 
am over you, and I will watch over you; therefore you shall 

10 be cultivated and sown: and upon you I will multiply men, 
even the whole house of Israel; and the cities shall be rebuilt 

11 and the wastes inhabited: and upon you I will multiply men 
and cattle, and cause you to be inhabited as in your former 
state. And I will deal kindly with you as I did in times of 

12 old; and you shall know that I am the Lord. And I will cause 
men, my people Israel, to increase upon you; and they shall in- 
herit you, and you shall be a possession for them, and shall no 
more be without a succession of children from them. 

13 Thus saith the Lord, Lord, For as much as they said of 
thee, "Thou art a devourer of men, and art bereft of thy na- 

14 tion," Therefore thou shalt no more devour men nor make thy 

15 nation childless, saith the Lord, Lord. And the revile of na- 
tions shall no more be heard against you, nor shall you any 
more bear the reproaches of peoples, saith the Lord, Lord. 

16 Again a word of the Lord came to me, saying. Son of man, 

17 when the house of Israel dwelt in their land, they polluted it 
with their way and with their idols and with their impurities; and 
their way was in my view as the uncleanness of a woman in 

18 a state of separation; therefore I poured out my wrath against 

19 them, and scattered them througli the nations, and dispersed 
them through the countries: according to their way and accord- 

20 ing to their sin I jijdged them. And when they went to the na- 
tions, wherever they went they profaned my holy name, by say- 
ing that they were the people of the Lord and had come from 

21• his land; and that I liad spared them for the sake of that holy name 
of mine, which they, the house of Israel, proilmed among the 

22 nations wherever they went. Therefore say to the house of 
. Israel, Thus saith the Lord, I deal thus with you, not for your 

sakes, Ο house of Israel, but only for the sake of my holy 
name, which you have profaned among the nations wherever 

23 you went. For I will hallow my great name wliich hath been 


profaned, which you have profaned in the midst of them; and 
the nations shall know that I am the Lord, when I am hallow- 

24 ed by you before their eyes. When I take you from among the 
nations, and gather you out of all the countries, and bring 

25 you into your own land; then I will sprinkle upon you pure 
Avater, and you shall be cleansed from all your impurities and 

26 from all your idols; and when I have cleansed you, I will 
give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you: 1 will take 
away the stony heart out of your flesh, and give you a heart of 

27 flesh: And I will put my spirit in you, and cause you to walk 
m my statutes, and to keep my judgments and practise them. 

28 And you shall dwell in the land which I gave to your fathers; 

29 and you shall be my people and I will be your God. And I will 
save you from all your impurities. And I will call for com 

30 and multiply it: and no more send famine among you. And I 
M'ill multiply the fruit of the trees and the products of the field; 
that you may no more bear the reproach of famine among the 

31 nations. Then will you call to remembrance your evil ways, 
and your devices which were not good; and in their sight be 

32 grieved for your iniquities and your abominations. It is not 
for your sakes that I do this, saith the Lord, Lord. This you 
must needs know. Blush and be ashamed for your ways, Ο 
house of Israel. 

33 Thus saith Adonai the Lord, when I have cleansed you 
from all your iniquities, I will cause your cities to be rebuilded 

34 and the desolate places shall be inhabited, and the land which 
was a waste shall be tilled. For as much as it was a waste in 

35 the sight of all who passed by; therefore they will say, "This 
land which was a waste is become like a paradise, and the 
waste, ruined and demolished cities are become places of 

36 strength;" and the nations which may be left around you shall 
know, that I the Lord have rebuilt the ruined cities, and plant- 
ed the grounds which were a waste. I the Lord have spoken 

37 and I λνίΐΐ perform. Thus saith Adonai the Lord, Still that they 

38 may do this, the house of Israel must seek me. — I will multi- 
ply them like a flock, the men like holy flocks, hke the flocks 
of Jerusalem at her festivals. So shall the wasted cities be filU 
ed with flocks of men, and they shall know that I am the. 

VOL. III. R r 


XXXVII. Then the hand of the Lord came upon me. And the 
Lord led me out in spirit ai^d set me in the midst of a plain 

2 which was full of human bones. And he led me all around 
them. And lo 1 there was an immense quantity on the surface 

3 of the plain, and they were very dry. And he said to me, Son 
of man, shall these bones revive ? Whereupon I said, Lord, 
Lord, thou knowest such thincrs. 

4 Then he said to me. Prophesy concerning these bones 
and say to them. Ye bones which are dry, hear a word of the 

5 Lord, Thus saith the Lord to these bones. Behold I will 

6 bring upon you a breath of life ; and upon you I will lay si- 
news ; and I will bring flesh on you and stretch skin over you, 
and put my breath in you and you shall live : and you shall 
know, that I am the Lord. 

7 So I prophesied as he commanded me, and it came to 
pass that, when I had prophesied, behold there was a tremu- 
lous motion and it brought the bones together, every one to 

8 its proper place. And I beheld and lo ! sinews and flesh were 
grown upon them, and skin covered them, but there was no 
breath in them. 

9 Then he said to me. Prophesy to the wind. Prophesy, Son 
of man and say to the wind. Thus saith the Lord, From the 
four winds, come and blow on these dead and let them live. 

10 So I prophesied as he commanded me, and breath came into 
them and they became alive and stood on their feet, an ex- 
ceeding great multitude. 

11 Then the Lord spoke to me saying, Son of man, these 
bones are the whole house of Israel. Now they say, " Our 
bones are become dry. Our hope is gone. We are wasted to 

12 a shadow." Therefore prophesy and say. Thus saith the Lord, 
Behold I will open your graves ; and bring you up out of 
your tombs and bring you into the land of Israel, and you shall 
know that I am the Lord. 

13 When I have opened your graves that I may bring up my 
people out of the graves I will then put my breath in you and 
you shall live. And I will settle you in your own land ; and 
you shall know that I am the Lord. I have spoken and I will 
perform, saith the Lord. 


15 Then a word of the Lord came to me sayings, Son of 
man, take thee a staff and write thereon, '■'-Jiicla and the cliil- 

16 dr en of Israel who adhere to him^'''* Then thou shalt take 
thee another staff and write thereon, " For Joseph the staff 
of Ephraim and all the children of Israel who adhere to himJ*^ 

17 Then thou shalt join them one to the other to be bound 
together into one staff for thee, and they shall be in thy hand. 

18 And when the children of thy people say to thee. Why dost 

19 thou not tell us, what thou meanest by these ? Then thou 
shalt say to them. Thus saith the Lord, Behold I will take the 
tribe of Joseph which is administered by Ephraim and the tribes 
of Israel which adhere to him, and add them to the tribe of 

20 Juda, and they shall be one sceptre in the hand of Juda. And 
while the staves on which thou hast written shall be in thy 

21 hand before them, thou shalt say to them, Thus saith th• 
Lord, Lord, Behold I will take the whole house of Israel from 
among the nations, whither they went ; and I will gather them 
from all those around them, and bring them to the land of 

22 Israel, and make them a nation in my land even on the moun- 
tains of Israel. And there shall be one chief over them. And 
they shall no more be two nations ; nor shall they any more 
be split into two kingdoms, that they may no more be pol- 

23 luted with their idols. And I will deliver them from all their 
iniquities and purify them from all their sins which they have 
committed. And they shall be my people, and I the Lord will 

24 be their God. And my servant David shall be chief among 
them. He shall be singly the shepherd of all. Because they 
will walk in my statutes, and keep my judgments, and prac- 

25 tise them, therefore they shall dwell in that land of theirs 
which I gave to my servant Jacob. Where their fathers dwelt 
there they shall dwell and my servant David shall be the only 

26 chief forever. And I will make a covenant of peace with them. 
It shall be an everlasting covenant with them. And I will 

27 place my sanctuary in the midst of them forever. And my 
habitation shall be among them ; and I will be their God and 

28 they shall be my people. And the nations shall know tkit I 
am the Lord who sanctifieth them, by my sanctuary being in 
the midst of them forever. 


XXXVIII. XIX. AGAIN a word of the Lord came to 
me, saying, Son of man, set thy face against Gog, and the land 
of Magog, the prince of Ros, Mesoch and Thobel and pro- 
phesy against him and say to him, 

3 Thus saith the Lord, Lord, Behold I am against thee, 

4 prince of Ros, Mesoch and Thobel. And I will gather thee 
and all thine army, horses and horsemen all clad with coats of 
mail — a great assembly with shields and helmets and swords, 

5 Persians and Ethiopians and Libyans, all armed with helmets 

6 and shields ; Gomer and all those around him, the house of 
Thogarmar, from the extreme nordi, with all around him and 

7 many nations with thee. Be prepared and make thyself ready, 
thou and thy multitude assembled with thee; for thoushalt be to 

8 me for a vanguard. After many days he will be in a state of pre- 
paration, and in the last of years he will begin his march, and 
come into the land which is Avithdrawn from the sword — the 
land of them who have been collected from many nations, to 
the land of Israel, which bad been made an entire desert. — 
When he from nations hatli begun his march, they will be 

9 all dwelling in peace. Then thou wilt come up like rain, and 
advance like a cloud to cover the land. When thou shalt be 

10 with all thy bands around thee, and many nations with thee ; 
(Thus saith the Lord, Lord,) In that day things will come 
into thy heart, and thou wilt form wicked devices and say, 

11 " I Avill go up against an abject land : I shall come upon them 
who are living at ease, and dwelling in peaceful security — all 
inhabiting a land in which there is not a walled town, and who 

12 have neither bars nor gates ; to take prey and to gather their 
spoils, by turning my hand against this wasted country which 
is re-settled, and against a nation gathered together from many 
nations who have gotten wealth and inhabit the navel of the 

13 Saba and Daidan and the merchants of Carthage, and all 
their colonies, will say to thee. Thou art coming for prey, 
just to collect plunder and spoil : thou hast assembled thy 
troops to take silver and gold, to carry off cattle, to gather the 

14 spoil. Therefore prophesy Son of man and say to Gog, Thus 
saith the Lord, At the time when my people Israel shall be • 

15 dwelling in peace, wilt thou not be roused ? Yes ; thou wilt 


come from thy place, from the extremity of the north : thou 
and many nations with thee, all mounted on horses, a great 

16 assembly, and a mighty army, will indeed come up against 
my people Israel, as a cloud to cover the land : in the latter 
days I will bring thee up against my land, that all the na- 
tions may know me when I am hallowed by thee in thdr 
sight. — 

17 Thus saith the Lord, Lord, to Gog, Thou art he of whom 
I have spoken in former times, by the ministry of my servants 
the prophets of Israel, that in these days and years I would 

18 bring thee up against them. But it shall come to pass on that 
day, on the day when Gog shall come against the land of 
Israel, my wrath shall come up, saith the Lord, Lord, and ray 

19 zeal. In the fire of mine indignation, I have spoken, there 
shall indeed be on that day a great shock in the land of Israel. 

20 At the presence of the Lord, the fishes of the sea shall be sha- 
ken, and the birds of the air, and the beasts of the field, and 
all the reptiles which creep on the earth, and all the men on 
the face of the earth. And the mountains shall be rent to pieces, 
and the vallies shall sink down, and every wall shall fall to 

21 the ground. And for all this indeed I will call up terror saith 
the Lord : every man's sword shall be against his brother. — 

22 And I will execute judgment on him, with pestilence and 
blood and with tempests of rain and hailstones ; and I will 
rain down fire and brimstone on him, and on all with him, 
even on the many nations with him. And I shall be magni- 

23 fied and hallowed and glorified ; and made known in the 
sight of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord. 

XXXIX. Thou therefore son of man, prophesy against Gog 
and say. Thus saith the Lord, Lord, Behold I am against thee, 

2 Gog, the prince of Ros, Mesoch and Thobel, and I will as- 
semble thee and lead thee and cause thee to come from the 
farthest north, and bring thee up to the mountains of Israel; 

3 and I will destroy thy bow from thy left hand and thine arrows 
from thy right; and overthrow thee on the mountains of Israel; 

4 and thou and all who are around thee shall fall; and the nations 
with thee shall be given to multit'Kles of birds, to all the 

5 feathered tribe, and to all the wild beasts of the field I have 
given thee to be devoured. On the open field thou slialt fall; 


6 for I have spoken, saith the Lord. I will indeed send a fire 
against Gog and the isles shall be peaceably inhabited, and 

7 they shall know that I am the Lord. And my holy name shall 
be known in the midst of my people Israel; and my name 
which is holy shall no more be profaned; and the nations shall 

8 know that I am the Lord, the Holy One of Israel. Behold it is 
coming and thou shalt know that it will be, saith the Lord, 

9 Lord; this is the day of which I have spoken, when they who 
inhabit the cities of Israel shall come forth, and make fires with 
the arms — with the shields and spears, and with bows and ar- 
rows,and hand- staves and poles — even with these they shall make 

10 fires seven years : so that they shall not have occasion to take 
w^ood from the plains, nor to cut timber from tlie forests; but 
shall burn the arms only. And they shall plunder their plunder- 

1 1 ers; and spoil those who spoiled them, saith the Lord. And 
on that day I will give Gog a noted place — a burying place m 
Israel, the grave yard of strangers by the sea shore : and the 
slope of the valley shall be enclosed with a wall; and there 
Gog: and all his multitude shall be buried; and it shall then be 

12 called tlie grave yard of Gog. For the house of Israel will bury 

13 them, that the land may be cleansed. During seven months the 
people of the land will be employed in burying them; and it 
shall be to them a memorable epoch, " The day when he was 

14 glorified^''^ saith the Lord. Then they will send men every where 
to traverse the land, and bury them who are left on the face of 
the ground, in order to purify it after the seven months. And 

15 they will make diligent search. And every one who traverseth 
the land, upon seeing a human bone, shall set up a mark near it; 

16 till the buriers bury it at Gai, the grave yard of Gog: (for the 
name of that city shall be called Grave Yard) thus shall the 
land be cleansed. 

17 Thou, therefore, son of man, say, Thus saith the Lord, Say 
to every winged bird, and to all the wild beasts of the field, 
Assemble and come : assemble from all around to my sa- 
crifice, to the great sacrifice which I have made for you on 
the mountains of Israel; and you shall eat flesh and drink 

18 blood. You shall eat the flesh of giants and drink the blood of 
the princes of the earth. Rams and young bulls and he goats; 

19 and all the bulls are well fatted. And you shall eat fat till you 


are glutted, and drink blood to satiety, at my sacrifice which I 

20 have prepared for you. And you shall be filled at my table with 
horses and horsemen, and with giants and every great war- 

21 rior, saith the Lord. I will indeed display my glory among you, 
and all the nations shall see my judgment Λvhich I have exe- 

22 cuted, and my hand which I have brought upon them. And 
the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God 

23 from this particular time and thence forward. And all the na- 
tions shall know, that the house of Israel were carried into 
captivity for their sins. Because they broke covenant with me 
therefore I turned away my face from them, and delivered 
them into the hands of their enemies, and they all fell by the 

24 sword. According to their pollutions and according to their 
iniquities I dealt with them and turned away my face from 

25 them. Therefore thus saith the Lord, I will now bring back 
the captivity of Jacob, and have compassion on the house of 

26 Israel. And I will shew a zeal for my holy name, when they 
shall have suffered disgrace, for the rebellion of which they 

27 were guilty, when they dwelt peaceably in their own land. And 
there shall be none to make them afraid, when I have brought 
them back from among the nations and gathered them from 

28 the countries of the nations. So I shall be hallowed by them in 
the sight of the nations and they shall know that I the Loril 
am their God, xvhen I manifest myself to them among the na- 

29 tions. And I will no more turn away my face from them, for 
as much as I have poured out my wrath on the house of Is- 
rael, saith the Lord, Lord. 

XL. XX. IN the five and twentieth year of our captivity, in 
the first month, on the tenth day of the month; the fourteenth 

2 year after the city was taken; on that day the hand of the Lord 
came upon me and in a vision of God brought me to the land 
of Israel and set me on a very high mountain, on which there 

3 was a building before me resembling a city. And he led me 
thither. Andlo ! a man, whose appearance resembled that of 
sparkling brass; and in his hand a builder's line and a measur- 

4 ing reed. And he stood at the gate. And the man whom I saw 
said to me, Son of man, Behold with thine eyes and hear with 
thine ears, and lay up in thy heart all that I shew thee; for thou 


art come hither that I may shew thee and that thou mayst point 
out to the house of Israel all that thou seest. 

5 Now behold there was a wall on the outside of the house 
all around; and the man had in his hand a reed of six cubits 
long by the cubit and hand breadth, so he measured the outer 

6 wall. The breadth equalled the reed and its height was equal 
to the reed. Then he went up by seven steps to the gate front- 

7 ing the east and measured the ailam of the gate which was 
one reed broad; and the Thee was a reed long and a reed broad 
— and the ailam between the Theelath was six cubits. And the 

8 second 7726•ν" wasa reedlong and a reed broad and the ailam was 
five cubits; and the third Thee was a reed long and a reed 

9 broad. And the ailam of the gateway adjoining the ailajn of the 

10 gate was eight cubits, and the aileus were two cubits. And 
with regard to the aliems of the gate on the inside and the 
Thees of the gate; the Thees were opposite to those without ; 
three on one side of the gate and three on the other, all of the 

11 same measure on this side and on that. And the ailams on both 
sides were of the same measure. Then he measured the breadth 

12 of the door of the gateway ten cubits. But the breadth of the 
gateway was thirteen cubits comprehending a border of a cu- 
bit on each side up to the face of the Thees : and the Thees on 

13 each side were six cubits. Then he measured the gate from, 
the outer wall of one Thee to the outer wall of the other Thee 

14 twenty five cubits. This was gate upon gate. And the open 
part of the ailam of the gate on the outside was twenty cubits, 

15 the theims of the gate being round about; and including this 
vestibule of the gate on the outside and the vestibule of the 

16 gate on the inside the extent was fifty cubits. And all around 
there were windows wide inwards and narrow outwards, for 
the theims and the inner ailams of this gate of the court : and 
on the windows for the ailams on the inside and on the ailams 

17 there were palm trees on this side and that. Then he led me 
to the court within; and lo ! here were houses for those em- 
ployed in the holy service and ranges of columns all around 

18 the court; there were thirty houses, in the peristyles or ranges 
of columns and the porticos were behind the gate; the lower 
row of columns being on a range with the gates. . , 


19 Then he measured the breadth of this court from the iii~ 
ner vestibule of the outer gate to the outer vestibule of a gate 

20 facing the east, one hundred cubits. Then he led me north- 
ward, and lo ! there was a gate to this outer court facing the 
north, and he measured it, both the length and the breadth; 

21 and the Thees three on each side and the aileus and the ailam- 
mons and its palm trees. And the measures were the same 
as those of the gate facing the east. Its length was fifty cubits 

22 and its breadth twenty five cubits. And its windows and the 
ailammons and its palm trees were the same as those of the 
eastern gate and the ascent to it was by seven steps. But the 

23 ailammons were on the inside. And there Λvas a gate to the 
inner court facing this northern gate in the same manner as the 
other did that to^the east. And he measured the court from 
gate to gate, one hundred cubits. 

24 Then he led me southward, and lo ! there was a gate 
facing the south, and he measured it, and the Thees and the 
aileus and the ailammons : and the measures were the same as 

25 those mentioned. And its Avindows and the ailammons around 
were the same as the windows of that other ailam. Its length 

26 was fifty cubits and its breadth twenty five cubits. And it 
had seven steps and an ailammon on the inside. It had also 

27 palm trees on each side over the aileus. And this gate was di- 
rectly opposite to the south gate of the inner court; and he 
measured the court from gate to gate and the breadth on the 
south side was a hundred cubits. 

28 Then he led me to the inner court of the gate facing the 
south, and he measured that gate, and its dimensions were the 

29 same as those mentioned, and its Thees and its aileus and its 
ailammons were cf the like dimensions. And there were win- 

31 dows to it and to the ailammon round about. Its length was 
fifty cubits and the breadth of its ailam on the outer court was 
twenty five cubits, and there were palm trees over the aileus 
and it had eight steps. 

32 Then he led me to the gate facing the east, and measured 

33 it according to the same measures. And its Thees anditsaileus 
and its ailammons were of the measures above mentioned and 
it had windows and an ailammon round about. Its length was 

34 fifty cubits and its breadth twenty five cubits. And its ailam- 

VOI. Ill, 3 S 


mon was on the inner court, and there were palm trees over 
the aileu on each side. And there were eight steps up to it. 

35 Then he led me to the north gate and measured it accord- 

36 ing to the same measures. And it had its Tliees and its aileus 
and its ailammons and its windows around it, and an ailam- 
mon peculiar to it. Its length was fifty cubits, and its breadth 

37 twenty five cubits. And its ailammons were on the outer 
court, and there were palm trees to the aileu, on each side and 

38 eight steps up to it. Its houses for the priests, and its doors 
and its ailammon were at the second gate. At this gate 

39 facing the north there was a common sewer, that they might 

40 there kill the sin offerings and the trespass offerings. And be- 
hind the sev/er of the burnt offerings there were at this gate 
facing the north, two tables facing the east. Also back of the 
second gate, and of the ailam of the gate were two tables on 

41 the east side. There were four on one side, and four on the 
other, back of this gate. Upon these they slay the burnt offer- 
ings. And over against these eight tables for the burnt offer- 

42 ings, there were four tables of hewn stone for the whole burnt 
offerings. The breadth of these was a cubit and a half, and 
the length two cubits and half, and the height one cubit. On 
these are to be laid the instruments with Avhich they kill the 

43 whole burnt offerings and the sacrifices. They have therefore 
each of them a border of a hand breadth hewn on the inside 
all around; and over these tables there is a covering to defend 
them from the rain, and the heat of the sun. 

44 Then he led me into the inner court ; and lo ! there were 
two apartments on the inner court ; one behind the north gate 
facing the south; and one behind the south gate facing the 

45 north. And he said to me, This apartment which faceth the 
south is for the priests, who keep the Avatch of the house, 

46 and that apartment facing the north is for the priests vv^ho have 
the charge of the altar, namely the sons of Sadduk, the onl\ 

47 Levites who come near to the Lord to minister to him. Then 
. he measured this court which was a hundred cubits long and 

a hundred cubits broad, being four sqyarc. And the altar was 
on one side in front of the house. 
^3 Then he led me to the ailam of the house and measured 
the ail of the ailam, five cubits the breadth. on each side and 


the width of the gateway was fourteen cubits ; and the cheeks 
of the door of the ailam were three cubits on the one side and 

49 three cubits on the other. And the length of the ailam was 
twenty cubits and the breadth twelve cubits ; and tlie ascent 
up to it was by ten steps. And there were pillars on the ailam, 
one on the one side and one on the other. 

XLI. Then he led me into the temple, and having measured the 

2 ailam to it, which was six cubits broad on each side, and the 
breadth of the gateway Avas ten cubits, and the cheeks of the 
gateway five cubits on the one side, and five on the other, he 
measured the length of the temple forty cubits, and the breadth 

3 was twenty cubits. Now when he came to the inner apart- 
ment he measm-ed the ail of the door two cubits, and the door 
six cubits, and the cheeks of the door seven cubits on each 

4 side. And he measured the length of the doors forty cubits, 
and the breadth twenty cubits, commensurate with the front 

5 of the temple. And he said, This is the Holy of Holies. Then 
he measured the wall of the house, six cubits, and the breadth 
of the gallery four cubits all around. And the galleries were 

6 three times thirty ; one gallery over another twice. And there 
was a ledge in the wall of the house for the galleries all around 
to rest on, so as not to be fastened into the walls of the house, 

7 and consequently this ledge of the house being added to the 
upper gallery, all around the width of tlie upper gallery was 
enlarged, by an additional breadth equal to this ledge as one 
ascended from the lowermost to the second story, and from 

8 the second to the third story. And the thrael of the house 
— the top of the galleries around, including the ledges, was 

9 a platform equal to the reed of six cubits. And the breadth 
of the \vall on the out side of the gallery, was five cubits.• — 

10 And the vacancies between the galleries of the house, and 
the chambers Avere in breadth twenty cubits, including the 

11 circumambient wall around the house. And the doors of the 
chambers were on the vacancy on the one side of the house 
facing the north, and on the other side of the house facing the 
south. Now the vacancy for lighting the house was five cu- 
bits all around. And the partition wall in front of this vacancy 
was towards the west, seventy cubits broad ; its thickness all 
around beii:2: five cubits ; and its lens-th was ninetv cubits. 


13 And he measured over against the house a length of a hundred 
cubits. Now the vacancies and the partitions and their walls 

14 were a hundred cubits. And the breadth in front of the house 

15 including the vacancies on tlie sides Avas a hundred cubits. And 
he measured the length of the partition Avail over against the 
vacancy behind the house, and the length of it including the 
vacancies on each side, was a hundred cubits. 

16 Now the temple and the corners, and the outer ailam were 
arched ; and the windows, the apertures for light through 
Avhich they looked out from the three stories round about, were 
netted, and the parts adjoining were planked, both the floor and 
from the floor to the windows. And the windows in the three 
stories, had shutters which folded back, to give an opportunity 

17 of looking out at them. And near to the inner, and quite to the 

18 outer door, there were sculptured, on the whole wall round 
about, both within and without, cherubims and palm trees be- 

19 tween cherub and cherub. Every cherub had two faces, a face 
of a man towards the palm tree on one side and the face of a lion 

- towards the palm tree on the other side. The house was sculp- 

20 tured all around. From the floor to the vaulted cieling there were 

21 cherubim and palm trees sculptured. And the sanctuary and 

22 the open temple were squares. In front of the Holies there 
was an appearance like that of an altar of wood. The height of 
it was three cubits, and the length tw^o cubits, and the breadth 
two cubits. And it had horns. iVnd its base and its sides were 
of wood. And he said to me, This is the table which is in the 

23 presence of the Lord. And the temple had two doors, and the 

24 sanctuary had two doors. And these pairs of doors which folded 

25 back had two leaves a piece. And on these there was sculpture. 
Even upon the doors of the temple there were cherubim and 
palm trees like the sculpture of the Holies. And there were 

26 large beams on the front of the outer ailam, and windows nar- 
row without and wide inwards. 

XLII. Now when he had measured on this side and that to the 
cieling of the ailam and to the galleries adjoining the house, 
he then led me into the inner court on the east, conducting me 
2 towards the north gate. And lo! there were five chambers adjoin- 
ing the vacancy and the north partition wall, in length fronting 


3 the north one hundred cubits and in breadth fifty cubits, sculp- 
tured in the same manner as the gates of the inner court and set 
off in the same manner as the peristyles of the outer court with 

4 a triple range of piazzas in front of the house. And over 
against the chambers was a walk ten cubits broad and a hun- 

5 dred cubits long and their doors were towards the north. And 
in like manner there were walks for the upper stories. For the 
upper piazza was taken from the building and out of that 
which was a piazza below was made a platform. So there was 
a piazza and a platform; and this was the case with two of the 

(j piazzas, for there were three one above another. — But they 
had not pillars like the pillars of the outer piazzas; therefore 
the upper chambers were straightened more than the middle 

7 and the middle more than those on the ground. And they had 
light from without in the same manner as the chambers of 
the outer court, in front of these chambers on the north, 

8 the extent being fifty cubits. For the chambers which looked 
into the outer court were fifty cubits deep and were the fore 

9 front of these. The whole building was a hundred cubits long. 
Now there were doors of these chambers opening into an en- 
try facing the east. So there was a passage through them from 
the outer court along this entry to the lighted walk at the head 

10 of this passage. And with regard to those on the south in front 
of that vacancy and in front of that partition wall, both the 

11 chambers and the walk before them were of the same mea- 
sures as those of the chambers on the north. Their length was 
the same; and their breadth the same. And all their outlets 
and all their windings were the same; and their lights and their 

12 doors the same. And these chambers on the south had in like 
manner doors from the head of the walk into an entry which 

13 was a reed broad and gave a passage to the east. And he said 
to me, these chambers on the north and those on the south 
\vhich are in front of the vacancies, are the chambers of the 
sanctuary, in which the priests the sons of Sadduk, who come 
near to the Lord, are to eat the holy meats and where they arc 
to lay up the most holy things, the sacrifice and the sin oiferings 
and the trespass offerings. Because this is a holy place, none 

14 but the priests are to go in diere. That they who offer up the 
offerings may be continually holy, and that none may touch 


the garments in which they minister because they are holy, 
the priests must not go out from the sanctuary into the outer 
court. And when they are to mix with the people they must 
put on other garments. 
13 Now when he had completed the measuring of the inner 
house, he then led me out by the way of the gate facing the east 

16 and measured the plot of the house all around in order. Hav- 
ing taken a station behind the gate facing the east he measur- 

17 ed five hundred cubits \vith the measuring reed. Then turn- 
ing at the north he measured the north side five hundred cu- 

18 bits with his measuring reed. Then turning at the west he 
measured the west side five hundred with his measuring reed; 

19 then turning at the south he measured five hundred with his 

20 measuring rccd. The four sides of the height and breadth of 
this same reed. And he appointed this, namely, the surround- 
ing parapet wall which was five hundred cubits on the east 
side and five hundred cubits broad to make a separation be- 
tween the Holies and the vacant space before the wall, -which 
Avas to be comprehended in the plot of the house. 

XLIII. Then he brought me to the gate facing the east and 

2 led me out, and lo! the glory of the God of Israel was coming 

3 by the way of the east; and the sound of his march was like 
the sound of redoubling multitudes and the earth glared with 
the splendour of the glory around. And the vision which I 
saw was like that which I beheld wlien I went to judge the 
city. And the appearance of the chariot which I saw was the 

4 same as that which I saw at the river Chobar. So I fell on my 
face. And the glory of the Lord entered the house by the way 

5 of the gate which faced the east. Then a spirit took me up 
and brought me to the inner court. And lo! the house was fill- 

6 ed with the glory of the Lord. So I stopped. And lo! a voice 
from the house, of one speaking to me, and the man stood 

7 near me. And he said to me, Son of man, Thou hast seen 
the place of my throne and the place of my footsteps, where 
my name should dwell in the midst of the house of Israel for- 
ever, that the house of Israel may no more profane my holy 
name; neither they nor their leaders, by their fornication and 

8 by the murders of their leaders in the midst of them. By their 
ji)ining my porch to their porches and their thresholds to my 


thresholds they made my wall as it were common to me and 
them and profaned my holy name by then• iniquities which 
they committed. Therefore I destroyed them with my wrath 
9 and with slaughter. But now let them put away their fornica- 
tion and the murders of their rulers far from me; and I λ\ ill 

10 dwell in the midst of them forever. And thou son of man; 
shew the house of Israel this house and let them cease fron\ 

11 their sins. Point out the figure and arrangement of it; and let 
them receive their punishment for all that they have done. 
Delineate the house and its outlets and its whole figure 
and make known to them the ordinances thereof and all the 
rites thereof. And that they may keep my rules of rectitude 

12 and all my ordinances and practise them, thou shalt sketch out 
in their sight the draft of this house on the top of this moun- 
tain, all the boundaries of it round about being Holy of Ho- 

13 Now these are the measures of the altar by the cubit of a 
cubit and a hand breadth — the curvature at the bottom a cu- 
bit, that is the breadth of a cubit; and the border upon the 

14 edge of it round about, a span. And this is the height of the 
altar — from the lowest part of the beginning of its curvature 
to the great propitiatory from beneath, two cubits; and its 
breadth a cubit : and from the little propitiatory four cubits 

15 and its breadth a cubit. Then the ariel four cubits and from 

16 the ariel and upwards the horns one cubit. And the ariel is 
twelve cubits long by twelve broad, the four angles and sides 

17 being equal. And the propitiatory is fourteen cubits long and 
fourteen cubits broad, its four sides being equal. And the bor- 
der encircling it all around is half a cubit; and the compass of 
it a cubit all around. And the steps up to it face the east. 

18 Then he said to me, Son of man, Thus saith the Lord the 
God of Israel, These are the ordinances of the altar on the day 

19 when they make it, to offer thereon wholo burnt offerings and 
to pour blood upon it. Thou shalt give a yoimg bull from the 
herd for a sin offering to the priests, the Levites of the house 
of Sadduk who come near to me, saith the Lord God, to mi- 

20 nister to me; and they shall take some of the blood thereof and 
put it on the four horns of the altar and on the four corners of 
the altar, and on the base round about and make atonement 


21 for it. Then they shall take the young bull for the sin offering 
and it shall be burned in the appointed place of the house 

22 without the Holies. And on the second day they shall take 
two kids of the goats without blemish for a sin oifering and 
make atonement for the altar as they did with the young bull. 

23 And after finishing this atonement they shall offer a young 
baii from the herd without blemish, and a ram from the flock 

24 without blemish. And you shall present them before the Lord; 
and the priests shall throw salt upon them, and carry them up 

25 as Avhole burnt ofterings for the Lord. For seven days thou 
shalt offer every day a kid for a sin oifering and a young bull 

26 from the herd and a ram from the flock. For seven days they 
shall offer these sacrifices without blemish, and make atone- 
ment for the altar and purify it and shall fill their own hands. 

27 And from the eighth day and thenceforward the priests shall sa- 
crifice upon the altar your whole burnt offerings and your of- 
ferings of thanksgiving and I will accept you, saith the Lord. 

XLIV. Then he brought me back by the way of the outer gate 

2 of these holy places, facing the east, and it was shut. And the 
Lord said to me, This gate shall be kept shut. It shall not be 
opened, nor shall any pass through it. Because the Lord God 

3 of Israel will enter in at it, therefore it shall be kept shut. Con- 
sequently, when the ruler himself shall sit there to eat bread 
before the Lord, lie shall come in by the way of the ailam of 
this gate and by that way he shall go out. 

4 Then he brought me in by the way of the north gate over 
against the house, and I beheld and lo ! the house of the Lord 

5 was filled with glory and I fell on my flice. And the Lord said 
to me, Son of man. Lay up in thy heart and see with thine 
eyes and hear with thine ears, all that I say to thee concerning 
all the ordinances of the house of the Lord and all the customs 
thereof; and thou shalt attend diligently to the way of entering 
into the house and to all the ways out of it in all these holy 

6 places. And thou shalt say to this provoking house, to the 
house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord God, Let it suffice you, 

7 Ο house of Israel, for all your iniquities, that you have intro- 
duced strangers, uncircumcised in heart and uncircumcised 
in flesh, to be present in these holy places of mine and to pro- 
fane them whtn you were oifering loaves, flesh meat and 


8 blood. You indeed broke my covenant by all your iniquities 
and you appointed them to keep the watches in my holy places. 

9 Therefore thus saith the Lord God, No stranger, uncircum- 
cised in heart and uncircumcised in flesh shall enter into my 
holy places. Among all the sons of other families which are 
comprehended in the house of Israel none but the Levites only 

10 shall enter. Such of these as Avcre drawn away from me when 
Israel strayed from me after their own desires shall indeed bear 
their iniquity and be ministering servants in my sanctuary. 

1 1 They shall be porters at the gates of the house and minister- 
ing servants for the house. They shall kill the sacrifices and 
the \vhole burnt offerings for tlus people and they shall stand 

12 before the people to wait upon them. Because they waited on 
them before their idols, and this brought on Israel the punish- 

13 mentof rebellion ; therefore I have lifted up my hand against 
them, saith the Lord God, that they shall not come near me to 
minister to me as priests, nor approach the holy things of the 
children of Israel, nor to my Holy of Holies ; but shall bear 
their dishonour for the error of which they have been guilty. 

14 And they shall be compelled to keep the watches of the house, 
to perform all the services of the house and all the services re- 
quired of them by the priests, the Levites, the sons of Sad- 

15-duk. These kept the watches of my siuictuary when the house 
of Israel strayed from me. These shall approach me to minis- 
ter to me. And they shall stand before me to offer unto me 

16 sacrifice, suet and blood, saith the Lord God. These shall en- 
ter into my sanctuary; and these shall come to my table to mi- 

17 nister to me. And they shall keep my watches. And when 
they enter the gates of the inner court, they shall be dressed 
in linen robes and shall not wxar woollens, while they are of- 

18 ficiating within the gate of the inner court. And they shall 
have linen mitres on their heads, and linen drawers about their 

19 loins. And they shall not be tightly girded. And when they 
arc going out into the outer court to the people, they shall put 
off their linen robes in which they minister and lay them up in 
the chambers of the sanctuary and put on other robes. For with 

20 those robes of theirs they must not hallow the people. More- 
over they shall not shave their heads, nor pull out their hair by 

21 the roots. They shiill keep their lieads covered. And none of 

xo r . TTT. ■' t 


the priests shall drmk wine when they go into the inner court 

22 Moreover they shall not take to wife a widow, nor one who 
hath been divorced ; but only a virgin of the race of Israel. 
However, if there be a widow of a priest, they may take her. 

23 And they shall teach my people the dift'erence between what 
is holy and what is common, and cause them to distinguish 

24 between clean and unclean. And they shall attend at trials for 
blood to pronounce sentence. They shall acquit according to 
my statutes, and condemn according to my judgments. And 
they shall keep all my rites and mine ordinances at all my fes- 

25 tivals and shall hallow my sabbaths. iVnd they shall not go in 
where there is a person dead, to defile themselves. Only for a 
father or for a mother, or for a son or for a daughter, or for a 
brother or for a sister that hath not been married, shall a priest 

26 defile himself. And after he is purified thou shalt reckon for 

27 him seven days. And on the day when they go into the inner 
court to officiate in the sanctuary they shall offer an atonement, 

28 saith the Lord God. Now with regard to their inheritance I 
will be their inheritance, therefore no possession shall be given 
them among the sons of Israel. 

29 Because I am their possession, therefore they shall eat the 
sacrifices and the sin offerings and the offerings for inadver- 

30 tencies. Moreover every dedication in Israel shall be for 
them. — All the first fruits and all the firstlings and all obla- 
tions. Of all your first fruits a part shall be for the priests, 
therefore you shall give your first fruits to the priest that your 

31 blessings may rest on your houses. But whatever hath died of 
itself and whatever hath been torn by wild beasts, whether it 
be of fowls or of cattle, the priests shall not eat. 

XLV. Moreover when you parcel out the land for possessions, 
you shall set apart for the Lord an oblation from the land, a 
holy portion twenty five thousand cubits in length and twenty 

2 thousand cubits in breadth. It shall be holy in all its borders 
round about. And out of this shall be the holy portions, five 
hundred cubits by five hundred cubits, a square all around, and 

3 a vacancy of fifty cubits all around it. Out of the measurement, 
when thou shalt measure oft' a length of twenty five thousand 
and a breadth of twenty thousand, part shall be for the Holy of 
Holies and part shall be for the priests who minister in the 


4 sanctuary. There shall be both for them who draw near to 
minister to the Lord, and there shall be for the others, a place 

5 for houses set apart in their holy portions. The length of 
twenty five thousand and the breadth of twenty thousand shall 
be for the Levites who serve in the house. They shall have for 

6 a possession cities to dwell in. And for the possession of the 
city thou shalt give five thousand in breadth and twenty five 
thousand in length. This, in the same manner as that set apart 
for the sanctuary, shall belong to the whole house of Israel. 

7 And on each side of these there shall be allotted for the ruler, 
adjoining the holy oblation and the possession of the city, the 
tracts in front of the holy oblation and the possession of the 
city, both westward and eastward; and the length shall be like 
one of the portions from the boundaries on the sea to the east- 

8 em border of the land. And this shall be his possession in Is- 
rael. And the rulers of Israel shall no more oppress my people 
and the house of Israel shall possess the land according to their 

9 Thus saith the Lord God, let this suffice you; Ο princes of 
Israel. Put an end to injustice and misery. Execute judg- 

10 ment and justice. Remove oppression from my people, saith 
the Lord God. Let your weights and measures be just. Let 

11 your chenix be the just part of the measure; and let the che- 
nix uniformly contain the tenth of a gomar. Let a chenix and 

12 a tenth of a gomar, as it respecteth a gomar, be equal. And the 
weights shall be twenty oboli, five shekels, fifteen shekels. And 
fifty shekels shall be your mna. 

1 3 Now this shall be the oblation which you shall set apart, a 

14 sixth of a measure from the gomar of wheat and the sixth of 
the same ephah from the core of barley. And the ordinance of 
oil shall be one cotula of oil from ten cotulas; for the ten cotu- 

15 las are a gomar. And a sheep from the flock, from every ten, 
shall be an oblation from all the families of Israel for sacrifices 
and for whole burnt offerings and for offerings of thanksgiving 

16 to make atonement for you, saith the Lord God. And all the 
people shall give this oblation to the ruler of Israel; and by the 
ruler shall be given the whole burnt offerings and the sacrifi- 
ces and the libations at the festivals and at the new moons and 

17 on the sabbaths. At all the festivals of the house of Israel he 


shall make the sin offerings and the sacrifices and the whole 
burnt offerings and the offerings of thanksgiving to make atone- 
ment for the house of Israel. 

18 Thus saith the Lord God, In the first month on the first 
day of the month, you shall take from the herd a young bull 

19 without blemish, to make atonement for the sanctuar3\ And 
the priest shall take some of the blood of the atonement and 
put it on the door posts of the house and on the four corners of 
the temple and on the altar and. on the posts of the gate of the 

20 inner court. And in like manner thou shalt do in the seventh 
month. On the first of that month thou shalt receive a portion 
from every individual and you shall make atonement for the 

21 house. And in the first month, on the fourteenth day of this 

22 month, shall be your paschal festival. Seven days you shall eat 
unleavened bread. And on that day the ruler shall offer, for 
himself and his house and for all the people of the land, a young 

23 bull for a sin offering. And during the seven days of the fes- 
tival he shall offer as whole burnt offerings to the Lord, seven 
young bulls and seven rams without blemish, every day du- 
ring the seven days; and for a sin offering, a kid of the goats 

24 every day with a sacrifice. And thou shalt prepare a cake for 
the bull and cakes for the rams, with a hin of oil to the cake. 

25 And in the seventh month, on the fifteenth of the month, at that 
festival thou shalt do in like manner, during seven days, as well 
in regard to the sin offerings as to the Avhole burnt offerings and 
the cakes and the oil. 

XLVI. Thus saith the Lord God, The gate of the inner court 
which faceth the east, shall be kept shut the six working days. 
On the day of the sabbaths it must be opened and on the day 

2 of the new moon it shall be opened. And the ruler shall go in 
by the way of the ailam of the gate on the inside and shall 
stand in the porch of the gate. And the priests shall prepare 
his whole burnt offerings and his offerings of thanksgiving; and 
he shall make his adoration in the porch of the gate and go out. 

3 But the gate shall not be shut till evening. And the people of 
the land shall make their adorations on a range with the porch 
of this gate, both on the sabbath days and at the new moons, 

4 before the Lord. And on the sabbath days the ruler sliall offer . 
to the Lord, for whole burnt offerings, six lambs without blem- 


ish and a ram without blemish and a libation and cake for the 

5 ram; and for the lambs, a sacrifice, a free will oftering with 
a hin of oil to every cake; and on the day of the new moon a 

6 young bull without blemish and six lambs and a ram which 

7 shall be without blemish; and there shall be a cake for the 
ram and a cake for the young bull with a libation, and for the 

8 lambs a voluntary gift and a hin of oil to every cake. And Avhen 
the ruler cometh in he shall come in by the way of the ailam 

9 of the gate, but he shall go out by the way of the gate. 
And when the people of the land come in beibre the Lord at 
the festivals, he who cometh in at the north gate to worship, 
shall go out at the south gate: and he who cometh in at the 
south gate shall go out at the north gate. He shall not turn 
back to the gate at which he entered, but shall go out straight 

10 forward. And if the ruler is in the midst of them when they 
come in, he shall come in with them, and when they go out he 

11 shall go out. Both at the festivals and at the general assem- 
blies there shall be a libation and cake for the young bull and 
a cake for the ram; and for the lambs a voluntary gift with a 

12 hin of oil for every cake. And if the ruler shall make a volun- 
tary whole burnt offering of thanksgiving to the Lord, he may 
cause to be opened for himself the gate facing the east and 
make his whole burnt offering and his offerings of thanksgiv- 
ing in the same manner as he doth on the day of the sabbaths. 
Then he shall go out, and after he is gone out he shall cause 

13 the gates to be shut. — Moreover he shall every day prepare a 
lamb of the first year without blemish for a Avhole burnt offer- 

14 ing to the Lord. In the morning he shall prepare it; and every 
morning he shall prepare the hbation for it, the sixth of the mea- 
sure and the third of an hin of oil to mix up the offering of 

15 fine flour for the Lord. This is a standing order, you shall of- 
fer the lamb and its libation. And you shall offer the oil every 
morning. It is a continual whole burnt offering. 

16 Thus saith the Lord God, If the ruler make a gift to one 
of his sons out of his inheritance, his sons shall hold it as an 

17 hereditary possession ; but if he make a gift to one of his 
servants, it shall be his to the year of jubilee, and shall theji 

18 revert to the ruler. None but his sons shall have an heredi- 
tary right. The ruler must not take any part of the people's 


inheritance by oppression. Out of his own possessions he 
shall give an inheritance to his sons, that my people may not 
be driven eveiy one from his possession. 

19 Then he led me to the entrance of the passage behind 
the gate, leading to the chambers of the priests facing the 

20 north. And lo ! here was a place set apart. And he said to 
me, This is the place where the priests are to boil the tres- 
pass offerings, and the sin offerings and where they are to 
bake all the offerings of flour, that they may not carry them 
out into the outer court, for fear of hallowing the people. 

21 Then he led me to the outer court and conducted me round 
the four sides of the court. And lo ! a court at the four cor- 

22 ners of this court. At every corner a court ; a court with 
four sides ; and the little»couit of this court was forty cubits 

25 long and thirty cubits broad. The four were of the same mea- 
sure ; and in them were chambers around the four. And un- 

24 der these chambers round about were kitchens. And he said 
to me, These are the houses of the cooks, where they who 
minister in the house are to boil the sacrifices of the people. 

XLVII. Then he brought me to the vestibule of the house, 
and lo! water gushed out from under the porch eastward ; for 
the front of the house faced the east ; and the water ran down 

2 from the right corner, from the south, by the altar. And he 
led me out by the way of the north gate, and conducted me 
round on the outside to the gate facing the east ; and lo ! the 
water flowed down from the right corner, as a man cometh 

3 out. And having a measure in his hand, he measured a thou- 
sand with the measure, and waded across a purling stream. 

4 Then he measured a thousand with the measure, and waded 
through water up to the thighs. Then he measured a thou- 

5 sand and waded through water up to the loins. Then he mea- 
sured a thousand and could not cross it ; for it was swelled 

6 to an impassable torrent. And he said to me, Hast thou seen, 
Son of man ? Then he led and brought me back along the 

7 border of the river. And on my return, behold there were 
on the bank of the river, trees in great abundance on both 

8 sides. And he said to me. This water which is flowing out 
to the eastern part of Galilee, hath indeed gone down to Ara- 


bia, and hath come to the sea to the water of the outlet, and it 
9 will heal the waters ; so that every of the animals which breed 
in all the places whithersoever the stream cometh, shall live, 
and there shall be fish there in great abundance. Because this 
water is come there and healeth, therefore they shall live. — 

10 Every thing to \vhich the stream cometh shall live. And fisli- 
ermen shall there take a stand, from Engadin to Enagallim. 
There shall be a place for drying nets. The nets shall be of 
a peculiar kind ; and the fishes thereof shall be like the fishes 

11 of the great sea; a very great multitude. But when it is forced 
from its channel and when it is turned from its course, and 
when it is caused to swell immoderately, the waters will not 

12 heal. They are turned into salt. And along the river there 
shall spring up on both banks, all sorts of trees fit for food. 
Their leaves shall never fade ; nor shall their fruit ever fail. 
They shall always be in the act of producing fresh fruit, be- 
cause the waters which nourish them flow down from the 
sanctuary. And their fruit shall be for food, and their leaves 
for medicine. 

13 Thus saith the Lord God, These are the boundaries of the 
land, which you shall inherit. It is an allotted portion for the 

14 twelve tribes of Israel. And you shall inherit it, one as well as 
another. It is that for which I lifted up my hand that I would 

15 give it to their fathers; therefore this land shall fall to you for 
an inheritance, and these are the boundaries of the land — on 
the north from the great sea which cometh down and the bay 

16 of Emaseldam, Maabtheras, Ebrameliam between the bor- 
ders of Damascus and the borders of Emathei, the court of 

17 Saunan, which are above the borders of Auranitis, these are the 
borders from the sea; from the court of Ainan the borders of 

18 Damascus. These are the northern boundaries. And with re- 
gard to the borders on the east between Loranitis and between 
Damascus and between Galaditis and the land of Israel, the 
Jordan is the boundary to the sea which is eastward in front 

19 of Phoenicon. These are the eastern boundaries. And on the 
south the boundaries are from Thaiman and Phoenicon to the 
water of Marimoth Kadem, thence to the great sea. This is 

20 the southern boundary. Thence a part of the great sea is the 
boundary to over against the bay of Emath even to the en- 


trance thereof. These are the boundaries to the sea of Emath. 

21 And you shall measure out this land for them to the tribes of 

22 Israel. You shall parcel it out by lot among you and the pro- 
selytes who dwell among you. Whoever have begotten sons 
among you shall be yours as natives among the children of 
Israel. With you they shall enjoy an inheritance among the 

23 tribes of Israel, but they shall be classed in the tribe of pro- 
selytes among the proselytes who are with you. There you 
shall give them an hiheritance, saith the Lord God. 

XLVIII. Now these are the names of the tribes beginning 
northward along the bay to the harbour of Emath, the court 
of Ailam, the border of Damascus northward, along part of 
Emath Aula; and they shall have from their eastern boundaiy 

2 to the sea one portion for Dan. And bordering on Dan from 

3 the eastern boundary to the sea a portion for Aser. And bor- 
dering on Aser from the eastern boundary to the sea a por- 

4 tion for Nephthaleim; and bordering on Nephthaleim from the 

5 eastern boundary to the sea, a portion for Manasses; and bor- 
dering on Manasses from the eastern boundary to the sea, a 

6 portion for Ephraim ; and bordering on Ephraim from the 

7 eastern boundary to the sea, a portion for Reuben; and bor- 
dering on Reuben from the eastern boundary to the sea, a por- 

8 tion for Juda; and bordering on Juda from the eastern bounda- 
ry shall be the dedicated portion twenty five thousand cubits 
broad and the length like one of the portions from the eastern 
boundary to the sea, so the sanctuary shall be in the midst of 

9 them. The oblation which you shall set apart for the Lord 
shall be twenty five thousand cubits long and twenty five 

10 thousand broad. Out of these there shall be for the priests 
the holy dedication, on the north side tAventy five thousand 
and on the west side ten thousand and on the south side twen- 
ty five thousand. And the mountain of the Holies shall be in 

11 the midst of it. To the priests, the consecrated sons of Sad- 
duk, who keep the watches of the house, who were not led 

12 astray in the apostasy of the children of Israel, as the Levites 
were, even to them this dedicated portion is given out of the 
dedicated portions of the land, as a Holy of Holies, apart 
from the Levites : and to the Levites shall be given, adjoin- 

13 ingthe borders of the priests, a portion twenty five thousand 


cubits long and ten thousand broad; the whole being twenty 

14 five thousand in length and twenty thousand in breadth. No 
part of this shall be sold ; nor shall it be parcelled out; nor 
shall the first fi-uits of this land be set apart; for it is dedicated 

15 to the Lord. And with regard to the overplus twenty five 
thousand in length and five thousand broad, out of it there shall 
be a plot for the city, for building and for the open walk around 

16 it. Now the city shall be in the middle of it, and these shall 
be its dimensions — on the north, four thousand five hundred 
cubits; and on the south, four thousand five hundred; and on 
the east, four thousand five hundred; and on the west, four 

17 thousand five hundred. And the open walk for the city shall 
be on the north, two hundred and fifty, and on the south, two 
hundred and fifty, and on the east, two hundred and fifty, and 

18 on the west, two hundred and fifty. And the residue of the length 
adjoining the holy dedication, ten thousand on the east and ten 
thousand on the west side shall be dedicated portions, and 
they who occupy the city shall have the products thereof for 

19 bread. It may be worked by any out of all the tribes of Israel 

20 who occupy the city. The whole oblation twenty five thou- 
sand by twenty five thousand shall be a square. From it you 
shall set apart the oblation for the sanctuary bordering on the 

21 possession of the city. And the residue on the one side and the 
other shall be for the ruler, bordering on the holy dedications 
and along the possession of the city for twenty five thousand 
in length, and thence to the eastern boundary and westward 
by twenty five thousand to the western boundary. Adjoining 
these portions of the ruler shall be the holy oblation. And the 
dedication appropriate to the house shall be in the middle of 

22 it and taken from the Levites, and shall border on the posses- 
sion of the city which is in the middle between the ruler's 
portions. And it shall be between the borders of Juda and tlie 

23 borders of Benjamin and the portions of the ruler. And with 
respect to the rest of the tribes, there shall be from the eastern 

24 boundary to the sea, a portion for Benjamin : and bordering 
on Benjamin from the eastern boundary to the sea, a portion 

25 for Symeon : and bordering on Symeon, from the eastern 

26 boundary to the sea, a portion for Issachar : and bordering on 
Issachar from the eastern boundary to the sea, a portion for 

VOL. IT I. U U. 


27 Zabulon : and bordering upon Zabulon from the eastern 
boundary to the sea, a portion for Gad : and the borders of 

28 Gad shall be from the eastern boundary and on the south 
along^ by the border of Thaiman and the water of Baremoth 

29 Kades included in his possession, to the great sea. This is 
the land which you shall parcel out by lot among the tribes of 
Israel : and these are their portions, saith the Lord God. 

30 Moreover these shall be the streets of the city, those 

31 running northward four thousand five hundred cubits; and the 
gates of the city shall be named after the tribes of Israel, three 
gates facing the north, one gate Reuben, one gate Juda and 

32 one gate Levi; and those running eastward four thousand five 
hundred cubits, with three gates, one gate Joseph and one 

33 gate Benjamin and one gate Dan : and those running south- 
ward, four thousand five hundred cubits with three gates, one 

34 gate Symeon and one gate Issachar and one gate Zabulon; 
and those running westward four thousand five hundred cu- 
bits with three gates, one gate Gad, and one gate Aser and 
one gate Nephthaleim. The circumference eighteen thousand. 
And the name of the city from the day it is built shall be the 
name it now hath. 


I. IN the third year of the reign of Joakim king of Juda, Na- 
buchodonosar the king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and be- 

2 sieged it. And the Lord delivered into his hand Joakim king 
of Juda and a part of the vessels of the house of God, which 
he carried to the land of Sennaar to the house of his god : and 
having deposited the vessels in the treasure house of his god, 

3 the king ordered x\sphanez his high chamberlain to bring in 
of the children of the captivity of Israel, namely, of the seed 

4 royal and of the nobility, some youths who had no blemish, 
and who were of a good countenance, studious of every sci- 
ence, improved in knowledge and understanding and quali- 
fied to stand in the house before the king; and to instruct them 

5 in the learning and language of the Chaldeans. And the king 
ordered them a daily allowance from the king's table, and of 
the wine for his own drinking; and that they should be diet- 
ed for- three years and after that stand before the king. 


6 Now there were among them of the children of Juda, Da- 

7 niel and Ananias and Azarias and Misael; and the high cham- 
berlain gave them names, to Daniel, Baltasar; and to Ananias, 
Sedrach; and to Misael, Misach; and to Azarias, Abdenago. 

8 And Daniel having resolved not to pollute himself with th© ta- 
ble of the king nor \vith the wine which he drank, intreated the 

9 chamberlain that he might not be defiled. Now God had 
brought Daniel into favour and compassion with the high 

10 chamberlain, therefore the chamberlain said to Daniel, I am 
afraid of my lord the king who hath appointed your meat and 
your drink. Perhaps he may see your countenance more un- 
comely than the youths of your age, and you may endanger 

11 my head with the king. Thereupon Daniel said to Amelsad, 
whom the high chamberlain had set over Daniel, Ananias, 

12 Misael and Azarias, Try thy servants, we pray thee, ten days, 
and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink; and 

13 let our countenances and the countenances of the youths who 
eat of the king's table be examined in thy presence; and, as 

14 thou seest, deal with thy servants. So he hearkened to them 

15 and tried them ten days. And at the end of the ten days their 
countenances appeared more comely and their flesh firmer 
than that of the youths, who had eaten of the king's table; 

16 whereupon Amelsad took away the food and the wine for 

17 their drink and gave them vegetables. And as for these four 
youths, God gave them knowledge and understanding in all 
literature and science ; and Daniel was skilled in all visions 

18 and dreams. And at the end of the years which the king had 
appointed for introducing them, the high chamberlain brought 

19 them in before Nabuchodonosar. And the king conversed 
Avith them. And among them all there were none found equal 
to Daniel and Ananias and Misael and Azarias. So they stood 

20 before the king. And in every subject of wisdom and science 
on which the king questioned them he found them ten times 
mere skilled than all the soothsayers and the magians who 
were in the realm. And Daniel continued to the first year of 
Cyrus the king. 

II. Nabuchodonosar, in the second year of his reign, dreamed 
a dream and his spirit was troubled and his sleep went from 1 


2 him. And the king gave orders to call the soothsayers and the 
magians and the chymists and the Chaldees that they might 

3 tell the king his dream. And when they were come and stood 
before the king, the king said to them, I have dreamed and 

4 my mind is anxious to know the dream. Whereupon the 
Chaldees said to the king in Syriac, Ο king, live forever. Tell 

5 thy servants the dream and we will explain the meaning. The 
king answered the Chaldees, The subject is gone from me. If 
you do not tell me the dream and the interpretation you shall 
be put to death and your houses shall be exposed to plunder. 

6 But if you let me know the dream and the interpretation, you 
shall receive of me gifts and immunities and great honour. At 
all events, tell me the dream and the meaning of it. They an- 
swered again and said. Let the king tell his servants the dream 

8 and we will explain the meaning. In reply to which the king 
said, I know of a truth that you want to gain time, as you see 

9 the matter is gone from me. If therefore you do not tell me the 
dream, I take it for granted that you have agreed upon some- 
thing false and fictitious to be said before me,until the time elapse. 

10 Tell me my dream, then I will know that you can tell me the mean- 
ing of it. The Chaldees answered in the presence of the king 
and said, There is not a man on the earth who can make known 
what the king requireth; nor doth any king or ruler, however 
great, ask such a thing, of any soothsayer, magian or Chaldee. 

11 For the thing which the king requireth is so difficult, that there 
is none who can lay it before the king, but the gods only, whose 

12 dwelling is not with flesh. Upon this the king in furious wrath 
gave orders to destroy all the wise men of Babylon. So the 
decree went forth. And when the wise men began to be slain — 

13 (Now search had been made for Danielandhis friends to slay 

14 them and Daniel had then addressed Arioch, the king's mar- 
shal, who was going out to slay the wise men of Babylon, 

15 touching the counsel and decree, *' Why, Ο chief of the king, 

16 hath this horrid sentence gone forth from the king's presence?" 
And when Arioch informed Daniel of the matter, Daniel had 
intreated the king to grant him time and he would tell the 

17 king the meaning of it; and Daniel had gone to his house and 

18 acquainted his friends Ananias, Misael and Azarias with the 
afiair; and they had sought mercy of the God of heaven touch- 


ing this secret, that Daniel and his friends might not perish 

19 with the rest of the wise men of Babylon : and the secret was 
revealed to Daniel in a vision of the night; whereupon he 

20 blessed the God of heaven, and said, " Blessed be the name 

21 of God from everlasting to everlasting; for wisdom and know- 
ledge are his; and he changeth times and seasons. He setteth up 
kings and removeth them. He giveth wisdom to the wise and 

22 understanding to them who have knowledge. He it is who re- 
vealeth deep and hidden things. He knoweththe things which 

23 are in darkness. And with him is the light. To thee, Ο God 
of my fathers, I give thanks and praise ; because thou hast 
given me wisdom and power and hast made known to me 
what we asked thee and hast revealed to me the vision of the 

24 Then Daniel went to Arioch whom the king had appoint- 
ed to slay the wise men of Babylon, and said to him. Destroy 
not the wise men of Babylon ; but introduce me to the king, 

25 and I will tell him the meaning. Thereupon Arioch with 
haste introduced Daniel to the presence of the king and said 
to him, I have found among the captives of Israel, a man 

26 who can tell the king the interpretation. And the king ad- 
dressing Daniel, whose name was Baltasar, said, Canst thou 

27 tell me the dream which I saw, and the meaning of it ? And 
Daniel answered in the presence of the king and said. The 
secret which the king demandeth, it is not in the power of wise 

28 men, magians, sooth sayers, gazarenes, to tell the king. There 
is none but God in heaven who revealeth secrets. He indeed 
hath made known to the king Nabuchodonosar what must 
come to pass in latter days. With regard to thy dream, and 

29 the visions of thy head, on thy bed, this is it. Thy thoughts, 
Ο king, on thy bed ascended to what might come to pass 
hereafter. And he who revealeth secrets made known to thee 

30 the things which must come to pass. And to me this secret 
was revealed, not indeed for any wisdom in me above all the 
living: but for the purpose of making the interpretation known 
to the king, that thou mayst know the thoughts of thy heart. 

31 Thou, Ο king ! didst behold, and lo ! an image ! Great was 
that image and its aspect lofty as it stood before thee; and its 

32 appearance was awful. It was an image, the head of which 


was of pure gold ; the hands and the breast and the arms of 
it were of silver ; the belly and the thighs of brass : the legs 

33 of iron ; the feet partly of iron, and partly of potter's clay. — 

34 With wonder thou didst view it, till from a mountain there 
was rent without hands a stone, which smote the image on the 
feet, which were of iron and potters clay, and at last broke 

35 them to pieces. Then were broken to pieces at once, the clay, 
the iron, the brass, the silver, the gold. And they became like 
the dust of a threshing floor in summer : and a great wind 

,swept them away, and there was no place found for them. 
And the stone which smote the image became a great moun- 

36 tain and filled all the earth. This is the dream. The mean- 
57 ing of it we will now explain to the king. Thou Ο king, art 

a king of kings, to whom the God of heaven hath given a king- 
dom, strong and mighty and glorious, in every place where 

38 the sons of men dwell. Into thy hand he hath delivered the 
beasts of the field, and the birds of the air, and the fishes of 

39 the sea, and appointed thee lord over all. Thou art the head 
of gold. And after thee there shall be raised up another king- 
dom inferior to thee; then a third kingdom which is the brass, 

40 which shall rule over the whole earth ; then a fourth kingdom 
which shall be strong as iron. As iron breaketh to pieces and 

4Ί subdueth all things, so shall it break and subdue all. And 
inasmuch as thou sawest the feet and toes, partly of clay and 
partly of iron, it shall be a disjointed kingdom, though there 
shall be in it some of its iron root. As thou sawest the iron 

42 mixed with the clay ; and the toes of the feet were part iron, 
and part clay, some part of that kingdom will be strong and 

43 some part of it will be broken. Inasmuch as thou sawest the 
iron mingled with the clay, there will be mixtures in it, of the 
seed of men, and they will not cement one with another, as 

44 iron doth not cement with clay. And in the days of those 
kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall 
never be destroyed ; and this kingdom of his shall not be left 
to another people. It shall break in pieces, and blow away all 

45 those kingdoms and shall itself stand forever. As thou sawest 
that without hands there was cut from a mountain a stone, which 
broke in pieces the clay, the iron, the brass, the silver, the . 
gold ; the God \^'ho is great, hath made known to the king 


what must come to pass hereafter. The dream indeed is true 
and the interpretation thereof is faithful. 

46 Then king Nabuchodonosar fell on his face, and made 
obeisance to Daniel and ordered holy gifts, and sweet odours 

47 to be offered to him. And the king answered and said to Da- 
niel, Of a truth, your God is the God of Gods, and the Lord 
of kings, the revealer of secrets ; since thou hast been enabled 

48 to reveal this secret. Then the king raised Daniel to high rank 
and gave him many great gifts, and set him over the whole re- 
gion of Babylon, and a chief satrap over all the wise men of 

49 Babylon. And Daniel requested of the king, and he set Se- 
drach, Misach and Abdenago, over the works of the region 
of Babylon. And Daniel was in the court of the king. 

III. In the eighteenth year of Nabuchodonosar, the king made 
an image of gold ; the height of it Avas sixty cubits, and its 
breadth six cubits. And having set it up in the plain of Dee- 

2 ira, in the province of Babylon, he sent for the presidents and 
the generals, and the governors, rulers and princes, and those 
in authority, and all the chiefs of the provinces, to come to 
the dedication of the image which Nabuchodonosar the king 

3 had set up. And when the governors, the presidents, the ge- 
nerals, the leaders, the great princes, those in authority, and 
all the chiefs of the provinces were assembled for the dedica- 
tion of the image which Nabuchodonosar the king had set up, 
and were standing before the image, the herald cried \vith a 

4 loud voice. To you peoples of different tribes and languages 

5 command is given ; whenever you shall hear the sound of the 
trumpet and syrinx and of the kithara and sambuk and of the 
psaltery, and all kinds of musical instruments, prostrate your- 
selves and worship the golden image which Nabuchodonosar 

6 the king hath set up. And whoever will not prostrate himself 
and worship, shall that very hour be cast into that furnace of 
fire, which is heating. 

7 So when the people heard the sound of the trumpet and 
syrinx, and of the kithara and sambuk, and of the psaltery, 
and all kinds of musical instruments, all the peoples, tribes and 
languages, falling prostrate, worshipped the golden image 

8 which Nabuchodonosar the king had set up. Then came certain 
Chaldeans, and stated to the king an accusation against th^ 


9 Jews, " Ο king, live forever ! thou, Ο king, hast made a de- 

10 cree, that every man who shall hear the sound of the trumpet 
and syrinx and of the kithara and sambuk, and of the psaltery 

11 and all kinds of musical instruments; and who will not pros- 
trate himself and worship the golden image, shall be cast into 

12 that furnace of fire which is heated. Now there are certain 
Jews whom thou hast set over the works of the province of 
Babylon, namely, Sedrach, Misach, Abdenago, who have not 
hearkened, Ο king, to thy decree. They neither serve tliy gods, 
nor do they Avorship the golden image which thou hast set up." 

13 Upon this Nabuchodonosar in wrath and fury commanded 
to bring Sedrach, Misach, Abdenago: and when they were 

14 brought before the king, Nabuchodonosar addressed them, say- 
ing. Is it true, Sedrach, Misach, Abdenago, that you do not 
serve my gods, nor worship the golden image which I have 

15 set up? Now therefore are you ready, when you hear the 
sound of the trumpet and syrinx and of the kithara and sam- 
buk and of the psaltery and symphony and all kinds of musi- 
cal instruments, to fall prostrate and worship the golden image 
which I have made? For if you do not worship you shall, that 
very hour, be cast into the furnace of fire, which is heated. 

16 And what god is there who can deliver you out of my hands? 
In reply to this, Sedrach, Misach, Abdenago said to the king 

17 Nabuchodonosar, We are at no loss to answer thee in respect 
to this matter. For our God in heaven, whom we worship, is 
able to deliver us out of the furnace of fire which is heated, 

18 and he will deliver us, Ο king, out of thy hands. But even 
though he do not, be it known to thee, Ο king, that we can- 
not serve thy gods, nor will we worship the image which thou 

19 hast set up. At this Nabuchodonosar was filled with wrath, and 
the form of his countenance was changed against Sedrach, Mi- 
sach and Abdenago. And he ordered to heat the furnace seven 

20 fold, till it was hot as possible: and commanded some strong 
men to bind Sedrach, Misach and Abdenago, and cast them 

21 into the furnace of fire which was heated. Then were these 
men bound, clad as they were Avith their Babylonish dress and 
with turbans and boots; and cast into, the midst of the furnace 
of fire which was heated, as the command of the king was pe- 

22 remptory. But though the furnace was heated to an excessive 

Ch. IV. " DANIEL. 

degree and these three men, Sedrach, Misach and Abdenago fell 

23 bound into the midst of the glowing furnace, yet they walked 
about in the midst of the flame, praising God and blessing the 

24 Lord. When Nabuchodonosar heard them singing praise he 
was amazed and starting up hastily said to his nobles. Did we 
not cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? And when 

25 they said to the king. True, Ο king, the king said. Here I see 
four men loose and walking about in the midst of the fire un- 

26 hurt: And the appearance of the fourth is like a son of a god. 
Then Nabuchodonosar went near to the mouth of the burning 
fiery furnace and said, Sedrach, Misach, Abdenago, ye• ser- 
vants of the Most High God, come out and come hither. Upon 
which Sedrach, Misach and Abdenago came forth out of the 

27 midst of the fire. And the satraps and the generals and the go- 
vernors and the mighty men of the king gathered round and 
viewed the men with astonishment; for the fire had not had 
any power over their body. Even the hair of their heads was 
not singed, nor were their mantles changed, nor a smell of fire 

28 on them. Then Nabuchodonosar the king addressing them, 
said, "Blessed be the God of Sedrach, Misach, Abdenago, 
who hath sent his angel and delivered his servants. Because 
they have trusted in him and have altered the king's decree 
and delivered up their bodies to fire that they might not serve 
nor worship any god, but only their own God, therefore I issue 

29 this decree, "Every people, tribe, language, which shall utter 
any reproach against the God of Sedrach, Misach, Abdenago, 
shall be devoted to destruction and their houses to plunder: for 
there is no other god who can deliver in this manner." 

30 Then the king reinstated Sedrach, Misach and Abdenago 
in the province of Babylon, and advanced them in dignity and 
honoured them with a command over all the Jews in his realm. 

IV. NABUCHODONOSAR the king, to all the peoples, 
tribes and languages Λνΐιο dwell in all the earth: Peace be mul- 
tiplied to you. 

2 It hath seemed good in my sight to declare to you the 
signs and the wonders Which the God who is Most High hath 

3 done with me. How great and mighty is his kingdom. His king- 



dom is an everlasting kingdom; and his dominion is to endless 


4 I Nabuchodonosar was at rest in my house and in the en- 

5 joyment of prosperity. I had a dream which terrified me and I 

6 was troubled on my bed, and the visions of my head disquiet- 
ed me. Therefore I issued a decree to bring before me all the 
wise men of Babylon, that they might explain to me the mean- 

7 ing of this dream. And when the soothsayers, the magians, 
the gazarenes, the Chaldees came in, I told my dream before 
them; but they did not explain to me the meaning of it until 

8 Daniel came, whose name is Bakasar, after the name of my 

9 God, and who hath in him a holy spirit of a God. To him I 
said, Baltasar chief of the soothsayers, who, I know, hast a ho- 
ly spirit of a god in thee, so that no secret can escape thee, 
hear the vision of the dream, which I have seen; and tell me 

10 the meaning of it. I beheld with astonishment on my bed, and 

11 lo! a tree in the midst of the earth. Though its height was 
great, the tree increased in magnitude and strength and its top 
reached up to heaven; and its bulk to the extent of the whole 

12 earth. Its leaves were beautiful and its fruit abundant. And on 
it there was food for all: and the wild beasts of the field dwelt 
beneath it; and the birds of the air lodged among its branches; 

13 and from it all flesh was fed. I beheld in a vision of the night 
on my bed; and lo an jB/r, even a holy one, came down from 
heaven and cried with a loud voice, and thus he said, "Cut 

14 down that tree and lop off its branches and shake off its leaves 
and scatter its fruit. Let the beasts be driven from underneath 

15 it and the birds from its branches. But leave the stump of its 
roots in the earth; and in a band of iron and brass and in the 
green grass abroad and in the dew of heaven let it abide: and let 
its portion be with the wild beasts in the grass of the earth. His 

1 6 heart shall be changed from men and the heart of a wild beast 
shall be given him and seven seasons shall revolve over him. 

17 The sentence is by the decree of an Eir; and the decree is a 
request of holy ones, that the living may know that there is a 
sovereign Lord of the kingdom of men and that he can give it 
to whom he will, and set over it that which is disesteemed by 

18 men." This is the dream, which I Nabuchodonosar the king 
have seen. Thou therefore Baltasar, tell me the meaning; for 


all the wise men of my kingdom are miable to explain to me 
the meaning of it: but thou Daniel art able, because there is in 
thee the holv spirit of a god. 

19 Upon tliis Daniel, whose name is Baltasar, was absorpt in 
astonishment for about an hour and his thoughts agitated him 
and Baltasar answered and said. Let this dream, my Lord, be 
for them who hate thee, and the interpretation thereof for thine 

20 enemies. The tree which thou sawest, which was increased in 
magnitude and strength, the top of which reached up to hea- 
ven and its bulk to the extent of the whole earth, the leaves of 
Avhich were beautiful and its fruit abundant, and on which 

21 there was food for all; beneath which the beasts of the field 
dwelt, and on the branches of which the birds of the air roost- 

22 ed: Thou, Ο king art it. For thou art become great and 
§kong and thy greatness hath increased and reached up to hea- 

23 '#n and thy dominion to the limits of the earth. And inasr 
much as the king saw an Eir, even a holy one descending from 
heaATU who said. Cut down that tree and destroy it, but leave 
the stump of its roots in the earth; and in a band of iron and 
brass and in the green grass abroad and in the dew of heaven 
let it abide; and let its portion be with the wild beasts of the 

24 field until seven seasons revolve over it — This, Ο king, is the 
interpretation thereof and the decree of the Most High which 
is about to come upon my lord the king. Thou wilt be dri- 

25 ven from among men; and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts 
of the field; and they will feed thee with grass like an ox; and 
thou Shalt lodge in the dew of heaven; and seven seasons shall 
revolve over thee, till thou be made sensible that the Most 

26 High ruleth over the kingdom of men and can give it to whom 
he will. But inasmuch as they said. Let the stump of the 
roots of the tree remain, thy kingdom shall remain for thee 

27 when thou art made sensible of the heavenly authority. For 
this cause, Ο king, let my counsel be acceptable to thee; and 
make atonement for thy sins by acts of kindness, and for thy 
transgressions by tender mercies for the distressed. Perliaps 
God may forgive thine offences. 

28 All these things came upon Nabuchodonosar the king. At 

29 the end of twelve months, as the king was walking in the temple 

30 of his kingdom at Babylon, he spake, saying, Is not this the 


great Babylon which I have built for the house of a kingdom, 

31 by the might of my power, for the display of my glor}'? While 
the word was yet in the king's mouth, there came a voice from 
heaven, To thee Nabuchodonosar it is said, the regal power is 

32 gone from thee and thou shalt be driven from among men and 
thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field; and they 
shall feed thee with grass like an ox; and seven seasons shall 
revolve over thee, that thou mayst know that the Most High 
ruleth over the kingdom of men and can give it to whom he 

S3 will. In that very hour the word was fulfilled on Nabuchodo- 
nosar; and he was driven from among men and ate grass like 
an ox and his body was bathed with the dew of heaven, until 
his hair grew strong like the shag of lions and his nails like the 

34 claws of birds. And at the end of the da}s I Nabuchodonosar 
lifted up mine eyes to heaven, and mine understanding was re- 
stored to me, and I blessed the Most High and praised and 
glorified him who liveth forever; for his dominion is an ever- 
lasting dominion and his kingdom is to endless generations, 

35 and all the inhabitants of the earth are reckoned as nothing; 
and he doth according to his pleasure in the army of heaven 
and in the habitations of the earth; and there is none w^ho can 

36 stay his hand, or say to him, What hast thou done. At this very 
hour my senses Avere restored to me and I reassumed the ho- 
nour of my kingdom; and my form returned to me; and my 
princes and my giandees sought me; and I was re-established in 

37 my kingdom and greater majesty was added to me. Now there- 
fore I Nabuchodonosar praise and extol and glorify the king 
of heaven; for all his works are true and his ways are judg- 
ments and all them who walk in pride he can abase. 

V. KING Baltasar made a great supper for his thousand gran- 

2 dees and wine was set before the thousand. And as he was 
drinking, Baltasar gave an order upon tasting the wine, to bring 
the vessels of gold and silver which Nabuchodonosar his fa- 
ther had brought out of the temple at Jerusalem; and that the 
king and his nobles, and his concubines and his wives should 

3 drink out of them. Accordingly the vessels of gold and silver 
Avhich had been taken out of the temple of God at Jerusalem 
were brought, and the king and his nobles and his concubines 

Ch. V. ' DANIEL. 

4 and his wives drank out of them. And having drunk wine they 
praised the gods of gold and silver and brass and wood and 

5 stone. At that very hour there came forth fingers of a man's 
hand and wrote over against the lamp, on the plaistering of the 
wall of the king's palace. And the king beheld with astonish- 

6 ment the joint of the hand that was writing. Whereupon the 
king's countenance changed and his thoughts troubled him and 
the joints of his loins were loosened and his knees smote one 

7 against another. And the king cried aloud to bring in the ma- 
gians, Chaldees, gazarenes. And he said to the wise men of 
Babylon, Whoever shall read this writing and explain to me 
the meaning, he shall be clothed with purple and have a chain 
of gold for his neck and shall be a chief, third in rank, in my 

8 kingdom. And when all the king's wise men came in and could 
neither read the writing nor explain the meaning to the king, 

9 king Baltasar was agitated and his countenance changed, and 

10 his nobles were in like trepidation. Then the queen came to 
the banquet house and said, Ο king, live forever! Let not thy 

11 thoughts trouble thee, nor thy countenance change. There is 
in thy kingdom a man, in whom is a spirit of a god, and in the 
days of thy father, light and knowledge were found in him, 
and the king Nabuchodonosar thy father appointed him chief 
of the soothsayers, Chaldees, gazarenes, because of the extra- 

12 ordinary spirit in him, and of his understanding and know- 
ledge in the interpretation of dreams, and explaining hard sen- 
tences and solving difficulties — namely Daniel whom the king 
surnamed Baltasar. Now therefore let him be called in and he 

13 will tell thee the meaning of this. Thereupon Daniel was 
brought in before the king. And the king said to Daniel, 
Thou art Daniel? One of the captives of Juda whom the king 

14 my father brought hither? I have heard of thee that there is in 
thee a spirit of a god, and that light and knowledge and extra- 

15 ordinary wisdom have been found in thee. Now the wise men, 
magians, gazarenes have come in before me to read that Avrit- 
ing and make known to me the meaning of it, but they are not 

16 able to tell me. But I have heard of thee that thou canst solve 
difficulties. Now therefore if thou canst read that writing and 
explain to me the meaning of it, thou shalt be clothed in pur- 
ple and have a chain of gold for thy neck and be a chief, third 


17 in rank, in my kingdom. Then Daniel said before the king^ 
Let thy gifts be thine own, ar\ii give to another the honour of 
thy household; but the writing I will read, and I will explain 

18 to thee the meaning of it. Ο king, God, the Most High gave to 
Nabuchodonosar thy father this kingdom and majesty and glo- 

19 ry and honour. And because of the majesty which he gave him, 
all the peoples, tribes and languages trembled and were struck 
with awe at his presence. Whom he would he slew, and whom 
he would he smote, and whom he would he set up, and whom 

20 he would he put down. But when his heart became elated and 
his spirit emboldened to shew its arrogance, he was deposed 
from the throne of his kingdom and his glory was taken from 

21 him; and he was driven from among men; and his heart was 
disposed to associate with the beasts; and his dwelling was with 
the wild asses; and he was fed with grass like an ox; and his 
body was bathed with the dew of heaven, till he was made to 
know that the Most High God ruleth over the kingdom of 
men and can give it to whom he will. 

22 Now thou, Baltasar, his son, hast not therefore humbled thy 

23 heart before this God. Hast thou not known all these things? 
Yet thou hast exalted thyself against the Lord God of heaven. 
And the vessels of his house have been brought before thee, 
and thou and thy nobles and thy concubines and thy wives 
have drunk wine out of them, and thou hast praised the gods 
of gold and silver and brass and iron and wood and stone 
which neither see nor hear, nor understand: but the God in 
whose hand is thy breath and all thy M^ays— him thou hast not 

24 glorified. For this cause a joint of a hand hath been sent from 

25 his presence, and it hath sketched this writing. Now this is what 

26 is written, Mane^ Thekel^ Phares. The interpretation of the de- 

27 cree is this. Mane; God hath measured thy kingdom and 

28 brought it to a conclusion. Thekel — It hath been weighed in a 
balance and found wanting. Phares — Thy kingdom is taken 
away and given to Medes and Persians. 

29 Then Baltasar gave orders and they clothed Daniel with 
purple and put a chain of gold about his neck, and proclama- 
tion was made concerning him that he was a chief, third in 

SO rank, in the kingdom. And that very night Baltasar the Chal- . 


dean king was slain, and Darius the Mede assumed the king- 
dom, being sixty two years of age. 

VI. IT having seemed good in the sight of Darius, he set 
over the kingdom a hundred and twenty satraps to be govern- 

2 ors of provinces throughout his whole dominion; and over 
these he appointed three ministers of whom Daniel was one; 
that the governors might render an account to them, so that the 

3 king might not be oppressed with business. And Daniel was 
at the head of these. Because there was in him an extraordi- 

4 nary spirit and the king had set him over his whole kingdom, 
therefore the ministers and the governors sought to find some 
pretext against Daniel. And when they found no pretext, 
lapse or crime with which to charge him, for he was faithful; 

5 the ministers said. We shall not find any pretext against Da- 

6 niel except in the ceremonies relating to his God. Then the 
ministers and the governors waited on the king, and said to 

7 him. King Darius live forever ! All that are over thy king- 
dom, the generals and governors, the chief commanders and 
toparchs have joined in opinion to establish by a royal statute 
and make a firm decree, that whoever shall make any request 
of any god or man for thirty days, save of thee only, Ο king; 

8 he shall be cast into the den of the lions. Now therefore, Ο 
king, establish the edict and promulgate it in writing, that the 
decree of the Persians and Medes may not be dispensed with. 

9 Upon this Darius the king ordered the decree to be written. 

10 Now when Daniel knew that the decree was passed, he 
\vent home and the windows in his upper chamber towards 
Jerusalem were opened for him, and three times a day, kneel- 
ing down on his knees, he prayed and gave thanks before his 
God as he had done heretofore. 

11 Now those men watched and having found Daniel prais- 

12 ing and supplicating his God, they went and said to the king, 
Ο king, hast thou not passed an edict, that every man who 
shall make any request of any god or man for the space of 
thirty days save of thee only, Ο king, shall be cast into the 
den of the lions? And the king said, It is true; and the decree 

13 of the Medes and Persians cannot be altered. Then they an- 
swered and said before the king, Daniel, who is one of the 


captives from Juda, hath not paid obedience to thy decree. 

14 For three times a day he maketh requests of his God. When 
the king heard this matter he was exceedingly grieved for it 
and strove hard for Daniel to save him and continued till evening 

15 his endeavours to deliver him. Then the men said to the king, 
Know, Ο king, that it is decreed by the Medes and Persians, 
That no edict or statute which the king shall pass must be dis- 

16 pensed \vith. Then the king gave orders and they brought 
Daniel and threw him into the lions' den. And the king said 
to Daniel, Thy God whom thou servest continually will him- 

17 self deliver thee. And when they had brought a stone and put 
it on the mouth of the den, the king caused it to be sealed 
with his own signet and with the signet of his nobles that no- 

18 thing might be altered in respect to Daniel. Then the king 
went to his house and retired to bed without supper. And 
there was no food brought to him and sleep went from him. 
But God shut the mouths of the lions so that they did not mo- 

19 lest Daniel. And in the morning the king arose soon as it was 

20 light and went in haste to the lions' den. And when he ap- 
proached the den, he cried with a loud voice, Ο Daniel, the 
servant of the living God, hath thy God, whom thou servest 
continually, been able to deliver thee from the mouths of the 

21 lions? Thereupon Daniel said to the king, Ο king live for- 

22 ever! My God sent his angel and shut the mouths of the lions 
and they have not hurt me. For before him rectitude was 
found in me; and even in thy sight, Ο king, 1 have commit- 

23 ted no offence. At this the king was exceedingly rejoiced and 
gave order to take Daniel up out of the den. So he was taken 
up out of the den and there was no manner of hurt found on 

24 him, because he had trusted in his God. Then the king com- 
manded and they brought the men who had accused Daniel, 
and they and their sons and their wives were cast into the den 
of the lions. And before they reached the bottom of the den 
the lions had such mastery over them that they broke all their 

25 bones. Then Darius the king wrote — To all the peoples, tribes 
and languages who dwell in the whole earth. Peace be multi- 

26 plied to you. From my presence this decree is established, that 
in every government of my kingdom men tremble and be 
struck with awe at the presence of the God of Daniel; for he 


is the living God and endureth forever, and his kingdom 
can never be destroyed and his dominion will be to the end. 

27 He supporteth and delivereth and doth signs and wonders in 
heaven and on earth. He it is who hath delivered Daniel from 
the power of the lions. 

28 So Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius and ia the reign 
of Cyrus the Persian. 

VII. In the first year of Baltasar king of the Chaldeans, Da- 
niel had a dream and these were the visions of his head on his 
bed and he wrote down this dream of his. 

2 I Daniel beheld, and lo ! the four winds of lieaven blew 

3 violently on the great sea; and four great beasts came up out 

4 of the sea, different one from the other. The first was like a 
lioness, and had wings like those of an eagle. I beheld till her 
wings were plucked off; and she was raised from the earth and 
stood on the feet of a man and a man's heart was given her. 

5 And behold the second beast was like a bear; and it stood half 
erect and there were three ribs in its mouth between its teeth, 

6 and they said to it thus, " Arise, devour much flesh." After 
this I looked, and lo ! another beast like a leopard; and it had 
four wings of a bird on it; and this beast had four heads and 

7 to it dominion was given. After this I beheld, and lo ! a fourdi 
beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong and its teeth 
of iron ! It devoured and brake in pieces ! and the residue it 
trampled with its feet. Now this was far diff-erent from all the 

8 beasts which were before it and it had ten horns. I attended 
to its horns, and behold another little horn sprouted up m the 
midst of them; and three of the horns which were before 
it were rooted out from before it. And behold m this horn 
there were eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking 

9 great things. And I beheld till the thrones were set and an an- 
cient of days was seated. And his garment was white as 

10 snow and the hair of his head was like pure wool. His throne 
was aflame of fire and his wheels a blazing fire. A river of fire 
rolled before him. Thousands of thousands ministered to him 

U and myriads of myriads waited on him. The court sat and 
books were opened. I looked then because of the sound o. 
the great words which that horn had spoken, until the beast 
vol.. III. ^^ y 


was slain and destroyed and its body given to be burned 

12 with fire. And the government of the rest of the beasts was 
changed and a length of. time given them until a time and a 

13 time. And I beheld in the vision of the night, and lo ! with 
the clouds of heaven one like a son of man coming ! And he 
advanced to the Ancient of days and was introduced to him. 

14 And to him was given the government and the honour and the 
kingdom ; and all the peoples, tribes and languages are to 
serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which 
shall never pass away, and his kingdom shall not be destroyed. 

15 As for me, Daniel, my spirit quivered in my whole frame 

16 and the vision of my head troubled me. And I went to one 
of them in waiting and made diligent inquiry to learn of 
him concerning all these things and he gave me exact in- 
formation and explained to me the meaning of these things. 

1 7 These beasts, which are four, denote that four kingdoms shall 

18 be raised up on the earth. These shall be removed, and the 
holy ones of the Most High shall take the kingdom and hold it 
to an age of the ages. 

19 Then I inquired particularly concerning the fourth 
beast, because it was different from every beast, exceedingly 
dreadful. Its teeth were of iron and its claws of brass. It de- 
voured and brake in pieces and the residue it trampled with 

20 its feet. And concerning the ten horns, which were on its 
head, and that other, which sprouted up and shook off some of 
the first; and which had eyes and a mouth speaking great 
things and the appearance of which was greater than the rest, 

21 I beheld and that horn made war on the holy ones and pre- 

22 vailed against them until the Ancient of days came and gave 
judgment for the holy ones of the Most High, and the time 

23 came and the holy ones possessed the kingdom. And he said, 
With regard to the fourth beast, there shall be a fourth king- 
dom on the earth which shall surpass all the kingdoms and 

24 devour all the earth and trample down and cut to pieces. And 
its ten horns denote that ten kingdoms shall be raised up; and 
after them another shall be raised up which shall exceed in 

25 evils all those before and shall humble three kings and shajl 
speak words against the Most High and wear out the holy ones . 
of the Most High and think of changing times and law, and 


this shall be put in its power for a time and times and the half 

26 of a time. When the court hath sat they will change this go- 

27 vernment to abolish and destroy it utterly. For the kingdom 
and the dominion and the majesty of the kings who are under 
the whole heaven, is given to the holy ones of the Most High. 
And his kingdom shall be an everlasting kingdom, and all 
the governments shall serve and obey him. To this is the end 
of this word. 

28 As for me, Daniel, my thoughts troubled me much and 
my countenance \vas changed. But I kept the matter in mine 
own heart. 

VIII. IN the third year of Baltasar the king a vision appear- 

2 ed to me. After the first vision which appeared to me, I Da- 
niel was at Susoi the palace which is in the province of Ailam; 

3 and being on the bank of the Oubal, I lifted up mine eyes and 
looked, and lo a ram stood before the Oubal and it had tofty 
horns and one was higher than the other; and the highest 

4 sprang up last. And I saw the ram butting westward and north- 
ward and southward, and of all the beasts none could stand be- 
fore him nor was there any to deliver out of his hand. So he 

5 acted according to his pleasure and became great. And while 
I was considering, behold a he-goat came from the south west 
over the face of the whole earth and he did not seem to touch 

6 the ground. And the goat had a horn between his eyes. And 
he came to the ram which had two horns and which I saw 
standing before the Oubal and ran up to him with all his might. 

7 I saw him indeed coming up to the ram and he was exasper- 
ated against him, and he smote the ram and broke his two 
horns and the ram had not power to stand before him. So he 
threw him on the ground and trampled him, and there was 

8 none to deliver the ram out of his hand. And the goat of the 
goats became very great and when he was in full strength, 
that great horn of his was broken; and four others sprang up 

9 from under it towards the four winds of heaven. And out 
from tlie first of them there came forth one strong horn 

10 which became very great towards the south and towards the 
host, and its greatness reached even to the host of heaven. 
And there fell on the earth some of the host of heaven and' 


11 some of the stars, and these were trodden down. And until 
the captain general should deliver the captivity, even by rea- 
son of him the sacrifice was disturbed ; and he was prosper- 

12 ed; and the sanctuary is to be desolated; and sin was permitted 
against the sacrifice; and this righteousness was cast on the 

13 ground; so he acted and was prospered. And I heard a holy 
one speaking; and a holy one said to the Phelmoni who spoke, 
"How long shall this vision last, respecting the sacrifice which 
is taken away, and the sin of desolation which is permitted ; 

14 and the sanctuary and the host be trodden down?" And he 
said to him. Even till there shall be of an evening and a morn- 
ing two thousand Jour hundred days. Then shall the sanctuary 
be cleansed. 

15 And Avhen I Daniel had seen the vision and sought the 
meaning, then lo I there stood before me an appearance like 

16 that of a man. And I heard a voice of a man amidst the Ou- 
bal and it called and said, '* Gabriel, instruct him respecting 

17 the vision." So he came and stood near where I was stand- 
ing. And when he came, I was struck with terror and fell on 
my face. And he said to me. Son of man, understand ; for 

18 this vision also is for the end of a time. And while he was 
speaking to me, I fell flat with my face on the ground. Then 

19 he touched mc and set me on my feet, and said. Behold I make 
known to thee the things which shall be in the last days of the 

20 indignation ; for this vision also is for the end of a time. The 
ram which thou sawest which had the horns, is the king of 

21 the Medes and Persians. The goat of the goats, is the king of 
the Grecians ; and the great horn which was between his eyes 

22 is the first king. Now as upon this being broken, four horns 
shot up from under it, four kings of that nation of his will 

23 be raised up, but not by their own might. And in the last 
days of their kingdom, their sins being come to the full, a 
king will be raised up of an unblushing countenance, skilled 

24 m problems, and his power will be great, and he will destroy 
things which are objects of admiration and will prosper and 

25 act and destroy mighty men, and a holy people. iVnd the yoke 
of his chain will prosper ; and by his hand and by his heart, 
deceit will be magnified, and with deceit he will destroy many 
and for the destruction of many he will be raised up and wjtW 


26 break them like eggs with his hands. Now the vision of the 
evening and the morning, which was mentioned is true. Seal 
thou therefore the vision,^ for it is for many days. 

27 Upon this I Daniel was confined to my bed and sick. — 
And when I arose I did the king's business. And I was asto- 
nished at the vision ; but none understood it. 

IX. IN the first year of Darius, the son of Assuerus of the 

2 seed of the Medes, who reigned over the kingdom of the Chal- 
deans, I Daniel understood by the books that the number of 
the years, which was a word of the Lord to Jeremias the pro- 
phet, for the accomplishment of the desolation of Jerusalem, 

3 was seventy years. Therefore I turned my face to the Lord 
my God, to seek a prayer and supplication by fasting and 

4 sackcloth. And I prayed to the Lord my God and made con- 
fession and said, Ο Lord, the God great and marvellous, who 
keepest thy covenant and thy mercy for them who love thee 

5 and keep thy commandments! We have sinned; we have com- 
mitted iniquity; we have transgressed and apostatised and 
turned away from thy commandments, and from thy judg- 

6 ments, and have not hearkened to thy servants the prophets 
who spoke in thy name to our kings and our chiefs and our 

7 fathers and to all the people of the land. To thee, Ο Lord, be- 
longeth righteousness; but to us confusion of face as at this 
day — to the man Juda and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and 
to all Israel — and to those near and to them far olf, in every 
land where thou hast scattered them for their breach of cove- 

S nant of which they have been guilty. In thee, Ο Lord, is our 
righteousness. Though to us belongeth confusion of face — • 
to our kings, and our chiefs and our fathers, who have sinned 

9 against thee; with the Lord our God are tender mercies and 

10 forgivenesses. Because we apostatised and did not hearken to 
the voice of the Lord our God, to walk in his laws which he 
set before us by the ministry of his servants the prophets; 

11 and all Israel transgressed thy law, and declined to hearken to 
thy voice; therefore upon us came the curse and the execra- 
tion which is written in the law of Moses the servant of God. 

12 Because we sinned against him, therefore he confirmed his 
words which he spoke against us and against our judges who 


judged us, by bringing upon us great evils, such as never 
happened under the whole heaven; as was the case in Jerusa- 

13 km. According to what is written in the law of Moses all 
those evils have come upon us. We indeed did not supplicate 
the favour of the Lord our God, by turning from all our wick- 
edness, therefore that we might be made sensible of all thy 

14 truth, the Lord hath indeed been watchful and hath brought 
upon us these things. For the Lord our God is righteous in 

' every act of his which he hath done, and we have not hearkened 
to his voice. 

15 Now, Ο Lord our God, who broughtest thy people out of 
the land of Egypt with a strong hand and who hast made thy- 
self a great name as at this day; we have sinned, we have com- 

16 mitted iniquity. Mercy, Ο Lord, is thine in all things; let thy 
wrath, I beseech thee, be turned away and thine indignation 
from thy city Jerusalem, thy holy mountain. Because we have 
sinned, therefore for our iniquities and the iniquities of our fa- 
thers, Jerusalem and thy people are become an object of re- 

17 proach among all those around us. But now, Ο Lord our God, 
hearken to the prayer of thy servant and to his supplications; 

18 and let thy face shine upon thy sanctuary which is desolate. 
For thine own sake, Ο Lord, incline, Ο my God, thine ear and 
hear. Open thine eyes and behold our desolation and that of 
thy city which is called by thy name. For we do not for our 
own righteousness present our piteous case before thee; but 
we cast ourselves upon thy tender mercies, Ο Lord, which are 

19 many. Ο Lord hear! Ο Lord, be appeased! Attend, Ο Lord! 
Defer not, Ο my God, for thine own sake! for thy city and thy 
people are called bj- thy name. 

20 Now whilst I was still speaking and praying and confessing 
mine own sins and the sins of my people Israel, and present- 
ing my supplication before the Lord my God for the mount 

21 of the sanctuary; even whilst I was uttering this prayer, be- 
hold a man, Gabriel, whom I saw in the former vision, came 
flying and touched me about the hour of the evening sacrifice 

22 and instructed me and conversed with me and said, Daniel, I 

23 am now come to teach thee knowledge. At the beginning of 
thy supplication a word went forth, and I am come to tell thee; 
for thou art a man greatly beloved. Be instructed therefore by 

Ch. χ. DANIEL. 

24 the decree, and understand by the vision. Seventy weeks are 
set apart for thy people and for the holy city; for finishing sin 
offerings, and for sealing up sin offerings; and blotting out in- 
iquities, and making atonement for iniquities; and for bring- 
ing in an everlasting righteousness; and for sealing vision and 

25 prophet; and for anointing the Holy of Holies. Therefore thou 
art to know and understand, that from the going forth of a 
word for returning an answer and for building Jerusalem un- 
til an Anointed ruler are seven weeks, and sixty two weeks. 
They shall indeed return and a street shall be built and a wall, 

26 and these times shall be emptied out, and after the sixty two 
weeks, the Messiah shall be cut off, though there is no crime 
in him; and he, with the ruler who is coming, will destroy the 
city and the sanctuary. They shall be destroyed with a deluge, 
and even to the end of the war determined on in course, with 

27 desolations. Now one week shall confirm a covenant for many 
and in the half of that week my sacrifice and libation shall be 
taken away. And upon the temple shall be an abomination of 
the desolations, and at the end of a time, an end shall be put 
to that desolation. 

X. IN the third year of Cyrus, king of the Persians, a word was 
revealed to Daniel, surnamed Baltasar. And the word is true 
and great power and knowledge was given him by the vision. 

2 In those days, I Daniel, had been mourning three weeks. I had 

3 not eaten palatable bread, nor had flesh or wine entered my 

4 mouth, neither had I anointed myself to the full end of three 
weeks. On the twenty fourth of the first month when I was on 

5 the bank of the great river, namely, Tigris Eddekel, I raised 
mine eyes and looked, and lo! a man clothed with a flowing 

6 robe and his loins girded with gold of Ophaz, and his body 
like a Tharsis, and his face like the appearance of lightning, 
and his eyes like lamps of fire, and his arms and his legs like 
the appearance of sparkling brass, and the sound of his words 
like the sound of a multitude. 

7 Now, I Daniel alone saw this vision. The men who were 
with me did not see it; but great consternation fell upon therni 

8 and they fled for fear; so I Avas left alone. And when I beheld 
this great vision, there was no strength left in me. Even my 


comeliness was changed into corruption and I retained no 

9 strength ; but I heard the sound of his words. And when I 

heard him, I was struck with awe, and my face was on the 

10 ground. And lo ! a hand touched me and raised me up upon 

11 my knees. And he said to me, Daniel, man greatly beloved, 
gain knowledge by the words which I speak to thee and stand 
up ; for I am now sent to thee. And when he said this to me 

12 I stood up trembling. Then he said to me, Fear not, Daniel: 
for from the first day that thou didst set thy heart to gain 
knowledge and afflict thyself before the Lord thy God, thy 

13 words were heard, and I came at thy words ; but the chief 
of the kingdom of the Persians stood in my w*ay twenty one 
days, when lo ! Michael the first of the chiefs came to help 
me, and I left him there with the chief of the kingdom of the 

14 Persians, and am come to teach thee what will befal thy 
people in the last days. Because this vision is for days to 
come. — 

15 Now while he was speaking to me in such terms, I turned 
my countenance to the earth, and was in amaze ; and behold 

16 a likeness as it were of a son of man touched my lips, where- 
upon I opened my mouth, and spoke and said to him who 
was standing before me, Ο my lord, at the sight of thee my 
vitals are changed, and I have no strength ; how then can thy 

17 servant, Ο my lord, speak with this my lord ? As for me, from 
that moment my strength could not support me and there was 

38 no spirit left in me. Then an appearance like that of a man 
touched me again, and strengthened me and said to me, Man 
much beloved, fear not: peace be to thee. Take courage and be 

19 strong. And when he had spoken to me I recovered strength 
and said, Let my lord speak, for thou hast strengthened me. 

20 Then he said, Ο that thou knewest that for which I came to 
thee, then would I return to fight for the chief of the Persians, 

21 for as I was coming, the chief of the Grecians came. But I 
will tell thee that only which is ordered in a writing of truth. 
There is indeed none with me solicitous about him, but only 
Michael your chief. As for me, I in the first year of Cyrus, 

XI. was his strength and power. And now I will tell the 
2 truth : Behold yet three kings shall be raised up in Persia, 


and the fourth shall abound in great wealth above all. Αικί 
after he hath gotten this his great wealth he will be stirred up 

3 against all the kingdoms of the Greeks. But there will be 
raised up a mighty king who will be lord of a great dominion 

4 and will do according to his pleasure. But as soon as his 
kingdom hath been set up, it will be broken in pieces and di- 
vided towards the four winds of heaven, but not to his utmost 
bounds, nor according to his dominion which he ruled. For 
his kingdom will be torn to pieces, and given to others be- 

5 sides these. And the king of the south will grow strong ; 
and one of these chiefs will grow strong against him, and will 

6 rule over a great dominion. And after his years they will 
come to an agreement. And a daughter of a king of the south 
will come to a king of the north for the purpose of making 
leagues with him. But he will not retain strength of arm, nor 
shall his seed stand ; for she will be delivered up and they who 
bring her, both the young woman, and he who strengthen- 

7 eth her in those times. Out of the blossom of her root one 
having a government of his own will be raised up, and will 
come to this power, and enter the strong holds of the king of 

8 the north, and perform exploits in them and prevail. And he 
will carry their gods with their molten images, all his preci- 
ous vessels of silver and gold, with captives to Egypt ; and 

9 he will stand above the king of the north v/ho will come to 
the kingdom of the king of the south ; and return again to 

10 his own land. But his sons will collect a multitude among 
many, and one will come with effect, and like a deluge, and 
will pass through and establish himself and the war will be 

1 1 carried even to his fortress. Then will the king of the south 
be furiously enraged, and he will come out and fight the king 
of the north, who \vill array a great multitude, but this mul- 

12 titude will be delivered into his hand. And when he shall 
take this multitude, his heart will be elated, and he will over- 

13 throw myriads, but will not prevail. For the king of the north 
will return, and bring a multitude greater than the former and 
at the end of times of years invade the frontiers Avith a great 

14 army, and with much wealth. And in those times many will 
rise up against the king of the ^outh, and tlie sons of the pests 
of thy people will be stirred up to establish a phantom, bui 

VOL, III. " " 


15 they will be weak. For a king of the north will come and cast 
up a mount and take strong cities. Though the arms of the 
king of the south will make a stand, and his chosen men will 

16 be raised up, yet there will not be power to withstand. So 
that he who cometh against him, will do according to his 
pleasure, and there is none able to stand before him. So he 
will stand in the land of Sabei, and it will be perfected by his 

17 hand. Then he will set his face to enter with the strength of 
his whole kingdom, and will settle all things equitably with 
him, and will give him a daughter of the women with a view 
to corrupt her, but she will not continue in his interest, nor 

18 be for him. Then he will turn his face to the islands, and take 
many, and cause chiefs to cease their reproaches : but his own 

19 reproach will be turned upon him. Then he will turn his face 
to the strength of his own land, and will be weak and fall, and 

20 will not be found. And from his root there will be set upon 
his throne a ])lant of royalty plundering, and taxing the glory 
of a kingdom. And in those days he also will be destroyed, 

21 but not with open violence nor in battle. And on his throne 
one will be settled, who Avas despised and on whom they did 
not confer the honour of a kingdom. But he will come to it 

22 peaceably and obtain the kingdom by obsequiousness. And 
the arms of the overwhelmer will be overwhelmed at his pre- 

23 sence, and they with the ruler of the covenant will be destroy- 
ed. Because of the associations against him, he will practise 
guile and come up and overpower them with a small nation and 

24 come peaceably into rich provinces, and do what neither his 
fathers, nor his fathers' fathers ever did. Plunder and spoils 
and wealth he will scatter among them; and against Egypt he 

25 will forecast devices even for a time. And his power and his 
heart will be stirred up against a king of the south, with a 
great army; and the king of the south will join battle with an 

26 exceeding great and powerful army; but they will not stand ; 
for they will form devices against him and devour his substance 
and crush him, and armies will be overwhelmed, and many 

27 wounded shall fall. Then both the kings with their hearts bent 
on mischief will speak lies at one table. But it will not prosper. 

28 Because an end is still put off' for a time, therefore he will return 
to his own land with much wealth and his heart will be against 


the holy covenant, and he will act and return to his own land. 

29 At the time he will return and come to the south ; but this 

30 last expedition will not be like the first : for the Kitians who 
set out at the same time will arrive, and he will be humbled. 
Then he will return and will be inflamed with wrath against 
the holy covenant. And he will act and return and keep up 
an intelligence with them who have forsaken the holy cove- 

31 nant. And seeds out of him will spring up, and the sanctu- 
ary of the dominion will be polluted ; and the daily sacrifice 
will be removed ; and there will be set up an abomination 

32 which hath caused desolation, which they who break cove- 
nant will bring in by flatteries. But the people who acknow- 

33 ledge their God will take courage and act. And the men of 
understanding among the people will keep up an intelligence 
for many purposes ; but they will be weakened by sword and 

34 by fire, and by captivity, and by plundering, for days. And 
when they are weak, they will be helped vv^ith a little help, 

35 And many will join them by flatteries. Then some of the wise 
will be weak that they may be tried and chosen, and that at 

36 a time the end may be revealed. Because it is still for a time, 
therefore he will act according to his pleasure. And this king 
will be exalted and magnified above every god, and will speak 
swelling words, and prosper until the indignation is completed: 

37 for it is coming to a completion. Though with all the gods of 
his fathers, he will not keep up any intelligence, including 
even the desire of women — though he will not pay respect 
to any thing divine, because he will magnify himself above 

38 them all, yet in his place he will glorify god Maozim — even 
a god which his fathers knew not, he will glorify with gold 
and silver, and precious stones, and with desirable things, and 

39 act for the fortresses of them who have taken refuge with a 
strange God, and he will multiply glory and subject many to 

40 them and distribute lands for gifts. And at the end of a time 
there will be conflicts with the king of the south, and against 
him there will be brought a king of the north, with chariots 
and horsemen, and many ships, which shall invade the land, 

41 and he will break in pieces and pass through and come to the 
land of Sabaim, and many will be weak. But these will escape 
out of his hand, namely, Edom and Moab and the children 


42 of Ammon. And he will stretch forth his hand against this 

43 land, and the land of Egypt will be no security. And he will 
be master of the hidden stores of gold and silver, and of all 
the desirable things of Egypt, and of the Lybians and Ethi- 

44 opians, in their strong holds. And when reports and disturb- 
ances shall trouble him from the east, and from the north, 

45 he will then come with great wrath to destroy many, and he 
will pitch his tent at Ephadanus between the seas on the holy 
mountain Sabaim. Then he will come to his portion, and there 
is none to deliver him. 

XII. And at that time Michael the great chief, who hath been 
. over the children of thy people will stand up, and there will 
be a time of tribulation — a tribulation such as hath not been 
since there was a nation on the earth even to this time. At that 
time all thy people who are enrolled in the book shall be saved. 
2 ' And many of them who sleep in mounds of earth shall be 
raised up, some for everlasting life and some for disgrace and 

3 everlasting shame. And they who are wise shall shine like 
the brightness of the firmament, and some of the many right- 
eous like the stars for the ages and longer. 

4 As for thee, Daniel, shut up these words and seal the book 
till the time of accomplishment; until many be taught and 
knowledge abound. 

5 Then I Daniel looked, and lo ! two others stood, one on 
this bank of the river and the other on the other bank of the 

6 river. And one said to the man clothed with the flowing robes 
who was over the water of the river, How long to the end of 

7 these wonderful things which thou hast spoken? And I heard 
the man clothed with the fine robes who was over the water 
of the river. He lifted up his right and his left hand to heaven 
and sware by him who liveth forever and ever that it will be 
until a time of times and the half of a time. When an end is 
put to the dispersion, they will know all these things. As for 

δ me though I heard I did not understand. So I said, Lord, 

9 What will be the issue of these things? And he said, Come 

Daniel, Because these words are shut up and sealed until the 

10 end of a time. Though many be chosen and made white and 

purified and sanctified, and transgressors transgress ; yet no 

transgressor will understand but the prudent will understand. 


1 1 Now from the time of the change of the daily sacrifice, when 
the abomination of desolation shall Be set up there will be a 

12 thousand two hundred and ninety days. Happy he who will 
wait and come to a thousand three hundred and thirty five 

13 days. But as for thee, come and go to rest, for still there will 
be days and hours to the final accomplishment. And thou shalt 
stand up for thy portion at the end of days» 


i. A wot'd of the Lo7'd which came to Hosea the son of Beeri 
in the days of Ozias and Joatham and Achaz and Ezekias 
kings of Juda^ and in the days of Jeroboam son of Joas 
king of Israel, 

The beginning of the word of the Lord by Hosea. 

2 I. WHEN the Lord said to Hosea, " Go, take thee a wife 
of "wlioredom, and children of whoredoms, since ■ the land is 

3 going and will go a whoring from the Lord," he then went 
and took Gomer a daughter of Debelaim: and when she con- 

4 ceived and bore him a son, the Lord said to him, *' Call his 
name Jezrael; for yet a little w^hile and I will avenge the blood 
of Jezrael on the house of Jehu, and cause the kingdom of the 

5 house of Israel to cease. And it shall come to pass in that day 

6 that I will break the bow of Israel in the valley of Jezrael." And 
when she conceived again and bore a daughter, he said to him, 
" Call her name, Not- coin passiojiated; for I will no longer con- 
tinue to have compassion on the house of Israel, but will set 

7 myself against them. But on the children of Juda I will have 
compassion and I will save them by the Lord their God, and 
will not save them by bow nor by sword nor by battle nor by 
horses nor by horsemen." 

8 And when she had weaned Not-compassionated^ she con- 

9 ceived again and bore a sort, and he said, " Call his name 
Not-my -people^ since you arc not my pepple and I am not your 

10 God." (Now the number of the children of Israel was like 
the sand of the sea Avhich cannot be measured nor counted.) 


*' But it shall come to pass that in the place where it was said 
to them, " You are not my people," they shall be called chil- 
li dren of the Living God, and the children of Juda and the 
children of Israel shall be gathered together and shall appoint 
for themselves one head and come up out of the land. Because 
II. great will be the day of Jezrael; say ye to your brother, Mypeo- 

2 pie, and to your sister, Co7npassionated ; emplead your mother, 
emplead, because with regard to her, is she not my wife? And as 
for me, am not I her husband? Therefore I will remove her forni- 
cation from before me and her adultery from between her breasts. 

3 That I may do this I will strip her naked, and reduce her to 
the state she was in at her birth. I will indeed make her deso- 
late, and order'her to a land without water and kill her with 

4 thirst, and on her children I will not have compassion. Be- 

5 cause they are children of fornication — because their mother 
hath committed whoredom — she, who brought them forth 
hath acted shamefully — because she said, " I will go after my 
lovers, who give me my bread and my water, and my apparel 
and my fine linens, mine oil and all things convenient for me;" 

6 for this behold I will hedge up her way with thorns; and block 

7 up her ways that she may not find her path. Though she fol- 
low her lovers she shall not overtake them; though she seek 
them, she shall not find them. Then she Λνϋΐ say, " I will go 
and return to my former husband, for it was then better with 

8 me than now. She indeed did not acknowledge that I gave 
her the corn and wine and oil; and multiplied silver for her : 

9 but she made ornaments of gold and silver for Baal : there- 
fore I will turn and take away my corn in its season, and my 
wine in its appointed time; and I will take away my garments 
and my fine linens, that she may not cover her nakedness : 

10 and I will now disclose her impurity before her lovers ; and 

11 none shall deliver her out of my hand. I will indeed turn 
away all her pleasures, her festivals, and her new moons and 

Γ2 her sabbaths and all her solemn assemblies. And I will lay 
waste her vineyards and her fig orchards — all those things re- 
specting which she said, " These are my rewards which my 
lovers gave me;" and I will make them for a memorial; and 
the wild beasts of the field and the birds of the air, and the . 


13 reptiles of the earth shall devour them. And I will punish her 
for the days of the baleims in which she sacrificed to them. 

When she had put on her ear-rings and her jewels, she went 

14 after her lovers and forgot me, saith the Lord; therefore behold 
I will cause her to wander, and order her to a wilderness and 

15 speak to her heart. And thence I will give her for her posses- 
sions, even the valle}- of Achor to open her understanding: and 
she shall be humbled there as in the days of her youth, even as 

16 in the days of her coming up out of the land of Egypt. And it 
shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord, that she will call 

17 me My husband; and no more call me Baalim. I will indeed 
take away the names of the JBaali?7is out of her mouth, and their 

18 names shall no more be mentioned. And in that day I will 
make a covenant for them, with the wild beasts of the field and 
the birds of the air and the reptiles of the earth; and bow and 
sword and battle I will crush out of the land; and I will settle 

19 thee securely and betroth thee to myself forever. I will indeed 
betr-oththee to myself by righteousness and by judgment and by 

20 compassion and by tender mercies: and I will betroth thee to 

21 myself by fidelity; and thou shalt acknowledge the Lord. And 
it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord, that I will 

22 hearken to the heaven, and it shall hearken to the earth, and 
the earth shall hcai- the corn and the wine and the oil, and the} 

23 shall hearken to Jezrael; and I will plant her for myself in the 
land, and love her who was not beloved; and to them who 
were not my people I will say, "Thou art my people:" and they 
will say, Thou the Lord art my God. 

III. II. Again the Lord said to me, Still go and love a wo- 
man who loveth wickedness, even an adulteress, as God loveth 
the children of Israel, though they look to strange gods and 

2 love cakes with dried grapes. So I hired one for myself for fif- 
teen pieces of silver and a gomar of barley and a nebel of wine, 

3 and said to her, "Thou shalt continue many days for me and 
shalt not play the harlot nor have commerce with man, then I 

4 will be for thee; for the children of Israel shall continue many 
days without a king and without a chief, and without a sacri- 
fice and without an altar and without a priesthood, and with- 

5 out manifestations; and afterwards the children of Israel will 
return and seek the Lord their God, and David their king; 


and will be amazed at the Lord and at his goodness in the last 
IV. III. (p) Hear a word of the Lord, Ο children of Israel! 
the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of this land; 
because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God 

2 in the land — Cursing and lying and murder and theft and 
adultery are burst out on the land, and blood mingleth with 

3 blood; therefore the land shall mourn and be wasted with all its 
inhabitants, with the wild beasts of the fields and with the rep- 
tiles of the earth, and with the birds of the air. Even the fishes 
of the sea shall fail. 

4 (J) In order that none may be judged, that none may re- 
prove, this people of mine shall be like a contradicted priest, and 

5 shall be weak for years; and with thee the prophet shall be without 
strength. I have compared thy mother to the night: my people 

6 is like one that hath not knowledge: because thou hast rejected 
knowledge, therefore I will reject thee from being my priest: 
as thou hast forgotten the law of thy God; I also will forget 

7 thy children. In proportion to their increase they sinned against 

8 me; I will turn their glory into shame. Shall they eat the sin 
offerings of my people and by their iniquities support their 

9 lives? It shall indeed be that as is the people so shall be the 
priest; I will punish them for their ways and retribute to him 

10 his devices. Though they eat they shall not be filled, they 

11 have committed fornications, and they cannot prosper. Because 
they forsook the Lord, to attend to fornication and wine, there- 

12 fore the heart of my people embraced drunkenness. They con- 
sulted by symbols and gave them answers by their staves. By 
a spirit of fornication they were, led astray; and they went a 

13 whoring from their God. They sacrificed on the tops of the 
mountains, and on the hills they burned incense, under an oak 
and a beech and a shady tree, because shade is good. For this 
cause your daughters will commit whoredom and your wives 

14 adultery; and I will not punish your daughters, when they 
commit whoredom, nor your daughters in law when they com- 
mit adultery. Because they conversedwith harlots and sacrificed 

(J) Jphovah. (p) The prophet speaks. 

Ch. V. HOSEA. 

with prostitutes, therefore my people, who \vere without un- 

15 derstanding, were entangled with fornication. As for thee, Is- 
rael, continue not in ignorance; and thou Juda go not to Gal- 
gala. Either go not up to the house of On, or swear not by the 

16 living Lord. Because Israel ran about madly like a heifer 
stung by a gad fly, the Lord will now feed them like a lamb in 

17 a roomy place. Ephraim associating with idols, laid stumbling 

18 blocks for himself. They addicted themselves to the Chanan- 
ites; they went on in a continued course of whoredom; they 

19 loved dishonour because of its revelry; thou art a whirl of wind 
in its wings; but they shall be put to shame because of their altars. 

V. IV. (p) Hear these things ye priests; and attend ye 
house of Israel, and ye household of the king give ear; for 
against you is this indictment, because you are become a snare 
in the watch tower; and like a net spread upon Itaburion, 
which they who hunt wild beasts have fixed up. 

2 (J) As for me, I was your instructer. I acknowledged 

3 Ephraim, when Israel did not withdraw from me. Now because 

4 Ephraim went a whoring, Israel is polluted. They did not apply 
their thoughts to return to their God. Because there is a spirit of 
whoredom in them, and they have not acknowledged the Lord, 

5 therefore the haughtiness of Israel shall be humbled at his 
presence, and Israel and Ephraim shall be weakened for their 
iniquities. When Juda also shall be weakened with them, 

6 they will go with sheep and young bulls to seek the Lord, but 
they shall not find him, because he hath withdrawn from them. 

7 Because they have forsaken the Lord, because strange children 
have been born to them: the canker worm shall now devour 
them and their portions. 

8 (p) Sound a trumpet on the mounts; raise a shout on the 
high places; proclaim in the house of On, Benjajmn is con- 

9 founded, Ephraim is becotiie a desolation in the daij of rebuke. 

(J) Among the tribes of Israel I have given faithful warnings. 

10 The chiefs of Juda are become like the removers of bounda- 

1 1 ries, upon them I will pour out my fury like water. Ephraim 
tyrannised over his adversary, he trampled down judgment; 

12 because he set the example of going after vanities, therefore I 
will be like a terror to Ephraim, and like a goad to the hous^ 

VOL. III. 3 Λ 


13 of Juda. When Epliraim saw his disorder and Juda felt his 
pain, though Ephraim went to the Assyrians, and sent ambas- 
sadors to king larim; yet he could not heal you, nor could your 

14 pain be assuaged; for I am like a panther to Ephraim, and like 
a lion to the house of Juda. When I tear, I will go and take 

15 and there shall be no deliverer. I will sally forth and return to my 
place until they are made desolate, then they will seek my face. 

VI. In their affliction they will seek me early, saying, "Come, 
let us return to the Lord our God, for it is he who hath torn 
and he can heal us. He can smite, and into our wounds he can 

2 pour balm; in two days he can restore us to health; on the 

3 third day we shall be raised up and live before him. Let us 
acknowledge — let us continue our pursuit to know the Lord; 
sure as the morning we shall find him. He will come like rain 
for us; like the former and latter rain for the earth." 

4 What shall I do for thee, Ephraim? What shall I do for 
thee, Juda? As for your goodness, it was like a morning cloud — 

5 like the transient dew of the morning: for this cause I mowed 
down your prophets, I slew them with the word of my mouth, 

6 and my judgment shall go forth as light; for I desire mercy 
rather than sacrifice, and an acknowledgment of God rather 

7 than whole burnt oiferings. As for them, they are like man 
transgressing a covenant. There the city Galaad hath contemn- 

8 ed me; it is a framer of vanities, a troubler of water, and thy 

9 strength was that of a mighty robber. The priests concealed 

10 the way; they acted the murder at Sikima. Because they com- 
mitted iniquity in the house of Israel, I saw there the horrible for- 
nication of Ephraim. Israel is polluted. Now Juda begin aninga- 

1 1 thering for thyself. When I bring back the captivity of my peo- 

VII. pie. When I have healed Israel, then shall be disclosed the 
iniquity of Ephraim and the wickedness of Samaria. Because 
they have framed lies, therefore a thief shall come in to him, a 
sculking robber shall be in his way: that they may chime toge- 

2 ther like them who sing in unison. I remembered all their 
wickedness, now their own devices have encompassed them. 

3 They were all open to my view. They made kings glad by 

4 their wickedness and chiefs by their lies. They all burn with 
adultery, like an oven for baking cakes, which, after putting in 


the fire, after mixing the dough, is kept burning, till the dough 

is leavened. 

5 With regard to the days of your kings, the chiefs had be- 
gun to be inflamed with wine. He had stretched forth his hand 

6 with turbulent men. Because their hearts were heated like an 
oven, when they had revelled the whole night, Ephraim fell 
fast asleep. The morning came, he was heated again like a 

7 flaming fire. They were all hot as an oven and devoured their 
judges; all their kings fell; there was none among them who 

8 appealed to me. Ephraim was mingled among his tribes; 
Ephraim was a cake under ashes, which had not been turned. 

9 Strangers devoured his strength and he did not know it; grey 
hairs grew upon him and he did not perceive it. 

10 (p) Though it was evident that the haughtiness of Israel 
would be humbled, yet they did not turn to the Lord their 
God, nor seek him diligently for all this. 

11 (J) Ephraim indeed was like a silly dove which had no 
understanding; he called upon Egypt: and they went to the 

12 Assyrians. Let them go where they will, I will spread my net 
for them, and bring them down like the birds of the air, and 

13 instruct them with the report of one another's afiliction. Alas! 
for them, because they have departed from me. They are faint 
hearted, because they have transgressed against me. Though I 

14 redeemed them, yet they spoke lies against me. Their hearts 
do not cry to me; but only make moans on their beds — for 

15 corn and wine they were deeply affected. By me they were 
instructed — I indeed strengthened their arms; but they devis- 

16 ed evils against me. They were turned back to no purpose. 
They were like a bended bow. Let their chiefs fall by the 
sword for the folly of their tongue; let the derision they en- 

VIII. dured in the land of Egypt come into their bosoms like 
dirt, like an eagle darting upon the house of the Lord. Because 
they have transgressed my covenant, and have sinned against 

2 my law, will they cry to me, " Ο God, we have known thee?" 

3 Because Israel turned aAvay good things they met with an ene- 

4 my. They made kings for themselves but not by me — they 
set up a government and did not consult me; of their silver 
and gold they made idols for themselves that they might be 

5 utterly cut off". Away with thy calf, Ο Samaria! my wrath is 


6 kindled against them. How long shall things which cannot be 
made clean be in Israel? A carpenter made it; it is no God. 

7 Because thy calf, Ο Samaria, was an imposture — because they 
sowed blasted seed, therefore the catastrophe was correspon- 
dent; there is not a handful capable of yielding meal. And had 

8 it succeeded, strangers would have devoured it. Israel is swal- 
lowed up — he is now among the nations like an useless vessel, 

9 because he went up to the Assyrians. While Ephraim conti- 
nued at home he sprouted again. They loved gifts, therefore 

10 they shall be delivered up to the nations. I will now take 
charge of them, and they shall cease a little while from anoint- 

11 ing a king and chiefs. Because Ephraim multiplied altars for 

12 sins — altars were to him objects of love; I will prescribe for 
him a multitude. Though his rites were devised for other pur- 
poses, the altars \^'ere objects of love. For what purpose soe- 

13 ver they offer sacrifices and eat flesh, the Lord will not accept 
them; he will ηοΛν remember their iniquities and punish their 
sins. They turned back to Egypt, therefore among the As- 

14 Syrians they shall eat unclean things. Israel indeed forgot his 
Maker and built fanes, and Juda multiplied fenced cities; but 
into these cities of his I will send a fire, and it shall devour 
those buildings of theirs. 

IX. Rejoice not, Israel; nor be elated like the tribes, because 
thou hast gone a whoring from thy God. Thou didst love 

2 gifts on every corn floor; floor and press have disowned them, 

3 and the wine hath disappointed them. They did not dwell in 
the land of the Lord; Ephraim became an inhabitant of Egypt; 
therefore among the Assyrians they shall eat unclean things. 

4 They did not pour out wine to the Lord nor offer him sweet 
incense; tlieir sacrifices shall be to them like the bread of af- 
fliction; all that eat thereof shall be polluted. Seeing their fu- 

5 neral loaves cannot come into the house of the Lord, what will 
you do on the day of a solemn assembly; and on a day of a 

6 festival of the Lord? For this cause behold they are going 
from the misery of Egypt, and Memphis shall receive them 
and Machmas shall bury them. As for their silver, destruc- 

7 tion shall inherit it. Thorns shall be in their habitations. The 
days of the visitation are come; at hand are the days of thy re- 
compence: and Israel shall be aflilicted like the prophet who 

<::h. χ. HOSEA. 

was struck with horror — the man who had been inspired. By 
the mukitude of thine iniquities thy madness was increased. 

8 (p) Ephraim was a watchman with God, a prophet was a 
cunning snare in all his ways, they had fixed a madness by a 

9 house of God; they were corrupt as in the days of Gibeah. He 
will remember their iniquity; he will punish their sins. 

10 (J) I found Israel as a bunch of grapes in a wilderness; 
and I saw their fathers like an early watcher in a fig orchard. 
They went to Belphagor and abandoned themselves to shame, 

11 and became abominable, compared with the beloved. Ephraim 
is flown like a bird; their glories from parentage, births and 

12 conceptions are gone. Forthoughthey bring up their children, 
they shall be bereaved of them from among men: for (and alas 

13 for them! my flesh is of them) Ephraim, as I have seen, have 
roused their children for a hunt — even Ephraim hath, that he 
may lead out his children to a fatal conflict. Give them — 

14 (p) (O Lord what wilt thou give them?) 

( J ) — A womb incapable of bearing children and dry breasts. 

15 All their wickedness was occasioned by Galgal; because I hat- 
ed them there on account of the wickedness of their devices, 
I will drive them out of my house; I will no longer continue 

16 to love them. All their chiefs are become rebellious. Ephraim 
is in distress. His roots are withered. He shall no more pro- 
duce fruit. For though they bring forth, I will slay the belov- 

17 ed fruit of the womb. God will cast them off" because they 
hearkened not to him; and they shall be wanderers among the 

X. Israel was a vine with beautiful branches: the fruit there- 
of was abundant. In proportion to the abundance of his fruit 
he multiplied altars: in proportion to the good things of his 

2 land he erected pillars. They divided their hearts; they shall 
now be destroyed. He will demolish their altars. Their pillars 

3 shall be in extreme distress. Because they will now say, "We 
have no king, because we feared not the Lord." But as for this 

4 king, what can he do for us? Speaking words, false pretences, 
will he make a covenant? Will judgment spring up like a 

5 Aveed in an uncultivated field? Let the inhabitants of Samaria 
sojourn with the calf of the house of Ow, because its people 
mourned for it. Now as they provoked it they should rejoice 


6 at its glory— that it hath been removed from them. They in- 
deed having bound it, carried it to the Assyrians, as a present 
to the king larim. As an homage gift of Ephraim he will re- 
ceive it, and Israel shall be exposed to shame by his counsel. 

7 Samaria hath cast away her king as a chip on the surface of wa- 

8 ter. The altars of On, the stumbling blocks of Israel shall in- 
deed be taken away; thorns and thistles shall grow on their al- 
tars, and they will say to the hills, cover us, and to the 

9 mounts. Fall upon us. From the time of those mounts, Israel 
sinned: it was there they stood. Should not battle against these 
children of iniquity overtake them on this mount, to chastise 

10 them? Peoples shall indeed be gathered against them, when 

11 'they are corrected for their two iniquities. Ephraim is a heifer 

taught to love victory; but I will come against her beautiful 
neck; I will bring Ephraim into subjection; I will cause Juda 
to keep silence; Jacob shall wrestle for himself. 

12 (p) Sow for yourselves for righteousness; gather in the 
fruit of life. Light up for yourselves the light of knowledge. 
Seek the Lord until the fruits of righteousness come for you. 

13 AVhy have you concealed impiety and gathered in the iniqui- 
ties thereof ? You have eaten false fruit. 

(J) Because thou hast trusted in thy sins, and in the multi- 

14 tude of thine army, therefore destruction shall be raised up 
among thy people; and all thy fortifications shall be swept away, 
as chief Satamin was out of the house of Jeroboam. In the 
days of battle a mother was dashed to pieces upon her chil- 

15 dren. In this manner I will deal with you, Ο house of Israel, 
because of the perverseness of your iniquities. 

(p) Early in the morning they have been rejected! the 
king of Israel is cast off! 
XL (J) When Israel was young I loved him, and I called his 

2 children out of Egypt. The more I called them, the more 
they ran from my presence. They sacrificed to the Baalims, 

3 and burned incense to graven images ; therefore I bound 
Ephraim's feet. I took him up in my arms. When they did 
not know that I heal by the destruction of men, I bound them 

4 with the cords of my love. Now I will be to them as a man 
who slappeth his cheeks, and I will keep an eye upon him, 

5 and exercise authoritv over him. Ephraim dwelt in Egypt, 


though Assur was his king. Because he refused to return, he 

6 was weakened in his cities by the sword. And it caused him 
to rest with his hands ; and they shall eat the fruit of their 

7 (p) His people are indeed in imminent danger of being 
removed from their dwelling, will God be provoked against 
his honours so as never to exalt him ? 

8 (J) What shall I do with thee, Ephraim ? Shall I shield 
thee, Israel ? What must I do with thee ? Shall I make thee 
as Adama and as Seboim ? My heart relenteth for him. My 

9 compassion is moved. I will not act according to the fierce- 
ness of mine indignation, I will not give up Ephraim to utter 
destruction. For I am God and am not man — The Holy One 
in the midst of thee. 

10 (p) Am I tlien not to enter a city? Am I to follow the 
Lord ? Will he roar like a lion ? And because of his roarins", 
will the children of waters be aifrighted ? 

11 (J) They shall be frighted like a bird out of Egj^pt, and 
like a dove out of the land of the Assyrians. And I will bring 
them back to their own homes, saith the Lord. 

12 Ephraim encompassed me with a lie, and the house of 
Israel and Juda, with impieties. Now God had acknowledged 
them, and they were to be called the holy people of God. — 

XII. But this Ephraim is an evil spirit, he pursued a blast- 
ing wind the whole day. He multiplied emptiness and vanity. 
Though he made a covenant with the Assyrians, yet oil went 

2 continually to Egypt. With Juda also the Lord hath contro- 
versy. To vindicate Jacob, he will retribute to him, accord- 

3 ing to his Λvays, and according to his devices. In the womb 
Jacob kicked his brother, but in his troubles he wrestled 

4 with God. He indeed wrestled with an angel and prevailed. 
Have they wept or have they supplicated me? Have they found 
me in the house of On ? Or have they been spoken to there ? 

5 The Lord God Almighty was to be his memorial : To thy 

6 God therefore thou art to return. Keep mercy and judgment 
and draw near to thy God continually. 

7 As for Chanaan, in his hand is a deceitful balance. He lov- 

8 ed to tyrannise. Ephraim indeed said, "But I am rich, I have 
found a rest for myself." Becausr of the iniquities which he 


hath committed, none of his labours shall turn to account. I 

9 the Lord am thy God. I brought thee up out of the land of 

Egypt, I will yet cause thee to dwell in tents, as in the days 

10 of a festival. Shall I speak to prophets ? Though I have mul- 
tiplied visions, and by the ministry of prophets made com- 

11 parisons, was it only because of Galaad? There were liars 
indeed at Galaad — chiefs sacrificing ; but their altars were like 
heaps in an uncultivated field. 

12 (p) Though Jacob fled to the plain of Syria, and Israel 
made himself a slave for a wife, and for a wife kept watch, yet 
by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of the land of Egypt 
and by a prophet he was preserved. 

13 (J) Ephraim hath kindled indignation and provoked to 
wrath ; his blood therefore shall be poured out on him, and 

XIII. the Lord will retribute to him his reproach. Accord- 
ing to Ephraim's own accoimt he received rules of rectitude 
by Israel, but he attributed them to Baal and incurred death. 

2 And now they have proceeded on to greater acts of sin ; and 
of their silver have made themselves a molten image, accord- 
ing to the image of idols. The handiworks of craftsmen being 
consecrated for them. They say, Sacrifice men, for young 

3 bulls have failed. For this cause they shall be like a morn- 
ing cloud, and like a transient dew of the morning — like chaft" 
blown from a winnowing floor and like a vapour from tears. 

4 As for lue, I the Lord thy God am he who established the 
heaven, and created the earth, whose hands have created ail 
the host of heaven ; but I did not display these to thee that 
thou shouldst go after them : as I have brought thee up 
out of the land of Egypt ; therefore thou shalt acknow- 
ledtje no God besides me. Indeed besides me there is no 

5 Saviour. It was I who fed thee in the desert — in an unin- 

6 habited land- When in their pastures they were fed to the 
full ; then were their hearts lifted up. For this cause they for- 

7 got me. Therefore I will be to them as a tiger, even as a tigress 

8 in the way to the Assyrians. I will meet them as a bear be- 
reaved of her cubs, and rend the covering of their heart; and 
the young lions of the forest shall there devour them ; and the 

9 beasts of the field shall tear them to pieces, in thy destruction, 
10 Ο Israel., who can give succour? Where is this king of thine '^ 


Let him save thee in all thy cities. Let him judge thee, of 

11 whom thou saidst, "Give me a king and a chief." I gave thee 
a king in mine indignation, and in my wrath restrained the 

12 whirlwind of Ephraim's iniquity. As his sin is carefully laid 

13 up in store, pangs asof a woman in travail shall come upon 

him. — 

(p) With regard to that son of thine who is prudent, why 
may not he survive in the destruction of children. 

14 (J) Him I will deliver from the power of the grave, and 
from death I Avill redeem them. 

(p) Ο death, where is thy punishment? Where thy sting, 
Ο grave? Is comfort hid from mine eyes? Since he will make 

15 a distinction among brethren; let the Lord bring upon him a 
blasting wind from the desert, and let it dry up his veins and 
lay waste his fountains; let it parch up his land and all his pre- 
cious stores. 

16 (J) Samaria shall be utterly destroyed : because she re- 
belled against her God, they shall fall by the sword; and their 
infants shall be dashed to pieces, and their women with child 
shall be ripped up. 

XIV. (p) Ο Israel, return to the Lord thy God. Seeing they 

2 have been weakened for thine iniquities, take words with you 
and return to the Lord your God, and, that you may not re- 
ceive the punishment of iniquity but may receive good things, 

3 say to him, " We will render to thee the fruit of our lips. As- 
sur cannot save us. We will no more mount horses ; we will 
no more say to the works of our hand, *' You are our gods." 
He who is in thee will compassionate the fatherless. 

4 (J) I will heal their habitations. I will undoubtedly love 
them. Because he hath turned away my wrath from him, I 

5 will be to Israel like dew. He shall bloom like a lily, and shoot 

6 out his roots like Lebanon. His branches shall spread; and he 
shall be like a fruitful olive tree, and like that of Lebanon 

7 shall be his fragrance. They shall return and dwell under his 
shade; they shall live and be plentifully fed with corn. And 
he shall flourish like a vine and the memorial of him shall be 

8 like the wine of Lebanon. As for Ephraim, what hath he any 
nioreto dowith idols? I humbled him and I will strengthen 

VOL. III. ^' Β 


him. I am like a fruitful juniper ; from me thou shalt find 
9 (p) Who is wise that he may understand these things, 
prudent, that he may know them ? Because the ways of the 
Lord are straight; therefore the righteous will walk in them : 
But in them the wicked shall be without strength. 


I. A word of the Lord xuhich came to Joel son of BathucL 

2 HEAR these things ye elders ! And give ear all ye inha- 
bitants of the land ! Have such things happened in your days, 

3 or in the days of your fathers? Of these things give an ac- 
count to your children; and let your children tell their chil- 
dren; and their children, another generation. 

4 The leavings of the palmer worm have been devoured by 
the giasshopper, and the leavings of the grasshopper have 
been devoured by the locust. And the mildew hath consum- 
ed what the locust left. 

5 AAvake ye drunkards, from your wine and weep. Sing a 
mournful song all ye who drink wine to drunkenness ; for joy 

6 and gladness are gone from your mouth. For against my land 
a nation is come up, strong and innumerable. Their teeth are 
the teeth of lions; and their grinders, those of a young lion. 

7 They have made my vineyard a desolation; and my fig orch- 
ards, a waste. They have searched it thoroughly and it is gone 
to wreck; they have made the branches thereof white. 

8 Let thy song of woe before me be more plaintive than that 
of a bride clothed with sackcloth for the husband of her youth. 

9 Sacrifice and libation are taken away from the house of the Lord. 
Mourn ye priests, who minister at the Lord's altar, because 

10 the fields are wasted. Let the land mourn : because the corn 
hath suffered grievously : wine is dried away; oil is diminish- 

11 ed; husbandmen are parched up. Mourn, ye farms, for the 
wheat and barley, because the harvester is perished from the 

12 field. The vines are withered and the fig trees are diminish- 
ed; peach and palm and citron trees and all the trees of the 

13 field are withered. Because the children of men are ashamed 

Ch. II. JOEL, 

of joy, gird yourselves, ye priests, and lament bitterly : sing 
the song of woe, ye ΛνΙιο minister at the altar; go in and sleep 

14 in sackcloth, ye ministers of God. Because sacrifice and liba- 
tion are withheld from the house of your God. Set apart a fast; 
proclaim a solemn service; assemble the elders — all the inha- 
bitants of the land, to the house of your God, and cry to the 
Lord incessandy, " Ah me ! Ah me ! Ah me ! for the day." 

15 For the day of the Lord is at hand; and it will come like de- 

16 struction on destruction. Food is utterly destroyed before your 

17 eyes — ^joy and gladness, from the house of your God. The 
heifers starded at their stalls. Stores are exhausted; wine lakes 

18 are gone to ruin. As the com is blasted, what shall we sub- 
stitute for ourselves? The herds of cattle uttered mournful 
lowings, because there was no pasture for them; and the flocks 

19 of sheep are utterly destroyed. To thee, Ο Lord, let me cry 
for myself, because a fire hath consumed the pleasant places 
of the wilderness, and a flame hath blasted all the trees of the 

20 field. To thee indeed the cattle in the plain have looked up, 
because the springs of water are quite dry, and a fire hath de- 
voured the pleasant places of the wilderness. 

II. Blow the trumpet in Sion; make proclamation on my holy 
mountain. And let all the inhabitants of the land be alarmed. 

2 For the day of the Lord is approaching — for it is near — a day 
of darkness and gloom — a day of clouds and thick darkness. 
Like dawn, there shall be poured out on the mountains a peo- 
ple numerous and powerful, the like of them hath never been, 

3 nor shall be any more to the years of all generations. Before 
them is a kindling fire, and all behind them a glowing flame. 
Before them the land is like a pleasure garden, and behind 
them, a scene of desolation : and there is none who can escape 

4 them. Their appearance is like the appearance of horses; and 

5 like horsemen they can pursue. With a noise like that of 
chariots they will bound over the tops of mountains and their 
noise is like that of a flaming fire consuming stubble. They 
are like a people numerous and powerful, arrayed for battle. 

6 At their presence peoples will be appalled and every fiice 

7 covered with blackness. They can run like warriors and like 
mighty warriors scale walls; and every one will march in his 

8 own path. They will not alter their lines of march; nor will any 

Ch. II. JOEL. 

one separate from his comrade. They will march loaded with 

their arms, and though they fall on their weapons they shall 

- 9 not be killed. They will surprise the city and run upon the 

walls; they will climb up the houses and enter at windows like 

10 thieves. At their presence the earth will be confounded and 
the heaven shaken, and the sun and the moon will be darken- 
ed, and the stars will withdraw their refulgence, and the Lord 

11 will utter his voice before his army. Because the circuit of his 
camp is very large — because the operation of his words is ir- 
resistable — because the day of the Lord is great, extremely 

12 awful; Λvho therefore shall be able to abide it? Now therefore 
saith the Lord your God, turn to me with your whole heart, 
and with fasting and with weeping and with mourning. 

13 Rend your hearts and not your garments, and turn to the Lord 
your God; for he is gracious and merciful, long suftering and 

14 full of compassion, and relenteth at evils. Who knoweth but 
he will turn and relent, and leave behind him a blessing and a 
sacrifice and a libation for the Lord your God. 

15 Sound the trumpet in Sion. Appoint a fast; proclaim a 

16 solemn act of worship. Assemble the people ; sanctify the 
congregation ; choose elders. Bring together infants at the 
breast. Let the bridegroom come forth from his chamber and 

17 the bride from her Λvardrobe. At the foot of the altar, let the 
priests who minister to the Lord, weep, and say. Spare, Ο 
Lord, thy people; and give not up thy heritage to reproach — 
for the nations to rule over them. 

18 That they may not say among the nations, "Where is their i 

19 God?" the Lord was indeed jealous for his land and spared 
his people. And the Lord answered and said to his people, Be- 
hold I will send you corn and wine and oil, and with them you 
shall be plentifully supplied. And I will no more make you a 

20 reproach among the nations. This army from the north I will 
remove from } ou, and drive it to a'land without water, and 
destroy its front in the first and its rear in the last sea : and 

21 its smell shall come up and its stench shall ascend, because it 
hath magnified its works. 

(p) Take courage, Ο land, rejoice and be glad ; for it is 

22 the Lord who made it great to perform exploits. Take cour- 
age, Ο beasts of the field; for the plains of the wilderness are 

Ch. ΠΙ. JOEL. 

in bloom. Because the trees have yielded their fruit — the fig 

23 tree and the vine have put forth their strength; rejoice there- 
fore, ye children of Sion and exult in the Lord your God : for 
he hath given you this food for righteousness, and he will dis- 

24 til upon you the former and the latter rain as heretofore. And 
your threshing floors shall be filled with corn, and your vats 
shall overflow with wine and oil. 

25 (J) I will indeed make you compensation for what hath 
been devoured by the grasshopper and the locust, the palmer 
Λvorm and the mildew — that great army of mine which I sent 

26 against you. And you shall eat plentifully and be satisfied, and 
shall praise the name of the Lord your God, who hath dealt 
wonderfully with you; and my people shall never be put to 

27 shame. And you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, 
and that I the Lord am your God and besides me there is no 

28 other; and my people shall never be put to shame. And it shall 
come to pass after these things that I will pour out a portion 
of my spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters 
shall prophesy; and your old men shall dream dreams ; and 

29 your young men shall see visions. And on my servants and on 
my hand maids in those days I will pour out a portion of my 

30 spirit. And I will exhibit wonders in heaven and on the earth, 

3 1 blood and fire and smoky vapour. The sun shall be turned 
into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of 

32 the great and illustrious day of the Lord. But whoever will 
call on the name of the Lord shall be saved; for on mount Si- 
on and in Jerusalem shall be the Saviour, as the Lord hath 
said, and the publishers of glad tidings, whom the Lord hath 

III. Because, lo! Here I am in those days and at that time when 

2 I have brought back the captivity of Juda and Jerusalem; and 
I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley 
of Josaphat and plead with them there for my people and my 
heritage, Israel, who have been scattered among the nations. 

3 They indeed divided my land among themselves and cast 
lots for my people; they gave my boys to harlots and sold my 

4 girls for wine and drank it. Now what have you, Tyre and Si- 
don and all Galilee of foreign tribes, to do with me? Are you 

« rendering me a retribution? Or are you venting your spite 



against mc? On your heads I will severely and speedily return 

5 your retribution. Because you have taken my silver and my 

6 gold, and carried my choicest goods into your temples, and 
sold the sons of Juda and the sons of Jerusalem to the Greeks, 

7 that you might remove them far from their borders; therefore 
behold I will raise them up from the places whither you sold 

8 them, and return your retribution on your heads. And I will 
deliver your sons and your daughters into the hands of the 
sons of Juda, that they may sell them as captives to a far dis- 
tant nation. 

9 Because the Lord hath spoken, proclaim these things 
amons: the nations. Declare war : rouse the warriors : assem- 

10 ble and march up, all ye men of war. Beat your ploughshares 
into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Let the weak 

11 say, I am strong. Assemble and come all ye nations around 
and be there gathered together. Let the man of peace become 

12 a soldier. Let all the nations be roused and come up to the 
valley of Josaphat; for there I will sit to judge all the nations 

13 around. Put to the sickles, for the harvest is come; go in and 
tread for the vat is full. Cause the wine lakes to overflow: for 

14 their wicked deeds have been multiplied. Screams resound in the 
valley of Judgment ! Because the day of the Lord in the val- 

15 ley of Judgment is at hand. The sun and the moon shall be 
obscured in darkness; and the stars shall withdraw their reful- 

16 gence; and the Lord will utter a shout from Sion, and from 
Jerusalem he will send forth his voice ; and the heaven and 
the earth shall be shaken: but the Lord will spare his 

17 people and strengthen the sons of Israel. And ye shall know 
that I am the Lord your God, who dwell in Sion my holy 
mountain, and Jerusalem shall be holy and strangers shall no 

18 more pass through it. And it shall come to pass in that day, 
that the mountains shall distil new wine ; and the hills shall 
send forth streams of milk; and all the fountains of Juda shall 
pour out water; and a fountain shall issue from the house 

19 of the Lord, which shall water the valley of bulrushes. Egypt 
shall be a desolation, and Idumca a scene of destruction, for 
the injuries done to the children of Juda — for tlieir having shed 

30 innocent blood in their land : but Judea shall be inhabited for 
21 ever, and Jerusalem for generations of generations : and I will , 


make inquisition for their blood, and will not pass it over un- 
revenged : and the Lord will dwell in Sion. 


I. The words of Amos which came to him at Akkarim of The- 
koue, which came to him in vision concerning Jerusalem in 
the days of Ozias king of Juda^ and in the days of Jero- 
boam son of Joas, king of Israel, two years before the earth- 
quake. And he said, 

2 From Sion the Lord hath spoken with majesty, and from 
Jerusalem he uttered his voice, and the pastures of the shep- 

3 herds mourned, and the top of Carmel withered. And the 
Lord said. 

For the three transgressions of Damascus, and for four 
shall I not be averse from it ? 

Because with iron saws they sawed asunder the pregnant 

4 wives of the men of Galaad ; therefore I will send a fire into 
the house of Azael, and it shall devour the foundations of Ben- 

5 Ader. And I will break the bars of Damascus, and utterly 
destroy the inhabitants out of the plain of On, and I will cut 
off a tribe from the men of Charran, and the chosen people 
of Syria shall be made captives, saith the Lord. 

6 Thus saith the Lord, For the three transgressions of Ga- 
za, and for four, shall I not be averse from them ? Because 
they captivated the captives of the Salamonites, to deliver them 

7 up to Idumea ; therefore I will send a fire against the Avails 

8 of Gaza, and it shall devour the foundations thereof. And I 
will utterly destroy inhabitants out of Azotus, and a tribe shall 
be taken away from Ascalon ; and I will lay my hand on Ak- 

• karon, and the remnant of the Philistines shall be destroved 
saith the Lord. 

9 Thus saith the Lord, For the three transgressions of 
Tyre, and for four shall I not be averse from it ? Because 
they delivered up the captives of the Salamonites to Idumea, 

10 and did not remember the covenant of brothers ; therefore 
I will send a fire against the walls of Tyre, and it shall devour 
the foundation thereof. 

Ch. 11. AMOS. 

11 Thus saith the Lord, For the three transgressions of 
Idumea, and for four shall I not be averse from it? Because 
they pursued their brother with a sword, and violated a mo- 
ther on the ground : he indeed to evidence his intention seiz- 
ed by force ; he kept up his horror and his onset till he accom- 

12 plished his purpose ; therefore I will send a fire against Thai- 
man, and it shall consume the foundation of its walls. 

13 Thus saith the Lord, For the three transgressions of the 
Ammonites, and for four shall I not be averse from them? 
Because they ripped up the pregnant wives of the Galaadites, 

14 that they might enlarge their own borders; therefore agamst the 
walls of Rabbath I will kindle a fire, which shall consume its 
foundations, with a shout in the day of battle ; and it shall 

15 be shaken in the day of its destruction ; and its kings shall 
go into captivity, and their priests, and their chiefs together, 
saith the Lord. 

II. Thus saith the Lord, For the three transgressions of. 

Moab, and for four shall I not be averse from him ? Be- 

2 cause he burned into lime the bones of the king of Idumea ; 
therefore I will send a fire into Moab, and it shall devour the 
foundations of her cities, and Moab shall die of weakness : 

3 with shouting and with the clangour of trumpets, I will cut 
oif her judge, and slay all her chiefs with him, saith the Lord. 

4 Thus saith the Lord, For the three transgressions of 
the children of Juda, and for four, shall I not be averse from 
him? Because they have rejected the law of the Lord, and 
have not kept his commandments, and have been led astray 
by their vanities which they made, which their fathers had fol- 

5 lowed; therefore I will send a fire against Juda, and it shall de- 
vour the foundations of Jerusalem. 

6 Thus saith the Lord, For the three transgressions of Israel, 
and for four, shall I not be averse from him ? Because they 
sold a righteous one for silver and a needy one for a pair of 

7 sandals; and dashed their sandals against the heads of the poor; 
and turned aside the way of the meek; and a son and a father 

8 went in unto the same handmaid. That they might profane the 
name of their God, having bound their garments with cords of 
rushes, they pitched their tents near the altar, and drank, in 

9 the house of their God, wine got by extortion. As for me, I 


removed from before them the Amorite whose stature was like 
that of a cedar. Though he was strong as an oak, I withered 

10 his fruit above and his roots underneath. I indeed brought 
you up out of the land of Egypt, and led you about in the wil- 
derness forty years, that you might inherit the land of the 

11 Amorites. And I took some of your sons for prophets, and 
some of your young men for a state of sanctification. Are 
not these things so, Ο children of Israel? Saith the Lord. 

12 But you caused my sanctified ones to drink wine; and charged 

13 the prophets, saying, "You shall not prophesy:" Therefore be- 
hold I will roll under you, as a cart roUeth Λvhich is loaded 

14 with sheaves, so that flight shall perish from the swift runner; 
and the strong will not be master of his strength; and the war- 

15 rior shall not save his life. And the bowman shall not stand, 
nor shall the swift of foot escape; even the horseman shall 

16 not save his life. The mighty will not know how to act with 
their forces: the naked shall, in that day, pursue, saith the 

III. (p) Hear this word which the Lord hath spoken against 
you, Ο house of Israel ! 

(J) Yes, against every tribe which I brought out of the 
land of Egypt, saying, Of all the tribes of the earth, I acknow- 
ledge none but you. Therefore I will punish you for all your 

(p) Will two walk together continually unless they agree? 

4 Will a lion roar from his forest when he hath no prey? Will a 
young lion utter a continued roar from his den unless he be 

5 tearing something? Will a bird fall on the'ground unless he 
be shot? Will a gin on the ground be loosened, unless some- 

6 thing be caught? Shall a trumpet sound in a city and the peo- 
ple not be alarmed? Can there be in a city a calamity which the 

7 Lord hath not inflicted? Seeing the Lord will not do any thing 

8 without giving warning to his servants; shall a lion roar and 
none be struck with dread? Hath the Lord spoken and will 

9 none prophesy? Make proclamation in the provinces of Assy- 
ria, and in the regions of Egypt, and say. Assemble yourselves 
on the mountains of Samaria, and see many wonderful things 
in the midst thereof, and the cruel oppression which is in it, 

10 Now did she not know things which will be before her? Saith the 

VOL. III. -3 c 

Ch. IV. AMOS. 

Lord. They are treasuring up injustice and misery in their 

11 countries. Therefore, thus saith the Lord God, " Tyre is all 
around. Thy land shall be wasted." He will break thy power 

12 and thy regions shall be ravaged. Thus saith the Lord, "As 
when a shepherd snatcheth from the mouth of a lion two legs 
or a piece of an ear; so shall the children of Israel be snatched, 
who dwell in Samaria over against that tribe and in Damas- 

13 Hear ye priests, and testify to the house of Israel, saith the 

14 Lord Almighty, That on the day when I punish Israel for his 
impieties, I will execute vengeance also on the altars of Bethel; 
and the horns of the altar shall be cut off and fall to the ground. 

15 I will confound and smite the turretted house over the sum- 
mer house; and the houses of ivory shall perish; and many 
other houses shall perish with them, saith the Lord. 

IV. Hear this word, ye heifers of Basanitis, ye who are on the 
mountain of Samaria; who tyrannise over the distressed and 
trample the needy, who say to your masters. Bring and let us 

2 drink. The Lord sweareth by his Holies, that lol days are com- 
ing upon you when fiery pestilent men will seize you with 

3 arms ; and throw them with you into boiling kettles : and 
you shall be dragged out naked over against one another, and 

4 cast out naked on the mountain Romman, saith the Lord. You 
have gone to Baithel and committed transgression, to Galgala 
and multiplied transgressions, and have offered your sacrifices 

5 every morning, and your tythes eveiy three days; for having 
publicly read a law they proclaimed thanksgivings. Proclaim 
them, because in such things the children of Israel delight, 

6 saith the Lord. But as for me, I will give you gnashing of 
teeth in all your cities, and want of bread in all your places. 

7 When you returned not to me, saith the Lord, I withheld 
from you the rain three months before harvest; with an intent 
to rain on one city and on another city not to rain. One part 
was to be watered, and the part on Avhich 1 did not rain, to be 

8 dried up; so that two or three cities should crowd to one city 
for drink and not be satisfied. 

9 And when you turned not to me, saith the Lord, I smote 
you with blasting and mildew: you multiplied your gardens: 

Ch. V. AMOS. 

the caterpillar devoured your vineyards and your fig trees and 
your olive orchards. 

10 When even for this you turned not to me, saith the Lord, 
I sent death among you by the way of Egypt, and slew your 
young men with the sword and gave up your horses to capture: 

11 and by your rage I involved your camps in fire. And when 
even for this you turned not to me, saith the Lord, I overthrew 
you as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorra; and you became 
like a brand plucked out of fire. 

12 Now as even for this you have not turned to me, saith the 
Lord, therefore in this manner will I deal with thee, Israel. 
But because I will deal thus with thee, prepare, Ο Israel, to in- 

13 voke thy God: for behold here am I, who give strength to 
thunder — Who create wind, and proclaim for men his anoint- 
ed one — who make the morning dawn and thick darkness, and 
who walk on the high places of the earth, whose name is the 
Lord God, Omnipotent. 

V. (p) Hear this word of the Lord — a song of woe which I 

2 take up respecting you. The house of Israel is fallen. Shall it 
never more rise again? The virgin of Israel is prostrate on the 
ground. Is there none to raise her up? For this cause thus saith 

3 the Lord, Lord, of the city from which a thousand marched,, 
there shall be left a hundred; and of the city, from which a 
hundred marched, ten shall be left to the house of Israel. 

4 Wherefore, thus saith the Lord to the house of Israel, Seek 
me and you shall live. But seek not Baithel, nor go to Galgal, 

5 nor pass on to the Well of Oath: because Galgal shall surely 
go into captivity, and Baithel shall be as if it had never existed. 
Seek the Lord and live, that the house of Joseph may not blaze 
like a fire, and devour him: and the house of Israel have none 

7 to quench it. He is the exalter of judgment and hath establish- 

8 ed righteousness for the earth. He is the maker and the form- 
er of all things. He turneth darkness into day, and dai'keneth 
the day into night. He calleth to him the water of the sea, and 

9 poureth it out on the face of the earth. His name is the Lord. 
He setteth destruction against strength and bringeth misery 
on bulwarks. 

10 (J) They hated a reprover in the gates and held in abhor- 

11 rence a holy word; therefore because they have beaten the 

Ch. VI. AMOS. 

poor with their fists, though you had received from them choice 
gifts; you have buih houses of hewn stone; but in them you 
shall not dwell; you have planted lovely vineyards, but you 
shall not drink the Λνίηε thereof. 

12 (p) Because I know your manifold impieties and your 
sins are mighty — you trample down the righteous, take pledg- 

13 es and turn aside the poor in the gates; therefore the prudent 
will at that time be silent because it is the time of wicked men, 

14 Seek good and not evil that you may live, and so the Lord 

15 God Almighty will be with you. As you have said, We have 
hated evil and loved good; therefore re-establish judgment in 
the gates, that the Lord God Almighty may have compassion 

16 on the remnant of Joseph. For this purpose, saith the Lord, the 
God Almighty, in all the streets let there be wailing, and in 
all the highways let them say, Alas! Alas! Let the husbandman 
be called to lamentation and mourning, and to them who are 

17 skilled in the song of woe. And in all the ways let there be 
wailing; for I will pass through the midst of thee, said the 

18 Lord. Alas for them who desire the day of the Lord! Why 
should you desire the day of the Lord, when it is darkness and 

19 not light? As if a man would flee from the face of a lion and 
a bear met him, or, as if one would leap into a house and Ican- 

20 ing his hand on the wall a serpent bit him. Is not this day of 
the Lord darkness and not light — even thick darkness, in 
which there is not a ray of light? 

21 (J) I have hated, I have rejected your festivals, and I will 

22 not smell your sacrifices at your solemn assemblies. Therefore 
though you offer me whole burnt offerings, I will not accept 
your sacrifices nor regard your sumptuous peace offerings. 

23 Take from me the noise of thy songs, and let me not hear the 

24 melody of musical instruments; but let judgment roll down 

25 like water, and righteousness like an impassable torrent. Did 
you, Ο house of Israel, offer to me burnt offerings and sacrifi- 
ces, forty years in the wilderness? You have indeed taken up 

26 the tent of Moloch and the star of your god Raiphan — those 
types of them which you have made for yourselves. Therefore 
I will remove you beyond Damascus; saith the Lord, the God 
whose name is the Almighty. 

VI. Alas for them who despise Sion and have put their trust 


in the mount of Samaria. They have gathered as a vintage 

2 the governments of nations and gone in. Ο house of Israel, 
Go ve all over [to Chalane] and see, and thence pass on to 
Ematraba and thence go down to Gath of the Philistines, to 
the strongest of all those kingdoms of theirs. Are their bor- 

3 ders larger than yours, who are coming to an evil day, who are 
drawing near and on the point of touching false sabbaths? 

4 Some of you are sleeping on beds of ivory and lolling at ease 
on their couches, and eating kids from the flocks, and from 

5 the herds calves fed with milk : some are dwelling on the 
sound of musical instruments; as if they thought it fixed and 

6 not fleeting. Some are drinking filtered wine and anointing 
themselves with most precious ointment and have no feeling 

7 for the afiliction of Joseph. Now for this cause, from being a 
a government of mighties they shall be captives, and the 

8 neighing of horses shall be taken away from Ephraim. For 
the Lord hath sworn by himself, As I abhor all this haughti- 
ness of Jacob and have hated all his regions, therefore I will 

9 destroy cities with all their inhabitants. And it shall come to 

10 pass that if ten head men be left in one family, they shall die 
and the residue shall be left and their domestics shall succeed 
them. And when they are pressed to bring their bones out of 
the house, one will say to them who are over the family, Arc 
there any more yet with thee? And when one will say, There 

11 is no more : then will one say, Forbear to mention the name 
of the Lord on this account; for behold the Lord command- 
eth, and he will smite the great house with breaches and the 

12 small house with fractures. Can horses pursue among rocks? 
Will they refrain from whinnying at females ? Because you 
have turned judgment into fury, and the fruit of righteousness 

13 into bitterness, some rejoicing in a thing of naught, and others 

14 saying, "Have we not by our own strength takenhorns?" There- 
fore, behold I will raise up against you, Ο house of Israel, a 
nation, saith the Lord of hosts, who shall afilict you that you 
may not enter the bay of Aimath, nor approach the brook at 
the settings of the sun. 

VII. (p) So the Lord God pointed out to me, and lo ! an 
eastern swarm of locusts was coming and behold a bronchus 
locust, one Gog, was their king; and when they had complete- 


ly devoured the grass of the land, I said, Ο Lord, Lord, be 
appeased. Who shall raise up Jacob? Because he is very 

2 small, relent, Ο Lord at this. 

3 This therefore shall not be, saith the Lord. 

4 So the Lord pointed out to me, and lo ! the Lord had 
called for the punishment by fire and it was devouring the 

5 great abyss and consuming the portion of the Lord, Avhere- 
upon I said, Cease, Ο Lord, I beseech thee. Who shall raise 

6 up Jacob? Because he is very small, relent, Ο Lord, at this. 
This then shall not be, saith the Lord. 

7 So the Lord pointed out to me; and lo ! he was standing on 
a Avail of adamant and in his hand was an adamant. And the 
Lord said to me, What dost thou see, Amos? And when I 

8 said, An Adamant; the Lord said to me. Behold I interpose an 
adamant in the midst of my people Israel that I may no more 

9 permit them to transgress. Ridiculous altars shall indeed be 
utterly destroyed and the sanctuaries of Israel shall be laid 
waste and I will rise up against the house of Jeroboam with 
a sword. 

10 Then Amasias the priest of Baithel sent to Jeroboam king 
of Israel, saying, Amos is raising insurrections against thee 
in the midst of the house of Israel. The land cannot bear all 

11 his words. For thus Amos saith, " Jeroboam shall die by the 
sword; and Israel shall be carried away captive from his land." 

12 Moreover Amasias said to Amos, Begone, seer. Get thee to 

13 the land of Juda and dwell there ; and prophesy there ; but 
against Baithel thou shalt not continue to prophesy; for it is 

14 the sanctuary of the king. It is the king's house. Whereupon 
Amos answered and said to Amasias, I was not a prophet, nor 

15 a son of a prophet. I was only a herdsman and a gatherer of 
dates; and the Lord took me from the flocks and the Lord said 

16 to me, Go and prophesy against my people Israel. Now there- 
fore hear a \\'Ord of the Lord, Thou sayst, " Prophesy not 
against Israel," and " Thou shalt not give any disturbance to 

17 Israel." Therefore thus saith the Lord, 

" Thy wife shall be a prostitute in the city ; and thy sons 
and thy daughters shall fall by the sword ; and thy land shall 
be measured out λν'ιύι a line; andthou shalt die in a polluted 
land; and Israel shall be carried captive from his land." 


VIII. So the Lord, Lord pointed out to me, and lol a fowler's 

2 basket. And he said, Amos, what dost thou see? And when I 
said, A fowler's basket, the Lord said to me, The end is come 
upon my people Israel. I will no more permit them to trans- 

3 gress. In that day indeed the vaulted cielings of this temple 
shall resound with cries of woe, saith the Lord, Lord. Multi- 
tudes are fallen every where, I will bring on silence. 

4 (p) Hear this, I beseech you, ye who every morning op- 
press the needy, and by your tyranny drive the poor from the 

5 land, saying. When will the new moon be over that we may 
buy? And the sabbaths, that we may open store? to make 
the measure small, and the weight heavy, and to make the 

6 balance uneven, that we may purchase the poor for silver, 
and the needy for a pair of sandals, when from every kind of 

7 product we shall have made gain. The Lord sweareth, in op- 
position to this arrogance of Jacob, that none of these works 

8 of yours shall ever be forgotten. Now for these things shall 
not the land be troubled and every inhabitant therein mourn? 
Destruction indeed shall swell like a river, and flow down like 

9 the river of Egypt. And it shall come to pass in that day, 
saith the Lord, Lord, That the sun shall set at noon day, and 

10 the light on that day shall be darkened on the earth. And 
I will turn your festivals into mourning, and all your songs 
into songs of lamentation. And I will bring sackcloth on ever^-^ 
loin and baldness on every head, and cause a mourning for 
him like that for a beloved, and for them with him, like that 
of a day of sorrow. 

11 Behold days are coming, saith the Lord, when I will send 
a famine against the land— not a famine of bread, nor a thirst 

12 for water; but a famine of hearing the word of the Lord. And 
they shall fluctuate as water from sea to sea, and run to and 
fro; from north to east seeking the word of the Lord, and shall 

13 not find it. In that day the fair virgins and young men shall 
faint for thirst. They who swear by the atonement of Samaria, 
and they who say. Thy God, Ο Dan, liveth : thy God, Ο Ber- 
sabee, liveth, shall indeed fall and shall never rise any more. 

IX. I saw the Lord standing on the altar, and he said. Smite 
the propitiatory and let die porches be shaken, and cut them 
clown on the heads of them all; and those of them who arf left 

Ch. IX. AMOS. 

I will slay with the sword. Such of them as flee shall not get 

2 away; and such of them as escape shall not be saved. Though 
they hide themselves in the mansion of the dead, thence my 
hand will drag them up. And though they climb up to heaven, 

3 thence I will bring them down. Though they hide themselves 
on the top of Carmel, I will there search them out and take 
them. And should they go down from my sight into the depths 
of the sea, I will there give orders to the dragon and he will 

4 bite them. And if they go into captivity before their enemies, 
I will there command the sword and it shall slay them. I will 
indeed keep mine eyes fixed on them for evils and not for 

5 good — even I who am the Lord, the Lord God Almighty who 
toucheth the earth and shaketh it, and all its inhabitants shall 
mourn, and its destruction shall swell like a river, and flow 

6 down like the river of Egypt; who buildeth his stairs up to 
heaven, and his tribunal on the foundations of the earth ; who 
calleth to him the water of the sea and poureth it out on the 

7 face of the earth, the Lord Almighty is his name. 

Are not you, Ο Israelites, the same to me as the Ethiopians, 
saith the Lord. Did I notbring Israel up out of the land of Egypt, 
and the Phihstinesoutof Cappadociaandthe Syrians from Both- 

8 ras? Behold the eyes of the Lord God are against every kingdom 
of sinners, and I will cut it off" from the face of the earth. But 
because I will not utterly destroy the house of Israel, saith the 

9 Lord, therefore I order, and I will scatter the house of Israel 
among all the nations, as if they were winnowed with a fan; 

10 and not a morsel of it shall fall on this land. By the sword all 
the sinners of my people shall die, who say, These evils shall 
not come near nor fall upon us. 

1 1 In that day I will raise up the tabernacle of David which hath 
fallen; I will rebuild those parts of it which have fallen to de- 
cay, and repair what have been demolished. I will indeed re- 

12 build it as in the days of old, that the rest of mankind may 
seek [the Lord] even all the nations who are called by my 
name, saith the Lord who doth all these things. 

13 Behold the days are coming, saith the Lord, When the 
harvester shall overtake the grape gatherer; and the grape shall 
begin to ripen at seeding time; and the mountains shall distil 

14 sweet wine; and all the hills shall be planted. And I will bring 

Ch. IX. AMOS. 

back the captivity of my people Israel; and they shall rebuild 
the wasted cities and inhabit them; and they shall plant vine- 
yards and drink the wine thereof; and make gardens and eat 
15 the fruits of them. I will indeed plant them in their own land; 
and they shall no more be rooted up from the land, which I 
have given them, saith the Lord God Almighty. 


The vision of Obadiah. 

Thus saith the Lord God to Idumea, (I heard the report 
from the Lord. When he sent a message to the nations. Arise 

2 and let us go up against it to battle.) Behold I have made 
thee very small among the nations : thou art dishonoured in 

3 a high degree. The pride of thy heart puffed thee up, dwell- 
ing in the clefts of rocks. (Having made his habitation high 
he said in his heart, Who can bring me down to the ground?) 

4 Though thou shouldst soar aloft like an eagle, and make thy 
nest among the stars ; thence I will pull thee down, saith the 

5 Lord. If thieves come to thee, or robbers by night ; in what 
place soever thou mayst be cast ; would they not steal what 
would satisfy them ? And if grape gatherers came to thee, 

6 would they leave no gleaning ? How Esau hath been search- 

7 ed ! are even his hidden stores left ? They have driven thee 
to the borders. All the men in league with thee, have risen up 
against thee. Thy men of peace prevailed against thee. They 
laid snares under thee. They have no understanding. 

8 In that day, saith the Lord, I will destroy wise men out of 

9 Idumea, and understanding out of the mount of Esau. And thy 
warriors from Thaiman shall be dismayed, that man may be 

10 removed from the mountain of Esau. On account of the impi- 
ous slaughter of thy brother Jacob, shame shall cover thee, 

1 1 and thou shalt be cut oif forever. From the day that thou 
didst become an adversary, whenever the Philistines captivat- 
ed his arm.y, or strangers entered his gates and cast lots on Je- 

12 rusalem, thou also wast as one of them. But thou shouldst 
not have looked on thy brother's day in the day of strangers ; 
nor rejoiced over the children of Juda, in the day of their de- 

voi. III. 3 Γ 



struction ; nor shouldst thou have vaunted in'the day of afflic- 
tion; nor entered people's gates in the day of their distresses. 

13 Thou especially shouldst not have beheld their congregation 
in the day of their destruction, nor joined to fall on their army 

14 in the day of their defeat ; nor beset the passes to cUt off such 
of them as were escaping ; nor shouldst thou have hemmed 

15 in his fugitives, in a calamitous day. Because the day of the 
Lord, against all the nations is near; as thou hast done so shall 
it be done to thee : thy dealings shall be returned on thy head. 

16 For in the same manner as thou hast drunk on my holy moun- 
tain, all the nations shall be drunk up as wine. They shall be 
drunk up and swallowed down, and be as if they had never 

17 been. But on mount Sion shall be safety and a sanctuary ; and 

18 the house of Jacob shall possess those who possessed them; and 
the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph, a 
flame ; and the house of Esau shall be as stubble ; and upon 
these they shall kindle and consume them, so that there shall 
not be a torch bearer to the house of Esau. For the Lord 

19 hath spoken. And they in Nageb shall inherit the mountain 
of Esau ; and those in Sephale shall inherit the Philistines. — 
and they shall possess mount Ephraim and the plain of Sama- 

20 ria and Benjamin and Galaaditis ; and this shall be the domi- 
nion of the captivity — to the Israelites shall belong the land 
of the Chananites to Sarepta, and to the captives of Jerusa- 
lem, to Ephratha : they shall possess the cities of Nageb. — 

21 And they who have been preserved, shall go up from mount 
Sion to execute vengeance on the mountain of Esau. And 
the kingdom shall be the Lord's. 


L When a word of the Lord came to Jonas the son of 

2 Amathi, saying, " Arise and go to Ninive that great city 
and proclaim in it. That the cry of its wickedness is come up 

3 to me." Jonas arose to flee to Tharsis from the presence of 
the Lord, and' went down to Joppa, and finding a ship bound 
to Tharsis, he paid his fare and Avent on board with a design 
to sail with them to Tharsis, from the presence of the Lord 

4 But the Lord raised a wind on the sea, and there was a great 


tempest in the sea, so that the ship was in danger of founder• 

5 ing. And the mariners were terrified, and cried every one to 
his god, and threw overboard some of the cargo, to Ughten 
the vessel. Now Jonas had gone down into the ship's hold, 

6 and was asleep and snoring. And themaster of the ship came 
to him and said to him, What ! art thou snoring ? Arise and 
call on thy God, that thy God may save us, and that we may 

7 not perish. Then they said, one to another. Come let us cast 
lots and know on whose account this calamity is come on 

8 us. So thev cast lots, and the lot fell upon Jonas. Where- 
upon they said to him. Tell us. What is thy business ? And 
whence comest thou? And of what country, and of what 

9 people art thou ? And he said to them, I am a servant of the 
Lord; and I worship the Lord God of heaven, who made 

10 the sea and the dry land. Upon this the men were greatly ter- 
rified and said to him. Why hast thou done this? (For the 
men knew that he was fleeing from the presence of the Lord, 

11 for he had told them.) Then they said to him. What shall we 
do to thee that the sea may be calmed for us ? For the sea 

12 rolled and grew more and more tempestuous. And Jonas 
" said to them. Take me up and throw me into the sea, and the 

sea will be calm for you ; for I know that on my account this 

13 great tempest is come upon you. When the men had labour- 
ed hard to reach land, but could not because the sea ran 
hio-h, and grew more tempestuous against them, then they 

14 cri'^ed to the Lord and said. Forbid it, Ο Lord, that we perish, 
for the life of this man, and bring not upon us innocent blood; 
for thou, Ο Lord, hast done according to thy pleasure. 

15 Then they took Jonas and cast him into the sea. Whereupon 

16 from raging the sea became still. And the men feared the 
Lord exceedingly, and offered a sacrifice to the Lord and made 


17 Now the Lord had commanded a great fish to swallow 
Jonas, so Jonas was three days and three nights, in the belly 

II. of the fish. And when out of the belly of the great fish, 

2 Jonas prayed to the Lord his God, and said. In my afiliction 
I cried to the Lord my God, and he hearkened to me : thou 
didst hear my cry from the womb of Hades : thou didst 

3 hearken to my prayer : thou hast cast me into the depths of 


the heart of the sea. When streams encompassed me — all 

4 thy billows and thy waves passed over me. Then I said, I am 
cast out from thy sight ; nevertheless I will continue to look 

5 towards thy holy temple. The water was poured around me 
to my soul ; and the lowest abyss encompassed me ; my head 

6 hath gone down into the clefts of mountains ; I have gone down 
to a land, the bars of which are everlastingly fixed : let my 

7 soul now, corrupted as it is, ascend, Ο Lord, my God. When 
my soul was fainting I remembered the Lord ; let my prayer 

8 now come to thee into thy holy temple. They who worship 

9 vanities and lies have forsaken their mercy : But I will sacri- 
fice to thee with the voice of praise and thanksgiving. I will 
pay thee what I have vowed to the Lord for my deliverance. 

10 Upon this a command was given by the Lord to the fish, 
and it cast forth Jonas upon the dry ground. 

III. Then a word of the Lord came to Jonas a second time 
saying, "Arise and go to Ninive that great city, and proclaim 
in it according to the former proclamation which I spoke to 

3 thee." So Jonas arose and went to Ninive as the Lord had 
spoken. Now Ninive was an exceeding great city, of about 

4 three days' journey. And Jonas began at his entering the city, 
and for about one day's journey cried with a loud voice and 

5 said, "Yet three days and Ninive shall be destroyed.'''* And the 
men of Ninive believed God and proclaimed a fast, and put 

6 on sackcloth from the greatest to the least. When the word 
reached the king of Ninive, he arose from his throne and 
stripped off his robes and clothed himself with sackcloth and 

7 sat in ashes. And proclamation was made and orders issued 
in Ninive from the king and from his nobles, saying, With 
regard to men and beasts, including herds and flocks, Let 
them not taste any thing ; let them neither feed nor drink 

8 water. So both men and beasts were covered with sackcloth ; 
and there was an incessant cry to God ; and every one turned 
from his evil way, and from the wickedness of their hands, 

9 saying, Who knoweth but God will relent and turn away 
10 from his fierce wrath, so that we may not perish. And God 

saw their works, that they turned from their evil ways. And 
God relented at the evil which he said he would do to them, 
and did it not. 


IV. Thereupon Jonas was exceedingly grieved and confound- 
ed, and he prayed to the Lord and said, Ο Lord were not these 

2 my words, when I was yet in my o\vn country? For which cause 
I attempted to flee to Tharsis. For I knew that thou art com- 
passionate and merciful, long suffering and abundant in kind- 

3 ness and relentest at evils. Now, therefore, Ο Sovereign Lord, 
take my life from me, for it is better for me to die than to live. 

4 And the Lord said to Jonas, Art thou very sorry — (Now Jonas 

5 had gone out of the άίχ and sat over against it, and had made 
for himself a booth and sat under it until he should see what 

6 would befal the city. And the Lord had given orders to a co- 
locynthis, and it had sprung up over the head of Jonas to be a 
shade over his head to shade him on account of his sufferings; 

7 and Jonas was exceeding glad of the colocynthis. But early 
the next morning God gave orders to a worm and it smote the 

δ colocynthis and it withered. And when the sun rose God or- 
dered a burning Λvind to spring up and the sun beat upon Jo- 
nas' head so that he became fainty and abandoned himself to 

9 despair and said. It is better for me to die than to live. And 

10 God said to Jonas, Art thou very sorry) for the colocynthis. And 
he said I am sorry even to death. Thereupon the Lord said, 
Thou hast compassion for the colocynthis, for which thou hast 
not toiled and which thou hast not nourished, which sprang 

1 1 up in a night and perished in a night. And shall not I have 
compassion on Ninive this great city, in which there are more 
than one hundred and twenty thousand of the human species, 
who know not their right hand and their left; and also much 


I. (p) A word of the Lord came to Micah the Morasthite in 

the days of Joatham and Achaz and Ezekias kings of Juda; 
with regard to those things which he saw touching Samaria 

2 and touching Jerusalem, Hear, Ο peoples, words! and let this 
land attend and all who are in it. And let the Lord, Lord 

3 among you be a witness — the Lord from his holy temple. For 
behold the Lord is coming forth from his place; and he will 

4 come down and walk on the heights of this land; and under 


him the mountains will tremble, and the values shall melt like 
wax before fire, and be like water rolling down a precipice. 

5 (J) All this is on account of the impiety of Jacob, and 
for the sin of the house of Israel. What is the impiety of Ja- 

6 cob? Is it not Samaria? And what is the sin of the house of Ju- 
da? Is it not Jerusalem? Therefore I will make Samaria like a 
hut of a field and like a plant of a vineyard, and I will drag the 

7 stones thereof into a ditch and lay her foundations bare. And 
all her graven images shall be hack'd to pieces; and all her earn- 
ings shall be burned with fire; and all her idols I will utterly 

Because from the earnings of fornication she collected, and 

8 from the earnings of fornication, amassed; therefore she shall 
wail and utter lamentations: she shall walk barefoot and naked; 
she shall utter a wailing like that of jackals; and moanings like 
the daughters of the ostrich. 

9 Because her wound is large; because it hath come even to 

10 Judaandreachedthe gate of my people, even to Jerusalem; mag- 
nify not yourselves ye men of Gath, and ye Enakims, rebuild 
not from a house, in derision. According to your derision you 

11 shall sprinkle yourselves with dust. Sennaar, who dwelt at 
ease in her cities, went not forth to bewail a neighbouring 
house; from you she shall receive a painful wound. 

12 Who led the way to good for her who was dwelling in sor- 
rows, because evils from the Lord, a sound of chai'iots and 

13 horsemen came down against the gates of Jerusalem? Was it 
the inhabitant of Lachis? She is a leader to sin for the daugh- 
ter of Slon. Because in thee have been found the impieties of 

14 Israel, therefore even to the inheritance of Gath he will give 
up idolatrous houses as abandoned. To the kings of Israel 

15 they were of no avail. Ο inhabitant of Lachis! until the true 
heirs shall be brought in — O! Odollam! until an inheritance, 

16 the glory of the daughter of Israel shall come, shave thy locks 
and make thyself bald for tjiy delicate children; lengthen out 
thy widowhood like an eagle, for they shall be carried from 
thee into captivity. 

il. They planned mischief; they contrived evils on their beds, 
and soon as it was day they executed them; for they did not . 
2 lift up their hands to God. They coveted fields and plundered 
orphans and tyrannised over houses; they plundered a man and 


3 his household— a man and his inheritance; therefore thus saith 
the Lord, Behold against this tribe I am planning evils, from 
which you shall not\vithdraw your necks, nor walk erect sud- 

4 denly. Because it is an evil time, a parable will in that day be 
taken up against you, and a song of lamentation will be sung, 
saying, "With affliction we have been afflicted! the portion ot 
my people hath been measured with a line, and there was none 

5 to hinder or turn it aside." Your fields have been parcelled out, 
therefore there shall be none to stretch a line for thee by lot, 

6 in the congregation of the Lord. Weep not bitterly, nor let 
tears be shed for these things, for reproaches will not be cast off 

7 even by him who saith, "The house of Israel hath provoked 
to wrath the spirit of the Lord. Are not these his purposes? 
Are not his words good with him? Have these walked m a 

8 straight course?" Indeed this people of mine have openly risen 
up for enmity. In direct opposition to his peace they have even 
stripped off• his skin, that the extreme horror of war might de- 
stroy hope. 

9 The leaders of my people shall be hurled from their houses 
of pleasure; for their wicked devices they have been expelled; 

■ 10 draw ye near to the everlasting mountains. Arise and depart, 
for this is not a rest for thee. By reason of impurity you are 

11 utterly corrupted: you have been put to flight when there was 
no pursuer: a spirit hath set up a lie: it hath dropped on thee 

12 for wine and plenty. Yet it shall come to pass that from a drop 
of this people, Jacob with all his sons shall be gathered toge- 
ther. With expectation I will expect the remnant of Israel. I 
will place together them who are about to return. Like sheep 
in distress, like a flock in their fold, they shall rush out from 

13 among men through a breach before them. They have broken 
through and passed the gate; they are gone through it and 
their kine is sione out before them; and the Lord will be their 
leader, and he will say, 

III. Hear these things ye children of the house of Jacob, and 

ye remnant of the house of Israel, is it not your business to 

2 know judgment? As for them who hate good and seek evil, 

who tear off tlie skin from these and the flesh from their bones: 

S as they have devoured the flesh of my people and have flayed 

off their skin from them: and have broken their bones and 


chopped them up, as flesh for a kettle and as pieces of meat for 

4 a pot: so they shall cry to the Lord but he will not hearken to 
them; but will turn away his face from them at that time, be- 
cause by their devices they have committed evil against these. 

5 II. THUS saith the Lord against the prophets who led 
my people astiay, who gnash with their teeth and proclaim 
peace for them, though it was not put in their mouths; they 

6 have raised up Vv^ar against them. Therefore from vision you 
shall have night; and from prophesying you shall have dark- 
ness. And the sun shall set upon the prophets, and upon them 

7 the day shall darken: and the seers of dreams shall be put to 
shame; and the diviners shall be laughed to scorn, and reviled 

8 by all; for none Λνϋΐ hearken to them. None but I can, by the 
spirit of the Lord, supply strength both of judgment and 
might to declare to Jacob his impiety and to Israel his sins. 

9 (p) Hear these things I beseech you, ye leaders of the 
house of Jacob, and ye remnant of the house of Israel, who ab- 

10 hor judgment and pervert all equity, who are building up Si- 
on with blood and Jerusalem with injustice. 

11 (J) Her rulers have judged for rewards; and her priests 
have given answei s for hire; and her prophets have prophesied 
for silver, without waiting for the Lord, saying, "Is not the 

12 Lord among us? No evils shall come upon us:" therefore be- 
cause of you, Sion shall be ploughed like a field; and Jerusa- 
lem shall be like a temporary building for summer fruits; and 
the mountain of the house shall be for a grove of a forest. 

IV. But it shall come to pass in the last of these days, that the 
mountain of the Lord shall be conspicuous; it shall be establish- 
ed on the tops of the mountains, and raised high above the 
2 hills; and peoples shall hasten to it. And many nations shall 
come — they will say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of 
the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; that they may 
point out to us his ways, and that we may walk in his paths." 
For out of Sion shall go forth a law; and the word of the Lord 
β from Jerusalem. And he will judge among many peoples, and 
rebuke nations of extensive power. And they shall beat their 
swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. 
Nation shall no more lift up a sword against nation; nor shall 

Ch. V. MICAH. 

4 they any more learn to fight. But they shall rest every man un- 
der his own vine, and every man under his own fig tree ; and 
there shall be none lo make them afraid. 

(p) Because the mouth of the Lord Almighty hath spoken 

5 these things — because all the people will walk every one in 
his own λΥΆγ, let us therefore walk in the name of the Lord 
our God until that age and beyond it. 

6 (J) In that day, saith the Lord, I will gather her that hath 
been bruised; and take back her who was cast oft' and them 

7 whom I had put away : and I will make the bruised a rem- 
nant, and her who was put away, a mighty nation. And the 
Lord will reign over them on mount Sion henceforth and for- 

8 ever. And as for thee, thou squalid tower of a flock, thou 
daughter of Sion; to thee he will come, when the chiefdom, 
the first royal government shall have come from Babylon for 

9 the daughter of Jerusalem. Now therefore why hast thou 
known evils? Was there no king for thee? Or was thy coun- 
sel destroyed, that pangs of a woman in travail have seized 

10 thee? Be in pangs, but take courage and draw near to delivery, 
Ο daughter of Sion. For thou art now to go from a city and 
to make thy abode in a field, and go even to Babylon. Thence 
he will deliver thee; yes, thence the Lord thy God will redeem 

11 thee out of the hands of thine enemies. Now indeed many na- 
tions are assembled against thee, saying, " Let us rejoice ex- 

12 ceedingly and let our eyes look upon Sion." But they did not 
know the determination of the Lord nor understand his coun- 
sel. Because he hath gathered ihem as sheaves for a threshing 

13 floor, arise daughter of Sion and tread them out. Because I 
will make thy horns iron and thy hoofs I will make brass; 
therefore thou shalt break many peoples in pieces, and devote 
the multitude of them to the Lord, and their substance to the 
Lord of the whole earth. 

V. (p) Now shall a daughter be hedged in with a hedge. He 
hath ordered a siege against us. 

(J) With a rod they will smite on the cheek the tribes oi 
2 Israel. But as for thee, Bethlehem, thou house of Ephratha, 
art thou too little to be one of the chiliads of Juda? Out of thee 
one shall come forth for me to be the chief of Israel. His go- 
ings forth have been from the beginning — from the days of 

rOL. III. 3 Ε 


3 an age. Therefore he will continue them till the time of one 
bringing forth. She shall bring forth and the rest of their brc- 

4 thren shall turn to the children of Israel. And they will stand 
and look and the Lord will feed his flock with majesty; and in 

•the glory of the name of the Lord their God they shall subsist; 
because they shall now be magnified to the ends of the earth; 
therefore she shall have peace. 

5 As for Assur, when he hath come against your land, and when he 

6 hath passed over your country; against him shall be raised up 
seven shepherds. And there shall be eight bites of men and they 
will feed Assur with a sword and the land of Nebrod in its enclo- 
sure. So he will deliver from the Assyrian, when he hath come 

7 against your land and when he hath passed over your borders. 
And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the nations in the midst 
of many people, like dew falling from the Lord and like lambs 

upon the wilds. 

8 That none may be ungathered or left behind among 
the children of men, the remnant of Jacob shall be among 
the nations in the midst of many peoples, like a lion amoni^ 
beasts of the forest, and like a young lion among flocks 
of sheep ; so that when he passeth through and hath made a 

9 choice, he may tear and there shall be none to deliver. Thy 
hand shall be raised up against them who afilict thee; and all 

10 thine enemies shall be utterly cut off*. And it shall come to pass 
in that day, saith the Lord, that I will destroy the horses from 

11 the midst of thee and destroy thy chariots and I will root out 

12 the cities of thy land and demolish thy fortifications. And I 
will cut off" thy sorceries out of thy hands and in thee shall be 

13 no diviners. And I will cut off" thy graven images and thy pil- 
lars from the midst of thee; and thou shalt no more worship 

14 the Avorks of thy hands. And I will cut down the groves from 
amidst thee and utterly destroy thy cities; and with indigna- 
tion and with Avrath I will execute vengeance among the na- 
tions because they have not hearkened. 

VI. III. (p) HEAR, I beseech you, a word. The Lord, Lord, 
hath commanded. 

(J) Arise; come to judgment before the mountains; and 
let the hills hear thy voice 1 
2 (p) Hear yc mountains the controversy of the Lord ! And 


ye vallies the foundations of the earth ! For the Lord hath a 

3 controversy with his people, and with Israel he will plead. Ο 
my people, what have I done to thee? Or wherein have I 

4 grieved thee? Or what molestation have I given thee? Answer 
me. For I brought thee up out of the land of Egypt, and re- 
deemed thee out of the house of bondage, and sent before thee 

5 Moses and Aaron and Mariam. Ο my people call now to re- 
membrance what counsel Balak king of Moab took against 
thee; and what answer was made him by Balaam son of Beor, 
That from Schoinon the righteousness of the Lord may be 
made known to GalgaL 

6 (Balak.) *'' By what mean sliall I gain over the Lord? Shall 
I take him for my God most high ? Shall I gain him over by 

7 Avhole burnt offerings — by calves of a year old? Will the Lord 
accept me for tliousands of rams or myriads of fat goats? Must 
I give my first born for iniquity — the fruit of my body for the 
sin of my soul." 

8 (Balaam.) "Must thou, Ο man, be told what is good? 
What doth the Lord require from thee, but to do justice and to 
lovemercy , and to be prepared to walk with the Lord thy God?' ^ 

9 (p) Let the voice of tte Lord be proclaimed in the city 
and it will save them who fear his name. 

(J) Hear, Ο tribe ! Who is the man that will adorn a city? 

10 Will fire and the house of an unrighteous man [do it?] Or he 
who is treasuring up unlawful treasures and iniquities with 

1 1 haughtiness? Will an unrighteous man be justified by a ba- 
lance, or false weights by a bag with which they have increas- 

12 ed their wicked wealth? As they who inhabit it have spoken 

13 lies and their tongue hath been exalted in their mouth; there- 
fore I will begin with smiting thee — I will make thee desolate 

14 for thy sins. Thou shalt eat but shalt not be satisfied. Though 
ilarkness come and warn thee thou shalt not escape ; and if 

15 any escape, to the sword they shall be delivered up. Thou 
shalt sow but thou shalt not reap. Tlx)u shalt press the olive, 
but shalt not anoint thyself with oiL You shall make wine, but 
shall iK)t drink it. And the ritual services of my people shall 

16 be utterly destroyed. As thou hast kept the statutes of Zam- 
bri, and all the works of the house of Achab; and you have 
walked in their ways-, tliat I might deliver thee up to desola- 


tion, and the inhabitants of this city to hissing; therefore you 
shall bear the reproaches of peoples. 
VII. (p) Woe is me! for I am like one picking up stalks in 
harvest, and like one gathering a gleaning at the vintage? Not 

2 a bunch of the first fruits is left for me to eat. Ah woe is my 
life, that the pious is perished from the land, and among men 
there is not an upright man left! 

(J) They are all indicted for capital crimes : they griev- 

3 ously afflict every man his neighbour : they are preparing their 
hands for evil. The chief asketh and the judge hath spoken 
Λvords of peace ! He is entirely at his devotion; therefore I will 

4 take away their good things, like a consuming moth advanc- 
ing regularly in the day of visitation. 

5 (p) Alas ! alas ! thy punishments are come; now will their 
lamentations be — " Trust not in friends, nor confide in rulers, 
against the wife of thy bosom be on thy guard — to trust no- 

6 thing to her: for a son dishonoureth a father; a daughter ΛνϋΙ 
rise up against her mother; a daughter in law against her mo- 
ther in law; all a man's household are his enemies." 

7 (c) But as for me I will look to the Lord ; I will wait for 
the God who is my saviour; he who is my God will hearken 

8 to me. Rejoice not over me, Ο mine enemy, because I 
have fallen. I shall rise again, for though I sit in darkness the 

9 Lord will give me light. I will bear the indignation of the 
Lord, because I have sinned against him; until he vindicate 
my cause. He will do me justice and bring me out into light; 

10 and shame shall cover her who saith, " Where is thy God?'* 
Mine eyes shall see her. She shall now be trodden down like 
dirt in the streets. 

11 (J) The day for anointing a plinth — that day will be the 
unanointing of thee, that day will indeed destroy thy ritual ser- 

12 vices. And thy chies shall become plains and be distributed 
among the Assyrians : even thy fortified cities shall be for dis- 
tribution, from Tyre to the river and from sea to sea, and from 

13 mountain to the mountain. And the land shall be for deso- 
lation with them who inhabit it, for the fruits of their devices. 

(c) The chorus, or Sion. 

Ch. νΠ. MICAH. 

14 (ρ) Feed thou thy people with thy crook — the flock of 
thy heritage — them who are by themselves in a forest in the 
midst of yonder Carmel. 

(J) They shall feed in Bashan and Gilead, as in the days 

15 of old. And as in the days of thy coming out of Egypt, you 

16 shall see wonderful things. Nations shall see and be confound- 
ed, and because of all the mighty power of these, they will 
lay their hands on their mouths. Their ears will be stopped. 

17 They will lick dust like serpents trailing on the ground; they 
Avill be confounded in their enclosure. 

18 (p) At the Lord our God let them be confounded and 
struck with terror because of thee. Who is a God like unto 
thee, taking away iniquities, and passing by the transgressions 
of the remnant of his heritage? He hath not kept his anger 

19 in remembrance ; because he delighteth in mercy ; he will 
turn and have compassion on us : he will bury deep our ini- 
quities ; they shall be whelmed in the depths of the sea. All 
our sins he will give up for truth to Jacob, as an act of mercy 
to Abraham as he sware to our fathers, according to the days 
which have been heretofore. 


The sentence on JVinive. 
I. The book of the vision of Nahum, the Elkosite, 

1 God is zealous. The Lord is about to take vengeance : 

2 the Lord is about to take vengeance with wrath : the Lord 
is about to take vengeance on his adversaries, and to destroy 
utterly his enemies, himself. 

3 (a) The Lord is slow to anger, though his power is great; 
Λνϋΐ not the Lord then acquit the innocent? Is his way in de- 
struction and Λvhirlwind, when clouds are the dust of his feet? 

4 When he rebuketh the sea he maketh it dry, and drieth up all 
the rivers. Bashan and Carmel are diminished and the bloom 

(a) An objection, (b) The answer. 

Ch. 11. NAHUM. 

5 of Libanus languisheth. At him the mountams quake and the 
hills tremble : at his presence the earth is startled — the world 

6 and all its inhabitants. At the presence of his wrath who can 
stand, or who can resist his fierce indi^^nation ? His wrath 
dissolveth governments, and by him the rocks are rent to 
pieces. — 

7 (b) The Lord is kind to them who wait for him in a 
day of distress : and he knoweth them who reverence him. 

8 AVhen Avith a deluging march he maketh destruction ; them 
who raise themselves up and are his enemies, darkness shall 

9 What are you devising against the Lord ? He will make 
complete destruction, and not punish twice by distress for 

10 the same thing. Because one shall be utterly destroyed, and 

11 consumed like bindweed and dry stubble ; shall a reasoning 
against the Lord proceed fr^m thee, Ο wicked city, devising 

12 things in opposition ? Thus saith the Lord, With respect to 
the ruler of many waters, 1 they shall be so dispersed, that 

13 what thou hearcst shall be heard no more. I will now break 

14 his sceptre from thee, and burst the bands asunder. Concern- 
ing thee the Lord will command, let none of thy name be 
sown any more. From the house of thy God I Avill root out 
the graven and molten images ; " I will make it a sepulchre 
for thee." 

15 (p) Because yonder on the mountain are the swift feet of 
one bringing good news — even of one announcing peace ; 
Ο Juda, solemnize thy festivals; pay thy vows; for they shall 
no more proceed to pass through thee for conflict. It is com- 
pletely laid waste, entirely removed. 

ll. Into thy presence came up panting one who is delivered 
from affliction. Watch the way; strengthen thy loins; act man- 

2 fully with all thy might, since the Lord hath averted contume- 
ly from Jacob, as he did reproach from Israel, since emptiers 
have emptied them out and destroyed their branches — the in- 
struments of their tyranny from among men — their mighty men 

3 insulting with fire. In the day of his preparation the reins of their 
chariots, and the horsemen will be disordered in their ranks ; 

4 and the chariots will justle together and be entangled with one . 
another in the streets. The appearance of them is like flaming 


5 torches and like streamy lightning. Their grandees will recol- 
lect and flee by day ; but they shall be weak in their march. 
While they shall be hasting to her walls, and preparing their 

6 out guards ; the gates of the cities are opened, and the pala- 

7 ces are fallen. And the empress herself is exposed to view ; 
even she herself is gone up, and her maids are led along coo- 

8 ing plaintively like doves, in their hearts. As for Ninive, her 
waters are like a standing pool. They who fled away made 

9 no halt, nor was there one who looked back. They plundered 
the silver; they plundered the gold ; but of her furniture there 
was no end ; every one is loaded with her precious utensils. 

10 What quaking and driving ! what groans and heart breakingi 
what feebleness of knees and pangs in every loin ! what black- 

11 ness, like that of a pot, on the countenance of all ! where is the 
habitation of the lions, and the feeding places of the young 
lions ? Where had the old lions gone, that a young lion en- 

12 tered and there was none to scare him ? The old lion had seiz- 
ed enough for his whelps, and had strangled for his lionesses, 
and had filled his hole with prey, and his den with ravin : 

13 behold I am against thee saiththe Lord Almighty, and I will 
burn out thy multitude with smoke ; and a sword shall devour 
thy lions : and I will cut off" thy prey from the earth ; and of 
thy deeds nothing more shall be heard. 

III. Ο bloody city, wholly perfidious and full of lies ! shall 

2 not thy prey be handled ? A sound of whips ! and the sound 
of the rumbling of wheels, and of the pursuing horse ! and 

3 bounding chariot ! and of the cavalry advancing ! and of the 
glittering sword and gleamy arms ! and of the multitude of 
wounded ! and of the hideous crash ! Though there was no 
bound to her nations, they shall be weak of body by reason 
of great fornication. 

4 Ο fair harlot and bewitching mistress of sorceries, wi^o 
sellest nations by thy whoredom, and peoples by thy sorce- 

5 ries ! behold I am against thee, saith the Lord God Almighty, 
and I will expose thy skirts to \'it\v ; and shew nations ίΐυ, 

6 shame ; and kingdoms, thy dishonour : and cast abomination 
on thee according to thine impurities ; and make thee a pub- 
lick example, so that every one who seelh thee shall go down 
from thee, and say, Wretched Ninive! who can bemoan her? 
Whence can I find comfort for her ? 

Ch. 111. NAHUM. 

8 Prepare a funeral cake ! attune the lyre ! prepare the funeral 
cakeof Ammon! she dwelt among rivers; water was around her. 

9 The sea was her dominions, and water, her walls, and Ethiopia 
and Egypt, her strength ; and the end of her flight was not stop- 

10 ped and the Lybians were her auxiliaries. Yet she is to go cap- 
tive into banishment ; and her infants shall be dashed to the 
ground at the head of all the streets ; and for all her splendid 
treasures lots shall be cast; and all her grandees shall be bound 

11 with fetters. And as for thee thou shalt be made drunk and be 
despised, and shalt seek for thyself a resting place from ene- 

12 mies. All thy fortresses are like figs which have watchers ; 

13 when shaken they will fall into the mouth of the eater. Behold 
thy people in thee are like women ; the gates of thy land shall 
be opened wide to thine enemies ; a fire shall utterly devour 

14 thy bars. Draw thee water for a siege, and fortify thy bul- 
warks. Go down into the clay, and let him be trampled with 

15 straw. Make it harder than any brick. There a fire shall de- 
vour thee ; a sword shall cut thee off. Like a locust it will 
devour thee ; and like a bronchus locust thou shalt be afflicted. 

16 Thou hast multiplied thy merchandise, above the stars of hea- 

17 ven ; the bronchus came rushing on, and is flown. Thy mer- 
chandise is swept away like the attelebos locust — like the 
small locust mounted on a hedge, in a cold day : the sun broke 
out and they are swept away, and their place is not known. 

18 Alas for them ! thy shepherds slumbered ; an Assyrian king 
lulled to sleep thy mighty men : thy people fled to the moun- 

19 tains and there was none to rally them. There is no cure for 
thy bruise. Thy wound is festered. All that hear the news of 
thee will clap their hands at thee. For upon whom hath not 
thy wickedness come continually ? 


The vision which Anibakum the prophet saw. 

2 (p) How long, Ο Lord shall 1 cry, and thou not hearken? 
How long shall 1 being injured cry to thee, and thou not save? 

3 Why hast thou pointed out to me to behold labours and sor- 


rows, misery and impiety ? A suit is instituted against me 
and the judge receiveth [bribes] therefore law is disregarded 

4 and the cause is not brought to an issue. Because a wicked 
man oppresseth the just, therefore wrong judgment will be 


5 (J) See ye despiscrs ! and view intently and be amazed 
at wonderful things and vanish. For in your days I am doing 
a work which you will not believe though one tell you, 

6 For lo ! I am raising up the Chaldeans that bitter and hasty na- 
tion, which marcheth over the breadth of the earth, to possess 

7 dwellings which belong not to them. He is terrible and illus- 
trious; his judgment will be from himself, and from himself 

8 his prophesy will proceed. His ho